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Part I, Chapter One


Lorne Williams studied the activity around him with care, noting the security people for the visiting VIPs were obvious.  As general manager of one of the largest research centers in the country, Lorne was used to VIPs coming and going.  Still, today was different.


His boss, Geoff Levin, MD, Ph.D., was bringing Carlton Pharmaceuticals' board of directors in to show off their multi-billion-dollar investment.  Shaking his head at the type of ass-kissing Dr. Levin was apparently doing, Lorne stepped back into his office, which overlooked the reception area on one side and the area known as Lab One.  He studied his handsome face in the in full length mirror behind the door as he closed it and noticed a new gray hair nestled among the waves of black.


At 40 years old, he was not only the youngest man in his position; he was the only Black in Carlton's upper management.  As he contemplated the reason for the errant hair, the phone rang.  Crossing to his desk, he picked up the handset, surprised to hear the voice of his 16-year-old daughter, Etienne.


"Eti, what's going on?" he asked.  "Is everything okay?"


"Oh, yes," she answered.  "I just wanted you to know I'm home from school and to ask you about dinner."


Lorne could picture his little girl, all smiles and becoming quite a pretty young lady.  Ever since his wife, Eleanor, died, his work and Etienne was all that mattered to him.


"Sure, honey," he finally said.  "At home or would you like to have a date with a tired, old doctor?"


She giggled, but said, "Tired, huh?  Dinner at home will be fine, then.  I'll start on the salad and I'll see you later."


He smiled at the thought of Eti bustling around the kitchen.  Since they did not require his presence at the meeting being held in Lab One, he buzzed his secretary and told her he was leaving for the day.  He also let her know if Levin needed him, they could reach him at home.


The ride home was quicker than usual; before long, he was turning onto the main drive of Cascade Falls, a quiet upper-middle class housing development.  He remembered the day the house was completed and the joy on Ellie's face when he finally showed it to her.  Keeping the house a secret was difficult while they were building it, but somehow he managed to hide the construction costs from the household budget program.


Closing the garage door behind him, Lorne entered the house and looked around, a feeling of pride swelling inside him.  He remembered his poor roots and marveled from time to time how hard work could pay off.


Turning into the kitchen, he saw Etienne hard at work slicing tomatoes for the salad and humming a tune he couldn't recognize.  He could smell steaks broiling and he was slightly embarrassed when his stomach growled, a reminder that he had missed lunch due to the project startup procedure.


At 16, Etienne had large, firm breasts and her mother's full lips.  Her wide hazel-brown eyes stood out against her light brown skin, framed by her long, jet-black hair.  How much she resembles her mother, he thought as he cleared his throat.  Etienne turned at the sound and when she saw her father, the smile spread quickly across her face.


"Dinner will be ready in a few minutes, so you have time to get cleaned up before we eat."


Hmm.  Bossy, too - just like her mother.



Part I, Chapter Two


All during dinner, he couldn't seem to keep his eyes off Etienne, surprised to feel his cock beginning to grow hard.  It served to remind him he didn't really have time for sex since Ellie died - between his job and raising Etienne, where could time be found?  More, he realized his erection was growing larger the more he looked at Eti.  Her voice brought him back to the present.


"...And I got an A on my science test."  Her voice trailed off as she noticed the odd look on her father's face.  "Dad?  What's wrong?"


Without saying anything, Lorne stood suddenly, forgetting his now raging hard on.  Etienne's eyes grew large at the sight of the huge bulge in her father's pants, her young pussy instantly getting hot and wet.


A friend at school, Cindy Harrison, had once bragged her father spent a lot of time between her legs.  Of course, Eti didn't believe her one bit.  One night during a slumber party, however, she had gotten up to go to the bathroom and, on the way there, she heard the sounds of someone moaning softly.


Following the sounds to the den, she noticed the door was opened slightly and peeked in - and saw Cindy being fucked with gusto by her father.  Eti was both shocked and fascinated by the scene before her.  Cindy's face was twisted with the effort of containing her father's ramming cock inside her young, tight pussy.  Having never seen a man's penis before, the sight of it awed her as Mr. Harrison continued his plunging in and out of Cindy with deep, swift strokes lifting her off the edge of the desk.


Flushed with excitement, Eti slowly backed away from the lurid scene, very much aware of an ache that suddenly appeared between her own legs.  She hurried off to the bathroom and back to her sleeping bag and, after a while, she was fast asleep.  Nevertheless, her dreams were of large, hard dicks.


Her mind snapped back to the present.  Her father was saying, ", I'll just go to bed.  Don't forget your homework and remember to put the dishes away."


Etienne just nodded and watched her father walk away, the residue of emotions still fresh in her mind.  She completed her after-dinner chores mechanically and soon found herself at her desk, trying to focus on her notes for the upcoming algebra test.  She found her concentration wasn't complete, the algebraic symbols momentarily losing their meaning.


Eti was frustrated and she was very much aware of the source of the frustration.  Sighing, she crossed the room to her bed, stretched out and let her thoughts take control.


Eti's mind opened to the scene of her father getting up from the table, the bulge in his pants clearly defined.  Just the thought of the sight set her blood on fire.  No matter how hard she tried to clear her mind, the picture hovered there.


It bothered her to the point where, even wrapped in the comfort of her bed, she couldn't get comfortable.  Her hand slipped under her shirt and she absently toyed with a nipple.  With her other hand, she undid her jeans, her fingers entwining the lush forest of hair.  She often felt embarrassed at the crop of dark, curly hair framing her mound.  She let her finger slide further down and she began to rub her clit, another prominent feature she often wished she didn't have - but it didn't matter right now.


She continued to massage her now-erect nipples with one hand, the other rubbing her clit with greater urgency, her pleasure increasing.  Etienne stopped long enough to wriggle out of her restricting jeans, letting her spread her long legs wider.


The improved access to her wetness was just what the doctor ordered, as she left her nipples to spread herself wider, slipping two fingers inside.  She imagined the huge imprint in her father's pants was inside her instead of her fingers, a thought which increased the heat inside her.


Mouth open, eyes slightly closed, Etienne worked her young pussy feverishly as her climax built.  She saw in her mind her father's ass rising and falling rhythmically as he fucked her until, finally, she exploded.  She gasped as the sensation hit her hard, causing her to tremble with the release.


Etienne found this was what she needed, as she curled up feeling warm and, at least, momentarily sated, she drifted off.


*   *   *


Lorne stepped back, closing the door just as quietly as he had opened it.  He had gone to Eti's room to apologize for not being very social at dinner.  As he was about to knock on the door, Lorne heard the sounds of Eti's labored breathing and wondered if she was crying because of his rude behavior.


Turning the knob gently, he looked in and saw his daughter fingering herself, lost in her own pleasure.  The sight of his little girl's fingers sliding effortlessly in and out of her love nest cause him to have an immediate erection.  Butterflies appeared in his stomach and his knees felt weak as he wondered what she was imagining.  His own thoughts were running rampant as he watched her, noticing how large her clit was as she rubbed it furiously, reminding him again how much Etienne reminded him of her mother.


Lorne watched as Eti climaxed, her young body trembling with such energy, her breasts shaking with each wave rushing through her.  As she was curling up, he silently closed the door and stood there, shaking.  He went back to his own bedroom, his thoughts wild and what he just witnessed.  Realizing his own need for release, he quickly undressed, his cock springing free from restraint.


His hand found his erection instantly and began the slow massaging action to which he'd become accustomed to.  Eti, naked and open, flashed in his mind as he stroked his cock, wondering what it would be like to take her like the woman she was quickly becoming.  The thought shamed him and inflamed his passion that much more as his strokes were getting longer and faster.


Lorne threw his head back and let out a long moan as he felt the beginnings of his own orgasm.  With the picture of Eti's clit in his mind, he came, the long white spurts crossing the room and landing on the carpeting.  He continued to stroke his spasming manhood, thinking it's been too long, much too long.


Lorne walked to his bathroom to get a towel and began cleaning up.  He felt the heat of shame intermixed with the flush of release on his face as he knelt to remove the now-cooling sperm from the rug.  He started the shower, feeling the sudden need to be clean.


The water stung him but relaxed him as its heat penetrated his tense muscles.  Reaching for the soap, he reflected on his feelings about Etienne.  Surprised he was even capable of thinking about Eti in sexual terms; the taboos of his youth instantly took their place in his mind, screaming their warning of wrongness.


However wrong, Lorne couldn't deny his thoughts were somewhat exciting.  Hell, who was he fooling?  Just the thought of sliding his cock into his "little girl" was such a rush he felt both excited and ashamed simultaneously.  He was becoming confused, his thoughts warring with his feelings.  He remembered how embarrassed he felt whenever Ellie asked him to change Eti as a baby.  Obviously, he'd seen more than his share of pussy, but this was somehow different.  He would complete the task, always coming away from it a little shaken and never really knowing why.


Turning off the shower, he began the task of drying himself while trying to clear the jumble of thoughts in his head.  Lorne knew he should focus on his work; he was sure after today's presentation, the secret project in Lab One would require some reworking, especially after Levin got through fucking up things.


Shaking his head at the workload he was sure to face in the morning, he killed the lights and left the bathroom - and found Eti standing in the bedroom doorway.


Mouth open, Lorne was surprised because it wasn't like Eti to just come into his room without announcing herself first.  In fact, he was so shocked at seeing her there, he completely forgot the fact he hadn't covered himself!  Wrapping the towel around himself and regaining some measure of composure, he crossed to his dressing table and began combing his damp hair.


"So," he began.  "What brings you here at this late hour?"


"I think we need to talk about something," she answered.


"Okay.  Sit and tell me what's on your mind, Peaches."


Etienne grinned at the use of her nickname.  He only called her that when he wanted to lighten what may be a serious conversation.


Without preambles, Eti said, "You were watching me, weren't you?"


Lorne flinched; he didn't think she had heard the door close.


"Uh, well, not really," he finally answered.  "I came to apologize and when you didn't answer my knock, I thought something may have been wrong."


"So you stuck your head in?" she asked.


Lorne nodded, clearly embarrassed.


"I didn't hear you knock, but I thought I heard the door close."


"Well, I thought I had been quiet about it."


