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My stories are mostly non-consensual and they often depict violent slavery of very young girls, with large amounts of torture, humiliation and killing.

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Short (< 500 words) or Very Short (< 100 words) Stories (WSA-GSA Universe*)

Title Story Codes Summary Date
Destiny nc, semi/reluct, preteen, ped, teen, humil, rape, snuff, tort, preg, gyno, img That's their destiny, they're only commodities to be sold and used and discarded.
Women's Day semi/reluct, preg, inc, ped, preteen, tort, humil, rape, gyno, img Give your daughter the gift she deserves!
Three Pregnant Girl Scenes semi/reluct, preteen, ped, teen, tod, humil, rape, snuff, tort, preg, gyno, img Pregnant girls on the chopping block or on the market. Make your bid, before they and their children are sold or butchered.
Three Moms and Daughters Scenes nc, semi/reluct, cons, preteen, inc, snuff, preg, piss, torture, menstr, rape, humil, gyno, img Three Sweet Scenes with Moms and Daughters
Welcome Gift nc, humil, tort, snuff, hang, rape, img It warms your heart and your cock.
Hanging Scenes - Part 3 nc, tort, hang, snuff, gyno, teen, humil, img Third part of these sweet hanging scenes
Hanging Scenes - Part 2 nc, semi/reluct, ped, teen, preteen, hang, snuff, gyno, tort, humil, preg, img Another Three Sweet Hanging Scenes.
Grade School Killings nc, ped, tort, rape, snuff, hang, humil, amp, img Come with us to torture to death a whole school of little girls.
Three Hanging Scenes semi/reluct, nc, hang, tort, rape, preteen, humil, ws, gyno, img Three Sweet Hanging Scenes.
Master, I'm yours cons, semi, preg, snuff, tort, humil, img What can you do with a slave?
Humble Slave Prayer cons, snuff, hang, rape, tort, humil, img Humble slaves have wishes too.
My ideal slave semi, inc, ped, preteen, teen, humil, img How do I obtain my ideal slaves?
Slaver Card nc, tort, rape, ped, preg, tod, inc, humil, img All the advantages of my new credit card.
First Pregnancy Test nc, tort, ped, preg, snuff, tod, inc, humil, img The first test I do after my slaves give birth.
I Can nc, ped, teen, preteen, hang, rape, inc, snuff, tort, img What can I do with my slaves? Whatever I want, obviously.
Akane cons, humil, preteen, rape, img Akane is my new asian 9yo slave girl.
Personal Slave Sister reluct, ped, preg, tort, snuff, tod, inc, humil, rape, img My daughters go to their brothers as slaves.
Choice tort, ped, snuff, gyno, img A young girl get tortured until she agrees to kill her younger sister.
Weekly Turn nc, hang, snuff, tort, ped, humil, rape, img Why turns are so important in my household.
Sinking a slave nc, snuff, drowning, tort, ped, img A slave is sinked immediately after sex.
Submission of Women and Girls semi, rape, ped, preteen, inc, preg, humil, img The process and the beauty of slavery explained.
Pregnant Slaves semi, rape, ped, preteen, preg, tort, img How I converted my wife and daughter to be my pregnant slaves.
Is she going to die? ped, hang, tort, img A little girl hopes to live while standing with the neck in the noose.
My little baby girl inc, ped, amp, img He amputated his daughter and now she's limbless and a perfect sex toy.
Death of an unborn girl semi, preg, snuff, hang, img A couple of women get the rope while one is pregnant.


Snuff Girl for men Magazine

Snuff Girl for men Snuff Girl for men ( nc, snuff, rape, inc, tod, ped, preteen, teen, hang, tort, humil, amp, best, gyno, img )
NEW  :  Number 21/14 out now!

"In our special magazine we will bring you stories about the demises and deaths of tens of young girls, their mothers, sisters and daughters"

Long or Recurring Stories (WSA-GSA Universe)

Title Story Codes Summary Date
Kim nc, humil, snuff, tort, gyno Kim is about to receive unwelcome attentions from an older gentleman and her husband is not going to protect her.
Expanded (and modified) version of a story I wrote for a contest at The Dolcettish Forums
Introduction N/A Introduction to the WSA-GSA Universe. In short, it's set in the first decade of 21th century but with an alternative history of the 20th century behind.
Not necessary to read the stories, especially the one-shots, but useful to understand certain allusions.

Author's Note:
Most of the recurring stories that I already have, they were written when I first started my take on the WSA Universe.
They were my very initial experiences at writing and as such they suck, badly. Not the ideas, those are nice, but the writing itself is often rough and unpleasant.
I've started to re-write some of them and I'll publish them here when they're ready.
But don't hold your breath in the meantime: nowadays I like the short one-shot format a lot more and I'm not really in any rush to work on those long, complicated and mostly unfinished stories.

Story Codes Legend:

nc non-consensual, victims fighting, anger
semi/reluc Semi-consensual, following orders, begins non-consensual and ends consensual, accepting fate.
Reluctant, starts out as rape but she likes it.
cons consensual, happily embracing or submitting to fate
preg involving pregnant women and their unborn children
snuff involving death
hang involving hanging or breath control
img tipically a short story based on one or more drawings
inc incest
tod toddler, involving girls from 0 to 3
ped pedo, involving girls from 3 to 12
preteen pre-teen, involving girls from 10 to 14
teen involving girls from 12 to 19
amp involving amputation or amputees
tort involving torture and/or unconsensual pain
humil involving humiliation and/or psychological abuse
mc involving mind control through magic, drugs or hypnosis (but not blackmail)
best bestiality, sex with animals
rape violent rape, almost equivalent to nc
menstr sex during a woman's menstruation
drowning killing a slave by drowning her
gyno gynophagia, using women as meat, cooking girls or women over fire or in an oven
ws watersports, golden showers, pissing on slave or slave pissing, often implies humil

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