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Marrying her teenage sweetheart right out of high school was like a fairytale come true for Mary Williams. She met John in her sophomore year and they fell madly in love. After dating steadily for about a year and a half, they married after her graduation -- a perfect June wedding. Her son, John Jr. (Johnny to everyone he knew), was conceived on her wedding night which was everything she expected -- she gave her virginity to the man she loved. Her daughter, Anna, came three years later.

Her life was "picture perfect". John had a great career, Mary was content raising her children and taking care of the house, and the two children were well behaved and doing extremely well in school. Then the "roof fell in". John lost his step while hiking on a local mountain and fell to his death. He did not have life insurance. Why would he? He was young and healthy.

Mary sat at her small desk worrying about her family. This was a common occurrence since her husband died. Now, at 36 years old, Mary was saddled with two teens, a menial job, and a lot of expenses. Without a college degree nor any business skills, Mary was forced to take a low paying job just to make ends meet.

"Goodnight Mary," her boss declared as he walked past her, "don't work too late."

"Huh... oh, goodnight Mr. Higgins," the startled secretary responded.

After Mr. Higgins left, Mary whispered under her breath, "Don't work late. Yeah right, you cheap bastard! If you paid me more I wouldn't need the overtime."

Mary returned to her worrying. There were so many bills to pay and her two teenage children had needs. They were growing so fast that she seemed to constantly be buying them new clothes. And now Johnny needed a computer for a college-prep class he was taking at school. How was she going to get the money for a computer?

Slowly, Mary perused the empty office. Every desk had a computer on it; some had more than one. Why was a company rich enough to afford so many computers, but not willing to pay her enough to buy one for her son? All the other kids had computers and she was determined not to deprive her children.

Mary halfheartedly went back to work. She finished typing a procedures manual and was putting it together. Needing a binder, she went into the supply room. When she entered the room she stopped in her tracks. A lot of old computer equipment was sloppily stacked along the far wall. Who would notice if she took one? The troubled secretary retrieved the binder and completed her assignment. She then walked through the entire office searching for another living person.

"I'm the only one left," she thought to herself. "It would be easy to take one. The reason they're stored away is because they're old and no one wants them," she rationalized.

Mary made a decision that would permanently change her life. Making several trips to her car, Mary stole a computer, monitor, and printer, along with all the peripherals. Later, when she saw the excitement in her son's face, Mary knew she did the right thing. However, while lying in bed, Mary panicked.

"What if they notice it's missing," she mused. "Mr. Higgins knew I was the only one working late."

Mary tossed and turned the entire night. Reluctantly, she went into the office the next morning. Although she was paranoid, by the end of the day nobody noticed the missing equipment. She made sure not to work late and for Mr. Higgins to know it. That night Mary slept soundly.

Two more days passed without anyone discovering her crime. It was Friday and Mary finally relaxed -- she got away with it! About 4:00pm, Mr. Higgins told Mary to see someone named Mike in Security about a new procedure they had implemented.

* * * *

Entering the Security office, Mary looked around and noticed a sole person. He looked to be about 20 years old.

"Excuse me," she said, "is Mike here?"

"I'm Mike, you must be Mrs. Williams."

His stare made Mary feel uncomfortable. She felt like he was undressing her with his eyes. Mary was accustomed to men gawking at her. After all, she knew she was very attractive. She was 5'6", slim with full hips and firm 35C breasts, looking a few years younger than her 36 years. Her long straight blonde hair framed her youthful face and gorgeous green eyes. As usual, Mary was wearing a rather short skirt showing off her long bare legs. However, the security officer's stare was different. He seemed not to care that she knew he was leering -- as if he could do anything he wanted!!

"What do you want?" Mary demanded trying to regain some authority over the younger person. "It's late and I need to go home."

The young security officer smiled knowing what the woman standing in front of him was attempting. "You will stay here as long as I tell you to."

"What... what did you say?" the indignant woman replied. "Who do you think you're talking to?"

"Mrs. Williams," the man continued unfazed, "I want to talk to you about missing computer equipment."

Mary felt like someone kicked her in the stomach. She felt very weak. If not for the wall she now leaned against, she was sure she would have fallen.

"Wh-What computer?" she stammered. "Why do you want to talk to me?"

"Please sit down Mrs. Williams," the young man calmly said holding her upper arm and guiding her to a chair.

Mike enjoyed touching the trembling older woman. As she sat down, he noticed how high her skirt rose on her thighs. Normally, Mary would have grabbed the bottom of her skirt as she sat and pulled it forward, but in her confused state she simply sat down. Mike licked his lips with anticipation.

"Tell me Mrs. Williams," he continued in a very professional tone, "what do you know about a missing computer?"

"N-N-Nothing," she nervously answered.

Looking down at the seated woman, the security officer leaned against the front of his desk and smiled. He was ready for the kill.

"Mrs. Williams, are you aware we recently installed hidden surveillance cameras throughout the building... and in the parking lot too?"

"Oh my god," the poor woman exclaimed as she cupped her face in her hands and began crying, "oh, no."

Mike watched the defeated woman weep. A normal person would have felt compassion or at least sympathy, but Mike felt power. He watched her firm breasts rise and fall as she gasped for breath. When he noticed her legs parting he crouched until he was sitting on his heels and looked under her skirt. As he stared at her colorful panties he felt his cock begin to harden.

The absence of any sound, other than her own sobbing, caused Mary to stop crying. When she lowered her hands she saw the man on the floor looking under her skirt. She immediately snapped her knees together and tugged on her skirt.

"What are you doing?" she indignantly yelled. "Who do you think you are?"

Without moving, Mike returned her question with an evil smile and calmly answered, "I'm the person with the tape showing you stealing the computer."

"What are you going to do with it?" Mary panicked.

"I have to turn it in," he answered. "You'll lose your job. Also, the company's new policy is to prosecute... so you'll be arrested. The value of the equipment will make it grand theft."

Until now, Mary was more embarrassed than afraid. Now, the full impact of her action became painfully understood. She began crying again.

"No, no. This can't be happening. I have a family to take care of. What will happen to them? Oh, no. Please don't tell on me. I beg you."

Mike silently listened to the woman. He waited for her to calm down and look at him before he spoke.

"Mrs. Williams, I don't want to ruin your life, but I can lose my job if I do what you ask. What's in it for me if I help you?"

Mary saw a way out. "I'll pay you. I don't have a lot of money, but I'll find a way to pay you for your help."

"I don't want your money," Mike retorted, "but if you are willing to do me favors I may be willing to deal."

"Favors?" the innocent woman asked. "What kind of favors?"