They sat silently for a few moments.  Eti had her fears confirmed and Lorne, well, he felt like Peeping Tom.  Eti then made the biggest decision of her young life.  Clearing her throat, she said, "I guess, then, my watching you evened up the score."  She waited for the shit to hit the proverbial fan.


Lorne closed his eyes, a silent "oh, shit" escaping his lips - and his face felt incredibly hot.  "You saw that, huh?"


Eti nodded and sat back to wait for the angry outburst.


Lorne just sat there, looking for all the worlds like a condemned man.  He couldn't think straight and he really needed to think clearly to deal with this situation.  His daughter, however, was a little short on patience; she wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible.  She was wondering what sort of punishment he'd give her when he said, "So. How do we deal with this?"


Not being exactly what she expected to hear, Eti blinked, not knowing how to answer.  Her mind was racing; she knew how she'd like to deal with it.  The sight of her father standing in the middle of the room, stroking his large, hard dick was still fresh in her mind.  It was everything she dreamed it could be and, oh, how she wanted it.


Upon realizing she had heard the door close, Eti sat immediately, knowing it could have only been one person there.  "He saw you," her mind screamed, and she was scared.  "Still," her mind whispered, "isn't it what you wanted all along?"


Eti tried to shake the whispers out of her head, all the time knowing it was the truth.  She had decided to go to him and tell him.  When she got to his room, she noticed the door was ajar, so she peeked in.  Just in time to see her father furiously jerking his cock, his hand a blur.


Eti stood transfixed in the doorway as Lorne continued the rapid movement.  Suddenly, she saw him stiffen, his hand now moving as if he'd lost all rhythm and stifled a gasp when she saw the first long spurt of semen exploding from the swollen head of his dick.  Spurt after spurt shot from his heaving manhood as she heard her father gasp.  Even from where she was standing, she could hear his load as it hit the carpeted floor.


As Lorne moved to the bathroom, Eti realized she had actually stepped into the room.  Fear glued her where she stood as he came out of the bathroom with a towel.  Eti knew had he just knelt where he stood, she would be caught.  However, Lorne turned his back to the doorway, cleaned up his spent seed, and returned to the bathroom.


When Eti heard the shower running, she moved to escape - and found she couldn't, for some reason.  Her knees were weak and shaking as she grabbed the door's edge for support.  She had no idea how long she stood there with her mind swimming but, as she regained her composure, her father had stepped back into the bedroom proper.


"Shit," she thought.  "I never heard the water stop!"  She was caught, like an insect in amber.  Etienne snapped back to the here and now, noticing her father's concerned look.


"Is there something wrong, Peaches?" he asked.  "I asked you a question and you were a million miles away."


"I'm okay." She responded.  Eti was aware of a whole squadron of butterflies who suddenly appeared in her stomach.


"Well?" asked her father, his concern deepening.


"Now is our chance!" her mind whispered.  "It's now or never!"


Clearing her throat, she said, "What I want to do about this is, um..."


"Go ahead, say it!"  The voice continued to tease her.


"I want to fuck you!" she blurted out finally.  One part of her mind was totally shocked at her outburst while the part of her, the one consumed with lust for this man, was very much pleased.


Lorne, too, was of two minds, one part stunned at his daughter's words, one part thinking that it wouldn't be a bad idea.  Where was the moisture in his mouth?  His mouth was so dry!  He blinked, as if it would instantly solve the problem.


"Uh, Eti," he began.  "Do you know what you're saying?"  Inwardly, he hoped she did.   Under his towel, he could feel his cock beginning to stir in anticipation.


Eti, for her part, was doing some thinking of her own.  Gathering her resolve, she moved toward the bed where her father was sitting.  "That's it!  Go get it.  You know you want it and so does he!"


She approached her father, her fear slipping away at every step.  She stood before him and looked into his eyes and saw his want and his morality clashing inside him.  Etienne made up her mind, knowing somehow she couldn't walk away now.



Part I, Chapter Three


In the mysterious way only women seem to know about, Etienne pulled the oversized T-shirt she had been wearing over her head in one continuous motion, revealing her young body.  Her large breasts were considered a curse for her - but now she was hoping her father would like them.


"Yes, I know exactly what I am saying," she finally answered.


Lorne was frozen in place at the sight of his little girl's well-developed body.  He drank in her large breasts in a glance, his eyes moving down to her flat belly and stopping at the tufts of dark hair covering her mound.  He could even see the head of her unusually large clit, thinking her mother's hadn't been so pronounced.


"This is...  Peaches, this is wrong," he croaked.


Eti remained silent as she stepped closer to Lorne.  Now mere inches away, she reached down and, in one deft movement, stripped him of his towel, exposing his now raging erection.  She marveled at how large and thick it looked close up.  She watched it throb with every beat of his racing heart.


Lorne tried to stand but Etienne was standing too close to him.  His eyes frantically searched for the swiped towel, hoping to covering his embarrassment, but it was on the other side of the room.


"No, Peaches; we can't..." his protest sounding weak in his ears.


"We can, dear father.  And we will."  With those words, Etienne knelt before him until his cock was in her face.  She reached up and tried to encircle it with her hand, but it was too large for her small hand.


Lorne struggled to free himself as he watched her head dip to capture the head of his cock in her mouth.


"Yes, oh, yes!" the voice in her head screamed as she covered the plum-shaped cock head, her tongue fluttering across the slitted opening.  She had always dreamed of doing this, often practicing with lollipops and bananas in her room.  Ah, but this was the real thing, not a piece of candy or fruit.


Growing bolder, she let her mouth slide further down his shaft slowly.  She gagged slightly as the head of his massive cock reached the back of her throat.  Backing off, the feeling quickly disappeared.


Lorne could only watch with a mixture of horror and pleasure, as his baby, his little darling, began to suck him, her head bobbing gently.  He could tell this was new for her, but he didn't care.  This was so very wrong and felt so very good!


Lorne's excitement rushed through him as her inexperienced mouth worked on him.  She looked up at him and the sight of his hard blackness penetrating her mouth was too much for him.  He was coming and he tried to move her head.


Eti could feel the tremors in his cock.  As she looked up at him, the tremors got stronger and she could feel his hand trying to move her off her captured prize.  "He's going to come," the voice in her head said.  She held her position despite his efforts to steal her treat from her.


Lorne struggled against his daughter.  He couldn't believe that he couldn't free himself until finally, Lorne realized he didn't want to be freed.  He relaxed a little and a moan of pleasure escaped his lips.  His hips began to fuck her hot, moist mouth with short, gentle strokes.


Eti's mouth strained to hold his thrusting meat.  Her jaws were beginning to ache, but she was determined to have this.  With both hand around his thick shaft, she slid them up the shaft, feeling the bunched skin against her widely spread lips.


Lorne was bucking out of control, his legs moving as if they had a mind of their own, his head violently moving back and forth as Eti sucked and jerked his dick.  He stiffened as he started coming, the intensity almost causing him to pass out.


"Oh, yes!" he breathed as his balls emptied their load into her mouth.


Eti wasn't prepared for the copious volume of liquid lust pouring from the slit of his cock.  When her father's body went stiff, she instinctively moved her mouth back to cover only the bulbous head of his cock.  She could feel each spurt on her tongue, hot and salty.  He was coming so much it started leaking through the seal of her lips, trailing down her chin and neck.


As he softened, Etienne lifted her head, licking his seed from her lips and looked at her father, now sprawled across the bed, trembling as if he were cold.  Climbing on the bed next to him, she could see the beads of perspiration on his forehead and upper lip.  His eyes opened and, after a few seconds, they focused on her.


She smiled at him, feeling good and very wicked.  Lorne blinked several times, clearing his vision until he could only see one Eti instead of two.


He started to speak, but Eti silenced him with a kiss, her tongue snaking between his lips in an instant.  His mouth softened beneath hers as he returned the kiss, tentatively at first, but with increasing desire.  Lorne could taste his sperm on her lips as their tongues battled against each other.  The depth of her own passion was quickly overcoming Eti as her father rolled her over onto her back, their lips still locked tightly together.


Lorne was in command now, and he planned on taking full advantage of it.  Breaking the kiss, he ran his tongue down the side of her face to the spot behind her ear, stopping along the way to nibble at her earlobe.  Eti's arms wrapped around his neck as he nuzzled her neck, licking and sucking her sweet flesh gently.  He was mumbling incoherently as he worked his way to her breasts, so full and soft.


Capturing a nipple between his lips, he sucked at it while his fingers sought and found her incredibly large clit.  He grabbed it between two fingers and began to jerk her clit, surprised at how much it felt like a cock.


Her hips rose to meet his probing fingers, waves of ecstasy flowing over her as he sucked each of her nipples in turn, his tongue tracing crazy patterns over them.


Lorne was growing impatient; he had to taste her!  With some reluctance, he abandoned her more than ample breasts.  Spreading her legs, he opened his beautiful flower, exposing her wetness.  He could easily see her young cunt lips were spread slightly and her clit, so large and full, easily stuck out a good inch or two from her juicy lips.


Eti could feel her father's breath on her pussy as drew closer.  Her eyes closed and she tried to relax as much as she could.  His tongue touched her clit and it was if something electrical had landed there.


With a near savage grunt, Lorne dove into his daughter's cunt, licking and sucking her young pussy like a starving man.  He barely noticed that Eti had spread her legs wider, giving him more access to her blossoming womanhood.  He sucked her clit, thinking this is what it must feel like to suck a cock, as his tongue raced around the head of her clit, feeling it grow harder between his lips.


Lorne ran his tongue into her virgin cunt, sliding between the gaping flesh.  He probed deep into her, tasting the clean fresh taste of her sex.


Eti thrashed uncontrollably on the bed as her father ate her.  Her hand reached out and found his cock, now hard again, and moved herself so that she could suck him.  Feeling her mouth on him again filled Lorne with more energy and he doubled his efforts, sucking her clit furiously as she fucked his face.


The new lovers ate each other like this for some time, each savoring the new but wrong feelings of what they were doing.


Etienne experienced an orgasm so intense that she felt as if she couldn't breathe.  She released his straining cock from her mouth as she thrust her hips against his face, riding out her orgasm.


Lorne was surprised as Eti came, a hot rush of liquid so strong and so unexpected it got up his nose, stopping his breathing and stinging his nostrils.  Despite this, he continued to suck her clit, feeling it quivering in his mouth.


