Daddy's Little Girl

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Bisexual (M/F/F), Female Submissive, Incest (father/daughter), Humiliation, Wife, Interracial, Voyeurism

Chapter 1

Sam Jeffries listened to the mindless chatter between his wife and their daughter. Mandy, his twenty-two year old daughter, returned from her honeymoon the night before. Although they had been excited to see them, it was late so Mandy and Charlie, her new husband, immediately went to bed. And now, the next day, Charlie had gone to work. Not Sam though. At 55, Sam recently took an early retirement so he was able to sit quietly at the kitchen table while the two women conversed.

Mother and daughter were busy discussing the state of Mandy's new house. It was supposed to have been ready by now, but the builder was behind due to inclement weather. That's why Mandy and Charlie were with her parents -- they needed a place to stay until their house was completed.

"Enough about the damn house," Sam impatiently interrupted and, when he had their attention, added, "Tell us about the honeymoon. What did you do in Jamaica?"

Sam noticed his daughter's downcast eyes as a deep blush spread across her face. He recognized that expression. Her whole life, Mandy lowered her eyes when she was embarrassed, ashamed, or felt guilty. She was never one to be bold and assumed the submissive gesture with her eyes when confronted. Sam thought it was an odd reaction to his question.

"C'mon Mandy," he continued, "we've never been to Jamaica. Tell us all about it. What was it like? What were the people like? What did you do? How were the beaches? Damn girl, you didn't even get a tan."

When his daughter turned crimson red and again lowered her eyes, Beth, Sam's wife, jabbed him in his ribs with her elbow. He was about to reprimand her when the significance of her action sunk in. After all, Mandy and Charlie were on their honeymoon. He simply never thought of his "little girl" having sex. It was now Sam's turn to blush.

When Mandy regained her composure, she finally discussed the little island, its people and sights. As Sam listened he looked at his grown-up daughter. She was breathtaking. She had always been small in stature -- even now, fully grown, Mandy was only 5' tall. Sam smiled when he thought of his nickname for her -- "Pixie." He wondered if her size, or lack of it, led to her submissiveness. He continued to peruse his daughter. She had fiery red hair and a very pale complexion -- like her mother -- probably from her Irish/Scottish descent. She couldn't have weighed more than 90 pounds and had very small breasts, almost like a teenager's. Her hips were small and so was her boyish butt. Basically, even at 22, she was his little girl... a pixie.

Chapter 2

When Charlie came home from work they all had a pleasant dinner and watched a little TV. Then Charlie announced that the newlyweds were still tired from their trip so they turned in. Sam and Beth followed their lead and retired themselves. Beth fell asleep immediately, but Sam tossed and turned. He decided to make himself some hot cocoa, slipped on a robe, and headed towards the kitchen. When he passed the guest room he heard voices.

"Shhh, they'll hear us," his daughter's unmistakable sweet voice was barely heard through the closed door.

"Then shut up and do what I say," Charlie's much louder voice resonated.


"Shush yourself," Charlie said harshly, ignoring her plea for quietness. "You want me to be silent... well, you know what to do."

Sam almost knocked on the door, but didn't want to interfere. He just couldn't understand what Charlie wanted from his daughter. He decided to investigate. The concerned father exited the house and quickly circled around until he was positioned outside the guest room window. Since that window looked onto a lake, the total privacy afforded them the ability to keep the drapes and window open on the beautiful Spring night. Sam, hidden by the darkness outside, peered through the window.

"I'm not going to tell you again," Charlie said forcefully, raising his hand ominously.

"OK, OK, but please be quiet. I'd die if my parents heard us."

"Then get to it."

Sam was confounded. What were they arguing about? Was Charlie going to hit his daughter? Then he watched in stunned silence as Mandy dropped to her knees before her husband and used her little hands to unbuckle his pants. Charlie didn't even look at her... he was busy examining some photographs. When Mandy had Charlie's pants undone she pulled them down, along with his boxers. Her husband's soft cock dangled in front of her face.

"Do you remember this guy?" Charlie asked while showing her one of the pictures. Mandy's eyes dropped in that all-too-familiar expression. "He was a big one, wasn't he?"

When Charlie pulled the photo away, Mandy's eyes returned to her husband's cock. Her small hand reached out and grasped it. When she started jerking him off, Charlie pulled her hand off and scolded her, "That's not how I like it, bitch. I can do that myself, damn it." Then, to Sam's utter amazement, Charlie began whipping Mandy's face with his soft cock. First one cheek, then the other. The slapping sounds sailed through the open window into Sam's ears.

