Here, you'll read stories of rape, torture and murder. Note, carefully, I do not advocate what I write. It's fiction. If you ever start thinking it would actually be nice to have a slave to play with, or how it would be fun to string a woman up and whip her, or mutilate her, then picture your daughter, mother, lover etc. as the victim, at the hands of some unspeakable loony. Or try to imagine what it would really be like to be tied while you watch someone with an interest in your dangly bits approach with cold steel. Or speak to someone who can help you. Enjoy these stories, if you will, but never, ever, confuse them with reality.

I hope that these stories, and the pictures that I've drawn to weave in with them, make you think about human darkness. About Belson, and Nanking, and the dungeons of the Inquisition; places crafted by men that crave control of others. I've tried to depict how the suffering of others can so easily be woven into the fabric of everyday life, how evil can become commonplace, unexceptional, even industrial in scale. These stories are about casual, brutal, violence against women. They are written to be dark, and hard, and disturbing, yet to be worth reading they have to be written to be believable, and for this reason I have found they must contain an echo of truth, in fact, a large dollop if it. If what I write seems believable and disturbing to you, perhaps it is because it resonates with darkness that lies within you too. It seems such stories please that ancient dark beast that lurks deep inside me, and probably all of us.




The stories were aimed at evoking something of the spirit of a dark Boy's World magazine, and I started by played with using illustrations in a black background to set the mood. Sometimes the illustration led to a story, sometimes the story led to the illustration. That's why the stories herein are designed to be read in conjunction with the illustrations, and hence are only available as .html, not plain text.

I've been playing with coloured illustrations, and would welcome your view on whether they're better than the black-and-white versions I've used so far. You can see an example here (or as a .pdf here, if there are server problems).

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About the Island

An anonymous, luxurious and long established Gentlemen's club serves the elite of the ruling class of England, those that answer only to each other, and the young Queen Victoria (should she ever interest herself in their affairs). It lies on an island far from any coast, and thus far from the rule of any law other than the gentlemen's.

Its panelled rooms are provided with the finest food that their gardens and the mainland can provide, good wine and brandy from nearby France, and a retinue of servants who are grateful to be saved from the ranks of convicts sentenced to a short and brutal life in the Colonies. And from the same source, the gentlemen select women who think it on balance better to agree to serve the gentlemen, and accept the certaintly of suffering under their hands, against an uncertain, short and brutal life in the New World, should they even survive the voyage there.

For the club caters for those gentlemen bonded together by their shared enjoyment in inflicting pain and suffering on these women, and this has been the way of the club for so long that the degradation of these women has become accepted, and unremarkable, and the gentlemen's brutality consequently careless and severe.


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 The Novice's induction (web version)

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 Rosalinde (web version)

Rosalinde (.pdf version)

 Delila and the dynamite (web)

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 Francesca (web version)

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 The sentence (web version)

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Harriett (web version)

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