It's in the Cards - Part 2

AUTHOR = Switch Blayde

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Sara was so nervous she could barely hold her cards. But when she spread the five cards Sara smiled inwardly when she saw three aces. Ivy was right when she had said they were good card players and Sara kept her face emotionless. As it turned out Jack had the low hand and removed one sneaker.

"P U," Sara said holding her nose when Jack's sneaker was cast aside.

Ivy leaned over to Sara and whispered in her ear, "I told you we can beat these jerks."

Sara was more at ease when the next hand was dealt. She didn't have a good hand, but as it turned out Ivy lost and removed a sneaker. Then Ivy lost her other sneaker and Sara began to worry again. Soon, no one had their sneakers on and both Sara and Ivy had removed one sock. When Ivy, then Sara, lost their other sock Sara really began to worry. The next article of clothing to remove would either be her tee-shirt or shorts.

"I think we should stop now," Sara said.

"Stop? Why?" Steve asked.

"I just think we should."

"Chicken!" Jack said.

"Am not."

"Are to."

"Am not."

"Sara, we said we'd play. It wouldn't be right to quit now," Ivy said to her friend.

"But if we keep playing..." Sara left her words hanging.

"C'mon, we can beat these guys."

Sara didn't know what to say. Her best friend was telling her they should continue. Again Sara felt like the odd person out so she stopped arguing. As it turned out, Steve lost the next hand, Pete the next, and then Jack the one after, all removing one sock.

And then Ivy lost. Sara looked at her friend in disbelief. She didn't know what Ivy would do, and was astonished when she grabbed the bottom of her tee-shirt and pulled it over her head. Her best friend was now sitting in her bra.

"Ivy!" Sara cried out in shock.

"What's the big deal? It's just like wearing a bathing suit."

Sara was so nervous she dropped one of the cards. Her hands were trembling and her heart was beating fast. She couldn't believe Ivy was sitting in front of her and three boys in her bra. Sara didn't understand why Ivy was so calm. Sara knew that if it happened to her she would die of embarrassment. And when she realized it would probably happen to her, that's when she dropped the card.

Jack lost the next hand and tossed his last sock aside. Then he lost again and pulled his shirt off. All of a sudden Sara realized that even if she didn't lose she would see the boys naked. Her cheeks flushed at the embarrassing thought.

Steve finally lost his second sock and made an exaggerated effort of removing it. He pulled from the toe, stretching the sock as he rolled onto his back with his foot in the air. Even Sara laughed at the silliness of it. Then the next round was dealt. Sara had a pair of aces so she asked for three cards. When she looked at the new cards she was disappointed that they didn't help her hand, but figured the other four wouldn't beat a pair of aces. But she was wrong -- two people had two pair, one a three-of-a-kind, and one a flush. When Sara looked up from the four sets of neatly displayed cards lying on the floor it was obvious by her expression that she understood the enormity of her hand.

"I lost," Sara uttered almost to herself. Then she looked up and scanned the faces of the others. They were all staring at her expectantly. Sara looked at Ivy for help, but didn't get any. "I can't," Sara said despondently.

"You have to take something off. You lost," Pete said.

"But I can't."

"Sara, what's the big deal? I already took my shirt off and so what? Remember, it's just like wearing a bathing suit."

Sara felt lost. She needed Ivy's support but didn't get any. Instead, her best friend was telling her to do it. Sara looked at the boys' faces again and shuddered when she saw them leering at her. All she wanted to do was to disappear, but didn't have the courage to get up and run away. Peer pressure at her age was intense. If Ivy had sided with her she would have quit, but she felt all alone without her friend's support. Sara held her breath and grabbed the bottom of her tee-shirt, pulling it over her head. As soon as the shirt was off, her arms automatically crossed over her chest in modesty.

Unfortunately for Sara she had to lower her arms to retrieve her next hand. She was sitting in front of everyone in her bra. She looked down and became more self-conscious when she noticed her nipples had stiffened from embarrassment and were quite visible. It made her so uncomfortable that she couldn't concentrate on her next hand, but somehow it was Jack who lost.

