Matilda and the Assassin - Chapter 1

AUTHOR = Switch Blayde

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Hetero, MF, Mf, 1st Time, Violence (not sexual violence)
****   This story was inspired by the movie "The Professional" (also known as "Leon") which Natalie Portman starred in when she was 13 years old.

Matilda sulked at the kitchen table. Her unspoken dreams screamed for a different family, one filled with love. They would live in a house. The house would have a backyard where she and Bobby could play without fear of being attacked. She imagined a swing set and Bobby's little hands clutching the chains while she pushed him from behind. He'd go higher and higher, giggling and kicking his feet. The house in her dreams would have a kitchen window to look out at the blue sky, at the fresh-cut grass, at the tree leaves fluttering in the summer breeze, at the...

But she didn't have a kitchen window. Her apartment was a reflection of the rundown neighborhood and her life. A single light bulb dangled on a wire from the hole in the ceiling where the fixture should have been. Any building inspector would have written it up as a hazard, but no city inspector ever visited the building.

Matilda's eyes followed the cracks in the wall zigzagging around the peeling yellow paint. They led to a jagged hole almost five feet off the floor. Sometimes she wished she had not ducked to avoid her father's punch. Her small head would have been crushed by his powerful fist. Her misery would have ended.

She turned to look at her little brother sitting next to her. As usual, Bobby was silent with downcast eyes. If she died he'd be left to fend for himself. But he wasn't strong like her. No, she had to survive. She had to care for him, protect him.

Matilda turned back to her food, planting her elbow on the kitchen table and resting her cheek on her upturned palm. She poked at the tuna salad with a fork. Her preference would have been a sandwich, but she couldn't find any bread when she had prepared lunch for herself and her brother. That was typical. They were usually out of most things. In fact, it wasn't technically tuna salad since what little mayonnaise that had been left in the jar had gone bad. As if looking to blame someone, she glanced at the woman at the end of the table. But her eyes dropped when she saw Cathy staring at her. She hated the woman and her daughter. Why did her real mother have to disappear? Things were not great back then, but so much better than now.

Her father's shouting filled the small apartment. Matilda turned once more to her little brother. He was eating slowly. Accustomed to his father yelling, he somehow turned it off. Matilda sighed. Bobby didn't turn it off. He went into a shell. That was his way of dealing with it. Matilda, on the other hand, yelled back.

Her father stormed into the kitchen.

"That mother-fucker wants more money," he shouted. "That prick! I do all the fuckin' work, take all the chances, and he wants more money. Fuck him!"

"Frank, calm down," Cathy said. "No sense getting a heart attack."

"Like hell! Who the fuck does he think he is? Just 'cause he has a fuckin' badge don't make him God. I should turn him in. A cop don't stand no chance in prison. The mother-fucker would get what he deserves!"

The woman looked at Matilda's father solemnly. "Don't do nothin' stupid. You need Skip Grafton. He's your protection. Without him you'd be in jail. What would happen to us then?" She fanned her hand over the table. "Calm down."

She stood up and pushed her shorts down in one quick motion. She wasn't wearing panties. A knot formed in Matilda's gut and she turned to her brother. He stared down at his plate, bringing tiny forkfuls of tuna to his mouth.

The woman bent over, resting her forearms on the table. Her long, bleached-blonde hair hung over her face. She wiggled her ass. "Come here and stick your cock in me."

"Cathy, didn't you hear what--?"

"Yeah, and you need to calm down ... and I know just how to do it. Come on, give me your fat cock."

Matilda's father stopped yelling and stared at his girlfriend's naked ass. He smirked and undid his pants, letting them drop to his feet. After stepping out of them and his underwear, he walked up to Cathy.

Frank grabbed her hair and twisted her head to the side. "Get me hard. Use your mouth."

"I'm eating," she said, jerking her head free and stuffing a spoonful of devil's food cake into her mouth. She looked at her daughter sitting across from Matilda. Bits of cake sprayed from her full mouth when she said, "Joan, do it for me."

The 17-year-old girl jumped from her chair and ran around her mother. Dropping to her knees, she smiled at Matilda. It was an evil smile. Then she stuffed Matilda's father's cock into her mouth. She slurped as if putting on a show.

