Shon's Favorite Places


Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade is the last online comic you ever need to read when it comes to the world of gaming.

Sexy Losers

Sexy Losers is one of those perverted comic strips that you can’t even repeat to your biker buddies because the jokes are just that tasteless.

Ruthie’s Club

Ruthie’s Club is a pay erotic fiction site. Believe it or not, they have a few of my stories and they are even illustrated. Are a few of my stories worth the price of joining? You love me, right? Right?

New Wave Games

New Wave Games sell miniatures. Naked fantasy/sci-fi female miniatures to be exact. Yes, my erotic interests know no bounds.

Adam Hughes

Adam Hughes is a comic artist who just so happens to draw busty women. If I ever get bit by a radioactive artist, I hope my powers let me become Adam Hughes.

Dita Von Teese

Dita is a fetish model and burlesque dancer. This is the only pay site I frequent as Dita is always dressing up in some unique kinky fashion. Too many of my stories have started from going “Whoa, neat!” at her website.

The Institute

The Institute deals with making too much fun of fads, trends and horrors of yesteryear. My wife and I have literally cried with laughter and lost our breaths on this page. Yes, we like mocking things.


Cake is the greatest band EVER!

Comic Find

Comic Find is the best place to go when you really, really, really need that comic book that only you remember and no one else ever heard of.


The Tarot, when you need to consult the Tarot, why use a real deck? I get paper cuts, drop them, and when I pull multiple Death cards I tend to get depressed. Go online and use ancient magic the easy way!


Moby is the greatest white guy making music in his bedroom, EVER!

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