Sam was on the verge of rescuing his daughter when he realized his cock was hard. His daughter -- his little girl -- was on her knees at Charlie's feet while he slapped her face with his cock; and her father was hard. His daughter was being abused and he was hard. While he was contemplating that, Mandy meekly opened her mouth and waited. After a few more whacks, Charlie stuffed his dick into her mouth.

Sam watched his daughter suck a man's cock. Her little mouth seemed to stretch as her husband's cock enlarged. Her head moved back and forth as her mouth made obscene slurping noises.

"Yeah, suck it," Charlie moaned. "That's my little slut. Use your mouth... get me hard... suck my cock. What a great little cocksucker you've become."

Sam's hand moved to his own hard-on as he watched his daughter suck her husband's cock. Unconsciously, his strokes were synchronized with Mandy's head movements. Back and forth her mouth moved along Charlie's long dick -- back and forth her father's fist glided over his own meat.

"Yeah slut, suck it. Suck my hot sperm out. Do you miss the big black ones, slut?"

Charlie held another photo for his young wife to see. She stared at it while her lips slid back and forth along her husband's erection. Sam stood outside the window in a state of arousal and confusion. He didn't understand what the meaning of Charlie's words were. And what about the photos he kept showing Mandy?

"Do you want my hot cum? I'm gonna fill your belly with it. Uh... huh..."

Charlie lifted one leg, then the other, over Mandy's shoulders. Her head was trapped between his thighs, his legs behind her. He grabbed the back of her head and began thrusting his hard cock down her throat. Even at Sam's distance he was able to hear her choking as she struggled to breathe. But her abusive husband kept ramming his cock in and out of her throat, not concerned for her comfort or safety. After a series of rapid, brutal thrusts, Charlie's body stiffened.

"FUCK!!!" he yelled. "Eat it slut. Swallow my cum. Aahh... yeah... eeoowwaarrgghh!!!"

Charlie shot several loads of hot cum down Mandy's throat and then suddenly pulled out of her mouth. While she sputtered and coughed, trying to catch her breath, her husband finished cumming all over her face. His cum flew into her gasping mouth, in her hair, all over her face, and in her eyes. Her father should have been appalled, but his own cum was jettisoned from his erupting cock as he witnessed the debasement.

When Charlie stopped cumming, he stepped over his still gasping wife and walked into the bathroom, leaving her sputtering on the floor. Sam continued to watch until Charlie reappeared and went to bed, not even acknowledging his wife. Mandy slowly got up and silently went into the bathroom to clean up. Sam returned to his room, bewildered.

Chapter 3

The next day Sam watched his daughter for any signs of distress, but saw none. Later that night, after they all turned in, Sam once again positioned himself outside the guest room's window in the stillness of the night.

The scene was totally different from the previous night's. The newlyweds were giggling and cuddling. Charlie stood behind his wife and gently massaged her shoulders -- her soft purring indicated how much she enjoyed it. Then, without warning, Charlie's large hands covered Mandy's face as he pulled her head against his groin and began moving her head up and down. A shriek escaped from her lips.

"Charlie, please stop. Please, please, please," Sam's little girl pleaded.

But instead of stopping, Charlie increased his efforts. He now pulled her so hard against his cock that he literally dragged her from the chair. Like a limp rag doll, Mandy's body was flung from side to side as her husband used her head as a masturbation device. Tears were streaming down her cheeks.

Sam was about to climb through the window to rescue his "little girl" when he realized he couldn't have explained his presence there. Then Charlie flung his young wife to the floor.

"So, did you ever think your head would be used as a sex object?" Charlie spat at his wife. When she didn't answer, he continued his belittling, "Thanks for getting me hard. Now get those clothes off and play with yourself."

"Ch-Charlie, p-please don't make me do this. Why can't you love me?"

"I love you, Mandy... but in my own way. Now DO IT!!"

Mandy lowered her eyes in submission and began unbuttoning her blouse. When her little hands removed her bra, her father's eyes were fixated on her small tits. They were no larger than a 16 year old's, but her nipples were very dark and large. Sam's concentration on her breasts was so consuming he didn't even notice her removing her skirt. When he once again stared at his daughter's body, he saw her totally naked except for a skimpy pair of pale blue panties. Mandy slowly, very teasingly, rolled them down from the elastic waistband. As she progressed, the panties became smaller and small until her bright red pubic hairs appeared. Continuing downward, the panties rolled into a thin line that covered nothing. At that point, Mandy pulled them down her legs, lifting her right foot as she guided it over her dainty foot. Lifting her other foot, she stepped out of them.

"Good girl," Charlie commented.