Sara snapped out of her dazed state when Ivy whistled. She turned to her friend who was staring at Jack. When Sara looked at Jack he was pulling his shorts over his feet. She blushed a deep shade of red when she saw him in his underwear. What was worse, Sara could easily see the shape of his obvious hard-on pushing out his boxers.

"I... I think that's enough," Sara said.

"C'mon, we got them good. We're not quitting now. I told you they were losers."

"But Ivy?"

"But nothing. I'm not letting them off. They wanted to play and we're showing them we're better at cards than them. Sara, stop being a baby!"

Ivy's last comment really hurt Sara's feelings. Sara had always teased her friend that she was older than Ivy. After all, Sara was born 12 minutes before Ivy. And now Ivy was calling her a baby. Sara just hung her head and remained silent.

Sara stared at her cards but kept peering over them at Jack's crotch. He was shamelessly sitting Indian-style not bothering to hide his erection. Sara even saw the fly hole gaping and saw some dark pubic hair, but she tried not to look -- but kept looking anyway. Her whole body felt warmer than before even though she had fewer clothes on.

"Shit! I lost!"

Sara looked over at Ivy who was already opening her shorts. "No, you can't," Sara yelled.

"I'm not going to chicken out," Ivy said. "Jack did it so I will too."

"But Ivy, you ca..."

Sara never finished her sentence. Ivy had pulled her shorts off and tossed them aside. Sara couldn't believe her best friend was sitting in just her underwear. Then she noticed how skimpy Ivy's panties were. They weren't thongs, but the bikini panties were a lot smaller than what she wore. And they weren't cotton like Sara's. They looked more grown-up and now Sara was afraid the others would make fun of her when they saw her plain, cotton panties. Then her heart stopped for a moment when she realized that it was definitely a possibility for that to happen. How did it get this far? How did she get into this situation?

"C'mon, sit like Jack," Steve said to Ivy.

"In your dreams, pervert."

Sara looked at Ivy and noticed her legs were tucked underneath her. At least she was sitting modestly. But Ivy lost the next had as well. Sara gasped when her best friend fumbled with the front hooks on her bra and pulled it off. Ivy was showing her naked tits to everyone. Sara wanted to scream... she wanted to throw a blanket over her friend... she wanted to bolt from the room... but she remained sitting on the floor in disbelief. Sara didn't want to stare, but she couldn't take her eyes off her friend's tits. They were a lot smaller than hers, but Ivy's nipples were large, being erect and sticking out a good half inch.

"Okay, are you guys happy now?" Ivy said. She pulled her shoulders back and shook her upper body. Her tits were too small to jiggle, but the gesture was understood. "No big deal. We're still gonna win."

Sara couldn't believe the way her friend was acting. How come Ivy wasn't dying of shame? She was literally flaunting her breasts at the boys. Ivy was only in her panties, shaking her naked tits, and everyone was laughing as if it was just good old fun.

Sara was apprehensive when she looked at her next hand. She had nothing. Sara was already thinking about what she would take off next. It would have to be either her bra or shorts. Neither one appealed to the shy girl. She kept the king and ten and sighed in relief when she pulled another king and ten to give her two pair. The others were making comments about her having a good hand and she realized she had lost her normal "poker face".

It was Jack who lost again. This time there was silence around the circle and even Jack didn't move too quickly. It wasn't until Ivy egged him on that he started pushing his underwear down.

Sara watched in shock. The relief she had felt dissipated when she realized what was happening. And then she saw Jack's hard cock pop out of his underwear as the waistband cleared it. She couldn't believe she was seeing a boy's dick, and a hard one at that. As Jack lifted his feet to pull the underwear off he inadvertently spread his legs giving Sara a clear view of his swinging balls hanging below his vertical dick. Sara tried to look away, but she couldn't.

"Hey, pick up your cards," Ivy said and nudged her friend.

Sara's eyes were transfixed on the hard cock sticking up in the air. Ivy's talking caused her to look around. Everyone was holding their new hand and staring at her. She lowered her eyes in embarrassment and scooped up the five cards scattered on the floor in front of her. It was hard for Sara to concentrate on her hand and before she knew it the round was over -- and she had lost.

