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The Golden Clitorides Awards

Welcome! :)

The "Golden Clitorides Awards" were created in 1999 by Maria Gonzales with the purpose of helping promote good stories and good authors, and, at the same time, stroking the authors' egos. :)

With the help of JohnA, Maria organized the 1st edition of the awards in 1999.

Due to Maria's lack of time I took over the organizing of the awards since the year 2000 edition.

The 2003 edition of "The Golden Clitorides Awards" has now ended. Links to the nominees, finalists, winners and the awards gala can be found on the 2003 page.

Nominations for the 2004 edition of "The Golden Clitorides Awards" have now started. Details on how to make your nominations can be found in the nominations page.

Winners of a Clit of the Month (aka Silver Clit) have now their own special category called "Sterling Silvers" (a big thanks to E.Z. Riter for coming up with that name :0)).

Don't forget to vote for your favorite story of the month! Go to the "Silver Clits" site for more details. A big thanks to Gary Jordan for being kind enough to volunteer to run those awards. :0)

We also have decided to create a page honouring all of those that thru their work help the authors write better stories, or help the ASS community. We decided to call it "The Sons of Martha" page. You can nominate someone for it on the "Sons of Martha" nominations page.

Rui Jorge

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