Fun Girl

By Shaman


This story is based on the true experiences of Fun Girl. I want to thank her for her contributions that made this story possible. This is her personal story that has gone untold for a number of years. She has been so gracious to share it with us.

I was thirteen the first time my brother Richard touched me. I was so scared. He had caught me with my fingers buried in my mound. I was so close to an orgasm that I didn't hear him come in my room. That was fifteen years ago. Richard and I have this incredible relationship. Our love for each other eclipse any normal love between brother and sister. We truly belong to each other in a way that is hard to describe. I have my brother to thank for it. That first night I yanked my hand out of my panties. I was shaking with fright at the thought that he was going to tell mother. He whispered, don't stop now, you seem so close. I closed my eyes out of embarrassment. He gently slid his hand under my panties and guided his middle finger into my very wet pussy. In about two seconds I was on fire. I couldn't believe how erotic it was to have someone else touch me. After a few minutes I relaxed and began to buck against his hand. I sighed deeply and squeezed my legs together tightly on his hand as a raging orgasm filled my body. I had never felt one this huge and hot before. It lasted for a long time. I was clamped on to my brotherís hand and he was stroking my clit very gently bringing me down from my high. When my eyes opened, he said now it was his turn. I knew what he meant. I had never seen a man before much less touched one. I was getting a real indoctrination fast. I looked into the dark and saw his cock slip out of his boxer shorts. It was so long and hard. He whispered touch me. I said I don't know how. He took my hand and guided it to his cock and wrapped my hand around it. It really felt good. The skin was so soft, but underneath the muscle was rock hard. He gently moved my hand up and down the length of his shaft. I sat up on the bed and began to embrace his cock. He took spit from his mouth and placed it in my palm and the lubrication made my hand slip over the skin, He sighed the first time I pushed my small hand from his head to the base of his cock. I knew the liked it. I continued until this thin fluid started seeping from the head of his cock. I stopped, he whispered that it was okay he was going to cum. What ever that meant. He told me to lower my gown, which I did reluctantly and a minute later he sighed again and squirted this sticky liquid all over my small protruding breast. I said yuck! He told me to rub it into my breast that it would make them grow. So I did, it really felt erotic. The next morning after mother had left for work I asked him what we had done. He said we had masturbated each other, but he preferred to call it jacking. We did it every day for about a week. He would slip into my room during the night and we would jack each other. On Saturday night, he came in and slipped in bed with me. I woke up feeling his hard cock against my back. I turned over and hugged him. He whispered that he had something to show me, but I had to be real quiet. We slipped down the hall and knelt in the doorway to motherís room. In the candlelight I could see mother with a man. They were kissing passionately and soon she slipped out of bed to the floor. The man sat on the edge of the bed and mother took his cock in her mouth. She really worked hard on his cock bobbing up and down on itís length, later my brother told me she was giving him head. His cock was good-sized, but not as big as Richards. Pretty soon he stood and shot his cum in my motherís mouth. She swallowed every bit of it. I was mesmerized. Richard pulled me away from the door and back to my room. He told me that he had been watching her for months. That's how he heard me sighing and came to find out what I was doing the night that we touched each other for the first time. We mimicked the couple down the hall and pretty soon I was sampling Richards big cock in my mouth. I had already jacked him pretty well so it was only a couple of strokes with my mouth and he said he wanted me to eat his cum. I pulled my mouth off and said no. When I tasted his precum I pulled off and finished him with my hands. He shot a big load on my tits. He put some on his fingers and pushed it to my lips. I tasted it reluctantly, but found it appealing. He fed me quite a few lumps that night. He wagged me good, bringing me off several times with his hot fingers.

The next night, he brought me off to a raging orgasm by licking my pussy. I will never forget that first time his tongue slithered inside my pussy. I came and came with my legs locked around his face. I knelt on the floor and took his rock hard cock in my mouth. I looked into his eye as I stroked up and down on his cock, dragging my teeth gingerly across his skin. When I tasted precum I just kept pumping him till he sighed. I pulled my mouth away so he could see as his cum spilled into my mouth. Our eyes were locked together. At that very moment was when our relationship changed forever. We slept together for a while and I blew him again and took his cum in my mouth before he went to his room. I let him kiss me and have a taste of his cum. After that night we have always cared for each other intensely.

