Deceiving my Mother

AUTHOR = Switch Blayde

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Hetero, Incest, Non-Consent

Chapter 1

Where do I begin? You see, I did something that was terrible. I'm not sorry I did it, but I feel guilty. If it was terrible, how can I not be sorry? That makes it even worse, doesn't it? Anyway, it's time to spill my guts. Maybe writing it down will help my conscience.

I'm an eighteen year old boy who is attracted to his mother. I know what you're thinking... yuck. Right? But you haven't seen my mother. She's a fox. Pregnant at sixteen, my grandparents raised me until she graduated high school and was able to support us. She's actually quite a woman. She raised me as a single parent and I never wanted for anything. That is, anything except her. You see, as long as I can remember, she excited me sexually.

My mom, April, is soon to be 35 years old. Eating right and working out has produced a slim, firm body. Her long blonde hair flows gently around her gorgeous face. And I mean gorgeous -- high cheekbones, beautiful complexion, small slightly upturned nose, full lips, and piercing blue eyes. She is a natural blonde with highlights from the sun, not her beautician. I never met him, but I guess my old man was not since I have dark hair. Her breasts are firm. She can go braless, which she often does, without worrying about them sagging. And her ass.... what an ass! It's full, rounded, and very firm.

Because of our unusually small difference in age, I've known my mother as a friend as well as a mother. We played games and went out together. Living in Southern California afforded me the opportunity to see her with little on -- a pair of short shorts with loose top or quite often in a rather skimpy bikini. Since we played like friends, body contact was unavoidable. In fact, my first hard-on was caused by my mother.

We were going for a swim in our backyard pool. Yup, we have a large in-ground pool. I told you she was an amazing woman. She's a very successful advertising executive. Anyway, we were on our way out when one of us started something that led to a friendly wrestling match. Since I was in my swimming trunks and she in a small bikini, most of our contact was skin to skin. As we wrestled we inadvertently grabbed each other. I remember grabbing a breast and her bumping her head into my crotch while trying to avoid a leg lock that would surely have pinned her. I grabbed her from behind and pulled her body against mine, bringing us to the floor -- me on my back and her lying face up on top of me. My arms circled her upper body while my legs wrapped around her lower body. As she squirmed to free herself, her ass mashed against my groin and my forearms pressed against her breasts. The result was inevitable. My cock hardened under the stimulation of her ass. If we had continued, I probably would have cum, but my mother felt my erection pressing against her ass and gave up. I released her and relished my victory, not even realizing I had a hard-on.

Mom did though and looked between my legs and said with a smile, "My little boy's growing up."

Looking down I finally noticed the bulge in my swimming trunks. I looked up with a worried expression, but she instantly put me at ease. That day I was told about the birds and the bees, at least the way a mother tells her child. I learned a lot more from my school pals later on.

From that day, I looked at my mother in a different light. It wasn't long before I masturbated thinking of her body. I began using her used panties to rub my cock. I'd smell them and wrap them around my stiff cock as I rubbed it. When I was alone in the house I'd go through her clothes and rub my cock against clothes she hadn't worn yet knowing when she finally put it against her body it was first rubbed against my cock. One day I discovered a vibrator covered with her dried cum. I sucked on it while masturbating. When I climaxed, I came all over the vibrator and returned it to its hiding place. I'd later stare between her legs wondering if my cum was inside her. Also, at every chance, I'd try to see parts of her body that I was not supposed to see.

Anyway, now that you know some of the background, maybe you'll understand why I did what I did.

Chapter 2

Last Friday, I positioned myself behind the front door to our house when my mother returned from work. In my shaking hand I held a toy gun. When the door opened, it hid my presence from my mother's view. As she entered the house, I quickly covered her mouth with my left hand while sticking the end of the toy gun in her back. I whispered in a disguised voice, "Don't move or I'll kill you." Using my foot, I pushed the door closed and, dragging my poor mother with me, I locked it. I felt my mother tremble with fear.

