Mind the Teacher - Part 1

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Chapter 1

John Baxter sat at his desk wondering if his life was ever going to have any meaning. He was a 29 year old high school teacher who entered the teaching profession believing he could make a difference by educating the next generation. Like many of his colleagues, he experienced great disappointment. In the beginning, he tried to use the new techniques he learned in college to get the children excited about learning. He worked a lot from home preparing his next day's lessons and grading papers. He displayed a lot of energy in the classroom, but found the teenagers in his class just didn't care to learn. No matter how hard he worked, they simply were not interested. Over time, John Baxter the energetic fireball, became John Baxter the boring English teacher.

Unfortunately his apathy in school carried over into his personal life. His relationship with his girlfriend was getting worse and worse. They were in a rut. John would go to Suzanne's house after dinner a couple times per week and simply watch TV. Earlier in their relationship his visits would involve passionate lovemaking. Their constant touching excited them so much that they would tear their clothes off wherever they were and have uninhibited sex. There wasn't a room in the house where they didn't have sex. Often they never made it into the house. As soon as the garage door closed, they would go at it; sometimes in the car or more often, leaning against the car. They did it in the shower or sitting on the toilet. John received many blowjobs while Suzanne peed. The most common place, other than the bedroom, was the kitchen. John would fondle Suzanne as she worked in the kitchen which usually led to stormy sex. Often ordinary kitchen items were involved. John remembered shoving a large cucumber up Suzanne's cunt while she sucked his cock to orgasm. Sometimes they'd pour food on each other and lick it off bringing each other to a sexual frenzy. Their relationship was perfect, but then as John became more complacent at work, his relationship with Suzanne became boring.

The happy thoughts passing through John's mind quickly faded. He remembered last night and his eyes began to water. He wasn't planning to be with Suzanne last night, but his crabby old principal, Ms. Kraus, chewed his ass out at school and he needed to be comforted. He used the key he had to Suzanne's house to let himself in. As he entered the house he heard strange, but familiar sounds coming from the bedroom. Cautiously, John moved towards the sounds.

"Oh, God. Fuck me. Ram that cock into my pussy. Oh, yes...yes...yes."

John heard Suzanne screaming these words. "What's going on?" he thought to himself in a confused state. John quietly looked into Suzanne's bedroom and froze. His girlfriend was straddling a guy lying on her bed. She was moving up and down, driving his cock in and out of her cunt. Her head moved back and forth and her ass cheeks tightened each time she lifted up, obviously grabbing his cock with her pussy.

"I'm going to cum. Make me cum. Cum inside me. I want to feel you shoot inside me. Please don't stop. Fuck me. Fuck me. Ooohhh, I-I'm...I'm cumming. Aaahhhhhhh," Suzanne screamed.

John saw her push down hard on the man's cock while his hips pushed up. Suzanne collapsed on the man's chest trying to catch her breadth. While in this position, her ass lifted a little and John saw white sperm dripping out of her pussy down the man's shaft. John left Suzanne's house as quietly and undetected as he entered.

"Why did Suzanne betray me?" John thought as he sat at his desk in front of his class. "My life has turned to shit."

As much as John detested what Suzanne did last night, the recollection of the couple fucking caused his dick to harden. Unconsciously, he began stroking his hard-on behind the privacy of his desk. His eyes wandered around the room at the students busily taking the test. The one advantage of teaching high school was the plentiful supply of innocent lovely young girls usually dressed in revealing clothing.

His gaze stopped at Ivy who wore a very tight skimpy pair of shorts and a top that was tied below her quite large breasts. John stared at the soft skin of her belly before moving lower to the vee between her legs. He let out a little sigh as he continued to stroke his organ. The shorts were so tight that John actually saw the slit formed by her pouting pussy lips. Glancing on, he stopped at his favorite. Heather was wearing a loose fitting short skirt. John enjoyed looking at her young legs, but wished he could see more. "Heather, spread your legs a little," he thought. Just then, Heather's legs opened giving him a view of her inner thigh. "Thanks," he said under his breadth as a smile appeared on his previously sorrowful face. "Heather, come on, spread your legs further apart so I can see your panties," his wishful thinking continued.

The young girl did just as John yearned. Her legs separated more, offering him a view of her little pink panties. John stared between the teenager's legs enjoying the sight. He occasionally got a quick peek at some of the girl's panties, but this was different. Heather was sitting with her legs apart just as John wished. He wondered if she was reading his mind. "Heather, rub your nose." John gasped when the 18 year old obeyed his thought.

The school bell brought John out of his deep thought. The students all looked up at their teacher. "Ok, class. The test is over. Leave your papers on your desks. Heather, please help me gather the test papers." As the class filtered out of the room, John Baxter and his favorite student went from desk to desk picking up the papers. When they met in the middle of the room, Heather handed her stack to her teacher. "Heather, wear a short skirt and green panties tomorrow," he thought in Heather's direction. Out loud, Mr. Baxter said, "Thank you Heather," as he took the papers from the young girl.

After he was left alone, John considered what just transpired. His logical mind won out and he believed it all to be coincidental.

