My Little Rotten Egg


Story Codes: Mb, b(5), cons, preteen, mast, rim, incest


A loving father's son runs to his dad's side, furious that his older brothers keep calling him a "rotten egg". Instead of disciplining his elder sons, Dad decides to investigate whether or not the boys are telling the truth about him.

Koala Kare


Story Codes: Mg, g(2), cons, preteen, toddler, mast, pedo, incest


Claudia and her father love to go shopping during the day. The best part, they both know, isn't buying clothes, however. Their favorite part is getting to play on the Koala Kare, the baby changing station.

Business Solutions


Story Codes: Mg, g(8), cons, reluc, oral, preteen, pedo


The director of an illegal pornography studio has a unique way of taking care of undercover officers trying to bust his studio.

Blow That Whistle


Story Codes: Mb (6), cons, mast, oral, pedo


Chapter: 1



Warren (28) has just finished restoring one of the earliest diesel trains in history. His last task is to drive it across the country to the museum. But when the owner of the railroad asks him to take his son, Ben (6) along for the ride as his relief crew (dressed in period clothes and all!), Warren can't help but ask how he will be able to resist making some fantasies of his own come true on the rails.

Silent Service


Story Codes: Mb (8), mast, oral, anal, pedo



A young boy is sent to search for a job from the neighbors and ends up serving a man with high expectations and very specific needs.

Why Did I Get Kicked Out of the Boy Scouts?


Story Codes: MMMggg(8), reluc, oral, mast, pedo


Chapter: 1


Sam, JC, and Casey, three eagle scouts pursuing their Palm medals, decide to do team up with their local brownie troop to take three lucky little girls on their own private camping trip. Little do the girls know that their handsome caretakers have more than just camping on their minds.

Halloween Showdown


Story Codes: Mb (7), nc, oral, anal, bond, pedo



Halloween is his favorite time of year. When he can dress up as a villain and find the appropriate little super hero to capture for his very own...

An Untitled Memory


Story Codes: Mb (5), mast, rom, incest, pedo



A memory from a grown boy that never happened. Remembering what it was like to be truly loved by his distant father.

A Business Proposal


Story Codes: Mb (8), reluc, oral, anal, pedo


Chapter: 1


Mr. James Castle is at the top of his game running one of the most successful public relations company in New York. Young, single, and in his prime, he is looking to take in fresh talent. But when an 8 year old boy walks in with a stronger interview than the other candidates, he can't help but offer the child an interesting contract: apprentice under him in exchange for meeting his new boss's needs.


A Kindergarten Tale


Story Codes: Mb (6), cons, oral, anal, rom, pedo


Chapter: 1 2 3


It is the first day of Kindergarten for Mr. J's afternoon class. Among the class's students is Toby, a remarkably bright but shy boy. When Toby has an accident, Mr. J is the one who has to pick up the pieces in his class, both with the other students and with Toby. Things only get harder when Toby is still at school after the buses have gone and Mr. J starts piecing it all together.

A Day at the Ballet


Story Codes: Mg (5), reluc, mast, pedo


A short story detailing a unique day in the life of a young audio tech working a children's ballet rehearsal. When a sick little girl from the youngest ballet level gets dropped off in the sound box, his hands can't help but wander.