I pulled out the special blindfold I prepared and fitted it over my mother's eyes. It conformed to her face and left no chance of falling off or providing an opportunity for her to see anything. I then used handcuffs to secure her hands behind her back. Once this preliminary work was done, I guided her to the living room and sat her on the couch. Stepping back I looked at my captive.

"Wh-Wh-What are you g-g-going to d-d-do?" she asked in a terrified voice.

Disguising my voice, I said, "Don't worry lady. If you do exactly what I tell you I won't hurt you. Just remember, I have the gun."

I looked at my trembling mother and my heart almost went out to her. I was about to end this travesty and leave when she shifted, causing her skirt to expose some of her leg. My pent-up years of desire overcame me and I decided to go through with it. I sat next to her on the couch and touched the gun to her cheek. My free hand was placed on her knee and began sliding up her skirt. Her body stiffened.

"Please leave me alone," she begged, "I'll give you money."

"Shut ...." I began, but abruptly stopped when I realized I was using my normal voice. Thankfully my mother was so distraught that she didn't notice. Then switching to my disguised voice I said, "Shut the fuck up! I don't want to hear another word from you or else...." I purposely didn't finish the sentence, letting her imagination envision the worst consequence.

I watched my hand disappear under her skirt as I caressed the inside of her thigh. The skin was smoother than I could ever have imagined. As I went higher, the flesh seemed even softer. I was inches from her pussy and I heard the pounding of my heart as my hand traveled the remaining distance. When my fingers touched her panty-covered crotch I ran my fingertips across the silky material. Tempted to lift her skirt, I fought that urge in order to magnify the sensual experience of feeling her without seeing what I was touching. My fingers roamed upwards to her belly and the panty waistband surrounding her abdomen. Using the palm of my hand, I made small circles on that area, enjoying the feel of the material often wrapped around my cock as I jerked off. Then I lowered my hand and felt the pubic hairs pushing against the panties. Turning my hand around, I let my fingers slide between her thighs and rest on her cunt. When I heard my mother grunt I knew I hit the jackpot.

Not being able to wait any longer, I abruptly lifted her skirt, saying in my disguised voice, "Let's see what the pretty lady has down here."

I sat back and simply admired the view. My mother's panties were completely exposed to me. Since she was blindfolded, I had the opportunity to look at her and touch her without any fear of being caught. Spreading her thighs, I put my face next to her crotch and inhaled. In the past, I had smelled the faint odor of her pussy on her used panties, but this was much stronger. I began rubbing my hard cock as I pushed my lips against her panties and gave her a long kiss. When my lips pressed against my mother's cunt, she let out an uncontrolled moan.

Stepping back, I grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them down. Getting them over her butt was a little awkward, but once past that obstacle they came off quickly. Finally, I had the opportunity to see what I'd been dreaming of the past few years. There, right in front of me, was my mother's pussy. The blonde pubic hairs were thick and curly, although trimmed to accommodate a bathing suit.

I was ready to proceed to the next part of my plan.

Chapter 3

I moved behind my mother and put a gag around her head and in her mouth. Not knowing I moved behind her, this startled my captive. When she began to squirm, I told her to stay still because I heard someone coming. Her head tilted as she tried to hear what I said I heard.

I went to the front door and waited an appropriate amount of time before opening it. I slammed the door shut and yelled in my disguised voice, "Don't move. I'll blow your fuckin' head off if you move." I watched my mother anxiously shift on the couch. "Okay, now I'll lead you," I continued in my disguised voice after a pause. "Don't worry, even though you can't see, I'll make sure you don't bump into anything."

Shuffling my feet on the floor as if I was uncertain of where I was walking, I reentered the living room. I addressed my mother in my disguised voice, "Looks like your son joined our party."

My poor mom automatically snapped her thighs together attempting to hide her exposed pussy from her son. I went around the couch and removed the gag.

"Don't hurt him. Please. I'll do whatever you want. Just don't hurt my son," my mother pleaded.

"Mom, is that you? What's happening?" I said in my normal voice.

Then, in my disguised voice, "I don't want to hurt anyone, but I will if I have to. If you don't do whatever I tell you... that's both of you... you'll regret it. Also, my only protection is that you can't identify me. If either of you see my face I will kill both of you. Do you understand? If you can identify me, I will kill you both."