Chapter 2

John anxiously waited for his last class of the day. Actually not the whole class, just one particular student. When he saw Heather enter his classroom wearing a short skirt his mind began to race. However he rationalized that she often wore skirts to school. As the class was settling, he looked over at Heather and thought, "Heather, spread your legs so that I can see your panties." Not only did she obey, but he quickly observed that her panties were green, just like he requested in his thoughts the day before. "Heather, put your legs together." She immediately followed his suggestion.

John was having trouble concentrating on today's lesson. He struggled through the session while thinking about his ability to control Heather with his thoughts. He wondered if it only worked on Heather. Looking over at another student sitting in the back of the room, John projected a message, "Steve, you have an itch between your legs." He looked on in astonishment as Steve casually scratched his balls. Finally, just before the class ended, he sent a message to his favorite student, "Heather, when the bell sounds and the other kids leave, you will stay in your seat because you want to tell me something."

The bell rang and all the students left the room. All but one.

Heather sat in her seat a little confused. She knew she wanted to tell Mr. Baxter something, but just couldn't remember what. Then, all of a sudden, her mind became clear when the following message was sent by John Baxter, "Heather, you are very much in love with me and you want to tell me so." Heather slowly approached her teacher and stood in front of him with her eyes shyly looking down.

"What is it Heather? Is there something I can do for you?"

"Mr. Baxter," Heather softly said, "I love you."

"Come closer, my dear," John said spreading his legs and letting her walk between them. "Heather, you love me very much. You find me very attractive and are stimulated sexually when near me. You want to please me and make love to me. You will do anything I ask of you," John said through his mind and then added out loud, "Heather, I love you too. Let me show you how much. Please lift your skirt up to your waist."

Baxter held his breath, still not sure of his power. But then, the lovely blonde high school senior who just turned 18 years old reached down and lifted her skirt to her waist. John stared directly at the panty-clad pussy only two feet away. He could smell her sexuality and knew she was excited. He ran his finger along her slit, from the bottom up to her clitoris. When he touched her most sensitive area, Heather sighed and spread her legs. John was now certain of his power over the girl.

John reached under the elastic of her panties and slowly pulled them down. Blonde pubic hairs appeared. As he continued to lower her panties he found them very wet causing the crotch to stick to her cunt. He was pleased at how excited her young body was. When he got the panties down to her ankles, she lifted one foot at a time while he removed them. Heather, still holding her skirt at her waist, granted him an unobstructed view of her teenage pussy. He brought the panties to his face and inhaled deeply while admiring her. The young student just stood there smiling, knowing that she was giving pleasure to the man she loved.

John Baxter grabbed Heather by the waist and lifted her light body onto his desk. She leaned back, bracing herself on her hands while John bunched her skirt around her waist. He pulled her to the edge of the desk, spread her legs, and rolled his chair closer. After visually examining the young pussy, he gently rubbed his fingers all over the outside and then eased a finger into her cunthole until it reached her hymen. Her virginity was validated. Slowly he moved his finger in and out. Each time it withdrew he noticed more and more moisture on it.

"Has anyone ever done this to you?"

"No, Sir."

"Are you enjoying it?"

"Oh yes, Mr. Baxter, very much."

"Do you want to do this with anyone else?"

"No, Mr. Baxter. Only with you. I love you so much that I want to please you. You can do anything you want with my body and I'll do anything you ask."

John was moved by Heather's love, forgetting he planted it in her mind. He leaned over and ran his tongue along her slit. She moaned and involuntarily closed her thighs around his head. Putting his hands on the inside of her thighs, Baxter pushed her legs apart. He used his elbows to keep her legs separated while he spread her pussy lips. He looked at the moist flesh inside her vagina, her virgin hole, and the erect clitoris at the top. He flicked her clit with his finger several times, watching her hips lurch in response. Leaning forward he replaced his finger with his tongue. He licked several times, driving the poor girl crazy with lust. John moved lower and placed the tip of his tongue at her opening. Keeping his tongue as taut as possible, he pushed his face into her pussy, driving his tongue inside. Heather humped her pussy against his face. He tongue fucked his student until she was nearing orgasm. He then started licking the length of her slit very rapidly and when he knew she was ready, started sucking on her clitoris. Heather's entire body stiffened, her stomach undulated, and her hips kept pushing her pussy into Baxter's face.

"Oh, oh, oh. Mr. Baxter, what's...what's happening? Ooooh, oh, aahhh," Heather moaned as she came for the first time in her life.

John held on for dear life while the young girl bucked beneath him. He derived joy from giving the girl her first orgasm. When she came, she literally filled his mouth with her juices. Instead of swallowing, John raised up, tilted Heather's head back, and put his mouth against hers. When she felt the tip of his tongue push against her lips, she opened her mouth expecting a kiss. When Mr. Baxter parted his lips, Heather's own juices flowed into her mouth which she swallowed.

"Heather, what you just felt was an orgasm, or in street terms, you came. It is a release the body experiences when it gets sexually stimulated. If you get stimulated without cumming, you are not satisfied and actually feel sexually frustrated. Both men and woman need to orgasm. Right now I'm in a very sexually aroused state and must cum."

