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Duel #3




  • Saturday 25th August 2000, 11 pm BST/12 pm SAST


  • 3 hours

Challenge Words:

- Seamus
  • surveyor
  • commission
  • harness
- Father Ignatius
  • belly dancer
  • Lolita
  • Zimmer frame
- Hecate
  • logorrhea
  • quandong
  • nasturtium

Original versions:

Web-site versions:

Hecate's note:

  • I added one extra rule for them - the story had to include at least 3 characters, and must not be MF Rom. :)
Referee’s decision:

Being as I hate fence-sitting (it gives me a pain in the butt) I decided before this started that I was going to say one story or the other. After all, this is personal preference, and I rarely find I don't prefer one thing over another. <g>

The stories were interesting and the approach very different in both.Nat, for instance, kept the level of violence down to play levels. :)

Seamus used all the words well, and correctly. However, Nat misused logorrhea. Note to Nat - it's not a psychological condition, it's from the Greek rhoia [flow] and means excessive flow of words, uncontrollable garrulity (Chambers Dictionary). You got the meaning, but not the usage. OTOH, the use of the word quandong, *was* very imaginative and funny. :)

So you'd like a verdict?<g>

OK. For me Seamus was entertaining, and did well given the time allowed, but, again for me, it was more of an introduction to a story which left me wanting to know what happened next, then an actual story. Cue for a serial Seamus? :)

Nat , OTOH, produced a story with a natural flow which was both entertaining and came to a natural conclusion. :)

My choice then, is Nat's "The Lesbian Lolita".

Note: No I wasn't influenced by the content. When I realized what Nat had done, I was determined to be as strict as possible with him. Nat, you may like to consider that if you consider targeting a story to the Ref again, you crafty old sod. :)

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