Comforting My Niece

AUTHOR = Switch Blayde

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Hetero, Incest (uncle/niece)

When I turned off the shower faucet, the expected silence was disturbed by the phone ringing. I quickly grabbed the bath towel and started drying my soaked body as I ran to answer the phone. I wondered why I was compelled to answer it. After all, I had an answering machine.

"Shit!!" I yelled as I noticed the wet trail I left behind.

I got to the phone seconds before the answering machine turned on. A competitive smile crossed my face as I knew I won another race with the damn machine.

"H-Hello... hello," I yelled trying to catch my breath after the sprint.

"Uncle Marty, is that you?"

"Yes, wh-who's this?"

"Uncle Marty, it's me, Sheri. Are... are you okay?"

"Hi, Sheri. Yeah, I'm okay. I just ran to answer the phone and am a little out of breath. You caught me in the shower."

The realization I was talking to my gorgeous twenty-four year old niece totally naked caused my cock to twitch. Then, aware that she also knew I was naked, caused me to wrap my hand around my dick and gently fondle it.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. Do you want me to wait while you get dressed?"

"No need. After all, it's not like you can see me."

The silence on the other end of the line was rather stimulating. I envisioned my niece taking a minute to picture me naked. My cock continued to grow as I fantasized her slipping her hand between her legs and into her panties while thinking of me naked.

"Uncle Marty, I need to talk to someone. Now that I'm divorced, I don't have a social life. All my friends are married. I feel so alone."

I thought about her current situation. Just twenty-four and divorced after a marriage that failed after six months. Worse than that, she was with her ex-husband over three years before they were married, so she's been out of the dating scene for a very long time.

"What are you talking about? You are young, beautiful, sexy, outgoing, and fun. You won't have any trouble meeting guys."

I heard the sobs coming through the plastic instrument against my ear. My heart was breaking. Sheri was my favorite niece. She was always fun to be around and she was the most sexy young woman I ever knew. She was about 5'5" with long dark hair to her waist, dark piercing eyes, a slim figure with firm young breasts that stood proudly without the need of a bra, and a tight round ass.

I always felt guilty about it afterwards, but whenever I got the chance I'd peek down her blouse at those perky tits or under her skirt. The sight of her little panties at the juncture of her thighs would cause my cock to firm up instantly. I remember one time the side of her panties slipped into her slit affording me a view of half her pussy. I got so aroused I had to relieve myself or cum in my pants. I snuck into her bedroom, quickly found her panty drawer and grabbed a few pairs.

When I got to the bathroom, I removed my pants and underwear and stood looking into the mirror with my hard cock pointing forward and slightly upwards. I put my niece's panties to my face and inhaled. Even thought they were clean, her smell seemed to permeate through them. I turned one pair inside out and put the inside of the panty crotch against my mouth. While I smelled and licked it, I wrapped another pair around my cock and began to masturbate. I didn't last long. When I came, my sperm flew through the air and landed on the mirror first and then the sink.

When I stopped cumming, I spread some jism on the inside of the panty crotch and rubbed it in. After cleaning up the mess I made in the bathroom, I refolded her panties and put them back into her drawer. When I returned downstairs to the living room I looked between her legs imagining her wearing the panties with my cum on them.

"Uncle Marty," Sheri said as she brought me back to the present, "I need to talk to someone. Can I come over?"

"Of course, dear. You didn't even have to ask. Come right over."

"Thanks," Sheri said just before she hung up.

* * * *

As I got dressed I wondered what advice to give my niece. At thirty-two, I was a lot younger than my sister, Sheri's mother, and not much older than Sheri. In addition, I've never been married. How was I going to help my niece's aching heart? My thoughts were disturbed by the doorbell ringing. I ran downstairs to answer yet another mechanical ringing that seemed to control my life.

When I opened the door my eyes feasted on Sheri's beauty. She wore a short skirt and one of those stretchy tops that mold to a woman's breasts. It was obvious she wore no bra. Sheri ran into my arms and clung to me tightly, crying on my shoulder. Her warm, soft body blended with my own. My arms circled her lithe body pulling her even closer to me.

When I felt my cock stiffen a little I quickly released my hold on my niece. I regretted my clothing selection. I was wearing a tee-shirt and very thin cotton shorts. The shorts provided no camouflage for any change in the condition of my cock. I wondered if her delicate belly felt it twitch.

"Uncle Marty, I feel so lonely. What am I going to do? How am I going to meet a man? Everyone I know is married. How will I meet someone?"

Sheri began crying again and I felt compelled to hold her. As soon as my arms circled her, she pressed her body firmly against mine and hugged me tightly. I fought desperately to keep my cock under control, but knew I would lose the battle. I released Sheri and pulled away from her.