The security officer spread his legs and cupped his groin. As he began rubbing himself he said, "Mrs. Williams, you are very pretty and I am very horny. If you agree to do what I tell you to, I will forget about the tape."

Mary thought about the deal -- she had no choice. Loathingly she agreed.

"Spread your legs, Mrs. Williams," the man ordered. "I was enjoying the view before.

Reluctantly, Mary spread her legs. She felt disgust as the security officer, not much older than her son, boldly looked under her skirt.

"Spread them way apart," he demanded. "I want a clear view."

As Mary complied, she watched the disgusting man rub his penis through his pants.

"Okay," he excitedly continued, "pull the panties to one side and show me your cunt."

Mike had an unhindered view of the older woman's panties. He looked at the smooth thighs and the vee at their juncture. He could see how the pussy lips and pubic hair were causing the panty crotch to bulge. When the woman slipped her fingers under the material and pulled them to one side, Mike shuddered. Before him was her exposed pussy. Her natural blonde hairs covering her pussy lips were neatly trimmed. He could just make out the slit dissecting the two halves.

Mary was distraught. How did she get herself into this mess? What could she do? She didn't have a choice. When she pulled her panties to one side, she felt the cool air touch her most private area. Without looking between her legs, she knew that her pussy was clearly visible.

"Take them off," Mike screamed. "Remove your panties. No, no. First lift your skirt to your waist." Mike felt like a boy in a toy store. He didn't know what to do first.

When Mary's skirt was bunched around her waist, Mike sat on his desk. The prettiest woman in the office sat in front of him exposing her panties. Not only her panties, but part of her cunt was still uncovered. To Mary's dismay, Mike quickly undid his pants and dropped them to the floor. He pulled his erection through the opening in his boxers and began stroking it.

Mary felt disgusted, but she noted the size of Mike's cock. It was huge. Not only was it about 9 inches long, but it was very thick. As she watched him stroke it, she absentmindedly wondered how it could fit inside a woman.

"Okay, now take them off."

Mary put her thumbs inside the waistband of her panties, lifted her ass off the chair, and pulled them down. She slid them over one foot, but left the panties dangling around her other ankle.

"Play with yourself," he ordered. "Masturbate! And don't fake it. I won't let you stop until you cum."

Mike watched as the older woman began stroking her pussy. Her finger disappeared inside the slit as her hand moved up and down. He watched as one finger dipped inside her cunt and how her hand pumped it in and out. Her other hand began massaging her clit.

"The sooner I cum," Mary thought, "the sooner we'll be done."

Mary felt herself get wet. There was no way she could masturbate and not get excited. As her finger slipped in and out of her cunt she heard the sloshing noise her juices were making. When she touched her clit, she noticed how hard it was. Mary closed her eyes and concentrated on the feeling between her legs, imagining she was home alone in bed.

Just as Mary was about to cum, she felt something warm hit her in the face. When she opened her eyes she saw the next stream of sperm approaching her face. It landed on her upper lip and splashed into her nostril.

While her eyes were closed, Mike came over to her and stood between her legs. As he watched her masturbate, he jerked off. He was the first to cum and was shooting his cum onto her face. He was cumming like a horse. Load after load splattered onto her face, leaving several trails down her blouse. Mike redirected his shooting cock to between her legs and covered her hands and pussy with the remaining jism.

Mary felt the fresh cum running down her face and dripping off her nose and chin. When she inhaled, the gooey substance was sucked into her nose, blocking the air flow. She instinctively took a deep breath through her mouth to get oxygen into her lungs, and in doing so, drew in some cum. Mary tried to spit it out, but each time she moved her lips, more cum entered.

"Why did you stop?" the security officer asked the startled woman. "You didn't cum yet. I told you not to stop until I see you cum. Now masturbate!"

Mary became nauseous. She felt the sticky sperm on her face and tasted it in her mouth. No one ever came on her face. That only happened in porno movies. And she never let her late husband, her only lover, cum in her mouth.

She watched the disgusting man standing before her slowly stroking his still hard cock. "Oh no," she thought, "he's still hard. Is he going to cum on me again? I better finish myself off before he can."

Once again, Mary's hands were active between her legs. This time the feeling was a little different. The cum deposited on her hands and pussy were now being rubbed inside her cunt. She was actually rubbing his cum inside her. She found the thought distasteful, but the extra lubrication actually helped her stimulation. Before she knew it, Mary was on the brink of climaxing.

"Uh... ah...aahhh," Mary moaned as her orgasm approached, "oh... ah...aaahhhhhhh."

Mike watched with glee as the woman came. There was no doubt that it was real. Her face crinkled and her hips jerked as her fingers moved at lightening speed.

When Mary opened her eyes she saw the man smiling down at her. She was ashamed that he witnessed her orgasm. But at last it was over and she'd be able to leave. When Mike stepped back, Mary stood up. While she was putting her panties back on Mike sat down in the chair.

"Okay, Mrs. Williams," Mike unexpectantly said, "one more thing before you go."

Mary apprehensively looked at the evil man, "But I did what you asked. I masturbated and came for you."

"Yes you did, but I'm not completely satisfied yet. I still have an erection. Suck me, Mrs. Williams."

After all that happened, this was completely unexpected.

"No, I won't do that," she rebelled. "I can't do that."

"Mrs. Williams," he said in a condescending tone, "remember our deal. You don't want to lose your job and get arrested, do you? Think of your family."

Mary hesitated for a moment and then realized it was hopeless to protest. She dropped to her knees between his outstretched legs and looked at the long thick cock in his hand. She took the cock from him and opened her mouth around it. As the head of his cock entered, it stretched her lips.

"God," she thought, "it's gigantic."

The humbled mother of two moved her head up and down on the hard cock. She felt the soft skin slide between her lips. She started licking the cock with her tongue as her mouth continued to stroke it.

Mike was in ecstasy. As he watched the blonde head bob up and down in his lap, he felt her moist lips and tongue sucking him off. He knew he wouldn't last long. When he felt himself cumming, he grabbed the back of Mary's head and forcefully held her on his erupting cock.

Mary felt his cock twitch and knew he was going to cum. She tried to pull her head away, but he held her too firmly. She felt the first load hit the back of her throat. The next and the one after filled her mouth. She was forced to swallow the sperm in order to make room for the next load. Mike came so much that her mouth filled up five times. By the time he released her head, her belly was full.

"Okay, Mrs. Williams," Mike finally said, "you can go home now. But remember, I still have the tape."

