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Spending most of my life raising a family, I recently had an opportunity to live alone for a period of two years. During this time I discovered the internet and began to explore some of my sexual fantasies. I discovered erotic stories during my searches, reading with as many as I could find. I began to write my own. The more I wrote the more I wanted to write. I wrote about every fantasy I had but recently transformed into writing about the true life experiences of my readers. One of them remarked that she always wanted to tell her story, but didn't know how. Then she read one of my stories and now her story is listed here. I would appreciate feedback on the stories. I always respond to any feedback received. I would love to tell your story. You are the ultimate critic and have the final say. Enjoy.

Chapter 1. I Admit It

By day I am a successful executive in a fortune 500 company. By night I am the flea-infested slut of the neighborhood. My first experience was with a neighbor's dog Max. From the momentous start I went crazy with lust.

Chapter 2. I Admit It

The saga continues. Her lust grows and her list of experiences grows. But then she sees him one night whiile she is under the toolage of another. She must have him!

Chapter 3. I Admit It

The Slut's experiences take a turn and she heads to the wilderness to find other mates. She uses all her cunning and experience to conquer the wild.

Becky's Pony

This is the true like story of Lola. Growing up in rural America involved with animals it only seemed natural. And when two young girls interest in sex peaks at an early age, their curiosity gets the best of them.

Chapter 1. Amy Finds Max

After Amy's glorious experience with Samson, the German shepherd that lived next door, she just had to get her own dog. She had discovered something too good to be left to chance engagements. So begins Amy's adventure.

Chapter 2. Kristy and Max

This morning Kristy got the call she was hoping would never come. Someone was taking Max from her. She had never forgotten that first night when she lost her virginity to him on the floor of the kennel. After all she was Max's bitch. She was going to loose him, but not without a fight.

The 4H Club

These 4H girls are graduating from high school in the spring. Their private 4H club was also going to have a graduation ceremony. And what a ceremony it turns out to be.

Hot Beth

Hot Beth is a true story. She wants most for people to know her through this story, the real Beth; Hot Beth! "I live a double life. The majority of the time I am an upstanding Northwestern mother. The rest of the time I am a sex crazed slut. I love being naughty. Naughtier the better." Read about Hot Beth's escapades!

Undaunted Passion

Dee is not a fictional character. She is real. A young woman out to get what she wants. A satisfying sexual experience. Not her first, but her hope is this will be the beginning. Follow Dee's frustration with sex.

Fun Girl

This is her personal story that has gone untold for a number of years. Fun Girl said "I always wanted to tell my story, what really happened to me growing up, but never had the courage to write it, till now".She has been so gracious to share it with us. I was thirteen the first time my brother Richard touched me. I was so scared.

Sub Sue

This story is a true recount of Sub Sue's sex education. All of the story is true with the exception of the last adventure, which is a recreation of one of Sue's fantasies. This is all about the making of her submissive side. She loves to be "bossed"!

Kathy's In Love

This is Kathy's true story. My first wonderful sexual experiences were at the age of 13. For 7 years now I am still in love with the man that I seduced that summer.

A Case of Rape

Clark is so predictable. I can't believe how consistent his patterns are. I shadow him for 4-5 hours everyday always altering my pattern and the hours. Then I go home, take a hot relaxing dip in the tub with a glass of wine and masturbate myself to several orgasms dreaming of how I am going to possess him. I know everything about Clark's life. I have lots of photos and know every intimate detail.

Hot Beth Part 2

It all started with an email. I am an erotic storywriter. Hot Beth and I are internet lovers. We trade emails every day, getting off on each other's personal stories and antics. We want each other bad, but that is not possible. Not yet anyway. So we ended up agreeing that she would find a surrogate, a surrogate Shaman, to seduce and make love to.

Beth's Adventure

Beth was bored with her sexual partners and needed to find something new to quench her thirst. Beth found herself on a plane to Boston. She arrived at her favorite hotel and after check in treated her sensuous body to a massage and a long soak in the sauna. After dark she was relaxed and quite horny. Skipping dinner, Beth found her favorite club and began searching the room for just the right partner,


You can't believe what is happening to you. You have to perform sex acts because your husband is having an affair with the company president's daughter. You will lose everything if this comes out. The blackmailer has a dark side. It starts out rather simple, he is tying you to the bed, and placing a gag in your mouth. Somehow the ball limits your oxygen and makes your orgasm more intense.It's getting more intense, your in too deep, it's more than a gag now.