His voice caused Sam to turn towards his son-in-law. Charlie was totally naked, stroking his hard cock. Sam had his own cock in the palm of his hand, rubbing it. When his gaze returned to his naked daughter, he found her twirling her nipples with her fingertips. Then she stretched them from her body. Sam couldn't tell if her expression was one of pain or pleasure -- then he surmised it was a mixture of both.

Still fisting his cock, Charlie held a picture in front of his wife's face and said, "Remember her? She had the biggest nipples I ever saw. Remember? Oh, and what a hairy bush. Remember? I thought I'd lost you in that forest. Ha Ha."

"What the fuck are those pictures about?" Sam wondered. "What's Charlie talking about?"

"Remember the taste?" Charlie continued tormenting his young wife. "Don't tell me you didn't like it."

"I didn't," Mandy retorted.

"Who the fuck cares... I did!! And so did she. Ha Ha Ha."

"Why are you doing this?" Mandy said as she began crying. "It's bad enough you made me do all those things on our... why do you have to keep the pictures?"

"To remember our honeymoon, my dear," he spit back at her. "Stop whining and get yourself wet."

Mandy dutifully lowered her hands between her legs and slipped a finger inside her cunt. Sam watched as she finger-fucked herself.

"Stick another finger in," her husband ordered. "Yeah, and another. C'mon, we know it'll fit. Look at this picture. Remember him? What a big black cock. I thought you were going to be split apart."

Mandy was now fucking herself with three fingers. It was obvious how wet she was by the sloshing sounds coming from her pussy. Her father couldn't believe how beautiful her body was... and how sexy. He had always wanted to see a girl masturbate, and now his "little girl" was doing it -- ramming three fingers up her little twat.

"OK, I'm ready," Charlie announced as he flung her petite body -- face down -- onto the bed.

Mandy was bent over the bed on her stomach with her feet still on the floor. Her legs were spread apart and Sam looked between them at her pussy still stuffed with her three fingers. He watched as they continued to move in and out of her stretched cunt. Charlie, meanwhile, spread some photos over the bed so that Mandy could see them. He then got behind the diminutive woman.

"Get those fingers out and make room for Big Daddy," he said. When she complied, he stuffed his hard cock into her very wet hole in one thrust. When she grunted, he laughed. "Oh baby, I love your cunt. It's soooo juicy. Mmmmmm," he said as he pounded his meat in and out of her.

"Not so hard," Mandy pleaded. "Oh Charlie, go slower... pleeeaase."

The hard slaps reverberating throughout the room told Sam that Charlie ignored his wife's request. He was like an animal -- obsessed -- fucking the little woman relentlessly.

"C'mon baby, ya know ya love it," he countered. "Look at this picture," he said, pointing to one of the photos scattered on top of the bed. "Remember him? Shit, I thought he was gonna pound you into the sand. It's a good thing the others filled you up with their cum first or he would have surely ripped you apart. I couldn't believe how many red dots you had on your front from the sand when you rolled over. Man, did you leave a dent in the beach. Ha Ha Ha!!"

Charlie never let up. He continued fucking his dainty wife mercilessly. Sam listened to the sounds -- the bed squeaking, bodies slapping, Mandy grunting, and Charlie talking about those damn photos.

"Look at this one," Charlie said, once again pointing to a photo.

"NO CHARLIE, NOT THAT!!!" Mandy screamed.

"Yup, that's what I want tonight."

"Please Charlie, it hurts too much," she begged.

"Tough, that's what I want."

"Charlie, I'll suck you off. I'll lick my pussy juices off your cock. C'mon, let me blow you. Please Charlie, I wanna suck your cock and swallow your cum. Charlie, you can fuck my titties and cum all over my face. Please Charlie, let me suck you."

Sam stood with his mouth gaping and his fist pumping. He couldn't believe his daughter could speak like that. His "little girl" was talking like a whore... a slut.

"Good try," Charlie said, "but not tonight. This is what I want tonight."

Charlie pulled his cock from his wife's pussy and raised it a little until it was pointed at her little brown hole. He held it tight as he pushed it into her asshole. Her pleas and cries seemed to encourage him to continue. He pushed and pushed, sinking his thick cock inside her tight hole an inch at a time. When he was completely buried, he pulled out and powerfully rammed it back in -- all the way. Mandy cried out. Charlie began a furious ass-fuck while talking about the photos.

"I love this one... don't you? And what about this one? I think they were married. Man they loved having a white woman. And what about this boy? Shit, I think he just turned 18 and was a virgin. He must have cum 5 times without stopping. Remember how much stuff poured out of you when he pulled out? Ha Ha Ha. I love these pictures.... Uh, uh... I'm close. Oh god you're tight. Uh, uhgh... um... huh, huh, huh. Baby, here it comes. Jeez, FFUUUCCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!"

