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Incest (Mother/Son), Non-Consent, 1st Time

Chapter 1

Glenn sat alone in the living room watching TV. This was an all too common occurrence for the 18 year old boy. Since his dad ran out on him and his mother, he had become introverted and a loner. The fact that his mother went out most every night, doing who knows what, didn't help.

Suddenly, Glenn heard a noise at the front door. It sounded like someone fumbling with the locked door. Glenn got up and opened the door to find his mother helplessly drunk. This was another common occurrence. Since his father left almost 6 months ago, his mother's drinking got progressively worse.

Judy stared at her son in a stupor. She couldn't understand how Glenn appeared where the door had previously been. When she took a step forward she fell onto her son. Thankfully Glenn, at 6 feet 170 pounds, was large for his age. He easily kept her from toppling over.

"Aw, Mom," Glenn whined, "not again."

Judy tried to speak, but her words were slurred. Her strong son half pulled, half carried, her into the house as he kicked the door shut. The teenage boy knew it would be difficult getting his mother up the stairs to her bedroom so he guided her towards the living room. However, before reaching the couch, Judy slid from his grasp and fell to the richly carpeted floor.

Glenn sat on the arm of the couch and stared at his mother. This was the drunkest he ever saw her. But he couldn't hate her. He loved his mother very much and knew how much his father's leaving hurt her. He just didn't understand her drinking so much.

Looking down at his mother, Glenn realized how pretty she was. At 37, she looked more like 28 or 29. She was 5 feet 6 inches, with long red hair, green eyes, a slim build, nice firm breasts, and beautiful legs. She was one of those people who seemed much shorter when sitting down because her legs were disproportionately longer than her torso. Her long legs always made her dresses seem shorter than they were.

Glenn always found his mother's legs sexy. Not that he wanted to. After all, she was his mother. But when she wore a dress or walked around the house in a short robe, Glenn embarrassingly got a hard-on. He thought he was perverted and prayed his mother never saw his erection. Staring down at his mother's prone body, Glenn fixed his eyes on her splayed legs. When she fell, her dress uncovered more of her long legs than normal. Glenn unconsciously reacted and felt his cock expand.

"God damn it," he thought, "what am I thinking of."

The troubled boy decided to get his mother onto the couch. He forced his eyes from her exposed legs and squatted above her head. He reached under her armpits intending to hoist her off the ground, but as he began lifting her, he lost his balance and fell backwards, dragging his mother's body with him. By the time he realized what happened, he found his mother's head firmly resting on his stiff cock. The thin material of his pajama bottoms separated his dick from his mother's head.

Without thinking, Glenn humped his cock against the back of his mother's head. A sensation traveled through his loins that was as addicting as heroin. He repeated the movement. When his mother didn't stir, Glenn held both sides of her head in his hands and pulled it against his throbbing organ. As he held her head, he pushed forward and humped his mother's head.

Glenn paused to see if his mother woke up -- she didn't! He looked past her head to the top of her dress. From this angle he was able to see into her dress at her braless cleavage. He cautiously placed his hand on the skin between her breasts and neck.

While he moved his hand he softly asked, "Mom... Mom, are you awake?"

When no reaction was observed, Glenn tentatively slid his hand into the top of the dress. He ran the palm of his hand along the soft skin between her tits. When he perceived she was not going to awake, the teenage son moved his hand over one tit and squeezed. As he did this he once again pushed his raging hard-on against the back of his mother's head.

The warmth emitting from the soft breast not only heated Glenn's palm, but his entire young body. He continued to feel his mother up. From time to time Glenn moved to the other breast only to return to the first. He cautiously slid away from his mother, gently lowering her sleeping head to the carpeted floor. He nudged the straps of her dress off her shoulders and pulled the top of her dress down, baring her firm naked breasts.