He moved quickly to position himself between her open legs.  What he wanted to do was to rush in strongly; however, Etienne was still a virgin, so he had to be careful not to rip her open.


Sensing his hesitation, Eti looked up at him, her eyes wild with lust.  "DO IT!" she screamed.  "DO IT NOW!"


The harshness of her words shook him and, without a further thought, plunged into his daughter's unproven flesh.  He felt his cock spread her wide and deep, until he pressed against her maidenhead.  Without hesitation, he thrust forward savagely, passing through her cherry easily until he was deep inside her.


Eti grunted with the force of his entry, the sharp pain blazing through her as she lost her cherry.  The pain was intense, but subsided as quickly as it had appeared.  She felt her father's hand cradle her ass, lifting her slightly as the last couple of inches of hard maleness slid into her.  She felt stuffed, never imagining that it could feel this good.


Lorne fucked slowly at first, giving his Peaches time to adjust.  He looked into her eyes and, as they met, he knew that this was what he'd always wanted.


"You okay?" he asked.


Eti smiled back at him and nodded, her deepest desire becoming a reality.


He returned her nod and began to fuck her with gusto.  All he wanted to do was to please her as he drove his hardness into her.  Lorne looked down and could see his thickness as it withdrew, covered with her juices and, to his shock, a little blood.  His stroke faltered, guilt plainly written across his face.


"Don't worry, Dad," she said, reading his expression.  "I'm fine.  Just fuck me, please!"


Shaking his head, he resumed his movement inside her, his own passion now growing with leaps and bounds.  Gone were any feelings of guilt; all he knew was Eti felt good under him.


Eti wrapped her legs around her father as best she could, holding on to him tightly as he fucked her, her breasts shaking everywhere with the force of his thrusts inside her.  He filled her totally and completely, to the point where it was both painful and pleasurable.  Their grunts and groans of pleasure filled the room, their sweat mingling with the other juices as Lorne rode his little girl hard.  His lips found hers and they shared a deep kiss, tongue flitting here and there.  The sounds of breathing were heavy in each other's ears as they continued to kiss.


Eti whispered in her father's ear, "Fuck me, Daddy.  Fuck your little girl!"


Lorne really didn't need encouragement, but he aimed to please her.  Taking a deep breath, he cut loose on her, his hips moving swiftly, their bodies impacting at their junction of love.


His strokes quickened and Eti could feel his cock swell inside her, stretching her beyond her limits while feeling the first spurt of his sperm splash her insides.  It was so hot it triggered her own release.


A growl started in Lorne's throat as he pumped his seed into her, his hips losing their once steady rhythm.  Eti could feel his excess escape her stretched cunt, dribbling down the crack of her ass.


"Yes, damn it, yes!" she shouted as she felt the last spurt come from his cock.


Lorne was growing soft inside her.  Spent and sated, he leaned forward to kiss her hungrily.  "I love you, Peaches," he said, feeling very warm and rather fuzzy.


"I love you, too, Daddy." She answered sleepily.  "Thank you."


Exhausted and pleased, the new lovers slept.



Part I, Chapter Four


Lorne was dreaming.  He was holding his dear Ellie in his arms, feeling warm and content knowing she was there with him.  He smiled as he felt Ellie snuggle up to him, feeling her warm breath against his shoulder.  Lorne turned his head and opened his eyes - and looked into Etienne's sleeping face!


Coming fully awake, Lorne slowly disengaged himself from the sleeping form next to him and got out of the bed.  It took him a few moments to remember why Eti was here and, when he did finally remember, a wave of anguish flowed over him.


"You did it, you really did it, didn't you," a little voice in his head asked.


He trembled at the thought of what had happened here last night.  He took a few steps backwards, as if trying to remove himself from the scene of the crime.  His thoughts were now chaotic, the implications clear in his mind as he realized he'd done the unthinkable, committed the ultimate sin.


As he backed up, he bumped into the chair next to his dressing table, knocking it over.  It thumped to the floor, the sound partially muffled by the thick carpeting.  It was enough to awaken Etienne.


Eti sat up slowly and stretched, her movements almost catlike in nature.  She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and looked around the room.  When she spotted Lorne, a smile spread across her face.  However, Eti's smile quickly disappeared when she saw the frightened look on his face, feeling his fear as clearly as if it were her own.


Failing to stand the chair upright, Lorne sat on the floor, feeling sick of mind and body.  He saw Eti looking at him, concern etched on her face.  Swallowing hard, he finally spoke.


"Morning, Peaches," he began.  "Sorry about the noise."


"Forget that," Eti answered.  "What's wrong with you?"


"Me?  Nothing.  What makes you think there's something wrong?" he lied.


Eti, to her credit, saw right through his deception.


"You look like you saw the proverbial ghost," she observed.  "Don't tell me you're feeling bad about last night.  Please don't tell me that."


The guilty look on his face told her this was exactly what he was feeling.  Climbing out of the bed, she went to him.


Lorne had to notice how her breasts bounced with each step she took, her lithe muscles rippling slightly.  She sat next to him and he moved away from her without thinking about it, his fear increasing.  Eti reached for him, causing him to flinch.  Frowning, she grabbed his arm and, somehow, managed to pull him to her.


Lorne refused to meet her eyes, his shame blanketing him like a shroud.  Etienne took his face in both hands and forced his head around.


"Look at me!" she demanded, gripping his face tighter when he tried to turn away.  "Look at me, damn you!"


Slowly, he turned his head at the force of her words.  He could see the anger flashing in her eyes, but made himself look at his flesh and blood.


"You think you defiled me, don't you?"


He nodded.


"Well, you didn't.  You did what we both wanted."


Part of Lorne's mind had to admit that he had wanted her.


Eti continued.  "I've always wondered what it was like to be with you, always wondered why Mother was always so happy with you.  Now, I finally know."


The mention of her mother ran through him like an electric shock.  It never occurred to him Eti may have overheard their lovemaking sessions.  He sat up straighter, his resolve returning.  "So, you were listening in on us, were you?"


Seeing he had come back from whatever Hell he had sent himself, Eti smiled.  "Well, it wasn't like you two were the most quiet of people," she retorted playfully.


Lorne smiled despite himself, remembering Ellie's passionate moans.  "Yeah, keeping quiet wasn't one of our main concerns.  Peaches... ," he began.


Eti cut him off.  "There's no need to apologize.  I wanted it just as much as you did.  Now, come here."  Eti reached down and found his manhood and began to bring it to full arousal.  Lorne relaxed as his daughter stroked him.  Turning his head slightly, he sucked at the closest nipple to him, feeling it grow instantly erect between his lips.


At his touch, a moan slipped from her and she increased her hand movements, alternating her grip, giving Lorne new sensations.  Freeing her nipple from his hungry mouth, she went to work on his stiff member, engulfing the now enormous head.


He sighed, and lay back to enjoy the attention Eti was paying to him.  With her newfound skills, she sucked him with confidence, relishing the feel and taste of him.  Feeling a little left out, he slid down and positioned her over his mouth and lowered her to his lips, feeling her swelling clit enter his mouth.  Eti moaned around his shaft, the vibrations sending a curious feeling through him.


Their bodies slick with the sweat of their efforts, father and daughter enjoyed each other, both lost in the indescribable pleasure.  Their love was taboo, but neither really cared, for this moment was theirs, for now and forever.



Part I, Chapter Five


Lorne was ecstatic, his pleasure beyond words.  He could feel Eti's pending orgasm as she moved against his eager tongue and lips, grinding her large clit against his chin while his masterful tongue plunged in and out of her, lapping up her musky juices.


As her father ate her, Eti tried to swallow more of his burgeoning tool, but found that, for now, she couldn't quite manage it.  So, working as best she could, she increased her efforts, licking up and down the shaft of the large, veined monster in her hands.  Her tongue moved back to the mushroom-shaped head, lapping up the large dewdrop that had appeared there.  It was like nectar to her.


All she ever really wanted.


Sitting up, Etienne screwed her overheated flesh into her father's mouth, using his massive erection to balance herself.  She could feel her clit, hard and throbbing, sliding quickly between his lips, teasing his tongue with fleeting touches.


This was quickly becoming too much for her; Lorne could feel her miniature cock stiffen then jerk spasmodically as she came, her hot fluids literally flowing from her, drowning him.  Above him, Eti shrieked as the waves of pleasure swept over her repeatedly, each jolt causing her to shake violently.


Suddenly weak from the intensity of cumming, Eti rolled off Lorne's soaked face, shivering as if cold.  Before she could recover, her father rolled her over onto her stomach and, raising her ass, entered her in one swift, deft movement.  Eti nearly passed out from being filled with so much so fast.


Lorne wasn't really concerned; all he could concentrate on was the joyous feeling of Eti's pussy stretched around his thickness.  "So hot, so wet," his lust-crazed brain said to him.  He fucked his darling Peaches with long, fast strokes, pulling all the way out until only the thick head remained inside her.  He grunted with pleasure as he plunged deeply into her, the force of his reentry shoving her forward on the floor.


Etienne was drunk with pleasure, feeling her father moving inside her.  The pain wasn't as bad as last night and, it seemed she was actually getting used to his gigantic love muscle.  She could hear her father groan as he fucked her, delighted he was enjoying her so much.


Lorne reached around and under Eti until he could finger her clit, rubbing it in time with his strokes.  Eti responded by shoving her ass back against him harder, the duality of sensations bringing her closer.  Lorne quickened his pace, his own need for release growing more intense.


Releasing her clit, Lorne grabbed her ass with both hands, spreading her further.  He looked down and watched as he buried himself deeply into her, her lips spread wide.  With one movement of his hips, he watched as the last inch or two disappeared inside her and he felt his cock-head bump into the opening of her womb.


Eti gasped as he hit the bottom of her.  She could have never imagined feeling so full; it was if he had somehow bypassed the confining walls of her cunt and had entered her stomach.


Being this deep triggered her released and she cried out before she even realized it, her young cunt clutching his invading tool tightly.  Lorne, upon feeling himself squeezed so tightly, felt his cock swell inside her, and held on for dear life as he emptied himself into her in great heaves.  He shook uncontrollably as he continued to come, his eyes rolling back into his head.  His mouth, although open, issued a silent scream of pleasure as she bucked under him.


