Possibly, I will be the first author who has placed on ASST Russian texts.
"In the USSR of sex is not present". – a phrase told in 1986 by the Russian woman on TV bridge Phil Donahue, not only has made laugh, but also has shown, that this theme was forbidden. Waves of Sexual Revolution have avoided Russia, therefore today here the pornography and prostitution are out of the law. But, nevertheless, it does not prevent to exist to all ugliest sexual distortions, including preteen prostitution and child pornography.

In the stories I will not avoid these themes, but I wish to warn, that all is 100 % fiction.
To Russian-speaking users, I hope, it will be interesting to read my translations of English texts into Russian

For the readers who are not knowing Russian, for reading of my texts I advise to take advantage of the translator from PROMT.(Or download on the computer any of software products). Unfortunately the translator from Google does translation not so well.

I wish to warn impressionable readers, that my texts can cause fair anger, after all they contain scenes of forbidden subjects. But it is all my fiction. I do not propagandise violence, a pornography, child prostitution, etc. I am active against these vices a society. But if they exist, why they cannot exist in imaginations and my texts?





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If you cannot see a side between a reality and fiction, do not read my stories !



For the first time my texts have appeared in 1997 on Mr. Double. Of them you can get acquainted with some now here in an easy approach


Dear readers, I will be very glad, if my stories like you. I hope, that they will not render harm to mentality to impressionable readers which have not listened to my preventions



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Are added the collection of texts  by Alocer Loki


Are added Translation into Russian EROTIKIDS -4 by Maxamm


Are added the collection of texts  by Faulk Wolf

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How systematise library?

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Are added the collection of texts  by Willowall


Are added the collection of texts  by CuPED


Are added the collection of texts  by Cockney



Are added the collection of texts  by  Cuckold Wimp John


Are added the collection of texts  by Curious Cat


Are added the collection of texts  by lolitot


Are added the collection of texts  by Tinus. Are added the representation in PDF story versions "Ertikids-3" by Maxamm


Are added the collection of texts  by Wet_amber and story translation into Russian “Brothelkeeper

My recommendations how to read the text on the computer as the real book.


On pages Tony-n-friends  and  Byteman2000 the links to archives is corrected!!!

Are added the collection of texts  by HealthyFantasies and story translation into Russian “Variety”






         My original stories










* txt


School friends Michael and Valera during summer vacations had a rest in different places. Michael shares with Valera the memoirs on sea tour where had disturbing romantic adventures. Warmed up by intimate details of its adventures, teenagers dare to realise together in practice the sexual desires. (written 2002) 

(m/f , mm/g , pre-teen, ped)



Drawing lessons

* txt


Romantic drama about the elderly art teacher over whom the passionate love to the little girl has unexpectedly gushed. He tries to master the feelings, but gives in to a temptation and it appears in an uneasy situation, like Gumbert in Nabokov's "Lolita". The story is written in 1992 

 (M/g , M/m ,g/g,  ped, inc, romantic)



Lolita for the leutenant

* txt


Life at the retired officer of armed forces has not developed. Being the young lieutenant, he has faced the awful customs reigning in military garrison. He has divorced from the dissolute spouse. She has revenged it, having made so, that have dismissed it from armed forces. The adventure with bright girls teenagers was the unique light moment in his life. All remained to it do not give rest of memoirs on the events which have happened to him in far provincial settlement. The story is written in 1993.

(MM/F, M/gg,   teenagers, deflor.)




* txt


"Dashing" 90th years. Russia. Moscow. After destruction of a communistic system lawlessness and permissiveness are perceived, as democracy blossoming. Andrey is typical "New Russian". He cannot overcome desire to receive forbidden pleasures. He buys them and involves in it the friend.This story about that as money, permissiveness and impunity unrecognizably change the person. The story is written in 2008.

 (M/Fg M/g, ped, preteen prostitution)




* txt


The Dagestan village on border with the Chechen Republic (North Caucasus). Insurgents grasp a family of the militiaman in hostages. It is war. Impunity, lawlessness and a hopelessness generate monstrous cruelty in relation to children. The story is written to 2000  (MM/Ffg, rape, pedo)







My English-Russian translations






Imagination on a theme of the nonexistent forbidden erotic magazine. All movies, pictures and publications mentioned exist only in the author's imagination. This imagination is well looked when issued in style of published magazine in PDF a format.