Charlie began very fast, short jabs in and out of his petite wife's asshole. He flung his head backwards and held onto Mandy's hips as he pounded into her. Finally, he rammed into her and sort of hunched his hips as he screamed, cumming inside her asshole.

When Charlie pulled out and fell onto the floor, Sam looked at the stretched hole between his daughter's ass cheeks. A stream of white goo slowly poured out of her ass, stretching as it approached the floor. He was wondering if it would make it all the way without breaking, but his daughter spoiled his "game" when she turned around and fell on her back on the bed. Sam was now able to see between her widely spread legs. Her pussy lips were as red as her pubic hair and very puffy. He could actually see inside her cunt. And her little asshole was filled with her husband's cum -- slowly flowing onto the bed.

After a brief pause, Mandy said, "What about me? Why don't you make me cum?"

"Your body is for my pleasure, slut. I will use it to cum. If you want to cum, you can bring yourself off."

His daughter's whimpers were gut-wrenching to Sam. She was abused by her husband. The worse part was that her father came while watching it.

Chapter 4

The next day Sam decided to find out what those damn photographs were about. Charlie went to work while Beth and Mandy went shopping at the mall. Sam had the house to himself. He immediately went into the guest room and opened the drawer where he had seen Charlie retrieve the photos. Lifting the stack of photographs, he glanced at the one on the top. Sam let out an audible gasp.

He couldn't believe his eyes. There she was, his "little girl," with her lips wrapped around a big black cock. The next photo had her on her hands and knees with one cock in her mouth and another one fucking her from behind. Sam perused the pictures, all of which had his daughter fucking or sucking dark-skinned men -- Jamaicans, Sam surmised. Then he came upon a photo where Mandy was kneeling with her mouth open and her tongue extended. White streaks of cum were crisscrossed across her face and two new ones were flying into her open mouth from two black cocks.

Sam's legs gave out and he collapsed onto the nearby bed. He couldn't understand how his little girl could have had sex with total strangers. Sam once again looked at the photo of his daughter willingly allowing two men to cum in her mouth. He tentatively slipped the photo off the top of the stack and uncovered the next one, which evidently was taken right after the other. The streaks of cum were still on her face, but her mouth was no longer gaping. Both cocks were stuffed in her mouth at the same time. Her lips were stretched obscenely around them. Sam assumed she was sucking the cum out of them. The next photo proved his assumption -- Mandy's mouth was open, a puddle of sperm clearly visible inside, and a waterfall of jism flowing over her bottom lip, down her chin, and onto her breasts.

Just when Sam thought he wouldn't be further surprised, he turned to the next photo. Mandy was lying on her back and the photo was taken from above her head. A Jamaican woman was sitting on her face. The next photo had the woman lifting up a little and spreading her pussy lips. Mandy's tongue was clearly inside the woman's cunt.

Each photo was more debasing than the last. Mandy was fucked by two men at the same time -- one in each hole. She licked a woman's pussy while getting fucked in the ass from behind. There was even one photo of a cock being pulled out of a cum-filled cunt. A long string of sperm still connected the two organs and Mandy's long tongue was licking the goo off the underside of the cock. The next photo showed the cock inside Mandy's mouth and the next showed Mandy's tongue buried in the overflowing pussy.

Sam realized he was hard as a rock. He quickly pulled his pants down, freeing his raging hard-on. Spreading several photos on the bed, Sam jerked off staring at the perverted pictures of his daughter -- his "little girl."

After cumming in his hand, Sam put the photos back and went into his room to think. Why would Mandy do what were captured by the photos? Why would her husband allow it? Why did he keep showing her the photos when he abused her sexually? And... why did he get excited looking at the degrading photos of his daughter?

Chapter 5

When Beth and Mandy returned, Sam viewed his daughter differently. Whenever his eyes fell upon her, his cock stiffened. He couldn't get the vision of her having sex with so many different people, in so many different ways, out of his mind. When he looked at her face he saw cum splattered on it. When he looked at her mouth he saw a cock stuffed in it. When he got a glimpse of her tongue he saw it stuck up a cunt. When he saw her ass he saw a big black cock wedged inside.

As fate would have it, Charlie came home early and notified the others that he had to go out of town for a few days. He quickly packed and caught the first plane available. When the others retired for the evening, Sam tossed and turned while his wife slept. As a loving, caring father he had to confront Mandy... but how?

Deciding the direct approach was the best, he threw on a robe over his naked body and walked to the guest room. After knocking on the door and not getting a response, Sam carefully turned the unlocked doorknob and quietly entered the room. The full moon cast an eerie light through the open window. Sam saw his daughter sleeping on the bed -- nude -- with the cover crumbled around her feet. As he silently stood over her young body, Sam realized his cock was fully hard. He carefully drew the cover over her body -- concealing her nakedness -- and pulled his robe over his hard-on before sitting down on the bed. He put his hand on Mandy's shoulder and gently shook her.