Again Sara turned to her friend for support, but Ivy just shrugged. Sara knew her shorts had to come off since removing her bra would expose her tits. She tried to make herself believe what Ivy had told her -- that it was the same as wearing a bathing suit. Sara slowly unbuttoned her shorts and lowered the zipper. She looked up and scanned the others who were all staring at her. She felt herself redden from embarrassment. But Ivy had done it so she could muster the courage to do it as well. Sara kept her legs together as she pushed the shorts down and then turned to the side to remove them. She turned back to face the others, rotating on her buttocks. The friction on the carpet caused one side of her panties to slide off her buttock and embed in the crack of her ass. As inconspicuously as possible, Sara leaned onto her hip and quickly slid her finger under her panties and pulled it back over her buttock. Then she bent her knees and sat on her legs which were tucked under her and to one side.

It was almost anticlimactic, but Steve lost the next hand and removed his shirt. And then Sara lost again. Ivy saw the panic stricken expression on her best friend's face as the blood rushed from it. She almost stopped the game then, but wanted to see Sara's tits. She had seen them faintly in Sara's dimly lit bedroom the night before, but soon they'd be on display in all their naked glory.

Sara looked around for help, and not just at her best friend. She was hoping someone, anyone, would have pity on her and end the game. But all she found were eight eyes staring at her. She couldn't stand the stares so Sara thought it best to get it over with. She reached behind her, unhooked her bra, and pulled it off.

"Wow, you got big tits," Jack said.

"Don't be rude," Sara said, her arms crossing over her chest.

But part of Sara enjoyed the compliment, however vulgar. She looked at Ivy's chest and felt proud that her tits were so much bigger. The next hand was dealt and Jack lost.

"Hey, he doesn't have anything else to take off," Sara said.

"Who has the high hand?" Steve asked.

They looked at each other's discarded cards and Sara said, "I do."

"Then you get to give Jack an order and he has to obey. That's what happens when someone has lost all their clothes and the game ain't over yet."

Sara thought about it for a moment and then giggled saying, "Jack, go get me a can of soda."

Steve and Ivy gave each other a look that said "what kind of dumb command was that?" But Jack jumped to his feet and went into the kitchen to fetch the drink. Sara watched his firm butt as he walked away. When he returned with the can of soda, Sara stared at his hard cock bouncing in front of him. And when he stood next to her, his hard cock was at eye level. Jack's cock looked even more interesting up close and Sara just stared at it.

"Uhum," Jack grunted, wagging the can in front of Sara. It caused his dick to wiggle too and Sara suppressed a giggle while reaching up for the soda. Only when Jack was seated again did Sara take her eyes off his cock and popped the can open. Her mouth was dry and the cold, wet drink felt good.

Jack lost again, but this time Steve had the high hand.

"Kiss Sara... no, French-kiss Sara."

Sara's jaw dropped. She had never thought an order would be something like to kiss someone. She was about to object when Jack dropped to his knees next to her. She looked down at his hard cock and then up at his face. He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers. When his tongue entered her mouth, Sara French-kissed him. She felt his hard-on bumping into her, but assumed it was an accident and didn't want to bring it to the attention of the others.

The kiss ended and Jack returned to his place. Sara was breathing hard and unconsciously brushed her fingertips over the area Jack's cock had touched. At first it startled her when his cock touched her, but then she sort of liked the feeling. It made her feel tingly and it caused her to kiss Jack more passionately than she had intended. Sara's eyes were once again riveted on Jack's erect cock.

Still dumbfounded over the kiss and Jack's cock touching her, Sara didn't pay much attention to the next hand. She played by rote and was brought out of her inattentiveness when the boys began hollering. Sara looked down on the floor and studied the cards. Ivy had lost.

Sara sympathetically looked at her best friend. The only remaining item Ivy wore was her panties. Surely she wouldn't take that off in front of people, especially boys. But to Sara's shock, that's just what Ivy did. She got onto her knees and pushed her panties down. Then she sat and slid them down her legs and off her feet. Sara couldn't believe it -- her best friend was completely naked!

