The Preacher's Wife - Part 2

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Hetero, Cheating, Reluctant, Stranger Sex, Voyeurism
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The preacher's wife was deep in thought as the stranger drove them to his hotel room. Her body and clothes were covered in several men's sperm, and the taste of the boy's cum lingered in her mouth. She wondered how the wife of a preacher could be so sinful. But she couldn't return home to the small conservative town, and her husband, looking like she did. She could never explain what happened. She didn't even understand it herself. So she quietly rode with a complete stranger... a stranger whose cock she had sucked and who made her orgasm with his fingers... a stranger who watched as other men jerked off around her and covered her with their sperm... a stranger who made her show her nude body to a teenage boy and then suck his cock. And to make matters worse, she enjoyed it so much she brought the boy off with her mouth a second time on her own.

"Mrs. Calligan, what's your first name?" Jack asked, breaking the silence.

"Marge... Margaret, but everyone calls me Marge."

"I'm Jack. My wife and I used to go to your husband's church. But after the divorce... well, I just stopped going."

The mention of her husband and the church flooded her with guilt. She wringed her hands in her lap knowing she had committed many sins. How could she have done such things? The preacher's wife couldn't explain it... not even to herself.

When they entered the hotel room Jack offered her a drink. She declined and he disappeared into the bathroom returning with a bathrobe.

"You better get out of those clothes. Go take a shower and I'll have your clothes laundered. Here's a robe to wear."

The preacher's wife went into the bathroom and removed her soiled dress. She cracked the door only enough to snake her arm through it, dangling her dress from her hand. As soon as Jack took the garment she yanked her arm back and slammed the door shut.

"You better give me your underwear too," Jack said through the door.

"That's okay, they'll be fine."

"Look, I saw how messy they got. Do you really want to go home with them in that condition? C'mon, hand them over and I'll have them cleaned."

Marge looked at her bra and knickers and realized the stranger was right... they had blotches of sperm all over them. She removed the soiled undergarments and bundled them into as small a ball as possible, embarrassed to give a man her underwear. Again her hand appeared through a crack in the door. Jack took the underwear from her and the door closed again.

"I'll be right back," Jack yelled through the door. "They have a quick cleaning service here. I doubt if this is what they had in mind though." The preacher's wife cringed at that comment, and she blushed when he added, "These are the biggest panties I've ever seen. Man, you should buy sexier undies."

Marge locked the door and looked at her nude body in the mirror. She couldn't believe strangers shot their seed on her. Even her hair was stuck together where their semen landed. She undid the bun and shook her head, letting her hair fall to her shoulders. Then she took a long, hot shower, trying to cleanse her soul.

"They said it will take over an hour," Jack called through the door when he returned.

"Okay, I'll wait here."

"I gave you the robe, didn't I?"

"Yes, but I feel better in here."

"There's a problem with that."


"I have to pee," Jack explained.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I guess you'll need to use the bathroom."


"Okay, I'll be right out."

Marge pulled the robe tightly around her nude body and tied the belt. She looked at herself in the mirror and noticed how short the robe was. In reality, it was a couple of inches above her knees, but to the prim and proper preacher's wife that was very short. Her hair was wet so she couldn't put it up in the bun she always wore in public, but there was nothing she could do about it. She clutched her robe together one last time, took a deep breath, and opened the door. Jack was waiting in the other room and glanced up and down her body. She knew that he knew she was naked underneath the robe and blushed accordingly.

Jack scurried past her and slammed the door shut. Marge waited outside until she heard the splashing of the man's piss in the toilet bowl and moved away from the door. It was embarrassing to hear what he was doing. But the preacher's wife thought about him holding his dick while urinating and longed to watch... but she shook her head and called herself a sinful woman.

Marge heard the toilet flush and then the shower be turned on. She paced back and forth in the room, wringing her hands nervously. What was she doing in a stranger's hotel room wearing only a short robe? When Jack reemerged from the bathroom he was simply wearing a towel around his privates.

"Oh!" the preacher's wife exclaimed when she saw his almost naked body. "I-I didn't expect you to, um...." she said averting her eyes.