I let my mother think about that for a while before continuing, "Do you understand?"

"Yes," my mom quietly said.

"And what about you, slugger?" I said in order to make the sham real to my mother.

Answering in my normal voice I said, "I understand. Don't hurt us."

"That's right baby," my mother consoled her son, "don't do anything stupid. Let's do what he says and before you know it this will be over."

My heart actually went out to my mother. The compassion in her voice was very moving. There she was, sitting blindfolded before me with her skirt hiked above her nakedness, consoling her son who she thought was as vulnerable as she was.

"Good," I said, "that's the smart answer. Kid, what's your name?"

"Tim," I answered as myself.

"And what's your mother's name?"

"April," my mother answered him... uh, me... no him. This was getting confusing even for me. I had to concentrate very hard to make sure I used the right voice at the right time.

"Okay Tim, I have a surprise for you," I began. "I'm going to remove your blindfold and stand behind you. Remember, if you turn and see my face I will kill both of you. Okay, here's your surprise."

"Mom!!" I yelled, in as a surprised voice as I could.

My mother, realizing her son was able to see her nakedness, automatically crossed her legs and pushed them together. Although I wouldn't have thought it possible, her pussy actually disappeared between her fleshy thighs.

"Now, now April," I taunted her, "shouldn't you show Timmy here what you've already shown me? Spread those legs!" I purposely used the name "Timmy" because I hated it and Mom knew that.

I watched as my mother slowly parted her legs, displaying her cunt to her own son.

Walking to my mother I said in my disguised voice, "Okay Tim, get down on your knees and take a close look at your mother's pussy. The last time you were this close to it you were being born. Take a real good look."

I smashed my face against my mother's pussy as if my head was being pushed from behind. I moved it back and forth as if fighting the pressure. Meanwhile, I was rubbing my face all over her cunt. Finally, I pulled my head back a little.

"Don't fight me," I said in my disguised voice. "Do whatever I tell you to do. Why don't you tell your mother where my gun is."

"Mom, it's pointed at the back of my head," I said in a terrified voice.

"Oh god no," my mother exclaimed, "don't hurt him. He'll do whatever he's told. Tim dear, please do whatever the man tells you to do."

I smiled knowing that my mother just gave me permission to violate her. Not only permission, she ordered me to do it. This was working out great.

"Look at your mother's cunt. Touch it... pull it apart... examine it. Tell me what you see."

I was staring at my mother's pussy and was about to touch it. It excited me to know that my mother knew it was me. When I put my fingers on her cunt my mother sighed in shame, but didn't try to stop me. I played with the pubic hairs, poked her flesh in a few places, and then stuck my fingers into the slit and pulled her lips open.

As ordered, I began explaining what I saw. "Her vagina is covered with curly blonde hair. There's a slit separating it in half. It is very pink and moist inside. I see her inner lips. They are soft and seem to stretch. I see the hole. My finger slides in easy. It's real hot and wet inside. There's a little bump where the lips meet. It feels funny, kind of hard but slippery."

"Oh Tim," my mother moaned as I played with her clitoris, "not there. That's so sensitive."

"Sounds like you're getting your mother turned on," I said in the disguised voice. "Keep rubbing her clit, she likes it."

April was experiencing intense shame. Not only was her son playing with her cunt, but she was getting aroused. When he continued to rub her most sensitive anatomy, her hips uncontrollably began to move.

"That's it," I said in the disguised voice, "look at her squirm. She's really enjoying it. Aren't you, April? Tim, it's time to eat your mother. Use your tongue instead of your fingers. April, I won't let your son stop until you cum. And don't try to fake it. I've been around long enough to tell the difference. And don't be shy. Tell your son what he should do and what you're feeling when he's doing it."

I immediately went to work on my mother's cunt. I licked the entire length of the slit, slipping my tongue between her pussy lips. I found her hole and pushed my tongue inside.