Sara looked around, taking inventory. Both Ivy and Jack were naked; Steve had his shorts and underwear on; Pete had one sock, his shirt, shorts, and underwear on; and Sara was only in her panties. The odds were that she would not win and end up as naked as Ivy.

But Ivy lost and Pete had the high hand. He said, "Give Jack a little hand-job."

"What?! She will not!" Sara yelled.

"Don't be a spoilsport," Ivy said and crawled to Jack.

"But Ivy...?"

"When will I get this chance again?"

Sara watched in shock as her best friend wrapped her little hand around the hard cock she had been staring at. She couldn't believe Ivy would touch it, but then remembered how it made her feel when the cock had touched her skin. She wondered what it would feel like in her hand, and felt a little jealous that Ivy was finding out before her.

Ivy began to slowly stroke the hard cock. Of course she was very experienced and knew it wouldn't take long for Jack to climax, but she didn't want that so she teased him with a loose fist but not enough to bring him off. When she saw his hips moving, Ivy let go and backed up until she was sitting in her place. She turned and saw Sara staring with her mouth open.

However, Sara's mouth was closed for just a short time. She lost the next hand and Jack, who had won, told her to do what Ivy had done. Sara was about to tell him that she didn't have to because she hadn't lost all her clothes, but then realized it would be worse to take her panties off. No one else seemed to catch the discrepancy so she decided to obey the order rather than remove her panties. Sara's eyes were lowered to the hard cock that seemed to be pointing accusingly at her. Her mouth was dry and her hands became sweaty. The silence in the room was deafening.

Sara leaned forward onto her hands and knees, causing her large breasts to hang and jiggle as she crawled towards Jack. Her sweaty palm landed on a discarded card and stuck to it, but Sara didn't even realize it until she lifted that hand to grab Jack's cock. She saw the card stuck to her palm as if it was in a dream and brushed her hand against her thigh to dislodge it. Then she slowly raised her hand again.

Sara's attention was focused on Jack's hard cock; everyone else was staring at Sara. She had felt it briefly while the two kissed, and it gave her a funny feeling. Sara spread her fingers and pressed her palm against the underside of the cock. The dick twitched and sprang up, but then fell back down onto her palm. Sara immediately closed her hand around it to prevent it from getting away again.

Sara was oblivious to everything except the warm meat in her hand. There were times she had been on a date when the boy wanted her to touch him, but she always believed she had to be a "good" girl and never did. Sometimes she had wanted to, just to see what it felt like, but she had never given in. But now, it seemed like all those barriers had been removed. Even Ivy had done it, so why not her?

Sara squeezed the dick in her hand. When she heard Jack moan she looked at his face. His eyes were closed. Sara's own eyes returned to the dick in her hand. She moved her fingers on it, feeling its heat. Then she remembered what Ivy had done and slid her hand down the shaft, and then back up. She liked the way it felt and kept doing it. Jack's moaning got more frequent, but Sara was too interested in what she was doing to look away. She continued to move her fist up and down, and soon noticed that Jack was humping his hips. She loosened her grip and watched as Jack's cock slid through her fist, but she wanted to get back the previous feeling so she tightened her fist and jerked off the cock.

Sara was so engrossed in what she was doing she didn't understand that Jack had climaxed. She saw the white cream squirt out of his cock and splash onto her chest, but she just kept moving her fist up and down. If anything, it felt even better because her hand was sliding more easily now that it was coated with sperm. However, all of a sudden Sara realized what was happening and jumped back, releasing Jack's cock which discharged two more times, leaving white puddles on the carpet.

"Yuck!" Sara screamed and looked at her hand and then her chest. "That's gross! You pig!"

"Sorry, I couldn't stop it," Jack said sheepishly.

"Oh-my-god, you got it on the carpet! My parents are going to kill me."

Ivy put her arm over Sara's shoulders and held her. "Don't worry, I'll clean it up. Go clean yourself up."