Matilda stood up and pulled her little brother from his chair. She was about to drag him from the kitchen when Cathy yelled, "Don't you fuckin' leave. We're doing this for your father. Maybe you want to do it instead."

Matilda's eyes watered but she clenched her teeth to fight back the tears. It was bad enough for a 13-year-old girl to have to see it, but her little brother was only eight. She wrapped her arm around him and pulled him to her.

"What is it with you two?" Cathy said. More pieces of devil's food cake splattered the table. "You have a thing for him, don't you? Does he lick your cunt while you lie in bed? Do you play with his little dick?"

"Fuck you!" Matilda shouted, the tears now flowing down her cheeks. She hated the woman and her slutty daughter.

Joan pulled away from Frank's cock and said to her mother in a flat tone, "He's hard." Then she turned to Matilda. "Is that it? Does little Bobby eat you? Maybe he should share my room and not yours. Then he could taste a real cunt. Bobby, would you like to lick my pussy?"

Matilda felt her brother's head dig into her side. She hugged him tighter.

"You're all a bunch of assholes!" Matilda screamed. "Leave him alone! He never hurt anyone."

"Then sit down and finish your lunch," Cathy barked. "Both of you. What's the big fuckin' deal? Didn't you ever see your father fuck your mother?"

"No! She wasn't a slut."

"You mean she wasn't a real woman. Just some prude. Your father told me all about her. The only reason you and your brother are here is 'cause he raped her when he wanted sex."

Matilda looked up at her father in shock but he wasn't paying her any mind. He stepped up to Cathy and rammed his cock into her from behind. With his hands on her hips, he rocked back and forth.

"Yeah, baby, fuck me good. Show the little shit how a real woman gets fucked."

Joan sneered at Matilda and then turned Frank's head to the side, pressing her mouth to his. While he fucked Cathy, her daughter kissed him with passion. When she broke the kiss, she looked at Matilda and stuck her tongue out.

Matilda knew not to argue. She knew her father would beat her up ... and her little brother as well. She helped Bobby get comfortable in his chair and then sat down. Whatever appetite she had was gone. She felt nauseous as her father fucked the woman a few feet from her and her baby brother.

It didn't take long, and soon her father grunted and thrust into Cathy one last time. His thighs pressed against her buttocks and his head tilted back as he unloaded his spunk. Opening his eyes, he staggered back. Joan was waiting to wrap her arms around him from behind.

"Are you feeling better, Daddy?" she cooed. Looking over his shoulder, her eyes were locked on Matilda's. Matilda hated when she called him Daddy.

Without taking her eyes off Matilda, Joan reached around Frank and grabbed his cock. "Oh my, it's so messy. A good daughter wouldn't leave her daddy like that." She shuffled around him and dropped to her knees. Matilda almost gagged when Joan stuffed his slimy cock into her mouth. "Mmmm mmmm," the girl moaned while sucking.

When Frank's cock was clean she pulled her lips off it with a kissing sound and turned to Matilda. "Maybe you should have done that for him. After all, he puts the food on the table."

Bobby spoke for the first time. "Do we have any more milk?"

Matilda jumped from her chair and hurried to the refrigerator. Swinging the door open, she studied the bare shelves. There were several beer cans but not much else. The foul stench of a plate of unwrapped leftover chicken caused her to slam the door shut.

"We're out of fuckin' milk again!" she spat. "I'll go to the store."

Her father, in a post-orgasmic daze, simply nodded. He dropped to a knee and dug into the pocket of his pants on the floor, giving Matilda a twenty dollar bill.

"Bobby, let's go," Matilda said, holding her hand out and wiggling her fingers.

"Oh no, he stays here," Joan said with a smirk. She was shoving her shorts down her chubby legs. Like her mother, she didn't wear panties.

"What are you going to do to him?!" Matilda screamed, her voice filled with panic.

"What do you do with him?"

"Nothing. We just hug."

"Well, I'm not going to hug the little brat. I'm gonna fuck his father and he's gonna watch. Isn't that right, Daddy?" The last was said so sweetly that Matilda cringed as if Joan had scratched her long fingernails on a blackboard.

Matilda's father nodded, licking his lips while staring at the girl's shaved pussy. "Hurry back. I want some milk too. My fuckin' ulcer is killing me."

