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Duel #21




  • Posted on Monday, 9 Oct 2000

Challenge Words:

- Souvie
  • escort service
  • gazebo
  • pink
- Father Ignatius
  • bomb
  • stationery
  • closet
- Mr Slot
  • Olympic
  • perforate
  • reunion

Original versions:

Web-site versions:

Mr Slot rules:

  • 3 hours on the honour system
Referee’s decision:

Overall the quality of both stories was good. Nat went for a comic tale, with some interesting MF sex thrown in. Souvie went for another og her Trudy Tolliver stories, with some serious FFF sex thrown in. Both stories definately worth a read.

"Okay Slot, enough of your mindless waffling, just tell us who won."

Shut up you, or I'll have you removed. Tattoo, the envelope please.

And the winner is:


Yup Souvie won.

Overall I just found her story that little more enjoyable. It's nice to have this much power.

Mwah ha ha ha. Today Write Club, tomorrow the world!

Bow before me mere mortals as I lay my...

We regret to announce that Mr Slot has been institutionalised for his own protection. Flowers may be sent care of ASSD (Another Sick Sovereign Deposed). ; )

Mr Slot
(Get that loony out of here)

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