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Witness Possession


Chapter 1

A Chance Encounter

It was 7am as I took my weekly trip to the grocery store.  It was a chore that I hated immensely, which was why I liked to go early.  I wanted to get it over with as soon as possible.  This morning, however, wasn't so bad.  I was lucky to receive a bit of entertainment in the form of a mother and daughter.

The girl looked to be about 12 years old and had long dark hair that ran straight down the sides of her angelic face.  She was a tall, skinny girl.  The plan must have been to drop her off at school after the shopping, because she was wearing a schoolgirl's uniform.  Black tights covered her skinny legs and disappeared under a grey and blue plaid skirt.  The collar of a white blouse stuck out from a sweater the same shade of blue as was in her skirt.  On her small feet she wore a pair of faded black loafers.

The woman was a bit on the curvy side, with beautiful breasts and a nice round ass.  Her hair was a shade darker than her daughter's and wore it cut simply and to her shoulders.  A pair of grey slacks clung like a film to her thick ass.  She wore a tight purple sweater, with a white camisole underneath.  As she walked, the clicking of her heels could be heard halfway across the store.

As I did my shopping, I watched the mother and daughter.  They were a beautiful contrast.  The girl, a coltish little thing just on the cusp of womanhood.  She was skinny, and almost boyish.  Her mother, was the very definition of womanhood.  She had wide, childbearing hips and nice, nourishing breasts.  They were both beautiful in their own way, and I could feel blood begin to fill my cock as I allowed my mind to wander.

As the minutes passed, and I kept a safe, non pervy distance, a sense of familiarity began to rise in my mind.  Like I knew this woman.  As I crossed off items on my list, the feeling only became stronger and by the time I was checking out, I knew I knew her from somewhere.

I finished my shopping first and felt compelled to wait in my car.  I just had to know who this woman was.  Why?  I had no idea.  When they exited the store, I watched.  As the mother loaded up the trunk, I watched.  And when she began to pull out of the parking lot, I followed.  The whole time, telling myself this was crazy

She dropped her daughter off at school, and I watched her skirt swaying over her small ass as she strolled up to the front door.  I continued following the woman as she returned home to drop off her groceries.  After jotting down the address, I waited at the end of the street.  Ten minutes later she emerged and started down the street toward me.  I avoided eye contact as she passed and then quickly turned the car around to follow.

She drove into the city, nearly losing me a few times.  The whole time I was following, my brain was reeling trying to recall who she was.  When she finally pulled into a parking structure and scanned a security card, I gave up the pursuit.

Several minutes passed and I was driving down the expressway.  Suddenly, like a flash of lightning, I recalled who she was.  I nearly slammed on my brakes.

She was Vinnie "The Man" Mancini's ex-girlfriend, Claudia Esposito.  The one whose testimony was solely responsible for his life sentence.  "Fuck me!"  I thought as the car behind me blared its horn.

My first job out of college was working for the Chicago Police's Computer Forensics Department.  I'd examined several computers seized during a raid of Mancini's mansion.  Very little was found on the computers, but it did fuel a personal interest in the case.  I followed the trial very closely.

Claudia was to be given immunity and witness protection in exchange for testimony against her boyfriend.  The 22 year old jumped at the chance, and helped put her boyfriend, and father to her young daughter, away on murder and racketeering charges.  The morning after her testimony, she and her young daughter were disappeared into the system.

A few years later, I wanted a change in scenery.  I hated the frigid Chicago winters, so I took a job in San Antonio, Texas.  For the past three years, I've been living here and working for the Police Department doing computer forensics. It's a great city, which just got a little greater.

For the next several days, I fantasized about the woman and her schoolgirl daughter.  During the trial, it became apparent that Claudia was a true submissive.  She was willing to do anything Mancini ordered of her, whether it was sexual or related to the mob.  The only reason she even agreed to testify was to protect her daughter.  If it wasn't for that little girl, the beautiful woman would be tossing salad and eating pussy in a federal prison.  All to protect some fat, greasy mobster.

Eventually, my fantasies weren't enough.  I knew I'd drive myself crazy if I didn't take advantage of the situation.  It was then when I began to formulate my plan.

It was a Saturday morning and I stood outside Claudia's front door.  My heart was pounding and I had to suppress an erection.  Through the front curtains, I could see the television flashing the brilliant colors of a cartoon.

I knocked.

I heard the girl's muffled yell.  "I'll get it!"

A few seconds later the door opened and the 12 year old stood smiling up at me.

"Hello, young lady," I said chivalrously.

"Hi," she replied.

She still wore her pajamas, a blue and white striped tank top a few sizes too big and a pair of polka dot bottoms.  Her hair was a tangled mess and hung over her face.

"Is your mom home?"

"Yeah," she said with a smile, flashing a mouthful of beautiful teeth.  "Just a second."  She left the door open and hurried out of the foyer, disappearing into the hall.  "Mom," I heard her say.  "There's a man here to see you."

I peeked into the house.  A large picture of the Virgin Mary hung over the fireplace, and I counted no fewer than three crucifixes. 

The girl hurried back into the living room.  "She's coming," she said flopping back in front of the TV.  A bowl of Frosted Flakes rested on the table in front of her and she took a big bite, spilling a few stray drops of milk.

I waited on the porch for a few minutes, going over what I was going to say.  I'd planned for days for this very moment.  Finally, Claudia appeared from the hallway.  She tightened the bathrobe around her and approached the door.  She returned the smile I offered.

"Can I help you?"  She asked.

"Yes ma'am," I said with a racing heart.  "May I speak with you on the porch?"  I turned my eyes to her daughter.  "This requires privacy."

She looked at me inquisitively.  "What's this about?"

"It's about a mutual friend," I said.  "I believe you know Mr. Mancini."

The woman went pale, and for a moment I thought she was about to pass out.  She stared at me with wide, fearful eyes, her mouth parted slightly.  I could tell she'd been fearing a moment like this for years, and any plan she had to deal with it flew out the window.  She stepped onto the porch and closed the door behind her.  Her hand was shaking and I could hear her panting in terror.

"Please," she whispered after the door clicked closed behind her.  "Please don't do this." 

"Don't do what, Claudia?"  I asked with a smile.  "It is Claudia, isn't it?  Your real name, I mean."

Her eyes fell to the ground, submissively.  "What do you want?"  She asked.  "I don't have much money."

"What do you go by these days?"  I asked.

"Laura."  She answered.  "Laura Paulson."

"Well, Laura, you were just about to invite me in for coffee, and introduce your old friend Phil to that beautiful little girl of yours."

Laura stared at me blankly.

"Go on."  I said sharply.

Laura nodded nervously, and turned to open the door.  "Come in," she said. 

I stepped into the foyer and closed the door behind me. 

"Becca," Laura said with a slight tremble in her voice. 

The little girl turned her head toward me, her still sleep rustled hair sliding over her thin back.

"This is an old…friend of mine, Phil."  The woman turned toward me.  "This is Becca, my daughter."

"Hello, little miss," I said with a smile.

"Hi," the little girl said before turning back to her cartoon.

Laura continued.  "Phil and I are going to have a cup of coffee in the kitchen."  The little girl ignored her mother and took another big bite of her Frosted Flakes.  The woman turned and I followed her into the kitchen. 

The kitchen was decorated in the southwestern style that was so popular in this part of the country.  The floor consisted of reddish brown clay tiles and the walls were painted a vivid yellow.  Wooden cabinets were painted chili pepper red and there were little flourishes that showed the woman had put a great deal of time into decoration. 

I took a seat at the table, which was dark wood and adorned with a Native American patterned runner.  I had a clear view into the hallway leading to the living room.  "Take off that robe," I said.

Laura jumped as if jolted by a shock of electricity.  "But…I'm not decent.  I was still asleep when-"

"Let's get things clear," I interrupted.  "When I say do something, you WILL do it."

Laura was shaking visibly, holding a coffee cup in each hand.

"Do you understand?"

The woman stared for a second, and then nodded.  With a clink, she placed the mugs down and began to untie her bathrobe. 

I felt a twinge in my cock as the submissive woman's robe fell open.  She wore a red silk nightgown with white lace trim that clung to her feminine curves.  It was cut low, and showed several inches of her deep cleavage.  A good four inches of her milky white thighs could be seen before the rest disappeared under the sheer, shiny fabric.

"Please," she whispered, almost inaudibly.

Without having to say another word, she let the robe fall from her shoulders to the clay floor.

"Now make that fucking coffee.  Black."

Laura turned around toward the coffee maker.  The fabric of her nightgown stuck to her ass, outlining the full cleft of her round cheeks. 

I smiled to myself as the obedient woman scooped out several spoons full of ground coffee.  Silently, I watched her, wondering what was going on in her head.  I wondered if she was getting off on this, remembering what she had admitted to during Mancini's trial.

The man had treated her like a slave.  And by her testimony, she seemed happy with the arrangement.  He'd beat her for overcooking a steak, and forced her to walk around almost naked.  On several occasions, she was forced to carry out an execution.  Making her put a bullet in some guys head was Mancini's way of securing his ownership of her.  He'd treated her with utter contempt.  He'd treated her like something that could be owned.  And she seemed to love him all the more for it.

When she placed the cup before me, she just stood there stupidly.

"Sit down," I said pointing to the chair directly across from me.  Taking my first sip, I looked out over the mug to see the woman staring fearfully downward.  Like she was running things threw her mind.  "I know what you might be thinking," I said, placing the mug down. 

Her eyes shot to mine.

"Maybe you're thinking that you'll notify the authorities, and they can give you a new identity.  But think of this.  Who do you think is more motivated to act quickly, an underpaid government employee or someone looking to get in good with your old friend Mancini?" 

Laura's shoulder's dropped slightly as a defeated frown crossed her face.

"I'll tell you this.  Mancini wants you dead, and anyone that does it will be set for life.  The second I reveal who you are, every lowlife looking for a quick fortune will be after you."  I took another sip, and watched as Laura's shaking hands lifted her mug to her bee stung lips.  She seemed to understand.  "The quicker you realize that you belong to me now, the better."

She looked defeated.  Sullenly, she took another sip of her coffee.  She continued to stare at the table.  She took a deep breath and exhaled.  "What…what do you want?"

I smiled and leaned back in my chair.  "First," I said.  "I want you to scoot that chair back.  Let me get a better look at you."  I stretched my leg under the table and pressed my foot against the leg of her chair.  I pushed, summoning a loud squeal as the chair slid back several inches.

Startled, Laura jumped causing her large breast to bounce erotically.

She pushed her chair back against the cabinet behind her and sat with her pale legs crossed.

"Uncross your legs, you whore."  I'd risen my voice slightly, and Laura's eyes widened.  "What?  Are you afraid little Becca might hear?"

The woman nodded.

"Then don't make me ask you again."

With trepidation, she parted her silky smooth thighs.  Encased in shadow, I was able to see the mother's panties.  They were silk, red to match her nightie.

"Further," I said.

The hem of her gown rose up her thighs as she parted her knees.  The panties clung tightly to her mound, the outline of her lips visible even from several feet.

"Are you wet?"  I asked.

"What?"  The woman said, with a hint of force.

"Your cunt?  Is it wet?"  I spoke to her like a stupid child.

"No," she said quietly, her eyes not leaving the table.

"Look at me!"  I growled, pounding a fist on the table.

Laura jumped again, sending another ripple through the flesh of her exposed cleavage.  Her hands shot to her face and she began to cry.

"I said…" my voice was quiet but forceful.

The woman took a few deep breaths and lowered her hands to her side.  She looked at me with soggy, red eyes.  A tear traveled the contours of her cheek and dripped to her chest.

I hadn't noticed the girl entering the kitchen.  She held an empty cereal bowl and looked at her mother with concern.  "What's wrong, mom?"  She asked with fear in her voice.

Laura looked at me, seemingly not sure what to say.

I took the lead.  "I'm afraid I had some bad news for your mom, kiddo.  An old friend of ours died the other day."

"Oh," the tall girl said looking back toward her mother.  "I'm sorry, mom."  The girl walked to her mother's side and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.  She leaned toward her mother's ear and I heard a quiet whisper.  "I can see your panties."

Laura closed her legs.

Such a sweet girl, I thought.  Wanting to save her mother the embarrassment of "accidently" flashing her crotch.  The girl stepped by her mother and placed her bowl in the sink.  She left the kitchen, and I listened as her small feet scampered upstairs to her room.

I rose from the table. 

Laura straightened up and looked at me fearfully as I approached her. 

I reached out and took her left nipple between my thumb and forefinger.  The woman winced as I twisted the sensitive flesh.  "Did I say you could close your legs?" 

Laura twisted and turned in pain, but she didn't try to fight.  That was a good sign.  She knew what she was, who she belonged to.

"From now on, you will never disobey me," I said pinching her nipple with almost all my strength.  "Do you understand, you stupid slut?"

"Yes…Yes…please…I understand."  She spoke from between clinched teeth.

I let go.  "Good.  Now let me see those pretty red panties."  I sat back down and looked at the pitiful woman as she spread her legs. 

"Do you shave?"  I asked.

She'd remembered to look me in the eye.  "Shave…my…?"

"Your cunt."


"No, what?"

"No, I don't shave my… my cunt."  She was a fast learner.

"Let me see," I said.  "Pull down those panties and let me see that hairy pussy."

Laura stared at me, silently pleading for me to stop this.  I just stared with marked determination that told her I'd never stop.  Not until I was satisfied.

Finally she rose to her feet, and looked over her shoulder.  She slipped her hands under her nightie and bent forward, displaying even more of her ample bosom.  Bending at the knees, she pulled down the silk panties and stepped out of them.

"Give them here," I said holding out my hand. 

She stepped toward me and placed her soiled underwear in my waiting hand.  A look of shock and mild disgust swept across her face as I held them to my nose and inhaled deeply.

They were warm to the touch and had the sexy scent of pussy and sweat.  A couple stray pubic hairs rested in the crotch and I plucked them out and dropped them to the floor.  I slipped the silk panties into my pocket and watched as Laura took her seat.

Slowly she parted her legs, forcing the hem of her nightie to rise, eventually uncovering the wiry dark bush that was nestled between her legs.  She stared at me unmoving as I took in the view. 

The outer lips of her pussy were plump, concealing the inner lips behind their meatiness.  She began to breathe heavily as she, without being asked, lifted the hem of her nightie.  Her entire womanhood was spread before me.

"You're such a whore," I said.  "We just met and you're already letting me sniff your panties and see your bushy cunt."

Any bravery that remained in her was long gone.  That, or it was buried under so much fear that it might as well be.  She nodded in agreement.

"Say it."  I said.

She closed her eyes for a few seconds and then opened them.  "I'm such a whore." 

I wondered if she meant it.  It sounded confessional, and maybe it was.  She'd gotten into this mess by fucking some sleaze ball just because he had power and money.  If that's not the very definition of a whore, I don't know what is.

"I want you to touch yourself."

Her eyes closed again.  "Please," she whispered.  "Please, not with Becca right upstairs." 

If she was afraid to masturbate with her daughter in the house, I couldn't even imagine how she would feel about my ultimate goal.

"You heard me, you slut!"  I raised my voice and leaned forward in my chair.  "You will not disobey me!  And take your tits out while you're at it."

Laura reached under the neckline of her nightie and lifted her right tit free.  It was perfection.  Remarkably perky for a 34 year old mother, her d-cup breast bounced as she released it.  She pulled out her left breast and dropped her hands to her side.  Her left nipple had reddened from my pinching it, the only break from the perfect symmetry of the beautiful lobes.

She tapped her fingers against the chair anxiously, working up the nerve to begin masturbating. 

I let her take her time, exploring all the subtleties of her fear like a sommelier explorers the subtleties of a wine.  Sweat beaded on her forehead, and her breathing had quickened.  She fidgeted with her feet and swallowed hard.  Eye contact seemed impossible for her and her spread knees shook arhythmically.  Finally, just when I was about to threaten her again, she moved her right hand to her hairy pussy.

Her eyes met mine as she combed her fingers through the thick patch of hair.  I looked down to see her sliding her fingers over the fleshy lips of her pussy.  Slowly, she moved her middle finger up and down her slit.

"Play with your clit," I ordered.

She obeyed, and started rubbing the sensitive bud.  Gradually, as she played with herself, the fear seemed to leave her.  Her breathing slowed and her knees no longer quaked.  I began to notice light reflecting off of moisture oozing from her cunt.  Her hairy lips grew red with arousal.

I looked back at her eyes.  Again they grew red and tearful.  She was hating herself for this.  Hating herself for being so easily dominated.  But most of all, hating herself for actually enjoying it.

Her breathing quickened again, but this time it wasn't out of fear.  Her fingering sped up and she started biting her lower lip.  The muscles in her legs began to clench and release.  Clench and release.  A weak moan escaped her lips and her eyes clenched tight.

As she came, her body twitched spasmodically, sending waves through her large hanging breasts.  She continued rubbing her clit through the orgasm, each jolt of pleasure met with a soft, high pitched whimper. 

I could hear her wetness.  It sounded vaguely like a child splashing in a bathtub.

Suddenly she stopped.

I smiled at the woman as she snapped back to reality.  She began to weep.

She'd lost herself for a moment there, forgetting about the stranger that sat before her.  A stranger who held her entire existence in the palm of his hand.  For a moment she was with a kind, giving lover.  For a moment all her troubles and fears were gone and all that existed was her cunt.

I watched the woman cry, my cock an iron rod in my pants.  I wanted nothing more than to fuck the bitch, to bend her over the table and take her from behind.  But where would I go from there?

When her crying finally stopped, Laura wiped her eyes.  Remembering her place, she spread her legs, displaying her sopping wet pussy.  She looked me in the eye and waited.

"You enjoyed that, didn't you?"  I said with a smile.

"No," she answered sharply.

"Bullshit.  You came like a pornstar."

"I…" she was silent.

"I'm going to be going now," I said rising from the table.

Laura looked relieved.  She wasn't that stupid was she?  She didn't really think this was over, did she?

"I'm taking you and that pretty little daughter of yours to dinner tonight."

"Wha…" Laura muttered in utter confusion.  "Dinner?"

"Yeah," I answered.  "Be ready at seven.  And wear something…sexy."  I walked out of the kitchen and stopped at the foot of the stairs.  "Bye, Becca," I yelled.

"Bye," the cute young girl yelled down, hidden in her room.



Chapter 2

Dinner and a Movie

Back at my house, I struggled to get a bit of work done.  I was working on a novel in my spare time, but was having a hell of a time concentrating.  My mind kept going back to that obedient slut spreading her legs and getting off in front of me.  I wondered what her hairy cunt lips would feel like wrapped around my swollen cock.  Her dirty panties sat on my desk next to me and occasionally I pick them up and sniff, sending another rush of blood to my cock.

Little Becca had also become embedded in my thoughts.  I imagined her sitting on my knee, my hands between her skinny thighs, rubbing her through her panties.  She was still hairless in my mind, innocent and pure.  The young girl cooed as my hand slipped under her cotton panties.  I brought her to a quivering orgasm as her preteen juices coated my hand.

After doing about 15 minutes of work in 3 hours, I decided I couldn't take it anymore.  I needed to masturbate.

As a computer forensics specialist, much of my work has to do with child pornography.  I'm given a suspect's computer, and told to see what I can find.  Before I started the job, I had to go through a series of psychological test to see if I'd be able to handle seeing children get molested and raped.  The tests were also designed to weed out those that would actually enjoy the job.

Luckily for me, the tests aren't perfect.  I was hired despite my predilection, and was quickly surrounded by kiddy porn. 

I was in heaven.

Everyday I'd come to work with an empty thumb drive, and often I'd leave with a full one.  My collection became gargantuan, at well over two terabytes.

Thinking of Becca, I started a video that had a girl that bore a striking resemblance.  She was a lanky thing, skin and bones, with straight brown hair that ended several inches below her shoulders. 

The film starts with her sitting alone at a table.  She is wearing a long sleeve white shirt, the bottom of which has been cut off revealing several inches of her taught belly.  A blue miniskirt displays much of her pale, white thighs.  White socks and black tennis shoes complete the outfit.  A school book is open in front of her and she seems to be concentrating hard on a problem.  She writes something and smiles to herself.

"Mr. Mark," the girl calls out.  "I think I got it!"

A man steps into frame and picks up the piece of paper.  He frowns and shakes his head.  "I'm sorry, Lindsey, but that's not right."  The man looks down at the girl.

She frowns and stands up.  After kicking off her shoes, she sits back down, with a defeated look on her face.

"Don't give up," the man says.  "Try again."

He leaves the room, and the girl tries the math problem again.  The screen goes black and "5 Minutes Later" is displayed.  When the film cuts back to the girl, she is smiling again.

She puts her pencil down and calls out, "Mr. Mark, I know I got it this time."

The man comes back into the room and picks up the paper.  Again, he frowns and shakes his head.

The girl's shoulders drop, and she reaches under the table and pulls her socks off.

This continues for several minutes.  With each wrong answer, the girl is forced to remove another article of clothing.  She pulls the blue skirt down her giraffe like legs, revealing a pair of brilliantly white panties.  She lifts the shirt over her head, only leaving a training bra covering her small budding breasts.

In only a bra and panties, she sits back down.  The man leaves the room and the girl begins nervously working on the problem again.  She squirms in her seat as the camera pans over her delicate, preteen body.  Finally, she puts her pencil down.

"Mr. Mark," she calls out tentatively.

The man walks back into the room.  When he shakes his head, the young girl looks like she is about to cry.  She stands up and seems to weigh her options.  Deciding on her bra, she slowly pulls it over her head and down her long, skinny arms.

This is where I usually begin to touch myself.

Her small, kiwi sized breasts have puffy areolas only a shade darker than the surrounding skin.  As she sits back down her nipples begin to harden at the sudden change in temperature.