"Uh, Tim," my mother began, "your tongue is inside me. I can feel it moving in and out. Can you feel my vagina grab your tongue? It feels so good. That's it... move it faster. Yes, like that. Oh Tim, you're so good. Now lick my clit. Yes, like that. It... uh... it feels so, uh... uh, good. Keep doing that. A little faster. Yes, oh... ah... ah, like that. Ah... ah, that's it. I'm gonna cum. Oh god, yes... yes... ahh... ahh... aaaaahhhhhhh."

My mother came all over my face.

"It's time to put your blindfold back on," I said as if talking to me. "Don't you dear look while I tie it or else...." I stepped back and watched my mother panting as she tried to regain her normal breathing.

Chapter 4

When I backed up I reverted to my evil character. "That was beautiful, you two. How'd your mother taste, Timmy? I see you're licking your lips so I guess you liked it. And how was your son, April? The way you came I bet he was very good."

April felt her cheeks redden with shame since she did enjoy it. How could she get pleasure from having sex with her son? They committed incest. A mother should not be turned on by her son, but his tongue felt so good in her vagina. Her thoughts were interrupted by her captor's voice.

"But I see something you don't. Your son liked eating you so much there's a lump in his pants that must be very painful. Timmy, take off your clothes and let's see what the problem is."

"My name's not Timmy!!'s Tim!!" I yelled defiantly in my normal voice.

"Shut the fuck up!" I yelled back in my disguised voice and slapped my hands together so the noise reverberated throughout the room.

"What was that?" my mother screamed in fear.

"Nothing Mom, he just smacked me," I said in my normal voice.

"Please Tim, don't get him mad. Just do what he says, OK? Please honey," my mother begged me.

"Okay Mom, I'm sorry," I responded.

"Good... now that that's settled," I said reverting back to my disguised voice, "get your fuckin' clothes off... Timmy."

After I stripped naked I continued in my disguised voice, "Look at that hard-on. Oh yeah, April, you can't see. Take my word for it, it's hard as a rock. I think you should be a kind mother and relieve your son. Timmy, your mother is going to give you a blow-job. April, one last thing, I expect you to swallow all of your son's cum. I will make Timmy lick up any cum you don't swallow. I don't think you want your son to eat his own sperm, do you?"

"Okay, whatever you want," my defeated mother answered.

I removed the handcuffs that were on my mother all this time. She stretched and shook her arms to get the feeling back in them. I pulled her to the end of the couch, pushed her knees apart, and then backed away. After a moment, I moved between her spread legs, shuffling my feet like I was blindfolded and being guided. I pushed my hips forward until I saw my hard cock bump against her face. She flinched, but then immediately reached up and put her fingers around my shaft and guided it into her mouth.

"That's it, suck your son," I said in the disguised voice. "Make him cum in your mouth. Oh, and talk dirty to him."

My mother began very tentatively. She licked my cock a little and sucked it some. But after a while she aggressively moved her mouth back and forth along my shaft, licking, sucking, and kissing it. From time to time she took my cock out of her mouth and rubbed it on her face and pumped it with her hands, all the time speaking to me.

"Tim, you have such a big hard cock. It tastes so good, mmmm. Feel it in my mouth? My warm wet mouth." Slurp lick lick "Do you like this? I'm rubbing your cock all over my face. Do you like Mommy's mouth?" Suck suck "Yeah, that's it. I feel it throbbing. Cum for Mommy. Cum in my mouth."

I was beyond myself. I watched as my mother made love to my cock. Between her mouth and hands, along with her sensual words, I was ready to burst.

"Mom," I finally screamed, "I can't help it. I'm going to cum. Oh yeah... oh shit... uggh. That's it. Suck it. Yes... yes... aaahhh. Here it comes... I'm cuuummmminnngggg!!"

I felt my sperm rush up from my balls through my cock and shoot into my mother's waiting mouth. Load after load was gobbled up by my mother. When I stopped cumming, I looked down at my blindfolded mother sucking the last drops from my cock. True to her word she did not allow a single drop to escape her mouth.