"I felt so grubby I needed a shower," Jack explained.

"But can't you put something on?" the preacher's wife almost pleaded.

"In a bit... just need to air dry a little. Unless, that is, you want to give me the robe." Jack smiled at the preacher's wife's blush and then said, "Go on, sit down and let's chat while we wait for your clothes to come back."

Marge looked around and spotted a chair. She sat down, trying to keep the robe from riding up her legs but she couldn't stop it. The preacher's wife grabbed the hem and pulled it downward while pressing it to her thighs. She kept her legs locked together.

Jack sat on the side of the bed facing her. They began talking and Marge felt a little more at ease, that is, until Jack's knees slightly parted. She was sure it was an accident since men aren't accustomed to wearing skirts and having to keep their legs closed, but she couldn't take her eyes off the gap between his knees and the darkness under the towel. And then his knees moved further apart, allowing light to enter the area between his legs. The preacher's wife held her breath when she saw his limp dick leaning on the mattress.

Jack kept talking, but the preacher's wife couldn't take her eyes off his cock. Jack, of course, knew it and moved his knees in and out, teasing the young wife. He willed his cock to harden and it grew slightly. He flexed his groin and felt his cock twitch.

The preacher's wife saw the object of her desire move. It was like watching a worm wiggling, although this was no worm, but a man's cock. She began breathing harder and emitting little sighs.

"Do you want it to get hard?" Jack asked.

"Uh huh," the preacher's wife absentmindedly answered, but then quickly added, "Huh? What?"

"I said, would you like my cock to get hard?"

"Please, I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about," she said, trying to sound indignant.

"I'm talking about this," Jack said, pulling the towel off and spreading his legs.

"Oh my... oh my, please cover up," the preacher's wife exclaimed, but never averted her eyes.

Again Jack made his cock twitch and saw the desire in the preacher's wife's face. He spread his legs further apart and jerked his hips, causing his cock to flop in the air and back down onto the mattress. Then he sat still, waiting.

After a prolonged silence, the preacher's wife licked her lips and said, "Yes."

"Yes what?" Jack asked, knowing the answer but wanting to hear the innocent young wife say the words.

"Please make it hard."

"Spread your legs and it will get hard," Jack informed her.

As if in a trance, the preacher's wife parted her legs. First a little, and then more. When Jack saw the blonde bush his cock grew a little.

"Oh my!" the preacher's wife exclaimed. She waited and then said, "It stopped."

"You need to open your legs more." Jack was pleased to see the young wife move her knees further apart. "Now pull the bottom of your robe to the sides."

Marge didn't even hesitate. With her eyes locked on the stranger's cock, she grabbed the hem of her robe and opened it, letting the light illuminate her pussy. Jack's cock shot up to a full erection immediately.

"Oh!" she exclaimed and then sighed heavily.

Jack began slowly stroking his erection. The preacher's wife watched his hand slide up and down the long shaft, wishing it was her hand. All the while her legs were spread wide open, displaying her married pussy to a stranger, something her husband had never seen.

Jack stood up and walked towards the panting woman. His hard cock was leading the way, bobbing as he walked. The preacher's wife's breathing got more irregular, as if she was hyperventilating. But her eyes never left his cock. When he was standing in front of her she grabbed his cock and began squeezing it. But to her dismay, Jack pulled her hand off.

"Please let me tou... oh... OH!!"

The preacher's wife didn't finish because Jack dropped to his knees between her widely spread legs, grabbed the back of her knees, pulled her butt to the end of the chair, and buried his face between her legs. His tongue lapped inside her pussy slit and onto her clit.

"Oh my, what are you doing? That feels so funny. Oh-my-gosh, you shouldn't do that. Oh, oh. Ahhhh."

Jack moved his hands along his cheeks and pressed them on both sides of her labia. Using his thumbs, he pulled the hairy pussy lips apart, affording him better access. His tongue was now licking the wet folds inside the preacher's wife's cunt. Marge was experiencing pleasure she had never known. Her hips were bucking so hard that Jack had to grab her bottom just to maintain contact.

