Erotic Stories  by  Switch Blayde

These stories are intended for adults only and include very graphical, explicit sexual content.

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The Stories
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Matilda and the Assassin  -  Chapter 1,  Chapter 2,  Chapter 3,  Chapter 4,  Chapter 5,
                                                       Chapter 6,  Chapter 7,  Chapter 8,  Chapter 9,  Chapter 10

 After a 13-year-old girl's family is murdered, she turns to a man in her apartment building for help -- a professional hitman. Seeking revenge, she is willing to do anything to acquire the necessary skills.    (Inspired by the movie "The Professional" starring a 13-year-old Natalie Portman.)
Hetero, MF, Mf, 1st Time, Violence (not sexual violence)

Taming of the Shrew  -  Chapter 1,  Chapter 2,  Chapter 3,  Chapter 4,  Chapter 5,  Chapter 6

 A female executive is heading for a nervous breakdown. What will she give up to have peace of mind? This is more of a subjugation story; the sex being secondary.
Hetero, Dom/Sub, Mdom

Latent Desires  -  Chapter 1,  Chapter 2,  Chapter 3,  Chapter 4

 A friend provides a woman a potion to improve her sex with her husband but "the best laid plans..."
Hetero, Drug, Incest, Reluctant

Bookstore Encounter

 A coed in a bookstore accidentally flashes the man sitting across from her. Embarrassment turns to much more.
Hetero, Stranger Sex, Exhibitionism, Cheating

A Mother's Dilemma  -  Chapter 1,  Chapter 2,  Chapter 3

 To help her daughter, a mother must make a life changing decision.
Hetero, Adult/Teen, 1st Time, Cheating

Thinking With Your Dick

 He broke into her house and forced her, but who would have guessed how she would react?
Hetero, Non-Consent

Deceiving my Mother

 A boy devises a unique plan to have sex with his mother.
Hetero, Incest, Non-Consent

The Hitchhiker

 A big city boy picks up a small town hitchhiker and ends up with an experience he never dreamed of.
Slut, Stranger Sex, Public Sex

Wet Dream Schoolteacher  -  Chapter 1,  Chapter 2,  Chapter 3

 A schoolteacher loves to tease her students which leads to more than she had planned.
Hetero, Cheating, Slut Wife, Teacher/Student, 1st Time, Exhibitionism

Learning the Pleasure of Submitting

 A dominant woman meets her match.
Hetero, Reluctant, Female Submissive, Humiliation, Stranger Sex, Public Sex

Helpful Brother-in-law

 A man gets a surprise request from his wife.
Hetero, Cheating

It's in the Cards  -  Part 1,  Part 2

 Story about two girlfriends, a secret, and a card game.
Bisexual (F/F/M), 1st time, Group, Masturbation, Voyeurism

Close Circle of Friends

 A college boy finds himself disoriented and in a helpless situation after attending a party.
Bisexual (F/F/M/M), Bondage (light), Swapping, Group

Wife Pays for Husband's Shortcomings  -  Chapter 1,  Chapter 2,  Chapter 3,
                                                             Chapter 4,  Chapter 5,  Chapter 6,  Chapter 7,  
                                                             Chapter 8,  Chapter 9,  Chapter 10 

 A woman is blackmailed by her husband's boss to become his sexual plaything.
Bisexual (M/F/F), Blackmail, Humiliation, Cheating, Incest,
Stranger Sex, Voyeurism, Slut, Gangbang, 1st Time

Thanksgiving Request

 A man receives a request from the niece of a dear friend.
Hetero, Adult/Teen, 1st Time, Cheating

Haunted House  -  Chapter 1,  Chapter 2,  Chapter 3,  Chapter 4

 A field trip to a reputed haunted house is filled with surprises -- a who-done-it with sex.
Hetero, Non-Consent, Reluctant, Oral, Anal

Cum Contest

 A woman wants to submit an entry to a website's 'facial' contest, but her husband can't produce enough sperm.
Hetero, Woman/Multiple Men, Stranger Sex, Wife, Interracial, Cheating

Daddy's Little Girl

 A father discovers a secret about his daughter.
Bisexual (M/F/F), Female Submissive, Incest (father/daughter), Humiliation, Wife, Interracial, Voyeurism

Torment of a Conscience

 A man lusts after his young neighbor, transforms into a sexual deviant, and confesses his sins.
Hetero, Non-Consent, Adult/Teen, 1st Time

Forced Lust

 A man forces a family to engage in sex.
Bisexual (F/F/M), Incest (family), 1st Time, Reluctant

Amnesia  -  Chapter 1,  Chapter 2,  Chapter 3

 A woman loses her memory.  Her past is a mystery.  Who can she trust?
Hetero, Public Sex

The Preacher's Wife  -  Part 1,  Part 2,  Part 3,  Part 4,  Part 5,
                                             Part 6,  Part 7,  Part 8,  Part 9,  Part 10 

 The sexually repressed wife of a preacher has hidden desires that are brought out by a stranger.
Bisexual (F/F/M/M), Cheating, Reluctant, Public Sex, Stranger Sex, Blackmail,
Voyeurism, Slut Wife, Swinging, Group, Incest, Cuckold, Teen/Adult, 1st Time

Comforting My Niece

 A recently divorced young woman visits her uncle for support... and gets more than she expected.
Hetero, Incest (uncle/niece)

Drunken Teacher

 A fateful encounter between a college student and his female professor.
Hetero, Non-Consent, 1st Time, Drugs (alcohol)

Boyfriend's Parents

 A girl falls madly in love and does whatever her boyfriend wants.  But she wonders why he hates his dad so much.
Hetero, 1st Time, Female Submissive, Cheating

Employee Slave

 A young married woman is told by her boss what she has to do to keep her job... and it changes her.
Non-Consent (blackmail), Mdom, Hetero, Cheating, Public Sex

Mommy and her Baby Boy

 An incest story with a twist.  Read it to understand why.
Incest, Hetero

Hot Mom

 A single mom comes home drunk and passes out in front of her teenage son.  Hmmm?
Hetero, Incest (mother/son), Non-Consent, 1st Time

Under His Spell

 A man hypnotizes his wife's sister and immediately realizes the possibilities.  Find out what happens.
Mind Control (hypnosis), Brother-in-law/Sister-in-law, Hetero, Cheating

A Wife Ignored

 It was their tenth wedding anniversary and Trish was going to make it one to remember.  But when her husband decides to work late, the ignored wife storms out of the house and embarks on an adventure she never expected.
Hetero, Young Man/Older Woman, Cheating, Stranger Sex, Public Sex

Mind the Teacher  -  Part 1,  Part 2

 Imagine a high school teacher daydreaming in class about his lovely student when he discovers the girl acts out his thoughts.  What would you do?  Find out what he does.
Mind Control, Voyeurism, Adult/Teen, 1st Time, Bisexual (M/F/F), Public Sex, Humiliation, Interracial

The Safe Deposit Box  -  Part 1,  Part 2,  Part 3

 What's cheaper than a hotel room for a lunchtime 'quickie' with your secretary?  The Safe Deposit Room at your local bank, of course.  Find out what happens when the eager young bank employee stumbles on the action.
Teen/Adults, 1st Time, Public Sex, Bisexual (F/F/M), Incest (mother/daughter), Coercion


 A single mom, trying to give her children what she can't afford, steals some computer equipment from work and gets caught on a surveillance camera.  Unfortunately for her, the young security guard takes advantage of the situation.
Non-Consent, Blackmail, Older Woman/Younger Man, Adult/Teen, Woman/Multiple Males