The Preacher's Wife - Part 1

AUTHOR = Switch Blayde

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Hetero, Cheating, Reluctant, Public Sex, Stranger Sex, Blackmail, Voyeurism

Jack Strong fidgeted in his seat waiting for the movie to start. He hated this part... sitting alone in a porn theater, self-consciously thinking that everyone was staring at him. Of course the few others spread out in the dimly lit room were feeling the same way. But this was an ordinary event for Jack. As a traveling salesman, Jack was on one of his usual business trips to the big city. The 100 mile drive was a pain, but it did have some advantages. There were no porn theaters in his small, conservative town. So, when Jack went to the big city, he either tried to pick up women at bars or he visited the triple-X movie theaters.

The 45 year old divorced salesman sat low in his seat. He tried not to look at the others, but he occasionally felt compelled to. "Why won't the movie begin already?" he mumbled to himself. Just then a figure caught his eye -- a woman walking down the aisle. That in itself was strange, but this particular woman looked so out of place. The woman couldn't see more than shadows since she just entered the darkness from the bright light outside, but Jack's eyes had already adjusted. She was young, no more than mid-twenties, and very homely looking. It wasn't that she was not pretty, but her blonde hair was tied up in an old woman's bun and her frumpy, plain dress had no shape, coming well below her knees. All the buttons that ran up the front of the dress were fastened... all of them... from the hem to the neck. Jack watched as the woman awkwardly walked crablike in the row she selected until settling into the last seat -- the one against the far wall. She sat and slouched down, never looking around, evidently trying to be inconspicuous and blend in with the furniture.

The movie started, capturing Jack's attention. He watched the plot-less fucking and sucking, but kept glancing at the woman who he studied. Her eyes never left the big screen. All of a sudden he didn't care about being anonymous and got up, walked from his center seat to the aisle, and then down the aisle to the row the woman was sitting in. He took a deep breath to get his courage and made his way down the row, plopping down in the seat next to the woman.

The woman quickly turned her head with a startled look on her face. Actually, it was filled with panic and fear as well. She abruptly stood up and tried to maneuver past Jack's knees to make her escape.

"What's your hurry, Mrs. Calligan?" Jack whispered.

"Please let me by. Please, I have to...." the woman began, but then froze. "H-How do y-you know my n-name?" she stuttered.

"You're the preacher's wife," Jack stated matter-of-factly.

"B-But... b-but...." she blabbered.

"Sit down, people are staring," Jack said. The woman's eyes darted through the mostly empty theater and quickly sat down. "That's better," Jack whispered. "Now tell me, what's a preacher's wife doing here?"

Jack watched the young woman's pained face as she tried to fabricate an explanation. But she wasn't accustomed to lying and couldn't come up with an excuse. She had been caught red-handed.

"Never mind, let's just watch the movie," Jack finally said.

The woman turned back to the big screen, almost relieved that she didn't have to answer. Jack watched the movie, but often turned to look at the woman intently staring at the action. She was lovely and the light coming from the movie illuminated her flushed cheeks. Before too long, the woman was breathing hard and letting out little sighs now and again. Jack's gaze returned to the film and saw the actress fondling a cock.

Without taking his eyes off the screen, Jack leaned over and whispered in the woman's ear, "Do you like that?"

"Uh huh," she answered almost absentmindedly.

"Do you wish you were the girl?"

"Uh huh."

While the preacher's wife was engrossed in the action on the screen, Jack quietly unzipped his pants and fished his cock out. He grabbed the woman's hand and guided it to his dick. Her small fingers automatically wrapped around his meat and squeezed. Then she realized what had happened and pulled her hand away as if it had touched a red hot coal.

"Go on, I won't tell anyone," Jack coaxed her.

"No, please, I can't," she said, trying desperately to look away from the stranger's cock protruding obscenely from his pants, but her eyes were drawn to it.