"What should I do to make you have an orgasm?" Heather innocently inquired, "I don't want you to be sexually frustrated."

"Have you ever seen a penis?"

"Only my baby brother's."

"Let me show you what a man's sexually aroused penis, or cock, looks like," the teacher said as he unbuckled his belt. Baxter opened and dropped his pants and underwear to his ankles. His 8 inch cock, hard as a rock, pointed straight at the wide-eyed girl.

"Oh my," she exclaimed, "I never knew it got so big."

As Mr. Baxter sat in his chair he smiled proudly. "Heather, kneel between my legs. That's it. Now put your hands on my penis and rub it."

Heather did as she was instructed. She put both hands on her teacher's large cock and began rubbing. First with only the top hand, but then with both. Baxter watched in fascination as the small hands touched their first cock. Her hands looked so little bringing to home how young his student was.

"Heather, remember how good it felt when I licked your vagina?" Baxter cautiously asked, "What you're doing would feel even better if you used your tongue."

Heather, only wanting to please the man she loved, looked up at her teacher and ran her tongue along the entire underside of his cock. She kept repeating this. She'd position the flat of her tongue near his testicles, dragging it up to the tip of his cock. Baxter looked down and watched Heather stare into his eyes as she licked the length of his dick. Heather noticed that Mr. Baxter reacted more when her tongue touched the funny looking head of his cock. She stopped at the end of her stroke and put the tip in her mouth. She held it there, making sure Mr. Baxter would not be mad that she stopped licking. When she saw his eyes close she knew he liked it. She ran her tongue around the head of her teacher's cock trapped in her mouth. Baxter felt this and pushed his hips forward, driving his cock more into Heather's mouth.

"Oh yes, Heather," Baxter pleaded, "suck my cock."

Heather literally started sucking his cock like a lollipop. When she realized he was trying to move it in and out, she bobbed her head up and down. Occasionally she would go down too far and gag, but after awhile learned when to stop.

This was too much for Baxter. He looked down at his student and pushed forward with his hips. His first shot of cum landed in the back of the unsuspecting young girl's mouth. She instinctively jerked back causing the second load of the freed cock to hit her in the face. Baxter grabbed her head and forced her mouth back onto his cock.

"Suck me. Don't stop."

Heather didn't know what was happening, but she would do whatever Mr. Baxter asked her to. She sucked the cock in her mouth. Glob after glob of sperm shot into her mouth. Not knowing what to do with the buildup of fluid, the poor girl swallowed her teacher's cum.

Even though Baxter stopped cumming, Heather kept sucking as she was told.

"Stop! Heather, please stop sucking me. I'm done."

Heather released her teacher's cock and marveled at it's shrinking condition. She was confused and afraid she did something wrong. Baxter saw her expression and explained that she helped him experience an orgasm and he was very pleased. When he saw her sperm-covered face smile with the innocence of a child he had to smile back. Baxter explained how a man's orgasm differed from a woman's. He scooped some of his cum off her face and showed her what shoots out of the penis. He told her it is used to make babies, but when a girl gives a man a blowjob, she's supposed to swallow the cum. With that he put his finger in her mouth and told her to suck it clean. She did as she was told. He continued until he scooped all the cum off her face and finger-fed it to her, watching as she swallowed every drop.

"Heather, it's time for you to go home now. Put your panties on and wash your face before leaving the school," Baxter instructed his student. Then he sent her a message, "Heather, you will never tell anyone what we've done and as soon as you get home you will brush your teeth." Baxter watched the girl pull her panties on and leave the classroom.

Chapter 3

John had a very pleasurable evening reliving his sexual adventure with his student. Heather was so innocent and inexperienced. He was the first man to sexually touch her cunt and the first to give her an orgasm. His was the first real cock she saw and touched. The first cock ever put in her mouth was John's. The first cum swallowed was also his. He smiled, well the first man's cum anyway. After all, she did swallow her own first. Since tomorrow was Friday he knew the school would be deserted soon after the final bell rang. John knew there were more firsts to experience.

Friday went unbelievably slow for John. He anxiously awaited his last class. During his earlier classes he had several girls spread their legs and show him their panties. He saw everything from little girl flowered panties to plain white cotton to some very skimpy bikini style panties. Looking up his lovely students' dresses had an affect on Baxter. He didn't intend to get turned on, but it happened anyway. During one of his breaks in the Teacher's Lounge, John was alone with Mrs. Hemster. Although John did not find this middle-aged woman desirable, he was sexually excited so he decided to use his powers on her.

They were sitting on separate couches facing each other. John kept sending Mrs. Hemster messages like, "Mrs. Hemster, you are sexually aroused. You have to cum or else you will go crazy. It doesn't matter that Mr. Baxter is in the same room, you have no choice. You must relieve your desire."

John watched as Mrs. Hemster fidgeted in her seat. She kept pressing her legs together. When he pretended to look away, she rubbed her pussy through her dress. After a while, she didn't wait for him to look away. She spread her legs a little and pressed her loose fitting dress into her pussy. She squeezed her nipple with one hand, and with the other, rubbed her pussy for all she was worth. She looked like she was close to cumming so John sent another message, "Mrs. Hemster, rubbing your cunt through your dress is making it worse. You are getting more excited, but will not be able to cum unless you touch your pussy directly."