Glenn sat mesmerized at his mother's breasts pointing proudly upward. Atop each was a wide aureole with a nipple centered within. Glenn pinched one of the nipples between his thumb and forefinger and twirled it, feeling its texture and substance. When he felt it stiffen within his grasp he pulled his hand away. He looked at his mother's face, but there was no sign of awakening. He repeated the exercise with the other nipple with the same result. While the boy sat back and stared at the hard, pointy nipples protruding from his mother's firm breasts he rubbed his cock.

"I wonder how big they get?" Glenn asked himself.

He leaned over and placed one nipple between his lips and sucked on it.

"Wow, I used to suck these nipples for milk when I was a baby," he thought.

He sucked and ran his tongue over the hard nipple. He sat back once more to observe the result. It was a little longer, but not much. Glenn pulled his hard cock through the fly of his pajamas and began stroking it. The saliva covered tit excited him.

When he once again leaned forward and engulfed his mother naked breast in his mouth, his now exposed cock leaned against her bare arm. When he felt skin against skin he humped her arm as he suckled her breasts.

Glenn begrudgingly left the sleeping woman's breasts and crawled up to her head. He began rubbing his hard cock all over her face. He straddled her shoulders, and while holding the base of his rather large cock, rubbed it back and forth against her soft lips. Watching the tip of his dick brush against his mother's lips was very erotic. He pointed his cock at her mouth and pushed forward. He was surprised when his mother's mouth relaxed and his cock slipped in.

Kneeling over the unconscious figure, Glenn stared at his cock protruding from his mother's mouth. He never expected what happened next -- Judy began sucking her son's cock.

The inexperienced boy suddenly came. Without being able to react fast enough, Glenn shot his first load of hot cum into his mother's mouth. When he pulled his cock out, the second load landed on her hair and face. Glenn rolled off his mother and, lying on his back, continued to jerk off onto his chest and stomach.

When Glenn's orgasm stopped, he looked over at his mother and watched her swallowing his cum. He quickly retrieved a wet washcloth and wiped both his mother's face and his body clean of his jism.

Glenn's gaze returned to his mother's beautiful long legs. He knelt alongside them and ran his hand up and down their length, feeling their silkiness. As his hand moved up and down her legs he kept going higher and higher, pushing her dress upwards. When the dress was mid-thigh, Glenn grabbed the hem and pulled it up to his mother's waist. He gawked at her brief panties.

Before him was a sight he fantasized about constantly. In fact, he jerked off many times using his mother's used panties. Glenn leaned over with his nose very close to his mother's panty-covered cunt and inhaled deeply. The aroma of her pussy was tantalizing. He had to taste her.

Glenn toiled to remove his mother's panties since her body was like dead weight. He pulled, but they got twisted. One side came down faster causing them to get stuck and he struggled to move them past Judy's behind. But once the panties were down to her knees, they came off easily.

Glenn sat back enjoying the view. In front of him was his mother's well trimmed red bush. He thought of the countless hours he jerked off smelling and licking her used panties, imagining what was against them. Now he saw it first hand and it was exquisite.

Impatiently, Glenn spread his mother's legs and positioned himself between them. He ran his fingertips across her curly pubic hair. He spread her pussy lips and peered inside. He looked at the hole and wondered how he was able to squeeze through such a small opening at birth. He pressed his lips on the hole and kissed it. Automatically, his tongue slipped between his lips and entered her hole -- Judy's hips jerked.

Glenn panicked thinking his mother awoke. He sat up between her spread legs with his hard cock pointing at her pussy. Anxiously, he waited for her eyes to open and discover his incestuous fondling. But there was no sign of awakening. His mother was out cold.

The aroused son stuck a finger inside his mother's cunt and probed. Feeling the moisture he pulled it out to examine it. He put the wet finger inside his mouth and sucked his mother's juices. The taste was intoxicating.

Glenn lowered his mouth to his mother's pussy and began eating her. He ran his tongue along the slit... he drove it into her hole... he flicked it across her clitoris. The more he did, the more her sleeping body reacted. Finally Glenn felt the excitement rise in his cock.