Not counting the cocks in the porn movies she occasionally went to, it was the first dick she had ever seen other than her husband's. And she rarely saw his. The preacher was very strict about sex. To him, sex served two purposes. First, to make babies and, second, to relieve the desires implanted in man by Satan to tempt him to sin. The woman's role was simply to be a non-responsive receptacle. Therefore, sex in the preacher's home was infrequent and done in shame, always under the covers in the missionary position. The preacher would say, "Satan's calling," giving his wife the signal to slip her knickers off under the covers and lift her flannel nightgown to her waist. He'd then get under the covers, between his wife's obediently spread legs, pull the cock the Devil made hard through the slit in his boxers, and unceremoniously stick it into his wife's dry pussy. No foreplay... no loving... just a few in and out strokes until he came. Then he'd replace his now soft dick back into his boxers and go to sleep. It was infrequent that the young wife accidently saw her husband's penis.

But now there was a real cock within reach. She glanced at the actress on the screen playing with the cock and wanted to do it too. Her temptation won out and her hand returned to Jack's lap, grasping his organ. She made the same sigh Jack had heard while she had watched the action on the screen.

Jack watched the dainty hand slowly move up and down his hardening cock. He couldn't believe the preacher's wife was sitting next to him in a dirty movie theater jerking him off. Just the thought she was another man's wife was exciting, but to know she was the preacher's wife was so much more.

The young wife kept glancing back at the screen to see what the actress was doing and tried to mimic her actions. When the actress used two hands, so did the preacher's wife. When the actress fondled the man's balls, the preacher's wife snaked her hand inside Jack's pants and did the same. But when the actress began licking the cock like an ice cream cone, the preacher's wife hesitated. She looked at the screen, then at Jack, then at his cock still in her grasp, then the screen again, and then Jack. When her gaze returned to his cock, Jack's gentle nudge on the back of her head was all the encouragement she needed. The preacher's wife lowered her face to Jack's lap and quickly licked the large mushroom-shaped cock-head protruding from her small fist. As soon as she had done it her head shot up and she looked around the theater to see if anyone had seen.

When the preacher's wife looked at Jack again he nodded towards the screen. Her jaw dropped when she realized why he told her to look at the movie. The actress was now sucking the cock, bobbing her head up and down. Before the young wife had time to think, she felt a pressure on the back of her head. She submissively allowed Jack's hand to push her head back into his lap, opening her mouth to capture his cock between her lips. Soon her head was moving up and down in Jack's lap while she sucked and licked his cock. Although it was her first time, she had seen enough porn movies to understand the basics.

Jack reached around the preacher's wife's body and grabbed her right tit. She pushed his hand away, but never stopped sucking. Again and again Jack grabbed her tit, but she kept pushing his hand away. After all, she was a married woman and couldn't let another man touch her there. The fact that his cock was in her mouth didn't even register.

The preacher's wife, lost in some kind of sexual dream, sucked the stranger's cock like she would lose it forever if she stopped. The strain of her leaning over caused her back to begin hurting so she shifted in her seat, dropping to her knees on the dirty floor. All thought of watching the movie was forgotten. The real thing was in her mouth and she was like a child on Christmas morning with a new toy.

Jack watched the top of the preacher's wife's head as it bobbed up and down in his lap. He still couldn't believe it was happening. But the feelings in his groin were real, and approaching the point of no return. He knew that if he didn't stop now he wouldn't be able to, but he didn't care. With his fingers clamped tight on the armrests, Jack jerked his hips upward.

The young wife was so engrossed with sucking a cock for the first time she didn't even realize when the first load of semen entered her mouth. She kept sucking, but then another ejaculation caused her mouth to fill. Aware of what was happening, the preacher's wife looked up with wide eyes at the man staring down at her. But when the third load entered her mouth her head jerked back with such force that it banged against the back of the seat in the next row.

