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Duel #11




  • Saturday, 16 September 2000

Challenge Words:

- Katie McN
  • Rudy
  • Illusion
  • Contour
- Paladin
  • Joan
  • Freeway
  • Mercedes
- AleciaD
  • Helen
  • Hollywood
  • Friends

Original versions:

Web-site versions:

Alecia's Instructions:

  • You will start writing a new story upon receipt of this message. There are no limits on the type of story you can write as long as it is off beat and unusual. I doubt I need that instruction given the authors who are writing the stories.

    Each person submitted a character name and two additional words. You are seeing the complete list for the first time in this message. All nine of these elements must appear in the story.
Referee’s decision:

The stories are just as 'unique' as expected. They both managed to use all the words and easily finished within the allotted time which is no surprise to anyone who is familiar with their working styles. Paladin was first by about 5 minutes although this has no bearing on anything given both finished 10-15 minutes earlier than the deadline. Therefore, both stories are qualified.

Both stories are well written given the time limit imposed. They are also quite different as you will see when they emerge from moderation. Therefore, I declare the contest a tie.

A special note for Mr Platypus: Even though Katie wrote her story dressed in provocative under garments and kept dropping things which required her to crawl around on the floor near my computer, there is absolutely no chance that I had any bias whatsoever.


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