Mrs. Hemster pleadingly looked at her co-worker as if asking him to turn around, but he just stared at her. After a short time she gave into her needs and put her hand under her dress. As she reached for her cunt, her arm pulled her dress higher, exposing much of her thighs. Eventually, the movement of her hand and her slouching down towards the edge of the couch exposed her panty covered crotch completely. Poor Mrs. Hemster had her ass on the edge of the couch, her legs spread as wide as they would go, her dress bunched up at her waist, while both hands rubbed her pussy through her plain white cotton panties. Not being able to cum without directly touching her pussy, Mrs. Hemster grabbed the panty crotch and ripped it completely apart. With her hairy cunt totally exposed, she drove two fingers of one hand up her pussy while rubbing her clit with her other hand. John stared between her legs watching her fingers slide in and out. The flap of material that used to be the crotch of her panties sometimes got in the way and got pushed inside her cunt. Although she hadn't cum, she was oozing so much that the piece of cotton material was saturated.

John walked over to the helpless woman and stood between her widespread legs. A look of embarrassment crossed her face, but she could not stop masturbating. When John opened his fly and pulled his erection out, her expression turned to shock. She probably thought John was going to fuck her. In fact, in her current state, she almost desired it. Instead, John began pumping his shaft. After about a dozen strokes, John was ready to cum. He put his hand on the back of the couch next to Mrs. Hemster's head to support his weight as he leaned over the middle-aged teacher while pumping his hard-on. When he felt himself cumming, he pointed his dick at her cunt and released a stream of sperm onto her wide open pussy and her active hands. Load after load landed right into her pussy. Mrs. Hemster's hands rubbed the white goo deeply into her cunt. Finally, Mrs. Hemster's whole body shook as she experienced the most intense orgasm of her life.

Baxter rubbed his still dripping cock on Mrs. Hemster's thigh before returning it to his pants. He looked down at her. She was exhausted, lying there with her legs wide apart and her dress bunched at her waist. Her torn panties were still on, but the entire crotch was shredded leaving her pussy totally exposed. John could see globs of his white sperm on her panties, pubic hair, pussy lips, thighs, and hands.

"Oh, Mr. Baxter...John....I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me. Please forgive me," she cried, "If my husband found out he'd divorce me. If Ms. Kraus found out, she'd fire me. Please don't tell anyone."

John looked at the helpless woman. She was so distraught she didn't even think to close her legs and pull her dress down.

"Mrs. Hemster, don't worry. I won't tell anyone. This will be our little secret."

John patted his middle-aged colleague's bare thigh which reminded her of her exposed condition. She immediately closed her legs and pulled her dress down. As John was leaving the Teacher's Lounge he wondered how Mrs. Hemster would handle the rest of the day with her sticky pussy exposed to the cool air through the torn panties. He mischievously sent one last message as he left the lounge, "Mrs. Hemster, you will not leave work early nor wash your pussy until you get home."

The episode in the Teacher's Lounge relieved some of the sexual tension Mr. Baxter felt and made the rest of the day bearable. Finally, Baxter's last class was approaching and he felt a tingle in his groin.

Chapter 4

John sat at his desk observing his students file into the room and take their seats. When Heather came in she stared at him like a lovesick puppy. John noticed that Heather was wearing shorts and reprimanded himself for not implanting a message for her to wear a skirt. Baxter continued to glance over the room. He stopped at Ivy, the busty student who oozed sensuality. She wore a loose fitting halter and very tight shorts. Her body was very mature for an 18 year old. Unlike Heather's budding breasts, Ivy's were well developed 35C's.

Mr. Baxter sent Ivy a message, "Ivy, tear a paper out of your notebook and hand it to Mr. Baxter. Lean over his desk and lean forward so that he can see inside your blouse." When Ivy leaned over Baxter's desk he had a clear view of her braless tits. They were beautiful and gave Baxter an idea for later.

A little before the class ended, Mr. Baxter sent messages to Heather and Ivy for them to stay in the classroom after everyone else left. They were to talk to each other about the movies they recently saw and to tell others that they had appointments and would be busy after school.

When the class ended, everyone left except for Heather, Ivy, and Mr. Baxter. Baxter started relaying his thoughts to the two girls, "Ivy, you find Mr. Baxter very sexy. You want to make love to him and will do anything he asks of you. If Heather is also pleasing Mr. Baxter, you will not feel any jealousy. In fact, her body will also excite you. Heather, you are seeing Ivy differently than ever before. You find her sexy and will not be jealous if she helps you please Mr. Baxter."

"Hi girls," John said to his two young students, "come over here."

He talked to the girls while the building emptied out. They swooned each time he complimented them. He rubbed their butts through their shorts and cupped their pussies, palming both at the same time. Baxter asked Ivy to lean forward and while he looked down her top he reached up from underneath and massaged her gorgeous tits.

"Heather, doesn't Ivy have beautiful breasts? Why don't you help me rub them?"