He was a big burly man and effortlessly lifted Joan, laying her on the table. Her butt was at the end and her head not far from Bobby's plate. Cathy spread two white lines of cocaine on her daughter's body. She sniffed one through a straw and then handed it to Matilda's father. He sniffed the other line into his nose and tilted his head back. Then he rammed his cock into Joan. She grunted and turned her head to the side, pursing her lips at Bobby and kissing the air.

"You're all fuckin' sick," Matilda shouted before storming out of the apartment. She walked through the garbage-ridden streets thinking about her little brother and their dysfunctional family. Her skirt was dark red and very short. The red, black, and green striped socks came above her knees leaving a patch of naked skin between them and the bottom of her skirt. Her short-sleeve shirt was old and too tight causing her pointy bra-less tits to poke out the front.

A metal trashcan cover clanged on the concrete floor. Matilda spun around. A man staggered towards her from the alley with his arms extended. She smelled body odor and cheap wine. She kicked as hard as she could. He grunted and crumpled to the ground clutching his groin. Matilda ran to the corner and only then looked back. The drunk was still writhing on the floor with his hands between his legs. She gripped the twenty dollar bill in her clenched fist and hastened down the street. Pay attention, dummy, she reminded herself as her eyes darted right and left.

Matilda couldn't refrain from sighing in relief when she entered the supermarket. She fondled the money in her hand and decided to buy more than milk. Her father would probably slap her around, but she was used to that. Then again, he might be so stoned he wouldn't even realize she spent more than she was supposed to.

She strolled around the store, browsing the items on the shelves. It was always good to be out of the apartment. Her thoughts kept going back to her little brother though. He was all alone with the monsters that made her life miserable. She prayed Joan was only trying to rile her by talking about having sex with Bobby. If she hurts him I'll kill her, she thought, clenching her teeth. Her fingers turned white as she gripped the shopping cart.

Matilda stopped in the toy aisle. A glittering blue yo-yo with silver flecks caught her eye. Blue was Bobby's favorite color and she knew he'd love the toy. But at $5.99 it was too expensive. They needed milk and food more than a toy. But Bobby deserved something. He was so unhappy. She snapped the yo-yo off the clip and looked at it closely, and then she glanced up and down the aisle.

Matilda pushed the cart to the rear of the supermarket. She looked both ways and then crossed her arms with her hands tucked under her armpits. One corner of the cardboard package dug into her flesh. Her heart beat fast as she walked quickly. Inside the restroom, she made sure she was alone and locked herself inside a stall. She ripped the yo-yo package apart as she listened for the slightest sound. Then she lifted the hem of her short skirt and stuffed the toy into the front of her panties. Dropping her skirt, she checked to make sure there was no evidence of her misdoings.

Her hand trembled as she slid the latch open. She ran to where the discarded paper towels were thrown. Pushing the used towels aside, she got on her tiptoes and shoved the cardboard package in as far as her short arm would allow and then covered it with the towels. She looked in the mirror to make sure nothing showed under her skirt and then took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She returned to the supermarket to do her shopping.

Matilda purchased a gallon container of milk, mayonnaise, and bread. As soon as she stepped outside the supermarket, a large man grabbed her. She fought to free herself and was about to scream for help when he said, "Security!"

Matilda's stomach churned and she stopped struggling. She looked up at the man with pleading eyes.

"Come with me, miss," he said.

"What's the problem?"

"You know. You'll have to come with me to the security office."

"But my food will spoil," she said desperately.

"Bring it with you. There's a refrigerator in the office."

"Please, I didn't do anything wrong."

"Miss, you'll have to come with me."

Matilda yanked her arm free and was about to run. He grabbed her around the waist and hoisted her off the floor. With her feet kicking and her hands pulling on his forearm, he carried her into the store while pushing the cart with his free hand. Several customers stared, but no one said anything. Soon Matilda found herself in the supermarket's security office. She looked around and noticed the monitors showing every part of the store -- but not the restrooms.

The security guard locked the door and then placed her bag of groceries in the refrigerator. Matilda watched him, trying to think of something to say. And then she blurted out, "What do you want from me? I didn't do anything."

The man held out his hand and said, "Give me the yo-yo."