Glenn moved over his mother's body until his cock was at the entrance to her pussy. Deciding to fuck his mother, the inexperienced boy stabbed a few times, but couldn't locate the opening. In desperation, Glenn stuck his finger inside his mother's cunt. Using that as a guide, he positioned his cock against his finger at the entrance to his mother's pussy. When he removed his finger, his cock slipped in. Glenn pushed his hips forward and buried the entire length of his hard shaft. The feeling was more exhilarating than he ever imagined.

The warm wetness of his mother's pussy encompassed Glenn's cock. He erratically jerked his hips, moving his long shaft in and out of the warm enclosure. Before he knew it, Glenn climaxed. He thrust his dick all the way inside the warm receptacle and pumped his incestuous sperm deep into his mother's cunt.

When Glenn finished cumming, he withdrew his cock and sat back to savor his first fuck. He couldn't believe his luck. After feasting on his mother's partially nude body, Glenn slipped the discarded panties over her feet. As he pulled them upwards, they once again twisted. In fact, it was more difficult putting them on than taking them off. Finally, Glenn got her panties on, then straightened her dress and pulled her onto the couch. He went upstairs to his room and slept dreaming of his mother's body.

Chapter 2

Judy awoke with a terrible headache.

"Oh shit," she said to herself when she realized she was on the couch, "what happened last night? What the fuck did I eat? It tastes like someone came in my mouth. Yuk!"

Putting her hands on the side of her head, she gently massaged her temples. "Mmmmm," she purred as her soothing fingers relaxed her. Then she ran her fingers through her hair to push it back. Her fingers on the left side stuck in the tangled hair. She felt the hairs pasted together.

"What's in my hair?" she thought. "I was only out with Cindy. Geez, what did we do? Damn, why did I drink so much?"

Judy thought a warm bath would make her feel better. She got off the couch and began walking towards the stairs. She felt something rubbing against her skin at the very top of her legs. She lifted her dress and stared dumbly between her legs. Her panties were on backwards. Totally confused, Judy went upstairs and ran her bath. When she removed her dress she stood in front of the mirror staring at herself. She began to laugh. Her panties looked ridiculous. Suddenly her gaze rested on her hair. She leaned closer to the mirror and examined the substance in her hair.

"If I didn't know better," she said to no one in particular, "I'd say that was sperm."

While soaking in the hot tub, Judy began thinking again, "Am I obsessed with sperm? First I taste it and now I think it's in my hair. I wasn't even with a man last night. This is crazy."

After her bath, Judy pulled on a cotton top, sans bra, and a pair of skimpy white shorts. She smiled as she pulled her panties on.

"Imagine being so stoned that you can't even dress yourself properly," she wondered.

The smell of bacon flowed up the stairs and into Glenn's bedroom. He awoke and quickly washed up and threw on a pair of cotton work-out shorts. Drawn by the aroma he ran down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"I'm starved," he announced as he plopped into a chair.

"Well, good morning to you too," his mother teased him.

"Oh, sorry Mom," he sheepishly replied, "morning."

Glenn looked at his mother's long legs prominently exposed beneath her skimpy shorts and remembered her nude body from the night before. His cock sprung to attention and formed an obvious tent in his loose fitting shorts. Judy looked over her shoulder and noticed her son staring intently at her butt. When she observed his erection she quickly turned back before he saw her.

"I guess I better watch what I wear around Glenn," the concerned, but flattered, 37 year old mother thought as she smiled proudly.

While eating, they chatted idly. Judy noticed that her son's eyes kept returning to her braless tits. Every time they made eye contact, Glenn lowered his eyes and blushed. Judy tried to figure out what was wrong. It was unlike Glenn to avoid her gaze. What was he hiding? Judy thought she would pry a little to figure out what her sometimes mischievous son did.

Never expecting it had anything to do with her, Judy probed and probed. When she questioned him about his activities the night before he couldn't look her in the eye. She just couldn't figure out what he could have done that was so bad he was ashamed to look at her. Then, all of a sudden, a vision passed through her mind.