"Huh... wh-what... huh?" the young woman stammered as she awoke.

When her eyes opened, Sam quietly said, "Mandy, we have to talk."

"Daddy? Daddy, what's the matter? Is Mom okay?"

"Yes, yes... she's fine. It's not about her."

"Then what? What is this about?" the confused girl asked.

"It's... it's about...."

Sam couldn't get the words out. He didn't know how to confront his daughter... his Pixie... his "little girl."

"Daddy, what is it? Oh my god, did Charlie's plane crash?"

"No, everyone's all right," Sam quickly responded seeing the fear in his daughter's eyes. "It's about you, not Charlie."

"Me?? What about me?"

"The photographs!!" the now frustrated father blurted out.

"What pho...? Oh my god!!"

Sam stared at his daughter's face as her eyes cast downward. He didn't know how to proceed and, for an instant, wished he never brought the subject up. But he had and there was no turning back.

"Pixie... honey, tell me about them."

"I-I c-can't... oh my god!"

"You can tell me. OK, let's take it one step at a time. When were they taken?"

Still not looking at her father, Mandy quietly answered, "My honeymoon."

"Where was Charlie?"

"He... he, uh... he took the pictures."

"What??" Sam cried out incredulously. "Charlie was there?"

"Yes," she admitted almost inaudibly.

"How could he? Uh, who were all those people?"

"They were Jamaicans... locals."

"But there were so many of them. When? ...How? ...I-I don't understand. Pixie, how could you? How did it happen? Wait a minute." Sam got up and retrieved the stack of photographs from the drawer and showed the top one to his daughter. It was the one with her mouth open and two cocks shooting cum into it. "This one, for example..." he continued, "tell me about this photo."

"I-I can't," the distraught girl whimpered.

"Yes you can. I'm your father and I'm telling you to explain this photo. Tell me what happened... right now!!"

Mandy hesitated and then the obedient girl began the story.

"They were two hotel maintenance men who came to our room to fix a clogged sink. Charlie noticed them glancing at me and he asked them...." Mandy abruptly stopped and pleaded with her father, "Daddy, please, I can't tell you."

"Mandy, I'm not asking... I'm ordering you to tell me everything."

"Well, Charlie asked them if they wanted me to do something to them... you know, sexually."

"No, I don't know. That's why you're going to tell me. I want all the details... exactly like it happened. And be explicit. If you need to say 'cock' then say 'cock'."

Poor Mandy blushed a deep shade of red hearing her father talk like that. But he was her father and she was going to do what he told her to do.

"Well, Charlie asked the two black maintenance men if they ever had a white girl suck their cocks. When they said they hadn't he asked them if they would like me to give them both a blow-job. When they didn't answer Charlie told me to tell them I'd do it. I got on my knees in front of them and said, 'Please let me suck your cocks.' That did it. In a flash I had a big black cock pushing against my lips. I opened my mouth wide and he pushed it in. Then I started licking and sucking it. Meanwhile, the other man rubbed his hard-on against my cheek. After a while, I released the first cock and stuffed the other one in my mouth. Then I went back and forth between them."

"Why did you want to suck them?" Sam asked aghast.

"Charlie wanted me to do it, so I did."

"Then what happened?"

"I knew they were enjoying it because they were moaning a lot and saying things like, 'What a mouth' and 'You're the best cocksucker in the world.' I had just switched cocks when the one most recently in my mouth began shooting cum on my face. I guess this got the other one off so he pulled out of my mouth and also started spraying me. I yelled for them to cum in my mouth and opened my mouth wide. They aimed their cocks and filled my mouth with their sperm. Then Charlie yelled for me to suck the cum out of their cocks at the same time. They both began pushing their cocks into my mouth and I had to open real wide to let them in. Then, as they pushed harder, my mouth stretched to accommodate them. They kept filling my mouth up and I kept swallowing their hot cum."

When Mandy finished her tale she lowered her eyes.

"Daddy," she exclaimed, "you're hard!!

Sam followed his daughter's gaze and saw his hard-on protruding from his robe. He was indeed very hard.

"Well Pixie, if you sucked two strangers' cocks, I guess you won't mind sucking mine."


"That's right, it's time for me to get what everyone else gets. Now suck my cock!!"

Sam threw off his robe leaving him naked in front of his daughter. She gasped at the incestuous demand, but her father kept insisting. Finally, Mandy leaned forward and placed her tightly shut lips against her father's cock. She rubbed it with her lips for a while and then slightly opened her mouth. When she lowered her head, her lips slid down the long shaft.

