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Duel #7




  • Saturday, September 9 2000 and Sunday, September 10 2000

Challenge Words:

- Nicholas Urfé
  • clay
  • Cartesian
  • sclerotic
- Father Ignatius
  • basketball
  • classroom
  • lawyer
- Denny Wheeler
  • peripatetic
  • cancer
  • eagle

Original versions:

Web-site versions:

Referee’s decision:


No trouble with the 3-hour time limit. Both did well with the wordlist--Nat used a device that fit right into his story structure for a couple of Nicholas's goodies. Nicholas used a different, but equally well-fitting, device for a couple of the more mundane words. But neither's device seemed at all forced. Nat may have hurried a bit, as there were a couple typos and word-omissions; I saw no technical slips in NU's work. (btw, I fixed the things I found in Nat's story: I *am* an editor afterall.<g>)


Both stories are nicely done, and neither strikes me as having any sign of time-pressure besides what I mention above. The endings don't seem especially rushed, and the stories themselves are full-fleshed.

Nat's story of a high-school boy's initiation into sexuality is fun, and the sex scene is quite erotic. At least for me.

Nicholas's technopop tale of VR and RL still has me blown away. I'd read Nat's for arousal, but this one for pure reading pleasure. It's stunning. And sent me to the dictionary a couple times.

In his first duel, Nicholas Urfe is a winner. As are all who read either of these tales.


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