Still stunned, Sara stood up and went to the bathroom. When she was out of sight, Ivy leaned forward and put Jack's cock into her mouth, sucking the remaining sperm out, then licking it. She pulled away and giggled.

"Can't have you dripping on Sara's carpet, not can I?"

Ivy used a wet dish towel to wipe up the carpet. Sara was in the bathroom washing her hands and then using a washcloth to clean her body. She still couldn't believe what was happening but, after drying off, returned to the others sitting silently. When her eyes met Jack's she blushed and looked away. She had touched his cock, jerked him off, and he had cum all over her. She couldn't look at him without getting embarrassed, but she did glance at his crotch. Sara noticed that Jack's cock was smaller and softer now, although still a little stiff.

Pete lost the next hand and, to Sara's utter amazement, he removed his shorts instead of his remaining sock or even his shirt. He was wearing briefs which fit more snugly than Jack's boxers and Sara saw the huge bulge indicating he too had an erection. Her eyes glanced at Steve's crotch to see if he was also hard, but it was more difficult to ascertain because he still had his shorts on. She thought he was though.

Ivy lost the next hand and Steve won. He said, "Touch Sara's tits. Squeeze them and lick them."

Sara couldn't believe her ears and was too stunned to even object. By the time she was able to tell Steve he was gross and that was impossible, Ivy was next to her with her hands on Sara's tits. Sara turned towards her friend and looked at her in disbelief. Her eyes lowered a little to her chest where she saw Ivy's hands fondling her tits.

Ivy wished she had large breasts like her best friend and wondered what they felt like. She now had her chance as Steve gave her the order to do so. Without feeling any guilt, she reached out and pressed her hands on Sara's tits. She massaged them a little and then played with the nipples which stood up from her caress. Then Ivy leaned forward and pressed her lips to one tit and gave it a kiss. Her hand continued to knead Sara's other breast.

Sara was still in shock, but Ivy's hands felt good on her breasts. And when she felt Ivy's mouth on her, Sara grabbed the back of her best friend's head and pulled her face into her chest. Both girls were moaning and soon Ivy guided Sara onto her back. Ivy hovered over her, using her mouth on one tit and her hand on the other. The three boys just sat and watched in silence, all of them rubbing their crotches.

When Ivy stopped and straightened up she looked down at her friend. Sara's eyes were closed and her chest was rising and falling with her deep breaths. Sara's nipples were standing straight up, one glistening with Ivy's saliva. Ivy noticed her shy, modest friend's legs were spread apart showing her panty-covered pussy to the boys, and even a few blonde pubic hairs poking out. What also caught Ivy's attention was that the area that covered Sara's pussy hole looked damp.

Sara slowly opened her eyes and saw the ceiling. She was disoriented but felt extremely aroused. Sara forgot where she was and covered one tit with her hand and slipped her other hand into her panties. She needed to masturbate and began playing with herself. All of a sudden she pulled her hands away and sat up. Sara had remembered where she was and looked at the others. She blushed even redder than before, but was relieved when no one said anything about her shameless act. The next hand was dealt and Sara picked up her cards, too ashamed to look up at the other faces.

Pete lost the hand and removed his last sock. Then Jack lost with Steve having the high hand. Sara looked apprehensively at Steve, wondering what he was going to tell Jack to do. It didn't help that Steve was looking directly at Sara while he was thinking.

"Jack, it looks like Sara needs your help. Make her cum."

Shocked, Sara scooted back on her hands and butt, but Jack was too quick for her to get away. She kept yelling for him to leave her alone, but Jack grabbed her around the waist and pressed a mouth to her tit. While Sara grabbed his hair, trying to pull him off her breast, Jack shoved his hand into the front of her panties. Sara's hands immediately left his head and went to her crotch. But Jack had already slipped a finger into Sara's wet pussy and was pressing the palm of his hand on her clit while he began a slow finger-fuck.

"No, you can't," Sara cried out.

Although Sara's hands had grabbed Jack's forearm, they didn't seem to be pulling on it. She was just holding on while he frigged her. Then Sara's eyes closed and her head fell back. His mouth was sucking one of her tits and from time to time his lips clamped around her aroused nipple and pulled it. Each time he let go and the nipple sprung back, Sara moaned.

