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Duel #12




  • Wednesday, September 19 2000

Challenge Words:

- Daphne Xu
  • schadenfreude
  • glean
  • intelligent
- Conjugate
  • apostasy
  • quondam
  • fustigate
- Denny Wheeler
  • Skate-key
  • buttermilk
  • Pogo

Original versions:

Web-site versions:


  • None.
Referee’s decision:

Use of required words : IMO, Conjugate did better here - an excellent simile using 'skate-key'; he did, OTOH, use 'intelligence' instead of 'intelligent'. Daphne's use of 'apostasy' and 'Pogo' seemed a bit uncomfortable.

Time : no problems here.

So we come to the stories.

Technical stuff : each had a typo or two, and/or a missing word here and there. Possibly less than one might expect under the time conditions.

Daphne's "Prisoners of War" is an interesting concept; probably needs a bit more work to be fully realized--as is, I quite like it. I'm being deliberately vague, as I think the enjoyment of the story would be damaged by a synopsis.

Conjugate's "What Healing Feels Like" tells of a lonely, divorced man's re-entry to the world of dating. The pov character feels true-to-life; his almost-desperation has a 'there but for fortune go I' feel to it. (he's about my age) The story could use a bit more fleshing-out in the middle, perhaps, but as is, it's a complete story with a satisfying plot and ending.

I declare Conjugate the winner here.


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