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Duel #2



  • DrSpin (Northern Territory, Australia)


  • Saturday 19th August 2000, 13h00 AEST/10h00 SAST


  • 3 hours

Challenge Words:

- Mr. Slot:
  • halcyon
  • librarian
  • compliant
- Father Ignatius
  • life-guard
  • water-polo
  • First-Graders
- DrSpin
  • Celine Dion
  • sandpaper
  • bromeliads

Original versions:

Web-site versions:

  • "Detective Work" (MF, oral) by Mr. Slot
    - read it on this site
    - read it on Mr. Slot's site

    Hardened thug Liam McTavish won't buckle under police questioning. Enter today's detective - long blonde hair, big tits, perfume. It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it, and Detective Scott has a way of making a man spurt it all out.

    Not a long story from Mr Slot, but definitely up to his humorous standard. All nine keywords were used, all effectively - except for the referee's word "bromeliads". Tsk, tsk.

    "We found your first getaway car in Bromeliads Avenue."

    Now, really!

  • "Lifeguard-cum-Coach" (MF, not water-sports) by Father Ignatius
    - read it on this site
    - read it on Father Ignatius site

    Anna Kournikova in a Baywatch swimsuit. Well, there's an image to overcook the brain, for a start. But nobody hits on the bombshell pool lifeguard `cause she's too damned gorgeous. So she takes matters into her own hands and one lucky stiff strikes it rich.

    All keywords used impeccably, especially "bromeliads". Look and learn, Mr Slot.

    Nice dry story about wet swimsuits and swimming pools. Well done, Father Ignatius.
Refereeís decision:

I might have done a Denny and declared a draw, because Mr Slotís rollicking good humour is infectious and appealing, and the detached and wry humor of Father Ignatius is a nice balance.

Mr Slotís story contained some spelling and grammatical imperfections. Father Ignatius did better, but had a couple of typos. I edited none and left everything in as mailed to me.

I give both 8½ ó but I then deduct half-a-point from Mr Slot for his escape on Bromiliads Avenue.

Both excellent stories, considering the three-hour time limit (and the difficulty factor of the keywords). Recommended reading.



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