 (Only the text and empty frameworks! Any pictures and photos! All the images long are born in consciousness of the author and are described in the text!)





Translation into Russian of the story of the writer Wet_amber.

Awful life little sex-slaves in an environment of the perverted ruthless clients which whims are indulged by the mistress and her daughter - same cynical and lewd slut as her mother. There is my translation on Russian.





Translation into Russian of the story of the writer HealthyFantasies.

The protagonist shares memories on visiting of Brazil and Kampuchea. He has aimed together with the girlfriend who has gone mad because of sex, to go round all world and to test pleasures, entering in sexual contacts, to young female representatives of all basic ethnic groups occupying our planet.




("Preteen Bound")

Joint with Pol Pot a translation of the story “Preteen bound” by Bozo da Klown (Pol Pot has translated pt. 4-5). It is possible to read the original in collection section in a folder …/ Other_autors/

In a Russian translation the story rename on “Doomed” in conformity to sense

This story is written in the form of a narration on behalf of the mean maniac kidnaping, corrupting and raping children. For the sake of satisfaction of the perverted lust, he transforms them into obedient slaves. Their any resistance chokes with the most severe image. A vivid example of full loss of human shape, as at Chekatilo and Fisher.




* txt

It is translation of the story by Red Rose from my collection. The typical situation of crisis of family relations when after 20 years of a joint life, she wants from him sex, and he does not want. Unlike other women, she understands, that it is necessary for him and gives a gift. If I will tell what - it will be not interesting to read. The ending remarkable - an intimate life at this pair again starts to be in full swing, as 20 years ago.




* txt

It is translation of the story by Red Rose from my collection. Absolutely casually at viewing of video the hero has seen not erased record of the forbidden porno. He did not expect, that this scene so will excite his lust. As it has then appeared, his own children and the wife participate in shootings of such video.




* txt

It is translation of the story” ASIAN DELIGHT” by Maxamm from my collection. Searching for some action in Manila, Max meets new friend in a bar. They pick up a preteen street girl and take her back to a hotel room…

(MM/g pedo oral anal cum cons preteen prostitution)



Filipino  Club

* txt

It is translation of continuation of the story” ASIAN DELIGHT” by Maxamm.

(MMFgg pedo oral anal orgy porn preteen prostitution)



The BREEDING of Slaves for Sexual Pleasure

* txt


It is possible to read the original text on ASST in a directory Old Joe's Collection

(Mmb/Ffg, Ff/mb, INC, ped, pre-teen prostitution, rape, etc)




* txt


This story has been placed on Now this site is closed, however I have kept the text of this story in English. Read please. You will not find this story in the Internet

(M/g,cons, pedo, pre-teen prostitution)







My favorite collections


Alocer Loki


To you already this writer, probably, is known? His texts can be found here on ASST and ASSM.

His texts here have taken away in the collections, but full at anybody are not present.

He has written some stories together with writer John Kirk (Able_Vybor). His stories contain very rigid plots of mockery, S&M, rapie and abuse. Any romanticism and love. Only sex in the perverted kind.

These tests not for nervous for fans to receive disgust and to lose appetite.


Faulk Wolf


This writer as many similar has suddenly appeared and as has suddenly disappeared. I have not had time to keep his some texts. In my collection some stories do not have continuation, and even the beginning. But that such writers also are good, that it is possible to start to read their texts from any part.





Several years ago on the Internet there was a site "Perverts ' R ' Us". It has collected under one roof many not ordinary authors of erotic stories. One of bright writers on this site was Willowall. I have kept some his texts, and at all I do not know, whether there are still his other works.
At the desire of readers I have decided to place texts of this writer. Unfortunately them at me only twelve.
Texts of author Willowall abound with scenes of violence, kidnapping, rape, mockeries and other acts of sexual distortions (including with participation of children).
His imaginations not for sentimental and nervous readers.





Very popular author. Unfortunately since 2004 the author has not written any new story. If you yet did not read his stories on other sites, get acquainted with them here.





CuPED it is the fantastic world of an incest with perverts, pedophiles, rapers and children, more often consonants on sexual pleasures.





Imaginations in stories of the writer are very similar to real situations. Young attractive girls and sexual pleasures with them.