Jack stared down at the stunned woman on her knees. Her lips were pressed tightly together and her cheeks puffed out, not knowing what to do with the cum in her mouth. But Jack couldn't worry about it since he was in the middle of an orgasm. He quickly grabbed his now loose cock just before it erupted again, spewing his white goo into the air. The preacher's wife's eyes followed the stream of sperm until she realized it was going to hit her. Shutting her eyes tight, she felt the hot jizz splash onto her face. Her hands automatically went up, palms towards Jack, to protect her from more of the same. Jack smothered his cock with his other hand, capturing the rest of his sperm into his cupped palm.

Jack held his shrinking cock while staring down at the young wife. When she thought it was safe, the preacher's wife lowered her hands and slowly opened her eyes. Her cheeks were still puffed out. She turned to the side and lowered her head, letting the slimy goo flow from between her lips. Jack thought it was the most erotic thing he had ever seen -- the preacher's wife on her knees at his feet, some of his sperm on her face and in her hair, and his cock-cream pouring from her mouth leaving a puddle on the floor.

When most of his sperm was out of her mouth, the preacher's wife looked up at Jack in shock. Her mouth opened and her hands went to her face. She quickly pulled her hands away and looked at one, seeing the sticky substance on her palm. She realized the stranger's sperm was on her face.

The preacher's wife jumped to her feet and was about to make a dash for the aisle, but Jack blocked her way by pressing his foot against the seat in front of him. She tried to climb over his leg but he grabbed her and almost flung her into her seat. She sat there in silence, still tasting the cum in her mouth and on her lips.

"That was great," Jack whispered.

"Please let me go," she implored.

"Why, the movie is still on?"

"I don't want to see it anymore. I just want to go," she said, her head lowered and her eyes boring into her lap. When Jack didn't respond, the preacher's wife, without lifting her eyes, said, "I don't know why I did that."

"Are you sorry you did?" Jack asked.

"Yes... it was wrong."


"I'm married... and it's a sin to enjoy sex."

"So you enjoyed it?" Jack asked with a glint in his eye. When she didn't answer he added, "Well, I enjoyed it."

The young wife's head shot up and she turned to face Jack. The actors in the movies all seemed to enjoy having sex, but her husband didn't. Her parents were like that as well and, if it hadn't been for the fact that she was born, she would have thought they never had sex either. Since she was an only child she grew up thinking they tried it once and she was the result. But when she was lying on her back in bed while her husband thrust his dick in and out of her, she had a desire to push back. She never did, knowing he would scold her for enjoying it. But this stranger said he enjoyed it.

"I liked it too," she admitted in a whisper hardly audible.

"Then let's enjoy the rest of the movie," Jack said, taking her left hand in his right.

The preacher's wife almost pulled her hand away when a man other than her husband embraced it, but she wanted to hold his hand. And their clasped hands were resting on her thigh, warming her body. She felt so wicked sitting next to a strange man, holding his hand against her thigh.

While they watched the movie, Jack's hand gently squeezed hers. His hand was face up and hers down, fingers entwined. She allowed the intimacy and didn't even object when the back of his hand began sliding on her thigh. But when it pushed against the juncture of her tightly clenched legs, she yanked it away. Jack passed her hand to his left one and held it against the inside of his right thigh. Then he draped his right arm across her shoulders, pulling her body towards his. She rested her head on his shoulder like they were sweethearts. With his right hand hanging over her right shoulder, Jack cupped her breast. She tried to push his hand away with her free hand, but he was persistent and soon she gave up. Jack was squeezing the preacher's wife's tit in a public movie theater.

It was the first time the young wife felt anyone caress her breast. She tried to stop it at first but after a short while it felt good. This surprised her, thinking the only purpose of a tit was to feed a baby. She never thought it would feel good when squeezed. But it did. Soon the preacher's wife was moaning softly, almost purring.