"Let's sit down and talk about it," I said.

I led her to a chair in the living room and sat her down. I sat across from her on the couch.

"Listen Sheri, I know it seems like the world has ended for you, but it will pass. You will meet other men and end up marrying one."

Sheri said between sobs, "You don't know what it's like. I have no one. I have needs and feel so lonely. I just can't do the bar scene again. Yuck! I met a girl in a divorce support group and she took me to a single's dance. It was awful. Every guy knew I was looking for someone and it made me feel cheap. I hated it!"

"Sheri, you don't have to go looking for someone. You will meet someone when you least expect it. It could be at work or school. Or even in a car accident."

Sheri laughed at that and stopped crying.

"That's right," I continued, "it will happen when you least expect it. You are young and very pretty. You will not have trouble attracting guys."

Sheri smiled and said, "Do you really think I'm pretty?"

"Of course I do. Fun too."

"On the phone you said I was beautiful. Did you mean that?"

"Yes, you are beautiful and...."

"And sexy," she interrupted.

"Huh... what?"

"On the phone you said I was sexy. Beautiful and sexy. Did you mean that?"

"Yes, you are sexy, but I shouldn't have said that. It just slipped out of my subconscious, I guess."

Sheri smiled mischievously and said, "I always suspected you found me sexy. I thought I noticed you staring at me. You know, at my boobs and up my dress."

I blushed at the truth but tried to weasel out of it by saying, "You must be mistaken. You're my niece. I can't have feelings like that towards you."

Sheri slowly parted her legs. My eyes automatically focused beneath her skirt. Her legs kept separating until the white material of her panties showed. I quickly moved my eyes back to hers, but it was too late. She saw me staring under her skirt.

"Caught ya."

"Sheri, it is natural for someone's eyes to be attracted to something moving. Mine simply were drawn to your legs moving."

I looked at her legs again to emphasis what I was referring to. To my surprise she did not close her legs. They were still apart with her panties clearly visible. As my eyes were riveted between her legs, Sheri slowly pulled the hem of her skirt up and widened the space between her knees even more. I was speechless and couldn't remove my eyes from the forbidden treasure between her legs.

When her skirt was pulled up past mid-thigh, the light in the room fully displayed her little panties. I stared at the bulge and imagined the sweet pussy behind them. Sheri's little voice finally caused me to look up.

"And I bet that's natural too," she said pointing at my lap.

To my dismay, my now hard cock was quite visible within the soft cotton fabric of my shorts. I automatically put my hands in my lap to cover my embarrassment.

Sheri jumped from her chair and plopped down next to me on the couch. The very unladylike move left most of her thigh uncovered as her skirt flew up. She put her arms around me and hugged me tightly.

"Don't be embarrassed, Uncle Marty. I'm so happy you find me sexy. I felt like an old lonely hag that no one would want."

I released my hands covering my hard-on and returned her embrace. She took the opportunity to put one of her own hands, palm down, onto my lap. Her petite hand resting on my sensitive organ caused it to jump. She took that as a sign and began gently rubbing my cock through the thin fabric.

I pulled her hand off my cock and said, "Sheri, stop! This is wrong."

Sheri leaned back and began crying again. Her skirt was almost to her waist, exposing most of her legs and thighs. Her hands were covering her face as tears rolled down her eyes.

"Sheri, I'm sorry, but...."

Sheri interrupted me again, "I was right. No one will be attracted to me."

I had to think fast to support and comfort my niece. She was hurting and I needed to help her during this troubled period in her life.

I used my hands to emphasis the condition of my dick and said, "Honey, does this look like no one will be attracted to you?"

Sheri peeked between her fingers and stared at my hard-on. She leaned forward and rested her weight on her left elbow. Her right hand returned to my stiff cock and traced its outline with her fingers. I allowed her to touch me. Before I knew it, her fingers were replaced with her full hand as it moved up and down my shaft. It felt wonderful.

"Please, Uncle Marty, let me do this for a while. It makes me feel better."

I almost chuckled at her last statement. She thinks it makes HER feel better. Shit, it sure makes ME feel good. I allowed her to continue and, to my surprise, my cock grew a little more -- bigger and harder than I could ever remember it getting. I closed my eyes and leaned back enjoying the feeling.

Sheri's hand kept moving along my cock's length and her fingers kept gripping it. It was almost like she was measuring the size and thickness. Without warning, my niece slid her hand inside my shorts and boxers. When I felt her soft fingers touch my sensitive skin, I simply moaned with pleasure. Sheri took this as a signal to continue.