Spent, he fell on top of her as she collapsed under both his weight and the intensity of her own release.  Mindful of the difference in their weights, Lorne somehow managed to prop himself up on his elbows, while the last precious drops of his seed emptied into her.


Unable to maintain his position, Lorne skillfully rolled off Etienne and lay beside her panting and smiling.  "What a way to start my day," she finally said.


Lorne could only smile and nod in agreement, wistfully hoping the day could continue like this but knowing that he'd better be getting on his way to the lab and Eti off to school.


Sitting up, he playfully slapped her bottom, noticing the way it jiggled for a few seconds.  "Okay," he said.  "It's off to the lab for me and school for you, so let's hit it."


Eti groaned in fake displeasure, but moved to comply with his wishes.  "Oh, okay," she complained.  "I'm going.  Will you drop me off at school?"


As he moved off to shower, Lorne said, "Of course I will, Peaches.  I'll be ready in a few minutes, so you'd better hurry."


After showering and dressing, Lorne dropped Eti off at school.  Giving her a peck on the cheek, he drove off, heading for his office, whistling happily.



Part I, Chapter Six


Lorne was in great spirits when he arrived at Carlton Pharmaceuticals.  He strolled past the receptionist and noticed, for the first time, how lovely she was.  The woman was surprised when Lorne spoke to her, her eyes momentarily going wide.


"Good morning, Dr. Williams," she said after recovering.  "Dr. Levin wants to see you in Lab One when possible."  She handed him the written note left by Geoff.


"Okay, fine." He said after confirming the verbal message.  "Call Dr. Levin and tell him I'll be there just as soon as I hang up my coat."


She nodded and he headed off in the direction of his office, silently wondering what Geoff could possibly want.  Entering his office, he tossed his jacket on a visitor's chair and crossed to the window which overlooked Lab One.  From there, he could see Levin frantically waving his hands in the air and pointing at the genetic splicer.  Frowning, Lorne realized he'd better get down there before Geoff had a stroke, while wondering what could have possibly gone wrong.


Lorne had to pass through a pretty sophisticated bio-filtering system that scanned him for any contaminants on his person and removed them.  Although the scanning beam was harmless to the person being scanned, Lorne had discovered that the beam caused a tickling sensation on his skin.


The scan completed and a green light went on, signaling that he could now enter the sterile Lab One environment.  The inner lab door opened and Lorne went into the lab proper.  Finding Geoff Levin wasn't hard - all he had to do was listen.


"... oh sure, the sub-processing routine worked fine, but the phased links failed to pass along the genetic code of the sample for slicing!"


Coming up along a side of him, Lorne smiled in an attempt to disarm the angry doctor.  "Geoff, what is the problem?" he began.


"Problem?" Levin sputtered.  "My problem is your pet gene splicer isn't getting the information properly from the digital sub-processors, that's what my problem is!"


Lorne looked at Gene Edwards, the team member who designed the digital interface between the sub-processors and the splicer.


"Gene?" he asked.


"Well," the bearded cyberneticist started, "the sub-processor was working at analyzing the genetic structure of the sample in the splicer and before the analysis was completed, the splicer just started doing its thing."


Lorne nodded and asked, "Your analysis of the problem?"


"A simple matter of one module being out of alignment," came the answer.  "Once the safety monitors detected the error, the process stopped and the self-diagnostics reported the misalignment, just as designed."


Lorne thought Gene sounded a bit huffy, but he really didn't blame him.  Levin was a topnotch administrator but he really didn't know how things worked as well as he should have.  "Was the module replaced?" Lorne asked.


"Yes and once we replaced it, the system recycled itself.  The process completed itself, again as programmed.  Total downtime was five minutes."  Gene looked in Levin's direction as he spoke, the pride clearing showing in his voice.


After a moment, Lorne nodded and spoke.


"I see.  Thanks, Gene."


Before Levin could say a word, Lorne grabbed him by the arm and steered him toward the room's exit.  "A word with you, Geoff?" he said, dragging the sputtering man behind him.


Once back in his office, Lorne spoke.


"Now.  Just what in the hell are you trying to do to my people?  Gene Edwards is one of the top cyberneticists in the country.  I don't know what you said to him, but we need him here with us, not running off to Petrie Chemicals."


As he sat behind his desk, Lorne fumed.  Levin was a good man, but prone to panic.  Like himself, Geoff Levin was a widower trying to raise a daughter of his own.


"You know that the board was in here yesterday to see the results of the project.  While showing the splicer, the damned thing went berserk!  I had to do some fast talking to convince the board that everything was under control!"


Levin waited for Lorne to respond, watching the man for reactions.  Levin knew the board of directors hadn't really noticed the processor failure, but he figured acting like a lunatic kept the staff on its toes.


Lorne turned and started his computer, noticing the correct startup sequence.  After entering his password, he got to his mailbox, looking for some word from the board members on yesterday's demo.


Geoff gave Lorne an impatient look.  "Well?  What are you doing?" he said, pointing at the monitor.


Lorne simply held up a finger as he scanned the notice concerning the demo.  He saw the board had overwhelmingly supported the program and was pushing toward Phase II completion.  Turning back to Levin, he smiled broadly.


"Geoff," he began.  "You are full of shit.  The board approved Phase II; why were you jumping on my people?"


Levin produced his own smile, saying "Just doing my job.  Listen, I'm having a party tonight and you're invited.  Oh, bring Eti with you; she can keep my Kymber company while us old folks pat each other on the back."


As both stood and shook hands, Levin added, "Oh.  The party starts at eight.  Be there or be square."  With a wave, Geoff left.


Lorne sat back in his chair, feeling totally pleased with himself.  He and his team had worked for six long years and it finally paid off.  Reaching for his phone, he called home to leave Eti a message on the answering machine, telling her about the invitation and asking her to call.  That done, Lorne Williams, MD, Ph.D., settled in for a good day's work.



Part I, Chapter Seven


Eti saw the message light flashing when she came into the house.  Crossing to the phone, she rewound the machine and listened to her father's message.  She frowned at word of the party invitation because she had a different kind of party in mind.  Yet any chance to see Kymber Levin again would be worth the aggravation.


The message ended and Eti went to prepare for the party.  While looking in her closet for something appropriate to wear, her mind reviewed her relationship with Geoff Levin's daughter.


Both went to the same school and Kymber was older by only a few months.  Of course, their fathers were both widowers and they worked for the same company.  Importantly, though, they shared the same secret desires.  Except, of course, Eti had realized most of hers.


She had a few hours to go before having to get ready, so she settled into her homework, completing her tasks with her usual precision.  She sat at her desk and, after a moment of thought, reached for her phone and called Kymber.  Kymber Levin answered on the second ring.


"Hello, Levin residence."


Eti smiled, thinking of how snotty Kymber sounded whenever she answered the phone.  She knew, however, that Kymber was anything but snotty.


"Hi, Kymmie, it's Eti!"


"Eti!" Kymber exclaimed.  "You coming tonight?"


"That's why I called," Eti answered.  She could envision Kymber's smile matching her own.  "Kymmie, we have to talk," Eti said, all business now.


"Hmm.  This sounds quite serious," Kymber replied.


"It is, believe me."


Kymber looked at the phone, a frown creasing her usually smooth forehead.  She and Etienne were the very best of friends so Kymber knew if Eti said it was serious, it really was.  "Okay," she finally said.  "When you get here, we'll go to my room and talk."


"That's fine," Eti responded.  "I'll see you then."


Etienne hung up after saying goodbye and stretched out on her bed, thinking about the last conversation they had.  Well, maybe it really wasn't talking, but they said some things, either way.


Closing her eyes, she could still feel Kymber's tongue on her clit and how thrilling and scary the experience was.


They were studying together and had been at it for hours.  Kymber had decided they'd been working too hard and deserved a break.  After a raid on the Levin refrigerator for munchies and cold drinks, they returned to the room and fell into the usual talk into which young women get.


Eti remembered prattling about something when she happened to notice Kymber looking at her.  She felt a chill rush through her because she noticed that Kymber's gaze was a bit more intense than just a casual look.


She had asked Kymber if there was anything wrong, but she never answered.  Instead, Kymber crossed the short distance between them, never taking her eyes off Eti, until they were practically nose to nose.  Eti swallowed nervously and tried to speak - but discovered her mouth as dry as she could ever remember.


Kymber continued her silence, gazing into Eti's eyes.  Eti found that she couldn't look away.  For what seemed to last an eternity, Eti's hazel eyes and Kymber's green eyes were locked together.


Without warning, Kymber leaned forward until their lips met.  Eti's mouth opened slightly in surprise, allowing Kymber's tongue to slip in.  Kymber held Etienne's head in place as she kissed her deeply.  Eti found herself returning the kiss, something which really shocked her.  Without thinking, her arms gathered Kymber closer, feeling a hot rush flowing through her.


Eti felt herself being gently pushed backward, until she was lying down, their soulful kiss uninterrupted.  Kymber was kissing her face and ears and, with her weight pressing down on her, Eti was helpless.  She could feel Kymber's hand massaging her breast and, strangely, it felt good.  Scary, but good.


Again their eyes locked, allowing Eti to read...  something.  She wasn't quite sure what she saw in her friend's emerald eyes.  While Etienne was occupied with studying Kymber's eyes, the other young woman had succeeded in removing Eti blouse and bra, plus her own!


Kymber had lowered her mouth to Eti's nipple, sucking gently.  All Eti could do was to hold on, not really understanding what was happening to her, but knowing what was going to happen.  She also thought she should stop her friend, while also knowing she would let things play out.


Eti heard the zipper of her jeans being released and felt the coolness of the room's air on her now-naked skin.  Kymber continued her assault on Eti's body.  She felt light kisses on her stomach, the girl's tongue tracing lazy patterns here and there, sending shivers the entire length of Eti's body.


Somehow, Kymber managed to wriggle out of her own jeans without stopping her steady advance.  Eti, looking through partially closed eyes, could see one silken globe of the other girl's firm ass as she turned herself.  Eti felt her legs being parted and lifted slightly, the cool air between her hot legs somehow increasing her excitement.  She felt Kymber's breath on her sex, warm and moist thinking this couldn't be happening.


