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Duel #16




  • Friday, 22 September 2000

Note: Hecate was supposed to take part in this duel but was unable too participate at this time. Her words have been included.

Challenge Words:

- Hecate
  • archaeology
  • retrophiliac
  • Cordelia
- Souvie
  • Gravity
  • Morpheme
  • Lance
- celia batau
  • platitudes
  • silhouette.
  • Norma

Original versions:

Web-site versions:

Mr Slot's rules:

  1. Three words each, one of which must be a person's name.
  2. Must be Sci-Fi.
  3. Must be at least three characters (does not include background characters. i.e. characters that play no significant part in the story.)
  4. No existing characters. e.g. no Star Trek.
Referee’s decision:

The Write Club's first all female affair has been run and... well lets see who was doing battle first shall we?

In the Red corner is Souvie, an experienced campainer with a lot expertise in the erotic literature field.

In the Blue corner we have celia, a reletive newcomer.

It was hoped that Hecate would be able to join us here tonight, but unforseen circumstances have put paid to that. Hopefully she will be able to join us later.

Both combatants used their words sucessfully, and complied with all the rules.

So much for mistakes making my judgement any easier.

Both stories had some grammatical faults, nothing too serious though.

Okay, let's look at the stories individually.

celia's story used an interesting method of getting her main character into the story. I liked this idea a lot, it really got me into the story. From there the tale took on a fast paced feel, getting to some very interesting sex in quick order. I felt myself being carried along with Norma, enjoying ever last sensation.

But then it was over. I wanted more, much more. If celia decided to turn this into a series she would have me as an avid fan.

Souvie's tale was not as fast paced as celia's, deciding instead to develop the characters and setting. Souvie also included a sentinent cat, which I found very appealing. When I stated that there must be at least three characters in the story I never expected a cat to play a major part. Souvie also had a sex scene in her story, though it wasn't as graphic as celia's. It was also a very good tale.

So who won?

Time and again I see refs complaining that they can't pick a winner, and now I understand where they are coming from. This is one tough decision.

celia's left me wanting more, Souvie's left me satisfied. Technically they were both very good, with no real points being deducted. I suppose it comes down to the referee's personal taste.

So I will give it too Souvie, simply for having a more complete story.

Damn, that was tough to decide. ; )

Mr Slot

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