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Welcome to my little abode of horrors and pleasures. I am Sir Snuff, your host.

In here you'll find your worst nightmares, tales of violence and depravity created by sick minds for the perverse pleasure of us all.

You'll read about the painful demise of young girls, tortured to death for the pleasure of the onlookers, and you'll learn how to butcher and cook beautiful women under the terrified eyes of their own daughters.

Be warned, this is not a place for weak hearts or feeble minds but a place where to rejoice in the highest form of pleasure, the pleasure of evil and cruelty.

Per me si va ne la città dolente,
per me si va ne l'etterno dolore,
per me si va tra la perduta gente.
Giustizia mosse il mio alto fattore:
fecemi la divina podestate,
la somma sapienza e 'l primo amore.
Dinanzi a me non fuor cose create
se non etterne, e io etterno duro.
Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'entrate

Dante Alighieri at the Gate of Hell, Divina Commedia, Canto III

This site hosts both my own stories and those of other authors, found here and there on the net, that I love and that I feel are somehow related to my own (if one of the original authors wants a story removed, contact me here)

Please, let me know what you think of this site and of my stories. Send comment here.

I answer all mails that bear at least a minimum of politeness and proper language.

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Sir Snuff Stories  

Violent slavery, impregnation, torture, killing and eating

of very young girls and their pregnant mothers.

Most common story codes
: nc, semi/reluct, ped, tod, preteen, teen, preg, tort, ws, gyno, snuff, inc, hang, amp, rape, humil, img


Collection : Non-Consensual or Violent

Author Tags Description Best Stories
Nap nc, ped, tort, humil, rape, ws

Nap is violent and harsh and his children (mostly little girls and a few little boys) are always in danger and in great pain and distress!

You'll love him!

Chronicles of Wormsford
A Visit to PP3
Kelli Paine anal bestiality humil incest nc preg rape snuff tortures Kelli Paine is a female writer that has a strong fetish for forced impregnation, torture, little girls and little boys, humiliation and a good deal of piss and scat. Her stories are often quite violent, sometimes leading the victims to their deaths, not before, however, having suffered long and hard for the pleasure of their tormenters. Pregnancy and Pain
Pregnancy Perversions
Gourmet Restaurant cons, semi/reluct, nc, gyno, snuff, tort, amp, feet, rape, humil, incest Gourmet Restaurant is the place to be if you want to taste the cooked flesh of a young, beautiful girl.
These stories are only two things in common: they have Cannibalism and Gynophagia as principal theme and they have been selected by me as my personal favourites among countless others.
The New York Jamboree
Sorority Feast
Others nc, ped, rape, snuff, humil Stories from various contributors who, evidently, like my site or my stories. Thanks! A Man's Journal
Little Girl Lover

Collection : Consensual, Semi-Consensual, Mind-Control but not Violent in general

Author Tags Description Best Stories
Frank McCoy
(Original Page)
cons, preg, ped Frank is the epitome of consensual pedophile sex. His stories always revolve around oversexed young children who want nothing more than have sex with their adults. And be impregnated (or impregnate) in the process. The pregnancy element is almost always present here. Everything is strictly consensual. A lot of incest, often multi-generational (with some funny jokes about pronoums: how do you call your's and your daughter's daughter?). The Certified Pedophile
Clayton cons, ped

Clayton's stories are nice and fuzzy, he truly loves his young lovers and cares for them.

You won't find any violence here, neither in action nor in words. And everything is strictly consensual and often well negotiated.

Babysitting Gemma
Clayton's Children - The Babysitter 
Corner Ghost cons, semi/reluct, nc, mc, ped, tort CG's stories are a mix between cohercion and consensual. There's an element of non consensuality (often avoided through some kind of mind control) but for the most part CG's kids are loved and well treated Call Me Bob
Alice - A Paul Purple Story
Turner2Corner cons, semi/reluct, nc, humil, ped, tort, mc T2C has developed the Ropeville background and most of these stories are centered on Paul Purple (PP) and his dear slaves, Pauline and Billie-Jo. Amanda - Lost From School
Naomi - Lost from the Mall


Outer links to wonderful authors

Author Tags Description Best Stories
Honda-Matic snuff, cons, nc, tort, ws, gyno, rape

In most of Honda's stories cannibalism is a normal fact of life and thus are consensual. A few however tell stories of murderers and killings.
First Class Service is about my dream airline, in which hostess are ready to service the passengers in any way, included their own lives.

First Class Service
The Butcher Shop
Helping out
Daddy Walker's Den rape, snuff, ped, tort, ws DW's stories are not the best written ever. But he's very imaginative on motivations and settings and his torture scenes are always very very cruel. Beware of a good amount of scat going around there.
True love is a complete example: full of random violence agains a completely submissive pregnant woman and her newborn daughters, who gets tortured, killed and eaten.
Anything for Anne
A Quickie for Suzie
True Love
Cannibal Land cons, semi/reluct, nc, tort, ped, gyno

Gynophagia is his main theme and he's very imaginative.
Too bad for all those doc files and for the many grammar errors. But the abundant violence against little girls (and sometimes little boys too, be warned) makes it up for it.

Gymnastic Fun
Cannibal Pageant
Sterling cons, semi/reluct, nc, tort, ped, preg, mc   The Art of Rape
Please, make me pregnant
Loliwood Studios nc, cons, semi/reluct, inc, ped, tod, preteen, teen, rape, tort, mc, ws, preg, best

Rejoyce! Lolita Bondage is born again and it's called Loliwood Studios!

Many authors, many styles, many stories.
One common factor: little kids in big trouble and lots of pain.

No snuff and killings for now. But be faithful and you'll be rewarded.

Rent my daughter
A Photographic Delight

nc, cons, semi/reluct, snuff, inc, gyno, ws, teen, rape, tort

Anonymous Cuts is a wonderful and very long story about the last few days of life of a woman whose number has been extracted in the meat lottery. Enjoy as she tries to save her daughters and her friends from her own fate in the little time she's left. Anonymous Cuts
The Chairman nc, snuff, gyno, tort, teen, rape, ws Chairman's S3 Society is a wonderful place where women have only one reason in life: to please men with their sex, with their pain and with their deaths.
These are The Three 'S'es: Sex, Screams, and Snuff.
The S3 Society Olympiad
You Bet Your Life
Anna Laura nc, snuff, tort, tod, rape, inc, ped, humil, drowning Anna Laura writes magnificent stories about liberated women who love "late abortions" and "post-birth abortions", where the baby is almost to term and killed (or aborted) just after birth, and who love to abuse and torture other females and little girls (and the random guy/boy) with the help of their men. So Casually
Ivan the Terror mc, rape, inc, ped, preteen, teen, nc, semi/cons, cons, preg In his words, he writes about the "nerd who gets the girl" through the use of some kind of mind control. Usually, he gets very young girls and sometimes their moms, all conditioned to be his slave girls. Cute and sexy and nicely written, a lot of long stories and a few short and sweet ones. Brainwashing Sister
Dark Erotic Fiction nc, semi/reluct, cons, rape, tort, snuff, humil A reincarnation of the defunct Dark Erotic Fiction site and its WSA2000 universe, direct inspiration for all my stories.
The stories are long and complex and they are published periodically in a blog format. There's a directory to avoid getting tangled in the damn wordpress, but I wanted to link to a couple of my favourite chapters of the two main stories, Rita's and Delia's.
The Chronicles of Rita Chapter 22: Vivian’s Surprise
Delia’s Story, Chapter 40: Joan Volunteers

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The Dolcettish Forums [previously known as IlPollaio, you need an account to see any of it. Quite extreme in description and graphics.]

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