I didn't want to remove my cock from my mother's warm mouth and her soft sucking and licking kept me hard. I could have stayed like that forever, watching her skilled mouth engulf my cock. But when she realized no more cum was going to be sucked out, my mother ran her tongue across my piss slit one last time and released her mouth-lock on my cock. I watched it bob in front of her blindfolded face.

When I realized my mother was waiting, I quickly returned to my evil role. "I bet I could have sold tickets to that show. How many times do you see a mother suck her son's cock? It was a beautiful sight... and I believe you both enjoyed it. I know Timmy here did. Timmy, sit in this chair for a while. C'mon, I'll guide you. Keep stepping back... more... more. Okay, you're right in front of it... now sit. Okay, you sit there while I strip your mother. April, you don't mind, do you?"

My mother held her head low and nodded her consent.

Chapter 5

I pulled my mother to her feet and removed her blouse and bra. Her skirt came off quickly. I stood back admiring the naked form of my mother. She was absolutely gorgeous.

"Turn around," I ordered her.

My mother slowly pirouetted in front of me. First her breasts and blonde bush were in view, then her firm round ass, then her front again. When I got bored of this I had an idea.

"April," I think your son deserves to see you in your birthday suit. After all, you've seen him naked over the years." I let out a little laugh like I was amused with my remark. "Timmy, I'm going to stand behind you when I remove your blindfold. Remember, my gun will be pointed at you all the time. If you turn to look at me I will kill you and then your mother. Now stand up. Okay, feel the gun? Don't turn around. There you go, Timmy my boy, how do you like the way your mother looks?"

My mother, standing in front of me, realized I was now looking at her naked body. She crossed her legs trying to hide her pussy and brought her arms across her chest to cover her boobs.

"Now, now April," I taunted her, "don't cover up. Timmy here wants to see your body." And then more sternly I said, "Now uncover yourself right now!"

My mother did as she was told. She lowered her arms to her sides and relaxed her legs. Her head hung in shame.

"Open your legs wider," I ordered. "What are you ashamed of? He already saw your cunt. Remember? Real close up as I recall."

My mother blushed, but did as she was told.

"Look at those titties," I said to my other self. "Aren't they beautiful? Go ahead, squeeze them. Feel your mother up... fondle her tits and suck on her nipples."

"Mom," I said in my normal voice, "I'm so sorry."

"Don't worry," my mother said in a very courageous voice, "I know you're being forced to do this to me."

That caused a sunken feeling deep in my stomach. I WAS the one doing this to her. I was using my own mother as a sex toy. But I began playing with her breasts anyway. They were so smooth and flawless. When I twirled one nipple between my fingers it hardened. I leaned over and put the tit in my mouth, sucking on it while flicking my tongue over the nipple. I heard a low guttural sound escape from deep within my mother's throat. When I pulled my mouth from my mother's tit, I trapped her nipple between my lips and stretched it. When it popped free it was much longer than when I began. I repeated my actions on her other breast. My mother began breathing heavily as I continued.

I backed away a little and said, impatiently, in my disguised voice, "Come on, come on, feel the rest of her body. Touch her ass, her pussy... whatever you want."

I returned my mouth to my mother's tit and reached around with both hands to grab her firm buttocks. I kneaded them with my fingers. My mother was getting more aroused and I felt her body begin to move along with my hands. She began moaning softly. I removed my right hand from her ass and brought it to her pussy. Still sucking on her tit, I slipped a finger inside her cunt and pushed my hands together, sandwiching her lower body between them.

"Aaaaaahhhhhh," my mother sighed as her legs weakened and her knees folded a little.

I guided her to the floor, never letting go of any part of her anatomy. Suddenly, she wrapped her arms around me and hugged my face against her breast. As I continued to pump my fingers in and out of her cunt while suckling on her tits, her body melted and she moaned louder. I knew instantly that she was ready to be fucked.

I turned my head around so that my voice wouldn't sound so close and made believe I said to myself, "Timmy, I think your mother is very hot right now and needs you to satisfy her. The only way to do that is a good fuck. Go on Timmy, fuck your mother."