The preacher's wife didn't understand the new feelings. She leaned forward, bending her body in half and leaning over Jack's back. This changed the equilibrium, causing him to lose his balance. While holding her buttocks tightly, with his face pressed against her pussy and her chest against his back, the two tumbled to the floor. Jack kept licking, causing the preacher's wife to squirm under him. Their bodies performed a sensuous dance as they rolled around on the floor. Finally, Jack found himself on his back with the preacher's wife sitting on his face, her pussy pressed to his mouth.

During their writhing on the floor, the robe's belt came undone. Jack was now looking up at her naked body only partially covered. Without stopping his tongue from moving inside her pussy, Jack reached up and grabbed the robe, pulling it down off her body. The preacher's wife was now totally nude.

Jack snaked his tongue into the preacher's wife's hole and wiggled it around. This set her off and Marge began bouncing up and down on his face... using his tongue to fuck herself. Jack watched her large breasts jiggle above him.

"Oh-my-god, this can't be happening," the preacher's wife screamed. "I never felt anything so good. Don't stop... please don't stop!! Sweet Jesus, your tongue is in me! It's in my... oh Lord, how can this feel so good? It's too good... oh, so good."

Marge was now out of control. She was screaming loudly and bouncing up and down. Her pussy smashed against Jack's mouth... jaw... nose... wherever she happened to land. It was almost painful to Jack, but the thought of this prim woman... another man's wife... a preacher's wife... smashing her wet pussy against his face was too exciting to stop her. He felt her pussy hairs against his skin and lips... her pliable labia conforming to his facial contours... her wetness dripping from her pussy. And then she leaned forward with her palms flat on the ground, humping Jack's face. She let out a screech that Jack thought would bring the hotel security as her orgasm exploded through her body and turned her brain to mush.

The preacher's wife collapsed, face first, to the floor. Her dripping pussy still rested on Jack's face, now glistening with her juices. Her body was twitching uncontrollably as it recovered from her orgasm. When Marge had the strength, she slowly lifted her leg over Jack's face and rolled onto her back.

Jack turned onto his side and propped his head up with his hand, supporting the weight on his elbow. He smiled as he stared at the preacher's wife's nude body, her legs spread and her breasts moving up and down as she panted. He noticed how hard her nipples were, how puffy and red her pussy lips were, and how large her clit had become.

Jack moved between her spread legs and pressed his hard cock at the entrance to her pussy. He pushed the head inside, but then paused. He stared down at her face and waited for her eyes to open. When they did, he smiled down at her. But there wasn't recognition in her open eyes. She just stared up at him as if she was gazing into space. He waited until she regained her composure. Then he saw it... the look in her eyes that she was aware he was over her naked body... between her legs... the head of his cock inside her pussy. The preacher's wife was about to say something, but her mouth hung open as Jack plowed his cock into her married snatch.

"OOOHHH!!!!!" the preacher's wife exclaimed. "Please, don't do that... I'm married."

But Jack was well-seated and was not about to pull out. Well, he did pull out, but not all the way. The preacher's wife's eyes widened when he rammed his hard cock back into her -- balls-deep. And then he did it again and again. Once more, Marge had that feeling between her legs and fought to remain still, but Jack lasted a lot longer than her husband. She found it harder and harder to just lie there. Also, Jack was ensuring his cock rubbed against her clit while he fucked her.

"Go on, fuck me back," Jack said when he felt the preacher's wife tentatively move beneath him. "It's okay, just enjoy it."

That was all the encouragement Marge needed. All of a sudden the preacher's wife met each of Jack's downward stabs with an upward thrust of her pelvis. For the first time in her life the preacher's wife was fucking someone... and she liked it! Years of pent-up desire were unleashed, transforming the proper wife into a nymphomaniac. She couldn't get enough of the stranger's cock, trying to drive it deeper and deeper into her pussy. And then she exploded in her first coital orgasm. Her body shook and her mouth remained open in a silent scream.

