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Duel #6



  • Rui Jorge (Portugal)


  • Thursday, September 7 2000


  • 3 hours

Challenge Words:

- Seamus
  • complement
  • ETA
  • banshee
- Maria Gonzales
  • nun
  • tatoo
  • border
- Rui Jorge
  • novice
  • legionnaire
  • buxom

Original versions:

Web-site versions:

Rui's rules:

  • No MF romance, no cheating husbands or wives and the story has to have at least 3 characters.
Referee’s decision:

Both authors did well all things considered. I did enjoy both stories. Seamus's story is quite creative and Maria's is sexy.<g>

The words or their meaning were used correctly. Seamus didn't used the word 'legionnaire' but he used its meaning when he wrote, 'He had served in the French Foreign Legion'.

As for the grammar and spelling, there were a few mistakes but nothing serious.

Maria run into time trouble and she couldn't end the story the way she wanted. But I don't think that her ending is a bad one.

Lack of time was, in my opinion, also a factor in Seamus' story, it felt a bit rushed at times.

Anyway, after re-reading the stories a few times I came to the decision that Seamus is the winner. Although I enjoyed more Maria's story, her images are really sexy , Seamus's story is the more complete of the two.

My compliments to both on their good work.

Rui Jorge

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