I looked for a reaction from my mother, but saw none. She was in a sexual state that didn't comprehend the meaning of the incestuous fuck she was soon going to receive. Her body gyrated and her legs spread as I continued to fondle her. Her blindfolded head swayed from side to side.

I crawled between my mother's legs and pointed my hard cock in the direction of her pussy. Being a virgin, I failed to find the correct opening. Without a word being spoken, my mother reached between our bodies and guided my cock to her cunt. When I knew it was positioned properly, I pushed my hips forward, burying my dick inside her, squishing her hand between us. She grunted at my sudden penetration, but simply removed her hand.

I began fucking my mother.

The feeling was nothing like anything I ever experienced before. It felt totally different than when I used my hand. It even felt better than my mother's mouth. My cock was completely surrounded by warm flesh. It's a good thing I already came, because I think I would have cum instantly upon feeling the inside of her pussy around my cock. I pulled my cock out and rammed it back in. The more I did this the more movement I felt beneath me. My mother was fucking me back.

Suddenly, I felt my mother's legs wrap around me as her head tossed from side to side. She began yelling, "Now! Do it now! I'm ready. Now... now!" I increased my tempo and felt my mother's pussy grip my organ tightly. "Yes, that's it. Oh god, yes... yes... yes. I'm cumming. Oh, yes. Oh, oh, oh. Now, now, now. Yes... yes. Oh god, yyeeeessssssss!"

Feeling my mother's legs tighten around me and her body shudder, I pumped my cock in and out of her two more times and then rammed it in fully as my own ass cheeks clenched as I came. I felt my mother's pussy clinging onto my erupting cock. I felt the inside of her cunt lubricated with my incestuous sperm. I collapsed atop my drained mother as we lay clutched in each other's embrace.

Luckily, I came to my senses before my mother and remembered the game I was playing. I made believe I was being tugged off her and yelled out, "What... what are you doing? Don't pull me. What are you doing?"

When we disengaged, I used my disguised voice and said, "Okay folks, the show is over. Thank you for the entertainment, but I have to leave now. I told you that, if you did everything I asked, you would not be harmed. Tim, I'm going to put your blindfold back on so don't turn around. There... good. Now I'm going to tie you both up again. Tim, I'm sure you'll be able to free yourself after a while.

I replaced my mother on the couch and handcuffed her hands behind her back. I used some rope to tie her feet to the couch legs. This left her sitting on the couch, totally nude, with her legs wide apart. I tied some rope around one of my wrists and two pieces around the chair's legs. Then I walked to the front door, opened it, and slammed it shut. Very quietly, I returned to the chair I was supposedly tied to. As I sat there I stared at my mother's naked body. Her tits had red marks on them from where I sucked and bit them. Her pussy hair was matted from our sweat and other body fluids. The gap in her cunt was oozing my sperm. I slowly masturbated while looking at my mother.

"Tim, are you all right?" my concerned mother asked.

"Yes Mom, I'm fine. I think I'll be able to free myself soon."

I spotted my mother's panties lying on the floor and quietly retrieved them. Returning to my chair, I wrapped them around my cock and resumed my masturbation. The thought of jerking off with my mother's panties right in front of her while looking at her naked body was too much for this young voyeur. I shot my cum all over her panties. Not realizing it, I made more noise than I intended.

"Are you okay?" my mother asked.

Throwing her panties on the floor I quickly answered, "I'm okay, Mom. I think I'm just about free. I got it. Mom, I'm free."

I made sure the blindfold I was supposed to be wearing was put on the chair and the rope was still looped around one of my wrists, then I walked over to my mother. The first thing I did was remove her blindfold. When she saw me naked and then how her naked body was exposed, she said, "Hurry darling, get me loose."

After untying her feet I located the key to the handcuffs and released her. My mother quickly ran out of the room and into the master bedroom. I heard her begin sobbing and then begin to fill the bathtub. While my mother took a long bath, I went to my room and cleaned up.

Chapter 6

Later, when we both came downstairs fully dressed, my mother held my hand and asked me if I was okay. I told her that I wasn't hurt and everything was fine. My mother gathered up her clothes from the living room. When she picked up her soiled panties she suddenly dropped them.

