A Momentary Lapse

(A flash story in 294 words.)

"When I was your age, girls didn't do this on the first date," he said smiling.

She giggled, rising up and down on his cock, small breasts jiggling. "Is that what you'd call this, a date?"

His hands on her hips urged her faster. "I don't know and frankly I don't care."

"Why, Pete, you're such a bad boy." She bent down and licked his lips.

He moaned. He'd probably hate himself in the morning - hell, he knew he would. "Amanda..."

She moved her mouth to a nipple and started nibbling and sucking.

Fuck it, he'd deal with his conscience some other time.

* * *

"Don't," he said, removing her hand from his crotch. He skirted around the edge of the couch, edgy.

She pouted. "We're all alone. Carly won't be back from the movies for at least another hour."

"No, this isn't right."

"It was 'right' two months ago."

"That was a mistake, Amanda, a very big mistake." He ran his hands through his graying hair. "You're a teenager for Christ's sake, my daughter's best friend!"

"Pete," her voice was cajoling.

"Mr. Stevens, not Pete. Mr. Stevens." He had to regain control. When had he lost it? He couldn't remember.

"You didn't mind me calling you Pete when I was sliding up and down your hard --"


She continued as if she hadn't heard him, walking slowly around the couch, stalking, prey become predator. "It's perfectly normal. You're a man with needs; divorced, not dead."

"No!" More forceful. "It's over. It was a momentary lapse of reason, that's all. Over."

She smiled, a secret smile. "Well, your 'momentary lapse' had some lasting consequences, Pete."

As he watched with growing dread, she took his hand and placed it on her stomach.


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