Her fingertips traced along the length of my erection. It both tickled and felt very sensuous. Then she gripped me and began a slow wank. With my eyes closed and my head back, Sheri shifted her position and tugged at my shorts. When I raised my ass off the couch, Sheri pulled my shorts and boxers down my legs and eventually off.

When my entire lower section was naked, Sheri crawled off the couch onto the floor between my legs. She stuck her tongue out and ran it up the entire length of my cock. She repeated this several times. I looked down at my niece and watched her lick my dick like a melting ice cream cone. Sheri suddenly stopped licking and continued a gentle wank. She watched me until I opened my eyes.

"Mmmm, you taste yummy... and you're sooo big. If I knew this had been waiting for me I would have spread my legs every time we were together."

Then, with me watching her and her looking up at me, Sheri opened her mouth wide and literally swallowed my cock. I watched her soft lips spread around my cock's circumference. She kept looking at me as she lowered her head onto my cock. When five of the nine inches was swallowed, Sheri dragged her lips along the shaft as she pulled her head back. Then she swallowed about six inches. She kept doing this until the tip of my cock was jabbing the back of her throat. I felt her throat muscles loosen and my cock slip into her throat. She was able to get about eight inches in. More than any other woman I knew.

Sheri swirled her tongue around my cock while it was buried in her mouth and moved her head up and down its length. I soon reached the point where I couldn't hold back my orgasm.

"I'm gonna cum. Sheri, take it out. God, I can't stop it."

My niece simply looked me in the eye and began moving her head up and down faster, clenching her lips around my cock. I watched in awe as she milked my cock with her mouth. The sight was so exciting that I forced my eyes to stay open until my first load of hot sperm filled her mouth. The widening of her eyes signaled her acknowledgment of the load. After that I closed my eyes and spilled the rest of my love juice into my niece's waiting mouth.

When I finally came down from my intense orgasm I opened my eyes and searched for Sheri -- she was no longer on the floor. I quickly found her on the other end of the couch. Her stretch top was pulled up over her tits, her skirt bunched up at her waist, and her panties lying somewhere on the floor where she threw them. Her left leg was bent at the knee with her foot flat on the couch while her right foot was on the floor -- her legs widely splayed. She was staring at me and smiling, a small drop of cum clinging to her lip. She was playing with one nipple and slowly stroking her pussy slit with the tip of her forefinger.

"Well Uncle, thanks for the snack. I didn't expect to be fed when I came over. I came over and you... came over and over and over. I never had anyone fill my mouth to overflowing before. Now I have this itch between my legs that needs attention. Will you do that for me, Uncle?"

I looked at the sweetest pussy I ever saw. It was trimmed neatly and had puffy lips which explained the bulge I always saw when looking up her skirt. I scooted to her side of the couch and slid onto the floor pulling her legs with me until she was sitting on the edge of the couch with her legs spread wide. I moved her hand away and placed my lips right at the center -- planting a long, loving kiss on her cunt. The loud kissing sound seemed to reverberate throughout the room as I pulled my head back.

When I looked up, Sheri was staring at me with lust in her eyes. I pulled her cunt apart with my fingers and ran my tongue up her slit with long, deep strokes. Sheri moaned with each lick. After doing that several times I lengthened each lick allowing the tip of my tongue to glide over her enlarged clit. I felt her shudder each time I touched her clit.

"Oh Uncle Marty, don't stop. Eat me. Suck my cunt. Stick your tongue in my pussy. Bite my clit. Yes... yes... that feels so good. Keep doing it. Oh god, I'm sooo hot. Make me cum. I wanna cum in your mouth. Eat me...drink my cum. Oooo, you're so good."

I found her cunt hole and rammed my tongue in as deeply as I could. I alternated between swirling it around inside her and fucking her with hard, fast jabs. Sheri was a "talker" during sex which turned me on more. She kept telling me what she wanted and how she felt. When I thought she was close to climaxing, I inserted my thumb in her pussy and finger-fucked her while sucking on her clit. When I held her clit between my lips and made a sound that caused them to vibrate, Sheri screamed as she came.

"Oh wow. What... are... you... uh... do... ing? Yes... yes... yes. That's it. I'm cumming. Oh god, I'm cummmminngg. Aaahhhhhh!!!"

I sat on the floor between my niece's widely spread legs watching her content face and waiting for her to open her eyes. When she did I received the biggest, happiest smile I could have ever hoped for.

"Wow Uncle Marty, that was grrrr... ate!!" and then after a pause, "But you look like you need my special attention."