"Oh baby, that's it. Oh, it feels so good."

Sam grabbed his daughter's hair and pulled her head up and down. Mandy took the hint and gave her father the blow-job he desired. Her experienced mouth dragged up and down his shaft, pausing every once in a while to lick and suck it. Sam heard the obscene slurping noises and opened his eyes. He saw his daughter -- his "little girl" -- bent over his lap with his cock in her mouth. Her lips were pressed tightly against his meat and her lips stretched as her head moved up and down. He also noticed her cheeks cave in and then return to normal as she sucked him off.

Watching his own daughter suck his cock was too much for him and he felt the tingling in his loins signaling his eminent orgasm. He thought of the two maintenance men cumming in her mouth as he grabbed the back of her head and firmly held her in place as he shot his hot cum. He came and came like never before. He felt Mandy struggling and came out of the trance-like state he was in. His daughter was drowning on his cum. He quickly released her head and allowed her to pull off of his still erupting cock. With a mouth full of sperm, she started coughing and gagging, trying to breathe. White goo spewed from her mouth and down her chin. Sam, at the same time, aimed his still shooting cock at her face and splashed her with fresh sperm.

When Mandy stopped coughing she collapsed onto her back. The cover had slipped to her waist as she bent over her father and now her tiny, cum-covered breasts were exposed to her father. Her chest was heaving as she tried to bring her breathing back to normal. Sam stared at his daughter. His cum was on her chest and all over her face. Strands of sperm flowed from her lower lip and dangled from her chin.

Sam quietly got up and walked out of the room.

Chapter 6

The next day, father and daughter didn't say much to each other. Their little secret was troubling both of them. But that night, Sam paid his daughter another visit. This time, however, she was not asleep.

"Daddy, please don't do this. It's so embarrassing... and it's not right. You're my father."

"Pixie, who loves you more than your father?"

"I love you too, Daddy, but as a daughter, not a lover. Don't you see what you made me do yesterday was wrong?"

"Did I make you have sex with all those strangers on your honeymoon? How many cocks did you suck? Shit, you had two cocks in your mouth at the same time. And how many fucked you... filled your cunt with their cum? Huh? They fucked you up the ass too. I know... I saw the photographs. Damn, you even had sex with other women. The picture... I saw the photo. One woman was sitting on your face and you had your tongue up her twat. Tell me about that episode. C'mon, tell me."

"Daddy, it's too embarrassing. I didn't want to do it, but Charlie told me to. You don't understand...." Mandy's voice trailed off as tears started to fall down her cheeks.

"Made you??" her father said indignantly. "Did he hold a gun to your head? Were you tied up? Bullshit, you were free to do what you wanted and you stuck your tongue up another woman's cunt. I saw the photo. You can't deny it. Tell me what happened. Right now, little lady. I insist!!"

Mandy hesitated for a moment and then began her tale. "We... Charlie and I... were making love when...."

"Don't say 'making love'," Sam interrupted. "For god's sake, tell me what happened in detail."

"I was bent over a table and Charlie was fucking my ass. He was really pounding his cock in and out of my asshole real hard. I guess that's why we didn't hear the knock on the door. Well, while he was fucking me, the black maid came into the room. She gasped and stood frozen at the door. Charlie looked over his shoulder and told her she could watch if she wanted to. I was so humiliated... lying naked over a table while he bum-fucked me."

"Did she stay?" Sam inquired.

"Not only did she stay, but she came right alongside us. When I turned towards her I saw her hand under her skirt, evidently frigging herself. Charlie told her to lift her skirt and show me what she was doing. She didn't even hesitate. With her free hand she lifted her skirt. She wasn't wearing panties and her finger was sliding in and out of her hairy cunt. I could smell her sex. Then Charlie told her to let me taste her finger so she pulled it from her pussy and pushed it against my lips. Charlie ordered me to open my mouth and, when I did, her finger slipped inside."

"You tasted her? Was that the first time?"

"Yeah, I never tasted a woman before... not even myself. It was totally new to me and I thought I was going to puke. When Charlie asked her if she wanted me to eat her, the maid quickly undressed and climbed onto the table. She spread her legs and moved towards me so that my face was between her thighs. When she moved forward one more time, I felt her hairy cunt against my nose and lips. All the while Charlie was fucking my ass."

"Did you eat her?"

"Charlie told me to. He said I had to lick her so I did. I stuck my tongue out and ran it against her wet slit. It smelled awful. She must have been working for hours and was all sweaty. Well, I continued to lick and she grabbed my head and pulled it towards her, mashing my face against her smelly pussy. I just kept licking and licking, trying to bring her off quickly so the ordeal would end. I jabbed my tongue in and out of her hole and then began licking and sucking on her clit.... DADDY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING???"