And knew it was happening as she felt the first flick of Kymber's tongue on her clit.  A moan escaped Eti's lips as the fluttering tongue explored her secrets.  She could hear Kymber's moans of delight as she tasted her victim, muttering something about it being so big and so hard.


Kymber began to suck Eti's engorged clit, her tongue moving crazily over the sensitive head, driving Eti insane with pleasures before which she'd never known.  Eti could feel something happening within her, a building of feelings that were now screaming for release.  To her horror/pleasure, Eti could feel her hips moving in rhythm to Kymber's licking and sucking.


To make things even more bizarre, Kymber was straddling her face, exposing her curly, musky dampness.  Eti felt a sense of panic as Kymber lowered herself onto Eti's mouth.  Instinctively, Eti opened her mouth, allowing Kymber's clit to slide between her parted lips.  Eti sampled the taste of her friend.  Sharp and tangy, but not in the least unpleasant.  Curiously, she noticed how hot it was between Kymber's legs.


The two young women lay in the 69 position, hips pumping, moans filling the room.  Not being able to withstand the mounting pressure, Eti came first.  The impact sent the young woman trembling out of control.  Eti reached down and held Kymber's face tightly to her pussy, practically fucking the other girl's face.


It quickly became too much for Kymber as she came, bringing a muffled scream from her.  Kymber instantly drenched Eti's face in a hot fluid that flowed in unbelievably long spurts.  She didn't have time to wonder what it was, as the hot, sweet tasting juice filled her mouth to overflowing.  She felt Kymber slip her thumb inside Eti's own juicy snatch - stopping at her maidenhead - which started her coming again, her own hot juices shooting into Kymber's willing mouth.


Eti lay on her bed, still remembering how delicious it felt.  She recalled the look on Kymber's face when they finally separated.  Kymber's face was slick with Eti's juices and the young woman was flushed with pleasure.  For a long minute, neither woman spoke.  Finally, Kymber broke the silence, apologizing repeatedly.


Kymber had explained that she had always wanted to make love to Eti and apologized again.  It surprised Eti to see tears in Kymber's eyes and, if she felt any anger toward her friend, sympathy quickly replaced it.


It took a while for Eti to convince her friend that everything was okay, but she managed to let her know that it was all right.  Eti had to admit she had enjoyed herself, more than she would have expected.  She told Kymber this, making the young woman stop crying and relax.



Part I, Chapter Eight


The sound of the front door closing startled Etienne from her memories and hearing her father's footsteps.  She glanced at the clock, realizing angrily she'd foolishly wasted precious preparation time with her lewd memories.  She hurriedly shed her clothing and raced for the shower, calling out to her father she'd be ready in twenty minutes.


Lorne raised an eyebrow as he heard the shower start, wondering what Eti could have possibly been doing that she was just getting showered.  "Honey," he called.  "You'd better make it fast; we roll out of here in a half an hour!"


Eti hurried out of the shower, toweling off as quickly as possible.  She went to her closet and pulled out the first dress she saw, a low-cut, celery green item that left much to the imagination.  She knew her father would probably give her some static about the dress, but she'd worry about it later.


Ten minutes later, she stood in the foyer, waiting for her father.  As Lorne came down the steps, Eti noticed how handsome he was in a dark blue suit.  Lorne noticed the dress Eti was wearing, thinking it revealed too much of her body.  However, they were running late and knew there was no time to change.


They filled the drive to the Levin's home with small talk about how each other's day went.  As he drove, Lorne had to notice how Eti's hemline allowed a good view of her shapely thighs.  Smiling to himself, Lorne was thinking about the lovely treasure rested between those thighs.  Well, at least he thought he was smiling to himself because he noticed his daughter looking at him with a questioning look.


"What's so funny?" she asked.


"Huh?  Oh, nothing, nothing at all.  I was just thinking about something pleasant."


Having said that, he fell silent, leaving Eti wondering what could be so pleasant to have him smiling in such a manner.  She could remember times when he wouldn't smile and, when he did, it never reached his eyes.  This smile, however, was genuine and although she didn't know why, she was glad he could find something to smile about.


They finally arrived at Geoff's home.  Upon finding a place to park, Lorne escorted Eti inside.  The first thing Eti noticed was there were adults everywhere, remembering her father never did mention what kind of party to which they were going.  A frown crossed her features and it didn't escape Lorne's scrutiny.


"I know you didn't expect this kind of party," he began.  "Still, I figured it would give you and Kymber a chance to do some catching up.  It's been a long time since you last saw each other."


Upon hearing her friend's name, she brightened.  "I'll try to find her.  You really don't mind, do you?" she asked.


Lorne shooed her away with a wave.  "Go on, find Kymber and have a good time.  When I'm ready to leave, I'll let you know."  With a bright smile, Eti set off in search of Kymber.


Kymber Levin was in her room, pouting.  She hated it when her father held these ass-kissing parties because none of the other stuffed shirts thought to bring their kids with them.  She shook her head in frustration, her long, dark red mane flowing like blood before settling back into place.


Kymber jumped up and paced around the room knowing that before long, her father would be pounding on the door to drag her out to meet his coworkers and other people with whom she'd rather have nothing to do.  Kymber stopped in front of her dressing table and her frustration grew, realizing she hadn't even finished dressing for this joke.  Before she could cross to her closet, she heard a knock on the door.


"Probably some schmuck who can't find the fucking bathroom," she fumed.  Crossing the room swiftly, she yanked the door open, not caring she only wore her bra and panties.  "This should give them something to talk about!"


The door opened to reveal Eti Williams and Kymber's foul mood immediately vanished.  "Eti!" she cried.  "You made it!  Come in!"


Eti was a bit confused at her friend's exuberant welcome, but stepped inside so Kymber could close the door.  Without breaking her stride, Kymber grabbed her by the hand and pulled her over to the bed, where she sat.  After a moment, Eti sat beside her.


"So," Kymber began.  "What was so important?"


Etienne hesitated for a moment, not sure if she could trust the red-haired, green-eyed woman sitting next to her.  She looked up into Kymber's eyes and saw concern in them instead of curiosity.  Taking a deep breath, she told her what took place between her and Lorne, not leaving out any detail.


Kymber sat and listened as patiently as she could.  Eti could see Kymber was dying to flood her with questions and appreciated Kymber's attention while she told it like it was.


Finally, her tale told, she sat back and waited for Kymber's response.  Kymber surprised Eti with her response; instead of the verbal outburst she expected, she saw a tear flowing down her cheek.


Kymber said, after wiping her face, "Oh, my.  I am so happy for you!"


Not exactly the response Eti expected.  Still, she felt buoyed by her friend's acceptance of her situation.


Kymber took Eti's hands and held them, squeezing gently.  Kymber was alive with energy - as they held hands, Kymber was bouncing on the bed until the whole thing was shaking.


"Kymber!" Eti exclaimed, looking at the bed.


Kymber flushed bright red with embarrassment and settled her bouncing down to a manageable quiver.


"I don't know what else to say," Kymber said, her eyes sparkling.


"Just tell me you understand," Eti responded.  Kymber could only nod and, before the silence could grow any further, Kymber spoke.  "Well!  What shall we do?  It looks like the grownups will be at it for a while."


Etienne knew what she wanted to do, but wasn't sure how to go about it.  Suddenly, it came to her:  Why not give Kymber a taste of her own medicine?  Since they were still holding hands, Eti used it to her advantage.  With a gentle but sudden motion, she drew Kymber into her embrace and kissed her, surprising the supple redhead.


Before Kymber could respond, Eti reached around and unfastened the other girl's bra, freeing her ample breasts.  The bra went sailing across the room as Eti's hand began to massage her friend's breasts, paying particular attention to her nipples, now growing hard.


Kymber gasped at Eti's touch, sending a shiver through her.  Before she could offer any resistance - not that she was going to resist to begin with, Kymber felt Eti's mouth close on one erect nipple, her tongue circling the hot flesh there.


The two women stopped long enough for Eti to undress and, as she did, Kymber watched in appreciation.  When she finished undressing, Eti pushed her friend onto her back muttering, "What's good for the goose..."


Kymber relaxed, offering herself to her sexy friend.  "Take me," she whispered.  Eti complied.  Lying next to Kymber, she again lowered her mouth to a nipple, sucking eagerly, while allowing her free hand to find it's way between the young woman's thighs.  Kymber's legs parted wide, allowing easy access to her treasures.  Eti's fingers found Kymber's clit and she began to stroke it.  She dipped a finger into the young woman to moisten her fingertip and continued her assault.


Kymber's back arched at the contact and another moan escaped her lips.  She thought, "She's not holding back... "


Unable to stay patient, Eti abandoned Kymber's breasts and she buried her head between the hot woman's legs, lapping at her cunt hungrily.


Kymber went wild, unable to contain herself.  She raised her legs higher and held Eti's head to her hot lushness, feeling Eti's tongue and lips work at her.  "For someone who only did this once," she thought, "she's driving me crazy!"


Eti ate her friend, allowing all the scents and other sensations to carry her away.  Lovingly, she licked her, feeling Kymber's passion increase with every touch.  She felt Kymber tremble, which only encouraged Eti into a higher level of activity.  She inserted two fingers into the girl's sopping wet cunt and another finger found its way into the girl's tight back hole, going in up to the second knuckle.


The combined sensations were too much for Kymber and she exploded, a near silent cry escaping her parted lips.  She panted heavily as wave after wave washed over her.  Eti, for her part, was very busy trying to keep up with the hot, gushing liquid pouring into her face and mouth.  The two horny women positioned themselves so that each could enjoy the other.  Eti came almost immediately as Kymber sucked her large clit hard, flicking her tongue over it rapidly. They continued to love each other, oblivious to everything, caring about nothing.



Part I, Chapter Nine


Most of the party guests had gone, leaving Lorne and Geoff pretty much alone.


"Hey, Lorne, thanks for coming.  You were just as big a part of this as I was."


Lorne waved off the accolades and said, "Hey, I'm just glad I could be a part of all of this."


The two men fell silent and, comically, did an identical thing:  They were looking for their respective daughters.  Practically speaking simultaneously, both asked, "Have you seen..."  Realizing their gaff, they grinned foolishly for a moment.