Cal's Birthday

Cal had a thing for Biker's. It was a full fledge fetish for her. Her pussy would get drenching wet at the smell of beer, cigarettes and musty bodies. She especially liked the submissive way they treated women. Even hard women. Submission was what drove her lust. The first time she discovered she liked being treated this way, was when this drunken biker mistook her for his woman.

Cal's Blind Date

Cal and I started emailing after Beth's trip to California. Beth wrote me saying that Cal was coming for a visit soon. I wrote Cal and ask her if she could meet me on her way to the East Coast. We settled on a meeting in Dallas. She could make a stop over there and she liked shopping market there. We had the entire evening and part of the next day to get to know each other in an erotic way. My heart was jumping not to mention the steel hard bulge in my pants.

Diary Of A Surrogate

I'm one of those young teenage girls about 14-16 that you see on those afternoon talk shows. I want to be pregnant. I watch all the shows about the subject that I can find. I admire those girls like me that share the unrelenting desire to be impregnated. No matter what, I go to bed each night masturbating myself to sleep dreaming of being pregnant. I think about it all my waking moments.

Forbidden Fruit

It's always difficult for a girl of 16 to move and re-establish herself in the community. Sandy was trying. Every day she was off exploring her new world. Then she made a terrible mistake. She crossed the fence with the no trespassing sign.

Fulfilling A Fantasy

Des flew in on the morning plane from Sydney. I met her for the first time just outside of customs and we embraced warmly like old lovers. Within a few hours we had eaten brunch at a fancy downtown restaurant and settled into the top floor of the Hyatt. From the room we could see the park running along the bayou. It was early autumn and the air was fresh. We began our embrace with soft kisses and I lightly kissed the nap of her neck. I could feel the goose bumps rise on her luscious light chocolate skin. Des turned her head and met my lips head on with a passionate kiss dancing our tongues together communicating the mounting excitement for what was to come.

Anne's Secret

I have known Beth for a while. I work at the ad agency where she freelances. We have gotten to know each other over time. I really like her. I mean I really like her. See I am Bi and two weeks ago Beth finally figured it out. She didnít shy away in fact she kissed me hard on the lips. I was so instantly wet.

My Step Mother

My name is Mark. I am fifteen. I just started high school. My mother died when I was young. Ann is my stepmother. I was a few months from my 13 birthday the first time cum shot from my penis and all over the centerfold I hid under my bed. God! It felt so good. Ann was living with us then and she noticed the change right a way. She was a real hot woman of thirty. I had the hots bad for her. My centerfold gave way to my imagination and a snap shot of Ann in a topless bikini. She loved to tease me once she knew I was interested.

Romancing John

John and I have been very close since our mother passed away some years ago. I started sleeping with him shortly after and until I turned 16 we slept together almost every night. John and I share everything. I started puberty at 12, long before my best friend Beth. John helped me through my first period. Then it became more than a plutonic relationship.

Women Of Power

We are all ghetto bitches from the south Florida projects. This story is about one of our power games. One of the girls met this dude at a roadside bar. He wanted to change his luck and to do that he had to fuck a black bitch. After a while she got hot and he was getting used to being with a black woman, so they rode him over to the hangout. Leslie started in on him in the bedroom, but after she got him all worked up she handcuffed him to the bed and the others joined in.


Debbie learned to love sex more than anything when she was twelve. Her cousin Mark was the only steady relationship she had growing up. She convinced Mark to make her a woman. From that moment her destiny was struck.

Fort Lauderdale

Debbie and Eve take a memorable trip. They meet Lynn and get a big surprise.

The Girls Club

Anne was bored. She had an idea. An idea that would put each of her friends on the edge. She played it out in her mind until she was ready. Then at one of their weekly lunches. She spelled it out. Anne was surprised at how easily they took to the idea. The stories that came out of their mouths had her blushing. That takes a lot of doing.


I heard those familiar toe scratching coming from the hall leading to the bedrooms in the house. My ears perked up as I slipped quietly down the hall to see what was going on. They were coming from my daughter Kellyís bedroom. Tobyís claws were trying desperately to dig in to the hardwood floor and gain traction. I knew what that sound meant since I have been the recipient of itís pleasures but I had to confirm it with my own eyes.

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