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Story TitlePlot Overview
The Play A man watches his lovely pursuit choose her co-star over him during a heated, private rehearsal.
A Wife's Wedding Day Cheat A beautiful new bride lustfully remembers the fling that almost was. He shows up at the reception...
Playing Doctor With Mr. Next Door A young wife and mother can't resist the next door neighbor, but what does she tell her little daughter?
I'm Going to Fuck Your Wife A Protect your loved one thriller.
The Substance Part I Those drinks seem powerful, too powerful. A girl realizes this after being invited to a party, but realizes it too late.
The Substance Part II A newly married couple moves in next door. The wife is too hot to ignore. Time for the substance...
The Girl and the Ouija Clive, a spirit from beyond, possesses a seventeen-year old girl to satisfy his, her's, and her father's sexual passion in a house ruled by a repressive mother. Once she is 'open' to him, the field trip to the science center allows an orgy of satisfaction.
Bachelorette Party - The Stripper's GameThe wedding day is fast approaching. The blushing bride tries to preserve her purity, but falls into the stripper's game.
I Had to Have Her... A man is obsessed by his sexy Chinese secretary. But she's married and very traditional. He comes up with the plan...
Honeymoon Visitor A woman begins her honeymoon with her husband. A strange man stares at her. Then smiles. Then kisses. Then touches. Then visits...
Time Raper The ability to go ten minutes into the past... The potential is obvious.
Breakfast A man returns to his old home town to renew an old friendship. But his friend is busy at work, leaving him alone at breakfast with the well-endowed Asian wife. A wife currently breast-feeding their new baby.
The Substance Part III The new target: a beautiful young mother on vacation with her two children.
To Save the Ship A Sci-Fi tale of a man and his wife in space. A wife... who has to make the ultimate sacrifice.
Sleepwalker Mysterious, catatonic walks by a man's gorgeous fiancee' trouble a young couple. Especially because she does then semi-nude and masturbates on the first hard object she finds. What could be causing it?
Another Wife Playing DoctorDifferent woman, different man in a similar situation. But this time, he IS a doctor. And the woman, obsessed with breast-feeding, is desperate to be pregnant again.
Intent A man intends to make love to a beautiful woman. A young, church-going, married woman.
Modeling An Asian beauty is coerced into modeling tops, much to the dismay of her jealous boyfriend. She is innocent, naiive, and soon modeling more than tops.
The Substance Part IV A birthday DJ gig for a very attractive, skimpy bikini clad young lady. It is a pool party
Earthquake Disaster strikes -- or does it? A man is trapped in an elevator with the woman of his desire. Co-written with Kathy
Samaritan ArrangementA young, poor couple arrive from China. Two well-meaning American guys agree to put them up for minimal rent. And to teach the captivating, sexy Chinese bride some American ways.
The CabinA short tale about a guy getting the girl...
Tracy's AssetsDesperate to erase a looming debt, an attractive young girl turns to a secret source of income.

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