Heather never thought another girl's body would excite her, but when she saw her classmate's firm breasts she tentatively reached under her friend's blouse and gently stroked her tit. Both girl's shivered from the contact. John stood behind Heather, cupping her little titties, while he watched her feel up her friend. Looking down Ivy's top, John saw her nipples grow very large.

"What beautiful breasts," John thought as he pressed his hardening cock against Heather's firm butt. After all three were sufficiently aroused, Baxter led the two girls to the Teacher's Lounge knowing that no one would be in the building this time on Friday.

Baxter sat on the couch and asked Heather to sit on his lap. She did and he held her close and began deeply French kissing her.

"Ivy, watching Mr. Baxter make love to Heather excites you. You want to make love to him too," Baxter transmitted to his buxom student.

John watched as Ivy began rubbing her breasts as she viewed the other two kiss. Baxter pushed Heather off his lap and asked Ivy to sit on him. She straddled him placing her spread pussy on his hardening cock. Ivy put her arms around her teacher's neck and began kissing him passionately while rubbing her pussy on his cock. Unlike Heather, Ivy was no novice. Baxter couldn't wait any longer. He broke the kiss in order to pull Ivy's top over her head, exposing her lovely tits.

Baxter lowered his mouth to Ivy's right breast and began sucking on it. She moaned with delight. He held her tit and licked the nipple several times until it was very hard. He repeated this with the other one. When both nipples were hard, Baxter leaned back and massaged both breasts at the same time. Ivy felt his erection and jiggled around on his lap.

"Take your shirt and bra off," Baxter said to Heather who was waiting patiently.

Baxter watched as the other girl exposed her young breasts.

"Okay girls, stand face to face so that your breasts touch."

When they got in position, Baxter got up and looked between them. Their breasts pushed against each other. He squeezed his hand between them and rubbed both girl's breasts.

John sat down on the couch. He told the girls to stand in front of him and take off their shorts and panties. Two topless young girls opened the snaps of their shorts and pulled down their zippers. They slid their shorts down their thighs. Ivy's were so tight that her panties came off with the shorts. Heather first removed her shorts and then lowered her panties. John sat back and enjoyed the sight. Although Ivy was only a couple of months older, their bodies were significantly different. Heather had small budding breasts and a sparsely covered pussy. Ivy, on the other hand, had developed breasts and a fair amount of red pubic hair.

"Turn around," Baxter commanded.

He found the same to be true of their asses. Heather's was small and boyish, while Ivy's was rounded like a mature woman.

John had the two girls sit side by side on the couch with their legs spread. He kneeled between Heather's and began licking her pussy. It tasted as good as he remembered. He licked up and down the slit and occasionally licked her clit. He then moved between Ivy's spread legs. He stopped to look at this new cunt. He spread her lips and noticed how puffy they were. He stuck his finger into her hole and discovered the absence of her maidenhead. Something had already been shoved up there. He licked and sucked on her plump pussy.

John got up and pulled off his clothes. When naked, he asked the girls to suck his cock. Ivy was on him in a second. She grabbed his cock and covered it with her mouth. She moved her mouth up and down its shaft, taking in all 8 inches. Unlike Heather, Ivy was an experienced cocksucker. Heather pouted as she unsuccessfully tried to get her mouth on her teacher's dick. John told Ivy to stop blowing him, but when Heather went to wrap her lips around his swollen member he told her to lie on the couch with her head bending backwards across the arm. He then told Ivy to get between her friend's legs and eat her. Ivy and Heather both hesitated. "Ivy and Heather, you desire to please Mr. Baxter," John transmitted, "If he asks you to make love to each other you will gladly do it."

Ivy cautiously climbed between Heather's legs and moved her face to her friend's pussy. She held the lips apart and licked, tasting for the first time another pussy. Heather was looking between her legs apprehensively, but when her friend began licking, she closed her eyes and leaned her head back. Baxter went to the side of the couch Heather's head was on and leaned forward placing his cock over her mouth. When Heather felt the dick on her lips she opened her mouth and Baxter pushed it in until he felt his balls touch her nose. From this vantage point John could see Ivy eating out her friend and his own cock sliding in and out of her mouth. John's cock went much further into Heather's mouth than the last time. With her head thrown back, her throat opened so that she was able to deep throat him. Baxter fucked Heather's throat, played with her little titties, and watched Ivy licking away on her friend's pussy.

Heather was experiencing the most sensual feelings of her life. The thought of another girl's tongue on her pussy made her incredibly wet. She never had any lesbian feelings before, but her friend's touches were electrifying. She tightened her lips around her teacher's cock. She felt the long cock slide in and out of her throat. She quickly learned to breath out of her nose and relax her throat muscles. Mr. Baxter's balls were slapping against her face. She never wanted it to end, but when Ivy began sucking on her clit, Heather came.

John reluctantly pulled his dick from Heather's mouth. She was sucking so hard that it made a popping sound when it came loose. Pulling Ivy off the couch, he took her place between Heather's legs. He pointed his hard cock at the entrance of Heather's cunthole and pushed until it stopped at her hymen. The mixture of Ivy's saliva and Heather's cum allowed his large cock to slide inside her very tight pussy.

"Ivy, rub Heather's clit," John commanded.