"Did I pass out in front of him?" she thought. "Did he violate me? Was it his cum on me?"

She couldn't bring herself to believe that, but she stopped her questioning. All day long, Judy troubled over the thought of her son taking advantage of her while she was incapacitated.

"He wouldn't dare," she said to herself, but a part of her was not as sure.

She just had to know, but how? Suddenly an idea came to her. She'll come home pretending to be drunk and test her son.

Chapter 3

The next night Judy returned home pretending to be drunk. Well actually she was somewhat tipsy. Although she intended to have only a few drinks to give the illusion she was drunk, her nervousness caused her to drink a lot. By the time she reached her front door, Judy was quite high.

The front door suddenly opened while Judy was fumbling through her purse looking for her key. Glenn heard her and came to assist. She smiled and staggered past him into the living room where she collapsed onto the couch. Asking her son to keep her company, she spoke to him in slurred words.

Glenn sat down on the chair across from his mother. As they spoke he couldn't help but admire her beautiful body. Her short skirt rode up her thighs and her drunken condition caused her legs to spread. He couldn't resist peering under her skirt at her colorful panties. His cock got hard and he began to rub it through his shorts. He believed his drunken mother would not have the wits to notice. However, Glenn was dead wrong as Judy peered at her son stroking his erection.

"My god," she thought, "I'm turning him on. But would he actually touch me?"

Judy had to know the answer to that question so she let her upper body fall onto the couch seat and pretended to pass out.

Glenn sat in his chair, frozen. He observed his mother's current state. Her long hair fell across her pretty face; her breasts heaved beneath her sweater in unison with her deep breathing; her legs were still apart.

Judy felt his hand shake her shoulder as he whispered, "Mom... Mom, are you awake?"

Judy continued to feign sleep. Glenn shook her harder and spoke louder. Judy did not respond. Then there was complete silence. Judy lay with her eyes closed not knowing what her son was up to. After what seemed like an eternity, Judy was about to open her eyes when she felt hands on her bare legs.

The mother in her still could not believe her son would touch her sexually and thought he was simply trying to help her. But suddenly she felt hands slide up her thighs under her skirt. Judy forced herself to keep her eyes closed and simulate sleep. She then felt her skirt raised to her waist exposing her panty-covered lower body to her son. At this point she still believed her teenage son was simply looking. He was probably just curious, but surely would not engage in sexual activities with his own mother.

Glenn began touching his mother's pussy through her panties. Judy now realized Glenn would do more than just look. She was about to open her eyes and confront him when she felt his long finger slip under her panty crotch and into her cunt. It felt scrumptious and, in her intoxicated state, Judy was sexually vulnerable. Alcohol enhanced her sexuality so she decided not to stop him just yet.

Judy felt her son's finger move in and out. Each time it withdrew, her pussy muscles gripped the retreating digit. When it was pushed back in, her pussy muscles relaxed to accept its penetration. After several probes, the excited mother's cunt began lubricating. She felt how much easier the finger glided in and out of her wet hole. In her drunken state, Judy lay peacefully and enjoyed the stimulation.

When Glenn pulled her panties to the side, Judy did not mind. By moving them aside, she knew her son would have greater access. And at this moment, Judy wanted the wonderful feeling in her pussy to continue. She was rewarded with a second finger joining the first in her tight opening. Judy was really getting wet now and involuntarily moved her hips. Judy then felt her son's warm breath on her thigh.

"Oh god," she thought, "Glenn's watching his fingers slide in and out of me. He has a close-up view of my pussy... his face is right next to it... he can see it all... he can smell it. It's time to stop this."

But what happened next caught Judy by surprise. She felt the tip of his moist tongue stroke her enlarged clitoris.

"Aaaahhhh," Judy uncontrollably sighed.

The startled boy jumped back, withdrawing his fingers. His mother's cunt snapped closed filling the void. It throbbed searching for the object offering her so much pleasure.

