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The New Girl

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The man sat behind an ancient oak desk, the last inch of a Churchill cigar burning in his mouth.  The desk was a remnant of a different era, probably considered an antique even before the Great War.  A light bulb hung naked from an outlet in the ceiling, only adequately illuminating the dusty room.  Behind the man, nearly a dozen pictures of naked little girls hung. 

There was a knock at the office door.

The man cleared the gravel from his throat.  "Come in," he said.

The door opened with a drawn out creak and a scrawny young man entered.

The man behind the desk put the cigar down.  "For your own sake, Bones, I really hope you've got my money."

Bones stammered, "Um, well, no Mr. Busch.  But I've got something even better."

"I've told you before, unless you've got that little sister of yours, nothing is better than money."

The young man smiled and nodded.


"Yes, sir.  She's right h…" Bones turned around.  "Goddamn it Mary!"  He shouted.  "Get your ass in here."

A young girl entered.  She looked to be about 10 years old and wore a dirty sundress. 

Mr. Busch sat back in his chair.  "What made you change your mind?"

"Mom and dad died," the girl's brother said.  "And I don't want her."

"Two birds with one stone," the man said looking at the girl's sullen face.  He rose from his seat and approached Mary.  "Do you know what this place is?"  The man asked, gently lifting the child's face toward his.

The girl nodded.  "Yes," she said with a whisper.

"So you know what you will be required to do here?"


The man took his finger from the girl's chin and turned her around.  "Are you a virgin?"

Mary's head dropped.  "No.  My daddy…" she fell silent.

"I understand.  If I had a daughter as cute as you, I know I wouldn't be able to control myself."  He placed a hand on her ass.  "Did your daddy ever put it in your butt?"

The girl nodded.

Mr. Busch gave the girl another look before speaking.  "She'll cover the debt," he said returning to his seat.

"Thank you, sir," the brother said.  He turned and left the room without giving his sister a second glance.

The room was silent for a few moments while the man gazed at his newest acquisition.  Mary stared at her dirty, torn shoes.  "It's too bad you're not a virgin," Mr. Busch said.  "Your first time would make me a lot of money."

Mary looked up at the man and sniffed her runny nose.  She turned her head as a large breasted woman stepped into the room. 

The woman had shoulder length, straight black hair and a fair complexion.  Around her neck hung an old digital camera.  "Aren't you a cute little thing?  What's your name?"

"I…I'm Mary."

"Well, Mary, I'm Claudia," the woman said taking the camera into her hands.  It whirred and the lens extended slightly.  "Now let's get you undressed so we can put a picture of you up on the wall.  Is that okay?"

Mary looked at the pictures.  The girls all looked almost dead.  Like they were sleeping with their eyes open.  She looked back at the woman.  "Yeah, that's okay."  Feeling her stomach begin to knot up, she kicked of her shoes and started to pull her dress over her head.

The man watched with a growing bulge pressing against the underside of the desk.

The girl's milky skin was a stark contrast to her jet black hair.  Small nipples rested flat against a clearly outlined ribcage.  The seams of her faded panties were lined with a series of small holes.  She pulled down her underwear with shaking hands revealing an outer labia that was hairless and heavily goose bumped.  A dark slit between the puffy lips was all that could be seen of her vagina.  When she kicked her panties from her feet, she crossed her hands over her undeveloped womanhood.

The woman stood, smiling down at the girl.  "Go stand against the wall," she said.

Young Mary backed her naked body against the wall a looked into the readied camera.  There were several flashes and the woman asked the girl to turn around.  She did, displaying a round and blemish less ass.

"I can't fault your father," the man said.  "No man would be able to resist an ass like that."

"Oh, so you had a daddy like mine."  The woman said and took several shots of the girl's behind.   "I think that's enough, sir," she said to the man, turning off the camera.  "Do you want me to take her to her to the living quarters?"

"I want you to get her cleaned up," he said.  "Let's give this one a trial run."

The woman smiled.  "Yes, sir."

The woman led Mary out of the front office.  Through a set of double doors, they entered a small hallway with two doors to the left and right, and one on the opposite end.  The unmistakable sounds of sex could be heard behind one closed side door.  In another side room, a girl not much older than Mary changed the sheets on a king sized bed.  She was naked and a trail of liquid flowed from her ass, down the back of her thigh.