Geoff said, "They're probably still in Kymber's room, running off at the mouth.  You know how women are.  Come on, I'll show you where they are."


They set off toward Kymber's room, going over some highlights of the party.  Reaching the room, Geoff was about to knock on the door - and hesitated.


Lorne, became immediately concerned, asked, "What's wrong?"


"Nothing, I think.  I don't hear them in there; maybe they're out by the pool."


Quietly, Geoff turned the door knob.  The door was unlocked and opened silently.  Both fathers craned their heads so they could discreetly look into the room, shocked at what they saw.


Lorne saw his little Eti with her head buried between Kymber's long legs.  His mouth opened at the sight and he could hear Kymber's astonished father breathe, "What the hell... ?"  Both men stepped into the room, and closed the door; neither young woman appearing to hear the slight sound the catch made.


Lorne spared a glance at Geoff, expecting to see anger and/or disgust on his face.  Instead, the spectacle before him transfixed Geoff.  Lorne couldn't help noticing he wasn't the only one paying attention.  Geoff had a very noticeable bulge in his pants; not that he could blame him because what he was seeing turned him on as well.


Lorne decided.  Without looking at the other man, he began to undress, removing his clothes as quietly as he could.  As much as he respected Geoff and Kymber, his lust was overpowering.  Totally naked, he started toward the bed, stopping only to look back at Geoff with a questioning look.  Geoff took one look at the young women on the bed, looked at the naked Lorne Williams, and hurriedly stripped, almost falling over in his haste.


Now naked the men approached the bed; when they were within reach of either woman, Lorne broke the silence.  "May we join you?"


The results were electric!  Both women sat up, their eyes wild with lust.


"D-d-dad!" they stuttered in unison.


Without an answer, Lorne replaced Kymber between Eti's legs and began to eat the young vixen with gusto.  Lorne replaced whatever shame he may have felt with lust and desire.  Geoff Levin was frozen in place, his alcohol induced haze not allowing his brain to believe what his eyes were seeing.  Here before him lay his daughter, her nude body glistening with a coat of perspiration.  Their eyes met and the elder Levin refused to believe what he saw in Kymber's eyes.


Lust.  Pure, unbridled lust.  He was aware of his own passion growing stronger within him as he watched his co-worker indulge in the pleasures the young Etienne had to offer.  The sights and sounds astonished him.  He would have never thought something like this could be happening, here in his own home!


Gathering his resolve, he stepped forward to stop the action - and was stopped dead in his tracks as Kymber's hot mouth wrapped itself around his swollen member.  Then again, whatever he was going to do, it could wait.  It had been a very long time. . .


Closing his eyes and bending his knees slightly, the elder Levin groaned loudly as the young woman's tongue flicked across the tip of his cock.  As she pleasured him, Geoff couldn't help thinking where his daughter had learned such a thing, not to mention who had taught her.  He'd have to talk to her about this later, but for now, he didn't care.


Kymber took him deep into her mouth, sending a shiver through him that buckled his knees.  "You'd better lie down, Dad," said Kymber with a smile.


Geoff looked around the spacious bed for somewhere to stretch out.  However, Lorne and Eti were involved in an energetic sixty-nine, the younger woman's head bobbing with a quick, but steady rhythm.  He stretched out next to Eti and Lorne in a position which would allow him to watch the young woman work on her father.


His own daughter had other ideas, swinging herself on top of him, matching the position of the couple next to them.  Without hesitation, Kymber lowered her moist thatch of red hair to his mouth.  Geoff didn't need any further encouragement as he began to lick the tangy juices he found there.


The four lovers continued this way, lost in the depths of their own private passions.  Years of experience, however, began to take their toll on the young women as the two fathers plied every skill they possessed, causing the young women to lose their concentration.  Both were caught up in their own intense orgasms brought on by the masterful tongues invading their bodies.


Without warning, the women traded places.  Geoff suddenly found his head surrounded by a pair of lovely dark thighs, facing an even darker mound of hair, along with the biggest clit he'd ever seen.  As Eti lowered her hot slit, it surprised Geoff to feel her clit slide between his lips.  As he sucked on the delicious morsel, he couldn't keep from feeling like he was sucking a man's cock.


With the change of partners, the action continued.  Lorne's tongue was a flurry of activity, going from Kymber's soaking wet pussy to her puckered ass.  He did this so quickly the hot redhead couldn't keep up with the different sensations as she sucked at the huge black meat deep in her throat.


Kymber had always heard stories about Black men being well-endowed - and here was the living proof.  She had trouble closing her hand around the hot, thick meat as she worked the large, bulbous head between her lips.  Kymber could even feel the man's pulse coming from the distended veins that ran the length of his member.


The room filled with the sounds of sucking and slurping, experience took its toll on youthful enthusiasm again.  Eti sat straight up on Geoff's face, grinding her hips furiously as she rode out yet another intense orgasm.  Leaning forward, she embraced her soul sister and their lips met as the two women were subjected to wave after wave of pleasure.


Exhausted, they rolled off the men, trying to catch their breath.  Fat chance.  Before they could utter a word of protest, each woman suddenly found their legs in the air as the men slid between them, Lorne with Kymber, Geoff with Eti.


Kymber gasped as Lorne slid into her, feeling the huge thickness of the man spreading her wider than ever before.  She felt a momentary pang of jealousy as she looked at her dearest friend, who was handling Geoff's entry with relative ease.  Kymber had never felt so full before - but then again, she'd never had a fully grown man before.  The boys she had experimented with were not even close in matching this man's skill and size.


With a grunt, Lorne filled the girl with his cock and, after giving her a few seconds to adjust to his invasion, began to fuck her slowly with deep, even strokes.  He smiled as he heard Eti cry out, thinking his old buddy was really giving it to his daughter.  All things being fair, he should at least return the favor, right?  He increased his movement inside the dazzling red-haired beauty, causing her emerald green eyes to widen in surprise.


Geoff was sure he was in heaven as he fucked the young Black woman furiously, consumed in his fiery lust.  Eti's cunt clung to his cock tightly, bringing him closer to his own orgasm.  Eti could feel the man's cock tremble inside her and, with great concentration, clamped her pussy around the invading cock meat.  Geoff rewarded Eti by releasing his seed, the hot splashes coating her insides.  She looked up at the coming man, his face coming close to matching the deep red color of his hair as he emptied himself into her.


Lorne could hear the two lovers next to him and doubled his efforts inside Kymber.  The inexperienced young woman was beyond doing anything except holding on to him tightly as he assaulted her once tight love hole.  Kymber was beginning to wonder just how long this man could keep up this pace, when she felt him swelling inside her, stretching her overfilled cunt even further.


"He's coming," she thought and braced herself.


With a loud grunt, Lorne thrust deeply inside Kymber, meeting the entrance of her womb as his thick cock exploded inside her with surprising force.  Jet after jet of the hot sticky fluid flowed into her, so much she could feel it running down the crack of her ass.


He continued to come as Lorne continued to fuck her deeply, his cock still rock hard in spite of just coming.  Kymber cried out, begging him to stop, but Lorne was beyond stopping.  The events of the evening had awakened something in him and Lorne was determined to see it through to the very end.


Geoff watched with amazement as he watched the other man's huge cock sliding in and out of his daughter.  Eti had come to Kymber's side, whispering words of encouragement to her friend while massaging her breasts.  The man's ass, rising and falling hypnotized Geoff, the muscles taut as cables.  Without even thinking about it, he positioned himself behind Lorne.  When his ass came up on a stroke, he grabbed the man's hips and with a motion that surprised everyone, slid into the Black man's ass, taking advantage of the slick juices covering his own maleness.


With a grunt, Geoff buried himself quickly into Lorne, causing the younger man to come again.  Kymber was spent and completely worn out as Eti helped the poor young woman from under her father and sat back to watch the scene unfold.


Geoff fucked Lorne like a maniac, ramming his cock rapidly into the man's ass.  Reaching around his victim, he grabbed the younger man's cock - and was shocked to find it was still very much erect.  He stroked Lorne's meat as he fucked him and, after a few more strokes, emptied his swollen balls into the man's ass.


Rolling off Lorne, Geoff prepared himself for what he knew must happen next.  He didn't have to wait long, as he felt his ass being lifted by two powerful hands.  After a moment of probing, Lorne entered the man, looking forward to exacting a type of revenge on his boss and long time friend.  Lorne rode him hard, his face contorted with the effort.  Geoff cried out in a rare mix of pain and pleasure as the large cock buried itself deeper into his body, wondering if he had made a mistake in being so bold.


The long evening and multiple ejaculations had taken its toll on Lorne.  As much as he would have liked to continue fucking his boss' ass, he couldn't hold back any longer.  Quickening his pace, he reamed the man until he exploded deep inside him.  Feeling Lorne's release inside him, Geoff also came, his seed splashing against the other man's stomach.


Slowly, Lorne pulled out and rolled onto his back, totally exhausted.  The two women, recovering from the surprising event which had just taken place, snuggled into the arms of their respective fathers.


Eti was sure this wouldn't be the last time the four of them would be together like this.  With sleepy eyes, she looked at her friend, who was already asleep in her father's arms and, with a smile, settled in to dream of more fun to come.





Part II, Chapter One


"What are you thinking about?"


Lorne Williams turned away from the curtain of rain splattering against the window.  "Oh, hi, Peaches.  I wasn't really thinking about anything in particular."


Etienne joined him at the window as a brilliant flash of lightning lit up the sky, followed by a bass rumble of thunder.  "Really?  I'm surprised.  You've been standing there for the last ten minutes."


"Just appreciating the beauty and raw power of Nature, dear."


"Uh huh.  I suppose you expect me to believe this."


Lorne placed his arm around her shoulders.  With a smile he said, "It would help."


"I'm sure it would.  Now, you gonna tell me what's on your mind?"


Lorne remained silent, unsure if he should risk mentioning the thoughts which had plagued him over the last couple of months.


Eti took a long look at her father's face.  She was, of course, very much aware there was something very important on his mind and had finally decided to approach him.  Seeing he wasn't going to volunteer, Eti changed her tack.


"I'm trying to remember something."  Lorne looked in her direction, his eyebrows arched questioningly.  "I remember someone telling me a long time ago it helps to talk about the things which bother you."