Mary quickly dressed and ran from the office. In the ladies room, she looked at her reflection in the mirror and began vomiting. Her face, hair, and blouse were covered in sperm. When her heaving subsided, Mary splashed water on her face to wash away the cum. She leaned forward and rinsed, as best she could, the sperm in her hair. All she could do with her blouse was to wipe it with a paper towel, but the stains were very visible. While running to her car, she felt the sticky feeling between her legs and wished she had wiped his cum off her pussy. Mary cried all the way home.

* * * *

Entering the house as quietly as she could, Mary ran up the stairs to her bedroom. Laughter was heard coming from one of her children's room down the hall. Mary closed her bedroom door and leaned back on it, thankful her children were pre-occupied.

"My god," she thought, "what if they saw me looking like this."

Mary staggered into the master bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror. The reflection could not be hers. The slut staring back at her had cum stains all over her blouse and had dried cum in her hair and on her neck. As her eyes began to water, Mary vigorously brushed her teeth trying to get the foul taste of that awful security man out of her mouth. She stripped and soaked in a hot bath. When done, Mary fed her children and went to sleep early. While lying in bed, all Mary could think about was how used she felt.

The next day was bright and sunny. Things started to look up. She had the weekend to spend with her loving children.

By the time Monday morning arrived, Friday's abuse simply seemed like a bad dream. Mary sent her kids off to school and left for work believing her nightmare was over. She paid her dues for making such a foolish mistake.

"Hello Chuck... Hi Sandra... Morning Ben," she gleefully greeted others as she made her way to her cubicle. Mary put her handbag in her desk drawer and reached to turn on her computer. Her hand froze in mid-air.

Laying on top of her desk was a large manila envelop with one word scribbled across its front. One ominous word: "MARY".

Cautiously, Mary opened the envelop and peeked inside. It looked like two 8x10 photos. She carried the envelop to the ladies room and locked herself in a stall. Sitting on the toilet seat, Mary pulled out the photographs. She gulped when she saw the first one. It was a picture of her sitting in a chair with her legs spread, her skirt at her waist, and her fingers inside her pussy. The facial expression in the picture showed the desire of a person ready to climax. The second photo was worse. It was a close-up of her cum-covered face. Long strands of white goo were hanging from her nose and chin. A neatly typed message was the only other item in the envelop. It simply read, "My office, noon".

Mary held her face in her hands. "What am I going to do?" she thought. "That disgusting pig will do things to me again and I can't stop him. I won't meet him! No, I have to. He has the tape. Why did I steal that damn computer? Why... why... why?"

Mary was very anxious the entire morning. Several people asked if she was okay. Maybe she should go home sick, she thought. He can't expect her to meet him if she's sick. But then she knew he would not be fooled and may retaliate. There was nothing she could do but meet him at the appointed time. At noon, Mary told her boss she was going to lunch.

"Enjoy," he said.

This sent chills up Mary's spine. Mary knocked on the door to the security office.

"Come in," she heard Mike say from inside. When Mary entered the room, Mike told her to close the door. Reluctantly she complied. "Lock it," he said in a very demanding tone. Mary's fingers were shaking, but she managed to lock herself inside the office.

Motioning Mary to approach him, she stood across from his desk.

"Mrs. Williams," he began, "we've been waiting for you."

Mary quickly looked around the room for the others only to find no one else present.

"No you don't understand," he giggled, "I mean me and my cock."

Mike pushed his chair away from the desk and exposed his raging hard-on. He was naked from the waist down and his enormous dick was pointing at the startled woman.

"Suck me off," he ordered.

Mary hesitated for a second, but then realized she had no choice. She walked around the desk and dropped to her knees between his spread legs. After the initial instruction, Mike decided not to coach the woman. He wanted her to do it on her own.

Mary stared at the huge cock. She waited for Mike to say something, but there was only silence. She knelt between his legs with his penis throbbing in front of her. He wasn't pulling her face onto his dick. He wasn't even touching her. The silence was deafening.

Finally, Mary wrapped her hand around the thick organ and began pumping it. She felt it throb. When she looked up at the man she was servicing, he simply smirked back at her and opened his mouth wide. Mary got the hint. She leaned over and encircled the cock with her lips.

Mary began sucking on the large cockhead. She forgot how much it stretched her mouth. Mary grabbed it with both hands and jacked off the cock filling her mouth. She felt like a whore. There was no desire within her and she was fully dressed while blowing a man she hardly knew. She felt humiliated.

"Use your tongue," Mike scolded. "Come on bitch, you're like a robot."

Mary realized she was moving her hands and mouth in a monotonous motion. She wasn't making love to the man and it showed. Not wanting to get him mad, Mary began to work on his cock. She swirled her tongue around the fat head. She licked the length of the shaft with long wet strokes. Without being told, Mary leaned lower and began licking his balls. When she put them in her mouth and flicked them with her tongue, Mike began to moan.

"Oh yes," he purred, "that's much better. Suck my balls. Do you feel the cum boiling in them? They're preparing your lunch... a hot liquid lunch."

Mary sucked on his balls and pumped his shaft with both hands. She then opened her mouth very wide and lowered it over the massive organ until it hit the back of her throat. She closed her mouth on it and pulled her head up, dragging her lips and tongue along its length. She repeated this move several times until Mike started thrusting his cock into her throat, causing her to gag. Mary sensed the cock was ready to explode. She moved her head up and down much faster now trying to bring this ordeal to an end.

"Mrs. Williams," Mike moaned, "that's it. Keep doing that. I'm going to cum. Remember how much I cum? If you don't want to get your pretty clothes dirty, you better swallow very fast. I'm close. Remember, keep swallowing. Oh... yes. Here it comes. Oh... oh... uh... aaaahhhhhh."

Mary did remember the amount of cum the large organ in her mouth spewed. She remembered the cum stains on her blouse Friday. What if she were to get her top dirty now? In the middle of the day. What would she do in the office? She had to swallow it all. She just had to! The first load of sperm hit her throat on a fly and instantly filled her mouth.

"Oh, shit," she thought, "my mouth's already full. Swallow it!"

As soon as Mary emptied her mouth, another load filled it up. Again and again she swallowed, trying to keep up with the gushing cock. As her throat tired she knew she would not be able to continue. In a desperate effort to protect her clothing, Mary pushed her butt out, arched her back, and cupped her hands under her jutting jaw. The excess cum poured from her mouth, down her chin, and into her hands. Some overflowed onto the floor.

When the bursting cock subsided, Mike said to the exhausted woman between his legs gasping for air, "I told you to swallow it all. Now look at the mess you made. Lick it up right now."