Creativity of the writer is dated between 1998 and 2007 years. He has suddenly stopped to write and many stories remained without continuation..



Cuckold Wimp John


Imaginations of the author in stories entirely correspond to his pseudonym. He likes to describe a situation when wives husbands and children on eyes at members of a family vary partners and receive from it sexual pleasure. More shortly, the Incest & Swing in the perverted form
Unfortunately I have not had time to collect a full collection of stories by Cuckold Wimp John before them have delited from the Internet.  There is a hope, that somebody from readers will fill missing parts.



Curious Cat


One more popular author in 1998-2007 of erotic texts. As well as many of us the author “believes that all sexual acts between consenting adults are natural and acceptable as long as both\all parties are in agreement to the appropriateness of their actions at some point in their relationship”. It is really curious to read stories Curious Cat. In his imaginations for adults characters “engage all types of sex with members of the opposite or same sex, multiple sexual partners, non-consenting sex, sado-machism, bondage and submission, golden showers, bestiality, and rough sex.”…





He very recognised in 1999-2003 master of the short erotic story. Characters of his texts wander from one in another, united by the general names, as for example “Mr. Deacon's…” Distinctive feature of his imaginations - the active and initiative young little girls, which provoke adults. A narration and lexicon it is often written from their name.





Tinus is very popular writer. Its stories can be found in the Internet not only on ASST, but also on other sites. And here his page where he writes about himself : "I'm Tinus and a 44 year old white male. I love little girls and love to write about having sex with them. Mostly I like to be gentle and write about submisive sex. But sometimes I like to be cruel and write about raping and torture little girls..." Some texts are written together with writer OldBoy101

Unfortunately two years as I cannot find any new text. Perhaps admirers of his creativity know details or have any new texts?





His imaginations not less rigid, than in stories by Red Rose, to all other in them are present elements zoophilia. He continues to write the fascinating texts now.





HealthyFantasies is one more marginal the writer. Splash in creative activity has fallen to 2009, and since June 2010 is not written yet any text. Plots of his stories are very fascinating. I have made a translation into Russian of one of them





With 2000 for 2003 he has written many short interesting stories. However I have had time to keep only 7 of them before they have been removed from all sites on the Internet.



The Worshipper


The Worshipper has written some stories in 2007-2009, and then his account has been removed. I have had time to keep him 4 texts.



King Mayonaise


ACTJC and King Mayonaise  still a couple marginals writers. Their imaginations are similar against each other as like as two peas. And one inspired in creativity of another.

Characters of their stories live for the sake of sexual pleasure.  For this purpose they without  regret corrupt own children and give them for joy to paws of the same perverts....







Dark Tower Gunslinger


It at all Stephen King. But his stories same fascinating and interesting. It is pleasant to me, that in them there is an interesting and unpredictable plot, instead of as usually at authors of sex imaginations from fuck to fuck and between bla-bla-bla

I was was upset, that he too has stopped to write, after all since 2005 from him there was no story. But, a miracle! In 2011 Dark Tower Gunslinger has renewed the writing of the stories. You can see all new on his page. In my collection only those stories which have been written till 2005.



Other authors


In this folder I will place interesting stories of separate authors, whose creative potential does not allow to create a high-grade author's collection. 




Pol Pot


This collection is only interested in the Russian-speaking readers. The English text of the original authors will read you soon on my page.



Silvio Stoker


Silvio Stoker is my most favourite writer!  He really talented and prolific creator. In spite of the fact that in its texts there are the most mad sexual distortions, hardly he would manage to be accused court, as Karen Fletcher (Red Rose) of the indecent content in the absence of art value of stories.  All plots with sexual distortions and mad cruelty of characters the reader will apprehend not as the indecent content stimulating low feelings.  It is original grotesque in style de Sade allowing the reader to plunge into his world of imaginations. This invented world is surprisingly bound with real - events and characters are taken from a real life. I feel it better, than somebody, after all both of us were born in the USSR and about what he writes much in stories very similar on the truth.

Unfortunately after 2003 I have not found in the Internet of any new story. What with now? Where he?…

Similar, that, probably, as well as at writer Tiberius, we will not see at Silvio Stoker more than new stories.