"Damn him!! He jerked off while watching us. Fucking pervert!"

She lifted her cum-soaked panties with her fingertips and dropped them in the trash. I was relieved, because I had made a mistake. A DNA test would have shown the sperm to be mine.

My mother made dinner and we ate silently. Over the next couple of days we hardly spoke a word to each other. Then I heard a knock on my bedroom door.

"Yes?" I tentatively said.

"Can I come in?" my mother asked.

"Sure Mom," I answered, not knowing what she wanted.

My mother came into the room and sat on the edge of the bed I was lying on. "Honey," she began, "we have to talk about what happened the other day. I know it will be hard, but we must talk about it."

"Mom, I didn't mean to do those things to you." I actually began crying out of guilt.

"I know, I know," she comforted me by holding me close to her. When I felt her warm body pressing against mine, I hugged her tightly back. The affect was predictable. My cock sprung to attention.

"My dear boy," she continued, "you didn't do anything wrong. You are no more to blame than I am. We were forced to... uh, um, you know, do things." My poor mother simply couldn't say the words that we sucked and fucked each other. "If it wasn't for that bad man we...." my mother stopped in mid-sentence when she felt my hard-on.

Releasing her hold on me she looked between my legs to see the bulge in my boxers. "Tim, what is that? I mean, why are you like that?"

I took my mother's hand in mine and said, "It's you Mom. Whenever I see you now, I think of that day. You are so sexy that I can't help myself."

"B-But Tim, I'm your mother. You can't feel that way towards me."

"I saw you naked. You sucked my cock. I ate...."

"Stop it!!" she interrupted me. "Don't talk like that."

"Mom, you said we should talk about it. We did do those things. You sucked me and I ate you. We fucked. I liked it and I think you did also."

My mother began to squirm. The explicit words I used began to turn her on.

"I'm right, aren't I?" I challenged her. "You enjoyed it, didn't you?"

At that point I pulled her hand onto my cock and placed my hand on top of hers. She didn't move her hand away.

I pulled her close to me again and kissed her on the cheek. Her hand never left my crotch. I turned her chin to face me and looked deeply into her loving eyes. When I pressed my lips to hers I felt her tongue immediately penetrate my mouth, and when I began sucking on her tongue, I felt her hand massage my cock. I reached out and caressed her breast, feeling her nipple harden to my touch. When she moaned I knew I had her.

I grabbed the bottom of her sweater and pulled it over her head. This, of course, caused her arms upward and broke our kiss and her hold on my cock. She sat in front of me in only her shorts. When she realized I was staring at her naked breasts she snapped out of her sexual state and covered herself with her hands. It was almost comical looking at her hands cupping her tits.

"Tim, what are we doing?" my confused mother asked herself as much as me. "I'm your mother. This can't be happening. It's wrong. It's incest."

While my mother was in her confused state, I quickly removed my boxers. My raging hard-on sprang free and my baffled mother stared longingly at it. I slowly stroked it while she continued to gaze at it. Her hands slowly left her breasts and displaced my hand as she encircled my cock. She began squeezing and rubbing my dick.

I reached over and opened her shorts. When I pulled them down, she assisted by raising her ass off the bed. In order to completely remove her shorts and panties, I twisted her body so that she was lying on her stomach on the bed -- her feet towards my head. I pulled her clothes off and then pulled her legs, dragging her to my head. Her beautiful cunt was resting on my lips. I kissed it once and then began licking.

"Oh Tim," she said, "I did enjoy it. God forgive me, but I did. Oh that feels so good."

The next thing I felt were her lips around my cock, and she was an expert cocksucker. I thought she was good the first time she blew me, but now that she had her sight and freedom, she surpassed my first blow-job. Her tongue and lips seemed to work independently as she caressed my cock. When her head bobbed up and down, I felt her lips press against my pubic hair. My mother swallowed my entire cock -- she deep-throated me. With my dick buried in her throat, my mother did something I didn't expect. She did something with her throat like when you bring up phlegm and her throat vibrated around my cock.