Jack's cock was still sticking out of his fly. When he pulled the hand he was holding to it and let go, the preacher's wife automatically grasped it, squeezing the soft meat with her fingers. This left Jack's left hand free which he used to open the top buttons of the woman's button-down dress. Before the preacher's wife realized what was happening, Jack's right hand slipped into the now open dress and onto her bra-covered tit. She lazily glanced down at the hand inside her dress and then her eyes went back to the screen. An actress was taking on two guys at once, one in her pussy and one in her mouth. When Jack's hand slipped under the bra and cupped her bare breast, the preacher's wife began squeezing Jack's cock harder as her body responded to his skin on skin titillation. Even her husband had never touched her breast.

Jack nudged the preacher's wife's head off his shoulder and then turned towards her. He began nibbling on her earlobe. The young wife never knew she could get into the aroused state she was in and didn't notice Jack's free hand unbuttoning the bottom buttons of her dress, from the hem to the waist. She was lost in the stimulus of his hand on her tit, his teeth nipping her earlobe and his tongue probing inside her ear canal, her hand on his now hard cock, and the fucking and sucking on the screen.

Jack didn't want to scare the woman by having the front of her dress come completely undone, so he left a few buttons intact at her midsection. He looked at her body and saw her plain white bra with his hand inside one cup and her white cotton underwear. She didn't seem to realize she was so exposed, her eyes fixed on the large movie screen. But when Jack pressed his hand between her thighs, the preacher's wife snapped out of her stupefied sexual trance and bolted upright. She violently pushed his hands away, pulled the bottom two halves of her dress together and held them between her clamped legs, and pulled the top part together.

"What are you doing?" she exclaimed, clutching her dress against her chest.

"Just returning the favor," Jack whispered.

"What favor?" she asked, still agitated.

"You made me feel good so I want to make you feel good."

"I-I shouldn't enjoy this. It's a sin."

Jack was flabbergasted. The woman was watching a porn movie and had just given him a blow-job. He couldn't understand why she would say it was a sin for her to enjoy what they were doing. He decided to use another tactic.

"It's a sin not to feel pleasure," he countered.

"What?! Why do you say that?" the befuddled, na´ve woman asked.

"God designed our bodies so that we would enjoy the touch of another person. God filled us with love and wanted us to love each other in ways that give us pleasure. Why are you going against God's will?"

"I'm not going against the Lord. It's Satan's doing, not the Almighty's."

"Nonsense!! I can prove it."

"You can? How?"

"If you allow me to touch you in a certain place... a place that God created... it will give you pleasures you have never known. If it doesn't I will leave the theater and you'll never see me again. But you have to let me touch you there."

The preacher's wife thought about it for a moment. Could the stranger be right? After all, God did create her body. When the stranger's hand was fondling her breast it felt great. Why would the Lord have provided sensitive nerves in that area if he didn't want her to enjoy the caress? She still thought her desires were Satan's attempt to make her sin, which she gave in to by going to the dirty movie, but this was different. There was only one way to find out if the stranger was right.

"Where would you touch me?" she asked very sheepishly.

"You're going to have to trust me."


"Between your legs."

"Oh-my-gosh, I couldn't!!"

"That's where God put your very special place. That's where He expected you to be touched."

The preacher's wife was troubled. She was still aroused from the previous activities and the stranger was confusing her. She thought he was going to ask to touch her breast again. After all, that gave her enjoyment. But he wanted to touch her vagina. How could she let anyone touch her there? Her husband never would, so how could she allow the stranger to do it? But he said he'd leave if she let him try and it wasn't pleasurable. There's no way touching her there would give her pleasure. No way!! But he had put doubt in her mind. She needed to know if he was lying to her or if her entire upbringing was a lie. And if he was lying to her, at least she'd be free of him when she told him he was wrong. He'd leave and she'd be able to return home to the life she understood.

"Okay, but you'll leave when I tell you I'm not enjoying it, right?" she finally said.

"Deal. Now I'll show you. Relax your legs."