So every Saturday night we would watch our mother and her line of men friends. She was an intense lover and we were learning quickly from her lessons. It was a few weeks later when my brother came home with some rubbers and we actually made love. We had watched her with a tall man that had a huge cock. I was so hot watching them that I had started to frig my pussy. I was beginning to moan when my brother stopped me. I put my hand in his crotch and he had the biggest hard on. We went to his room at the other end of the house and immediately fell into passionate kissing. I whispered to him that I wanted him to fuck me. His cock jumped at my words. I helped him get two rubbers on his cock and I lay on my back with my legs spread apart. I was so afraid of getting pregnant He was so wonderful and gentle. He said it might hurt some. It did when he started. He gently pressed the head of his cock into my pussy and began to stroke. Short ones at first getting longer as I became accustomed to him. He was about half way in when I felt pressure on something inside me. He said it was my cherry. I looked into his eye and whispered for him to break it. He pushed slowly tearing it little by little. Then he continued slowly until I was not experiencing any pain. Then I told him "Richard Fuck Me" He did. He raised my legs up and began to increase his speed and intensity. We came together. I was so mad at the rubber because I could not feel his cum shooting in me. Two weeks later I had my period and we fucked without rubbers for a whole week. I loved the way it felt for his cum to squirt inside me. I dreamed that we were making babies.

Summer started. We were both too young to work, so we were at home together all day. So we pretty much concentrated on sex the whole day. We had a dog-named Norm. Norm was always hanging around us. We were both naked in the living room playing with each other when Rick got the idea to let Norm lick us. I said you first. So Rick called Norm over and showed him his cock. Norm licked him from balls to head. Richard almost had an orgasm on the first lick. After a few minutes it was my turn. So I opened my legs and let Norm have a sniff. He instantly started licking. Like Rick I too almost orgasmed on the spot. It was so good I moved on to the footstool so I could get my legs further apart. Rick got behind me and kissed me on the neck and fondled my small protruding breast. My nipples were so hard and I had goose bumps all over. It wasnít long till I had my hips in the air and Normís tongue buried inside me as an orgasm raged through my small body.

When I came down from my high, Norm's face looked like he was rabid. My cream and his salvia had made a nice frothy ring around his mouth. Norm tried to mount me, but Rick pulled him off and stuck his big cock in my pussy. Norm and I had made him so hot; he couldn't wait for me to finish so he could get at me. He really fucked me hard and I loved every minute of it. I held on to Richard and made him cum inside me. At that passionate moment I didnít' care if I got pregnant. I loved Richard anyway. Norm was pacing around us growling and whining. When it was over Richard said that I better do something to satisfy him. So I got my hand around his cock and started to jack him. My hand slipped over his cock flesh. He was dripping precum on the wood floor, so I got underneath him. I licked his cock first. The musky scent on his fur and the sweet taste of his precum had me turned on in minutes. I took his length in my mouth and began to stroke his cock. After a few minutes this big bulge started to grow. I held it in my hand and moved my mouth up and down his cock. I felt his bulge twitch and then the first of several strong shots of cum hit the roof of my mouth. I gulped it down and more and more escaped from his cock. We all three rested until late in the afternoon. Our mother was home by five thirty, so we usually had sex again around four, did our chores and were sitting in front of the TV when she came home, none the wiser that her children were having wonderful sex together.