Sara had masturbated. Not often, but when she needed to she did. It was usually after a date when the boy had tried to go beyond feeling her up. She had always said no and stopped him, but later when she was alone in bed she sometimes had to masturbate. There were times she even did it in her sleep. The first time she was aware of it was when she awoke during a very hot dream and her fingers were inside her pussy. After that she sometimes smelled it on her fingers the next morning.

But nothing she ever did to herself compared to what she was feeling at that moment. Her hand left Jack's forearm and cupped the back of his head. She held his head while he nibbled on her tit and nipple. Sara unconsciously spread her legs to give Jack's hand better access. Her hips began humping and her moaning became louder.

Sara's hands wedged between their bodies. Jack steadied himself thinking Sara was going to push him away, so you can imagine his surprise when she grabbed his cock. Using both hands, Sara began vigorously pumping Jack's hard-on.

All pretense of playing cards was now gone so Steve and Pete removed their remaining clothes. Steve pushed Ivy onto her back and climbed on top of her in the opposite direction. It was a photo finish as to who had their mouth on the other's genital first. Ivy eagerly sucked Steve's cock while he licked her pussy.

Pete grabbed Sara's panties and pulled them down her legs and off. When they got tangled on one foot and Pete yanked the panties off, it got Sara's attention. She opened her eyes and looked around. She couldn't believe what she saw Ivy and Steve doing, but was even more shocked when she felt a mouth on her pussy. Looking around Jack's body, Sara saw the top of Pete's head, and then the upper portion of his face as he licked her pussy. With Jack's fingers rubbing her clit and Pete's tongue flitting in and out of her pussy, Sara closed her eyes and moaned. She didn't even realize she was still holding Jack's cock, but automatically resumed jerking him off with both hands.

Sara screamed when she came. Her face was turned to the side and, when she opened her eyes, she saw Steve and Ivy staring at her. They hadn't changed position, but had stopped what they were doing. Ivy winked at Sara and stuffed Steve's cock back into her mouth. Steve lowered his face between Ivy's spread legs and resumed eating her.

Sara had been lying on her back but now lifted her upper body. Using one arm for support, Sara looked at the cock still in her other hand. She glanced at Ivy one more time and then wrapped her lips around Jack's cock. She was tentative at first, but soon learned what Jack liked and sucked his cock with enthusiasm, if not skill. At the same time, Pete licked her pussy.

Sara was really into sucking Jack's cock when all of a sudden she began choking. He had cum and she wasn't ready for it. The hot jet of sperm flew right into her throat which caused Sara to cough it up as if she was drowning. The second load shot into her mouth before she had the wherewithal to pull the spurting cock out, but unfortunately the next load splattered her face. Sara pointed Jack's cock downward so the rest of his semen covered her neck and upper chest.

"I'm sorry," Jack said to the still coughing girl.

Sara looked around and stopped when she saw Ivy smiling at her, saying, "You have to learn to swallow," and then licked her lips.

Sara saw that Steve's cock had softened and knew he had cum, and by Ivy's comment, he had cum in her mouth and she swallowed it. Sara wondered how Ivy knew to do that and made a note to ask her about it later.

Jack moved to the side and Ivy burst out laughing. "See, if you don't swallow you get all messed up." When Ivy saw Pete climbing between Sara's legs she yelled, "No, not without a rubber!"

Sara was still dazed and confused. So much had happened in such a short time that she wasn't aware of Pete's intentions. She was experiencing so many knew things, and finding out stuff about Ivy that she didn't understand. Sara didn't know why Ivy was yelling, or did she see Pete fish a condom from his shorts and roll it on. But when Pete was between her spread legs and pressing his cock against her pussy she knew what was about to happen.

"No! No, you can't!" Sara yelled.

Ivy came over to her friend, held her hand, and stroked the top of her head. She said, "Trust me. You'll love it."

"But I can't. For god's sake, it's wrong."

