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Alexis is a vivid writer of amazing skill and range. There is a healthy splash of creativity, emotion and sheer skill in every story that she writes. If only she had more encouragement, she may become the greatest writer of us all.


IdleHand is one of those rare writers who can write about the fictional adventures of his wife and make them interesting to those who are not married to her. His stories are lengthy, well developed and a delight to read.


O-Nymph could possibly be one of my alias's and that's a compliment. She writes funny, quirky, involving stories that are always unique. "Step-son" is an excellent example of how she blends believable characters with a sense of humor and compelling plot but you'll most likely log on to catch a glimpse of her stockings.

Maria Gonzales

Maria doesn't write often anymore which is a damn shame. She's one of those writers who has so much fun telling her story, that you want to join in with a story of your own. She has perfected the art of the entertaining female exhibitionist story.


Jimmy-Hat writes a parody of the X-Files involving federal agents. Jimmy has been a big influence for me and set the bar for my Thigh Vs. Thigh stories.


Gary used to host my romance stories. Why? Hell if I ever figured it out. Gary's interest have turned from erotic stories to writing erotic webpages. It just goes to show that Muses can be mean bitches sometimes.

Celia Batau

Celia Batau writes some of the darkest and brightest stories around. Always beautiful and never forgettable, some of the themes may change your life. That is a compliment and a warning.

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