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Seven Flashes

by Selena Jardine

Gentle Reader,

The following seven flash stories — complete stories of three hundred words or fewer — are the result of a challenge, a duel, between me and the lovely and talented Alexis Siefert. If you'd like to read the whole story of the duel, please go to the site of the lovely and talented Gary Jordan and read it (believe me, it's well worth it): Dueling Flashers II: Turning the Other Chic

Please also read Alexis's marvelous side of the duel, "Flashing for Fun and Combat".

Flash fiction can be tart or sweet or bitter, any flavor of any month. Enjoy them. Comments, as always, are welcomed and responded to at selenajardine at


Seven Flashes
La Jalousie
Like A Woman
Lucky Dress
That's Amore
What Dreams May Come


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