The man doesn't leave the room this time.  Instead he begins to fondle the girl.  He runs his hands over her flat stomach and palms her right tit.

"Please, Mr. Mark," the girl pleads.  "I need to get this."

The man lowers his face to her neck and kisses her.  She pulls away from him, but he is persistent.  The girl struggles to solve the problem while simultaneously trying to avoid the man's exploring hands.

Finally she puts the pencil down.  "Is this right, Mr. Mark?"  She asks as the man's fingers caress a hard nipple.

"Sorry, sweetie," the man says without looking at the paper.  "You're doing it all wrong." 

The girl's head drops and she stands up.  The man licks his lips as he watches the girl ease her panties down her skinny legs.  She has a thin patch of dark hair over her thick, meaty pussy lips.  The girl looks down at her feet.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Mark, but I'm doing my best."

I was fully erect now, imagining myself in the man's shoes.  I could feel the firmness of her breast, the smoothness of her skin, and her eraser like nipples. 

Back on the screen the man helps the naked girl onto the table and spreads her legs.  He lowers his head between the child's legs and kisses her mound.  The girl moans.

Suddenly, I felt that familiar warmth in my testicles.  I wanted to slow down, but I couldn't.  As the man on the screen began to eat the 12 year olds pussy, I came.  And I came hard.

The morning's events had helped produce the most potent and pleasurable ejaculation I'd had in years.  Cum landed on the floor, on my desk, and across my keyboard.  I sat, breathing heavy, unable to form a coherent thought.

After the euphoria faded, I cleaned up.  With a clearer head, I was able to get some writing done.

I arrived back at Laura's house at a quarter to seven.  Not bothering to knock, I walked straight in the unlocked door.  Becca sat on the couch watching television.  She jumped up from the couch when she saw me enter. 

"Hi Phil," she said with a smile.

So friendly, I thought.  So trusting.

The girl wore a red, shoulder less sundress with a brown abstract pattern on it.  The bottom hem ended half way up her thigh, giving me my first glimpse of her long, sexy legs.  Her brown hair hung straight down her back and the sides of her head.

"You look really pretty, Becca," I said placing my hand on her bare shoulder. 

"Thank you," she said, a flush of red adorning her cheeks.

Just as I was about to ask the girl where her mother was, the woman stepped out from the hallway.  She'd remembered my request and wore a sexy, sheer, cream colored blouse.  Her black bra could be seen clearly through it.  She wore a very short, black and gold miniskirt with white stockings.

"You look real pretty, mommy," Becca said looking at her mother with wide smiling eyes.

"I have to agree, Laura." 

The woman looked at me with a feigned smile and thanked me.  A brief flash of anger crossed her face when she saw me touching her daughter.  It turned to shock as my hand moved down her daughters back, eventually cupping her tight, round ass. 

"You ready for dinner, kiddo?"  I asked the girl.

She looked up at me with an awkward smile, seemingly confused by my touch.  "Y…Yeah."  She said. 

"Why don't you go use the restroom before we go," Laura said to her daughter.

"Okay," the girl said stepping away from my groping and hurrying down the hallway. 

Laura was so enraged that I just wanted to laugh.  She stepped toward me.  "You do not touch my daughter, you fucking bastard!"  Her fists were balled up like she was about to punch me.

"Go ahead, punch me," I said calmly.  "I won't hit you back, I promise."

She raised her fist, and ground her teeth together.  "You fucking…asshole." 

I smiled in her face.

We stared into each other's eyes, her right fist wound up and ready to strike.  The toilet flushed from down the hall.  She broke eye contact, and a sadness overtook her.  She may have been a weak willed whore, but she wasn't stupid.  Punching me would have led directly to her death.  Not by my hands, but by one of any number of hit men.  She lowered her fist as the water began to run in the bathroom.

I stepped forward and forced my hand under her skirt.  Laura winced as I took a fist full of pubic hair through her silk panties.

I tugged.  "Don't you ever tell me what I can't do."  I spoke calmly, like a kind and patient teacher.  "I own you, which means I own that pretty little girl too."

"Please," she whispered.  "Leave Becca alone."

The bathroom door opened, and I heard the girl's footsteps on the wooden floor.

"I'll do what I fucking want," I whispered.

Becca walked into the living room and her eyes immediately shot to my hand under her mother's skirt.  I pulled it away quickly, pretending to have been surprised.

"Oh…" I said pretending to be flustered.  "You all ready to go."

"Yeah…" the girl said, as her mother straightened out her dress.

After eating at a nice little Italian place downtown, the girl's and I returned to their place.  I told them I had a movie we could watch, and that I was sure they would enjoy it.

"Why don't you put some pajama's on, while I set things up."

"Okay," Becca said before hurrying up the stairs. 

"What…what would you like me to wear?"  Laura asked.

"Surprise me," I said.

While the girls dressed, I went out to my car and got a DVD marked "Math Class Ass" and went back inside.  I put the DVD in and took a spot on the loveseat.  Becca came back first, wearing a cute little pink tank top and very short sleeping shorts.  She took a seat on the floor in front of me and crossed her legs.  The back of her shorts were down a bit giving me a view of her frilly cotton panties.

My cock twitched.

"What are we watching?"  She asked looking back over her shoulder.

"You'll see," I said.

Laura came into the room a few moments later, wearing a pink, flowery top and matching sleeping shorts.  The shorts were short enough that one could get away with calling them panties.  Her abundant cleavage was displayed quite nicely.  She walked over and took a seat next to me.

"So," she asked quietly.  "What are we watching?"

"It's a surprise, mommy," the young girl answered.

"I hope you don't mind an educational film, Becca," I said turning on the TV.

As the film started, I wondered how long it would take for Laura to realize where the film was going.  As soon as the girl kicked of her shoes, she knew.

"Please, no," she whispered in my ear.  "I can't let her see this."

I put my hand under the woman's skirt and squeezed her thigh.

She winced painfully and allowed the movie to play.

I could see the side of Becca's face as she watched the film.  She looked utterly confused.  "This movie doesn't make sense," she said when the girl was only in her bra and panties.  "Why doesn't the teacher just tell her what she's doing wrong?"

As the girl on the film bore her tiny tits, Laura looked away. 

I squeezed her again and leaned toward her ear.  "Watch it, slut," I whispered.  "Or your little Becca will star in one of her own."

When the girl dropped her panties, Becca turned around.  "I don't like this movie," she said with a tremble of confusion in her voice.  "I don't want to watch it."

"It's okay, Becca," I said.  "It gets much better.  I think you'll learn a thing or two."

Becca gave me a defiant look then turned to her mother.  "Can I go to my room?"

Laura looked at her little daughter.  I could tell she wanted the girl to run from the room.  She wanted to keep her daughter innocent and pure.  But she was helpless. 

The woman shook her head gently.  "No," she said.  "You need to stay in here."

Becca turned around just as the man in the film began going down on the little girl.  "Why…what…?"  She muttered to herself, her eyes were like saucers staring at the screen. 

Laura began to cry silently.  "Please…" she whispered.

As the film continued, my cock began to swell.  The man continued licking the little girl as she moaned with exaggerated passion.  He began to remove his own clothes, and when his enormous cock bounced free, the look on Becca's face was priceless.  She looked momentarily shocked, and then morbidly interested.

"Gross," little Becca said as the girl on the screen took the man's cock into her mouth.

Laura continued her silent laments as the graphic, illegal film played in front of her 12 year old little girl.  Eventually the man took his cock from her mouth and bent her over the table.  As the man began fucking the girl, Becca put her hands to her face.  She watched through her fingers like it was a suspenseful scene in a horror film.  Her body tensed up with embarrassment.

"What do you think, Becca?"  I asked as the preteen pornstar bucked against the table.

The girl was silent.

I squeezed Laura's thigh.

The woman took a moment to compose herself.  "Becca," she said.  "Phil asked you a question."

Without turning around, the girl answered.  "I don't like it."

"Oh?  That's too bad," I said.

On the screen, the man had flipped the child onto her back.  The camera zoomed in for a close-up of the penetration.  It looked like the girl was about to split open.  Her puffy, slightly hairy lips wrapped around the large cock as it pounded into her.

Laura seemed to have grown numb from the film.  She stared at the screen with dead, watery eyes.  Becca fidgeted on the floor.  And I wondered if the little girl was getting aroused.

The man on the screen came with a hearty grown.  He was nearly balls deep in the girl as his body jerked and writhed.  When he pulled out, the camera zoomed in on the child's gaping pussy.  White globs of semen dribbled out of her, spilling onto her desk.

Becca looked at the screen as though she was about to throw up.  Her jaw was slack and her eyes were like saucers. 

Laura just stared ahead.  I wondered if despite her shock, she was still absorbing what was happening on the screen, or if her mind couldn't handle it, and was mercifully blocking it.

The screen faded to black, and the words "9 Months Later" appeared.  The video faded into a close-up of the girl's face.  As the video zoomed out, you saw that she was in the very late stages of pregnancy.  She sat at the same table, completely nude.  Her small breasts had swelled and her belly protruded greatly.  She held a pencil in her hand, concentrating on the paper before her.

She placed a pencil down.  "I think I've finally got it," she said.  The screen faded to black.

I pressed stop on the remote.  "So, Becca," I said.  "What did you learn from that little film?"

The little girl stared at the black screen.

"Becca?"  I said again.

She turned her head toward me.

"What did you learn?"

"Um…I learned…" she thought for a few seconds.  "I learned how babies are made."

"And how is that?"  I asked.

She looked at her mother embarrassed, and hoping for some sort of reprieve.  When it didn't come, she spoke.  "A man sticks his…penis…into a girl.  That white stuff comes out, and nine months later a baby is born."  The girl looked confused.  "But…"


"Why did the man lick the girls…you know?"

"Her cunt?"

Becca nodded.

"That was just for fun," I said. 

"Oh," Becca said, pretending to understand.  "Can I go to bed now?"  She asked.

I smiled.  "Sure, but how about a little kiss good night?"

The girl looked at me confused, and then looked at her mother.  Laura's shock at seeing the child porn had subsided.  She nodded at her daughter.  "Okay," the little girl said, rising to her feet.  She walked over to me and bent to kiss me on the cheek. 

I turned my face quickly and gave her a quick peck on her young lips. 

The girl looked at me, shocked, and then looked at her mother.  When she saw that her mother wasn't going to do anything, she turned and went upstairs.

When I heard Becca's door close, I turned to her mother.  "What did you think about the film?"  I asked.

"It was disgusting," she said.  "I thought I was going to be sick."

"So I guess you won't enjoy the sequel."  I pressed play.

Another girl appeared on the screen, working diligently on her homework.

Laura's head sank.



Chapter 3

Spa Day

I arrived at Laura's house bright and early Sunday morning.  The air was already oppressively hot as the rising sun filtered through a stout oak tree.  I parked my car next to Laura's, and noticed a "Choose Life" bumper sticker.  A bead of sweat dripped down my back as I walked up to the front door.  I entered without knocking.

"Good morning," I called, closing the door behind me.  I could see the kitchen table from the foyer, and Becca sat eating breakfast.  The young girl looked freshly showered.  Her long hair hung over her back, damp and shiny.  She wore an old baggy t-shirt that ended halfway down her thighs.  If she wore shorts, I couldn't tell.

The girl looked up when she heard me call out.  She smiled nervously and turned around.  "Mom," she said.  "Phil is here."

I walked into the kitchen to see Laura standing over the sink.

"Good morning," she said quietly, placing a clean bowl onto the drying rack.  She was already dressed in a pair of black slacks, a white blouse, and a baby blue cardigan.  Her feet were bare, apart from black nylon stockings.

I pulled out an envelope from my pocket and placed it on the table.  I scooted the envelope down the table.  "Here," I said.  "A little gift."

Laura looked at me suspiciously.  "What is it?"

I said nothing, and waited for her to open it.

Laura grabbed the envelope and pulled out the sheet of paper.

Becca looked at her mother excitedly.  "What is it mom?" She asked gleefully.

"It's…it's a day pass to a spa.  Why'd you get me this?"

"I thought you could use a break."

"But it's only valid for today," she said.  "Becca and I need to go to church."

"You can miss one week," I said dismissively.


"I insist," I said interrupting her.  "And I'll watch the kid."

Judging by the look on her face, any suspicions Laura had about my motives, quickly became concrete fears.  She shook her head silently, out of sight of her daughter.  "Please," she mouthed silently.

I ignored her plea, and put my hand on Becca's shoulder.  "Go get dressed," I've got some plans for us today.

The young girl nodded and rose from the table.  She hurried out of the kitchen and ran upstairs.

"Don't worry," I said to the fearful woman.  "I'm not going to fuck her."

Not yet at least, I thought smiling into the concerned woman's eyes.

When Becca came back down, her mother was already gone.  "So…," she said.  "What kind of plans do you have?"

The girl wore a much too modest outfit.  Her pretty legs were hidden by a yellow sundress that ended several inches below the knee.  Even her arms were concealed by a light weight, white cardigan.

"We're going shopping," I said.

A girl as beautiful as Becca should not remain hidden behind so much fabric.  Her blossoming body should be on display for all to admire. 

Five minutes later, we were in in my car driving toward the expressway.  Becca sat in the passenger seat, looking out the window with her hands crossed over her lap.

"I'm sorry if you didn't like the movie last night," I said trying to sound as earnest as possible.  I remembered how she'd fidgeted on the floor, as the man fucked the little girl.  "You didn't like it at all?"

Becca's face reddened.  "No," she said without a hint of confidence in her voice. 

"It didn't make you feel, funny?"

The girl crossed her skinny legs.  "Well, maybe a little," she said still looking out the window. 

"Where?"  I asked.

"Some in my stomach, but mostly my…my…down there."

"Oh," I said.  "You mean your cunt."

The girl looked over at me as if she'd never heard the word before.

"That's the word for it," I said.  "It's called a cunt."

Becca nodded and looked back out the window.  "It made my…cunt a little wet too," she said quietly.

"That's normal when you watch a movie like that," I said reassuringly.  "Girl's cunts get wet and guy's dicks get hard."

"Oh…okay" she said.

We went to a few different stores, where I told her she could buy whatever she wanted.  Of course I steered her toward the shortest shorts and skirts and the most revealing tops.  I stood outside the dressing room as she tried on potential purchases, desperately wanting to be in there with her.  To see the little girl strip to her panties and slide a skimpy little skirt up her coltish legs.

In one store, a mother waited as her preteen daughter tried on a few outfits.  The woman gasped, shocked when Becca asked if a particular skirt was too short.

"I don't want people to see my cunt," she'd said innocently before walking back into the dressing room.

The prudish mother shook her head in disapproval.

"What?"  I asked the woman.  "Do you think it's alright for little girls to flash their cunts?"

The woman gasped again and told her daughter to hurry up.

By 2pm, Becca had picked out several new outfits.  With both hands full of bags, I told her it was time to go home.  She looked disappointed, but cheered up when I bought her an ice cream cone.  We walked out of the mall and through the packed parking lot.  When we reached my car, I placed the bags in the truck and slid inside.

"My mom would never have let me buy these clothes," Becca said buckling her seatbelt.  "She'd say they make me look like a harlot."

"Do you know what a "harlot" is?"  I asked, pulling out of the parking space.

The girl took a long, slow lick of her ice cream cone.  "No," she said.

We arrived back at the house 15 minutes later.  I parked my car in the empty driveway and Becca helped me carry the bags inside. 

"Let's take these up to your room," I said kicking the door closed behind me.  I followed the girl up the narrow staircase, wishing her attire provided a better view of her ass.  We turned right at the top of the stairs and entered through the girl's door.

It was a stereotypical preteen girl's room.  There were pale pink sheets on the bed and stuffed animals everywhere.  Posters littered the walls and dirty clothes lay in piles across the floor.

"Thank you," she said as I placed the bags on her unmade bed.

I looked around the room, noticing several pictures of pretty boy heartthrobs.  The perfectly messy hair of pop stars surrounded me. 

"Becca," I said.

"Yeah," the girl answered, pulling a blue miniskirt from a bag.

"I want to talk to you, about your mother."

"What about her?"  The girl pulled a white top from a blue plastic bag.

"She's not who you think she is."

Becca turned around.  She squinted at me with confused eyes.  "What…what do you mean?"  She asked.

I pulled a prepared thumb drive from my pocket and walked over to her computer.  I put the drive in and with a few clicks, opened a photograph.

The picture was of a scantily clad woman in the arms of a well-dressed man. 

The girl stepped closer and looked at the screen.  "That's my mom," she said.  "Who is the man?"

"That's your father," I said. 

The girl leaned closer to the screen, and I opened another picture.  It was her father's mug shot. 

"Your mom never told you about him, did she?"  I asked.

"No.  What…what did he do?"  The girl asked.

"He's a murderer, Becca."  I opened her mother's mug shot.  "And so is your mother."

The girl's head jerked away from the screen.  She backed away from the computer and sat on the edge of her bed.  "I…I don't believe you," she said with a trembling voice.  "She would be in prison."

I explained to the child the concept of witness protection, and made sure she understood that there were several people that wanted her mother dead.  Judging by the look of terror on her face, she seemed to understand.  "You know," I said.  "It would be a real shame if anyone found out about you and your mom.  If your mom got killed, what do you think would happen to you?"

The girl shook her head.  "I don't know," she said quietly.

"Good," I said.  "You don't want to."

Becca had tears forming in her eyes and she was shaking visibly.  "I don't want my mom to get killed," she said.

"Neither do I," I said.  "But that's up to you."

"What…what do you mean?"

I smiled at the girl.  "Put on one of your new outfits and meet me in the living room.  Maybe we can work out a deal."

Becca nodded.  "Okay," she said.

I left the girl's room, surprised at how easy it had all been.  As I walked down the stairs my cock grew in anticipation of the coming events.  I took a seat on the loveseat.  My heart was pounding, and I had to take several deep breaths to calm myself.  I couldn't believe it was really happening.  At any moment a little girl was going to descend the stairs, totally at my mercy.  Would I fuck her right now?  Or, would I take things slow?  Good things come to those that wait, I thought wiping a bead of sweat from my forehead.

I heard footsteps on the stairs, and almost broke out in excited laughter.  I turned my head toward the sound.  Her legs appeared first, pale and lithe.  She was barefoot, her feet adorable and small.  More and more for her skin was visible as she stepped down the stairs.  Her knobby knees came into view, her thin thighs, and then the hem of her blue skirt.  Her taut stomach was bare, the bellybutton protruding slightly.  A couple more steps and I saw she was wearing the white belly shirt I'd bought for her.  Finally I saw her hair and her beautiful, childish face. 

She walked slowly into the living room, surely not knowing what to expect.

I patted the spot next to me and she understood.  She stepped closer and sat down next to me.  I wrapped my arm around the girl and pulled her closer.

"You're a very pretty girl," I said feeling her upper right arm.  Her face flushed.  "Does your boyfriend ever tell you that?"

"I don't have a boyfriend," she said under her breath.  She was breathing heavily and she rested her hands awkwardly on her lap.  "I don't want you to tell anyone about my mom."

"And I won't, as long as you're nice to me."  I placed my left hand under her chin and turned her face toward mine. 

Her eyes were wide and her lips quivered.  "What do you-"

I pressed my lips to hers.  The young girl jolted and clenched her mouth tight.  I continued the kiss as Becca groaned and tried to push away.  I just pulled her closer and slid my left hand over her thigh.  Her lips tasted of vanilla ice cream and her thigh was as smooth as silk.

She breathed loudly though her nose as my lips glided over hers.  When I finally pulled away, she gasped and turned her head away from me.

"No wonder you don't have a boyfriend," I said.  "You kiss like a dead fish."

The girls head sank.  "Please," she said.  "I'm sorry.  I'll try harder.  You just…surprised me."

The girl was desperate to protect her mother, to the point where she was allowing herself to be molested by a stranger.  I found it quite admirable actually.  And kind of cute.

"That's okay.  Let's try again."  I turned her lips to mine and leaned in.  When our lips met, Becca clinched her eyes.  She opened and closed her mouth awkwardly and groaned again in discomfort.  She was trying her hardest, I could tell, but her reluctance to kiss me was incredibly obvious.  For some reason, I liked that.

I decided to slip my tongue in.  Her eyes popped open and her thin body tensed up when she felt my tongue brush against hers.  I flicked it around, caressing the inside of her mouth delicately.  She did not reciprocate.  Like her lips, I could taste the vanilla in her mouth and that only added to the sensuousness of the experience.

I continued to taste the little girl for several minutes, sliding my left hand up and down her thigh.  My hand eased under her skirt, getting ever closer to her panties.  I wanted to touch her bare cunt, to taste it, to feel it wrapped around my prick as I steal her virginity.  All in due time, I told myself, pulling my desperate hand away from the preteen's pussy.

I pulled my lips away and whispered, "Use your tongue."  I plunged back into her mouth and a few moments later, felt her small tongue tentatively begin to move.  It entered my mouth, sending a fresh supply of blood to my cock.  My tongue was an expert dancer, teaching the little girl's tongue how to mambo.  She took my lead and after a few awkward missteps, she became quite proficient. 

I lifted the girl onto my lap.  Her skinny legs straddled my hard cock, which rested firmly against her ass.  I wondered if she noticed, or knew what it was.  I reached under her skirt and took two handfuls of her tiny ass.  She winced and tensed up, but she didn't break the kiss.  The thin cotton of her panties slid over my fingers as I squeezed her. 

When I finally pulled away, Becca took a deep breath.  I got the feeling that she thought it was over.  As if that's all I wanted to do, to make out with her for a few minutes.  I almost laughed out loud at the young girl's relief.

"I want to see your body," I whispered.

The girl's eyes widened again, and she leaned back, resting more of her weight on my swollen erection. 

"Naked?"  She asked.

I nodded with a smile.