When Heather started to jerk her hips in response to Ivy's touch, John knew she was ready to take him. He timed one of Heather's upward thrusts and pushed his cock all the way in until he felt his pubic hair smash into Ivy's hand. Heather's virginity was taken.

The teacher refrained from moving. He enjoyed the warm tight feeling around his dick while his young student recovered from her violation. John was able to feel Ivy still rubbing her friend's clitoris. When John heard Heather moan from pleasure, he began to pump his hard dick in and out of the tight cavity. Heather was enjoying her first fuck and began meeting her teacher's thrusts with her own. Baxter told Ivy to suck on Heather's tits.

Heather was going wild. She was yelling, "Fuck me. Ram your cock in me. Lick my tits. Suck my nipples. Fuck me hard. Fuck me."

Unfortunately, Heather's screaming was heard by the only other person in the building, Ms. Kraus, the principal. Ms. Kraus followed the noise to the Teacher's Lounge and entered. She put her hand to her mouth and gasped when she saw Mr. Baxter fucking a student while another naked teenage girl was licking the first girl's breasts.

"Oh my god, what are you doing to those children?" Ms. Kraus shouted.

John looked up and sent the following thoughts, "Ms. Kraus, close the door and don't move. Be quiet and watch. Ivy and Heather, don't pay any attention to Ms. Kraus. She can't hurt you."

Ms. Kraus stopped shouting, quietly closed the door, and helplessly stood there watching one of her teachers fuck his student. She didn't know why, but she couldn't speak or move.

John continued pounding his cock into Heather's cunt. Heather's body shuddered as she came. John felt his student have her first orgasm while fucking and knew he couldn't hold back any longer. He pulled out of Heather's tight pussy and shot his cum all over her belly and cunt.

Chapter 5

"Ms. Kraus," Baxter transmitted, "you will obey Mr. Baxter's every wish. You will do whatever Mr. Baxter tells you to do even if you don't like it. You will never tell anyone what you've seen or done and from now on you will treat Mr. Baxter as your favorite teacher."

Baxter sat on the couch enjoying the wonderful feeling of taking Heather's virginity. He told Ms. Kraus to kneel between his spread legs. He pointed to his cock, covered with Heather's bloody juices and told her to lick it clean. Ms. Kraus tentatively lifted Baxter's messy cock with two fingers and looked closely at it. It disgusted her, but she was compelled to do as Mr. Baxter ordered. She stuck out her tongue and cautiously licked some of the goo off his dick. When she returned her tongue to her mouth, she gagged on the taste and almost vomited. But for some reason she couldn't stop. She opened her mouth wide and slowly lowered it over Baxter's cock. Closing her lips around the shaft she began sucking and licking it, gagging at the thought of what she was doing.

The two girls looked on in disbelief. Fear of their mean principal vanished. They began to taunt her.

"Lick that cock."

"Come on cocksucker, you can do better than that."

"How do you like the taste of Heather's cum?"

When John's cock was clean, he told Ms. Kraus to lick his cum off Heather's body. The three of them watched as her tongue scooped up globs of gooey sperm and transferred it to her mouth. They were fascinated as they watched her adams apple move up and down as she swallowed. Ms. Kraus was nauseated by what she was doing, but couldn't stop.

The mischievous Ivy was staring at her principal with a great deal of interest. She turned to her teacher and said, "Mr. Baxter, uh, can I, uh, see Ms. Kraus' cunt?"

The principal looked indignantly at Ivy and started to say, "Young woman, who do you think..." but was cut off by Mr. Baxter.

"Ms. Kraus, get on your back and pull your dress up. You will let the girls do whatever they want."

The girls watched in amazement as their principal lifted her dress and lied down on the floor. Ivy looked at Mr. Baxter and he gave her a nod. She pounced off the couch.

"Look at her underwear," Ivy said with joy, "Look how big they are. Is that what they call bloomers?"

She went over to Ms. Kraus and began poking her most private area.

"Oh, please don't do that," Ms. Kraus pleaded, "This is so embarrassing."

Ivy ignored her pleas. She was obsessed with her control over the most powerful and feared person in her life. Ivy hooked a finger under the waistband of her principal's underwear and lifted it up. She looked inside and exclaimed, "Wow, is she hairy." At this point, the more timid of the two girls, Heather, joined her friend on the floor and also looked.

"Let's take them off," Heather said.

John sat back and smiled as he watched his students pull off their principal's underwear. It was somewhat comical. One would go faster than the other causing the bloomers to snag. Sometimes they got twisted. But finally, they were pulled off her ankles and thrown aside. Ivy was right. Ms. Kraus' pussy was the hairiest John ever saw. Not only were the hairs long and thick, but they grew onto her belly and thighs.

Ivy began parting the long hairs to get a better look. She found the slit and pulled the lips apart. The anguished expression on Ms. Kraus' face was priceless. After all the times she chewed out Baxter, he finally was getting some revenge.

"Let's cut her hair off," Heather said excitedly.

"Oh, yeah," added Ivy.

John got up and retrieved scissors from the desk drawer and handed it to Heather.