Jack felt the preacher's wife fucking him and wanted to cum. But he gritted his teeth in order to hold back, waiting for her. And then she began really thrusting her hips up at him, pulling him deeper and deeper inside her, their bodies literally slapping together. And then she came, her whole body shuddering from the explosive experience. That was too much for Jack who flooded the preacher's wife's pussy with his scalding sperm. He thought his orgasm would never end as he pumped load after load into her adulterous pussy.

Jack lay quietly on top of Marge's limp body. The thought of being inside a married woman's pussy -- a preacher's wife -- kept his cock hard. Marge's eyes fluttered open with a blank stare. Then she became cognizant of her situation and Jack saw panic in her eyes... or was it guilt? She futilely attempted to push his much larger body off her.

"Please get off me," she pleaded. "I feel so ashamed. I don't know what happened to me. For God's sake, let me go home. I need to pray for forgiveness. Please get up... please."

"You liked it, didn't you?" Jack taunted the distraught woman.

"It was wrong... a sin. Please get off me."

"Tell me, did you like it?"

"Yes," she said shyly, her eyes looking away from the stranger staring down at her. "But I shouldn't have. Now I need to repent and ask the Lord for forgiveness."

"Nonsense!" Jack said, and then began sawing his cock in and out of her pussy again.

"Oh no, not again!" she cried out. "I can't do this. Please have mercy."

But Jack continued fucking the distraught preacher's wife. And now that he had cum, he was in no hurry. His thick dick slid in and out of the young wife's pussy with one intention... to arouse her. He used all his skill to titillate her, making sure her clitoris was involved. Marge kept begging him to desist, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Jack used long, slow strokes, eventually bringing moans from the unwilling wife.

"Oh, I shouldn't feel this way," the preacher's wife exclaimed as her hips began moving along with Jack's thrusts. "It's wrong. What's the matter with me? What have I become? The Devil must be in this room and making me feel this way. Oh Lord, please help me. Please exorcise Satan from my body. Don't shame me like this," she prayed.

But if there was a devil in the room it was Jack. He ignored the preacher's wife's distress and kept fucking her, now with more energy. He'd pull out and hesitate, then ram his cock into her pussy with great force, taking her breath away. When the preacher's wife began fucking him back in earnest, Jack took hold of her body and rolled onto his back, pulling her on top of him. It was a risky maneuver because he lost his dominant position and the young, petite wife was able to easily get up. But Jack read the preacher's wife correctly and, in the state she was now in, had no intention of removing his cock from her pussy.

Jack lay on his back with his hands behind his head, elbows out, staring up at the young wife straddling his cock. Her eyes were filled with lust as she moved up and down his long shaft. He was not holding her... she was free to get up. He was not fucking her... she was fucking him. The preacher's wife kept saying "Ohhh," each time she sat down on the hard cock. Soon it was "Ohhh... ohhh... ohhh," as she picked up speed, and then became, "Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh," as her body frantically bounced up and down. The only time she paused was when small orgasms rippled through her body; and then the big one hit. The preacher's wife bit her bottom lip and made quick, short jerks with her hips before freezing above Jack as she came hard.

Jack watched the preacher's wife's ecstasy and then moved his hips upwards, but Marge was not responding. He grabbed her and rolled over, with her on her back and him above. He pounded his cock into her listless body until he once again filled her married pussy with his sperm. They remained connected until Jack's cock shriveled and slipped out. Jack rolled off her and onto his back. The two sweaty bodies lay panting side by side.

Jack heard a soft tapping on the door. He got up and opened the door only a crack to see who was there. He expected to see the hotel security, but was pleased when a boy stood in the hallway holding a garment bag.

"Your laundry, sir," the well trained hotel employee said.

"Is the charge on my room?" Jack asked.

"Yes sir."

"Good, I don't have access to my wallet right now," Jack chuckled. "Actually, I can't even give you the normal tip, but maybe this will do," he added, opening the door wide.

The boy's jaw dropped when he saw the naked woman lying on the floor. Her huge tits were rising and falling with her heavy breathing and her legs were spread apart. He stared at her blonde pussy and the gaping slit, looking right inside. The white cream oozing from her hole made it clear that she had just been fucked. The boy's hand cupped his instant erection which he rubbed as he stared at the preacher's wife.