"What makes you think something's bothering me?"


"To begin with, you've barely said more than 'hi' to me over the last two months.  You've been sitting around the house doing nothing.  To top it off, you've this lost look about you, like you're not sure which way up is."


Inwardly, Lorne winced - he had hoped Eti hadn't noticed.  Wanting to end this conversation, he decided to take the offensive.  "Seems to me you've got it all figured.  Tell you what - you tell me what's wrong and I'll either agree or disagree.  Deal?"  Satisfied, he leaned against the window sill.


Eti, however, was ready for this bit of evasive action.  "I think this has something to do with the party at Kymber's house."


As if scripted, a gigantic bolt of lightning tore across the sky, creating a stroboscopic effect as Lorne's smug look fell onto the floor and shattered into a million pieces.


"I thought so."  Nodding to herself, Eti went into the kitchen.  After a few seconds, Lorne followed.


"Okay, okay.  I admit it's been on my mind."  Lorne sat at the table, propping his head up on his forearms.


Etienne placed a steaming cup of coffee in front of him before taking a seat.  After taking a sip of her herbal tea, she looked at her troubled father.


"I thought we had gotten past the moral difficulties after the first time."


"Me, too - it was the party which had me rethinking things."


"Which part in particular?  Me and Kymmie?  Or was it me and Geoff?"


"The whole night served to put things in a different light for me."


Etienne nodded and said, "It did for me as well.  How does the party relate to us?"


"Us?  I don't understand."


"We've made love three times, Dad.  The last time was at the party."


The elder Williams answered with silence.  Secretly, he had hoped this topic wouldn't surface.  Eti, however, wasn't going to be put off so easily.  "Well?"


"Well, what?  What do you want me to say?"


"You could begin by telling me why."


"It's a lot easier said than done, Peaches."


"Try.  I think you owe me on this.  You make me feel like you don't love me."


"Come with me."  Lorne got up from the table and went to the living room.  Sitting on the love seat, he patted the empty space next to him.


"Okay," he said as Etienne settled down next to him.  "You wanted to know why, so here it is.  It's not as if I don't love you; I love you more than ever before.  Not a night goes by where I'm not thinking about having you next to me."


Eti opened her mouth to speak, only to be stopped by an upraised hand.  "Please let me finish.  I'll answer your questions later."


"Despite my feelings and, yes, my desire for you, I had to think about your future.  You deserve a chance to meet someone your own age, someone who shares your interests.  So, I decided to fade into the background, figuring you'd lose interest and strike out on your own."


"I see.  Did it ever occur to you that I wouldn't want anyone else?"


"Honestly?  No, it didn't."


"How could you decide like this without asking me?"


"Etienne, I'm your father.  It's my job to decide your life."


"Maybe, but it is my life, Dad!  Don't I have a say in it?"


"Yes, you do.  I just thought..."


Eti moved closer.  "Well, you thought wrong.  What I want is you - it's all I ever wanted since our very first time."


"What about that boy - what's his name?"


Etienne looked puzzled for a moment.  "Who?  Darryl?"


"Yeah, that's his name.  I thought you two had something going on."


"Darryl's a good friend, Dad.  Don't get me wrong - he'd take me to bed in a flat, skinny second if I were to give him a chance.  However, I had to ask myself something."




"If he'd be what I want in a lover.  Experience does count in this, you know."


Lorne nodded, remembering his youthful difficulties with various young women.  "The boy has to learn somehow!  If women never give him the chance, he'll never learn."


"True enough.  However, you should know just how much women hate being disappointed when making love."


He did, indeed.  "So you're saying given the choice, you prefer experience."


"Quite so, dear father.  You not only bring years of experience to the bed, but another important ingredient - love.  Darryl doesn't love me even if he thinks he does.  Before you say it, I know he could learn to love me, but I want love now, not somewhere down the road."


"There are older men."  Lorne knew he was fishing as he said this.


"You're right, there are.  I decided after the party I'd rather deal with the devil I know rather than the one I don't."


"Are you calling me a devil, young lady?"


"I'm calling you the man I love and the only man I want.  Now, if you happen to be a devil, then so much the better."


Lorne was deep in thought for several minutes as he ran options through his mind.  One prominent though was his happiness in finding out Eti still wanted him.




"Yes, Eti?"


"Make love to me?  Right here, right now?  I need you..."



Part II, Chapter Two


Until now, making love was the last thing on his mind.  Upon hearing Etienne's plea, his desire for this lovely creature filled and energized him.  Blood rushed to fill his member quickly, leaving him feeling a little lightheaded.


Without a word, he slid off the love seat into a kneeling position in front of Eti and undid her pants.  Etienne raised herself slightly and Lorne removed both pants and panties with one movement.  Gently but with mounting urgency, he slipped her pants over her ankles and tossed them aside.


Eti felt a slight chill as goose bumps appeared on her exposed flesh, unsure if it was because of the coolness of the room or her own anticipation.  Sliding down until her bottom was hanging off the edge of the cushion, she draped her legs over his shoulders to allow him access to her flesh.


Lorne made himself comfortable between her legs and drew closer to her essence, feeling her heat, noticing the young woman was already moist.  Taking a deep breath, he drew his tongue across the hood of her clitoris.


Etienne gasped as his tongue rasped across the swelling bud of flesh.  Her body stiffened and arched in response - but only for a moment before she melted against his touch.  Slowly, she moved against the invading wedge of wet muscle as it traveled the length of her slit, which was growing wetter by the second.  She sighed as the tip of Lorne's tongue parted her soaked inner lips and lodged itself in her vaginal opening.


As Lorne worked his tongue into her, he could feel a trickle of juice escape her hot, musky flesh.  Stiffening his tongue, he plunged deeper into her until he could feel the ridges of her canal.  He licked the smooth contours for a moment before returning his attention to her erect clitoris, which had come out of its fleshy hiding place.  A low growl flowed from him as his lips captured the spongy head before sliding down the thick shaft.  He pursed his lips and sucked hard, exulting in the feel of her erect member throbbing in his mouth.  Lorne backed off a bit and ran his tongue along the underside of his daughter's oversized clit, causing her to buck harder against his face.


He was conscious of his own hardness, straining against the fabric of his clothing.  Rising to a kneeling position, Lorne unfastened his pants, tugging his underwear down just enough to free his turgid member.  It sprang from its confinement and seemed to grow larger.


Dimly aware of her father's movement, Eti was lost in a sea of lust.  She moved hard against his mouth as his tongue worked its magic on her.  As it flicked from one sensitive spot to another, she tried to get it to stay in one place - without success.  The fleshy invader just wouldn't be denied as it continued to bring her closer to climax.  Opening her eyes to slits, she could see her father's head moving frantically between her legs, sucking her for all he was worth.  Something shifted inside her as Etienne felt the downward rush which only meant one thing.


Lorne could feel the change in Eti's passion.  The once-steady thrusts against his face were quickly falling off-pace, her hips bucking wildly against him.  He latched onto her clitoris one more time, sucking it hard and running his tongue around the head as fast as he could.  Eti's clit jerked strongly in the grip of his mouth and lips; Eti froze in mid-thrust as Lorne gave the head one slow lick, then another, allowing the tip of his tongue to just lay across her swollen member.  The first spurt of juice came hard and fast.  Her body relaxed only for a split second before the next jet flowed from her. Orgasmic bliss caught Eti in its grip as her orgasm pounded into her relentlessly.


Lorne raised his head from the soaking wetness of her, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.  He took in the view of his daughter as the last wave of pleasure washed over her.  Without hesitation, he positioned the thick knob of his cock against her opening, not wanting to give her a chance to recover.  He thrust into her, splitting her open along the length of his shaft until he was buried inside her.


Eti's eyes flew open at the sudden penetration, her mouth forming an "O" which matched the surprised look on her face as her father's thick tool impaled her fully and easily.  She could hear his grunt of pleasure as he tried to get every inch inside her.


"Oh, Daddy," she cried.




"I love you so much!  God, I've missed this."


Lorne leaned forward and sucked an erect nipple into his mouth, and Eti fell silent.  He withdrew until just the head remained inside her gripping flesh and fucked her slowly, feeling her muscles' attempt to draw him deeper.


Etienne's face was a mask of frustration.  "Stop teasing me, Daddy," she protested.  "Please don't tease me.  I want to feel you deep inside, so damn bad!"  Lorne gave a little smile at her bit of vulgarity and continued his slow, maddening pace - but allowing more of himself to slide into her sweet confines.


"YES!" she cried.  "Give it to me, you bastard!"  Lorne's smile widened as another inch or so made its way into her.  Etienne's fingers dug painfully into his shoulder as he moved inside her with the same slow pace.


"Ooohh!" she hissed.  "More!  Give me more, damn you!"  Lorne was clearly enjoying his daughter's plight.  He allowed her legs to drop down until her knees were in the crook of his elbows, reaching under her with both hands.  Lorne put one hand under her quivering backside and the other in the middle of her back.  Bracing himself, Lorne stood and lifted her in one motion, causing his full length to drive into her.  Eti wrapped her arms around his neck and clung to him, unable and unwilling to resist.  Spreading his feet into a wider stance, Lorne grabbed two hands full of her firm bottom and began sliding her along the full length of his cock, pounding his steely flesh into her with hard, fast strokes.


"Oh, fuck me, Daddy!" Eti cried as another orgasm punched through her.  Each downward thrust caused her breasts to jiggle crazily as held onto him for dear life.  "Now!  Fill me with your love!  I need it, NOW!"


Eti could feel her father's cock grow thicker inside her as he used shorter, faster strokes to trigger his own release.


The tight feeling in his sac was tremendous as Lorne crossed over the threshold, sending his creamy offering deep inside his loving daughter.  "Ugh!  Yes, yes, yes!", he cried, feeling his knees buckle.  He quickly - but carefully - lowered their joined bodies to the floor, fucking into her hard, his prick still emptying itself into her.  With his lust fully in control, he withdrew from her overworked slit and turned her onto her stomach, only to ram into her again.


Etienne gasped as her father's hardness reentered her steamy vagina, spreading her wide.  She raised her ass slightly and he penetrated her deeper.   Strangely, she was appreciative yet amazed at his stamina as she felt the knob of his still-erect member crash into her womb.