Judy lay with her legs apart and her skirt around her waist. Her pulsing pussy stared hungrily at her alarmed son. She desperately wanted to open her eyes to offer reassurance to her son, but was afraid that would scare him away. She needed him to continue his stimulation of her. She was very excited and needed more so she continued to feign unconsciousness.

"Mom?" the nervous son quietly asked. "Mom?"

When his mother did not stir, Glenn relaxed and once again looked down upon her. Her panties were pushed to one side providing him a clear view of her bushy cunt. The tips of her pubic hairs were covered with droplets that glistened in the light. He thought to himself how different tonight was from the night before. Her body was reacting more to his touches. He felt her hips move and she moaned; and her pussy got so wet.

Judy couldn't stand it anymore. She had to know if her son was still there. Peering through slit eyes she was pleased to see him standing before her. What she saw excited her even more. Her son had his shorts around his thighs and, while he stared between his mother's legs, Glenn stroked his very hard cock. When she saw him sniffing the fingers recently within her, she spread her legs further apart hoping to entice him to resume his stimulation.

This did not go unnoticed. Glenn was enjoying his mother's very sexy position. The fact that she was fully clothed, added to his excitement. All her clothes were on, even her shoes, but her skirt was bunched at her waist and her panties were pushed to the side of her cunt. When he saw her legs spread further he was drawn to her. He returned to his knees between her legs and parted her pussy lips with his fingers. He looked at the wet hole and stuck his tongue inside. This time when his mother moaned he looked up without stopping. When he observed her eyes closed he began tongue-fucking her.

Judy couldn't believe how excited she was. Her son was eating her out. That's incest! It's wrong and she couldn't let this happen. But another side of her was enjoying her son's tongue lashing. Fortunately for her this side was stronger. She wanted her son to eat her... to taste her.. to make her cum.

Every time her son's tongue licked her clit, shivers ran up and down her spine. It seemed like all her nerve endings were situated between her legs and were being stimulated at once. She couldn't remember when she was more turned on. Was it the alcohol? Was it that she hadn't had sex in a long time? Was it the deception? Or was it that her own son was licking her pussy?

Judy was close to cumming. Her hips were moving so much now that Glenn had to hold her ass to keep her pussy in front of his mouth. He was licking frantically. Sometimes his tongue would lick the length of his mother's slit, sometimes he'd ram it deeply inside her, while other times he'd lick her clit. Juices were constantly pouring onto his tongue and he greedily drank it. If Glenn was more experienced he would have detected his mother's approaching orgasm, but he did not understand the woman's body. He pulled his mouth from his mother's pussy.

Judy, just on the verge of a very powerful climax, realized her pussy was abandoned. Automatically her hips thrust up searching for the tongue that was there just seconds before. When she felt nothing but air, Judy almost yelled out. But then she felt the weight of her son's body on hers. He was poking at her cunt with something.

"My god," she thought, "that's his cock."

But before Judy could do anything, her son found the mark and slid his hard cock into her wet pussy. When Judy felt it penetrate her, she lost all resistance. She needed a cock in her. She needed to be fucked. Her pussy was on fire and she had to cum. She'd go crazy if she didn't. When she felt the cock pump in and out of her hot cunt, Judy gave up any pretense of sleeping.

She wrapped her legs around her son, opened her eyes, and screamed, "Fuck me, Glenn!"

Glenn froze. If not for his mother's leg-lock on him, he would have pulled back. He looked at his mother's face and into her glazed eyes.

"Mom, you're awake," he babbled. "I-I'm sor-sorry."

Using her legs to pull him close and thrusting her hips at him, Judy pleaded, "Don't stop! Glenn, don't be sorry. I need you to... to... oh Glenn, fuck me. Please fuck your mother."

Although Glenn was dumbfounded he began fucking again.

"Oh, yes. That's it. Oh my dear, fuck me. Fuck me hard. Make me cum," Judy squealed.

