This primary purpose of this project is to create audio versions of popular stories for the benefit of reading challenged people (blind, dyslexic, etc.). Although we expect that many other people will enjoy the audio versions, they are not our primary audience.

Since this is an all volunteer project, we can always use help with something. Please check the Help Wanted page. Many productions have small parts that require only a few minutes to record and no, a great voice is not required.


I received this in an email:

I am a 24-year-old blind person, who found the Stories on MP3 site just a few days ago. I'm quite a fan of adult stories, but have found it hard to find anything useful on the net until now. Many sites are really just picture sites, or they promote only wild, careless sex, which I'm not into at all. I have listened to the works that are available on the Stories on MP3 site, and I think, they're done quite well. I used to say that it doesn't matter whether you have a real voice or a screen reader do it. Actually, I've heard some erotic stories read by shy or completely uninterested people, which in my opinion is worse than a screen reader. But your stories are made with interest and emotion and without shyness, which is really cool. so definitely keep up the good work.


August 15, 2007: Chapter Ten of The Ghosts of Christmas Past.

March 27, 2007: Just posted the critical, pivotal Chapter Nine of The Ghosts of Christmas Past. Enjoy!

Project Mailing List

I have established a Yahoo group for project volunteers and anyone else interested in the project. You can subscribe by sending an email to: - or visit the group Web page at:

Story Codes

If you read enough stories and talk to enough people about them, you will quickly realize that there are a great many stories that either appeal to - or repel - certain readers based entirely upon the varieties of sexual activities, fetishes and situations that they contain. To make it easier for readers to find stories that interest them or avoid stories that will not, a semi-standardized set of story content codes has evolved. They may be found on this page: