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My name (well, pseudonym) is Shadow Wolf. I'm a male Californian between 25 and 30 years old. I've been reading erotic stories here at ASSTR and elsewhere almost since it was legal for me to do so :-), and now I've decided to share some of my own stories with the community.

My interests include science-fiction and fantasy novels and (dark secret here) romance novels. I'm also an avid role-player. I think you'll find these interests show up in my stories, some of which take place in rather exotic settings.

Sexual themes that you might find in my stories include:

Things you will _not_ see in my stories:


A list of some of my favorite erotic authors, and some of my favorite stories by them.


You can e-mail me directly at, contact me through StoriesOnline by filling out the feedback form for one of my stories, or simply fill out the at the end of the page.

I will always try to respond to anyone who sends me feedback on my stories, if they provide a valid e-mail address.

Re-distribution of Stories

All of my stories are owned by myself. I hereby give permission to redistribute, electronically or otherwise, anything written by me under the pseudonym Shadow Wolf as long as my name on the story as the author. (In other words, don't claim you wrote it).

Plain Text Format

All of my works are also available in plain-text format from here. Now, on to the stories!


This is my first published story, although it's really a serial. Each chapter will be posted to both and Stories Online, and to this website.

This story was inspired by Azil's My Reward, in which an ordinary man is gifted with extraordinary power. Omnipotence, for all practical purposes. In my story, the same power is given to a man (myself, really), who uses it in very different ways. This story contains heterosexual sex, lesbian sex, polyamory, mind control (though not for sexual purposes), and possibly other things as the story continues (I'll try to keep the list above up-to-date). It may, at a later date, contain pseudo-pedophilia: an adult who takes the form of a child -- this avoids the usual ethical problems as far as I'm concerned.

Omnipotence, all parts
This story is unfinished. Last Update: November 2002

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