It was a rhetorical question. Sam had his hard cock out and was pumping it with his fist.

"Baby, I can't help it. Just keep going. Tell me what happened."

"Daddy, this is so embarrassing. First to tell you about it and then to watch you masturbate right in front of me. I feel so cheap."

"Never mind that. Finish the story."

"Well, OK. Where was I? Oh yeah, I was working hard on making her climax and I guess my tongue on her clit did the trick. She came all over my face. Then Charlie whispered something to her that I didn't hear. When she nodded her agreement he pulled out of my asshole. The maid jumped off the table and lied down on her back with her legs spread. Charlie crawled between them and began fucking her."

"Your husband fucked another woman in front of you??" Sam asked incredulously.

"He had me get on the floor and play with his balls and her clit while he fucked her. I felt his cock slide in and out of her juicy pussy. It was so humiliating. Well, after fucking my ass for so long and getting turned on by me watching him fuck the black maid, Charlie shot a large load of cum inside her. With his cock stuffed up her cunt, Charlie told me to lie on my back with my eyes closed and my mouth open."

"And you did it?" Sam asked astonished.

"My husband told me to do it so I did. The next thing I knew was that the woman was sitting on my face. I opened my eyes in shock only to see her thick black pubic hairs at the end of my nose. Since my mouth was wide open, Charlie's cum dripped out of her pussy into my mouth. I tried to get free but she was too heavy. Charlie told me to lick all his cum out of her pussy... so I did. That's when he took the pictures."

Sam moved so fast that Mandy couldn't have anticipated what he did. He jumped onto the bed with a knee on either side of her head. Since she was propped up on two pillows, her face was at the perfect angle for his attack. Without warning, Sam shoved his throbbing cock into his daughter's unwilling mouth. With her head against the pillows, Sam rammed his cock in and out, literally fucking his daughter's mouth. He was so excited he didn't even realize he was choking her. Thankfully, he was so turned on that he didn't last more than a dozen strokes before he flooded her throat with his hot cum.

When Sam came to his senses, he pulled his cock out of his daughter's mouth and looked at her cum-covered lips. He then, like the night before, left the room without uttering a word.

Chapter 7

The next night when Sam entered Mandy's bedroom, he once again sat down on the side of her bed. But this time he acted differently. He seemed to be a concerned father and, for the first time, didn't bring up the photographs.

"Pixie, I've been thinking. I have to ask you something. Your sex life with Charlie seems to be one of degradation and only to satisfy his cravings. Do you ever enjoy sex?"

"Charlie tells me that I should masturbate if I want to enjoy myself... so sometimes I do."

"But doesn't Charlie ever make love to you? Really make love to you so that you have an orgasm?"

"No... only him."

"Baby, I'm going to teach you how making love should feel. Don't you want to know what that feels like?"

Before waiting for an answer, Sam quickly pulled the cover off Mandy, exposing her naked body. She instantly covered her breasts with one forearm and her pussy with her other hand.

"Daddy, I'm naked. Please, Daddy."

Sam gently moved her arm from across her chest and lowered his mouth to one tit. He lovingly sucked and licked on it until he heard her moan. He ran his wet tongue over her breast and teased her nipple with his lips. When he felt the nipple grow in size he knew he was having the affect he desired.

"Oh Daddy, you shouldn't. Please, don't do this to me."

Sam ignored his daughter's plea and switched to her other tit, repeating his experienced maneuver with the same result. Mandy was now panting hard as thrills, unknown before this night, spread through her young body. With his tongue flicking at the hard nipple trapped between his teeth, Sam looked up at his daughter's face. Her eyes were closed and her mouth slightly open -- a little drool dripping from the corner of her mouth. His hand traced down Mandy's soft belly until it cupped her pussy. When her legs instinctively clamped on his invading hand, he squeezed her cunt.

"OH!!" was all the stimulated girl could say.

Sam coyly snaked one finger between her pussy lips and into her moist hole. As his finger moved in and out, Mandy's moaning increased. As his caresses continued, he felt her thighs uncontrollably loosen and then spread. When her knees were wide apart he slipped another finger into her now very wet hole.

"Daddy, I never felt like this. It feels so good... but Daddy, please stop. We can't do this."

"Trust me Pixie. I'll make you feel real good."

While continuing to finger-fuck his daughter, Sam moved down the length of Mandy's body. When his face hovered over her pussy he inhaled, relishing in the smell of her womanhood. He stuck his tongue out and flicked it across her clit.

