Fear of Flying

(A flash story in 350 words.)

"Sure, honey," she purred seductively, "we can do that, too, but it'll cost you extra."

Jim paused in the middle of unbuckling his pants. "Shelia, what are you talking about?"

She laughed. "You're so fucking tense, I was trying to make a joke."

"Look can we --"

Her mouth locked onto his, cutting off the rest of his sentence. Her hands finished unfastening his pants, and they fell to his ankles.

She found his cock through the hole in his briefs. "What's this you've got for me?"

"A present."

She pushed the briefs down his hips, freeing his erection. With a light shove on his chest, he sat down on the toilet. She turned her back to him and raised her skirt, revealing her bare sex. "I like presents," she said, using a hand to guide him inside her.


Using her legs for leverage, she started bouncing up and down.

"Shit, Shelia!"

"You said 'fast and hard'," she breathlessly reminded him.

"Oh, Jesus, you keep this up and I'm not going to last."

"Come to mama, come, honey," she coaxed.

A few more strokes and she could feel him tense and pump into her.

When he was finished, she got up and used toilet paper to clean herself off. They stood in the small confines, him refastening his pants, her straightening her skirt. Finished, she unlocked the bathroom stall and he followed her out.

In the after-hours glow of muted lighting, the office restroom almost looked romantic.

"You're right," Jim said, "it did release my tension."

"Told you," Shelia replied, checking her hair and makeup in the mirror. "You just get the missus to join you in the 'mile high club' and that long flight to Paris next week will be a snap."

He sighed. "This second honeymoon's going to feel more like death row."

She laughed. "That's only because you hate flying."

"Are you sure you don't want to come with us?" he asked, only half joking.

"Honey," she said, patting him on the cheek on her way out, "I may be a secretary, but I'm not stupid."


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