The still hard cock was resting atop her cupped hands. A puddle of warm sperm collected in her palms beneath the cock. Mary thought she was going to be sick, but she opened her mouth and scooped a large amount of cum into her mouth. Unlike when she was trying to keep up with the rapidly discharging cock, she now felt the cum's texture and tasted its bitterness. She made a face and swallowed, gagging as it went down. She sucked two more large loads into her mouth and then used her tongue to lick the remaining cum off her hands and Mike's cock. When she thought she was finished, Mary sat on the floor.

"You're not done, Missy," Mike said pointing to the cum spillage on the carpet. "I told you to swallow it all. Now lick it up."

Mary looked at the floor in shock. She gazed up at him, pleading for leniency. But the stern expression on his face told her she was not going to get a reprieve. Mary, on her hands and knees, crawled over to the spotted carpet. She lowered her face to the floor and began licking the fresh cum off the dirty carpet. When she completed her task, Mike asked her if her lunch filled her up. She slowly nodded and he told her she was free to go. Mary immediately went to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. A glob of sperm clung to the corner of her mouth.

"My god," she thought, "what if someone had seen her? That bastard knew it was there, but didn't say anything."

She washed her lips and then sucked handful after handful of water into her abused mouth. Although she tried to get rid of the taste, she couldn't. From now on she'd bring a toothbrush to work.

"Oh, no," she realized what she just thought, "this will happen again."

* * * *

It did happen again. On Wednesday, Mary once again met Mike in his office.

Once the door was locked, Mary was ordered to disrobe. Standing naked in front of a fully clothed stranger was worse than when she was clothed and blew him. She was so ashamed, not knowing how to stand.

Mike closely examined her body. He touched and mauled her breasts. He ran his fingers up and down her belly. When he kneeled in front of her and stared directly at her pussy, she felt like dying. He began poking her hair-covered mound.

"No," she thought, "not there. He was never interested in that before."

Mike separated her lips and looked inside. He found her hole and slipped a finger inside. Reaching around with his other hand he clutched her ass. While holding her butt he rammed his finger in and out of her cunt.

"M-M-Mike," Mary stammered trying to distract him, "don't you want a blowjob?"

"Yes I do," Mike replied, "get on the floor."

Relieved, Mary did as she was told as she watched the security officer remove his clothes. When he was naked, Mary started to get into a kneeling position. Mike pushed her onto her back. He crawled over her in a 69 position, his cock dangling over her face.

"Okay," he announced, "start sucking."

Mary was distraught. Her maneuver didn't work. Even though she was going to blow him, he had full access to her vagina. When he lowered his hips so that the tip of his cock rested on her lips, Mary opened her mouth and began performing her duty.

Mary felt her legs being pushed apart. When she felt his breath on her pussy she knew his face was very close. He parted her lips and she knew he was looking inside her. Why wouldn't he leave her any dignity?

Once again she felt his finger slide inside her. It moved in and out, automatically lubricating her cunt. Mike inserted a second finger. As it slipped in and out he noticed how moist his fingers were getting. He smiled. Mike found the woman's clit and began rubbing it with his other hand. He felt Mary shudder and suck a little harder on his cock.

"Oh no," Mary thought, "I'm getting excited. That can't be."

But as Mike played with her pussy, Mary's body betrayed her. She was getting wetter and began to feel a warmth between her legs. When she felt his soft tongue touch her inner folds, she gasped. Mike licked and licked her juicy pussy.

"Huh... huh," Mary grunted as her body took over, "oh... oh." Mary felt her orgasm approaching. "Oh, no," she cried as she came, "Aah... aaaahhhhh."

While Mary was coming down from her climax, Mike pulled his long cock from her mouth. He quickly scooted around, positioning himself between her legs. Before Mary was aware of it, Mike pushed his cock into her. Even though her pussy was very wet from her recent orgasm, his large cock stuck part way in.

"Ugh," the unsuspecting woman grunted, "wh-what... what are you... you doing?"

Mike pulled out a little and pushed in harder. More of his cock penetrated. He repeated this several times until he was completely inside the woman.

Mary felt the violation, but couldn't do anything about it. When he was fully inside her, she felt stretched beyond belief. She never felt so stuffed. His was the first cock in her since her husband died, and only the second man ever to fuck her. He was also much larger than her late husband. When he started to fuck her, she automatically fucked him back.

Mike was enjoying the fuck. He pulled his cock almost all the way out and then pushed it back in. With each stroke he felt her pussy walls and lips grab his cock. The sensation was wonderful. He pumped and pumped his meat into her until he felt her pussy twitch. She jerked her hips up and her whole body shuddered. Mike felt her climax and thrust his cock into her two more times before erupting himself. His enormous amount of sperm filled her stuffed cunt and overflowed. He collapsed on top of the violated woman.

When Mike pulled his cock from the tight pussy, he removed the plug to the dam. He looked down and watched his sperm pour out of her cunt. He got up and sat in the chair next to where they just fucked.

"Come here Mrs. Williams and clean me up with your mouth," he ordered.

Mary came to her senses. She realized what just happened and who it was who fucked her. She got angry, but was now used to doing as he said. She crawled to him on her knees and sucked and licked his cock clean. It was the first time she ever tasted her own juices, but at this point she didn't care anymore. After she got dressed she wasn't even surprised when he told her to lick the cum off the carpet. She was becoming a very obedient slut.

On Friday, Mike only wanted a blowjob during lunch. However, he asked her to come to his house Saturday at noon. Reluctantly, Mary agreed.

* * * *

On Saturday, Mary looked at herself in the mirror. The security guy told her to wear a skirt and specifically requested that she not wear pantyhose.

"I hate those things," he told her.

She didn't know how to dress. She finally settled on a wash-n-wear blouse. Although she didn't want to think about what was going to happen in Mike's house, she had to expect the worse. She already ruined one good blouse with cum stains. She picked out her longest skirt. It buttoned down the front and came below her knees. She fastened all the buttons, but when she found it difficult to walk, she opened the last two.

Mary drove to Mike's house and arrived at the appointed time. She sat in her car in a last effort to figure a way out of having to go into the house. When she couldn't, she walked up the path and knocked on the front door. When the door opened, Mary was surprised. A teenage boy, around her son's age, stood in the doorway.

"Is this Mike's house?" the confused woman quietly asked.

"Yes it is," the boy answered, "Mike's my brother. He's upstairs getting dressed. Come on in."

As Mary entered the house the teenager gave her a broad smile and said, "Hi, my name's Kenny. Why don't you sit in the living room and wait for Mike. Would you like a soft drink or something?"

Mary was feeling a little more relaxed. She liked the boy and he was putting her at ease. Maybe she misunderstood why Mike asked her over. After all, his younger brother was here.

"Sure," she cheerfully said, "a cola would be lovely."