"But…I…can't," she said shaking her head.  "It's not right.  Sister Grace says that no man should see you naked that isn't your husband."  The girl spoke with sudden resolve.

"You don't want to upset Jesus?"  I asked.

"No," Becca said firmly.

"Well, Jesus is all about forgiveness, right?"

The girl nodded.

"Don't you think he'd forgive you?  I mean, you're saving your mom's life here."

She pressed her lips together, deep in thought. 

My cock ached, resting between her firm butt cheeks. 

In the silence I wondered how the child's anus would feel, squeezing vicelike around my engorged member. 

Finally the girl spoke.  "I…I guess," she said.  "I guess if it was to save my mom, Jesus would forgive me."

"Good," I said.  "Now let's get you out of those clothes."

Becca exhaled deeply and got off my lap. 

"Do it slow," I said, wanting to savor the moment. 

The girl stood a few feet in front of me, shyly playing with the bottom of her dress.  She ran her fingers along the hem, and shifted her weight from foot to foot.  Her eyes were focused on her bare feet. 

"Let's start with your skirt," I said.

"O…Okay."  I reached out and took the bottom of her skirt into my hands and began to pull it down.  Slowly, her small panties came into view.  They were white cotton and had tiny flowers all over.  The thin fabric clung tightly to the little girl's mound, and her puffy lips were clearly outlined.  I pulled her skirt down her skinny legs and dropped it to the floor.  The girl stepped out of it, and looked up at me. 

Her face was beet red.

"Now the top," I said, resisting the urge to stroke my cock.

Becca swallowed hard and nodded.  I grabbed the neck of her top and pulled it over her head.  Her hair dropped and fanned out over her back as it passed through the neck of the white shirt.

She was wearing a white training bra with blue and pink polka dots.  Her small, developing breasts tented the elastic material gently.  She crossed her arms over her crotch, and struggled to make eye contact.  She stared at her feet, and quickly glace at me, her face reddening further each time.

"Are you embarrassed," I asked.

"Yeah," she said quietly, her eyes meeting mine for a brief moment.

"You have nothing to be embarrassed about," I said, trying to sound reassuring.  "You're a beautiful little girl."

"T…thank you," she said.  She stood for a few moments, nervously tapping her fingers against herself.  "You want me to take…it all off?"

"Yes," I answered.

The girl reached her fingers into the waistband of her panties.  She stretched the elastic slightly, but then let go.  Her hands moved the shoulder straps of her bra, and slowly lifted it over her head.

As her tiny breasts popped free, I couldn't help but smile.  They were beautiful buds of soft flesh.  The areolas were large and puffy, a shade darker than the surrounding skin. 

Her fingers returned to the waist of her panties.  She held them there for a few moments before looking up at me.

I just nodded at the girl, signaling her to continue.

She stood for several seconds, running her thumbs along the inside of the waist band.  Obviously, the girl was nervous.  I let her take her time, actually enjoying the slowness of her striptease.  She took a deep breath, as she worked up her nerve.  Finally, the preteen's cute little panties began to drop.  She bent over slightly, blocking my view of her pussy, but allowing me a fresh viewing angle of her little tits.

When the panties dropped past her knees, she straightened up.

She was hairless, smooth as a Barbie Doll.  Her outer pussy lips were exquisitely plump, concealing the inner lips of her pubescent womanhood.

I stared at the girl's fleshy cunt as she stepped out of her panties.  She seemed to relax, as if displaying her thin body to a near stranger wasn't as bad as she'd expected.  Her arms hung limply at her side and she crossed her left foot over her right.

"Turn around," I said twirling my finger in a circular motion.  "I want to see your ass." 

"Okay," Becca said and turned slowly on her heels.

The girl was equally beautiful from behind.  Her blonde hair hung down to the center of her narrow back, looking like delicate strands of golden silk.  It seemed to glow, reflecting sunlight pouring in through the glass skylight.

The lobes of her small ass were perfectly round and called out to be spread.  There was a red mark around her waist and thighs where her tight panties had clung to her pale flesh.

She looked back at me, over her shoulder.  The calmness in the girl's body had spread to her eyes.  She looked at me without fear, and I wondered if she wasn't a little flattered that this adult man found her body so appealing.

"Bend over," I said, not taking my eyes from the girl's ass. 

She followed my instructions without argument and bent at the waist, again displaying the think lips of her pubescent cunt.  Her hair fell over her and draped across the floor.

"Spread your ass," I said.

Becca's small hands reached behind her and took hold of her firm cheeks.  Gently, and slowly, she spread them apart.

Her virgin anus was remarkable.  The wrinkly, little hole was slightly darker than the surrounding skin, with a black pinpoint marking the entrance.

"Come closer," I said leaning forward.

Without standing up, the girl took several steps back.  I leaned ever closer as the little girl backed up toward me.  Eventually, the little girl was within licking distance.

"I'm going to ask you some questions Becca.  I want the truth.  Do you understand?"  I gazed at the child pussy and anus as she answered.

"Yes," she said.

"I can tell if you're lying."  I lifted my hands to touch the girl and noticed my hands were shaking.  My experience with little girls had always been through videos.  I never thought I'd have the opportunity to act on my desires. 

I was incredibly nervous as I placed my hands on the child's ass cheeks.  Becca moved her hands out of the way as I began to squeeze her lobes gently.

Her asshole spread and closed slowly as my hands kneaded her like a baker kneads dough.  "Do you ever play with your cunt?"  I asked quietly.

"No," Becca answered. 

"No, what?"

"No, I don't play with my cunt."

Her skin was as smooth as polished stone.  My hands slid over her flesh, and I moved my lips to her virgin cleft.  I kissed her puffy mound.

The child tensed her muscles at the kiss, and clenched her buttocks.

"What are you doing?"  She asked with a hint of confusion in her voice.

"I want to show you how good it feels to have your cunt kissed."  I pressed my lips against her pussy and kissed her gently.  My nose rested in her ass as I stuck the tip of my tongue between her plump lips.  She tasted sweet, and a little salty.

I heard the girl inhale quickly as my tongue brushed against her sensitive clit.

"How does that feel?"  I asked, and placed another kiss on the tender little nub.

"It feels…weird."  The girl answered.  "But it feels kinda good."

As I continued tasting the little girl's cunt, my cock grew like diamond.  I wanted nothing more than to pry this girl's virginity away from her, but I was too excited.  If I was to enter the girl, I'd cum in seconds.  I wanted our first time to be a long, slow experience.  I wanted to savor it.

I leaned back in my chair and told the girl to stand up.

She followed my order and straightened up.  I rose to my feet and pulled down my pants.  A look of fear swept across Becca's face, probably remembering the video from last night.

"Please," she said.  "Please, don't put it in me."  Her eyes darted to my cock as it bounced free.  It was a deep purple hue, and already glistening in precum.

"Don't worry," I said, sitting my naked ass on the loveseat.  "I'm not going to fuck you."

Becca stood before me, staring at my cock.  Her cunt had swelled and reddened, revealing that she'd become at least a little aroused by my exploring tongue.

"I want you to sit down," I said patting my bare knee.

The little girl brushed a lock of golden hair from her eye and shyly stepped forward.  She sat her naked ass on my hairy thigh, like I was some kind of perverted Santa Claus.  Her feet rest on the floor between mine, and she kept her skinny thighs together tightly.  I placed my right hand around her and rested it on her right hip.  My left found her thigh.  She stared at the floor, and crossed her hands over her crotch.  My cock stretched out before me, the head almost in contact with Becca's left leg.

"You're not going to have…sex with me?"  The little girl asked, barely louder than a whisper.

I raised my right hand and combed my fingers through her shiny hair.  "No," I said.  "Not today."  I moved my right hand up her thigh.  "Spread your legs," I said quietly. 

As Becca spread her legs, I leaned in and kissed her left breast.  Her skin was so soft and smooth.  She exhaled deeply as my lips moved over the blemish less flesh.  I began tonguing her tiny nipple, and it quickly began to harden in my mouth. 

My right hand moved up and down her back.  I could feel her spine, her ribs, and her shoulder blades.  She shuttered, ticklishly as my hand brushed the back of her neck.  Goosebumps rose over her entire body and my left hand moved further up her thigh.

I could feel the warmth radiating from her pussy.  When my hand finally made contact with the child's hairless labia, her body twitched.  I ran my middle finger up the narrow slit, allowing the meaty lips to envelop it.  She was slightly wet, and very sensitive.  As I toyed with her, her breathing quickened.  Her heart raced.

I could feel her pounding heart through my lips, which suckled her left breast like a nursing baby.

"How do you feel?"  I asked when I finally removed my lips from her chest.

There were several seconds of silence.  When she finally spoke, she was quiet and the words flowed from her mouth like cold molasses.  "It…feels…," she took several breaths, "good." 

My finger made contact with her clitoris.  She cooed, and pressed her cunt harder against my hand.  I massaged the bud gently.

"Do you know what this is?"  I asked, tracing circles around her clit.

The girl exhaled.  "It's…my cunt," she said.

"No," I said.  "This part right here."

She shook her head.

"It's called a clitoris.  Or clit."  I increased the pressure a little.  "Do you like me playing with it?"

"Yes…but…" her voice trailed off.  She closed her eyes and tilted her head back slightly.  "It's…not right."

I kissed her shoulder, and moved my lips to her neck.  "What's not right?"  I asked.

"You...touching me.  And…me liking it." 

I leaned back against the seat.  "Here," I said.  "I want you to straddle me, like this."  I helped the girl into position, with a knee resting on either side of my hip.  My swollen cock stuck up in front of her.

Then girl face was struck with panic.  "Please," she said.  "Please don't put it in me."  She looked like she was about to cry.

"Do as I say, and I won't."  I put my hands around her waist and squeezed her gently.  She allowed me to pull her closer.

"Please," she whispered as my prick got closer to her virgin pussy.

A wave of pleasure pulsed through my cock as it brushed against her smooth cleft.  I felt like I was about to blow, like I was an awkward virgin again.  My sensitive head slid up her mound as I pulled her closer still.

The girl's breathing quickened and she leaned forward, resting her hands on the couch behind me.  Her weight pressed my cock against my stomach, the lips of her pussy wrapped around my shaft.

"I want you to rock against me," I said.  "Like this."  I pulled her toward me, then pushed her back.  The entire length of my cock slid along her pussy, her wetness mixing with my precum to ease the motion.

After several seconds, Becca seemed to understand what I wanted.  She bucked her hips back and forth against me, taking pleasure at the sensation on her preteen clit. "Thank you," she said.  "Thank you for not…putting it in me."

It wasn't for her benefit that I saved her virginity.  I knew I'd have it in due time, and I wanted the time to be right. 

Her eyes closed as her motion quickened. 

I reached my right hand around to the back of her neck and pulled her closer for a kiss.  As our lips touched, she immediately parted hers and slipped her tongue into my mouth.  She was a fast learner, and so eager to please.  The awkwardness of her kisses made them all the more pleasurable.

Suddenly, she broke off the kiss and she started thrusting her hips in a more frenzied motion.  She cringed, and I knew the little girl was about to cum.  Her aroused pussy slid up and down my shaft, massaging her tiny, hard clit.

"Don't stop," I said, desperate to see, hear, and feel this child's first orgasm.  I moved my hands to her firm ass and felt her muscles contract and relax with each thrust.

She began to moan, and cry out wordlessly.

Her body began to shake.

Her eyes closed.

She came.

The little girl's orgasm was one of the most powerful I'd ever witnessed.  Every muscle in her body seemed to contract and she let loose a guttural, animalistic moan.  Her hips spasmed against mine as I struggled to contain my own pleasure.  It lasted for several seconds, and for a moment I feared the neighbors might hear her cries.  I thought about the girl's mother, and wondered what she would do if she walked in.

Becca's motion slowed, as her first orgasm began to pass.  When she finally stopped, she sat panting, her eyes closed and a giant grin on her face.

I pulled her toward me for another kiss.  She was receptive and kissed me back.  I could feel her heavy breathing on my cheek as she exhaled through her nose.  My tongue caressed hers gently, slowly, and passionately.

I moved my left hand to her tiny, bare breast and began to squeeze.  Becca didn't shy away from the touch, instead she allowed my hand to explore her young body.  Her small nipples were firm against my hand.  The girl's eyes remained closed and her head fell back.  She was losing herself, forgetting her catholic schoolgirl convictions.

I kissed her cheek, and then whispered into her ear.  "What would your Priest say?"  I asked giving her breast another firm squeeze.  "What would your mother say?"

It seemed to take a few seconds for my questions to register in the girls mind.  She opened her eyes, and looked at me.  "They'd say…that this is wrong."

I moved my hand to her other breast.  The nipple on this one was soft, but quickly firmed up as I squeezed.  "If it's wrong, why don't you stop?"

"I…can't," she said.

"It feels too good?"

"Ye- I mean no."

I laughed.  "Admit it," I said.  "You like me fondling your little titties."

She shook her head.

"You enjoy my cock against your cunt."  I started rocking against her again, anxious for my own orgasm.

Becca quivered as I brushed her clit.  "N…No," she said.  "I don't like it."

"Bullshit."  I pressed my cock firmly against her pussy, sending another spasm through her coltish body.  "You love it," I said, now with a tiny tit in each hand. 

The pleasure of my cock against her clit and my hands massaging her young breasts seemed to be overwhelming her religious convictions again.  She closed her eyes and started rocking against me.  In her mind, she was no longer Catholic, no longer a virgin, and no longer pure.  All that existed was the desire to get off.

The girl's change aroused me even further.  I wrapped my hands around the girl's waist and guided her motion over my sensitive prick.  For several minutes, I continued thrusting against her silky cunt.  When I began to feel a sensation of warmth in my testicles, I increased my pace and stopped all holding back.

After several more thrusts against the child, I allowed myself to cum.  The first thick stream of cum erupted from me like a geyser, and grazed against the girl's cunt and stomach before landing just below my bellybutton.  The room began to spin as the second stream splashed against her cleft.  My body weakened and the remainder of my seed spurted and coated Becca's hairless pussy.  I thrust several more times as tiny droplets of cum covered the girl.

I sat with the child in my arms, breathing heavily as the wave of euphoria passed over me.  When I gathered my composure, I turned and placed her on the seat next to me.

Becca sat slouching, her legs spread wide before her.  She looked down over her body, and her eyes widened when she noticed all the cum.

We sat in silence for minutes.  I couldn't even imagine what was going through the girl's head.  Was she scared?  Was she happy that I saved her virginity?  Was she curious about the strange goo that covered her privates?

I spoke first.  "How did that feel?"  I asked.

Becca stirred and sat up.  My semen began to flow down her swollen pussy.  "Does that happen every time someone has…sex?  Do you always get that feeling?"

"Only if you do it right," I answered with a smile.

Becca ran a finger through the puddle of cum over her vagina.  "This is the stuff that makes babies?"  She looked at me.

I nodded.  "If it goes in your cunt, yeah."

The girl looked away.  "Thank you for not…going… in my cunt."

I laughed to myself.  Anyone else would have described what just happened as rape.  But here this little girl is, thanking me, for cumming on her and not in her.  She was just like her mother.  Obedient to a fault.

I rose from the couch and picked up Becca's panties.  After cleaning the cum off my dick, I tossed the soiled underwear to the girl.  "Here, clean yourself up.  Then go get dressed."

Becca wiped all the cum off of her and rose.  I watched her as she gathered her clothes and scampered back up stairs.

I put my own underwear and pants back on and flipped on the television.  A few minutes later, Becca came down wearing the same blue skirt and white top she'd had on earlier.  I patted the seat next to me, and she sat down. 

She still smelled of cum.

We watched TV for about 45 minutes before we heard a car pull into the driveway.  I peeked out the window.  It was Laura, fresh from her day at the spa.  Becca jumped up from the couch, and went to the door to meet her.

When the woman entered, she stared at Becca with a confused look on her face.  "What are you wearing?"  She asked.

"Phil took me shopping."  She said.

The woman looked at me knowingly.  Her eyes called me a pervert, and her pursed lips cursed me silently.  The woman hugged her daughter.  Her nose crinkled and she leaned in for a sniff.  Laura's eyes shot to me, and I looked at her innocently.

What are you going to do about it, cunt?  I thought staring the woman dead in the eye.



Chapter 4

Raging Rapids

 "Remember who you're talking to," I said calmly.

Laura's face was beet red, and her mouth was snarled into an angry grimace.  "You sick son of a bitch!"  She growled.  "I should call the police!"

"Do it," I goaded, acting completely unconcerned.  "Here," I said grabbing her cellphone from the table.  "Let me dial for you."  I pressed a few buttons.  "Just know that by the time they get here, Mancini will know everything he needs to know to put you six feet in the ground."

Laura gritted her teeth.  "She's only a little girl!"

I pressed a few more buttons, and listened to the ring.

"San Antonio Police Department," a female voice said.  "How can I help you?"

I looked Laura in the eye and handed her the phone.  She glared at me for several seconds. 

"Hello?"  The voice over the phone asked.

Laura's shoulders dropped and she looked at the phone.  She ended the call without saying a word.

The woman was mine.  Her daughter was mine.

"Smart move," I said.  "And for the tenth time, I didn't fuck your daughter.  If you don't believe me, why don't you ask her?"

"Please," the woman said.  Her voice had transformed to that of a scared little girl.  "You can do whatever you want to me, just don't touch Becca."

I nodded and wondered if the woman actually believed me.

"Since I'm feeling generous, I'll take your offer into consideration."  I rose from the table.  "Your room.  Now."

The sex was great.  Laura fucked as if her daughter's life depended on it.  She came twice, crying out to God in quivering spasms.  I don't know if her orgasms were real, or just a front to keep me happy and away from her virgin daughter.

"Please, don't cum in me," she begged as it became obvious that I was nearing my own orgasm.  "I'm not on the pill."

"I'll cum where the fuck I want," I said, balls deep in the woman's hairy cunt.  I pounded into her, all the while thinking of her preteen daughter.  "If you get pregnant, you can just get an abortion."

Shock erupted on Laura's face.  "I'd never!"  She said ferociously.

I grabbed the woman's curvy hips and increased my pace.

"Please," she begged.  "I can't get pregnant."

I felt my orgasm begin, and I plunged myself deep inside her.  As I came, I looked the woman in the eye.  My seed flooded her womb in several potent ejaculations.  When I pulled out, semen bubbled from her and stained her blue sheets.  I fell to the bed next to her.

Laura closed her eyes and folded her hands over her crotch.  She was praying.

"You wishing for a girl or a boy?"  I asked, mocking her.

She didn't react.

"What will your priest think when your belly begins to swell?"

She closed her eyes tighter, and continued with her prayer.

I rose from the bed and put my pants back on. 

Laura made the sign of the cross over her large naked breasts, and mouthed an "Amen".  She sat up in bed and looked down at the semen leaking from her fertile womb.  Her shoulders slumped, and she buried her face in her hands.  "I can't get pregnant," she said under her breath.  "I just can't."

It took me forever to fall asleep that night.  Lying in bed, I could not get Becca out of my mind.  Despite the two satisfying orgasms I'd had that day, I was horny beyond belief.  I resisted the urge to masturbate, feeling it would be a waste when I had Becca and Laura a few miles down the road.

I hoped Laura was having an equally sleepless night, worrying that she might be pregnant.  I hoped the woman's mind was flooded with images of what she suspected had happened between me and her daughter.  I hoped she feared I'd stolen her little girl's virginity and that she was helpless to do anything about it.  Most of all, I hoped the woman feared being exposed more than she feared anything else.

At 2:30pm I was parked on the street a couple hundred feet down from Laura's house.  Becca would be getting dropped off by her carpool any minute.  As I waited, I ran through the previous day's events almost unable to believe that any of it had actually happened.  Was I really this lucky?  Had it all been a dream?

A van stopped in front of the house and the door slid open.  Becca stepped out, dressed in her customary school uniform, and said something to the driver.  The girl slammed the door, and turned toward her house.

It was a hot day, and Becca's hair was flat and sweaty.  Her blouse had come untucked from her skirt and one of her socks was down around her ankle.  I watched as the girl unlocked the front door and went inside. 

After the van drove past, I pulled my car up and parked in the drive way.  As I got out of the car, I saw the curtain open slightly before quickly closing again.  I walked up to the front door carrying a small gift bag from Victoria's Secret.

I knocked this time.  Several seconds later, the door opened by a crack and Becca peeked outside.  "Hello," she said quietly.

"Hello," I said kindly.  "May I come in?"

The preteen thought for a few moments before answering.  "Yes," she said pushing the door open all the way.

I entered the house, and stepped over a backpack that was lying in the foyer.

She closed the door behind me. 

"How are you today?"  I asked, smiling at the young girl.

"I'm okay," she answered with suspicion in her voice.

I walked over to the loveseat and sat down.  "Did you tell your mom about what we did yesterday?"

The girl's eyes went to the floor.  "No," she said.  "But I think she suspected something.  She didn't like the clothes you bought me."

"I didn't expect her to," I said.  "All that matters is that I like them.  From now on, as soon as you get home from school, I want you in one of those outfits.  You understand?"

The girl nodded.  "Do you want me to change right now?"  She asked, her shy eyes rising to meet mine.

"Yeah," I said.  "I want you to put this on."  I shook the tiny bag like a cat owner jingles a set of keys.

Becca stepped forward and took the bag.  She peaked inside, and a confused look rose on her face.  "It's a bathing suit," she said.  "Are we going swimming?"

"It's a hot one today, isn't it?  I thought we'd hit up Raging Rapids for a few hours."

The little girl's face morphed into an excited smile.  "Really?"

I nodded.  "Let's get your suit on." 

The girl started toward the stairs.

I stopped her.  "That's okay," I said.  "No need to be modest."  I leaned back in the loveseat, and motioned her toward me.