Glenn, still trapped between his mother's legs, began pounding his meat into his mother's twat. Each time he rammed his cock inside her, their pubic areas smacked against each other. Judy felt her son's pubic bone smash against her clitoris.

Her son's cock thrust into her with very rapid short strokes and then his body tensed. When the first load of hot sperm entered her cunt, Judy tightened her pussy muscles around her son's cock and initiated her own orgasm.

"Oh god, I'm cumming," the sexually excited mother shrieked. "Oh...oh... aaaahhhhhh."

Glenn simply grunted as he came.

When Judy completed her orgasm and no longer felt her son erupting, she unhooked her legs and returned her feet to the floor. Glenn looked down at his mother's satisfied face and slowly withdrew his cock from her cunt. He watched as it slid through her puffy pussy lips. His mother lay awake, her legs apart, with his cum dripping from her gaping cunt. He was both afraid and embarrassed. Without warning, Glenn bolted and ran to his bedroom, slamming the door behind him. The look on her son's face just before he ran troubled Judy.

"What did I do?" she thought. "I fucked my son. I committed incest... my own son! He ran away from me. He must think I'm an awful mother. I AM an awful mother. I've lost my son. Damn it! What did I do?"

Judy, still a little drunk, staggered to her bedroom and cried herself to sleep.

* * * *

When Judy awoke she immediately remembered what transpired a couple hours earlier. How could she not? Her cunt was filled with her son's sperm and her panties were still scrunched to one side. She pulled her skirt up to her waist and looked between her legs. Her cunt hairs were matted from saliva and sperm. There was no doubt about it -- she fucked her son!

Judy took a warm bath to cleanse herself and figure out what to do. As she lay in the soothing water, she thought back to the incident. She enjoyed it so much. That made it even worse. She finally concluded that she couldn't change the past, but would not allow it to happen again. She would somehow explain what happened to Glenn so he did not feel guilty. Judy returned to her bed and fell into a troubled sleep.

Glenn lay awake on his bed stroking his dick. He couldn't believe his mother let him fuck her. Not only let him, she begged for it. He looked at the cock in his hand and felt the mixture of his and his mother's cum.

"She came," he said to himself. "I know she did. I felt it. That means she enjoyed it."

With these thoughts, Glenn fell into a peaceful sleep.

Chapter 4

The next morning Glenn washed up and went downstairs. He heard his mother scurrying around the kitchen and sat down at the kitchen table.

"Hi, Mom."

Judy looked up and acknowledged him, "Morning Glenn." She wanted to say more, but her vocal cords froze.

They ate in silence, each deep in their own thoughts. When breakfast was over, Glenn went back upstairs to his bedroom. After cleaning up, Judy followed him upstairs and softly knocked on his door.

"Glenn, may I come in?"

When her son concurred, Judy opened the door and found Glenn sitting Indian style on the bed. Judy sat on the edge of the bed and spoke.

"Glenn, we have to talk about last night."

"Are you mad at me, Mom?"

"Oh no," she quickly replied, "it's not that. It was my fault."

"It's not your fault, Mom. I took advantage of you. I raped you."

"My sweet boy," she consoled him, "you did nothing wrong. I should have stopped you, but I didn't. I'm to blame."

"Why didn't you stop me, Mom?" the inquisitive boy asked.

"Well, I... I... uh... I liked what you were doing. It felt good and I didn't think straight. But it was a mistake and we must never do it again... nor tell anyone."

His mother's confession got Glenn thinking. After he came last night he panicked and ran, not understanding what happened. But now his mother confessed that she enjoyed it. He looked at her body and wanted her more than ever. His cock began to rise in his shorts.

"Glenn," Judy interrupted his thoughts, "do you understand? You didn't do anything wrong, but you cannot ever tell anyone about yesterday."

"Don't worry Mom," he assured her, "I won't tell anyone. B-B-But, what did you mean 'it felt good'?"

Judy sheepishly looked down at her hands wringing in her lap.

"Well Glenn... the way you touched me got me very excited. No one's touched me like that since your father left and it felt good."