They walked though the other set of double doors and entered a large room.  To the right, ten sets of prison style bunk beds were behind a wall of iron bars.  The door was open and a dozen girls sat in the beds talking and playing games.  On the opposite side of the room, a young redhead used one the three showers.  A hose was attached to a faucet, and the girl had the narrow metal tip inserted into her anus.  She pulled it out and expelled the water down the drain.

"Steph," the woman said to the redhead, "show Mary here how we wash up.  I need to print some pictures for Mr. Busch."

"Yes, miss Claudia," the girl said.

The large breasted woman patted Mary on the shoulder and left the room.

The redhead walked over to Mary.  "Hello, I'm Stephanie."

"I…I'm Mary."

"Come on, I'll show you what to do."  The helpful redhead explained everything in one go.  After a girl was finished with a client, they were supposed the put new sheets on the bed, and wash themselves thoroughly.  This included douching and an enema.  Mary washed her body carefully, inside and out, and then took her place on the bunk next to Stephanie.

"Are the men nice?"  Mary asked the redhead.

"Yeah, Mr. Busch makes sure of it."  Stephanie tossed Mary a tattered magazine.  It was called "Lil' Licking Lolitas" and was full of pictures of little girls performing oral sex on each other.

A few minutes later, Claudia returned. "Let's go, Mary," the woman said.  "Mr. Busch wants to try you out."  The child placed her magazine down, it was open to a picture of a girl in pigtails licking a baby smooth girl from behind. 

Claudia led the nervous girl back to the front office.  A man walked out and smiled at Claudia, then looked down at Mary.

"I heard there was a new girl, but I didn't know she was such a beauty."  The man took Mary's hand into his and kissed it softly. 

Mary looked up at the man in silence.

Claudia nudged her.  "What do we say when we are given a compliment?"

"I'm sorry.  Thank you, sir," the naked child said smiling.

"You're welcome, sweetie.  Maybe I'll see you next week."  The man left and Mary and her large breasted chaperone entered the office.  Claudia shut the door behind them.  Mr. Busch sat with his back to the door hanging up the picture of his new girl. 

"Here's Mary," said Claudia placing her hand on the child's boney back. 

The boss turned around. "Good," he said rising from his seat.  The man was well over six feet tall, and had a boxer's physique.  "You're a very beautiful girl," he said to Mary as he began unbuttoning his shirt.

"Thank you," Mary said, remembering Claudia's instruction.

"You should be glad you ended up here, and not one of the other places a forgotten girl can end up."  He continued to undress.  His chest was a dark forest of hair, and his thick arms were rippled with muscles.  He dropped his pants, freeing a cock much larger than her daddy's had been.  "Come here," he said putting a hand out to Mary.  "Let's see how you do with oral." 

The little girl moved slowly toward the man, her eyes fixated on his mammoth cock.  Her skinny legs wobbled under her as she knelt before the man.  Mr. Busch leaned his naked ass against his desk.

"Give it a few strokes," the man said. 

"O…okay," Mary said, reaching toward the man's flaccid cock.  She ran her hand down the warm shaft and felt it twitch slightly.  As her small hands moved up and down, blood began to engorge his penis until she could barely get her fingers around it.  The man was nearly 10 inches long and had a shocking girth.  What was only nervousness a few moments ago, had morphed into fear.  She couldn't believe that it would fit inside her.  It looked like it would split her in half.

The man was now fully erect and his cock began to leak small droplets of precum.  "Lick the tip," he said.

Mary moved her head in and tasted the tip of the man's swollen head.  She slide her tongue over the head, tasting the man's salty discharge.  Like her father had made her do, Mary swirled her tongue around the tip.  She continued licking the man while he smiled down at her.

"You're a skillful little girl," he said as Mary's tongue teased his urethral entrance.  He placed a hand on top of her head.  "Put it in your mouth."

Mary pulled her head back and swallowed nervously.  She then licked her lips, parted them, and slide the man's head into her waiting mouth.  Careful not to brush him with her teeth, her lips moved millimeter by millimeter down his purple head. 

