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Authors Note: Found this posted on a Yahoo site, I think that it showed real promise but was never completed. I think that the story can go several ways and one day I think I’ll finish it



Hayley looked herself up and down in the full length mirror, which hung in the hallway of her step mother's house. She wasn't best pleased with the reflection. It wasn't that she was fat, more plump than anything else. Puppy fat was a problem for a lot of sixteen year olds. She was curvy. Pear shaped maybe, but attractive. And her blonde hair and blue eyes helped get a good few of the boys at school interested. Just this morning she realised that Malcolm Harris wasn't actually the clumsiest boy alive. No one could have dropped their pen under the desk and had to dive down to retrieve it that often. The last two times, she decided to actually LET him look up her skirt. She found the attention quite exciting.


The house was empty. Her step mum wouldn't be back from work for another half hour, but Abbie should have been back by now. Abbie was sexy. Everybody said so. She was everything Hayley wasn't, tall, slim, dark haired and a smile that could melt you at a thousand paces. Plus, she was nineteen.


She had a job, money and men crying themselves to sleep over her for miles around. Hayley hated her. And she knew Abbie despised her. So when she was alone in the house, Hayley would go into her step sisters room and mess about, wasting her perfume, scratching her CD's and trying on clothes. The one thing Hayley did admire about Abbie was her taste in underwear. Abbie could afford much nicer stuff than she could. And in particular, there was one matching set of bra and knickers that Hayley loved. She knew Abbie saved them for certain occasions, so she would often try them on and lounge around the house, stuffing her face with chocolate. To be honest, they didn't really fit her, but she liked to think of it as an insult to her older sibling, even if she would never find out. So there she stood, admiring herself, her chest almost spilling out of the bra cups and the matching white knickers struggled to contain her ample bottom but the silk just felt so much nicer then the cotton of her own things.


She was totally lost in her own little world, as the front door opened and Abbie hurried in.


Abbie shut the door behind her and made for the kitchen. Stopping dead in her tracks, she saw Hayley admiring herself. Recognising the underwear as her own, she struggled to take in the scene before her. Hayley remained oblivious to her step sister’s presence.


She slowly wandered into the front room. Abbie cleared her throat, causing the sixteen year old to spin around in her direction. She gulped loudly. Abbie began to advance on her. "What the hell are you doing?" she asked, the anger building inside her.


Hayley began to panic. She knew she was in trouble. She backed into the front room, shaking and knocking into chairs.


"Well?" Abbie demanded.


Hayley tried to talk, but the words just wouldn't come. Deciding retreat was the best form of attack, she made to bolt past the older girl.


Abbie grabbed hold of a chunk of Hayley's blond hair on the way past, and yanked her backwards. Causing the

girl to scream. Landing in a heap on the floor, her thighs shuddered with the impact. Abbie advanced on her.

Quickly standing astride the younger girl, who by now had rolled onto her back.


"Please Abbie, I'm sorry", begged Hayley.


But Abbie had already decided to have some fun, and nobody was going to stop her now. Abbie swiftly hitched up the skirt of her light grey suit and dropped heavily onto Hayley's heaving chest. Sitting on her tits and kneeling on her arms.


Hayley screamed in terror. She couldn't believe this was happening.


Abbie settled down comfortably. She gripped the younger girls face between her silky smooth thighs. "So, you like wearing my knickers do you? Well how about the one's I'm wearing?” she said menacingly. With that, Abbie hitched her skirt right up around her waist and slid slowly forward, the smooth black material of her tightly knickered crotch rubbing on Hayleys chin. "Not sure? Well perhaps you should have a closer look", said Abbie, her crotch sliding forward and engulfing Hayleys face as she spoke.


Hayleys mouth and nose were pressed firmly into her step sisters panties. If she could have screamed, she would have. Hayley's eyes began to fill with tears. She tried desperately to push the older girl off of her, but it was useless. She couldn't ever hope to shift her.


Abbie stared down into the younger girls eyes. "How does it feel to have me sitting on your face darling", she enquired. "I bet you’re enjoying it really, and you better stop crying. I don't want you getting my knickers wet you little c*&t".


Hayley had never felt such humiliation. She was considered a bit of a bitch at school, a mixer and trouble maker.


Abbie was really enjoying this. Feeling Hayley squirm and wriggle beneath her was fantastic beyond belief. Just then a thought crossed Abbie's mind. She smiled to herself and readjusted her position on Hayley's face, totally engulfing the younger girls face into her crotch.


Slowly at first, but gaining speed, Abbie began to ride her step sisters. It felt electric, but before she could really enjoy herself, the sound of the front door opening made her stop what she was doing. She turned her head around to see her Mother enter the room carrying a bag of shopping.


Abbie's Mother stopped dead in her tracks. She wasn't really expecting to see her daughter sitting astride the face of her step daughter. "Having fun?", she enquired as she placed the shopping on the floor and moved to stand behind Abbie, straddling Hayley's waist.