The girl understood, and placed the bag on the coffee table.  She took a few steps toward me.  She closed her eyes as I reached out and touched her.  I could feel her sexy body through her ugly, much too modest school uniform.  As I ran my hands over the girl's chest, she crinkled her nose nervously.  Her tiny breasts were firm little buds that sent waves of blood to my cock.  I reached under the sweater and began to pull it off.

"Raise your hands," I said.  After her skinny arms passed through the vest, my hands went to her stomach.  Through her white, cotton blouse I felt the tautness of her belly.  I slipped my hand under it and felt the sleekness of her preteen skin.  Further up, my prying fingers met the bottom hem of her bra.  I cupped her breast, and decided the girl really didn't need a bra.  Her tits were so small and firm, that a bra served no purpose.

I began unbuttoning the blouse.  Starting at the top, I worked my way down.  As her blouse opened up, more and more of her pale flesh was exposed.  Pale flesh that a thousand artists couldn't do justice.

Her blouse fell to the floor.  She wore a plain white training bra, and a rosary around her neck.  I took the chain in my hand and Becca bend over toward me as I pulled it over her head.  She opened her eyes and watched as I placed the sacred item on the coffee table. 

I reached under her long skirt and found the top of her right knee sock.  After pulling it down, the girl raised her foot and I pulled it off, exposing her cute little toes.  I reached under again and felt the girl's bare thigh and calf.  The skin was incredibly smooth, apart from where the elastic of her sock had indented itself in her flesh.  My hands moved up and down her legs, like a masseuse giving a sensual massage.  I removed the other sock, and gave her other leg the same delicate caress. 

Her skirt was the next thing to go.  Before I unbuttoned it, I reached under and cupped the girl's buttocks.  She was wearing thin, cotton panties.  I squeezed the girl's tight ass and she closed her eyes again, embarrassed or afraid.  Much like her breasts, the girl's ass was remarkably firm, yet supple.  That's a quality that usually fades as a girl matures.  It's really a sad thing. 

I reached for the button of her skirt and undid it.  It fell to the floor, revealing a cute pair of striped panties.  As she stepped out of the skirt, I noticed that I could see the outline of her plump cunt through the tight material.  My anxious hands moved to her mound, and I felt her smooth softness through the cotton.

Becca let out a weak moan as I ran my finger up her slit.  When I stroked her firm clit, she shuttered.

I reached under the elastic band, and pulled the panties down her thin legs.  Her bare cunt looked even more beautiful today.  The flesh was goose bumped and pale.  Her pussy looked like a succulent piece of fruit.  I looked up at the girl as she stepped out of her panties.  Her eyes were open and she watched me with a look of discomfort.  I lifted her panties from the floor and when I held them up to my nose, Becca's face reddened in embarrassment.  They smelled incredible, like sweat and pussy.  I took several deep smells of the little girl's dirty underwear before dropping them to the floor.  Becca crossed her hands over her exposed crotch.

I moved my hands back up the girl's firm stomach and slipped my hands under the small cups of her useless bra.  Her firm nipples brushed against my palms, and her tits barely filled half my hands.  I lifted the bra over the girls head and leaned into suck a nipple.

I was getting incredibly aroused before I wanted to be.  I had to contain myself.  Forcing myself to back away, I told the little girl to put on the bathing suit.

Becca reached into the bag and pulled out the bikini top.  In a matter of seconds, her tiny tits were hidden again.  She pulled out the solid black bottoms and slipped them on.

"Go put some clothes on over the bikini," I said tossing the underwear on the floor. 

The girl started to pick up her uniform. 

"Leave it," I said.  I wanted Laura to come home and know what happened. 

Becca hurried up stairs and I rose from the couch.  I went into the kitchen and found a piece of paper and pen.  I scribbled a quick note.

"Went to the water park.  Don't wait up"

The girl hurried back down the stairs as I placed the note on the kitchen table.  She was wearing a pair of very short jean shorts, stylishly frayed and faded.  On top she wore a white belly shirt that didn't cover much more than her bikini top did.

"Let's go."

We arrived at the water park half an hour later.  Being a school day, business wasn't exactly booming.  We spent the next four hours exploring the park, barely having to wait in any lines.  I enjoyed myself more than I thought I would.  And not just because of the beautiful little girl in the skimpy bathing suit. 

When it neared 8pm, I told Becca that it was time to go.  She looked disappointed, but offered no resistance.

"Did you have fun?"  I asked as we walked through the emptying parking lot.

"Yeah," she answered.

We entered my sweltering car, and I blasted the air conditioning.

"Um…" Becca said as we started to pull away.  "Why did you bring me here?"

I shrugged my shoulders.  "I don't know," I lied.  "I guess I just wanted you to have some fun."

"Thank you," she said.

I really couldn't believe how naive the girl was.  After basically raping her the day before, she actually believed that I took her to the park without ulterior motives.  She'd know soon enough.

We arrived home a little after 8:30.  The sun had begun to set and the heat had diminished considerably.  Becca opened the door, and I entered after her.  Laura was sitting on the couch with the television off.  She looked extremely worried. 

"Hi, mom," Becca said, smiling at her frowning mother. 

I threw the woman a threatening glance. 

She smiled at her daughter.

"Did you have fun," she asked.

"Yeah," Becca said.  She turned toward the stairs.

Behind the girl's back, I turned to her mother.  I pointed at the loveseat.  "Stay there," I mouthed silently.  "Stay right fucking there." 

The woman's eye's widened and she shook her head.  "No," she mouthed back.  "Please don't."

I ignored the woman's pleas and followed her daughter up the stairs.  Staring at the little girl's ass, I walked behind her.  The smell of chlorine filled my nose, overwhelming the girl's natural scent.  I followed the girl into her room.

She turned around to close the door and jumped.  The girl hadn't known I was following her.  She laughed nervously.  "I didn't know you were behind me," she said.

I entered her room.

The lanky girl looked at me with fearful eyes.  "What…what are you doing?"  She asked in a whisper.

"You've had your fun today," I said.  "Now it's time for me to have mine."  I went to her dresser and rummaged through the drawers.  After finding what I was looking for, I turned back toward the girl.  "Take a shower first," I said handing her a pair of jeans and a purple cut off tank top.  "You reek of chlorine."

The girl took the outfit.  She looked at the two articles of clothing and then gave me a confused look.

"You don't need a bra," I said.  "And you don't need panties.  Now hurry up."

She turned and hurried out of her room.  A minute later, I heard the shower start across the hall.  While the little girl washed, I snooped around her room.  I didn't know what I expected to find, but I searched for it nonetheless.  After five minutes, the water stopped.  I sat down on the edge of her bed and waited.

A few minutes later the bathroom opened and Becca entered wearing the outfit I'd given her.  The jean skirt ended well above a point that anyone would consider decent.  It was a wonder her bald little cunt wasn't showing.  She wore no bra under the pink top, and tiny breasts tented the material ever so slightly.

I rose from the girl's bed.  "Come here," I said.

Becca stepped forward shyly and stopped right in front of me.

I moved my hands to her hips and moved them up her side.  Her skin was still damp from the shower.  My right hand moved to her chest and I began massaging her breast through her shirt.  Her nipple stiffened and she closed her eyes in embarrassment.

My lips lightly brushed Becca's forehead as I leaned towards her, reaching for the hem of her t-shirt.

The little girl raised her arms into the air to assist me in removing the shirt over her head. It dropped to the floor and I gazed at her bare chest.  Although I had seen her budding titties before, it felt like the first time and a rush of blood filled my cock.

I licked my lips and felt my cock twitch.  God, she was gorgeous!  True, there wasn't much of her as of yet, but what there was more than enough to excite me.  Her pretty face had a mild blush of embarrassment on the cheeks, which made her appear all the more childlike and innocent, and therefore even more desirable than she already was.                                            

Her chest bore the twin tiny buds of her immature titties, their nipples standing hard in the middle of the darker areolas.  My eyes roved down her slim, skinny, frame to the slightest curve of her waist, the straightness of her hips and her slender legs and her tiny feet.

I undid the button of her skirt and helped them to the ground.  Her pussy glistened with residual moisture from her shower.  Small beads of water covered the smooth curves of her hairless cleft like condensation on a glass.

I knelt in front of the pre-teen girl.  I placed my hands on her small, pert ass cheeks and gave each a gentle squeeze as I leaned forward and locked my mouth over one of her small developing titties.  I sucked the small firm mound into my mouth and flicked the tip of my tongue over the sensitive hard nipple.  With my head so close to hers, I could hear the change in Becca's breathing as my mouth stimulated her small immature breasts.

While my mouth was busy on her tiny titties, my fingers were busy feeling, stroking and squeezing the firm orbs of her small, sexy ass.  I parted the two cheeks and casually ran a finger down the crease, deliberately lingering over the puckered ring of her anus.  I repeated the move several times.

Becca shuddered when she felt my finger touching her in such an intimate place. 

"Becca, would you lay down on the bed?"  I asked as nicely as I could.

The little girl looked up at me with fearful eyes.

I know she was wondering if this was it.  If this was the moment her innocence and virginity got torn away from her.

"Come on, Becca," I urged good-naturedly.  She gave me another scared look before she finally stepped away from me and lay down on her bed.

My eyes locked onto the little girl's immature virgin pussy as I imagined what it was going to feel like having my thick swollen cock slipping in and out of that tight, wet hole.  Not right now though.  I would cum before my cock was fully in her, such was my level of arousal.  Even so, I could still get an idea of what was yet to come.

Leaning over the little girl's slight frame I laid the smooth head of my engorged cock against the smoothness of her young pussy.  I felt her flinch.

"Shh, honey. I'm not going to do that just yet", I said in a tone that was meant to reassure her.  It didn't work.  Her face began to crinkle up like she was about to cry.

I placed fingers on the swell of her pubis and parted the two halves before pressing my cockhead into the slightly moist and warm gap.  I sighed as I rested more of my weight on her.  Then, I began to move myself up and down, which caused my cock to move up and down her little pussy.

A small smile played at the corners of my mouth as I intently watched the conflicting emotions play themselves out on Becca's pretty little face.  I knew what she was experiencing; I knew that her undeveloped clit was being slowly stimulated, which was making the innocent little girl feel incredibly sexy and aroused.

"Feels good, doesn't it, honey?"  I said softly as I moved my hips up and down at a gentle regular pace.  Becca did not reply, but her closed eyes and the dreamy expression on her face told its own story.

She was obviously trying to not actually like what was happening to her; to not enjoy it.  I imagined her body fighting her mind, but it was an uneven losing battle and the little girl soon gave up the one-sided fight.

"Oh yeah, sweetheart, you are so going to enjoy having my cock actually in your sweet little body.  The feelings then will be ten times as good as whet you're feeling now.  My cock is going to make you cum like you would not believe.  You think you know what an orgasm is already?  You know nothing, I can promise you that!"

The pressure in my sac and cock were becoming near-unbearable.  I was already in a high state of arousal before I'd begun this enjoyable diversion; now it was becoming desperate that I cum.  I began to slide my engorged manhood faster along Becca's innocent sex, sending even more intense sensations racing around my highly aroused body.  Within a minute or two my sac tightened and I felt the pressure in my cock growing.

Becca was also nearing climax.  Her small hands clenched into tight fists and she scrunched-up her face into a mask of intense concentration as she felt her small body edging ever nearer to that point of no return.

I dripped sweat onto the little girl as I slid my throbbing manhood along her cunt.  The pressure in my body was causing my head to ache and my balls to slap painfully against my thighs.  Then, for a millisecond there was complete calm before my cock exploded its heavy load all over the preteen schoolgirl's bald pussy.

My warm stickiness lubricated her pussy a moment or two before she orgasmed.  A cry escaped her throat as she tried to buck her hips upwards to meet the still-trusting firmness of my swollen cock.  She seemed to allow herself to become consumed by the wonderful, incredible and amazing feelings swarming all over and in her sexy adolescent young body.

My hip continued to push his still-pumping cock along Becca's cum-slick pussy as it spurted yet more of the creamy-white fluid onto the twelve year olds' body.  Her small cry of release made me smile grimly as my own body experienced an incredibly intense climax.  If Becca's orgasm was half as good as what I had just experienced I was pleased for her.  When I was sure that I was completely finished and that my head was right back where it should be, only then did I move myself off the preteen schoolgirl and lay down beside her.

We lay there not speaking for several minutes until our rapid breathing slowed to normal again.

I rose from the bed and put my pants back on.  My semen glistened on the girl's pussy, her legs spread obscenely before me. 

"You know," I said.  "You can still get pregnant if any leaks inside of you."

The girl's eyes burst open and she started rapidly brushing my cum from her developing pussy.  It looked like she was being attacked by bees.



Chapter 5

Squeaky Clean

I clapped my hands together as Becca dribbled the soccer ball down the field.  She juked passed the only player between her and the goalie.  "Go Becca," I called out as she broke away toward the goal.  The goalie stepped forward in anxious anticipation.  The girl shot, and the ball made a whooshing sound as it hit the back of the net.

I rose to my feet and whistled.  "Way to go, Becca!"  I screamed.

The girl looked at me smiling as a few of her teammates patted her on the back.

"She's really good," I said to Laura as I sat back down.

The woman hadn't been paying attention.  She was far too embarrassed.

"Please," she'd said earlier in the day.  "I can't wear this."  She held the low-cut tank top out in front of her, looking at it in disgust.  "Father Donovan's going to be there."  She placed the top down and lifted the pale blue yoga shorts.

I was sure to buy each a size too small, so they'd cling to her body even more than they were designed to.

"Not to mention all the parents," I added. 

Laura closed her eyes, knowing full well that she had no choice in the matter.  She took the revealing outfit and walked away, defeated.

Becca and I waited in the kitchen as Laura changed in her room.  The girl's eyes widened when she saw her mother emerge.  Her clothes looked painted on, and her nipples protruded clearly.  I knew the fathers at the game would be thanking God they weren't off playing golf.

Laura received plenty of stares when we arrived.  Her face was red and only darkened when we took seats in the very front.  She refused to make eye contact with anyone, choosing to stare at the grass at her feet.

As the girl's warmed up, I leaned into Laura's ear.  "You look like such a slut," I whispered.  "Everyone can see your cunt lips."  I could almost feel everyone's gaze focused on her.  Her obvious humiliation sent a fresh supply of blood to my cock.

After Becca scored her goal, Laura's embarrassment reached a crescendo when a man walked toward us down the sideline.  Judging by his clerical collar, he could only have been Father Donovan.  Laura closed her eyes and seemed to mutter a quick prayer under her breath.

"Sit up straight," I whispered.  "And spread your legs.  I want that celibate fucker to know what he's missing."

She didn't obey with her usual swiftness.

"Do it," I whispered cruelly.  "I won't ask again."

Laura exhaled deeply and straightened her back, presenting several inches of her deep cleavage.  She parted her legs slightly, and I glanced down to see the clear outline of her plump labia.  I watched the priest out of the corner of my eye, and almost laughed out loud at his reaction to seeing his normally conservative parishioner.

It was like something out of a cartoon.  His jaw dropped open and his eyes bulged.  It only lasted a second before he was able to compose himself.  He walked by without acknowledging the woman and took a seat a few rows up.

I leaned into Laura's ear.  "

After the game, I drove the girl's home.

"I'm going to take a bath," Becca said as she closed the front door behind her.  She kicked of her dirty shoes and scampered up the stairs.

I turned to Laura, whose face was its natural, unembarrassed shade.  "How about some coffee?"  I asked and took a seat at the kitchen table. 

The woman said nothing, and began brewing a pot. 

I admired her body as she worked, wondering if Becca would develop such a curvy figure.

"Everyone was talking about you," I said as she placed a steaming mug in front of me. 

"I know," she said, taking her own seat.  "I look like a slut."

"You say that like it's a bad thing."  I took a large sip.  "If I remember correctly, Jesus spent quite a lot of time with sluts and whores."

She took a sip of her coffee and stared into the black liquid.  "That's different," she said.  "He was trying to turn them away from sin."

And I was turning her and her daughter toward it.

As I sipped my coffee, I looked at the woman sitting before me.  She looked utterly sad and helpless.  Her life was in my hands and she knew it.  I'd never felt so powerful.  So in control.  I felt a sudden wave of confidence, and decided to come clean with her.  What could she do?

"I know you think I fucked Becca the other day." 

Laura looked up at me. 

"I didn't," I said.  "But one of these days I will."

Tears welled up in her eyes.

"And there's nothing you can do about it.  I'm sure you've racked your brain, trying to think of a way out, but I've covered all the bases.  You and Becca belong to me.  You're my toys."

Laura began crying.  "She's only a little girl."

I laughed.  "You wouldn't be saying that if you saw her the other day.  She came like an animal."

"You said…you didn't…"

"I said, I didn't fuck her."  I took a sip of my coffee.  "She still has her cherry, I promise you."

Laura's shoulders shook in a hearty sob, sending a ripple through her heavy breasts.

"Here's what we're going to do.  I'm going to "assist" Becca with her bath.  Make sure she gets all her nooks and crannies clean.  You're going to sit outside the door and listen."

The woman shook her head.  "Please," she begged, looking at me with her bloodshot eyes.  "Let's go to my room.  We can do anything you want.  Please.  I'll…I'll let you cum inside me."

"Let me?  You think you can LET ME cum inside you?"  I leaned back in the chair.  "Let's get this straight.  I do whatever the fuck I want.  Your cunt belongs to me."

"I…I…" she stammered, before going silent.

I rose from the table.  "Come on," I said taking the woman by the arm and leading her toward the stairs.

"Please," she begged.  She was nearly sobbing now.

"Come on," I said.  "And shut the fuck up.  I don't want Becca to hear you."  As we walked up the stairs, Laura was able to stifle her tears.

"Please," she kept repeating.  "Please don't do this.  She's only a little girl."

Outside the bathroom door, I forced Laura against the wall.  "You WILL stay quiet," I said in a firm whisper.  "And you WILL listen.  Understand?"

The woman pleaded with me with her sad, desperate eyes.

"Do you understand?"

Laura's shoulders sank, and she closed her eyes.  She nodded.


I moved to the door and knocked.  "Becca, I'm coming in."  The girl didn't respond and I open the door.  I smiled at Laura as I walked through the door, into the steamy bathroom.  I closed the door behind me.

Becca was still in her soccer uniform, sitting of the edge of the tub, waiting for it to fill.  The girl looked up at me confused.  "What are you doing?"  She asked.

"I thought you could use a little help getting clean," I said.  And then getting dirty, I thought.

"Oh," Becca said.  "I'm fine.  I…don't need any help."

I smiled at the girl.  That seemed to drive my point home.  She knew what I wanted.

"Where's my mom?"

"She had to run to work.  Some kind of emergency.  She asked me to watch you for a few hours."

Her face twisted suspiciously.  "She never goes into work on Saturday."

I shrugged my shoulders and sat on the closed toilet seat.  "Well she had to today."

The girl stared at her feet.  "Are we gonna…you know…like the other day?"

"And what did we do the other day?"  I asked for her listening mother's benefit.  "I want you to tell me everything."

The girl wouldn't make eye contact with me.  "You kissed me.  You French kissed me, and then you sucked on my…" she paused like she was searching for the word, "nipple.  You sucked on my nipple."  She adjusted herself and checked the level of the water.  "You touched my…cunt, and then you took your penis out."

I imagined her mother's horror, as she stood not five feet away.  I wondered if she was crying.

"Then," the girl continued, "You put me on your lap and made me rub my cunt on your penis."

"Cock," I said.  "Call it a cock."

Becca nodded.  "You made me rub my cunt on your…cock."  Her face was turning red and she twiddled with her fingers. "After a few minutes, it started to feel good.  And then I…I…I don't know what to call it."

"You came on my cock."

"I came on your cock.  Then you shot your stuff on my cunt."  She looked up at me.  "I can only get pregnant if the stuff gets inside me, right?"

"Yeah, but all it takes is a drop.  Some could have leaked in."

A look of mild fear came to her face.

"You might want to turn off the tub," I said noticing it had become quite full.  "I don't want it to overflow when I get in there."

The girl nodded, as if expecting that I would be getting in the water with her.  She turned off the water, and the bathroom was suddenly silent.  I could hear her breathing.

"Stand up," I said.  "Let's get you out of that smelly uniform."

Becca lifted each foot and removed her sweaty socks.  She stood up and pulled the red and white jersey off over her head.  Underneath, she was wearing a tiny black sports bra.  Her tiny, firm breasts stretch the material ever so slightly.  She tossed the jersey into the hamper and placed her thumbs in the waistband of her sheer white shorts.  Black panties emerged as the rest of her uniform slid down her skinny legs.  She bent over and picked up her grass stained shorts.  After tossing them in the hamper, she seemed to go through the same dilemma as the other day.  Panties or bra first.

As she stood making up her mind, I admired her beautifully lean body.  I'd never been so aroused by a woman still in her underwear.  I needed to see pussy and bare tits.  I needed their lips around my cock before I'd get hard.  Everything was different with this girl.  Her bare stomach, her smooth legs, even her face got me hard.

Becca began to remove her bra, and when her small tits emerged, I was ready to go.  She tossed the bra into the hamper and pulled down her panties.  Her bare pussy glistened with sweat.  She bent again to pick up the panties, but before she tossed them into the hamper, she stopped herself.  "Did you want to smell them?"  She asked.

Good God, I thought, unable to imagine what was going through Laura's head.  "Smell your what?"

"My panties.  Do you want to smell my panties?  You did the other day."

"No thank you," I answered with a smile.

The preteen stood before me, naked and vulnerable.  She crossed one leg over the other, concealing much of her hairless cunt.  "Should I get in now?"  She asked.

I nodded and began removing my own clothes.  By the time I pulled my underwear down, Becca was emerged up to her chin.  She looked at me nervously, then turned her eyes to my engorged cock.

"Let's get you cleaned up," I said kneeling on the linoleum floor next to the bathtub.  I took the dry bar of soap and dipped it in the water.  "Lift your right leg out of the water."

Becca's leg emerged and the rested it on the ledge of the tub.

As I worked up a lather in my hands, I gave the little girl some orders.  "I'd like you to thank me for what I'm doing when I'm doing it.  Do you understand?"


"Good," I said and began running my soapy hands up her smooth, delicate leg.  I looked at her, waiting for her to speak.

"Thank you for washing my leg.  My right leg." 

Good, I thought.  I was happy her mother was going to get a detailed account of the coming events.

I massaged the girl's leg, cleaning small specks of dirt and grass from the soccer game.  The girl was very tense, and stared at my hands as they moved up and down her leg.

"Give me the other," I said.

After cleaning both of her legs, I told her to sit up.  She did, allowing her small breasts to emerge from the hot water.  Within seconds, the temperature change caused her nipples to harden. 

I took the girls right hand and raised it over her head.

"Thank you for washing my right armpit," she said as I ran my soapy hand under her arm.  "Thank you for washing my right arm," she said as my large hand spread suds over her arm.  I repeated the process on her other arm, resisting the urge to give my cock a few quick tugs.

"Thank you for …washing my breast," she said quietly as I cupped the small lobe in my hand and massaged soap into the skin.  I could feel her hard nipple against my palm.  "Thank you for washing my other breast," the little girl said, her voice trailing off.

"Are you enjoying this?"  I asked, making sure her left breast would be squeaky clean.

"No," she said.  "It's wrong." 

I just smiled and dipped my hands into the soapy water.  "I think you're lying."

It was obvious that at least part of her, however small, enjoyed it. 

"Get up," I said.  "Get on all fours."

Becca splashed as she turned over and did as I'd asked.  Her small ass emerged from the water, wet and slightly red from the heat.

I made a lather in my hands and began spreading it over her back.

"Thank you for washing my back," she said. 

I could feel her spine and ribs.

"Thank you for washing my neck."

My focus turned to her beautiful little ass.  After preparing a thick lather, I moved my hands to her firm cheeks.

"Thank you for washing my butt," she said. 

"Thank you for washing my thighs."

"Um… thank you for washing my…butthole," she said too quietly.

"I'm sorry?"

"Thank you for washing my butthole."

Laura had to be furious.  Furious at me and furious at herself for not doing anything. 

I cleaned the girl's anus for several minutes.  I ran my soapy fingers up and down the crack and over her tiny wrinkled hole, loving every second of it.  My cock ached, and I contemplated fucking her in the ass.  I wanted to feel her tightness around my invading member.  I wanted to feel her muscles spasm, as her bowels tried to expel the intruder.

It was too soon.  So I settled on the next best thing.

"Whaaa…" Becca yelped as my middle finger, slick with soap, slipped into her anus.  "What…what are you doing?"  Her buttocks clinched and she pulled herself forward.

"Why don't you tell me?"  I said enjoying the warmth of her asshole.

"Your…your finger is in my butt."  There was disgust on her voice.  "That's so gross," she said.

"Does it hurt?"

"No, but it feels weird."

I pulled my finger out.  "You know, Catholic girls are known for their assholes."

"What are you talking about?" 

"You know it's a sin the have sex before you're married right?"


"A lot of girls think that it doesn't count if they use their butts, instead of their pussies."  I lathered up my hands again and continued washing her.  My fingers slipped between her legs, and brushed against her puffy mound.  I massaged the soap into her cleft, careful to avoid the clit. 

"Thank you for cleaning my cunt," she said with unintentional sexiness. 

"You're welcome," I said.  "I'm glad you're enjoying it."

The little girl closed her eyes.  "I'm not enjoying it," she said, very obviously lying.

I rubbed my finger against her clit.  Her hips jerked forward and she let out a moan.  "You're not telling me the truth."  I rubbed her clit again.  She moaned again.

"It's not right," she said pressing her cunt against my hand.  I wondered if she was even aware she was doing it.

It was time to join her.  Time to start the real fun. 

I pulled my hand out from between her legs and stood up.  "Make room," I said stepping into the tub.

Becca scooted toward the faucet while I sat down with my back against the back of the tub.  The water rose to near overflowing and the girl stepped between my feet. 

"Are we going to do what we did the other day?"  She asked, looking at me shyly.

"Come here," I said, reaching for her hand.  She moved toward me and I pulled her in for a kiss.

She moaned in discomfort like she'd done before, and when my tongue slipped into her mouth, she did not reciprocate. 

I pulled my mouth from hers.  "I thought I taught you how to do this."  Becca looked away from me. 

"I don't want to do this.  It's not right."  She spoke with a sudden resolve.  Not unlike the resolve her mother had shown right before I forced her to listen to her daughter be molested.  I suspected Becca's tenacity came from a different place.  I didn't think the girl wanted to admit to herself that part of her actually enjoyed it.

"Don't you remember our little arrangement?"  I asked.  Becca's eyes left mine and her resolve was gone, just like that.  "You don't want your mom hurt, do you?"

The girl was quiet for a few seconds.  She leaned forward and initiated a kiss.  Her lips parted, and her tongue entered my mouth.

Without breaking our kiss, I pulled the girl onto my lap.  She straddled my waist, my cock pressed up against her tight belly.  As our tongues traded glances, I wrapped my hand around the girl's body and took hold of her firm little butt.  I squeezed her cheeks firm and brushed my finger against her tight hole. 

Becca took her lips from mine.  "Do you promise you won't tell anyone about my mom?"

I nodded.

She looked relieved as she began rocking her hips against me.  Waves formed in the water, sending small splashes to the with tile floor.

I bent forward and took her right nipple into my mouth.  As I sucked her, the bitter taste of soap filled my mouth and coated my tongue.  I flicked her firm nipple with my tongue and moved my hand to her left breast.

"Talk to me," I said.  Not only did I want the girl's mother to receive the play by play, I enjoyed the little girl's voice describing the dirty things I was doing to her.  "Describe what I'm doing."

"You're sucking on my right nipple, and squeezing my left breast."

"And what are you doing?"

"I'm rubbing my…cunt on your cock."  The girl still had difficulty saying "bad words", which made it all the more exciting hearing the filth coming from her mouth.

"Do you like the way my cock feels against your cunt?"

The girl's silence answered that question. 

She began to moan quietly as her grinding and my sucking continued.

I moved my mouth to her small left breast, and continued fondling her ass.  "Keep talking," I said.

"You're squeezing my butt," she said, her eyes closed.  Her baby smooth pussy slipped up and down over my prick, and I could feel her sensitive and firm clit moving up and down my shaft as it did.  "You're putting a finger in my butthole."

Under the water, my middle finger again forced its way inside the child's anus.  She didn't react with shock or disgust this time.  She reacted only by moaning and increasing the pace of her humping. 

"Do you like my finger in your ass?"

She was silent, unable to answer honestly.

I stuck my finger in deeper and the girl buried her head into my shoulder.  Water continued to splash onto the floor as she brought her herself nearer to orgasm.  I buried my face into her wet hair, and then whispered into her ear.  "When it happens, I want you to yell "I'm cumming"".  The girl didn't need me to clarify what "it" was.  Her first orgasm was not something she'd ever forget.  "Do you understand?"

Becca nodded her head against my shoulder. 

I began to feel the first rumblings of my own orgasm, as I began to kiss the girl's thin neck.  "You're loving this, aren't you?" I asked between kisses.  "I bet you want me up your cunt.  I bet you want me to cum deep in your pussy." 

Becca shook her head, silently.

"Don't lie," I said.  "Lying is a sin too."  The girl ground her cunt against me even faster.  "You want me to put it in you.  You want me to get you pregnant."

"Please, no!"  She begged, unable to stop herself from grinding against me.  "I can't get pregnant.  Everyone will know."  She closed her eyes and clinched her teeth.  It wouldn't be long now.  Her thighs squeezed around my waist and she began to shake.

"You want to cum?"  I asked.

"No," she said in a near frenzy.

"Don't lie to me."

"I…don't want to, but it…feels so good."  She spoke between deep, labored breaths.  The muscles in her ass clenched in my hands, and she moaned into my ear.  "I'm cumming!" She said.

"Louder," I whispered into her ear.

"I'm cumming!"  She shouted.


She screamed, "I'm cumming!" as her scrawny body spasmed on top of me.   Water spilled to the floor, and her knees squeaked against the fiberglass tub.  Her orgasm lasted for several seconds, and I struggled to hold my own back, but it was near impossible.

My balls clenched up and a warmth spread to my cock. 

The girl panted and groaned.  "I'm cumming!"  She repeated over and over.

I could not contain myself, and came over the child's hairless cleft.  My seed spilled into the soapy water in jet after glorious jet. 

Becca's orgasm waned before mine, and when my head cleared, she lay in my arms, breathless.  I took my hands from her ass and wrapped them around her back.  She pulled herself closer to me, her tiny breasts pressing against my hairy chest.

"Aren't you going to thank me?"  I whispered.

"For…what?"  She asked.

I shook my head.  "For not cumming inside you.  For not getting you pregnant."

The girl took a deep breath.  "Thank you for not cumming in my cunt."

"You're welcome," I said.  "You're very welcome."

After the euphoria of my orgasm faded, I pushed the girl away gently.  I got out of the tub and dried myself.  After I redressed, Becca rose from the water.  Her pussy was red with arousal and her nipples protruded in the cool air.  Water dripped off of her and I tossed her a towel.

She had an outfit sitting on the sink.  It was a cute pair of frayed jean shorts and a white, sleeveless belly shirt.  I took the bra and panties.  "I don't want you wearing these today."  I threw the underwear in the hamper.  "I'll be downstairs."  I said opening the bathroom door.

"Okay," Becca said wiping the water from her dripping breasts.

Laura sat right outside the bathroom door.  She had her head in her hands and her knees pulled up to her chin.

She wept silently.

I stepped over to her and kicked her foot.  "Get up," I said quietly.  "Stop your fucking crying."

Laura got to her feet and she followed me down the stairs.  I took my seat at the table where my coffee had cooled.  The woman sat across from her.

She looked destroyed, as if she'd just witnessed her daughter's murder.  She rested her elbows on the table and covered her face with her hands.

"I can see where Becca gets her manners," I said.

The woman moved her hands away from her eyes.  "What?"  She asked.

I shook my head.  "Don't I at least get a "thank you"?"

I saw her jaw clinch in anger.  "You want me to thank you?"  She said, fury underlying her words.  "You're a fucking pedophile!  You just molested my daughter!"

"And you're welcome," I said.  "You should be happy that's all I did."  I stared into the woman's irate eyes and smiled.  "Now, warm this up, will you?"  I slid my coffee cup across the table.



Chapter 6

Performance Enhancers

"Can I go to bed now," Becca asked as my hand explored under her jean shorts.  The girl sat on my lap as I felt her body, trying to get a response out of Laura.  As disgusted and furious as the woman was, she was even more powerless to stop me.  I wondered what Becca was thinking.  Did she understand why her mother wasn't putting a stop to it?

This molestation had been going on for nearly an hour, and the little girl was terrified to leave my lap.  I'm sure she could feel my cock pressing against her ass, and I know she knew what it was.  I ran my hands up the girl's shirt and felt her bare breasts.

"Sure you can go to bed," I told her.  "But first let me get something for you."  I helped the girl off my lap, and rose from my seat.  I walked to the front door and exited into the cool night.  In my car, on the backseat, was a package that had arrived for me the day before.  Inside were two pill bottles.  One was Viagra, and the other was called Lybrido.  Lybrido is a sexual stimulant that is marketed as the "Female Viagra".  I carried both bottles back into the house. 

Becca stood near her mother, nervously waiting for what I was about to do.  Mother and daughter saw the pill bottles at the same time and both began to sport a similar confused expression. 

"I've got some medicine for you Becca," I said, shaking the bottle of Lybrido like a maraca.

"What is it?"  The mother asked.  "What are you giving her?"

"Relax," I said moving next to the girl.  "It won't hurt her.  I swear."  I twisted open the cap and poured two of the pills into my hand.  I stretched my arm toward the girl and she reached for the pills.

"What are they?"  Laura asked with fear in her voice.

To ease some of the woman's worries, I popped the two pills into my mouth and swallowed them dry. 

"See?"  I said.  "Perfectly safe."  I poured two more directly into Becca's outstretched hand. 

The girl looked at the pills cautiously, and then looked at her mother. 

Laura looked at me and I glared back.  She turned to her preteen daughter and nodded.  The woman knew better than to defy me.

Becca put the pills in her mouth and swallowed them.

"Now will you tell us what it is?"  The woman begged.

I twisted open the bottle of Viagra and poured two pills into my hand.  "You know what these are?"  I asked the woman holding my hand in front of her.

Laura looked closely at the little blue pills.  She sighed and closed her eyes.  "Yes," she said.  "I know what Viagra is."

I popped the pills into my mouth and swallowed.  "She just took the female version," I said gesturing toward Becca.

The little girl looked at her mother.  "What's Viagra?"  She asked, anxious to know what was going to happen to her.

Laura fidgeted in her seat.  "Well, it's…"

I took over.  "You know how you got that really good feeling when I rubbed my cock on your cunt?"

Becca's face went red.  She looked over at her mother for a split second and then her eyes went to her feet. 

"You know, it was like an explosion."

The little girl nodded sheepishly.

"Those pills will make it feel even better, and make you want to have them all the time."

Becca's eyes didn't leave the floor.

"You know how I shot all that gooey stuff all over you?"

Becca's embarrassment increased and she had to close her eyes.

"The pills I took will make it so I can do that over and over again," my eyes went to Laura's, "all night long."  I smiled at the woman.  I put my hand on Becca's shoulder.  "Run upstairs to bed.  I'll be up to tuck you in."

Becca exhaled nervously.  "O…okay."

I looked at Laura as the little girl made her way up the stairs. 

The woman stared ahead at the television screen, surely too angry to be paying any attention to what was on.  Her jaw clenched and unclenched as she struggled to contain herself.

"How do you think Becca feels, about what you're doing?"  I asked.  "Or not doing, for that matter."

The woman closed her eyes.  "Please," she begged.  "Why can't you leave her alone?"  She turned toward me.  "I'll do anything you want.  I'll give you money.  I'll…"

I groaned in annoyance.  "We've been through this already.  There's nothing you have that I want more than that little girl's cunt."

Laura looked away from me and let out a sob.  "Fucking bastard," she said before moving her hands to her face.

I smiled as she wept.  "I may be a fucking bastard, but at least I'm not letting my daughter get molested."

"Fuck you!"  She banged her fist against the couch in impotent rage.  "I have no choice!  You're going to get me and Becca killed!"

"You had your choice.  You chose to be a whore, and fuck Mancini.  You chose to kill for him.  Then you chose to become a rat."  I shook my head.  "All those choices led directly to this.  You can't deny that this is all your fault."

The woman's head dropped.

I laughed and shook my head.  "You're so pathetic.  So weak."  I rose from my seat.  "I'm going upstairs to tuck Becca in.  What I want you to do is, sit right here and count her orgasms.  That way, I know you're fucking listening."

I left the woman in a stupor and made my way up the stairs.  When I entered the girl's room, she sat on the edge of her bed, still dressed in the cute, frayed jean shorts and white top.  She rose as I approached and stood before me, nervously twiddling her thumbs. 

She looked adorable and so vulnerable.  I reached out and took her breast in my hand. 

She shuttered as I touched her, and closed her eyes as I palmed her through the white shirt.

I could feel her nipple harden and hear her breathing quicken.  Her fear was palpable, and my mind could only imagine what was going through her head.  I moved to her other breast and squeezed it ever so gently.  The smooth cotton of her shirt glided over her braless breast as my large hand dwarfed the tiny lobe.

My cock began to swell as the Viagra started to kick in.  I wondered how soon until little Becca's cunt was dripping.  How long until the girl's body betrayed her and she was begging for my cock.  The little girl raised her arms for me as I lifted the shirt from her body.  Both of her nipples were stiff and her chest rose and fell at an ever increasing pace.  

I bent down in front of the girl and kissed her tight stomach.  My hands went to her firm buttocks and squeezed them through the denim of her shorts. 

Her medicine was surely kicking in by now.

I unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down.  The little girl's cunt came into view, dewy with arousal.  She smelled heavenly.  I pressed my nose against her and inhaled. 

The pills were working wonders for both of us.  I felt like I was about to explode and Becca pressed her bald pussy against my face as I sniffed her.  My tongue passed my lips and I took a long lap of the child's pubescent sex.

Becca put her hands on my head and moaned.

I slipped my tongue up her slit, tasting her sweat and arousal.  My hands went to her ass again, and I pulled her closer to me.  As I continued tasting the little girl, savoring her flavors, she began bucking against my face.  The tip of my tongue grazed against her clit and she screamed.

The little girl came with magnificent energy.  Her entire body shook and her legs turned to jelly.  I had to hold her up as the orgasm destroyed her.  For several seconds the child jerked against my face, her moisture dripping down my chin.

Finally it passed and she was able to use her feet again.  I stood up and kissed the girl, making sure she knew the sensual taste of her own cunt. 

"Get on your bed," I ordered.  "Lie down and spread those legs."

Becca took several steps back and sat her naked ass on her unmade bed.  A mixture of fear and embarrassment covered her face, as she spread her thighs.  Her pussy lips parted slightly giving me my first view of her darker, inner lips.  She rested her hands on the bed beside her, and stared at her bare feet.

I stepped toward her and she tensed up visibly, and as I unbuttoned my pants, she closed her eyes. 

"Please," she said.  "Not with my mom here."

"Lie down," I said as my cock bounced free.  At this point, I still didn't know if I was going to fuck her.  I wanted to.  I wanted to more than anything.  To feel her virginity torn away from her, as she squeezed around my cock. 

Becca put her back on the mattress, and scooted up the bed.  Her head rested on her pillow and her legs remained spread wide in front of her.  She was completely vulnerable, beautiful, and innocent. 

It was then I knew I wouldn't be taking her virginity that day.  I wanted it too much.  My head was not clear enough. 

I stepped forward and looked down at the girl.  Her eyes couldn't leave my cock, and her legs couldn't stop shaking.  I eased myself onto her bed and crawled over her.  She looked me in the eye. 

"Please don't," she said in a fearful whisper.

I lowered my face to hers and kissed her lips.

I lowered my hips, pressing my swollen head against the child's unwilling cunt lips.  She moaned and shook her head.  Without touching it, I slid my cock up her wet slit, smearing it with precum.  It felt incredible.  I repeated the motion several times, and was already feeling the beginnings of an orgasm. 

The child's cunt molded around my cock, like risen dough molds around a baker's fist.  Her thin body was rigid as I rocked my body over hers.  The bed squeaked loudly, and I wondered how ashamed of herself the girl's mother was, letting her preteen daughter get, for all she knew, raped right above her.

Becca's pussy was well lubricated, and I started bucking against her even harder. 

It wouldn't be long now. 

I grunted loudly as my balls began to clench.  I knew I didn't have to fight the coming orgasm, because I'd be having several more in the coming hours.  I let myself go, and began to erupt.

In several bursts, my first load of the night coated the preteen's cunt.  With spurt after spurt, I marked Becca's body as my own.

When my orgasm finally passed, I rolled off of her.  Staring at the ceiling, I exhaled deeply and smiled.

It was going to be a great night.

Even though I was on Viagra, I would still need some time to recoup.  "Your cunt tastes great," I said to the girl.

Her own arousal had waned after her orgasm, and an embarrassed red hue rose on her face.  "Thank you," she said.

I reached my hand over and began fondling her breast.  She offered no resistance and closed her eyes.  For several minutes my hand explored the delicate, subtle curves of the preteen's body.  The smoothness of her skin against my rough hands felt incredible.  Eventually, my flaccid cock began to grow.  And just as I started to feel the second wave of arousal, Becca started reacting to my touch.

Her breathing quickened and she arched her back.  She rubbed her legs together, smearing my cum over her hairless cunt.  She was ready to cum again.

I lifted myself and positioned myself over her.  Our lips met and out tongues exchanged a heartfelt embrace.  Her mouth had dried slightly and, there was white residue on the corner of her lips.  As we continued to kiss, my cock grew and ached for release.

For the second time in the last hour, I began rubbing my cock against the girl's puffy pussy.  My cum had cooled, and was smeared over her as I continued.  It provided more than enough lubrication and added to the "dirtiness" of the act. 

Becca began to moan as I grazed her clitoris.  I was determined to make the little girl cum as many times as possible, as I loved the conflicting emotions her tiny body portrayed.

"If any leaks inside you could get pregnant," I said.  I took the little girl's wrists into my hands, not allowing her to wipe any of my cum away.

There was a look of fear in her eyes, and when I brushed her clit, the fear transformed into pleasure.  I repeated this several times, allowing her fear to rise and then wiping it away with a thrust of my cock.  The little girl was on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

After several minutes, I was nowhere near cumming, but Becca was on the brink.  She was breathing hard, whining and whimpering.  I increased my pace and brought the little girl to the edge, before backing off.  "I want you to beg," I said.  "I want you to beg me to let you cum."

The girl shook her head.

I began thrusting again and when she was about to explode, I stopped.  Her face was twisted in beautiful agony.  She needed to cum.  She needed to beg.  "I won't let you cum until you beg me."

I brought her to the edge again, and then backed off.

The little girl was beside herself.  "Please," she whispered.  "Please let me cum."


"Please let me cum," she said.


"Please," she screamed.  "Let me cum!"

I began thrusting against her virgin pussy with great speed and force.

As she neared her orgasm, loudly moaning and panting, I wondered what Laura was thinking.  Did that fact that her daughter was nearly euphoric make things better, or worse?  Would the woman rather her daughter hate every second of our love making?

Becca's orgasm was accompanied by a cacophony of moans, cries, and shouts.  Her body shook and her head shot back.  The girl wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled herself toward me. 

The ferocity of her orgasm quickened the onset of my own.  I felt my balls clench and a tingle in the head of my cock.  Deciding not to hold back, I came.  It wasn't as potent as the first, but it was just as pleasurable.  The large bedroom seemed to spin and I closed my eyes.  Sweat dripped down my forehead and landed on the girl's face.  All in all, three spasms added to the mess already covering the little girl's cunt.

I rolled off of her.  This time I needed a real break.  After catching my breath, I rose from the bed and made my way down stairs.

Laura still sat where I'd left her, her head buried in her hands. 

"How many?"  I asked standing before her.

The woman hadn't heard me coming, and jumped with a start.  Her eyes went to mine and then to my cum covered cock.  It glistened in the light from the lamp.

"How many?"  I asked again

"Two," the woman said quietly.

I nodded, and went into the kitchen.  After taking two bottles of water from the refrigerator, I headed back upstairs.

Becca still lay on her back, staring upward.  Much of the cum had been cleaned away from her pussy, and smeared on the sheet by her hands.  All pleasure seemed to have left her body, leaving only fear and desperation.  When I stepped closer, she looked down at me over her naked, skinny body.  "Please," she said.  "Please no more."

I approached the bed and opened a bottle of water.  "Sit up," I said, handing it to the girl.  "Drink this."

Becca did as I'd asked and pressed her back against the headboard.  She drank the water like a man lost in the desert.

"It's pretty obvious that you're enjoying this," I said.  "You should see your face when you cum."

"I don't like it," she said, and took another long drink.

"If you don't like it, why were you begging me to let you cum?  You didn't have to do that."

"I…I…don't know," she said, and finished the bottle.

I opened my own and took a long drink, before giving the rest to Becca. 

She drank it quickly and placed the empty bottle on her nightstand. 

As I stood watching the girl, cum dripped down my thigh and fell to the carpet.  I walked to the top of the girl's bed and nudged her to scoot over.  After taking a seat next to her, I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and rested my hand over her tiny breast.  I squeezed her small tit gently and pulled her closer to me. 

"Let's take a break," I said.

The little girl said nothing, staring intently at her pretty toes.

I sat in silence as well, and closed my eyes.

Minutes passed without a sound.  As I was about to drift off to sleep, the girl finally spoke.

"When are you going to do it?"  She asked.

I knew what she was talking about.  The fact was, I didn't really know.  "You just can't wait, can you?"  I said.

"That's not…" she realized I was mocking her and shut up.

There were several seconds of silence before I spoke.  "Not tonight," I said.  "I'm too tired."

"Are you gonna cum on me again?"  She asked.

I hadn't been planning on it, but when the girl asked her question, I felt a tiny twinge in my cock.  As I continued squeezing and pawing her breast, my cock began to grow.  "I think so," I said.  "But this time, I want you on top."  I moved down the bed and lay my back flat.  "Come on," I said as the girl remained motionless.

Becca turned and eased her dainty body on top of mine.  Her legs straddled my waist and her damp little pussy rested against my still growing cock. 

I reached up and took a tit into each hand.  "It's your turn to do the work," I said.  "Make us cum."

The little girl's head dropped.  "O…okay," she said, and began rocking against me.

She started slowly, sliding her slick lips up and down the underside of my shaft.  With her hands at her side, she bucked slowly, looking like a bull rider in slow motion.  It felt incredible.

I took the girl's hands and eased her chest down onto mine.  Our faces met and I kissed her.  The girl kissed back, opening her wet mouth and allowing my tongue entrance.  She made little moaning noises into my mouth as the kiss went on. 

As she rocked her body against mine, I could feel her firm nipples sliding against my hairy chest.  I reached my hands to her ass and squeezed the firm lobes.  Her pace increased as I spread the cheeks and slid a finger down her crack.  Much of my cum had leaked between her cheeks.  It was cool and slick to the touch.

I pressed my index finger against the wrinkled hole of her anus and slowly began sliding it in.  Becca moaned loudly into my mouth and clenched her buttocks tightly.  I began slowly fingering the preteen's tight little anus, in and out.

Becca started rocking even faster.

The little girl seemed to be approaching another orgasm.  She'd stopped kissing me and seemed intently focused on the movement of her hips.  She continued to moan, groan, and pant as she bucked with ever increasing speed.

I could feel my own orgasm brewing, but knew I still had several minutes before I'd be unable to hold back.  My finger continued exploring her rectum as I kissed the girl's closed lips.

Her anus began clenching and releasing in rapid succession. 

"Are you about to cum?"  I asked.

The girl didn't respond, and I took her silence to mean 'yes'.

And I was right.

Little Becca came loudly, screaming into my face and crying out in ecstasy.  Her ass squeezed my finger almost to the point of pain and I forced it in even deeper. 

As her tiny body shook on top of me, I decided to let myself go.  I began to spill my hot seed all over the climaxing little girl.  We both groaned as or orgasms took over.  I closed my eyes and buried my face into Becca's shoulder, smelling her sweat and shampoo.

I continued ejaculating for several more seconds, each eruption coating the girl even more.  The girl's spasms only intensified my own pleasure, and her cries and shouts filled my ear like the most beautiful song I'd ever heard.

My own orgasm was the first to fade.  The little girl still rocked against me as my cock grew extremely sensitive.  I fought through the discomfort, allowing the little girl to come down naturally.  When she finally did, I wrapped my arms around her.

I held her tightly as she panted.

I don't even remember closing my eyes, but the next thing I knew, I was dreaming.  It was a boring dream.  Nowhere near as fantastical as the reality I'd just experienced.




Chapter 7

The Best Part of Wakin' up

I awoke Sunday morning to the sound of the shower running across the hall.  The sun had barely risen, a few stray beams peeked in through the girl's curtains.  I reached down to scratch my balls, and felt cum dried in my pubic hair.  I sat up in the bed and stretched, letting out an exaggerated groan as I did.  Last night had been great, I thought, wiping the sleep from my eyes.

The shower stopped and I heard the girls feet squeak on the bathroom floor.  I wondered if Becca had gotten any sleep, but didn't really care either way.  As I waited for the girl to emerge, I recalled the night's events.  I felt the beginnings of an erection, as I heard the bathroom door open.

Becca entered her room looking incredibly sexy.  She wore a pair of extremely tight, jean shorts and a purple tank top.  The top was so short, that the bottom swell of her tiny breasts were in danger of being exposed.  Her eyes met mine, and she looked down to the floor.

"Good morning," I said.

"Good morning," Becca answered in a shy voice.  The Lybrido would have completely worn off by now.  All sexual desire she'd felt the previous night had been replaced with shame.  She was an innocent little girl again.

"How are you feeling?"  I asked.


I laughed.  "Me too," I said.

She turned away from me and pushed closed one of her dresser drawers.  The little girl's ass looked amazing.  So tight, tiny, and round. 

I felt my cock stiffen even more.  "Come here," I said.  "I've never seen you in that outfit before."

The girl turned around, concealing her heavenly ass and walked toward me.

I reached over and flipped on her bedside lamp, and gave the front of her skinny body a quick scan.  "Turn around."

Becca did as I asked.

Her ass was even better in the light.  The denim clung to her body like filth to a hobo.  I moved to the edge of the bed and reached out.  My hand gripped her right buttock and squeezed.

The young girl's face turned to the floor.

"Bend over."

When she did, the view only improved.  I peeked out in front of her and saw up her shirt.  Her nipples were hard in the cool air of her room.  Both of my hands played with the girl's ass.  I spread her cheeks, kneaded them, and even offered a few playful slaps.  As great as she looked in the jeans, I knew she'd look many times better out of them.  I reached around her waist and undid the button.

The girl sighed when she realized she wouldn't have the morning off.  She helped me ease the skin tight shorts over her ass and down her skinny legs.  Still bent over, I admired the girl through her blue panties.  I buried my face into the girl's crack and inhaled.

She smelled strongly of soap and fabric softener.

The girl seemed embarrassed that I was smelling her most intimate of areas.  I planted kisses on both cheeks and reached into the waistband.  Her crack emerged as I pulled the freshly donned panties down.  I saw her anus, and then her smooth and puffy pussy lips. 

Becca stepped out of her shorts and panties, and widened her stance as I guided her long legs apart.  Her cheeks spread slightly, giving me a clear view of her puckered little anus. 

I kissed her bare cheeks and then spread them gently.  Her anus seemed to wink at me as I lowered my face to it.  My tongue passed through my lips and made contact.

Becca screamed, startled and shocked that I would lick her asshole. 

I took several long licks, tasting only soap residue.  "What's wrong?"  I asked.

"That's…gross," she said with disgust in her voice.  "Why would you…?"

I continued licking the little girl's anus for a few minutes.  My cock, smeared with dry cum and Becca's arousal, grew hard as stone.  "I think…I might just…fuck you this morning."

Her ass clenched around my face as the words exited my mouth.  "Please don't," she begged.  "Please, I want to stay a virgin."

I reached my hand around and felt her pussy.  "I don't think you have much choice."  I brushed her clit and slipped my finger up and down her cleft.  "I need to put it in you."  I hoped she remembered our little conversation in the tub.  The one about the 'technical virgins'. 

"Please, don't," she whined as I continued tonguing her tight asshole.  For another few minutes I waited for her to work up the nerve to ask me.  "What if…" the girl said, sending a smile to my face.  "What if you put it in my…butt?  You said girls do that, right?  Catholic girls that want to stay virgins?"

"I don't know…" I said trying to contain my glee. 

"Please," Becca said.  "I'll do it.  Just please keep me a virgin."

I pulled my face away from the child's ass and sat up.  Becca looked at me through her legs.

"Please put it in my butt," the girl's face, while upside-down from my perspective, wasn't far off from a child begging for a new video game for Christmas.  "Please," she said again.

I pretended to weigh things over, as if I wouldn't take the girl up on her offer.  What man could refuse a 12 year old girl begging to get ass fucked.  I took another look at her anus.  Pink and wrinkled, it resembled the knot tied into a balloon.  "Okay," I said finally.

The little girl breathed a sigh of relief.  She closed her eyes and braced herself as if I was going to do it right then and there. 

I patted her on the bare bottom.  "Stand up."

The girl opened her eyes back up and gave me a confused look before rising and turning toward me.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her closer, sitting her on my bare knee.  With my right hand on the small of her back, I moved my left hand to her chin.  I turned her face toward mine, and the girl leaned in for a kiss.  She'd been trained well. 

As we kissed, I moved my hands to the bottom of her shirt.  Becca raised her arms as the shirt rose over her head.  I'd lost count of how many times I'd seen her tits, but they were still gorgeous.  I ran my right hand up and down her back with the delicacy of a feather.  Goosebumps rose on her flesh and she shuttered at my touch.

I rose to my feet, lifting the little girl under her ass.  She made a startled noise, but didn't break the kiss.  I exited the girl's room and crossed the hall into the bathroom. 

"Why…" the girl started to ask, before reengaging the kiss.

I carried Becca into the shower and set her down.  The girl stood before me, nervous and afraid.

"Will it hurt?"  She asked rubbing her upper arm.

I turned on the water and adjusted the temperature.  "Probably," I said.  "But only at first."

It's time for a little confession.  I'd never engaged in anal sex before, so I was nearly as in the dark as the girl was.  My only experience with the act came from porn films, and we all know how true to life those can be.

I turned the girl away from me and kissed the back of her neck.  She parted her legs slightly as my fingers drifted down to her crotch.  I ran my finger down each fleshy pussy lip and traced circles around her clit.  The pounding of the water made hearing the girl impossible, but I imagined she moaned as she had the night before.

My swollen member was grinding into the small of her back as I leaned into her ear.  "Are you ready," I asked.

The girl nodded.

"Bend over."

The preteen followed my command and bent over.  She pressed her hands against the wall for support and spread her legs.  Her little anus came into view.  A stream of hot water flowed through the girls crack.

I adjusted the shower head, turning it toward the shower wall.  Realizing I would need lubrication, I looked around the tub.  I picked up a bottle of conditioner and squirted a liberal amount onto the index and middle finger of my right hand.  "I'm going to use my fingers first," I said, smearing her anus with the gooey, white liquid.  "I need to stretch you out."  I pressed my index finger against the hole and slowly began inserting it.

The muscles in the little girl's anus fought to expel the finger, but it was a losing battle.  I pressed in further.

For a few minutes, I fingered her anus with only my index finger.  Eventually I slipped in the middle.  I began twisting the fingers with each penetration.  As hard as it may be to believe, I didn't want to hurt the girl.  I wanted her as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

The entire time I was fingering her, I became more and more aroused.  After several minutes of loosening the child's sphincter, I decided it was time to begin.  I took the bottle of conditioner and coated the girl's slightly open anus.  After covering my dick, I placed the bottle down and moved my purple, swollen head to her willing asshole.  I began to apply pressure.

She screamed as my head disappeared inside. I waited for her spasmodic anus to calm before continuing.  A half an inch more and she screamed again. "Ow!  Ow!  Ow!"  I entered her with another inch.  And another.  And another.

She was crying when my full length was inside of her.

I started to pull out, very, very slowly.  My exit was almost as slow as my entrance.  Before my head slipped from her tight anus, I restarted the plunge.  After a few minutes of stretching, I was able to start to thrust.  My speed increased as Becca's bowels began to loosen.

Her tightness was truly remarkable.  It was almost painful how hard the preteen's asshole squeezed my cock.  I placed my hands on her skinny hips and continued ravaging her.

Becca's cries and moans of pain had diminished slightly, but they could still be heard over the sound of water pounding against the shower wall.  Her body rocked with each thrust and her legs began to shake.  She was obviously in great pain.

"Does it hurt?"  I asked.

"Y…yes!"  She cried, dropping her face to her feet.

"You wanted this," I said continuing to stretch and tear her tiny asshole.  "Do you want me to stop?  Do you want me to stick it up your cunt?"

"No!  Please!"  The girl begged.

"So be it," I said increasing the pace and force of my thrusts.

The little girl's cries echoed in the small shower as I brought myself nearer and nearer to orgasm.  Her cries of pain did nothing for me.  I'm no sadist.  I had to pretend that her cries of pain were really cries of blissful pleasure.  It wasn't really that hard.

I was very near orgasm when she finally stopped crying.  She'd stretched quite a bit, but was still offering a very tight squeeze.

I began to feel warmth in my balls and a tingle at the end of my prick.  My hands gripped her hips tightly and I tried to force myself even deeper.  As I was already balls deep, that would have required some sort of miracle. 

The first wave of my orgasm began to rise and I allowed it to crash over me.  I erupted thick, heavy jets of semen deep into the girl.  Emission after sticky emission filled the preteen's freshly deflowered butthole.  I bucked against her several more times and began to feel weak in the knees.  Using the wall for support, I steadied myself as I finished unloading.

My cock grew more and more sensitive with each thrust, eventually forcing me to stop. 

"Could you feel it?"  I asked.  "Can you feel my cum in your ass?"

"Yes," the little girl grunted, pain evident in her voice.

I remained impaled in the girl for another minute, allowing myself to catch my breath and get my head straight.  When I decided to pull out, I spread the girl's cheeks and did it slowly.  My cock looked enormous sliding from the tiny hole, seeming to defy the laws of physics.  When my head emerged, her asshole gaped momentarily before spewing my seed.  My cum bubbled and gurgled from her anus and dripped to the floor of the shower.  I watched her distended hole wink a few times before clenching shut.

"Stand up," I said to the girl.

She rose, and turned toward me.  Her eyes were red and her face was even redder.

"Now wash up.  You've got church this morning."



Chapter 8

A First Time For Everything

It was just after noon on Monday when I arrived at Laura's house.  As expected, both mother and daughter were out, giving me the perfect opportunity to lay the groundwork for my plan.  Using a key I forced Laura to make for me, I entered the house.  I had with me a cardboard box and the bottle of Lybrido.

The plan started in the kitchen.  I'd discovered that Laura was very into vitamin supplementation.  In the medicine cabinet was a very large bottle of a multivitamin.  Every night, both the woman and her daughter would take one of the pills.

I took two bowls from the cabinet and took a seat at the kitchen table.  In one of the bowls I poured the multivitamin gel caps.  After carefully pulling the two halves of the gel cap apart, I'd slip two of the Lybrido pills inside and close it back up.  I then placed the spiked pill in the other bowl.  After about 45 minutes, every single remaining multivitamin was spiked with the sexual stimulant.  They wouldn't know what hit them.

The next part of my plan involved a bit of gadgetry.  I opened up the cardboard box and removed two small, HD hidden cameras.  They would connect to the house's wi-fi and broadcast low quality video through the internet.  The cameras also had internal memory that recorded the HD footage.  This HD footage was what I was after. 

I connected each camera to the mother's computer and did the initial set up.  After they were ready to broadcast, it was time to hide them.

I started in mom's room.  After finding the perfect spot, I set the camera up, aiming it at her bed.  I ran the power cord behind her dresser, concealing it completely.  I pulled out my phone and punched in the camera's ipaddress.

A blurry view of Laura's bed came into frame. 

I went up to Becca's room and repeated the process, hiding her camera on top of her bookshelf.  After checking and double checking that the cameras were completely hidden, I left the house.

It was nearly 2:30pn when I got back to my apartment, nearly time for Becca to get home.  I got on my computer and started the software that came with the hidden cameras.  With it I could control when the cameras were recording HD footage and when they were simply broadcasting.  As they only had space for about 10 hours of footage, it was a very useful feature. 

I typed an ipaddress into the software and entered the username and password.  Becca's darkened room popped up along with a panel of controls.  I looked at my watch.  It was 2:40.  Any second now the girl would be arriving home, and if she remembered my orders she'd-

The light in her room flipped on, and the little girl walked in. 

I hit the record button.

She walked to her dresser and pulled out the pair of cutoff jean shorts that I'd bought for her.  After placing them on her unmade bed, she began to remove her school uniform.  Facing away from the camera, she pulled of her knee length skirt, revealing her tight ass.  A large portion of her panties had become wedged between her cheeks, and she picked them out with her fingers.  She slipped the shorts on and removed her sweater vest and blouse.  The little girl was wearing a plain white training bra.  She walked to her dresser and pulled out a white belly shirt.  After slipping it on, she left her room, leaving the light on.

I stopped the recording.

I spent the rest of my day, anxiously waiting for the girl and her mother to go to sleep.

At 9:00pm I began monitoring the video feeds, and at 10:00pm Becca entered her room.  She was still wearing the cutoff shorts and t-shirt that she'd put on when she arrived home.  The preteen reached into her drawers and pulled out a cute black nighty.  She removed her shorts, shirt, and bra, and slipped the nighty over her head.

As she got into bed, I knew it was only a matter of time before the action started.  Half an hour, I thought.  Half an hour until the Lybidro kicks in. 

I turned my attention to the feed from Laura's room.  The woman sat on her bed reading a magazine.  She still wore were work outfit, a simple pinstriped black dress with black nylon stockings.

This would be the first time, she'd taken the pill and I wondered if her reaction would be as strong as Becca's have been.  I opened up the two feeds side by side and went to get a drink.

When I returned, Becca was lying in bed and her mother was looking in her closet.  I pressed record as Laura pulled out a black lace nighty and began removing her clothes.  She removed her dress and bra, displaying her beautiful, large breasts to the camera.  She slipped the nighty on, and sat back down to read.  Still wearing her stockings, she picked her magazine back up and continued to read.  I stopped recording.

For half an hour I waited as Becca lay in bed and Laura read her magazine.  The girl tossed and turned and the mother slowly flipped pages.  After 45 minutes, I began to fear that they hadn't taken the pills.  I was seeing no reaction.  At 11pm, I was considering shutting down when Becca suddenly rose from her bed.

I pressed record, as the little girl walked to her door and slowly closed it.  She flipped on her light, momentarily blinding the camera.  When the equipment adjusted she was sitting on her bed, with her back against the headboard.  She reached over to her nightstand and grabbed a magazine.  I couldn't really tell what it was, the colors made it obvious that it was one of those teen magazines.  She flipped through quickly, until she seemed to find what she was looking for.

I laughed out loud when the girl raised the magazine to her face and began kissing it.  After a few seconds, she placed the magazine on the bed in front of her and looked down at her crotch.  She lifted the hem of her nighty, revealing her cute striped panties. 

The little girl reached her hand under her panties and began rubbing her cunt.

My attention had left the mother, put when I turned back, she had her panties removed and was fingering her hairy pussy.  I quickly pressed record.  The woman appeared to know what she was doing.  Unlike her daughter.

Becca continued the rub awkwardly at her aroused pussy.  It was really quite cute, actually.  I knew this video would have been a hit in the kiddie porn circles.  But if all went according to plan, that would never happen.

Laura came quickly.  Her body shuttering and bucking against her hand. 

Becca, on the other hand, look a long time to finally reach her first solo climax.  The little girl stared at the magazine as she fingered herself.  When her orgasm came, she reacted in the same way her mother had.  Her body shuttered and she forced her hand more firmly against her wet little pussy.

The preteen sat for several seconds, catching her breath, before she rose from the bed and flipped the light off.

I stopped recording.

I didn't return to Laura's house for the next few days.  Instead, I spied on them at night, recording them masturbating each and every day.  On Friday, I returned to the empty house and retrieved the memory cards.  After bringing them back to my apartment I edited the video, creating a single film of each the mother and daughter.  I finished the editing on Saturday morning and spent the afternoon masturbating.  I need to last long tonight, I told myself. 

It was 7pm when I arrived at the house.  My laptop in hand, I let myself in, to find Laura sitting on the couch watching a movie on the television.  "Where's Becca?"  I asked, closing the door behind me.

"She's up in her room."