The blood drained from Matilda's face. She tried to look as innocent as she could. "What yo-yo?"

"The one in your panties."

"What!" she said indignantly. "What the fuck are you talking about?"

The man reached out and grabbed her short skirt, yanking it up. "That yo-yo."

She backed away and pushed her skirt down. "You can't do that!" she screamed.

"You stole from this store so I can do anything I want."

Matilda knew that wasn't true, but she didn't know what to do. Her mind raced as she tried to think of a way out."

"I have to call the cops," the security guard said.

"It wasn't a lot of money," Matilda pleaded. "Please, you can have it back and I'll leave. Okay?"

"Sorry, can't."

Matilda crossed her arms over her chest and said triumphantly, "Call the cops. You're gonna get into all kinds of trouble. You were spying on me in the bathroom. You can't do that."

The man chuckled and said, "Look around." He waved his hand at the monitors. "We don't have cameras in the restrooms."

"Then how did you know?"

"I was watching you. You looked suspicious and I saw you go into the restroom with the toy and when you came out you didn't have it. There was no place else to hide it so I knew where it was."

Matilda turned her back to the man and lifted her skirt. She jammed her hand into the front of her panties and snatched the yo-yo, tossing it to the farthest corner of the room.

"There!" she said defiantly. "It's your word against mine."

The guard chuckled again. "First of all, my word counts for more than yours when it comes to shoplifting. And your fingerprints are all over that thing. So stop trying to deny stealing it."

Matilda's shoulders slumped. "Look, I'm sorry. It was for my little brother. I thought he'd like it and I didn't have the money. Can't you please forget it this time? I promise never to do it again."

The man looked her up and down and rubbed his chin with his thumb and forefinger. "I'll let you go--"

"Oh, thank you!" Matilda shouted, jumping up and down.

"...if you do something for me," he finished.

Matilda's breathing stopped. The room became dead silent. "What?" she asked.

"A quick fuck."

"No way!"

"Okay, then it's the cops."

Matilda's heart raced. All she could think about was her little brother being left alone with Cathy and Joan. She didn't know if Joan was serious about doing things with him. He was only eight. He needed her.

"I'll give you a hand-job," she said.

"Bullshit! I wanna fuck you."

"I'll blow you," she said quickly.

The man stared down at her. "Have you ever done it?"

"Sure," she lied. She had seen both Cathy and Joan do it to her father. It wouldn't kill her.

He studied her. "Deal."

"And I keep the yo-yo."

"Look, girl, don't--"

"It only costs six bucks."

He crossed his arms over his massive chest and narrowed his brow. "Okay, but you better give me a damn good blow-job."

Matilda stood still, waiting for the man to do something. When he didn't, she stepped up to him and fumbled with his zipper. Although she tried to use her fingertips only, she couldn't help feel what lay beneath his pants. It was silly trying to avoid contact considering where his cock was soon going to be, but she wasn't thinking rationally. When his zipper was lowered, Matilda stuck her hand inside the opening and fished for his cock. It was easier said than done for the inexperienced 13-year-old.

She looked up for help, but all she received was a stoic stare. Looking back down, Matilda opened his belt and undid the button. She let his pants drop to the floor. He wore navy briefs that outlined his cock. She started to look up at him again but dropped her eyes. She didn't want to see him watching her. Matilda sighed and yanked his underwear down while she still had the courage to do so. His cock flopped about until it came to rest between his legs. She hesitated.

Matilda felt a smack on the side of her head and looked up. "Go on," the security guard said. "I ain't got all day."

She looked back down and bent at the waist. That didn't work so she dropped to her knees. His cock was now level with her face. Just an hour or so before she watched Joan do this to her father, so she lifted the man's cock in her little hand and guided it to her mouth. Closing her lips around it, she held it in her mouth. It was a new and interesting feeling. She began sucking.

The cock stiffened so she pulled back a little to accommodate its length. She tried to remember what she had seen Cathy and Joan do numerous times. She moved her mouth up and down the shaft with caved in cheeks as she sucked. Spittle dribbled down her chin even though she kept swallowing.

Matilda wondered if the man was enjoying it. He had threatened her, telling her he expected it to be a good blow-job. She suddenly remembered her father saying, "Use your tongue," so she swirled her tongue around the man's cock. His hips began rocking back and forth. That was what her father had done when Cathy was bent over their kitchen table just a short while before. The guard was fucking her mouth.

