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Duel #5




  • September 1 2000


  • 3 hours

Challenge Words:

- Frank McCoy
  • peripatetic
  • unconscionable
  • Ragnarok
- Father Ignatius
  • cuckold
  • suitcase
  • vanilla
- Souvie
  • cowboy
  • geisha
  • hermit

Original versions:

Web-site versions:

Souvie's rules:

  • The only rules I gave them were:

    1. no snuff

    2. they had to use the actual word, or a derivative of it - couldn't just imply the word or allude to it
Referee’s decision:

Both Frank and Nat used all the words (that I could tell) and used them right. Both had spelling and/or grammar mistakes, but that was to be expected. Were their stories easy enough to read? Yes. However...

Neither one was as good as I was expecting. Maybe I have too high of standards (though for anyone who's read "Hands of the Hammer" you'll know that's not true lol). Maybe I was just too tired when I read the stories last night. So, I read them again (twice!) this morning.

While I'd like to declare it a draw, I just can't. So, on the main basis that the title made me laugh and the ending left me frustrated, I declare Father Ignatius the winner of this bout. That doesn't mean that Frank is the loser. On the contrary, I like the Norse gods angle he took with his story, thought it was creative and urge everyone to read it. In this case, I just liked Nat's better.


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