I went to the bottom of the stairs, and shouted up, "Becca, Honey, could you come down stairs?"  I turned back to Laura.  "Come into the kitchen.  I have something to show you."

The woman rose to her feet and followed me into the kitchen.  We took seats across from each other and shared a minute of silence.  Becca finally came down stairs, wearing a pink halter top and tiny jean shorts.  The girl took a seat next to her mother.

I opened my laptop and stuck in a thumb drive. 

The mother and daughter looked at each other.

"What's this about?"  Laura asked finally, as I found the video of her.

I turned the computer toward the woman and her daughter and pressed the spacebar.

The woman's eyes displayed almost every negative emotion I could imagine.  Anger, hate, fear, disgust, and sadness.  All were in her big brown eyes.

"How did you…?"

"Shhhh," I said.  "If you listen closely, you can hear how wet your cunt is."  I turned up the volume and they could hear her wetness.

Becca looked away.

"Watch," I told the girl.  "Yours is up next."

The preteen looked horrified and embarrassed.  Her face was bright red as she watched her mother bring herself to an orgasm.

After about five minutes, I stopped the video and turned the laptop toward me.  "It keep's going," I said.  "But I think you get the picture."

I started the video of Becca and turned the computer back around.  "This goes on for nearly two hours."

Laura's head dropped. 

"I've already upload an encrypted version of this file to several pedo friends of mine.  All they need is the code.  I've set up a failsafe that will automatically send out the code if I don't stop it within 48 hours."

"What do you want?"  Laura asked.  "What else could you want?!"

Becca starred at the table, unable to see herself committing such a sinful act.

"You know what I want," I said, looking at the little girl.  "And," I added, "I want your blessing."

"Fuck you!"  The woman barked, causing the girl to look at her mother, shocked.  She'd certainly never heard her use such a bad word.

I shrugged my shoulders.  "Well, if that's your decision.  I guess I'll be leaving."  I took the thumb drive from the computer, and rose from the table.  With every intention of acting on my threats if she didn't stop me, I walked to the door.  I turned the doorknob and opened the door. 

"Wait," Laura called.  "Just wait, let me think about this."

I smiled to myself and turned back around.  "You have ten minutes."  I walked back into the kitchen and took my seat.

All the anger had left Laura's face, leaving only fear, disgust, and sadness.  She couldn't look at her daughter.

Becca still sat staring at the table.  Her bottom lip quivered.

"I…," Laura started.  "I can't understand why you're doing this.  Why can't you just leave us alone?"

"You have nine minutes," I said.  "Either I get your daughter's virginity, or the videos and your true identity go on the internet."

Laura glanced at her daughter, before having to look away.  "Did he tell you…did he tell you about me?  About us?"

Becca nodded, and without looking at her mother, asked, "Did you really kill someone?  Phil told me you killed someone."

The woman exhaled deeply.  "I…I had no choice honey.  Your father would have killed me."

There were several seconds of heavy silence, before Becca spoke again.

"Do you want to put…it…in me?"  She asked.  "Is that what you want?"

"My "what" in your "what"?"  I asked.

Becca fidgeted, and glanced at her mother, before shyly looking away.  "Do you want to stick your…cock…into my…cunt?"

I nodded.  "Yes," I said.

"Why haven't you already?"  The little girl asked.

"Well, there are a couple reasons.  One, I wanted the night to be right.  And two, I want your mother to tell me I can.  I want her permission."  I looked at the woman.

She shook her head and look as though she was about to vomit.  "Please," she said.  "Can't you just-"

"I'll do it."  The little girl said.

The woman's face shot to her daughter's.  "What?"

"I'll do it, mom."  Becca stared at her hands which she had folded in front of her.  "I don't want you to get killed."

Laura started crying, and covered her face.  "You bastard!"  She screamed through her fingers. 

"It's okay, mom," the girl said.  "It will be okay."

I just watched as the preteen did my work for me.

The woman looked at her daughter with tears in her eyes.  "I can't let you, Becca.  I just can't."

"I don't want people to see that video of me.  I don't want you to die, mom.  Please, let me." 

It sent a torrent of blood to my cock, as the girl pleaded with her mother to let me fuck her.

For a minute, the woman sat in silence.  When she finally spoke, her voice was quiet, almost childlike.  "Will you use a condom?"  She asked.

I shook my head like a disappointed father.  "Laura, I'm ashamed of you.  I thought you were a Catholic.  I thought you opposed birth control?" 

The woman's head sank.

"Besides," I turned to Becca, "have you had your first period?"

The girl got even more embarrassed.  She said nothing and crossed her arms over her lap.

"So, you have."  I said.  "That's too bad.  If you get pregnant, you get pregnant.  There's nothing you can do about it."  I looked back at her mother.  "So, do I have your blessing to pop your baby girl's cherry?"

For the briefest moment, rage flashed on her face.  Then reality sank in.  There was nothing she could do and nothing she could say to sway me. 

"Are you…sure, Becca?"  The woman asked unable to look at her daughter.  "Are you sure you can do this."

The girl nodded.  "Uh-huh."

Another minute of silence was finally broken as Laura spoke.

"Okay," she said.  "But I hope you burn in hell."

"Don't count on it," I said as I pulled the bottle of Viagra from my pocket.  I swallowed two pills and rose from the table.  Becca watched as I walked to the medicine cabinet and pulled out the bottle of spiked multivitamins.  I pulled two out and forced open the gel caps.  The two Lybidro pills fell into my hand and I handed them to the girl.

Both Becca and Laura's eyes were wide when they realized what had happened this week, why they were both so horny at night.

Becca swallowed the pills dry.

"No go on into your mother's room, but first go put on that cute little black nighty you wore on Monday.  You know the one." 

As the girl walked away, I'd have expected her mother to give her a kiss or a hug to assure her that everything was going to be alright.  Instead, Laura stared at the table, too embarrassed, too ashamed to do anything.  Becca disappeared upstairs and I took my seat at the table. 

I turned the laptop toward me and entered in the ippadress for the camera in the mother's room.  "Here's what you are going to do," I told the woman.  "You're going to sit right here and count the number of orgasms Becca has.  Understand?"

The woman nodded without looking at me. 

I turned up the volume and rose from the table.  After turning the laptop toward Laura, I left the kitchen and entered her bedroom.  I waited on the edge of the bed, until I heard Becca coming down the hall.  My cock bulged in my pants as I stood.  The Viagra hadn't even kicked in yet and there was a diamond rod in my pants.

Becca came around the corner in the gorgeous little black nighty that I first saw her masturbate in.  I could tell she'd been crying as her eyes were bloodshot and her cheeks moist with tears.  She walked into the room, and I closed the door behind her.  The little girl turned and watched it swing shut.  As the latch engaged, she closed her eyes and sighed.

"Are you ready?"  I asked.  Of course she wasn't ready.  What 12 year old is ready to lose her virginity to a 38 year old man?

The girl nodded that she was ready and took a deep breath. 

I pulled the girl into my arms and leaned in for a kiss.  Without thinking she started to struggle, but quickly relented.  My lips moved and slid over hers as she momentarily kept hers still.  It was like each time we kissed she had to consult some sort of manual in her mind to tell her what to do next.  Finally she started to move her lips. 

There seemed to be less fear in her than I had expected.  She was still afraid, that was evident in how tense her body was, but she didn't seem terrified.

I wrapped my arms around the girl and ran my hands down her back.  Her nighty was silk and my fingers slid over it as if it was made of ice.  When my hands reached her firm, little ass, I squeezed the lobes.  I remembered how her asshole had felt as it stretched around my cock.  So beautifully tight.  I knew her pussy wouldn't be such a tight squeeze, but the pleasure would be even greater.

I lifted and parted her ass cheeks as I kissed the girl.  "You're not wearing panties," I said, feeling no evidence of underwear.

Becca shook her head.

"That's a good girl."  Again I pressed my lips against the child's and slipped my hand under the gown.  I rubbed her bare ass, and ran a finger down the crack.  When the tip of my middle finger grazed her wrinkled anus, I stopped.  I tore my lips away and kissed her cheek before whispering in her ear.  "I'm going to fuck you in the ass again, little girl.  Did you like getting your ass fucked the other day?"

Becca shook her head. 

I kissed her neck, cheek, and whispered in her other ear.  "That's too bad."  My lips moved to her right shoulder and kissed down her bare arm.  I turned the girl around and moved her toward the bed. 

She stood facing the bed as I kissed the back of her neck.  I reached under the nighty and wrapped my arms around her stomach.  My kisses continued as my hands explored.  With extreme delicacy, my fingers traveled up the girl's stomach, eventually reaching the subtle swell of her breasts.  I teased her nipples erect and then palmed the entirety of each small tit.

I could feel the Viagra working and I could tell it was working in Becca.  She tilted her head back and closed her eyes, seeming to enjoy the wandering of my hands.

My fingers traveled down her chest and over her bellybutton.  They stopped when they reached the smooth swell of her mons.  I spread the index and middle finger of my right hand and traced the outer edge of each puffy lip. 

"Do you want to cum?"  I asked the girl in a whisper.

"No," she answered quietly.

"Do you need to?"

The little girl said nothing for several seconds as my hand brought her cunt to a state of full arousal.  "Y…yes."  She said.

I turned the girl around, this time facing me, and guided her back onto the bed. 

The bottom her dress flipped up revealing her smooth pussy, red and swollen with arousal.  I told her to move up the bed, and she did.  Her head rested on her mother's pillow, her legs parted slightly.  She was breathing hard, her almost flat chest rising and falling with great speed. 

I undid the button on my pants and let them fall to the ground.  My cock tented my boxers, and a dark patch covered the tip where precum had leaked.  I pulled down my underwear, and Becca looked at my swollen member with fear in her eyes.

This is it, I thought.  The most memorable moment in this girl's sexual life is about to happen.

I pulled off my shirt and climbed onto the bed.  My cock slide up the girl's left leg as I eased myself over her.

She had her eyes clenched and her mouth closed tight.

I was on my hands and knees over the girl when I bent down for a kiss. 

She wouldn't, or couldn't kiss back. 

I reached my hand down and gently parted the girl's legs.  Getting myself into position, I placed my knees between the girls spread legs and rested my hands on either side of her shoulders.  It was the standard missionary position. 

I continued my unrequited kiss, as I took my cock into my left hand.  After sliding it up and down her wet slit, I moved my lips to the girl's ear.  "Are you ready?"  I whispered.  "Are you ready to get fucked?"

Becca said nothing.  She just groaned a fearful groan like a child about to receive an injection.

Gently, I began to apply pressure.  Her thick outer lips began to spread around my cock as I entered her.  I could feel her inner lips as they parted, allowing my cock entrance into the holiest of her holies.  As I began to enter her vagina, the little girl seemed to almost hyperventilate.

"It's alright," I said.  "It will all be over soon."  As the child breathed rapidly, I continued to sink my cock into her vagina. 

It was remarkably tight, and remarkably slick. 

"Ow, ow, ow!"  Becca cried quietly as her tiny body stretched around me.

When I reached her hymen, I stopped.  I wanted to remember every sensation about this moment, the sights, the smells, the sounds, everything.

Becca's face was twisted into a pained grimace.  Her eyes were clenched tight and her teeth were showing.  I could smell sweat, and the little girl's shampoo.  I could smell perfume on the mother's bed and the lotion sitting on the night stand.  I could hear Becca breathing through her teeth, anticipating more pain.  I could hear my heart, thumping like a jackhammer.

All I could feel was the child's cunt around my cock.

I lowered myself through her cherry.

The little girl cried out in pain.  It wasn't a loud cry.  It was quite quiet actually, but high pitched, like the sound air passing through the pinched mouthpiece of a balloon.

I went deeper, and the girl continued to cry out.  I went deeper still and she began to calm down.  When I was all in, she was quiet, apart from her breathing.

"That wasn't so bad, was it?"  I whispered into the girl's ear.  She said nothing as I kissed her neck, her chin, her cheek, her forehead.  She said nothing as I started to pull myself from her.  She said nothing as I entered her again, and she said nothing as I slowly began to fuck her.

She did speak when I moved my hand to her clit.  "God…" she said as I rubbed her sensitive little bud. 

As I fucked the little girl, I was happy I spent the afternoon jerking off.  I wouldn't have lasted a minute inside her if I hadn't. 

Becca's face was a conflict of pleasure and pain.  As I thrust into her and played with her clit, pleasure began to win out.  The girl wrapped her arms around my hairy back and began moaning. 

The girl's first orgasm came quick and it came hard.  She screamed, and forced her tiny body against mine as she came on my cock.  The little girl shook and quivered through her several second orgasm.  I nearly came as well, but was able to hold back.  When she finished, Becca laughed.  She laughed.  The little girl that minutes ago had been near tears, laughed.  Maybe it was the knowledge that the worst was over and the endorphins flooding her brain, but it was still a shock.

I turned my head toward the hidden camera and raised a finger.  "That's one, Laura!"  I yelled.

I pulled my still throbbing dick from the child and rolled onto my side next to her.  Becca lay with her eyes closed and had the faintest of grins.  She looked beautiful, freshly deflowered and in post orgasm bliss. 

I moved my hand to her thigh and traced her subtle curves up to her hip.  There, I took a turn and moved my hand to her flat stomach.  "Did you enjoy that?"  I asked tracing the outline of her bellybutton with my index finger.

The girl said nothing for several seconds.  She just panted and smiled.  "No," she said finally.  The lie was obvious.  It was painted all over her body.

I moved my finger downward.  "I don't believe you."  My finger touched her sensitive clit and moved down her hairless cleft.  "You're a liar," I whispered as I began fingering the girl.  I kept my level of arousal steady as I fingered her.  She was unbelievably moist, and velvety smooth.  I plunged two fingers deep inside, admiring her tightness and craving that squeeze around my cock. 

Within minutes, the little girl was nearing another orgasm.  She ran her fingers through her hair and threw her head back.  Moans and the wet suction of my fingers in her cunt were the only sounds in the room.  As I brought her to the edge, her small hands gripped her mother's sheets.

"Beg," I said, slowing down.

"Please let me cum," she said without hesitation.  "Please let me cum," she yelled anticipating my next command.

My fingers quickened and began working the little girl into a frenzy. 

Her moans reached a fever pitch and she forced her pussy against my hand.

She came with incredible aggressiveness.  Screams and cries flooded the room as she kicked her legs and slapped her hands against the bed.

I couldn't help but laugh as she looked like she was fighting with a ghost.  And the ghost was winning.

When her second orgasm passed, I rolled back on top of the girl.  She whined as I slipped my swollen cock back into her thoroughly soaked little pussy.  As I began my slow thrusts, the little girl wrapped her arms around my back and dug her small fingers into my flesh.

Even loosened up, her pussy was still vicelike in its tightness.  The walls of her vagina seemed to grip my cock like a Chinese finger trap.  With each extraction her pussy seemed to beg me to stay. 

I fucked her for several minutes, and it was a hard several minutes.  It wasn't the slow, gentle lovemaking of trashy romance novels.  It was the raw, wild fucking of a warrior about to go into battle. 

Even the kissing was frenzied.  My tongue lapped at hers like a dog laps at its water. 

I wasn't concerned about the girl's pleasure.  All that mattered was filling her tight little cunt with all the cum my body could part with.

Despite my disregard, the child managed a third orgasm.  It wasn't as energetic as her last, but her pleasure was obvious.  Again, the sound of moans filled the room.  And again the little girl forced herself against me.

I was ready to blow.  My cock was Mount Vesuvius and the child's cunt was Pompeii.

I felt that familiar clenching in my testicles and smiled a wide smile.  This was it.  The moment I'd been waiting for.

With several more thrusts, it started.  I could feel my semen bubbling in my balls.  I could feel it begin to rise and travel down my shaft.  As I began to spew my seed, Becca's eyes shot open.

She'd been in post orgasm bliss, when she felt my load begin to fill her.  "No!" She yelled trying to push me off of her.  "Please, no!"

I continued to unload in her as she began to cry.  She stopped resisting, realizing it was no use.

The room was spinning as the growing sensitively of my cock forced me to stop.  I remained still as the remainder of my cum shot, dribbled, and dripped from my swollen head.  I buried my face into Becca's neck and kissed her sweaty body as she cried into my ear.

"I can't get pregnant," she whispered to herself.  "I can't get pregnant."

I continued to kiss the girl's neck as I came down from my peak.  When I moved my lips to her she fought with uncharacteristic vigor.  She turned her head from side to side and clenched her lips like a nun clenches her cunt.  I kind of enjoyed it.  Maybe it was the stark contrast between her face then and the bliss she showed not five minutes before.

I pulled my cock from the girl and crawled down her body.  My cum oozed and bubbled from her hairless pussy and dripped to her mother's sheets.  "You say you don't want to get pregnant?"

"No," the girl cried.

"Well you better pray that I shooting blanks, because I came deep and I came hard."  Cum still dripped from the girl as she covered her face with her hands. 

I spent the next half hour recuperating and fondling the girl.  She spent the time in a panic, worrying about how she'd take care of her child.  It seemed that, in her mind, she was already pregnant.  She'd seen the ultrasound and felt its first little kick.

"I'm only 12," she said.  "I can't have a baby!"

"Oh, shut up!"  I had to say finally.  Her panic had been cute at first, but it quickly grew annoying.  "You're acting like it's the end of the world.  I thought you Christians were supposed to view all babies as a gift from God."

The little girl quieted down, but her fear was still evident on her pretty face.  She bit her lip as her eyes seemed deep in thought.  Her heart pounded and she tapped her fingers against herself, nervously.

Eventually, I felt my cock begin to swell.  I rolled on top of the girl as kissed her lips.  For several minutes, that was all we did.  We kissed deeply and, at least on my end, passionately.  When I broke from the kiss, ready for my second round with her, she spoke.

"Please, not again," she begged.

"I'm ready to go," I said pressing my cock against her cunt lips.

She pulled away.  "Use my butt!"  She said.  "Please, don't go in my…you know…cunt."

I wanted to tell her that if she was going to get pregnant today, it was too late.  There was already plenty of cum inside her to assure it would happen.  But, I couldn't turn down the preteen's request to give her a good, hard, ass fucking.

"Okay," I said.  "Get onto your stomach."

The little girl looked relieved as she flipped her skinny body.  She lay in the prone position, and grabbed one of her mother's pillows to squeeze.

I was on my knees behind the girl, when she turned over.  After straddling her legs, I reached down and squeezed her young ass.  I parted the cheeks and ran a finger down the crack, lingering over her puckered anus.

"Did you tell your mom I fucked you in the ass?"  I asked loud enough for Laura to hear. 

"No," the girl said quietly.

I moved up her body and placed my cock between her cheeks.  After running it up and down her cum coated pussy, I pressed the lubricated head against her back passage.  "You ready?"  I asked.

The girl took a deep breath and buried her pretty face in the pillow.  "Yes," she said, her voice muffled.

Slowly, I started to apply pressure to the girl's tight little ring.  And, slowly, it began to open.

Becca moaned into her pillow and clenched the muscles of her anus.  As I slowly descended into her, she began to kick her skinny legs against the bed.

"Relax," I said.  "It will be easier if you just relax."

Becca hugged the pillow tighter.  "I'll…try," she said through pain clinched teeth.

I finally reached full depth, and enjoyed the sensation of her rectum trying to expel my sensitive, swollen prick.  For over a minute I remained buried inside her.  As the little girl's body struggled to accommodate me, I bent over her and kissed her neck.  Goosebumps rose on her white, pristine flesh.

Eventually the preteen relaxed and I started to pull myself from her.  As I slid out, she moaned.  "Touch yourself," I said.  "I want you to cum while I fuck your ass."

The little girl moved her hands under her body and began masturbating.

When all that remained in the girl was my head, I re-entered her to the hilt.

She moaned again, but this time it wasn't only from the pain.

Slowly I worked myself into a rhythm.  Her anus was just as tight as it had been the first time.  This time though, I could hear her moans and groans.  She was a loud fuck even before the Lybrido.  Now, as she worked her pussy and clit, she was like a pornstar.  There was a strange mixture of pleasure and pain in her cries that I found intriguing.

After several minutes the girl was nearing another orgasm.  Her fingers occasionally brushed against my balls as she worked herself closer and closer.

I continued kissing her sweaty neck and tasting her salty skin. 

Her orgasm came with terrific ferocity.  She screamed into the pillow and clenched every muscle in her body.  Her anus squeezed me intensely, pushing me right to the edge. 

With a few more thrusts, I began to cum.  My warm semen coated the inside of the child's rectum and she continued her euphoric shouts and cries.  Each electric wave of pleasure filled the girl even more.

When my second orgasm of the night passed, I remained inside the girl, catching my breath.  My overly sensitive cock remained in the still cumming little girl.  She bucked and squirmed, screamed and moaned.

"You hear that, Laura," I yelled.  "You little girl just loves getting her ass fucked."  I imagined the woman sitting at the table crying as her baby girl suffered at the hands of a perverted madman.

Becca's orgasm passed and I began to pull myself from her.  As I did, cum gurgled and oozed from her wide hole and coated the sheets under her.  I watched as her anus closed back up, and spurted the remainder of my load from her body.

"You're such a nasty little girl," I said.  "Begging a grown man to fuck you in the ass."  I rolled onto the bed next to her. 

She pulled her face from the pillow.  Her eyes were bloodshot and tears had moistened her cheeks.  A snot bubble formed and popped as the girl turned to me.  "I had no choice," she said reaching up to wipe her nose.  Her fingers glistened with residual arousal.

I turned onto my Back.  "You're a good fuck, Becca.  Not the best, but good.  Better than your mother, that's for sure."

The girl didn't seem surprised when I mentioned fucking her mother.  I guess she kind of assumed I had. 

We sat in silence for several minutes.  I stared at the stucco ceiling, finding faces and figures in the random pattern.