Claudia stepped forward and knelt behind Mary.  She wrapped her arms over the girl's stomach and placed her head on her shoulder.  With her right hand, the woman ran her fingers up the girl's flat chest.  Her left slide down between Mary's skinny legs.  Claudia moved her middle finger along Mary's fleshy slit.

Mary had no idea what to make of this.  Why was she doing this?  She thought as the woman placed a delicate kiss on her shoulder.

"You're so smooth," the woman said, running her palm over Mary's left nipple.

The little girl ignored Claudia and focused on the cock filling her full mouth.  She'd learned with her dad that the tongue was the most important part in giving a blowjob.  Flicking, and swirling always helped finish him faster.  That had always been her goal, to get him to finish as soon as possible.

The man closed his eyes, and tilted his head back.  For several minutes he savored the small tongue dancing around his sensitive head.  When he felt the first flutters of a coming orgasm, he stopped the girl.  "That's enough for now," he said pulling his slobbery head from the girl's tight lips.  "I'd like to see how you are with a woman."  Mr. Busch helped Mary to her feet.  "You've never been with a woman, have you?"  Mary confused expression seemed answer enough.  "Claudia will help you through it." 

The woman walked in front of the girl.  "There's really not much to it," she said pulling her top off.  Her large breasts drooped slightly and jiggled as she scooted her tight shorts down her legs.  The woman had a thick, black bush and slightly protruding inner labia.  She ran her fingers through her pubic hair and sat on the desk.  "Let me show you," she said spreading her legs wide.

Mary stepped between the woman's spread legs and looked down at her hairy pussy.  Claudia then gave the girl a lesson in proper cunnilingus technique.  Mary listened carefully, and was stunned that a woman would ever want her to do these things.  She learned how to find the clitoris and learned proper pacing.  Finally, the woman guided the little girl's finger inside to her g-spot.  "Rubbing this spot, really makes them cum."

"Women come too?"  Mary asked.


"Does stuff come out?"

"Sometimes."  Claudia finished the lesson.  "The most important thing to remember is to take it slow," she said.  "Women don't want you to go right for the clit."

Mary nodded.

"So," the woman smiled, "You ready to try on me?"

"O…okay," Mary said, her face flushed.  She stepped closer and quickly recalled step by step what the woman told her to do.  She bent slightly as kissed the woman's inner thigh.  Kiss by kiss she made her way toward the woman's spread, aroused pussy.  The hair tickled her nose as she kissed the outer lips of the labia.  She then worked her way down the other thigh.

Mary's delicate kisses got ever closer to the woman's swollen clit until she finally flicked it with the tip of her tongue. 

Claudia moaned and placed a hand on Mary's head.  "God," she said exhaling deeply.  "You're so fucking beautiful."

Mary looked up at the woman, her bush obscuring her massive breasts.  "Thank you," the girl said, and continued with the lesson.  The woman's slit now glistened with creamy white juices.  Mary ran her tongue up the slit expecting the salty taste of precum.  What she found was much more like milk.  As more and more of the liquid oozed out, Mary's licking sped up.  Soon Claudia was panting, and had her head thrown back. 

The girl remembered the next step.  She eased her middle finger into the woman, palm upward.  The woman moaned as Mary rubbed her finger against the wall of her vagina.  Did she call it the g-spot?  The girl wondered.

"Fuck," the woman said, "I'm about to cum!"

Mary's mouth shot to the woman's clit and she tongued it like it was a loose tooth.  Finally, the woman's body tensed up and she went silent.  Mary glanced up and saw Claudia's eyes clinched and her teeth showing like an angry dog.  For several seconds her body shook in a series spastic jerks.  She inhaled deeply and growled in ecstasy. 

"Okay…Okay…" the woman muttered pushing Mary's face softly from her dampened crotch.  She lay catching her breath for several seconds while Mary knelt, wondering if she'd done a good job.  The woman started laughing.  "She's a natural, Mr. Busch," she said sitting up straight, sending several beads of sweat to roll like rivers over her mountainous breasts.  Claudia placed her hands around the child's neck and kissed her unrequitedly.

The boss had been stroking himself during Mary and Claudia's little exercise, and was ready to see how the child handled his colossal prick.  He knew that if she could manage him, none of the clients should pose a problem.  "Come here," he said to the girl.