Benny the Jetter


Benny the Jetter one more marginal the writer. His imaginations anything essentially do not differ from Maxamm, Pedros, however there is no such cruelty and violence, as at Red Rose. Characters of his stories live for the sake of sexual pleasures. Having borrowed at Pierre Louÿs the invented world on island (At Pierre Louÿs it is "The island of women")of pleasures, they not to be afraid to get to prison for sexual distortions. The author repeatedly warns in the stories, that it only imagination. In the real world he the opponent of that characters get up.





Writer Tiberius bright and odious marginal.  Imaginations Tiberius even more refined, than at Red Rose. His stories with great reserve can be carried to the category of the erotic.  Only because at texts there are fucked scenes. There absolutely there is no love and humanity, but there is a demonic cult of violence. It explains, why the author took to itself such pseudonym. But that we know about Roman emperor Tiberius besides, that is written in Wikipedia  and what in his board has been crucified Jesus Christ.  According to historians and the book "The Lives of the Twelve Caesars" by C. Suetonius, Tiberius was a symbol of cruelty and the refined debauchery of the epoch. On island Capri he in the palace had special bed rooms for debauchery. Set of maids and the boy in eager rivalry copulated before him on three to arouse this show his lust. On his order in woods and groves Venus places where young men and girls represented fauns and nymphs have been arranged. If you read his stories will understand, that, similar Tiberius-writer in the mad imaginations has surpassed the historical namesake. Debauchery and impropriety degree in his stories even cannot be compared to texts by Red Rose. They are more similar to stories by de Sade, where characters enjoy tortures of victims, them we cry, humiliation, rape and even murder. Being terrified by a demonic cult of violence in his texts, you start to suspect, that these imaginations could be born or under the influence of drugs, or sick mentality.

Stories Tiberius could be found in the Internet five years ago, but then they have unexpectedly disappeared. My readers suspect, that he being afraid to repeat destiny Karen Fletcher has stopped to write stories, or writes them "in a table" for itself.

Being guided by Russian proverb "that is written by a pen you will not cut down an axe" (Chto napisano perom, ne vyrubish toporom)  I wish to acquaint readers with my collection of texts of this author.





Imaginations in stories Pedros very much remind imaginations Махamm. Here that he writes about it : ”My stories are all fantasies and take place in a world where there is no AIDS, where fantastic events can occur with no fear of recriminations (unless that suits the storyline!), where society is tolerant and open-minded (again...unless the storyline dictates otherwise!) and where an author's imagination can take his characters into any world of eroticism or depravity that he can think up.”




Traduttore Traditore

It published translations of texts into Russian by Traduttore Traditore. This collection is only interested in the Russian-speaking readers. The English text of the original authors will read you soon on my page.





Stories Byteman2000 full contrast to texts Махamm and mentally abnormal Red Rose . In them seldom there are cases of cruelty, rape and mockery. At heroes of his imaginations on the first place love, romanticism, quivering relations and experiences. Almost all stories have incest plots, in many homosexual relations, both between men (boys), and between women (girls). In stories vital plots are very realistic and interestingly described. They, I think, often meet in a reality though it is necessary to understand that is a fruit of imagination of the author.





Style of creativity Red Rose is very similar on Maxamm. And heroes of products precisely same. Live for the sake of lewd pleasures not paying attention on laws and moral principles. Realness of the description of sexual scenes, however degree of cruelty at them is in the same way similar much more. In 1990-200 his texts could be met often on sites with the erotic literature, however now they somewhere have disappeared. Well that I have kept them and now I can acquaint you.

And here the new information. There is this writer the woman, which real name Karen Fletcher. Besides she in a real life mentally abnormal. Became as clearly why stories of this writer contain such monstrous perverted imagination. She has been condemned in 2006 just for the publication of own stories. My opinion concerning this litigation, you can see in the bottom of page in section "responses".

I hope, with amendments for this information, my readers will apprehend her stories absolutely on another. The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters (El sueño de la razón produce monstruos')





 His creativity has inspired me on a writing of my own texts.  The width and perversity of imagination Maxamms can be envied only.  In his imaginations easily gets on realities of a modern life and the underground severe world of violence and distortions. Heroes of his stories do not trouble themselves with psychological experiences and do not adhere what or to laws and morals. They live to satisfy only the sexual lust.

