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Duel #13




  • September, 18-20 2000

Challenge Words:

- Aquillae
  • spiv
  • logotechnician - (noun) One versed in the theory and practice of word formation, especially with reference to new developments in scientific and technical fields.
  • craspedomorphology - (noun) The branch of photography which deals with the sharpness of images, clarity of detail, and the resolving power of camera lenses.
- Father Ignatius
  • museum
  • car park
  • cloakroom
- Hecate
  • seaman
  • organism
  • jaculation

Original versions:

Web-site versions:

Hecate's rules:

  1. No: pedo, rape, snuff, violence, or Rom.
  2. The story must contain:
    - A scene in an airport
    - A postman
    - A pair of black silk boxers
  3. No previously used characters
Referee’s decision:

Neither broke the rules.

I'm not however, going to pay much attention to the word errors, etc, in this case, because of all the problems. And, in any case, it's the story that matters. So, my verdict:

Aquillae wrote an amusing little number, which made me smile. He did tend to use the words as a list though, knocking off a couple in a sentence, which was noticeable. However, it only jarred, if, like me, you were looking to find the words, so I ignored that. The story did, though, give the impression of being unfinished in the time and Aquillae even added Fin???? at the bottom, possibly recognising this. A good effort though.

Father Ignatius, despite all the problems, produced the finished article. A good story with surprisingly involving characters, given the time span for one of these stories. There was a lot of good background and atmosphere, which brought things to life for me. At the end, I wanted more stories concerning these two characters, and for me, that is a sign oif an excellent story.

For those reasons, I award the Ttitle of Best South African Blahdfuckin' Writer in a Powercut to Father Ignatius.


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