"He'll be gentle." Ivy looked at Pete who nodded his consent. "I've done it a lot so I know."

"You have? When? With who?"

"We'll talk about it later. Just enjoy this. Pete won't do anything until you say you're ready. Okay?"

Sara was trembling, but her best friend was calming her with soft talk and stroking. Sara bit her bottom lip and tasted the sperm. She made a face. Ivy leaned down and pressed her lips to Sara's sperm-covered ones and began licking. Sara opened her mouth and Ivy pushed her tongue inside. The two girls kissed passionately, swirling the semen over their tongues. When Ivy pulled away she looked down at her friend.

"Are you ready?"

When Sara nodded, Ivy looked at Pete and motioned for him to begin. Sara sucked in a huge amount of air into her lungs when Pete penetrated her. His cock slid into her wet sheath and her eyes and mouth opened wide. When he was fully inside her he paused.

"Oh-my-god," Sara almost whispered. "Oh-my-god."

"Like it?" Ivy asked, squeezing her best friend's hand.

"I never felt anything like it."

"Just wait," Ivy said, and then nodded to Pete.

Pete slowly pulled out, again causing Sara to inhale loudly. And then when he pushed back into her, Sara released the air that had accumulated in her lungs through her open mouth. This time Pete didn't pause. He still went slowly, but he began a steady fuck.

Ivy felt a great love for her best friend. She gently stroked Sara's hair watching her friend lose her virginity. Sometimes Sara would look right at Ivy, while other times she looked up at the ceiling as if staring into oblivion. Ivy reached over and began fondling Sara's tit. Sara turned to look at Ivy for a moment as if she wanted to say something, but returned her gaze to the ceiling. Ivy leaned forward and took Sara's tit into her mouth, flicking her tongue over the erect nipple.

Pete continued to fuck Sara, gradually speeding up his strokes. Sara began responding, pushing back against each thrust. Ivy used her hand on Sara's other breast, from time to time pinching the nipple or flicking it with her thumb.

"Oh god!" Sara cried out.

Ivy felt Sara's body stiffen and then her lower body began humping hard. Sara moaned and shouted words that didn't form a sentence, such as, "now" and "fuck" and "faster" and "harder" and so on. She was rambling, all the while driving her hips up to get Pete's dick into her deeper.

"Ivy!!" Sara screamed.

Ivy looked at her best friend's face and saw it scrunch up. For a moment she thought Sara was in pain, then she heard a long, low moan pass through Sara's lips as she climaxed. Sara's body instantly went limp except for the occasional jerk of her pelvis. Ivy stroked Sara's cheek until she saw some recognition in her friend's face. Then she leaned into her and pressed her lips to Sara's.

Sara's arms went around Ivy and she hugged her tight while the two kissed. They heard Pete shout out that he was cumming, but didn't break their embrace. Ivy felt Pete's body banging into her as he rapidly rammed his cock in and out of Sara, and Sara felt an even more intimate contact. It was only when Pete pulled out that Ivy backed away.

Sara forced herself to raise her upper body to look at the cock that had deflowered her. She saw the glob of semen that had been captured in the end of the condom and wondered what it would have felt like shooting inside her. She knew it would not be long before she found out.

Sara then looked around and saw Steve and Jack watching. They both had erections and Sara longed to touch them. But Ivy reacted quicker and she pushed Steve onto his back and mounted him. Sara couldn't believe how much it excited her to watch Ivy fucking. Just a few hours earlier she would have been embarrassed to see her friend naked, and now it turned her on to watch Ivy riding up and down a hard cock. And then Sara saw Jack step in front of Ivy. Without hesitation, Ivy grabbed his cock and wrapped her lips around it. She was fucking Steve and blowing Jack at the same time.

Sara got even more excited and shoved two fingers into her own pussy. She had always felt ashamed when she masturbated, and now she didn't care who saw her. In fact, when she saw Pete watching her she used her other hand to spread her pussy apart so that he could see better.

