This Site is Closed.

"SpectreHawk's Ghost Writers" is no longer operating. This site has been superceded by a more active organization.

Please click here to go to Electronic Wilderness Publishing

EWP now has all of Net Wolf's stories, including the rest of CAMP: Ron's Journey and also all of Artifacts I: The Gathering Begins. They are also carrying Matrix Legion's work, though that has not changed as of 1/1/02.

Net Wolf has returned as a fully active author, though you may find him slightly harder to communicate with. This is an effort to protect himself from the slings and arrows that gave him so much trouble last year around this time. Please bear with him: he wants to stay active, and he feels that this added level of insulation is what he needs to do that.

I'm not going away. As a matter of fact, I'm the leading nut in the EWP madhouse. I've enjoyed my time on ASSTR, but our current site would simply have been too much for their server to handle. I thank Rey and all the ASSTR staff for their assistance and support. Now, why are you still reading this? GO TO EWP!!!