Matilda remembered something else. She wrapped her hand around the base of the cock and slid her fist up and down in time with her mouth. The cock was drenched with saliva so her fist moved freely. The security guard placed his large hands on the back of her head and thrust harder, smashing her fist against her mouth. She gagged. Not that the man noticed or cared. Matilda tried to pull her head back, but his hands held her in place.

Her free hand found his thigh. She pushed against it, but she couldn't break free. And then she felt as if she were drowning as his first load of semen blasted down her throat. She couldn't breathe and made gurgling, choking sounds. He pulled his cock back a little. The end now rested on her tongue. When he discharged another load of the gooey substance she swallowed as fast as she could. At least she could now breathe. She kept her lips locked around his cock as he spurted yet again. He held the back of her head steady. Matilda swallowed each time. After what seemed like hours, it stopped and his hands fell to his sides. Matilda backed away and dropped to her hands and knees, staring at the dirty floor through watery eyes, swallowing, dry heaving, and gasping for air.

When Matilda caught her breath, she looked up. "Not bad," the man said. "You're a pretty good cock sucker. Where'd you learn that?"

"I had good teachers," she said thinking of Cathy and Joan.

"I'd like to shake those guys' hands. If there's anything you want in the supermarket and you aiin't got the money, look me up. Maybe we can make a trade."

"Can I go now?"

"Yeah. I better walk you out though 'cause you already paid for your groceries. Don't want anyone stopping you." He took her bag of groceries out of the refrigerator and placed it in her shopping cart. "Let's go," he said.

Matilda hesitated. "What about the yo-yo?"

He looked at her and smiled, then walked to where it lay and picked it up. He returned to where Matilda was standing. She held her hand out but he grabbed her skirt. She backed away.

"Just putting it in your secret pocket," he said and chuckled.

Matilda kept her hand out but he held the yo-yo behind his back. Nothing was said as they stared at each other. It was like playing the "who blinks first" game. Matilda dropped her hand to her side.

The man dropped to a knee and lifted her skirt, staring at her panties. "Here, hold this up," he said.

Matilda took the hem of her skirt from him and waited. She stiffened when he yanked and held the front of her panties down. He looked at her nearly hairless pussy for a while. Then he placed the back of the hand holding the yo-yo against her pussy and moved it up and down. Matilda wanted to slap him, but she had come this far and did not want to anger him. He let the yo-yo slip from his fingers and lifted her panties over it, tapping the bulge. He looked up.

"Yeah, if you ever want anything and don't have the money come look me up. You can get a lot with this sweet young pussy."

Matilda released her skirt. The security guard stood up. He walked with her until they were outside the supermarket. She lifted the bag out of the cart and clutched it to her chest, and then walked home. She didn't look back.

When she was a block away from the supermarket, Matilda ducked into an alley and took the yo-yo out of her panties. She dropped it into the grocery bag and returned to the sidewalk. She walked fast. It was dangerous for her to be outside her apartment alone.

Matilda climbed the three flights of stairs and turned towards her apartment. She froze. A policeman stood outside her apartment, leaning against the wall with his arms folded across his chest. He stared at her.

Her heart beat fast. It was customary for the detective her father did business with to come to her apartment, but he was always in a suit. This was a uniformed policeman. She walked slowly, trying not to make eye contact. But when she did, she saw him watching her with interest.

When Matilda reached her apartment, the door was wide open. She glanced inside and gasped. Her father's bloody body lay face down just inside the doorway. Further inside the apartment, Detective Grafton stood over the body of Cathy. His back was to Matilda, but she recognized him immediately. She felt faint and her legs wanted to give out. The uniformed policeman kept staring at her, sizing her up. She kept walking until she was at the apartment at the end of the hall. She knocked on the door.

Matilda waited. She knocked again. Looking over her shoulder she saw the policeman watching her.

"Please let me in," she said loud enough for the policeman to hear. "I forgot my key."

She looked over her shoulder again. The policeman pushed away from the wall. He walked towards her.

Matilda knocked again and said, "I forgot my key. Please let me in. Please." She sensed the policeman getting closer.

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