Returning to the living room with the two drinks, Kenny handed one to Mary sitting on the couch and then sat in the chair across from her. They chatted about school and other insignificant matters. Kenny attended the same school as her son, but he was a little older. He had already turned 18. As they spoke, she began to relax.

Mike came down the stairs noisily. He moved over to his younger brother and ruffled his hair saying, "I see you met Kenny. He's the brains in the family. Smart as a whip. But he has so much to learn."

Kenny looked up at his brother and smiled, understanding the meaning behind that last sentence. Unfortunately, Mary did not.

Mike sat next to Mary and joined in the conversation. It was like three old friends passing the time. That is until Mary felt Mike's arm over her shoulders with his hand resting just above her left breast. When he began brushing his fingers across her tit, she pushed his hand away trying to hide it from the younger boy.

"Don't worry about Kenny," Mike smiled, "I told him all about you."

"You what? Oh, how could you?" the embarrassed woman shrieked. She looked over at Kenny and he smiled.

"Now behave, Mrs. Williams," Mike said in a somewhat warning tone. Then he looked at his brother and while squeezing Mary's breast said, "Didn't I tell you she had great knockers?"

Mary thought she was going to die. He told his little brother all the things she did. The boy was her son's age and went to the same school -- he might actually know Johnny. And now he was touching her in front of the teenager. And talking about her as if she was an object he owned.

"Let me see them. Please Mikey... you promised," the boy pleaded.

Mary looked over at her assailant with imploring eyes, "Please, don't do this. Not in front of the boy. I'll do what you want but... please, not in front of him."

Ignoring her request, Mike slowly began unbuttoning the woman's blouse. Mary lowered her eyes and watched in agony as the top button opened, then the next, and so on. When her blouse was completely open, Mike pulled it off her body. He unhooked her front clasping bra, but held the cups in place. He pulled them apart, but just as quickly covered the breasts.

"Oh jeez, Mikey," his brother whined, "don't tease me. Let me see them."

The older brother released the bra and let it fall across the woman's breasts, partly shielding them. Grabbing the bra straps, Mike pulled them off her shoulders and over her arms, leaving her naked from the waist up.

"Wow, look at those tits," the excited boy exclaimed. "Get her nipples hard. Let me see how you do it."

Ignoring his brother's request, Mike turned to Mary and said, "You wore quite a long skirt, didn't you? Are you ashamed of what's under it? You shouldn't be. I told Kenny all about your sexy legs and juicy blonde pussy. You're not purposefully hiding it from us, are you?"

Leaning over, Mike whispered his instructions into the tormented woman's ear. Kenny anxiously looked on.

Mary bent over and fumbled with the last closed button of her skirt. When she opened it she moved to the next. When half the buttons were opened, Mary parted her legs as her captive ordered. When she glanced across the room at Kenny she witnessed him rubbing his cock through his jeans. She knew he had a clear view of her panties. After waiting a little while, Mary followed the script and unbuttoned all but the last two. When she moved her legs further apart, her panty-covered crotch was in plain sight.

"Okay little brother," Mike spoke again, "now for your first lesson. This is how you get a girl's nipple hard."

While the young boy watched in awe, his older brother twirled the woman's right nipple between his fingers. Mary tried to fight it, but her body reacted to the caress -- her nipple began to stiffen.

"You see, Kenny. All you have to do it gently rub it. Now to get it really hard...."

Mike ended the sentence by lowering his mouth to the nipple. He sucked on it, and when he pulled his head back stretching the nipple with his lips, the nipple did indeed get longer.

"Come here and try it on her other tit," he said as he motioned to his younger brother.

Kenny scurried over to the couch. He palmed the older woman's breast, relishing in the feel of her softness. He twisted her left nipple.

"Ouch," Mary cried out.

"Not so hard," Mike scolded his brother, "you have to be gentle to get her excited."

The boy tried again. He gently touched the nipple. He flicked it with his finger and rubbed it. He felt it get hard. Kenny mouthed the lovely breast and sucked on it. He flicked the nipple with his tongue while sucking her breast. He copied his brother's technique by stretching the nipple with his lips. He passed his first test. Mary's nipple stood out very erect.

As if choreographed, both brothers began sucking on their respective tits. Mary was feeling the effect. Her head fell back and her eyes closed. A soft moan emitted from her throat.

While Kenny continued to suck on his first breast, Mike began to open the remaining constraints to the older woman's skirt. When the last button was opened, he parted the skirt leaving Mary only in her panties. When Kenny released his mouth's grip on Mary's breast he noticed her current state of undress.

"Oh shit," he screamed, "look at her."

He began frantically rubbing his cock through his pants.

"Don't cum," Mike yelled at his brother.

"I have to. Shit, look at her body. God she's gorgeous," the younger boy said as he kept rubbing himself.

"Take your cock out," Mike bellowed as he saw an empty glass. Handing the glass to his brother, Mike said, "Cum in the glass."

Mike sat next to Mary again and said to her, "He has a pretty big cock for someone his age. I guess it's hereditary. Let's see if he cums as much as I do."

Mike and Mary stared at the teenager jerking off in front of them with his pants and underwear around his ankles. Holding the glass with one hand, Kenny pumped his hard cock with the other. After only a couple of pumps, the two on the couch witnessed a long white stream discharge from his pisshole and fall into the glass.

"One," Mike shouted out. When the other loads followed he continued, "Two... three... four... five... six... seven... eight." Mary was amazed at the volume. "Eight and a half... eight and three quarters," Mike laughed as his brother squeezed the remaining jism from his cock.

"Kenny, you okay," the concerned older brother inquired.

"Yeah... great," was the response, "what a cum. I was looking at her body the whole time and it really got me off. Shit, look at her Mikey. She's a fox."

"She sure is. But you know what she's also? She's real thirsty. Why don't you give her a drink."

Mary knew instantly what the asshole had in mind and got a nauseous feeling in her belly. The naive boy, however, missed the point. He started towards the kitchen until his brother stopped him and told him to give Mary the drink he was holding. With an evil and excited gleam in his eyes, Kenny handed the troubled woman the sperm-filled glass.

Mary looked into the glass and saw the white goo accumulated on the bottom. It was over an inch deep. She brought the glass to her lips, closed her eyes, and tilted her head back. The two boys watched in fascination as Kenny's cum flowed down the length of the glass and into her mouth. The movement in her throat was proof she swallowed. After finishing the drink, Mary ran her tongue across her upper lip to remove the remains of the boy's sperm that clung there.