"Why don't you have a boyfriend?"  I asked, finally breaking the silence.

"I don't know."

"Aren't there any boys you like?"

The girl shrugged.  "I don't know.  Not really."

"What about the girls?"  I asked, only half joking.

"That's a sin," she said firmly.

A bit too firmly, I thought.

Several more minutes passed, and I began to feel a stirring in my cock.  I rolled onto my side and looked at the girl.  My eyes started at her head and traveled down her beautiful face and over her small breasts.  They moved down her flat stomach and over her smooth pubic mound.  Her legs were long and skinny, almost insect like.  I wondered if there was a single straight man in the world that wouldn't kill to be in my position. 

I eased myself up onto my elbows and moved closer to the girl.  She anticipated my move and turned her lips to mine.  As we kissed, I moved my hand to her mound and slipped my finger through her cleft.  I inserted my middle finger into her and began gently teasing her clit with my thumb.

She began to moan almost immediately.

Without removing my finger, I got on top of the girl.  When she closed her eyes and threw her head back, I removed my finger and quickly inserted my swollen cock.  She had no time to protest, no time to resist. 

"Please," she said as I began fucking her.  "Please don't shoot inside me."

She'd already resigned to the fact that I was going to fuck her.

"I'll cum where I want," I said.  "Remember our little deal?  Remember your little video?"  I was already thrusting with great speed, but I knew I had some time before I blew.  I decided to toy with the girl.  "Wouldn't it be great if you and you mother both got pregnant?  They'd be half siblings."

The girl shook her head.

"You don't want a baby?"  I asked.

"No, please!  I can't take care of a baby!"

I thrust against her hard, causing her to groan in pain.  "In that case, you can always get an abortion."

"No!"  The little girl screamed.  "Abortion is murder!  I'm not a murderer!"

"That doesn't rule out your mom though," I said.  My cock pounded in and out of her like a piston.  "We've already established that she's a murder."  I laughed to myself.

The girl said nothing and moved her hands to her face.  She cried tears of pain, fear, embarrassment, and sadness.  A beautiful mixture that hastened the arrival of my orgasm.

I fought for several minutes to contain myself, slowing down when I got too close and then speeding back up. 

During this dance, Becca's own pleasure began to build.  Her young, developing body was betraying her mind.  All of her negative energy began to shift.  Her cries of fear, became cries of pleasure.  Her groans of pain, became moans of desire. 

I knew that each time I made this little girl cum against her will, I was breaking her.  Eventually she wouldn't be able to think of herself as a good little Catholic girl.  She would have done too many nasty, dirty things.  She would have enjoyed too many nasty, dirty things.  She would be forced to see herself as she truly was.  My slut.

With thrust after forceful thrust I brought the preteen to yet another screeching orgasm.  She threw her head back and cried out.

It was at that moment that I began to cum as well.  For the second time that night, I filled the little girl's fertile womb with my seed.  It spewed forth with remarkable force.  "Fuck!"  I cried out as my body shook and the room began to spin.  I closed my eyes and let my orgasm consume me.

Becca's cries continued for several seconds as she forced her body against mine.  "Please…" she said, the power of her orgasm made it impossible for her to form a sentence.  "…not…" she added in her final throes.  "…in my cunt…"

It was far too late.  Every drop of semen my body had was swimming in the girl's pussy. 

I rolled off of her, exhausted.  "You'd better start picking out baby clothes," I said as sleep began to overtake me.  My eyes wouldn't stay open, and I let myself drift off.

I woke with sunlight bursting through the window and the little girl asleep in my arms.  She snored quietly, and a puddle of drool had formed on her pillow.  As was usually the case in the morning, my cock was fully erect and ready for action.

I let the girl sleep for a few more minutes.  She looked so sweet, innocent, pure, and oh so sexy.  When I finally shook her awake, her eyes opened slowly and she stretched.  It took a few seconds to realize where she was and when she did, fear and embarrassment crossed her face.

She looked at me with sleepy eyes.  "Can I take a shower?"  She asked quietly. 

"Why don't you go draw us a bath," I said.  "No need to waste water."

"Okay," she said.  The little girl rolled out of my arms and rose from the bed. 

I watched her firm little ass as she walked from the room, the two round lobes moving against each other as she stepped.  The door opened and the girl looked down the hallway for a second.  Her head dropped and she hurried across the hall. 

I rolled onto my back and rubbed my eyes.  My body felt sore, like I'd just done an intense workout.  I stretched and sat up, resting my back against the head board.  My cock stretched out against my thigh, coated with dried cum.  I relaxed for several minutes, listening to the bathtub fill.  When I finally rose from the bed, I exited the room.

I looked down the hall toward the kitchen and saw Laura.  She was asleep with her head resting on the table.  Before her, was the image of her empty bedroom and semen soiled bed.  I walked into the bathroom. 

Becca sat in the bathtub as it filled.  Her shoulders were slumped over and her head hung down.

I walked over to the tub and stepped in. 

The girl moved forward and allowed me to sit behind her like the rear member of a two man bobsled team.  The water neared the rim of the tub and the girl leaned forward to turn it off.  She leaned back and I wrapped my arms around her tight stomach.

My cock pressed against the small of her back as I pulled her close.  I kissed her neck and it was salty with sweat.  She didn't react as a hand moved to her right breast, and she didn't react as I tweaked her nipple.

The girl seemed out of it, as though she didn't care what happened.

I moved my hand down her chest, over her stomach and between her skinny legs.  My finger's moved through her freshly deflowered pussy.  Her pussy felt the same as it had the other times I felt her like this, but her reaction was quite different.  There were no moans of pleasure, or pleas to stop.  She was quiet, distracted.

I would need to work harder to get her attention.

"I want you to cum for me," I whispered in her ear, flicking her clit.  "I want to feel you cum on my dick."

"I…I don't want to," she said.  "Please just leave me alone."

I kissed her shoulder and then her right arm.  My fingers continued exploring her pussy as my swollen cock rested against her back.  "You're so beautiful when you cum," I said.

The girl shook her head and began to fidget.

"You can't resist," I said with my middle finger deep between her lips.  "You want it."

"No…I don't," she said unconvincingly. 

"Really?"  I said giving her tiny bud an expert flick.

She moaned and all her pretense dropped.  The little girl had tried her hardest, tried to stay pure, but it didn't work.  She was my slut now, begging me to make her cum.

I kissed the back of her neck one last time and placed my hands under her arms.  "Here," I said lifting her slightly.  "Turn around and get on my lap."

The little girl obeyed and turned in the tub.  She placed her knees on either side of my waist, and sat on my cock. 

My member rested between her legs, across her cunt and ass.  I pulled her closer and gave her a kiss on the lips.  She opened her mouth and slipped out her tongue.  We tasted each other's mouths as I reached down between her legs.  I continued toying with the girl's smooth pussy.

Becca moaned again, and forced her body against my hand.

"I told you," I said, pulling my lips from hers.  "I told you that you wanted it."

The girl said nothing.

We kissed for several minutes, the preteen splashing in the water as she tried to hasten her own orgasm.

I took my cock into my hand and positioned it against the girl's velvety lips.  When I removed my fingers and began to insert my prick, she didn't object.

She really wanted it.

I slid in easily, her cunt nearly as tight as it had been last night.

Becca winced as my full length gradually began to fill her.  "Ow!  Ow!"  She cried, her eyes clenched tight.  She bit her lip and wrapped her arms around me tight.

When I was fully in, I held the girl as she buried her face into my chest.  I kissed the top of her head and ran my hand up and down her back. 

Eventually, once her pain faded, the girl initiated withdraw.  She pulled her hips back, and my wet prick slid from her body.  Before the head could emerge, she pushed her hips forward, impaling herself once more.  She repeated this several times as I sat motionless, allowing myself to get fucked.

I reached for her clitoris and continued playing with it.  As soon as I made contact, the girl's pace quickened and she threw her head back.  She moaned loudly and her fingers dug into my back. 

As I continued flicking and massaging her clit, I began to feel an orgasm brewing.  It was still a ways off, but I could see its dust trail off in the distance.  "You're such a slut," I said quietly.  "Such a nasty little slut."

Becca's motion only accelerated.

"You know that?"  I asked.  "Tell me you know.  Tell me you know you're a slut."

The little girl groaned through her teeth.  "I know…," she said.  "…I know I'm a slut."

"A nasty little slut.  MY nasty little slut."

"I'm your nasty little slut!"  She cried out loudly as my cock bottomed out inside her.  She was fucking me like an animal.  Her moans, growls, and groans sounded like recordings for a nature documentary.

This continued for several minutes, and I began to wonder who was going to cum first.  I was beginning to suspect it would be me, when the first waves hit Becca.  She groaned even more loudly and her body began shaking.  Her cunt began to clinch around me, sending me over the edge.

We came synchronously.  I emptied my balls into her as her skinny body quivered.  She took several deep, inhales and exhaled with a thunderous moan as her peak hit.  I knew Laura would be awake.  I knew the woman had to know her little girl, her innocent baby, was loving every second of this.

As quickly as it had all started, it was over.  Becca lay in my arms, panting as my cock deflated inside her.  I kissed the girls cheek tenderly and ran my hands over the curve of her bare bottom.

"You and your mom have church this morning, right?"  I asked after a few minutes of silence.

Becca nodded her head against my chest.  "Uh-huh," she said.

"I think I may join you."

The little girl pulled away from me and looked me in the eye.  "Really?"  She asked.

"Yeah," I said.  "What's wrong with that?"

She put her head back on my shoulder.  "Nothing."

"Come on," I said.  "Let's wash up.

The girl and I washed and I told her to go get dressed.  I watched the naked preteen rise from the water and wrap a towel around herself.

After she left the bathroom, I heard her exchange a few indecipherable words with her mother.  I closed my eyes and rested my head against the wall.  I heard footsteps coming down the hall, and they stopped at the opened bathroom door.

"Five, you son of a bitch!"  The girl's mother said before turning and walking away.



Chapter 9

A New Obsession

"Phil, I got some work for you," my boss said, handing me a hard drive.  An orange evidence sticker was attached to it.  "Another kiddy porn bust.  See what you can find."

"Any encryption?"  I asked.

My boss shook his head.

Amateurs, I thought as I placed the drive on my desk.  "I'll get right on it."

"I'll probably have another few drives before the day is up."  My boss turned and left my small office.

Alone, I took my thumb drive out and plugged it into my computer.  "Let's see what you got," I muttered to myself as I plugged the drive in.

We have software that scans a drive, looking through every filename and running them against a list of keywords.  'Preteen', 'kiddy', 'child', are just a few.   As the scan started, I took a sip of my coffee.  Immediately, there were hits.  This guy had truly been an amateur, he didn't even try to hide the stuff.

After 10 minutes, the scan stopped and listed the names of over 200 different videos and thousands of pictures.  I went through the names, seeing if there was anything I didn't recognize.  Anything I didn't have.  I opened a few videos, and recognized them all.

I started logging each video, giving a filename and a brief description of the content.  I spent the next several hours working diligently.

            #75 - Preteen Cambodian Prostitute Sucks Tourists Cock

A young Cambodian girl of about 10 performs oral sex on a Caucasian male estimated to be in his mid to late thirties.  The male ejaculates on the girl's face.

            #76 – Preteen Cums on Daddies Dick

A girl of about 8 is seen engaging in sexual intercourse with a male in his late thirties.  The girl is positioned on top of the man and appears to have an orgasm.  The man then ejaculates into the child's vagina.

This is my job.  Can you imagine a more entertaining occupation for a man with my predilection?  As I continued, I got to a video that I didn't recognize.  I started the video and felt my heart flutter.  I'd never seen this one before.

It appeared to be hidden camera footage taken from inside a girl's locker room.  The video is high definition and looks incredibly clear.  It starts out showing an empty locker room, but girls quickly start entering.  They all appear about middle school age, 11-13 years old.  The girl's begin opening their lockers and retrieving their bathing suits.  As the girls strip and put on their suits, I start to realize that the video is a bit too tame for me to save.  I continued watching only because it's my job.

After the last girl leaves the locker room, the video cuts and the timestamps shows it to be fifteen minutes later.  One of the girl's enters the locker room, and goes to a locker that I remember isn't hers.  She is wearing a white one piece and has very long brown hair.  The girl looks over her shoulder and opens the locker in front of her.

What happens next made me change my mind and decide to save the video.  The little girl removes the other girl's panties from her locker.  After looking over her shoulder again, the girl holds the panties to her nose and sniffs.  I heard the girl exhale with a shudder.  She reaches her hand into her bathing suit and begins playing with herself.

I figured this must have been recorded by some pervy janitor, as the production values were too high for it to be staged.

The little girl brings herself to orgasm with her nose buried in the crotch of her classmate's underwear.  It takes only a few minutes, and the child leaves the locker room again.  The video ends, fading to black.

I wrote the video into the log, and then copied it to my thumb drive.

The rest of the content was all stuff I'd seen before.  I finished out my day, happy to have found another clip to add to my collection.

That evening, I decided to pay Laura and Becca a little visit.  When I pulled up to the house, I noticed that the car was gone.  It took a few moments for me to realize that it was Wednesday.  They always went to Wednesday night Mass.

I allowed myself in and took a seat on the loveseat.  Knowing they would be home soon, I sat in the dark, thinking of the video I had seen earlier in the day.  As I waited, I began to feel the beginnings of an erection. 

Laura and Becca returned about 15 minutes later.  The mother opened the door cautiously, and turned on the light.  Even though she knew I was in the house, she still jumped when she saw me sitting in the living room.

"How long have you been here?"  She asked.

"Not long," I said.  "I just had to see my girls tonight."


Becca entered after her mother looking as beautiful as always.  She wore a pink, spaghetti strapped dress that ended halfway up her thigh.  I was happy to see that despite my absence, the girl was still showing off quite a bit of skin.

"Hello, Becca," I said rising from the loveseat.

"Hello, Phil," the little girl answered, wiping a stray strand of hair from her eyes.  The preteen closed the door behind her and stood next to her mother.

  "What do you want?"  Laura asked, and not very politely I might add.

I pretended to be offended.  "Is that how you speak to a guest?"  I shook my head.  "I just thought I'd stop by and say hello." 

My true intentions must have been written on my face, because Laura didn't believe me for a second.  She looked at me with the smallest sliver of defiance on her face.  "Not again," she said half pleading and half demanding.

Becca stared at the floor like the nervous little girl that she was.  "It's okay, mom," the girl said.  "I don't mind if he wants to do it again."

The woman looked at her daughter with shame in her eyes.  Not shame in the little girl, but shame in herself for getting them into this mess.  She appeared about to cry as her daughter offered herself to me.  "Please, not again," the woman begged.

"You heard your daughter," I said.  "She doesn't mind."  I smiled at Becca and our eyes met.  She didn't have the same fear as she'd had before.  Maybe it was because the worst was behind her.  I'd already taken her virginity.  What more could I do?

I went into the kitchen and took down the spiked vitamin pills.  Becca swallowed the pills I gave her and waited as I took two Viagra.  I took the girl by the hand and led her to her mother's room. 

Laura stood in the foyer, distraught.  Silent tears ran down her face as her daughter followed me willingly down the hall.

In the master bedroom, I took a seat in an armchair that sat in the corner.  Becca stood in front of me waiting for instructions.  The little girl shifted her weight from foot to foot as I took in the sight of her beautiful body.  My eyes started at her bare feet.  They were so small and perfect.  I followed her skinny legs up to her pale white thighs and admired the delicate curves of her developing hips.  My eyes moved past her tight stomach and over the small swell of her pubescent breasts.  Her long brown hair draped over her bare shoulders and her face was like that of an angel.

I took the girl by the hand and pulled her closer to me.  She stood between my legs and bent down to accept a kiss.  Her lips parted and our tongues touched.  I eased the girl's ass to my knee as we continued our kiss.  My hand slipped under her dress and moved up her smooth thigh.  When my fingers grazed her panties, the girl exhaled deeply and sensuously.

I ran my left hand up and down her thigh, while my right moved down her back.  She shuttered at my touch and her breathing quickened.  I slipped my fingers under the elastic of her panties and felt her silky mons.  They moved further into the warmth under her panties and felt her hairless cleft.  I moved my middle finger up and down the crease, teasing her clit ever so slightly.

I wrapped my right hand around the girl's chest and began to massage her tiny, right breast.  Her nipple began to harden and her pussy began to lubricate. 

It was at this time that my mind began to wander.  I had a preteen beauty in my arms, ready to get fucked, and my mind started to wander.  The image of the girl sniffing her friends' panties kept popping into my head.  I tried to remain focused on Becca, but I just couldn't.  It was like a fly buzzing around my ear, impossible to ignore.

I removed my hand from the girl's panties and began to lift the hem of her dress.  As she lifted her arms, I remembered the little girl stripping on the video, her breasts smaller than Becca's.  I forced the image from my mind, and pulled the dress over Becca's head.  I dropped it to the floor.  In only her panties, the little girl moaned as I took her left nipple into my mouth.  My hand moved to her right breast and continued fondling her. 

Her panties clung to her pussy tightly, offering me a teasing outline of her plump lips.  I moved my hand down to the girl's crotch and pressed it against her panties.  The video popped into my head again.  The little girl in her wet bathing suit, her pussy lips clearly visible as she smelled her friend's cunt and ass.

What was wrong with me?

Again, I forced the image from my mind.  I reached under the elastic of Becca's panties.  "Stand up," I said.

When the little girl had eased herself off my leg, I bent over, sliding her dirty underwear down her skinny legs.  She stepped out of them, and I lifted them from the floor.  I held the warm panties in my hand and put them to my nose.  She'd obviously been wearing that pair all day.  They smelled incredible.

I placed the panties back down and rose to my feet.  I kicked off my shoes and pulled down my pants and boxers.  My stiff prick glistened with precum.  I sat back down and took the girl into my lap. 

Becca straddled my waist, her knees on either side.  My cock pressed up between her ass cheeks, and I pulled her in for a kiss.  The little girl was becoming a pro.  She parted her lips and our tongues became tangled into an erotic mess.  As we continued, I remembered our first kiss.  I remembered how awkward it had been and how that only made it more sexy.  I remembered the first time I made the girl cum and how confused she was.

My cock, while erect and ready, wasn't aching for the girl as it once had.  I took it into my left hand and slid the head over the girl's wet cunt lips.  She groaned as I eased myself inside.  Slowly, I penetrated her, and slowly I began to realize the truth.

Becca was a beautiful girl.  But what had once driven my desire for her, was gone.  She was no longer the innocent little virgin of a couple weeks ago.  She was no longer pure.  She'd grown into a slut, just like her mother.

The girl began bucking against me, forcing my member in and out of her aroused pussy.  I moved my hand to her clit and rubbed her.  She moaned loudly into my mouth. 

Even her moans had changed.  They no longer seemed out of her control.  There was no confusion or conflicting emotions behind them.  Before I'd taken her virginity, when she still had her innocence to lose, her cries were much more erotic.  She had been fighting with herself.  It had been fear of losing her purity versus the desire to cum.  Now that her purity was gone, she had no reason to fight.  There was only pleasure in her cries.

I'd been fucking the girl for several minutes when she came.  Her orgasm was even louder and more energetic as the ones prior.  She shook against me and dug her fingers into my back.

I began to feel my own orgasm brewing and decided not to hold back.  I fucked the little slut hard through her quivering orgasm.  I held her in my arms and each thrust buried the entire length of my cock inside her.  Becca's cries filled my ears, and did nothing for me.  I remained on the edge of orgasm for what seemed like an eternity.

My mind went back to the video.  I thought of the little girl, virginal and pure.  It was then when I began to ejaculate.  I spewed my seed into Becca with incredible force and potency.  Each subsequent thrust further emptied my cum filled balls.  And each thrust made me realize things would never be the same with Becca.

After my orgasm passed, I remained inside the girl for several minutes.  She lay with her head on my shoulder as cum dripped from her pussy, staining her mother's armchair.

When I helped the girl off of me, my deflating cock slid out and the remainder of my seed dripped to the floor.  "You can get dressed," I told the girl, putting my boxers back on.  "That's all for tonight."  The girl looked relieved, but not as relieved as I would have liked. 

I'd had enough for the night.  My mind just wasn't in it.  I hoped I was just having a bad day.  I hoped what I feared was happening wasn't the truth.  I hoped I wasn't getting bored with the girl.

Becca slipped her panties back on, residual cum added a dark stain to the crotch.  After she slipped her dress on, she sat on the edge of the bed. 

I put my pants back on and exited the room.

Laura stood in the kitchen.  She seemed surprised to see me out of the room, and seemed even more surprised to see me preparing to leave. 

"Good night," I said to the woman.

"G…good night," she said back.

As I drove home, I began to realize the truth. 

The Becca I'd fallen far, the little innocent girl that filled my dreams for weeks, was gone.  And it was all my doing.



Chapter 10


Over the coming weeks, Becca and I spent quite a few nights together.  She'd ask me not to cum inside her and I'd ignore her pleas and do it anyway.  Eventually the begging stopped.  She seemed to have resigned to the fact that she would get pregnant.  It was an inevitability.

Now that the girl was no longer a virgin and no longer seemed to fear my seed impregnating her, I really lost interest in her.

I went another month, fucking the little girl a couple times each week, before I started seeing her less and less.  For a few months I only came over on the weekends.  And then it was every other weekend, until I saw the girl maybe once a month.

If someone had told me a year ago that I'd have the opportunity to fuck a preteen girl whenever I wanted, I'd have called them crazy.  And then if they were to tell me I'd get BORED of her, I'd have thought them completely insane.  But, that's exactly what happened.  Now that she was no longer a virgin, much of her appeal went away.  She was no longer innocent and pure.


There are two tragedies in life. One is not to get your heart's desire. The other is to get it.

George Bernard Shaw