I began to lick my mother's pussy faster. I knew I was going to cum too fast.

"Mom, uh, Mom," I gasped, "I'm gonna cum. I can't stop it."

My mother removed her mouth from my cock and started pumping it with her fist. She spoke to me as she continued to suck me off. She'd start a sentence, then return to her blow-job, and then continue speaking, "Tim..." suck "I want..." suck "you to cum." suck "Don't wait..." suck "for me. Cum in my mouth." suck suck

She didn't have to tell me twice. My head dropped to the pillow and, while I gazed at my mother's wet snatch above me, I enjoyed her expert mouth. She opened her mouth wide so that her lips were no longer touching my shaft and made short lurching motions with her head. This caused her inner throat muscles to jerk-off the tip of my cock. It pushed me over the edge.

"Mom, that's it," I screamed. "Don't stop. Yeah... oh yeah... aaaahhhhhhh."

When my mother felt the first load shoot down her throat, she clamped her mouth on my cock and allowed my jerking hips to fuck her mouth. She applied enough pressure to provide the necessary friction without impeding my movements. I literally saw stars as I kept filling her mouth with my sperm. When the spurting stopped, my mother raised her mouth to just cover the head of my cock and pumped my shaft with her fist. Then she swallowed the entire cock while sucking the last drops of cum out. Then she pumped it and then sucked it. She continued until no more cum came out. When she finally freed my cock from her mouth, she kissed and licked it all over.

When I opened my eyes, my mother was on her hands and knees over me. I looked between her legs, past her pussy, to her upside down face smiling at me. She licked her lips and then wiggled her ass. I took the hint and returned to licking her cunt.

Without warning, my mother jumped off me and turned around. It was so sudden that my tongue was still flicking the air where her cunt had been a moment before. She scooted up to my face with a knee on either side of my head and said, "I want to see my son eat my pussy," as she lowered her cunt onto my mouth.

My mother mashed her cunt onto my face as I drove my tongue deeply into her. I found out later she was rubbing her clit on my nose. After a short time she began bouncing up and down on my face. I kept my tongue taut as she used it to fuck herself. Finally, she slammed her pussy onto my face and shuddered in a massive orgasm. Her discharge literally flowed into my mouth and over my face.

"Huuhh... hhuuuhh... hhuuuhhh," I deeply inhaled as I tried to fill my lungs with air. When my mother came she pressed her cunt against my face so hard that I couldn't breath.

When my mother came down from her climax she moved onto my chest. "Oh baby," she purred, "I'm sorry to have suffocated you. But you were eating me so good." She smiled as she rubbed her cunt over my chest. "Did you like Mommy's pussy? Did it taste yummy? Now I'm going to fuck you."

My mother slid down my body until she hovered over my cock. Guiding my still hard dick to her cunt, she lowered herself onto my cock. She moved very slowly and almost teasingly forced my cock into her cunt. Sitting on my hips with my cock buried to the hilt up her cunt, she leaned back a little and spread her pussy lips apart.

"Look what I see," she teased. "Is that my son's hard cock in my pussy? Let's find out."

My mother lifted up and then sat down again. I grunted.

"My, my," she continued, "did you say something? It must be your cock in my pussy. But how did it get there? A son's cock in his mother's pussy is incest. It can't be."

My mother was trying to turn me on, but her words got her more and more excited. She forgot her little game and started to move up and down on my shaft, fucking me in earnest. Turning into a wild woman, she ranted almost incoherently as she squeezed her tits, pulled her nipples, and rubbed her clit. We continued fucking until both of us came in mind-shattering orgasms.

The next morning I thought it would be a repeat of the aftermath of our first sexual encounter. I expected painful silence and avoidance. When I came downstairs my mother was already awake and busy in the kitchen. She smiled at me and asked what I wanted to eat for breakfast.

"What do you have?" was my usual response.

"Just this," my mother said as she slipped her robe off and spread her pussy lips apart. When she saw the surprised expression on my face she slipped two fingers into her twat and then sucked on them. "Come on son," she said, "it tastes great."

We made passionate love that morning and almost every day since.


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