Mary was holding back her vomit. When she saw the large puddle of sperm in the glass she never thought she'd be able to drink it. When she tilted the glass, the lava-like slowness of the cum sliding towards her lips increased her anxiety. When she felt the thick liquid slide through her lips and onto her tongue, her throat locked like when you can't swallow a pill. The result was that a large amount of the sperm filled her mouth. The volume caused her to swallow, making room for the rest. The entire inside of her mouth and tongue were coated with the teenage boy's sperm. There was no way to avoid tasting the bitter sticky substance.

"Can I have another drink?" Mary pleaded.

Mike joked with his younger brother, "Do you want to fill the glass up again or shall I?"

"No, no," the terrified mother of two screamed, "I meant another cola."

Mike told Mary to open her mouth wide. When she did, the two boys saw the goo coating her tongue. Two strands stretched from the roof of her mouth to her tongue.

"Mrs. Williams," the older brother teased, "you didn't finish the last drink we gave you. Let's not talk about another one."

* * * *

"Onto the next lesson... the cunt," Mike announced. "Pull her panties off."

Kenny's trembling fingers took hold of the waistband of the older woman's panties and pulled them down. He felt the soft panties in his hand and brought them to his face, deeply inhaling.

"I'm gonna keep these forever," he announced and threw them onto the chair he previously occupied.

Kenny turned his attention back to the naked woman. Mary kept her thighs tightly closed, but her bushy blonde pubic hair jutted out. The teenage boy, seeing his first real life pussy, couldn't wait for his brother. He put his hand on the curly hair and began feeling its texture. He pulled at it and parted it, trying to see what was hiding beneath the hair.

The embarrassed woman watched as a boy her son's age played with her most private anatomy. She was humiliated. What if the boy new her son? She felt his young fingers flow through her pubic hairs. Watching the small slender fingers fondle her brought an incestuous thought to her mind. For a second, Mary thought about her son touching her, caressing her body, her vagina. The loud voice of her blackmailer brought her back to reality.

"Hey jerk," Mike kidded his brother, "what the fuck are you doing? The bitch is hiding her cunt from you." Then turning his attention to Mary he said, "Mrs. Williams, spread your legs. Let my little brother see your charms."

Mary did as she was told. While opening her legs, she watched the childlike excitement in the teenager's eyes. As she exposed more of herself, his eyes got wider and wider. When her legs were apart she waited.

"Come on, Mrs. Williams," Mike impatiently blurted out, "I said show him what you got. Put your feet up on the couch and spread real wide."

Mary slowly lifted her feet to the couch cushion. Then she moved her knees apart. When they wouldn't go any further she cautiously peeked between her legs.

"Oh my god," the startled woman exclaimed when she saw how spread her pussy lips were. The boy sitting on the floor between her legs could see right into her gaping cunt.

Mike smiled at the woman's discomfort. "Now that..." he said pointing to the exposed pussy, "is a cunt."

Kenny pointed a finger at the pink gap and touched the soft flesh. "Aahh," Mary uncontrollably moaned. The boy got bolder and, seeing the opening, pushed his finger into her cunthole. He was fascinated as it slowly disappeared, the soft warm flesh closing around it. When his finger was buried to the third knuckle, he jiggled it inside the poor woman.

"Oh... oh... ah... ah," Mary exclaimed.

When Kenny withdrew his finger he noticed how wet it was. He smelled it and then stared at it.

"Taste it," the older brother encouraged him.

Kenny tentatively licked his finger. Then he put it entirely in his mouth and sucked it clean. When he realized he liked it, he stuck it back in the juicy cunt, moved it around, pulled it out wet, and put it back into his mouth.

After doing this a few times, the impatient more experienced brother instructed him, "If you like the taste idiot, stick your tongue in her pussy."

Mary was accepting her ordeal with closed eyes. When she felt hot breath on her open pussy she looked between her legs. The teenage boy's face was inches from her exposed genital. She watched in horror as he moved his face to her vagina and began licking her. She tried not to get turned on, but a pussy being tongued has no conscience. Her hips began twitching.

If Mary would let herself go, she would climax. But she was determined not to give them the satisfaction. However, she felt herself getting wetter and wetter knowing full well what that meant. She was saved by Mike. Pushing Kenny's head away Mike began the instruction.

"Listen up, dummy. I'm only going to say this once. You are looking at a juicy cunt. A very nice one, if I may say," he said looking up at Mary and winking.

"These are the outer lips. These are the inner lips. Look how they stretch. This of course is her fuckhole. You found that on your own. Now look at this. Most anything you touch down here will be sensitive, but this is the most sensitive. It's the clitoris. It hides under this piece of flesh. When it gets excited it comes out of the hood. It gets hard like your cock. Mrs. Williams has a bigger one than most I've seen. I guess that means she's more ready for sex. Go ahead and play with her cunt."

Mary was humiliated. She was being used as an object for a sex education class. But worse, when she was touched she got excited.

Kenny began exploring between the woman's legs. He touched and pulled at various parts. When he touched her clit, Mary jumped. He did it again and she jumped again. He pulled on the clit and felt it grow in his fingers. He leaned forward and licked the clit. Mary shuddered and moaned. He put it inside his lips and began sucking.

"Oh no, don't do that. Aahh... aahh. Stop. Don't... aahh. I don't want to... oh god, I can't help it. No, no... oh... yes... oh no... yes... aahh...aahh. I can't help it. I'm... oh... oh... I'm going to... aahh... aahh... aaaaahhhhhhhhh," Mary squealed as she came.

Kenny felt the gush of liquid pour from the stimulated cunt and drank it up.

"Okay little brother," Mike said, "it's time to lose your virginity. Stick that hard cock of yours into her hot pussy and fuck the bitch."

Kenny didn't need to be told twice. He got up and positioned his raging hard-on at the opening of the still twitching cunt. Mary was recovering from her orgasm and didn't realize what was happening until she felt the hard cock enter her.

"Stop that," she cried out, "you're just a boy. We can't do this. Oh god, please stop."

But Kenny had no intention of stopping his first fuck. He pounded his meat in and out of her hot cunt. Sooner than he wanted, Kenny felt the tingle in his loins telling him he was about to cum.

"Oh shit, I'm gonna shoot into her," he announced, "Huh, huh, ugh, huh. Here it comes. Eoowwwww!!!"

Mary felt the teenage cum fill her pussy. Even though he came before, his young body was able to generate a great deal of sperm. When Kenny pulled out of the used woman, Mike told him to replace Mary on the couch and for her to kneel between his legs.

When they were in position, Mike ordered Mary, "Okay Mrs. Williams, Kenny's never had a blowjob. Suck him off."

Mary looked at the slimy dick and lowered her mouth to it. She closed her mouth over it and began sucking. Kenny looked down at her bobbing head in total bliss. Mike crawled behind the unsuspecting woman and spit on his hard cock. He pointed it at the lady's virgin asshole and pushed the tip in. Mary, still sucking Kenny's dick, felt the penetration.