"She stole money from my room Mum". Abbie lied. "So I thought I'd teach her a lesson. But then she said such horrible things about you, well I couldn't let her get away with it so I sat on her face to stop her talking".


Lorraine had given birth to Abbie when she was 17 years old, and it had taken about three minutes to get her figure back. To say she was sexy as hell was an understatement. She was the typical Irish beauty, pale skinned and dark haired and with an intellect to cut through even the most well researched argument. She had always been attractive, but now she seemed to have taken on the glow of a woman experienced in most walks of life. She considered herself to be a strong, intelligent woman. Someone who was fair, honest and prepared to give anyone a chance, no matter what.


But she really hated Hayley. Hayley was her husband’s daughter from his first marriage and had been nothing but hostile towards her ever since they had first met. She had often thought about humiliating the young girl, but had resisted temptation. Up until now anyway, but the sight of her sexy daughter facesitting the little bitch into submission was actually quite arousing as well as exciting. She felt an urge building inside her. A longing burned within her.


She'd felt this once before. A long time ago, when she was sixteen, back then she'd been living in her first flat with two other girls. Sophie and Krista, Sophie was Welsh, 5'6" and blonde, with a figure to die for, Krista was Japanese, her real name being to difficult to pronounce she opted for a more European name instead.


Lorraine remembered one hot summer night at her first flat. She was so excited to be living with two older girls, Krista being 26 and Sophie being 22. She'd met Sophie at work in the clothes shop near her old home. They had gotten on very well and Lorraine was thrilled at the chance to move in with her new found friend when it was offered.


She and Krista had never really gotten on from day one. Krista was arrogant, opinionated and a bit stupid. Everything Lorraine hated. So when Krista had started to refuse to pay rent, it was only a matter of time before the other two girls dealt with her. The two of them decided the best way to get Krista out was to make her life as unbearable as possible. Lorraine had many suggestions. Sophie had only one and at first it shocked Lorraine. But being so young, she agreed to go ahead with it.


Although she couldn't admit it, what Sophie had suggested excited her to the point of breaking. The pair of them waited until Krista emerged from the shower and wandered into her room. Giving her a few minutes, they knocked upon her bedroom door. Krista opened it to reveal herself clad only in pink satin panties with matching bra. She was about to speak when Sophie punched her in the face, sending her sprawling back onto the bedroom floor.


Lorraine sprang into action, darting forward and quickly straddling the Asian girls face, pinning her arms beneath her legs. Lorraine’s mini skirt rode up around her waist, showing off her white lacy panties. Krista struggled to get the girl who was ten years her junior off of her face, but to no avail. Lorraine simply rode her victim down until she stopped struggling.


By now, Sophie had removed her blue dress and stood nearby watching, dressed only in matching white bra and knickers, with tan coloured stockings held up with a Laura Ashley suspender belt. She slowly walked over to where Lorraine pinned the helpless Krista. "My turn", she had said.


Which Lorraine took to mean she should let her mentor have a go. Sliding back onto Krista's chest, she sat heavily crushing the Japanese girl’s tits. Sophie had dropped quickly onto Krista's face in a reverse face straddle, smothering her with her arse, thighs and crotch. The poor girl kicked and struggled throughout the entire evening’s ordeal.


She would certainly never forget the evening those two women had taken turns to facesit her for seven hours, culminating in an entire hour of both girls straddling her face at once, but she had learnt her lesson and Lorraine could quite clearly see that Hayley was learning her lesson right now. She gazed at Abbie’s sexy little backside which was now crushing Hayley's tits beneath it. Clad only in a sexy little thong, she thought back to when she was nineteen and wondered why she had always opted for fuller knickers, just as she did today.


She stared down into Hayley's round face, framed between Abbie's soft smooth thighs. "Well, you've had a thong clad crotch on your face little girl. How about going for the full set and with that she slid her long grey skirt over her hips and let it fall to the floor, revealing her black briefs. "Sit on her face again sweetheart and let me sit behind you on her chest", said Lorraine to her daughter. Abbie grinned and did as instructed, once more engulfing Hayley's face with her crotch. Lorraine lowered herself heavily onto the teenager’s soft tits. Crushing them and forcing the air from the girl’s lungs once more. "Now kneel up on her hands and I'll sit astride her face", instructed the 36 year old woman.


Abbie knelt up and allowed her Mother to move up close behind her. She quickly jumped to her feet and turned around. She was enchanted by the sight of her sexy Mother sitting astride the face of her step daughter, legs upon arms, knees upon hands, tightly knickered crotch upon mouth and nose. She looked into Hayley's eyes. They were filled with both tears and terror.


Her concentration was broken by her Mother's voice. "Bring me my phone book would you, I've an idea". "I know someone who would never forgive me if I let them miss out on this". Abbie hurried out to the phone and grabbed the book. Handing it to her Mother along with the phone, she took up position astride Hayley's waist.


The end (for now)