Sheri was very observant. My cock was as hard as it was before. Sheri pushed me backwards until I was lying on my back and straddled my hips. She guided my large cock to the entrance of her pussy and sat down. Half my cock entered her easily since she was so wet and loose after my cunt lapping.

Sheri wanted it all though. She rose up and lowered herself. She did this a few times and kept sinking further and further down my shaft.

"Jeez Uncle, you have the biggest, fattest cock I ever had. But I... uh... will get it all... uh... in me... uh."

Sheri kept raising up and then sitting down. Each time she sat down she grunted and a little more of my meat disappeared within her. Finally, she was sitting on my hips with a satisfied expression on her face. Instead of moving up and down, she rocked forwards and back causing my cock to slip in and out of her cunt, but also to rub on her sensitive clit.

When she brought herself to an excited state, Sheri fucked me in earnest. She lifted off me and dropped down again. When she was close to orgasm she did this several times in rapid succession. When she came she dropped down on my cock and quickly moved her hips forward and back. This, along with her vaginal contractions, brought me to a simultaneous climax.

Sheri leaned forward across my chest with my throbbing cock still buried in her cunt. We cuddled and hugged each other until my softening dick slipped out. Then Sheri rolled off me and stretched out on the floor on her back beside me.

"Uncle Marty, that was the best fuck I ever had."

"Ditto," I said just before I dosed off.

* * * *

Sheri was the first to awaken. She woke me with her mouth. I was dreaming I was on a spaceship with aliens composed mostly of a watery matter. You could stick your cock anywhere into their body and fuck away. I was currently fucking an alien in her belly. I walked up to her and thrust my hard cock inside her. It felt very warm and soft inside her belly. Then my logical mind interrupted my dream and woke me up. But the feeling didn't go away.

I looked down and saw Sheri sucking my now hard cock.

"Sheri, I love you so much. I wish I could have been your first."

"What do you mean, Uncle Marty?"

"Well, it was obvious that wasn't the first blow-job you ever gave, and even though you were very tight, you weren't a virgin, so I wasn't the first."

"There is something I never did," Sheri said quietly, "You could fuck my ass."

"I'm too big. I don't want to hurt you."

"If you go slowly and we lubricate it, it should be okay. I want you to take my ass cherry."

I didn't argue. I retrieved a jar of Vaseline from the medicine cabinet and told Sheri to bend over the arm of the couch. I spread some Vaseline on her anus and my finger and I slowly inserted the finger inside her. First I felt her contract her muscles, but as she got used to it she relaxed and my finger slipped inside her asshole. I spread some Vaseline inside her, returning to the jar several times. When she was real greasy I covered the end and about half of my hard-on with the Vaseline.

"Are you ready, hun?"

"Go for it."

"Tell me if it hurts.... Here goes."

I placed the tip of my cock against her now greasy asshole and pushed. I was surprised how much slipped inside. She was real slimy and quickly learned how to relax her anal muscles. I slowly pulled out and pushed in... again and again and again... until I was completely buried in her ass.

"How does it feel, Sheri?"

"I can't believe how full I feel. How much more do you have to go?"

"That's it. You have it all."

"Wow, I didn't think I'd be able to take it all. Good... now fuck me."

I did just that. I pushed my big dick in and out of the tightest orifice ever. Soon Sheri was pushing back.

"Uncle Marty... uuhh... can you... uuhhgg.... finger my pussy too?"

I reached around and cupped her cunt and gently squeezed it. Then I slipped two fingers inside her. She repaid me by pushing back harder each time I thrust into her.

"Sheri, please cum soon. I can't hold out much longer. It feels so tight."

"Cum inside me now. I'm ready to explode any time. Do it... do it!!"

I removed my fingers from her cunt and moved them to her clit. As I fucked her ass, I moved two of my fingers over her clit in quick circular motions.

"I'm cumming Sheri. I can't hold back. Here it comes. Uuuuugggghhhhhhhh."

"Me too. Shit yes.... Shoot it into my ass. Rub my clit. Yes.... I'm cuummmmiinnngggg!"

Both of us climaxed together. I leaned on her back and lied there exhausted. When I got my strength back I stood up causing my now soft cock to plop out of my niece's asshole. The small streaks of blood proved I was the first to fuck her ass.

After we showered (we didn't bother dressing after) we sat on the couch and continued our talk about her future. The only difference from before was that our hands were constantly touching each other's body.

"I guess I am sexy," Sheri said with a glint in her eye.

"I told you before... beautiful and sexy. Don't worry, you'll meet the right guy."

"And in the meantime, Uncle, mind if I come over now and again to have one of these chats."

"Not at all, Niece, we can continue these chats even after you meet your guy."

We both laughed.


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