Jack took the garment bag from the boy and called to Marge that her clothes were back. She lazily opened her eyes and turned to the voice. It took a moment, but her eyes focused and saw Jack standing next to an open door holding the bag. Then she noticed the boy staring at her, with his hand on his crotch. She covered her body with her arms and then realized that didn't do much. She rolled onto her side and curled up in a ball, but that wasn't much better. Finally, she scrambled to her feet and started running in one direction, stopped, and then ran in another. She was completely confused and ran around like a chicken without a head. It looked like a scene from a Keystone Cops movie. But she finally spotted the bathroom and made a dash for it, slamming the door behind her.

"Yes sir, that was the best tip I ever got," the boy said with a Cheshire Cat grin.

"You can come out now," Jack said after the boy left.

The door slowly opened and the preacher's wife peeked through the small crack. When she was convinced the boy had left and the front door was closed she asked, "How could you have done that?"

"What's the big deal?" Jack asked.

"He... he saw me naked," she exclaimed.


"So? My god, I can't believe this is happening to me. For God's sake, I need to get out of here."

"Okay, why don't you take another shower? I don't think you want to go home like that."

The preacher's wife blushed and closed the door. She showered, making sure not to get her hair wet again, and put her hair back into a sloppy bun. She didn't have her brush so it wasn't easily accomplished. She came into the bedroom holding a towel in front of her body.

"Can I please have my clothes?" the preacher's wife timidly asked.

"First drop the towel and show me your body."

Marge thought this ordeal would never end, but wanted to get dressed and leave so she complied. The towel dropped to the floor and she stood in front of a stranger totally nude. Although she had just showered, she felt dirty the way his eyes looked up and down her body. Jack sat on the bed and smiled at her.

"Please, can I have my clothes now?" the preacher's wife asked, extending her arm.

Marge watched Jack fish through the bag and pull out her knickers. She blushed seeing her underwear in his hand. But she gasped when he began rubbing it all over his face. And then he began licking the gusset... the part that was going to rest upon her pussy. But it only got worse. He then stuffed the crotch of her knickers in his mouth and began chewing on them. When it came out, the preacher's wife saw how wet it was. She shuddered knowing it would soon be against her pussy. Her humiliation increased when she watched the man turn her knickers inside out and wrap the inside of her wet gusset around his slimy cock. He used her wet underwear to wash his cock, transferring his cum and her pussy juice onto it. He even rubbed his balls and below, where a lot of the sperm had accumulated. Then he tossed the soiled knickers to her.

The preacher's wife's first reaction was to pull her hands back, not wanting to touch the soiled undergarment. She didn't want to dirty her clean pussy either, but wanted to cover up, so she lifted the knickers off the floor. Spreading the waistband apart, she stepped into her soiled knickers. When both legs were inside, she pulled her knickers up and then adjusted them around her butt and pussy. She felt the wetness against her and knew it was more than saliva. She stood in front of the stranger smiling at her from the bed, nude except for the soiled underwear.

Jack then tossed her the bra which she embarrassingly put on. It was the first time she dressed in front of another person. It made her feel cheap and, although she was putting her clothes on instead of taking them off, like a sinful stripper. Jack just stared at the preacher's wife for a long time, enjoying seeing her in her underwear and knowing her embarrassment. But eventually all good things must come to an end so he threw her the dress. It was actually exciting to watch her fasten the numerous buttons running the length of her dress.

"Okay, I'll drive you back to your car," Jack said to the relief of the preacher's wife.

They rode in silence back to the dirty movie theater where the preacher's wife's adventure began. Jack asked Marge for a goodbye kiss before letting her go, but she refused. He insisted so she leaned over and placed her lips against the stranger's. Jack grabbed the back of her head to hold it in place and pushed his tongue into her mouth. This was a first for the preacher's wife, but she instinctively flapped her tongue against Jack's. She didn't know why, but she found that enjoyable. Then she got out of Jack's car and into her own to begin her long drive home.

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