Jack pulled the dress out from between her legs and made a space, but not like before where she was completely exposed. He didn't want her to panic. As it was, her body was trembling. He turned and pressed his mouth to her ear, whispering reassuringly not to worry, to relax, and that she was going to enjoy it. He wanted to distract her as much as he could while he got into position. While whispering in her ear, and occasionally caressing it with his teeth and tongue, Jack slipped his left hand under the waistband of the preacher's wife's knickers. He felt her body tense, but she didn't push him away.

Jack's fingers traveled over the abundant bush of pubic hair until they found the beginning of her slit. The preacher's wife's thighs were still clamped tightly together, but that didn't foil Jack. He slipped a finger into the slit right onto her clitoris. The young wife audibly gasped when he made contact, and her body jerked. He then began a slow, gentle circular motion with his finger.

The preacher's wife began breathing harder and little sighs escaped from her. Jack kept whispering in her ear how good he was going to make her feel and reached around with his right hand, sliding it into her bra cup. The preacher's wife put her hand over her bra, but did not try to remove Jack's hand. Instead, she pressed his hand against her tit. While Jack squeezed her breast, his other hand was busy between her legs. Slowly, the preacher's wife's legs parted, giving Jack better access. He took advantage and occasionally slid his finger down her slit and into her pussy-hole, only to drag it back up and once again onto her clit. Each time he did that his finger got wetter and wetter, adding lubrication to better titillate her little love-button.

The preacher's wife slouched down in her seat and spread her legs as wide as she could, stopping when they bumped against the armrests. Her dress fell apart, giving Jack an unobstructed view of her old fashioned underwear and the outline of the back of his hand within them. She was moaning loudly now as she experienced pleasure like she had never before.

Just then the house lights came on. The movie had been long forgotten and they didn't know it had ended. When the room was lit, Jack pulled his hands away from the squirming woman.

"No, don't stop!" she cried out, her eyes closed. "Please don't stop!"

Jack looked down at the panting preacher's wife. Her chest was moving up and down with her heavy breathing. Her legs were spread wide and her hips were uncontrollably jerking, seeking the finger that had abandoned her. Most of her dress was off her body, leaving her very exposed. Her body was gorgeous.

Jack put caution to the wind and slipped his hand back inside her knickers. The preacher's wife cupped his hand with both of hers and pressed it to her pussy. When Jack's finger began rubbing her clit again, the preacher's wife let go of his hand and gripped the armrests tightly. Her pelvis started humping as the pleasure returned.

Jack looked up and saw several men standing around watching. He noticed that the young wife opened her eyes and also saw them. He thought she would bolt upright and push him away again in order to pull her dress together, but she surprised him. He saw her eyes darting from man to man as they looked at her almost naked body.

Then the cocks appeared. All of the men pulled their hard cocks from their pants and began jerking off. The preacher's wife no longer looked at the men's faces. She glanced from one cock to the other. All the while Jack was frigging her. And then she came for the first time in her life.

"Oh Jesus!!!" she screamed out. "Oh-my-god. Oh, oh, oh. Oh-my... oh nooooo!!! AAAHHHHHHH!!!!"

Jack pulled his hand out of her knickers and sat back, watching the young wife in the throes of a powerful orgasm. Then one of the men came, shooting his cum through the air, some of it landing on the preacher's wife's thighs. And then someone behind her came, shooting his sperm all over her head, face, and chest. One after another came, some of their sperm falling onto an empty seat or the floor, but some onto the preacher's wife's body and clothes.

The preacher's wife languishly opened her eyes after experiencing the most incredible feeling of her young life. Her eyes lazily looked around, seeing but not comprehending what she saw. Then it registered! Several men were staring at her and, when she looked down her body, realized she was almost nude. In a panic, the preacher's wife abruptly sat up and pulled her dress closed. She huddled like that with her hands clutching the dress to her body and leaning forward trying to cover as much of her as possible.

"Okay guys, time to get," Jack announced.

