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This is the home page for Satyr Stories - A Collection of Twisted, Kinky Tales authored by Satyr, the pseudonym of a prominent, published author of fantasy fiction.

Here, you'll find my deepest darkest kinks. I apply the same principals to my erotic fiction as I do my mainstream fiction: I carefully craft stories and scenes, establish strong believable characters, create believeable dialog and try to avoid letting the story's quality decline after the orgasm.

Another aspect of my fiction is believability. I tend to write fiction that exposes men's and women's more real natures. You won't find me putting together Spice channel-style prose here. I believe that human nature dictates that our sexuality is deeply rooted in our life experiences and that we are far more thinking sexual beings than porn and most erotica leads the average reader to believe. Women aren't just objects for men to blast loads of cum into and men don't just grow rock hard at the first sign of a nude body. We're complex and complicated entities and while I will do my best to twist your mind and stimulate your moist spots, I hope that I can leave you with some "a-ha" moments as well.

My fiction is quite warped and kinky. I explore aspects of bdsm, anal sex, watersports, some degree of scat, consensual pain and an assortment of other fetishes. In all this, I do my best to frame my characters actions in believability and I do this for two reasons. First, regardless of how erotic something might sound, we're all intelligent to know when something just isn't remotely feasible and as a result, it loses its appeal. We become hardened to the story, looking for a higher and higher level of perversion to take it up a notch, so to speak. I tend to drift towards adding aspects of psychology and strong character development instead, digging into the thoughts and feelings of my characters instead of treating them like mannequins to be posed and played with. Secondly, I want my readers to associate the characters actions with reality. At the end, it's my desire for you to want to explore these action, in real life, either with a partner or alone. I think that in order to fully realize the value of a rich, dark sexuality, you have to be firmly grounded in reality. Otherwise, your explorations will be disappointing at the very least.

In addition to my fiction, I also tend to twist toward sexual philosophy and sexuality tied to religion. I have an extensive background in psychology as well as theology and a practicing pagan priest. I'll spin up these themes in my stories from time to time, but I also tend to explore these ideas in actual practice a bit. If you happen to be an intellectual pervert, drop me a line and we'll chat. I'm always looking for folks to bounce my ideas off of. In my belief, community is key to acceptance and enjoyment of our sexuality.





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Miami - Marcus and Neeta spend some twisted quality time together. This story was inspired by true events and paints a vivid picture of sights, sounds and scents of an illicit kinky affair in a Miami hotel.








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