Mary pulled her lips from Claudia's and stepped toward the man.  She glanced down at his erection, and intuitively knew what was coming next. 

The man patted his hairy thigh.  "Here sit on my lap.  I want to talk to you."

Mary did as the man asked and felt his cock press against the back of her leg.

"I think you know what's coming next," he said.

The girl swallowed hard.

"Am I much bigger than your daddy was?"

Mary nodded.

"Does that make you nervous?"

She nodded again.

"I'm not going to lie and say that this won't hurt, but I'll try to make it as painless as possible."  He wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed her cheek.  "I want you to try and relax," he said before wetting his index finger in his mouth.  He moved his hand to her bare crotch and ran his finger through her slit. 

The girl fidgeted as he brushed her immature clitoris.

The man slowly started inserting his finger into the girl.  She stretched easily as he moved past the ruins of her hymen.  He fingered the girl for several minutes, eventually stretching her enough to accommodate three dripping digits.  "How does that feel?"  He asked entering and exiting the 10 year old.

"It… it hurts a little, but it's okay."

"Good."  He continued for a few moments and pulled out.  "I think you're ready.  Hop onto the desk."  He removed his arm from the girl's waist and eased her off his knee.  Claudia handed him some lube as Mary sat her naked ass on the desk.  After smearing his cock with the liquid, he inserted the tip of the bottle into the girls pussy as squeezed a liberal amount inside.  "This stuff will help," he said placing the bottle on the table next to the waiting girl.

He placed his hands behind Mary and scooted her toward the edge of the table and then spread her knees.  Her vagina was a small point of darkness surround by pale white flesh.  The man moved the head of his cock against the narrow hole.  "Take a deep breath," he said to the girl as she stared down at what looked like the instrument of her death.

The man slowly eased the tip into the girl.

She began panting.  "Ow…Ow…Ow," she repeated as more and more entered her.  She clenched her teeth and balled her fists, her fingernails digging into her palms.  "It hurts," the girl said.

"I know, I know.  It'll be alright once you stretch out a bit," the man said continuing to fill the child's narrow birthing canal.  "Trust me."

Mary offered no resistance as over half the man's member squeezed its way in.  The pain only increased when he bottomed out against her cervix.  She wanted to scream and cry, but didn't want to end up alone on the street.  A tear streamed down her face and she wiped it away.

"The worst is over sweetie," the man said rubbing a hand up the child's back.  He pulled out slowly and completely, allowing her pussy to snap back shut.  Slimy lube dripped from his cock to the ground.  He started penetrating her again.

The man was right.  While it still hurt, Mary didn't have to contain any screams.  She just closed her eyes and tried to forget where she was.

After entering her fully for a second time, the man began a series slow delicate thrusts.  Her pussy felt incredible.  It grasped the man's cock with each withdrawal as though it didn't want the enormous invader to leave.

For several minutes the man fucked his new girl.  Her tears stopped and much of the pain subsided.  The man helped her to her back and Claudia got on the table next to the girl.  The woman planted more kisses on the girl's thin lips and she eventually attempted to return the act.  Claudia ran her hand up the girl's taut stomach and palmed her nonexistent breast.  Their tongues exchanged delicate caresses as the man's thrusting increased in pace.

He pulled out, and the woman moved her mouth to the child's neck.

"I want to finish in your ass," the man said.

The girl's heart starting pounding and her stomach knotted.

The woman noticed Mary's unease.  "It'll be alright," she said taking the girl's hand.  "Just squeeze as hard as you like."

The man guided the girl's feet to the table as if she was about to give birth, and knelt before her widely spread thighs.  Her young, wrinkled anus was the most beautiful he'd ever seen.  Slightly more pink then the surrounding flesh, the hole looked like it could barely take his pinky finger, let alone his nine inch cock.  He moved his face closer and kissed her. 

The girl's body jolted at the shock.  She couldn't believe anyone would do such a disgusting thing.  Her shock only increased as the man slid his tongue past her sphincter.  For a few minutes, the man lubricated the girl with his saliva.  When he finally removed his tongue, Mary had overcome the shock and was beginning to enjoy the sensation.

