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Duel #14




  • Saturday, 23 September 2000

Challenge Words:

- Lord Malinov
  • smoke
  • longing
  • vanish
- Katie McN
  • cowgirl
  • trust
  • reputation
- Denny Wheeler
  • ponytail
  • bonfire
  • lateral

Original versions:

Web-site versions:

Denny's rules: No rules.

Referee’s decision:

NO time problems -- bloody Malinov took only 1 hour, 59 minutes! Katie took just about the full 3 hours.

Each had a couple typos--<shrug>; Malinov left one fragmentary sentence.

Both did a good job of incorporating the words into the stories; not that they're peculiar words.

I'm supposed to pick a winner--and I have two really good stories here. Both are well-plotted, complete, with characters who the reader can 'know'. Just checked the rules. "The referee declares a winner, based on the referee’s own subjective opinion of the stories..."

Good thing it's not 'objective' -- I'd declare a draw.

But I've resolved 'no more ties'--so I'll pick a winner on subjective grounds.

Sometimes I find Malinov a bit too busy painting with words, and letting the action lag. Not in this case. Given my general tastes, and an assortment of personal things, I like 'Wizardry' a wee bit more than 'Mallory'--but it's very close.

Thanks to Mal and Katie for writing excellently. Not that I expected less.


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