This is a list of some of my favorite authors and stories. Some are found on ASSTR, some on StoriesOnline, and some elsewhere.


StoriesOnline is a website run by Lazeez Jiddan containing several thousand stories by different authors, including myself. Due to bandwidth limitations, you must have an account. This can either be a free account allowing you to download 16 stories per day, or a premier account allowing you to download 50 stories per day. The premier account also allows better search capabilities and the ability to bookmark your favorite stories, but _all_ stories can be accessed with a free account (You can get a premier account for free by posting 200K of stories, by the way. I'm still working on it, even though I have a paid account already :-).

Several of my favorite authors post their stories on StoriesOnline only, and so I cannot give direct links. Those authors with an independent website are listed separately.


The Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository, or ASSTR for short, is of course the home of this website, as well as many other free websites by various authors, and contains an untold wealth of stories, both good and bad. Some of my absolute favorites:

Erotic Mind Control Story Archive

Also known as MCstories.com, this site, hosted by ASSTR, is just about the place to go for mind control stories. I'll be highlighting a few of my favorites.