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21 November 2002

Hot Diggity! I've started the Romance section of the web page! Is this a sign of the erotic apocalypse?

Keep in mind, I've just started it and there are only four stories there right now. The rest can still be found at my FTP site.

Why haven't I done more? Well to be totally honest, I was infected with a demon succubus that ate my creative urges. It's true! She was only five inches tall but she lived inside my skull.

Her name was Mary.

Anyhoo, Mary was a rare kind of succubus that drains the creative part of a man through fucking his brain. Yes, she was literally fucking my brains out. I rather not talk about it.

I got rid of Mary with an exorcism that involved watching "Blade 2". Trust me, that movie is like arsenic to anything creative-based. It has hot vampire chicks, sure, but new and worth watching? No.

Now that I have Mary out of my head, I'm recharging my creativity with authors like Richard Laymon, Laurell K. Hamilton and lots of Invader Zim.

Remember people, fucking people's brains out is not funny or desirable.

Unless it involves blondes.

If Mary was a blonde, I might not have objected so much.

Oh well, enjoy the updates and the new romance section!

Vanessa T.N.A. Romance
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