Judy looked back up and noticed Glenn's erection. She remembered how good it felt in her cunt. She stared at it longer than she should have and when she looked up at her son's face, he was smiling.

"Mom, I enjoyed it too," he announced. "I never felt anything like it before. It was wonderful, but I wasn't sure what to do. Did I do it right?"

Judy was desperate now. She didn't want to talk about it, but her son was questioning if he did it correctly. Her motherly instincts took over and she couldn't leave him with doubt or little confidence.

"Glenn, you did it right... very right!! That's why it felt so good."

Judy began to remember how good it felt and her pussy began to get wet. She had to get out of Glenn's room and got up to leave.

"Mom, please don't go," he implored, "I have so many questions."

The concerned mother sat on the bed again, "Of course, dear, whatever you need. I'll always be here for you."

"What made you feel the best?" he boldly asked. "I want to know what I did right so that I don't mess up with a girlfriend."

"Glenn, it all felt good," she began to honestly answer, "but when you used your tongue on me you got me very excited."

"Mom, am I perverted?" he questioned her. "Just talking about it makes me hard."

Judy automatically glanced down at the bulge in her son's shorts. She remembered how good his hard cock felt sliding in and out of her hot pussy.

"That's normal. It happens to all of us. I'm getting a similar feeling in my vagina, so you see, there's nothing wrong with you."

"You are?" he said surprised. "How can you? You don't have anything to get hard like me."

"It's different with women," Judy continued, "we get wet. Do you remember when you put your fingers inside me how wet they got? That's what happens when a woman gets excited."

"You're wet now?" he exclaimed. "Can I see?"

"Glenn!" Judy retorted, "what are you asking? You want to look at my vagina?"

"I'm sorry Mom," he sheepishly replied, "I didn't mean it to sound like that. I just want to learn about sex so I don't mess up. Since I've already seen it, I didn't think it would be a problem. I'm sorry."

"Oh my sweet boy," the beseeched mother said, "I didn't mean to scold you. You're absolutely right. You do have to learn about it sometime and you've already seen me naked. So I guess it's okay."

Judy stood up and opened her shorts. Her son leered as she dropped them to her ankles, standing in only her panties. Judy shyly turned around and removed her panties. Her butt came into view and Glenn's hard cock throbbed. When his mother turned around she told him to move over. Judy replaced her son with her back against the headboard. Her legs were closed.

"Okay Glenn," she began, "I'm going to show you what I mean." Judy slowly drew her knees up and spread her legs. "See the moisture," pointing to her gaping slit, "that's what happens when a girl gets excited. She gets wet down there. I think it's nature's way of lubricating the area for intercourse."

Glenn stared at his mother's pussy. It was beautiful and the first time he saw it in daylight. He reached out and ran a finger along it. This caught Judy by surprise. She didn't expect him to touch her and, when she felt the finger touch her already aroused cunt, she gasped. Glenn recognized the reaction and continued his manipulation.

"Glenn, dear," the confused mother pleaded, "don't do that. You are not supposed to touch me. I just wanted to explain things to you. Oh... oh... you shouldn't be doing that. Oh... oh... Glenn, that... oh... oh."

Glenn continued to run his finger along his mother's slit, occasionally brushing her clitoris. Judy was getting very excited.

"Does this feel good, Mom?" the teenager asked. "Am I doing it right?"

"Oh, yes you are," she answered. "That feels very good."

Glenn remembered what his mother said earlier -- that his tongue got her very excited. Glenn leaned between his mother's thighs and began licking and sucking her cunt.

"Oh, Glenn," she pleaded, "don't. Not that. What are you doing? Oh god, that feels so good. You must stop. Please stop. This is wrong. Oh... ahh... oh. Glenn, my dear, you do that so well. Oh... oh."

"Tell me what to do, Mom," the inexperienced boy asked. "I need to know."

