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Witness Possession [Mg Ped Pedo NC Anal Blackmail 1st creampie]

- September 07, 2013 - A 12 year old girl and her mother are blackmailed by a man that knows too much.

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Math Class Ass [Mg Ped Pedo cons rom 1st oral creampie]

- July 01, 2013 - A 6th grade teacher finds the secret diary of one of his best students. Inside is written something that will rock his world.

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Family Misfortune [Mg Ped Pedo Nc BDSM Rape Snuff]

- June 22, 2013 - 12 year old Claire faces a true monster hiding in her closet.

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A Secret Slaying [Mg Ped Pedo Nc BDSM Tort Rape Snuff]

- May 23, 2013 - Little Annika gets a terrifying surprise after sneaking out one night.

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The New Girl [MFg anal oral preteen]

- May 18, 2013 - 10 year old Mary is to be the newest star at Mr. Busch's child whore house.

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I Don't Even Know Her Name [Caution Mg ped Snuff Rape Anal]

- August 09, 2012 - A young man desperate for violent release meets a vulnerable middle school girl along a desolate road.

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The Day Autumn Broke [Mf caution nc rape tort ws snuff gore BDSM]

- August 06, 2012 - Autumn Bell is a good Christian girl. The buxom and beautiful 15-year-old has pledged to remain chaste until her wedding night.

That's not something I'm willing to let happen.

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Girl Scouts Cooking [M+/g pedo caution nc rape tort ws snuff]

- April 11, 2012 - 11 year old Chloe suffers at the hands of a violent gang. Her rape, torture, and death acts as revenge on her prosecutor father and intimidation to others that would interfer with gang known as The Omegas.

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Chastity Abandoned [Mg 1st cons inc anal oral preteen rom]

- March 30, 2012 - Steve is a shy high school senior. After catching his 12 year old cousin in an awkward position, his fear of perpetual virginity goes out the window.

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Senator Snuff [Mg Mggg Pedo Rape BDSM Gore Torture Snuff]

- March 23, 2012 - Senator Williams has a secret need to rape, torture, and kill preteen prostitues. How can he fulfill his urge under the public eye?

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Brothers' Blessing [MMMggg Pedo Rape Torture BDSM Snuff]

- January 22, 2012 - 11 year old Josie Marquis thinks she has found friends in a young couple. She changes her mind when they abduct her into their violent sex cult.


The Ultimate Penance [Mg Mf MFf Pedo Rape Torture BDSM Snuff]

- September 12, 2011 - Maria Garza is a shy 11 year old girl. When two female bullies rape her in the school bathroom, Maria’s father decides to teach them a lesson.


Hailey's Ordeal [Mg MF/gg Pedo NC Rape BDSM Snuff]

- March 09, 2011 - 11 year old Hailey is an average American girl. That is, until she is kidnapped, raped, tortured, and sold to a sadistic couple.


Little Bree’s Sexual Awakening [MFg Mf incest cons]

- December 09, 2010 - Cousins Katie & Brian enjoy the company of an 11 year old neighbor girl.  Sequel to Cousin Katie.


Cousin Katie [mf incest cons]

- November 27, 2010 - The sexual experiments of two young cousins.