The next morning I felt Richard slide in bed beside me. Whoever was the first to wake would go to the others room and slip in bed. We would doze together for maybe an hour. Usually taking each others night clothes off and kissing all our parts good morning. I finished my breakfast first this morning. I was feeling gamy, so I slid under the table and took Richard's cock in my mouth. He almost choked when I sucked his cock into my mouth. He spilled his cereal and milk on the table. He thought that I was playing with Norm. I pulled off enough to mutter that Norm was next. I pushed Richards chair back from the table so that I could really get into a rhythm on his cock and within minutes I had desert running down my chin. Norm licked it off my face and I went down on him. It wasn't long before Norm was cumming down my throat and into in my cheerios. Norm was all over me as I got off the floor. His nose was in my crotch and I could feel his tongue searching for my lips. I went behind Richard and whispered that I wanted Norm to fuck me. Richard looked at me in disbelief, but I saw his cock get hard immediately. So I led both of them to the living room. We'll I led Richard and Norm just followed with his nose stuck in my crotch. I lay on the floor while Norm licked me furiously. I could see his bright red cock hanging under his belly. I closed my eyes and dreamed about how it was going to feel. I told Richard that he would have to help me. I got on all fours and Norm was on me instantly. He wasn't a virgin having sired several bitches in the neighborhood. In fact, yesterday Richard and watched him fuck the bitch next door several time. After seeing them lock together, Richard would have to help me not get locked. Richard guided Norm to my entrance and Norm did the rest. He walked forward until his length was buried inside me and then he began to fuck my pussy with fury. It was all I had dreamed about and more. I loved the feel of his paws around my waist. They were in a death grip and if I moved at all his grip would tighten and he would lunge at me harder. Richard held his knot and prevented Norm from getting it inside me. Then he shot and shot hot cum inside me for minutes. I had several orgasms while he fucked me. The first one was when his cock first bottomed out inside my pussy. I really liked the way he fucked me. So intense. Richard followed Norm and for the first time fucked me doggie style. We are so good together. I love his big cock and the way we satisfy each other. But Norm is something else. So for days we were a threesome. Sometimes Norm would have to wait and then other days he would be first.

Then it happened. One Friday, Richard and I were coming home from the movie and I saw this big stray dog. He was not dirty at all, just looked lost. I immediately told Richard I wanted to fuck him. He said no, but after the dog licked me and began smelling my crotch I told Rick that I just had to. We were close to home, so we took him home and put Norm in the back yard. This big black retriever had such wonderful long hair. I just loved the way it felt sweeping across my naked skin. Richard didn't even have to help him. He got on my back and had his long cock buried in me so fast I almost lost my balance and fell. He fucked me good. After he dismounted I took him in my mouth and sucked him off. I noticed his knot was not as big as Norm. I could feel my groin tighten as I told Richard that I wanted him to help the dog fuck me with his knot. Richard said okay. I could see his hard cock in his jeans and I took it out and jerked him off. We kissed for a while as the dog licked my super wet pussy. Then I went to floor and as I raised up the dog was on me burying his cock in me. After a few strokes, Richard pushed his knot inside me. I had an intense orgasm as the black retriever slammed his ball into my cheeks. It hurt at the start. I had never been stretched that big before, but after a while I loved the fullness of it and the intensity of his thrust. He filled me with cum and then turned and pulled his knot out with a slurp. Cum ran onto the floor. He was insatiable. His cock never got soft and he wanted to fuck me and fuck me. I must have had sex with him five times, before I took him back to where we saw him. There were some kids there looking for him. They were glad to see him and I really hated to see him go. Norm was in the living room when I returned and he was randy. I dropped my underwear and lifted up my skirt. Norm jumped me and I had to fuck him twice before he stopped growling and calmed down.

Richard was sitting on the couch; I took off my clothes and pulled his hardening cock out of his underwear. I got in his lap and kissed him firmly on the lips. I positioned my small breast in front of him and he kissed and caressed my rock hard nipples. I gave him a passionate lap fucking for helping me today. We stayed together the rest of the day and slept together all night. Mother had called and said she would be in the morning. I just love being with Richard. Sleeping with him is the best. I feel so safe with him. He is my protector. The next morning my pussy was incredibly sore. No wonder, I counted at least eight fuckings I had had in the last twelve hours.