Judy instructed her son on oral sex. Between gasps, she told him how to use his tongue, how to penetrate, and how to lick the surface. She showed him how to suck on her clit and when he did that, she was ready to cum. She told him not to stop. That when you have oral sex you don't stop until the person orgasms. He sucked on her enlarged clitoris and flicked it with the tip of his tongue as his mother instructed.

"That's it!" she screamed. "Don't stop. Suck my clit. Make me cum. Oh, god... I'm cumming. Aaaaghhhhh."

Judy poured her juices onto her son's tongue as she came. She held the back of his head and pulled it into her burning cunt. When Judy regained her senses, she opened her eyes to find her son's hard throbbing cock pointing at her face. Glenn had pulled off his shorts and was on his knees in front of his mother.

Judy gently pushed her son onto his back and leaned over him. She grabbed his cock and, while staring at it said, "I'm going to make you feel as good as you made me feel."

Glenn watched as his mother's face lowered towards his hard cock. Holding the end of his dick so that the organ stood away from his belly, Judy licked from his balls to her fingers. Looking into his mother's eyes, Glenn watched the flat of her tongue stroke the length of his shaft.

"Mom, that feels so good," he cooed.

On one of her retreats to the base of her son's cock, the experienced cocksucker continued lower and captured his balls in her mouth. While sucking on the soft sacks of flesh, Judy played with the hard inner orbs with her tongue. Judy intentionally released her hold on the cock so that her son would see it resting on her nose as she sucked his balls.

Glenn found this very exciting. His testicles were not very sensitive to his mother's touch, but the sight of her sucking them was very arousing. And watching his hard cock slap freely against her face was intoxicating to the teenager.

Suddenly, Judy released the hold on her son's balls and quickly engulfed his cock. Before Glenn knew what happened, his entire dick was buried inside his mother's mouth -- her lips pressing against his pubic hair. Glenn watched her cheeks cave in as she sucked. Without her head moving, Glenn felt his mother's soft wet tongue swishing around the base of his cock. Then her head came up, dragging her lips and tongue along the length of his aroused shaft. When her head began moving up and down, Glenn was pushed to his limit.

"Oh, Mom," he screamed, "oh... oh... huh... huh... I can't stop it. Eeoowwww."

Judy felt the hot sperm -- her son's incestuous sperm -- shoot into her awaiting mouth. As she received his jism, she watched his twisted face. There was no doubt in her mind that he enjoyed her blowjob. When she saw his eyes open she smiled at him, his cock still in her mouth. She continued to suck and lick it until no more sperm came out. When she released his cock she noticed how hard it remained.

"Thanks Mom," the grateful son said, "I never felt anything like that. Did you swallow my cum?"

Judy smiled and opened her mouth wide. Traces of his sperm were visible, but it was obvious the majority was in her belly.

Judy licked her lips and said, "You taste wonderful. I believe I can eat your cum all day. But there's more I want right now and it looks like you are ready."

Judy straddled her son and positioned his still hard cock at the entrance to her moist pussy. Sitting down she engulfed his entire cock inside her cunt. While straddling her son -- her back straight -- Judy bounced up and down on his cock.

In this position, Glenn had a clear view of his cock sliding in and out of his mother's hairy cunt. Before long, Glenn noticed streaks left on his cock as his mother raised up, exposing his shaft, before sitting back down again. He learned later that his mother was multi-orgasmic and this was the result of her smaller orgasms. Finally, Judy violently bounced up and down on her son's cock.

"Cum with me," she screamed. "Please fill me with your cum now. I want to feel it enter me when I cum."

Judy tightened her cunt muscles around her son's sensitive cock and her experienced pussy did the trick. She felt her son shudder and then let loose a stream of hot liquid into her waiting pussy. This triggered her own climax. Judy sat down on her son and leaned forward, rubbing her clit against his body. She came again and again. When Judy recovered, she sat up with her son's semi-hard cock still trapped within her clutching pussy.

"Glenn," she began, "that was wonderful. You made me feel so good. Anything that feels this good can't be bad. You can fuck me anytime you want."


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