One by one, the men stuffed their still leaking pricks into their trousers and marched out of the theater. Jack was left alone with the preacher's wife. He looked at her in the bright lights. She was stunning. Although she wore no makeup, her facial features were breathtaking -- little button nose, big blue eyes, long fluttering eyelashes, flawless complexion. Her blonde hair was still in a bun, although several hairs were now hanging loose, but the color glimmered with her natural pigments. And her body!! Wow!! Her frame was small, around 5'4", and her thin waist was expected, but her breasts were large -- 36C's!! And those breasts looked even bigger on her petite body.

"Oh my, those men saw me," the young wife cried out, tears of embarrassment falling down her cheeks.

"So what, no harm done," Jack tried to comfort her.

"No harm? Jesus forgive me... they saw me naked."

"Well, not technically," Jack said with a chuckle. "You have ugly underwear on that covered almost everything."

"But they saw my underwear. And... and they saw your hand inside them. Oh-my-gosh, they saw what you were doing to me."

"And they saw how much you enjoyed it," Jack added. "I guess I was right. The Lord designed our bodies for pleasure. Now tell me... did you enjoy it?"

The preacher's wife looked directly into Jack's face and hesitated. She didn't want to admit it, but it was a sin to lie. She slowly nodded her head.

"And it looks like all those men did too," Jack said, pointing his finger at her.

The preacher's wife looked down and saw the wet spots on her dress where it touched the sperm on her body. Then she felt it on her face, touching it with her fingers to make sure. She had a look of disgust knowing the men had spilled their seed onto her.

"Wait here, I'll get you some paper towels from the bathroom to wipe yourself with."

Jack left the preacher's wife sitting by herself in an adult movie theater clutching her soiled dress to her sticky body. Sperm was drying on her face and in her hair. She realized she had kicked off one of her shoes while the stranger was pleasuring her and she bent down to locate it. When she found it she slipped it on and looked up. A boy, about 18 years old, was staring down at her in shock. Luckily for her, Jack returned at that moment.

"Is there a problem?" Jack asked the boy.

"I'm going to have to call the cops," he responded.

"What?!! Oh-my-god no!!" the preacher's wife screeched.

"Why will you need to do that?" Jack said calmly.

"Well, she caused a disturbance and... and... well, she was indecent."

The preacher's wife was in shock. She had been sneaking trips to the big city to see the porn movies, but her husband had no idea. But if she were arrested, he would surely find out. Her life would be ruined, and so would her husband's. Her body shut down, not knowing what to do, so she just sat there trembling. She saw the stranger lean down to whisper something in the boy's ear and the teenager's eyes got real wide and looked up and down her body. His leer made her feel dirty and cheap. Then Jack came over to her.

"I made a deal with the kid," he informed her.

"Will he call the police?" she asked, terror stricken.

"Not if you cooperate."

"Of course I'll cooperate. I don't want any trouble. I'll leave and never come back if that's what he wants. I promise."

"That's not what he wants," Jack informed her. "He wants something else."


"First, he wants to see what the other guys saw. He wants you to open up your dress like before."

"Oh-my-gosh, I can't. I just can't," she wailed.

"It's either that or the police," Jack clarified her options.

"Oh-my-god, oh Jesus," she cried out in blasphemy.

After considering the situation, the preacher's wife slowly sat up and pulled the top of her dress apart, displaying her bra. She saw the boy stare at her large tits and lick his lips. She found that simple gesture repulsive, but her trembling fingers took hold of the bottom portion of her dress and spread it apart as well. He could now see her underwear.

"Um... Mrs. Calligan," Jack began, using her name for the first time since he first sat next to her, "you need to spread your legs. He wants to see you just like the men did."

The preacher's wife's cheeks turned a bright red. The theater was brightly lit and she was conscious of what she was doing. The boy kept staring at her body, waiting for her to show him more. She had gone this far so she decided to do what he wanted and end her humiliating ordeal. Her knees slowly parted. She saw the boy's eyes lock on her crotch, but she couldn't bring herself to look at what he was staring at. She just sat there blushing even more.