"OH MY GOD!!!!" Mandy yelled in ecstasy.

Her father continued his titillation of her clit, all the time moving his fingers in and out of her pussy. When her hips began bucking, Sam moved his fingers faster and held her clit tightly between his lips while flicking the tip of his tongue against the aroused sensitive flesh.

"Oh Daddy... Daddy. Oh my god. I-I-I... Daddy, what are... Oh god, Daddy... Oh, oh, oh... aaahhh... aaahhggghhhhhhh!!!!!"

Mandy's body shuddered as she climaxed for the first time under the stimulation of someone other than herself. Sam felt her juices cover his fingers and tongue and smiled knowing he gave his daughter pleasure. He gently slid his fingers in and out of her throbbing cunt very slowly, prolonging her orgasm and waiting for her to recover.

"Daddy, that was the best thing I ever felt. I love you so much. Daddy, I want to suck your cock. For the first time I want to suck a cock... not because someone told me to do it, but because I want to do it."

Sam crawled up to Mandy's chest and put a knee on either side of her body. He then leaned forward, allowing his hard cock to flutter before her face. He waited patiently until her little hand grabbed it and stuffed it in her mouth. He watched as his daughter sucked, licked, and kissed her father's cock. After a short while Sam pulled his cock from his daughter's sucking mouth causing a popping sound.

"Daddy, please. Let me suck you. Please let me. I want to suck your cock. I want you to cum in my mouth. Please put it back in... let me suck it... please."

"Pixie, I love your mouth on my cock, but now I want to complete your pleasure... trust me."

Sam moved down Mandy's body until he was situated between her spread legs. When the tip of his cock touched the entrance to her pussy, Mandy's eyes got very wide, finally comprehending what her father was about to do. Then she felt her father's long, thick cock enter her. But instead of rejecting him, she wrapped her slim legs around his body and pulled him completely into her.

"That's right, Pixie. Fuck Daddy."

Sam moved his ass back and then plunged in again. In and out... in and out. With each thrust, his daughter pushed her hips upward to achieve maximum penetration. Together, they fucked in unison, pleasuring each other and pleasing themselves. Mandy never knew fucking could be so enjoyable. They moaned and grunted as their sweaty bodies slammed into each other's.

"Daddy, I'm gonna cum. Oh Daddy, fuck me harder."

Sam turned into a madman. He fucked his daughter furiously. He himself felt his orgasm approaching.

"Now Daddy... now. Aaagghhhhhhhh!!!!"

Sam felt his daughter's cunt throb and grip his cock as she came hard. He waited as long as he could while she continued to cum and then pushed inside her one more time as his cock erupted, filling his daughter's pussy with his incestuous sperm -- the same sperm that gave her life was now giving her pleasure.

"Pixie... oh Pixie. Can you feel it? Oh baby, I'm cumming inside you. I'm fucking my daughter and cumming in her cunt. Do you feel it? Aaaghhrrrhhgggg!!"

"Yes Daddy, I can feel you cumming. I feel your hot sperm inside me... filling me up. Cum more... please Daddy, cum more. I want your cum in me. Keep shooting your sperm. Make me overflow. I want it all... keep cumming. Oh yes Daddy, I feel it inside me."

His daughter's words prolonged his orgasm and he kept cumming and cumming and cumming. He literally filled her pussy to overflowing. When he stopped cumming, Sam rolled off his daughter and collapsed onto his back.

Mandy quickly got up and dove for his gooey cock. She stuffed it in her mouth and began sucking the messy dick like a child who found the last lollipop on Earth. She sucked his cock out of love... out of desire... out of pure lust. For the first time in her life she was in control. Her father's cock regained its hardness while she continued sucking and licking it. She was so aroused that she began pumping the base with her little fist while she continued to suck the rest. She was delirious with passion. She craved her father's cum. She had to taste it.

"Pixie, I love your mouth. Oh god baby, that's great. I'm gonna cum again. Aaggrrhhh!!"

Mandy greedily swallowed her father's new discharge. She pumped his cock, drawing all the sperm he could muster out of his throbbing cock. She felt each spurt hit the inside of her mouth and savored its taste as it flowed down her throat and into her belly. When the cock shrunk to a fraction of its size and no more cum came forth, Mandy reluctantly relinquished her mouth-lock on her father's cock. She looked up at her father and smiled, her lips shiny with his sperm.

"Pixie, that was great... thank you."

"No Daddy, thank you. You taught me how to love... that sex could be enjoyable. When Charlie gets home I'm leaving him. He's a fuckin' asshole... I just didn't know it. Daddy, you can fuck me any time you want. My tits, mouth, cunt, and ass are yours forever."


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