Weekís later Richard came to the front door and told me to put Norm in the backyard. As Norm went out the back, Richard came in the front door. He had this huge dog. He said it was a great dane. He said he and his friends were playing baseball at the park and this dog wandered up. No one was around so he brought him home to me. The dog kissed me on the lips and I was immediately in love. The three of us took baths together and went to my room. I lay on the bed and let the dog lick me while Richard played with my breast and I sucked him to a huge hard on. I got on the floor and Richard mounted me doggie style and began to plunge his cock inside me. I rolled my hips up and down taking all that I could get. It wasn't long before the dog was growling and pushing on Richard. So Richard pulled off and the golden dog mounted me. His cock was big. Very fat and long. He had me filled up and was really giving it to me when I had my first orgasm. As I did I relaxed and he shoved this really huge knot inside me. It must have been four inches in diameter. It hurt, but all I could do was relax and hang on to the bed. He had me pinned against it and was pounding my head into the side rails. After I was stretched out it was so erotic having him fucking me so hard. I had orgasm after orgasm before he filled me with cum. Afterwards, I lay on the floor and looked at this huge saffire blue cock and this big knot. I had an orgasm thinking about his wonderful tool ramming in and out of my body. I fucked him hard two more times before taking him back to the park. Before leaving with him, I sucked him off to say goodbye. Of course I had to take care on Norm when I returned. I sucked him off twice before we had sex. I was getting to be a real pro at giving doggie head at the ripe old age of fifteen. I really liked their cum. It was so sweet and there was so much, so filling.

Richard was working now and I was at home most all day alone. It was hard not having him around to spend the days together. I especially missed all the sex especially now that I was sixteen and all the girls were into boys. I was in my room one day daydreaming about sex when I noticed the golden retriever next door. I caught him just as he raised his leg and was licking his balls. Man he looked big and I felt my pussy get real wet. The woman next door worked, so I knew the dog was alone. I put on a sack dress over my nude body and went to the fence. I had played with the dog a lot, so when I called him he came to the fence. I had left Norm inside. He is quite jealous since I became his bitch. I petted the dog and led him nose toward my crotch. He got a sniff and put his head in between my legs. I finally raised the front of my dress and he stuck his tongue in my cunt. I spread my legs and gave him as much access as I felt I could with the neighbors watching. I had a tremendous orgasm on his tongue. I just had to have him, but I couldn't handle him and Norm without Richard. So I went back in the house. Norm was growling so I had to blow him to calm him down. That night I went into Richard's room and lay beside him. I told him about the dog and that I wanted him to get the dog for me. His cock got so big. I sucked him off and then we slipped out the back door to get the dog. We couldn't find the dog, but we could hear him breathing heavily. We peeked in a window and found him on top of the woman next door, just pounding her pussy with his big cock. We watched at the window for fifteen minutes before the dog finally shot his cum inside her. She had several orgasms as we watched. It made sex with Norm feel normal after seeing the neighbor fuck her dog. A few minutes later, the dog appeared beside us. We led him to our garage and I repeated what I had just seen with him. It was doubly satisfying for me after knowing that I was having seconds. He was a strong lover. I could tell he had experience. Richard had a huge hard on when I finished and I sucked him off again. He said Sis you give the best head. I knew I did and I was proud of it. I let him watch his cum shoot into my mouth. Our eyes were locked together. We were so in love. During the summer I had this golden retriever several times during the day. I liked it better when Richard was with me. It was more exciting and taboo. Whenever I could get Norm out the back door I would bring the retriever in through the front and have a real orgy with him. I would then let Norm in and he was so jealous he would pound me for an hour just repetitively fucking me and emptying his balls in my pussy. I always reassured him that I was his bitch. He always had the last fuck.

During Christmas break, Richard called from work and said he was bringing home a surprise for me. He told me to meet him at his rent house around four. I couldnít wait. When I heard his truck I raced into the living room and in through the front door came this beautiful big black Rottwhiler. He was a mature dog. He was dirty from the construction site. Richard said it was one of the security dogs and that they needed a place for him over the weekend, so he volunteered.