"Will she do the other?" the boy asked Jack.

"What other?" the preacher's wife asked, closing her legs.

"Remember how you pleased me before?" Jack asked. "You know, when the movie was playing and we got... um, intimate."

"I don't understand," the befuddled woman said.

Jack simply stuck his forefinger in his own mouth and moved his head back and forth a few times.

"Oh no!! I can't. He's just a boy!"

"It's either that or the cops," Jack informed her.

The preacher's wife was in a pickle. It was bad enough showing the boy her body, but this was so much worse. She didn't even know how she could have done it to the stranger and regretted doing it, but she was being told to do it again... and with another stranger... a boy. She looked up at the two glaring down at her, praying for a miracle... for a reprieve... for a pardon. But the two stood steadfast, waiting for her decision.

After what seemed like an eternity to the preacher's wife, but lasted only about two minutes, she gave in and agreed. The boy scrambled closer until his legs were touching the preacher's wife's knees and the backs of his legs were against the seat in the next row. He fumbled with his pants until they fell to his feet. The preacher's wife just stared at him in shock. Then he pulled his underwear down to mid-thigh and his little, hard cock pointed accusingly at her. She had sinned and this was her penance.

The preacher's wife stared at the boy's cock and felt a warmth spread throughout her body. It was a new cock, one different from the others. It was smaller than the stranger's and her husband's, and much smaller than the ones in the movies, but it was so hard. And it looked cute jutting out from his body. She noticed his balls were a small, tight sack barely observable. And the dick itself was thin and only about 4 inches.

All of a sudden the preacher's wife desired the boy's cock. She wanted it in her mouth... to suck on it... to taste it. She leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the cock-head and then moved her head forward, sliding her mouth down the shaft. The boy moaned his approval. Before the preacher's wife even realized it, her nose was pressed against the boy's belly... she had his entire cock in her mouth.

The preacher's wife twirled her tongue around the boy's dick, eliciting groans from him. His pelvis began moving back and forth so the young wife put her hands on his hips. While sucking him, her hands slid around the boy's body until she was cupping his ass-cheeks. Now, when she moved her head forward, she pulled him towards her, swallowing all of his cock. She did it again and again until he cried out that he was cumming and filled her mouth with his teenage sperm.

The preacher's wife didn't stop. She really liked sucking the boy's small cock and swallowed his discharge to get it out of the way. To her pleasure, the boy remained hard so she kept sucking and licking. It took longer this time, but he again exploded into her mouth... his fingers entwined in her hair. The preacher's wife swallowed his new offering, gobbling down the slimy, hot goo.

When she no longer felt any new semen filling her mouth, the preacher's wife released his cock. She remained close, staring at the boy's glistening dick. She knew it was her saliva coating it, and probably some of his sperm. But that only excited her more. She remained only inches from his cock as she watched it slowly lower and then shrink. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. It wasn't until the boy pulled his underwear up that she came back to the reality of the situation. She leaned back in her seat, trying to get as far away from the boy as possible. She had shamed herself and again committed adultery. But she watched the boy pull up and fasten his pants, not even bothering to close her dress to cover her almost nude body from his staring eyes.

"Okay, a deal's a deal," the boy said, and walked away.

"Here are the towels," Jack said, handing the young wife the paper towels he retrieved from the restroom.

Mrs. Calligan had forgotten all about the way she was. She took the towels and wiped her sticky face with them. Then she looked down her body and wiped as much off as she could. But she couldn't really clean herself up, plus her dress was blotchy with wet and dried up sperm.

"Look at me," she exclaimed. "For God's sake, I can't go home like this. Oh-my-gosh, what am I going to do? What will become of me?"

"No problem," Jack consoled her, "we'll go back to my hotel room and I'll take care of it all. C'mon."

The preacher's wife buttoned up her soiled dress and accepted the stranger's outstretched hand. She stood up and followed him out of the theater to his car where they drove off.

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