Smut, smut, and nuttin but

There's not much to say about me. I'm trying things out, playing around with different forms and ideas and dynamics. My interests in erotica are writing-driven, not sex-driven; that is to say, I write what I like to write, not what I like to do. Taboo interests me, as do power dynamics, the exploration of iconography, and anything else which makes a smut piece something more than two people fucking.

If you enjoy a story (or if you don't), please feel free to let me know.

The stories:

Leah. (click for plaintext.) M/f. Brother/sister, first time.

Mary. (click for plaintext.) M/f. The Blessed Virgin Mary and the archangel Gabriel. The conception of Jesus. Somewhere between BDSM and rape.

Wendy. (click for plaintext.) M/f. The first of several stories about Wendy Darling's rape/seduction by Peter Pan's incubus-like shadow.

Hope. (click for plaintext.) M/F. A woman tries to free herself from handcuffs before her captor returns.

Grace. M/F. A priest consoles a grieving daughter.

Kristin. M/F. A man deals with his wife's turn to vampirism. Contains blood play.

Aileen. M/F. A husband's letter details his infidelity to his ex-wife.

I also write for Ruthie's Club, the only paysite I would recommend, as Simon Carraway.


This isn't anything like an inclusive list -- it's just a list of links which have caught my eye for one reason or another.

Clean Sheets, one of the better erotica webzines. Updated weekly, if I remember right. High-quality writing, fiction and otherwise.

Nerve. Generally a bit too pretentious for my tastes -- reminds me of Salon, in terms of its smugness and general "I read Gabriel Garcia Marquez when he was INDIE!" attitude. But they recently printed "Secretary," the short story which is the basis for the movie by the same name starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader. So that's good.

Bloodfetish, a webzine about exactly that. Some good stuff, some not as good.

The Secret Grrl's Archive of romantic, consensual incest stories (brother/sister), all very good.

Kristen's Incest Archive, a huge archive of stories by various authors with highs and lows in quality. More lows than highs.

Gary Jordan's Favorites, a good list of recommended online authors, etc.

Pink Pussycat's Corner, an archive of good stories with an emphasis on the rough.

If writing for art is masturbation, writing for masturbation is art.