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by Selena Jardine
(299 Words)

It was a hot summer. The fad, the in thing, was jumping rope. All the girls were doing it. The little ones did it most, of course, but the older girls got sucked in: thirteen-, fourteen-, fifteen-year-olds. You could hear the chanting of jump-rope rhymes all the way down the street.

A, my name is Alice
My sweetheart's name is Albert
I come from Alabama
And I love APPLES!


The other in thing during a hot summer? Fucking. What else are you going to do in the city with all that time off school? No one can jump rope all day.

This was a sport for the big girls. I remember Carl McPherson pressing me up against the brick wall of the back of his apartment building. The bricks were incredibly hot through the back of my blouse, and I leaned my head forward so I wouldn't burn my neck. His hands went under my skirt and touched me gently. I could hear the jump-rope rhymes nearby.

B, my name is Betsy
My sweetheart's name is Boris
I come from Boston Bay
And I love BANANAS!


I spread my legs for him, knowing this was what you were supposed to do. He fucked me in the heat of the summer while the jump-ropes slapped rhythmically on the hot asphalt, and it didn't feel like much of anything except triumph. It felt like initiation. I wanted to do it again, forever.

Afterward, I pulled my skirt down and went to jump rope with my friend Loretta. She knew exactly what had happened. I jumped and jumped, my legs strong. I looked her right in the eyes and I told the truth:

C, my name is Charlotte
My sweetheart's name is Carl
I come from Chicago
And I love COCK!



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