"Wath are thoo thoing?" she mumbled, then freeing her mouth of the cock she said more coherently, "What are you doing? Don't do that. Ouch. That hurts. Please don't do that. Ouch. Ow."

"Shut up and suck Kenny's cock," he angrily retorted. "I'll stick my dick in any of your holes I want to. Shut up and suck!"

Mary put the teenager's dick back into her mouth. Mike pushed again. He pulled out a little and then pushed. As her asshole swallowed his massive cock, her mouth swallowed the brother's cock.

Mary felt stuffed. She had a large cock in her mouth and an enormous one up her ass. Each time Mike entered her, her body lunged forward causing her mouth to plunge down on his brother's cock. Mary felt like the two cocks would meet in the middle of her belly.

"I'm going to cum," Mike announced. He pumped harder and faster than before. Mary felt like her ass was going to be ripped apart. After one last plunge, Mary felt Mike's hot cum shoot into her asshole. It filled her up and started to escape out the sides, running down her thighs. When Kenny saw his brother cum, he grabbed Mary's head and pumped his dick deep into her abused mouth. He came so hard that Mary couldn't swallow it all. Like the cum running out of her asshole, Kenny's cum dripped out the corners of her mouth. Mary felt like a pig on a skewer -- one end in her mouth and the other in her ass. Mike lay across her back with his cock rammed up her ass; his weight forcing her face into his brother's body with Kenny's cock deep in her throat.

When Mike finally pulled out of her ass, Mary was able to disengage from Kenny's cock. She collapsed on the floor, totally exhausted and used. After Mike asked his brother if he wanted to do anything else to Mary and was told he was done, Mike informed Mary she was free to leave.

"Can I use your bathroom," she sheepishly implored.

"Fuck no," Mike answered, "go home like the slut you are. And no panties either. My baby brother wants them as a souvenir."

Mary got dressed and walked to the door, cum dripping down her chin and out of her ass and pussy. When she got in the car she wiped her face the best she could and drove home.

* * * *

For the next few weeks, Mary continued to service her blackmailer at the office and his home. Usually Kenny joined them at the house.

One Saturday Mary rang the doorbell at the designated time. Inside the house, Kenny was waiting with his two best friends. When Mike announced he had an appointment on Saturday, Kenny requested that he still tell Mary to come to the house. The older brother agreed.

The two friends didn't believe Kenny's story of an older woman who was his sex slave. While waiting in the house they kept ribbing him about his concocted story. This continued until the doorbell chimed. Both friends went to their planned hiding place while Kenny answered the door. They still expected it to be a setup and anxiously waited. However, when the door flung open and a gorgeous woman with long blonde hair appeared, both boys gulped.

"Come in," Kenny said to the obedient woman.

When Mary entered the family room she looked around.

"Mike's not here," Kenny informed her. "He told me to play without him. That's okay with you, isn't it?"

Mary slowly nodded her concurrence. Kenny sat down in the chair and told Mary he wanted to be entertained.

"Lift your skirt. I want to see what your panties look like today."

Mary quietly lifted the hem of her skirt to her chest, displaying everything below her waist to the young boy sitting in the chair and, unknown to her, his two teenage friends.

"Make me hot," Kenny demanded. "Do something that will get me excited."

Still holding her skirt up, Mary spread her legs and slightly bent her knees. She began thrusting her pubic area outwards. She began talking dirty, "Kenny, look at my body. Do you like it? It's yours. Do you see my panties? Are they sexy? I wore them especially for you. You know what's behind them. My juicy pussy is so hot for you."

Mary then lowered one hand to her crotch and began running her fingers all over her pussy area. At one point she slipped her hand inside and massaged her cunt. Her panties bulged from the invading hand. Mary spread her legs further apart as she played with herself.

Kenny smiled at the show. Not only was he enjoying it, but he knew his friends now believed his story. He pulled down his shorts freeing his hard cock.

"Oh yes, Mrs. Williams, see how much I like it. Strip for me."

Mary extracted her hand from her panties and let her skirt drop. She did a slow bump and grind as she opened her blouse buttons. After pulling the blouse free of her skirt, Mary let it slowly fall from her body. She undid her skirt and lowered it a little so that the top of her panties showed and then let it drop to the floor. Standing in just her bra and panties, Mary began a slow sensual dance.

Kenny got up and completely disrobed. He stood in front of the woman and smiled at her performance. He reached out and unhooked her bra, pulling it off her body. As Mary continued her dance, her breasts bounced freely.

"Suck me!" the insolent boy ordered.

Mary dropped to her knees and put the throbbing cock in her mouth. She held the dick at its base while she moved her head up and down. When her lips touched her fist, she let go and grabbed the young boy's buttocks. Her mouth lowered further onto the cock. When she felt it hit her throat, she relaxed those muscles and swallowed the entire shaft. Mary, over the last few weeks, learned to deep throat a cock.

The two hiding teenagers watched in awe. First they witnessed a beautiful older woman show their friend her panties while she talked dirty to him. Then she stripped at his command. But what they were witnessing was simply unbelievable. The woman was on her knees before Kenny, blowing him.

"Mrs. Williams," the depraved boy began, "you are the greatest cocksucker in the world. The way you're sucking me tells me you want to eat my cum. Okay then, I'll give you a real big load. I'm going to shoot it straight into your belly. Here is comes. Oh shit, aaahhhh."

The friends watched all this. They saw the woman's head moving back and forth. Kenny's hips thrusting forward, fucking her mouth. Kenny grabbed the back of the woman's head and pulled it towards him as he shoved his hips forward. Her nose was smashed against his pubic hair. When they saw Kenny's ass cheeks tighten and heard him yell out, they knew he was cumming in her mouth.

Mary swallowed the young boy's cum. She was glad he came quickly. Without Mike there, maybe she could satisfy Kenny's desires expeditiously and be free to leave early. As she milked the last of Kenny's jism from his still hard cock, she heard him yell, "Come on out guys."

Mary's peripheral vision noticed the two boys enter the room. She removed her mouth from Kenny's cock and curled into a ball with her arms covering her chest.

"Wh-What's going on? Wh-Who are these boys?"

Kenny smiled mischievously down at her, "These are by buddies, Jim and Freddie. I told them you wouldn't mind them joining in."

"Oh no," the defeated woman exclaimed, "this can't be happening. No, no. Please don't make me do this. Please. I'm not a tramp... I'm not. Oh, please."

As the tears poured from her eyes, Kenny told his friends to strip. When he called to Mary, she looked up at three naked boys.

