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Duel #9




  • Friday, September 15 2000

Challenge Words:

- Seamus
  • Soma
  • Orc
  • succubus
- Frank McCoy
  • peruse
  • grubstake
  • sublime
- Souvie
  • peregrinate
  • edict
  • camorra

Original versions:

Web-site versions:

Souvie's rules:

  1. No incest, no characters under the age of 14 yrs old and no snuff.
  2. No straight rom.
  3. Have to include either F-solo or M-solo (or f-solo or m-solo).
  4. Have fun! :)
Referee’s decision:

Now, this was not exactly a duel that went smooth-as-silk. First of all, Frank sent me his story a little over 2 hours after beginning, lamenting the fact that he didn't have time to go back and add to the sex scene. Then, immediately following that email, while I was still scratching my head in confusion, he mailed me again and realized that he still had almost a whole hour left to write. So, he went back at it.

Then, the time to end came and went, with me getting Frank's story but no word at all from Seamus. Just as I'd come to the conclusion that his email server must be down, he appeared in icq. He'd been writing for about an hour and a half when he fell asleep at the keyboard! Three hours later, he woke up and realized what had happened. I told him he still had 90 minutes left on his time, and why didn't he try to finish the story up. So he did, and mailed it to me this morning.

Now, y'all are probably wondering who won, right? Well, after reading both stories, I liked Seamus' better. It hooked me from the very first sentence and left me smiling, which we know by now, is a plus. However, because of falling asleep at the keyboard, he went over the time limit and had to be disqualified. That means Frank would have won by default, *but*... as per rule #3, the story was supposed to include an instance of male or female masturbation, and I don't see that in Frank's story (and I read it three times just to make sure). So, I disqualify them both. :( (It's not like I *want* to, but refs have to go by the rules, too.)

Anyway, please please give both stories a read. Seamus' story is clever, and Frank's is sweet. You win either way.<g>


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