His stories are good because of simplicity of language of a statement. It is easy to read and translate them. I have written some translations of his texts.   







Other interesting publications



Manuel de civilité pour les petites filles à l’usage des maisons d’éducation




The book in French in PDF a format “Handbook of behaviour for little girls to be used in educational establishments"( Handbook of Good Manners for Little Girls) by Pierre Louÿs (1926) This book in translation in English freely is on sale on for $9.94. Having looked the original, you will understand, that it is not necessary to pay for it, that simple French phrases.




Lady's Island




Posthumous novel by Pierre Louÿs Rare publication in Russia




The selected chapt's from the "Apocalypse Culture"



This book Adam Parfrey  is published in Russia in 2004. Now this book in Russia is forbidden on the sale, all circulation is confiscated from sale and libraries. However on the Internet is available kept saving in *.pdf-file.  







Reader responses  and  Answers to questions




on my mail:

It's nice to see you hosting Red Rose's stories. You may not know what happened to her, it's a very sad story. Google "Karen Fletcher" and "Mary Beth Buchanan" to learn about it, or just see this link to Wikipedia

My answer:

Thanks for the interesting information. I and suspected earlier, that this writer in a reality the woman, besides with mental deviations. Became as clearly why stories of this writer contain such monstrous perverted imagination. As to litigation over her, in my opinion, this typical display pedo-phobias about which it is well written in the book Adam Parfrey (see section "another").

I hope, with amendments for this information, my readers will apprehend her stories absolutely on another. The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters (El sueño de la razón produce monstruos')



on my mail

Oh WOW, fucking WOW thats all I can say…. You have such detailed delights described in a way that only can be experienced before trying to describe…. Would you do me a favour if you would please, I know you are going to get a massive response to your stories from other pedos. Would you please pass on my email address to them and tell them I would love to hear from them…..

My answer:

Thanks for recognitions of my talent. This letter has pleased me and has simultaneously guarded. I expected such reaction from some readers. Least I wanted, that on the basis of scenes from the written stories to me pasted on a forehead a label about presence at me mental and sexual deviations.

Why comes to  nobody mind to suspect of murders of the author of a thriller? Whether there is a necessity to the science fiction writer that it is interesting and is realistic to write the story, to fly on ISS and to flounder together with astronauts in weightlessness, to go through sensation of space?

That I now will write, probably will upset some readers who have not found in me the adherent.

Desire to describe in the stories the erotic plots which are not entered in the standard norms of morals are dictated by aspiration to open in the imaginations both extreme measures of human sexuality.

The first: Sex, as consequence of the highest display of love to the partner.

The second: Sex, as the reason of distortions at hatred display to the partner.

The pedophilia subject is interesting to that in relations between partners there is no natural instinct to sort continuation, and human sexuality is refined in the pure state. I have tried to describe the first case in the story “Drawing lessons”, and the second in the story “CRIMSON JACKETS” (as in texts by Maxamm). Pay attention, that in this case characters at all do not perceive children as children, and see in them the reduced copy of the ideal adult woman not capable to resistance (their desire grows in process of presence of adult attributes - a make-up, stockings, absence of virginity and adult behaviour of the skilled whore).

And in the conclusion I wish to state the supervision. Many authors of erotic stories never tested in a real life of sensations which they describe in the imaginations. I will give an example. Very often in stories it is possible to meet the colourful description of sex at the sea on a sandy beach. Who though time tried to fuck there, knows, that more idiotic place for this employment cannot be thought up. This sand! It gets into all holes of a human body, transforming pleasure in torture.

So, dear readers, read my stories and texts of other authors, but remember, that the most wild imaginations freely live in the person, nobody injuring. And if at someone they leave from within and are realised in actions this subject together with imaginations is limited in freedom and is located for a lattice.   







             Dear readers!

              I will be very grateful, if you write the remarks and responses on my stories.

If someone was interested by my creativity, is  ready to consider any your offers on cooperation. Unfortunately obviously it is not enough my knowledge of English language to make a high-quality translation of my texts on English, therefore I will be very glad, if someone expresses desire to translate my texts and to make their accessible to reading of an English-speaking audience. I am confident, that we together will master translation difficult for understanding of expression of Russian.



Write, please, to me!