"I'm going to stick a finger in now," the man said pressing the tip of in index finger against her tight back passage.  He slid it in with little effort.  Much like he'd done with her pussy, he gradually worked his way up to three fingers.  Three fingers sliding in and out of the prepubescent girl's freshly cleaned asshole.  "I think you're ready," he said pulling his fingers out.  Her butthole gaped momentarily, allowing the man a brief glimpse into the dark tunnel.  It sealed closed again and the girl's saliva slickened rim seemed to beckon the man to it.

He stood and applied plenty of lube to the male and female ports of the coming serial connection.  Excitedly, the man began to slip himself into the child's slick anus. 

Immediately, Mary clenched Claudia's hand.

"It's okay," the woman said, and wiped the girl's sweaty hair away from her face.  "It's alright."

"It hurts…it hurts," Mary grunted.

"Just breathe," Claudia said, "Like this."  The woman inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly through pursed lips.  "Watch me."  She repeated the breathing technique as the girl cringed at her.

Mary mimicked her as the man inched his way inside.  With each minute plunge deeper, the man paused for the girl to breath and stretch around him. 

"You doing alright?"  He asked during one of these respites.

She answered with a silent nod, inhaling deeply.  As her chest puffed up, the man thought he could make out a slight bulge where her breasts would someday be.  She exhaled with a quiver and the man resumed his penetration.

Three quarters of the way in, the man began to pull himself from the girl's stuffed rectum.  The girl felt like she was pooping, and lifted her head to see.  The shiny cock slid from her body with a loud slurp.  Her asshole stayed open, looking like a hollow eye socket.  The man entered her again.

Mary continued to wince as the man began a more rapidly motion.  She hoped it would be over soon, and wondered where the man would finish. 

"I'm gonna cum," he said, grabbing her narrow waist.  A few more shallow thrusts and he was flooding the child's stretched bowls.

Mary felt overwhelming relief when the man's ejaculate began coating her colon.  She'd always felt the same way when her daddy would finish.  It meant the pain was over.

More and more cum filled the girl as the man grunted in uncontained pleasure.  His hands rested on the table as his lower body spasmed with the culmination of his powerful orgasm.  Remaining impaled on the child, he took several moments to catch his breath and regain his composure.  When he finally did, he let out a slow laugh.  "That…was a good one," he said wiping sweat from his forehead.  "I really filled you up, didn't I?"

"Yeah," the girl said with discomfort in her voice, "I can feel it inside me."

The man looked at Claudia.  "She needs to get used to eating it.  Just catch it in your mouth."

The woman nodded as if this was the most innocuous request the man could have made.  She stepped down off the table and moved her face under the man's hairy scrotum.  As he began to pull out, the woman moved her face closer to the girl's distended hole.  When his head finally emerged, Claudia sealed her lips around the child's anus and sucked.

Mary clenched, embarrassed for the woman.

"It's okay," the kneeling brunette said, "just pretend you're going poop." 

Mary didn't want to.  She looked down at the woman's eyes, and saw none of the emotion she would have expected.  There was no disgust, no hesitation, or shame.  Her eyes looked similar to the way her mother's had when she was learning to read.

Mary pushed.

With a series of sputtering splashes, the girl expelled the contents of her bowels into the woman's waiting mouth.  After the last drop passed through the child's pink anus, Claudia rose and moved her lips to Mary's.

"Open up," the man said.

Mary winced and opened her mouth, her body trembling in disgusted anticipation.  A think glob of saliva and semen dripped onto the girl's tongue.  She closed her eyes tightly and shook her head before gulping the frothy mixture down.  She shivered as it slid down her gullet.  Several more swallows forced down the remainder of the semen coating her mouth and throat.

"You did a great job," the man said as he started to dress. 

"Thank you," said the girl, wiping her mouth.

"I think you're going to become a favorite around here." 

Claudia led Mary back to the living quarters and watched as the girl washed herself.  "Do you have any questions?"  The woman asked as the girl toweled off her legs.

"No.  I don't think so."

"Okay, well, why don't you relax?  Your first client could come at any minute."  Claudia left the room, and Mary climbed into her bed and continued reading "Lil' Licking Lolitas".