Heather put her face close to her principal's cunt and gathered a clomp of hair. She carefully placed the scissors near the skin and cut. Snip...snip...snip.

"Let me do some," pleaded Ivy.

Heather passed the scissors to her friend and Ivy took over. Snip...snip. Back and forth the two girls kept passing the scissors while meticulously removing the hair. John scooped up most of the hair deposited on the floor and put it in an envelop to keep as a souvenir. When the girls were done, they sat back to admire their work. Ms. Kraus just laid there with her arm draped over her eyes.

"Okay, Ms. Kraus," John said, "take a look at the cunt you haven't seen for many years."

Ms. Kraus obeyed the command and grimaced when she saw the result of the children's play.

Ivy went back to feeling her principal's most private area. She ran her finger along the slit. She parted the lips and touched the clitoris. Against her will, Ms. Kraus reacted to her clitoris being touched. Ivy then stuck her finger into the hole. Suddenly she stopped.

"Mr. Baxter," said Ivy, "something's wrong. My finger won't go in."

John joined the girls on the floor. He separated Ms. Kraus' legs and inserted his finger. When his finger's penetration was stopped by Ms. Kraus' maidenhead, John exclaimed, "She's a virgin!"

"Have you ever had an orgasm?" John asked his boss.

Ms. Kraus retorted, "It's a sin to touch yourself down there."

Ivy joyously said, "Fuck her, Mr. Baxter. Take her cherry."

Baxter was not attracted to Ms. Kraus and did not want to fuck her. Plus, he knew his limitations and he still wanted to fuck Ivy. John retrieved a flashlight from the desk.

"We'll use this," he said. Let's get her wet.

Ivy began rubbing Ms. Kraus' clitoris expecting her to get wet. Although this made the older lady squirm, she was not excreting fluids.

"What's wrong, Mr. Baxter?" Ivy wanted to know.

John saw that the old battleaxe needed some help. He transmitted a message, "Ms. Kraus, your clitoris is the most sensitive part of your body. When it is touched, you will get very sexually aroused."

"Keep trying," John said to his confused student.

The next time Ivy touched Ms. Kraus' clit, the principal nearly lifted off the floor.

"Oh...oh my...oh, what's that feeling?" the poor lady exclaimed after experiencing her first sexual feeling.

Ivy kept rubbing and Ms. Kraus kept bucking her hips. She was getting very wet now and Ivy spread her juices into her cunthole.

"I think she's ready now," John announced, "We don't want her to climax too soon."

John spit on the end of the flashlight. He held it over the sheared pussy while each girl contributed their own saliva. Ivy held one side of her principal's cunt and Heather the other. They pulled the lips apart, exposing her virgin hole. John placed the end of the flashlight against the opening and pushed it in a little. Ms. Kraus grunted. John kept pushing until the hymen stopped it's entry.

"Ivy, rub her clitoris now. We need to get her excited."

Ivy began rubbing the clit causing Ms. Kraus to thrust her hips forward. John timed one of these thrusts and rammed the flashlight through the obstruction. Ms. Kraus screamed in pain. John dragged his boss to the couch so that she was sitting on the floor leaning against it. The flashlight still buried in her pussy. Ivy returned to manipulating her principal's clitoris. Ms. Kraus reacted and once again felt a sexual desire she never felt before. John slowly moved the flashlight in and out of the newly violated cunt. As Ms. Kraus got closer to orgasm, John put her hands on the flashlight and showed her how to use it. He then sat back and watched his student rub her principal's clitoris while his boss fucked herself with the flashlight.

"Ooohhh. Ooohhh. Aaahhh. Oh, god. Oh, my. Ooohhh. Aaahh," Ms. Kraus moaned as she was approaching her first ever orgasm.

The flashlight was being rammed in and out much faster now. Her legs were bent at the knees and spread wide apart. She was moving so fast that she kept bumping Ivy's hand out of the way.

"Oh, god. What's happening. Aaaahhhhhhhh," Ms. Kraus screamed as she came.

The two students and their teacher sat back and admired their work. Ms. Kraus was sitting with her eyes closed, holding a flashlight deep inside her hairless cunt, feeling the aftermath of her first orgasm. Finally, her eyes opened and she realized where she was and what transpired. Tears started to fall from her eyes. Slowly, and painfully, she pulled the flashlight out of her ravished cunt.

John was very turned on. His cock was at full mast. He turned to Ivy and said, "Ivy, I want to fuck you badly now. Lean forward on the couch so that your pussy is in Ms. Kraus' face with your ass up in the air. Ms. Kraus, lick Ivy's pussy so that it will be wet for me."

Ivy climbed onto the couch with a knee on either side of her principal's head. She leaned forward against the back of the couch while lowering her hips. John watched as the principal reluctantly slurped on her first pussy. Ivy's squirming showed how much she was enjoying it. With the principal still licking her student, the teacher stood behind Ivy and guided his dick into her tight pussy. His cock slid all the way in with relative ease. While he slowly pumped, he felt Ms. Kraus' tongue at the juncture where his cock went in and out of Ivy's pussy. He was being fucked and licked at the same time.