Mom was gone for the weekend, so was going to spend the weekend with Richard. I bathed the Rott and started checking him out. He was a big dog. Very muscular. I felt his sheath. Inside it I could feel a thick doggie cock and he wasn't even hard yet. I got really excited and told Richard that I needed to have this dog right away. We took him inside. I undressed Richard and we all were in the bathroom together as Richard took a bath. I sat on the commode and let the Rott lick my pussy. He tongue was glorious. Thick and long. Very wet. I had an orgasm rubbing my clit into the hard seat of the commode. When Richard stood out of the water I took his cock in my mouth and brought him to a raging hard on in minutes all the while getting the tonguing of my life from this powerful Rott. Richard helped the Rott on my back and within a few stokes he had found the bottom of my vagina with his thick cock. He was so so powerful. He had me in his paws and was just giving my pussy all I could take. He was very heavy and I had to get my head down on the floor to keep my hips from buckling. This gave him more access to my pussy and I felt his knot slide inside me. He just kept pulling it out and ramming it back in over and over again. Finally he got very still and I felt his knot get larger. I clamped down with my muscles and felt the first intense shot of cum hit my cervix. It was so hot. He filled me up and bulged out my stomach. It must have been a while since he had sex. That night I slept on the floor. He wouldn't leave me alone long enough to get in bed. This dog kept coming back and fucking me hard all night. If I moved at all he was on me. When daylight came he was finally satisfied and we both slept till noon. Richard was up early and had breakfast waiting for us when we did roll out of the hay. I gave Richard a big hug and a kiss for bringing this dog home to me. The whole weekend we were inseparable. I could hardly put on any clothes and he always had his head near my crotch that is whenever he didnít have his cock buried inside me. I really hated to see him go, but on Monday it was back to work for him. Richard added his cum to my cheerios that morning. I had to thank him somehow. I took him in my throat until he let his cum spurt from his penis. I love the way it splashes on the back of my throat and down into my stomach. It tasted like honey on my cheerios. Our relationship is really maturing. When it first started it was all about sex. Now we are more into loving each other. Our lovemaking is more oral. I believe that oral sex is the ultimate act of love. I give him head and he licks me to fantastic orgasms. Not 69 style, we take turns and give the maximum attention to the one being orally stimulated. I know that when we have our eyes locked on each other and he is filling my mouth with his cum, he appreciates how much I am in love with him. I can feel his love as his cock pulses stream after stream of cum into my mouth.

On New Year's Eve I was so randy. I wanted a new dog cock. I finally pleaded enough with Richard that he took me out in his truck on a search. We talked as we searched for a male stray. We had both noticed how many woman have male dogs. We wondered if more of them than we had ever suspected were doing their dogs. The woman next door seemed to bring her dog in the house more than once during the week. We usually tried to spy on her if we could. I picked up some good pointers from watching her give her pooch head. Finally we spotted a white and brown mutt tied to a female in a parking lot. While we waited on them to finish, I told Richard what I wanted to do with this dog and unzipped his pants and gave his a good sucking for finding this dog for me. He was so so hard that he was groaning for me to finish him. I pulled off and told him to wait. When they pulled loose, I called him over to me. He smelled my pussy and I had him in the truck without any hesitation. We couldn't take him home so we found an alley and I got in the truck bed with him. He was pretty clean, so I gave him head. When the new year chimed on the radio I was in the bed of the truck with this mutt buried to the hilt in my pussy. Richard was standing beside the bed pushing the dog deeper into my cunt. There has never been a more splendid new year's than this one. I had fireworks going off in my cunt as orgasm after orgasm pulsed through my body. I had become very orgasmic. Usually I would have three or four whenever I had sex with a dog. Sometimes with a human partner I would have at least two. With Richard it was always more. When I finished the dog, I fucked Richard in the cab. We fucked hard. I sucked him to an incredible hard and while I looked into his eyes buried myself on his huge cock. We are so intense with each other. His deep blue eyes feel like they are burning me up inside. I just thrust myself downward on his shaft without regard to my pleasures trying to fulfill him. When I sensed he was close I took my heals and locked them on his shoulders and braced myself with my hands against the windshield giving him full access to every last inch of my pussy. It feels so good to have his sperm pulse into my cervix. I buried him to the hilt and rode the sensuous pulses of cum shooting into me. He was lunging his hips up off the seat of his truck as the pulses of cum hit my cervix. I want to stay attached to his cock forever. We are soul mates.

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