"Mrs. Williams," Kenny began, "can't you taste my cum in your mouth? You just sucked me off and swallowed my cum. Of course you're a tramp. You're a fucking, cocksucking slut. Now lie on your back and show my friends what a great body you have."

Mary remained in the fetal position while listening to the harsh words directed at her. What was she to do? Slowly she unwound her body and stretched out on her back with her hands at her sides. She closed her eyes.

Almost immediately she felt two sets of hands touching her. She guessed they were the two friends. Her breasts were being mauled -- her nipples squeezed and pulled. At one point she felt a mouth sucking one nipple. Then she noticed someone at her feet pulling her panties off and her legs apart. This new action caused the boy sucking her breast to stop. When she opened her eyes, Freddie was between her spread legs and Jim was at her side looking at her pussy. He quickly scurried to join his friend.

Their fingers touched her exposed cunt. Freddie moved over to provide his friend better access. In doing so, he straddled one of Mary's legs. As he played with her pussy he humped his hard cock on her leg. At 18 years old, he was already going to cum.

Freddie felt his orgasm approaching and wasn't sure what to do. Without thinking, Freddie crawled over to the helpless woman's head and pointed his throbbing young cock at her face. As he pumped it, he unloaded his jism all over her face.

Jim saw his friend showering the lady's face with his cum. He moved to the other side of her head and did the same. Kenny watched with glee. He felt another orgasm nearing so he moved to the woman's head, dropped to his knees, and also pumped his hot cum onto her face. When the three boys stopped cumming Mary's face was completed coated. The three boys sat back and looked at the result of their desire. They began laughing.

"Jesus," Freddie said, "look at her face."

"Yeah," Jim chimed in, "and she said she wasn't a slut. She looks like one of those facial cum pics you see on the Internet."

Mary lay there quietly. She felt the warm liquid dripping down her face. The puddles of cum in her eye sockets prevented her from opening her eyes. When she heard the snapping of a camera, Mary put her fingers to her eyes and pushed some of the cum away. After wiping her soiled fingers on her stomach she returned them to her eyes to remove more jism. Finally, after blinking a few times, Mary was able to open her eyes. The humiliated woman stared at the three young boys laughing at her. She also noticed the Polaroid camera in Kenny's hands.

"Jim, put your cock in her mouth," Kenny instructed. When his friend complied, Kenny took a couple of close-up pictures of the cum-drenched face sucking on a hard cock.

"I'm gonna fuck her now," Jim announced as he removed his dick from the woman's mouth.

When Jim positioned himself between the adult's spread legs, Kenny ordered her to put his friend's cock into her pussy.

"I know you want Jim to fuck you," he tormented her. "Put his cock in your cunt. Shove it in your juicy pussy. Show us how much you love to be fucked by young boys. I bet you'd fuck your own son right now... you slut."

The defeated woman guided the teenage cock to the entrance of her pussy.

"No wait," Kenny stopped the proceedings, "I have a better idea."

While looking directly into Mary's eyes, Kenny said, "Jim, she wants to fuck you so badly. I think we should let her do the work. Lie on your back. Mrs. Williams, get on top of Jim and fuck his brains out."

Mary mounted the prone body of the teenage boy. She reluctantly guided his cock into her pussy and lowered her hips. Jim's virgin cock sunk all the way up the lady's twat. Mary began fucking the young boy.

"Oh god, Kenny. It's fucking unbelievable," Jim screamed as he felt the warm recess of the older woman surrounding his cock.

"Hurry up," Freddie whined, "I wanna fuck her too."

Excitedly, Kenny yelled to his friend, "Fuck her in the ass. Go on, I've done it before. Do it while she has Jim's cock in her cunt. Double fuck her!"

The anxious teenager didn't need to be told twice. He stood behind Mary's upraised butt and located her asshole. He pointed his cock at her hole and pushed it in. After three shoves, his entire cock was inside. He actually felt Jim's cock in her other hole.

Mary felt the second boy force his cock into her ass. When in all the way, she felt completely stuffed. Each cock forced its respective hole open, but the expansion was restricted by the other. The walls of her pussy and asshole were snugly rubbing against the two hard cocks. She heard Kenny taking more pictures.

On her hands and knees, Mary fucked the boy beneath her while his friend rammed his cock in and out of her asshole. She opened her eyes when she felt a pair of hands on the top of her head. Standing before her was Kenny. His erection pointing at her.

"Open wide, Mrs. Williams," Kenny gloated, "you have one more hole to fill."

Mary opened her mouth and the depraved teenager shoved his cock inside it. Mary was now servicing three boys at the same time.

"I'm gonna cum," Jim announced.

"Yeah, me too," Freddie chimed in.

"Let's all cum at the same time," Kenny said. "We'll fill every hole she has with cum."

Mary felt her pussy fill with warm cum. Almost instantaneously, a large amount of sperm was deposited inside her bowels. Kenny grabbed her head and violently fucked her mouth. She gagged when he unloaded into her mouth, but was able to swallow his shooting cum.

When the three boys pulled out of Mary, the exhausted and used woman rolled off Jim and collapsed onto the floor. The teenagers also fell to the floor, surrounding the woman. They sat there smiling at each other as they studied the naked woman in front of them. Cum was oozing out of all her holes and her face was coated with a layer of drying cum.

Jim crawled over and straddled Mary's face. On his hands and knees, he positioned his slimy cock at her lips. "Suck me clean, you whore."

When Mary opened her mouth, Jim lowered his hips, forcing his cock into her mouth. He relentlessly fucked her mouth. She wasn't really giving him a blowjob -- he was fucking her mouth.

Freddie scrambled between Mary's legs. "I want to feel a cunt on my cock." While his friend fucked the woman's mouth, Freddie pounded away in her cunt.

"Open your mouth," Jim ordered, "open it wide.'

Jim aimed his cock at the lady's gaping mouth. Jerking off, his first load hit her on the forehead, leaving a white trail over her nose and to her mouth. The second load flew directly into her open mouth, as did the next one. The remaining loads landed on her chin, nose, and cheeks.

When Jim dismounted the woman, he watched his friend's cock ram in and out of her used pussy. He was really pounding her. Finally, Freddie let out a howl and came. Afterwards, he climbed over her body and forced his slimy cock into her mouth. The three teenage boys watched as the lady sucked him clean.

As customary, Mary went home without being allowed to wash up. The boys kept her panties so the cum in her pussy and asshole seeped through her skirt and onto the car seat. She tried to wipe the dried cum from her face, but it required a wet cloth which she didn't have.

As she drove home, Mary realized this was going to be her new life. She was her blackmailers' sex slave.


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