Sara motioned for Pete to come next to her. When he did, she looked at his softening cock still encased in the condom. She reached out and squeezed it, eliciting a moan from Pete. Then she used both hands to roll the condom off. Sara pulled Pete by his bare cock until he leaned forward. Although his dick showed streaks of sperm, Sara guided it into her mouth anyway. She began sucking his cock which almost immediately got hard again.

Sara heard the moaning and grunting of the other three having sex, but she was more interested in the cock in her mouth. She wanted to learn everything there was to learn about sucking cock, and kept trying different things using Pete's reactions to let her know if he liked it or not. He liked almost everything she did.

Sara heard Ivy scream so she pulled Pete's cock from her mouth and leaned around him to see her friend with her head tilted back in the throes of an orgasm. Steve had his hands on Ivy's hips and was really thrusting into her, and then he let out a low groan as he came. Sara knew Steve was not wearing a condom and envied her best friend. When Ivy came down from her orgasm, Sara saw her put Jack's cock back into her mouth. Ivy held onto Jack's legs while he fucked her face. She gagged from time to time, but seemed to manage so Sara told herself that she would do that too some day.

Sara felt Pete's hand on her head and looked up. He was staring down at her with a pleading look on his face. She smiled up at him and put his cock back into her mouth. Sara realized she and Ivy were giving boys blowjobs at the same time and knew it would not be the last time. She increased her effort and used her hand to jerk Pete off while sucking him. Pete warned her he was cumming, but Sara didn't pull away. Instead, she locked her lips around his cock and pumped his shaft faster. Soon her mouth filled with hot sperm.

Sara carefully slid Pete's spent cock from her mouth and clamped her lips together. She knee-walked to Ivy who was still blowing Jack. When Sara had Ivy's attention she carefully opened her mouth to show her best friend the white puddle of cream.

"Don't swallow!" Ivy yelled after pulling her mouth off Jack's cock.

Ivy's eyes were glassy. She vigorously fisted Jack's cock and then stuffed it back into her mouth. In no time he began humping his hips, and then shortly afterwards became still.

Ivy pulled off Jack's cock and turned towards Sara. Ivy carefully opened her mouth to show her friend that she too had a load of sperm in it. Then she surprised Sara by pressing her lips to hers and forcing her tongue into her mouth. With their mouths open and pressed together, the two French-kissed. The gooey sperm splashed over their tongues and dripped down their chins. By the time they pulled apart, all the sperm that hadn't overflowed had been swallowed. Ivy began licking the excess sperm off Sara's lips and chin, and then Sara did the same to her. But when Sara pushed her friend onto her back and dove between her legs it really surprised Ivy. Sara began licking Ivy's pussy, not really knowing what to do but doing it anyway. It didn't matter to Ivy. She loved her friend and had always desired her. Ivy lay back and enjoyed the feeling of her best friend's tongue on her pussy, licking Steve's sperm out and titillating her. Soon Ivy climaxed, her pussy juices flowing onto Sara's tongue.

Sara climbed up Ivy's body and lay on top of her. The two hugged each other and kissed again. Ivy felt Sara humping her leg while they kissed. She pushed her thigh into her friend's pussy and she wrapped her other leg around Sara's body. Ivy felt the wetness on her skin and, since no one had cum inside Sara, she knew it was Sara's own pussy fluids.

The two rolled around on the floor locked in their embrace until Sara, the larger of the two, ended up on top. She grabbed Ivy's legs and bent them back, lifting them onto her shoulders. Looking down at Ivy's open pussy, Sara aligned hers with it until they were pressed together -- clit to clit. She began rubbing her pussy against her best friend's and Ivy began moaning while pushing back. Soon Sara was fucking her best friend -- alas, without a cock -- until they both screamed that they were cumming. Both of their bodies went limp with Sara collapsing on top of Ivy and Ivy's legs falling to the floor on either side of Sara. They lay like that panting hard until Sara slowly rolled off Ivy's smaller body.

After they had time to rest, Sara began laughing.

"What's so funny?" Ivy asked.

"If I remember, I still had my panties on and Steve and Pete hadn't lost all their clothes."


"So, the game is not over."

After a moment for it to sink in, the other four began laughing as hard as Sara.


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