Ms. Kraus was disgusted. She was witnessing the molestation of one of her students by her teacher and was helpless to stop it. In fact, she was participating. Her tongue was licking the poor girl's vagina and the nasty penis sliding in and out. The thought of performing a lesbian act along with the revolting taste of the girl's pussy juices was insufferable, but she couldn't stop.

John was looking down at Ivy's well rounded ass and had another idea. To Ivy's dismay, he pulled out of cunt.

"Mr. Baxter, please don't stop," Ivy pleaded.

"One minute dear," he responded.

"Ms. Kraus, come over here." Slowly the principal crawled from between Ivy's legs. John said to his boss, "See her cute little asshole. Lick it for me. Get it very wet."

Ms. Kraus looked at the student's ass in shock. "This is not done," she thought, "People don't do this."

However, she uncontrollably did as she was told. She knelt down behind the young girl and spread her ass cheeks. She stuck her tongue out and licked along the crack. Ms. Kraus' face was showing disgust. Heather's was displaying shock. Ivy's was enjoyment. John's was showing satisfaction. Ms. Kraus kept licking the asshole, sometimes driving her tongue in as far as she could.

"Okay, Ms. Kraus, that's enough. Slide back between Ivy's legs like before."

Ms. Kraus returned to her position on the floor with her back to the couch sliding her face between the couch and Ivy's cunt. Ivy automatically pushed her pussy against her principal's face.

John then positioned his cock at Ivy's virgin asshole. He slowly pushed an inch in. Ivy grunted in pain.

"Ms. Kraus, lick Ivy's clit and pussy," John told his boss.

The principal's stimulation of the student's pussy had the effect John wanted. Ivy was getting very aroused and didn't notice his cock sliding deeper into her ass. When John's belly pressed up against Ivy's butt, he knew he was all the way in. He couldn't believe how tight Ivy's ass was. Even tighter that Heather's virgin cunt. John reached around his young student and grabbed her beautiful breasts. As he massaged her breasts he slowly pumped his cock in and out of her young, smooth ass. Ivy experienced her first ass-fuck and was loving it. Her whole body was being stimulated at once. Her breasts and nipples were being fondled, her pussy was being eaten, and her butt was being fucked.

Each time Baxter pushed forward, impaling his student with all 8 inches of his cock, the force pushed Ivy's pussy into Ms. Kraus' face. Either her nose or tongue would slip into her student's pussy. Ivy's pussy juices flowed onto her principal's face. Ivy was out of her mind with pleasure. Finally the teenager came very hard, soaking the spinster's face. When Ivy orgasmed she tightened her rectum which pushed Baxter over the edge. He pushed his cock deeply into his student's ass and shot his sperm. Spurt after spurt entered her bowels.

John kept his cock inside Ivy's tight ass as long as he could, enjoying his first ass-fuck. She had such a lovely round butt, and seeing his cock protruding from it, actually kept him hard longer. Eventually his softening cock slipped out of Ivy's asshole. He looked at his dick which was covered with a cum-shit mixture. He moved Ivy aside and looked down at his boss's messy face. He straddled her head and placed his messy cock at her lips.

"Ms. Kraus, put my cock in your mouth and suck it clean."

After all that happened, the girls were still amazed that she did what Mr. Baxter asked. Ms. Kraus opened her mouth and allowed Mr. Baxter to slide his dirty dick in. She closed her lips on the cock and pulled her head back, dragging her lips over the cock until it popped out. She then put it back into her mouth and began sucking it. The girls knew she was using her tongue on his cock because they kept seeing the head of Mr. Baxter's cock push out against Ms. Kraus' cheeks.

When Baxter's cock was clean he told Ms. Kraus that a teacher couldn't send his student home with cum up her ass and to use her tongue to clean Ivy's asshole. Ms. Kraus crawled on her knees to Ivy who leaned forward over the couch, sticking her butt in the air. Ms. Kraus licked the messy ass crack. She reached in with her tongue and scooped out Mr. Baxter's cum. Then she was directed to lick the cum that dripped down the girl's thighs. When she was done, Mr. Baxter told his boss to leave without putting her underwear on.

Just in case, he re-transmitted a message to her, "Ms. Kraus, you will never tell anyone what you've seen or done and from now on you will treat Mr. Baxter as your favorite teacher."

After Ms. Kraus left, Mr. Baxter and the two girls hugged and kissed. Then left for their respective homes.

Chapter 6

John was home, sitting in his easy chair watching his two young students lick his dick. He became quite attached to them and enjoyed the sex they shared. Since he programmed their parents, they were both on the pill and he had complete access to them. He also, from time to time, used his powers to have sex with others. Teachers, students, parents, and people not associated with the school.

But Heather and Ivy were his favorites. He plans to have them move in with him when they graduate. But they must finish school first. After all, an education is very important. That's why he became a teacher.

Just as he erupted and sprayed the girl's faces with his hot cum, he had an idea. He looked down at the two teenagers eagerly lapping the cum off his dick and each other's face. He smiled and felt content.

The next day he began each class the same way. Mr. Baxter sent the following thought to his students, "Education is important. Learning is fun. You will enjoy school and schoolwork and do as best as you can in school."

After all, isn't that why he became a teacher?

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