"Oh, Peaches," he said, feeling his thickness invade her again.  "Oh, how I've needed this."  Lorne couldn't get enough of her sweet, delicious body as he plowed into her with long strokes.  Getting to his knees and using them to spread her legs further apart, Lorne looked between them, utterly fascinated at the sight of his cock literally turning her pussy inside-out at every stroke.  He pulled back and watched as the swollen knob of his penis appeared.  He let it rest there for a moment before sending it again into her depths.  Buried deep within her, he reached around and under her, his fingers finding her clitoris.  Grasping it between thumb and forefinger, he began a frenzied jerking motion that made Etienne's back arch.


"NO!" she screamed as the dual sensations raced through her.  Eti tried to escape the onslaught only to find herself unable to move.  It didn't take long before another mind-numbing climax jolted her.  She felt his pace slow as he released his grip on her tender clit, wondering if the pleasure would ever stop and praying it didn't.


With his hands covered in their gooey fluids, Lorne placed a thumb at the tight entrance to her anus, massaging the enticing opening gently - before plunging it into her.  Lorne felt her collapse under him but held Eti firmly in place with his free arm around her waist.


Having two orifices filled simultaneously was too much for Eti as her orgasm took hold of her.  As Lorne's thumb reamed her, his cock began to swell inside her again.  She could feel the tremors racing along the veined monster inside her as he exploded inside her.  Lorne fell forward, consumed by the pleasure/pain of his climax.  His thumb popped out of her bottom wetly as he braced himself on shaky arms, continuing to empty his love into her.


Etienne felt his softening maleness as it slid from her, tears of joy streaming down her cheeks.  If she had any negative thoughts about his love and desire for her, this act of love sent such thoughts to an early grave.


Lorne was coming down from the orgasmic high on which he'd been.  He trembled slightly as his sore muscles began protesting at being so badly abused.  "That's okay - nothing a hot shower can't handle," he though.  Looking to his left, he spotted Eti's prone form on the thick carpeting.




A light snore answered him, so he reached over and shook her.  "Peaches, come on.  Let's go to bed."


Etienne groaned at the interruption in her moment of afterglow.  "Do I have to?"


"Yes, unless you like sleeping on the floor."  Lorne offered a hand to the slowly rising Etienne, who used it to pull herself upright.


Holding hands, the two climbed the stairs.  Reaching the top, Eti started to turn right toward her room, only to be jerked to a stop.  "Where are you going?" her father asked.


"To my room, where else would I be going?"


"I thought you'd, well, sleep with me tonight.  That's if you don't mind."


Etienne gave her father a loving, if sleepy, smile.  "Sure, why not?"


Returning her smile, Lorne said, "I figured if we're going to be full time lovers, we may as well sleep in the same bed."  Wrapping an arm around her shoulder, they entered the bedroom, the door closing with a click.



Part II, Chapter Three


Eti squirmed in her seat, still a little sore from the previous evening's activity.  "I suppose it's something I'll have to get used to," she thought.  At the front of the room, the physics teacher was saying something about the upcoming commencement ceremonies, now only two weeks away.


"I'm glad we're finally getting out of here," a voice whispered in her ear.  Startled, Etienne turned toward the source and found herself looking into Darryl Hill's black eyes.  Darryl's complexion was darker than her own; along with the short-cropped black hair, his eyes appeared not to have pupils.


"What?  Oh, I'm sorry, Darryl - I wasn't paying attention."


"Nothing new about that - you hardly ever pay attention to me."


Eti ignored the sarcastic remark.  "You know that's not true."


The bell rang, signaling the change in classes.  Eti tried to lose herself in the bustling throng, hoping to avoid continuing the discussion with Darryl.  He was attractive enough, but...


"Hey!  Wait up!"


Darryl caught up with her, saying, "Look, I'm sorry for the crack I made in there.  You do pay attention to me, even if it's just friendly."


Etienne didn't miss the hidden remark in that statement.  "We're friends, Darryl; why shouldn't it be friendly?"


"I think you know what I mean, Eti.  I'd like to get to know you better."


Etienne stopped and turned to face him.  "Darryl, damn, I like you, but it just isn't possible."


Darryl looked crestfallen.  "There's someone else."


"You could say that.  Sorry."


The young man wasn't to be put off so easily.  "What would it take to convince you to leave him?"


Eti had to stifle a laugh.  "More than you could ever imagine, I'm afraid.  Look, Darryl, I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but I'm pretty happy with the way things are in my life right now.  I'm sure you understand."


"Yeah, I understand," he said, clearly not understanding.  "Well, you can't blame a guy for trying!  See ya around, okay?"


"Okay.  Darryl?"




"Thanks for understanding.  You're a good friend."


His ego a bit bruised, Darryl nodded and headed for class.  Eti watched him round the corner before entering the classroom, feeling guilty over rejecting his advances.


*   *   *


"How was school today?"  Lorne posed the usual question while checking on the bread baking in the oven.


"Oh, about the same as usual.  Graduation is in two weeks and we're just trying to tie up the loose ends."


Something about her answer made Lorne turn and look at Eti.  "Is there something wrong?"


"Wrong?  What could be wrong?"  Eti continued setting the table, almost knocking over a glass of water.


"You seem distracted.  I trust your grades are okay?"


"They couldn't be better!  Well, the "B" I got in calculus could have been better, but I'm happy with it."


"Then what's the problem, Peaches?"


Eti sat at the table.  "I had a little run-in with Darryl Hill today.  He likes me."


"I see.  Anything you want to talk about?"


"He wants me to leave the guy I'm seeing now and start a relationship with him."  Etienne looked up at her father, a glint of amusement in her hazel eyes.


"Does he, now?  What did you tell him?"


"Told him I'm happy with my life right now."


"Why so glum, then?"


"Darryl's cute and I really do like him.  He just seems so...  childish."


Alarms started flashing in Lorne's mind.  "Childish, eh?  As compared to what?"


The young woman blinked in momentary confusion.  "Well, compared to you."


"Do you think that's fair?  You're not giving the boy a chance to prove himself."


In his heart, however, Lorne was hoping Darryl would continue to fail in his attempts to win Eti's heart - a thought which surprised him.


"You're right.  It probably isn't fair to him.  You told me a long time ago once I decided, I should stick to it.  I've decided you are all I need."


"I can truly appreciate it.  What if you're wrong?"


"If I'm wrong, then it's something I'll have to live with - and I would have learned some thing."  Eti locked her gaze onto her father's handsome face.  "Are you suggesting I give Darryl a chance to make me happy?"


"I'm suggesting you should think over all the options, that's all.  What you do about it is entirely up to you, dear.  Let's eat."


Dinner progressed at an unusually slow and quiet pace.  During the meal, Lorne stole glances in Eti's direction, watching the battle being waged inside her.  It tore him, too, in some places; Lorne didn't want to lose her, but he did not want to hinder her search for happiness.


*   *   *


Eti stepped into the shower and tried to relax as the hot needles of water first stung, then soothed her tense muscles.  Hair, once carefully styled earlier in the day, became limp strands of ebony as she immersed herself in the refreshing stream.  She sighed as the wet warmth found its way to every part of her body, all the while thinking how unfair life could be.


Reaching for the soap, she quickly worked up lather while wishing she could wash away her confusion this easily.  Leaning against the wall, Etienne allowed herself to relax even further, her hands absently massaging her breasts, her nipples instantly responding to her touch.  As the water streamed along the shape of her body, Eti tried to conjure Darryl's image in her mind, imagining his hands on her breasts, his lips on hers.


She allowed a hand to part her inner folds to massage the ache running along the hardening shaft of her clit, the image in her mind becoming vivid.  Oh, yes, she could easily imagine Darryl doing this to her, melting the core of her being.  Again, in her mind, Darryl broke the kiss and she opened her eyes to look at him.


Eti found her father looking back at her.  The daydream dissolved, leaving reality - and some rapidly cooling water - in its place.  Etienne knew what she had to do.  Without bothering to dry off, Eti quickly left her bedroom, a trail of damp footprints in her wake.  Reaching her father's room, she looked in and found him sitting on the bed reading.


Lorne looked up from the sheaf of papers, surprised to find a very damp - and very perturbed - Etienne standing not two feet away.  Keeping his surprise hidden behind a mask of calm, Lorne spoke.


"No towel in your bathroom?", nodding at the droplets of water glistening on her belly.


Eti instinctively looked at herself a moment of confusion crossing her face before her head snapped up, resuming her piercing gaze.  "I was just in the shower."


Lorne felt a bubble of laughter welling inside him.  "So I see."


Etienne ignored the remark and continued.  "I was daydreaming about Darryl.  In my daydream, he was touching and kissing me.  When I opened my eyes, it wasn't Darryl - it was you."


"So?" Lorne prompted when his daughter fell silent.


Eti sat next to him on the bed, placing her damp head on his shoulder.  "I realized it's you I really want.  Darryl's probably a great guy - but I'm just not interested."


As Eti snuggled against him, Lorne knew one of his fears was coming to the front.  One thing he had considered a problem (of sorts) was spoiling his daughter with his love and affection.  For him, the intimacy found in a relationship was an old hat, not so for his young daughter.


Eti looked up at her father, noticing his silence.  "Dad?"




"Is something wrong?  You seem a little distant."


"Just thinking, Peaches."


"Good things, I hope," she replied, her hand finding his dormant maleness and began to awaken it.


At her touch, Lorne shifted his position to allow her better access.  Over the last few months, he had been lying to himself, knowing he needed to love Etienne in every way possible - and denying it at every turn.  As she massaged him to full erection, he knew further denial and resistance would be useless.


"Lie back, man of mine," Eti whispered.  Obediently, Lorne stretched out on the bed while Eti freed his cock, feeling the softness of her hand against his hot flesh.


"So proud and majestic," she said.  Etienne held her father's maleness in her fist, drawing the silky skin up over the bulbous head and releasing it.  Smoothly, Eti lowered her mouth to him and licked her tongue across the head, collecting the drop of clear dew which had appeared there.


Lorne groaned softly as Eti's tongue roamed lazily along the veined shaft of his manhood, shivering as she found yet another sensitive spot.  With each stroke of her hand, his resistance melted away; with each touch of her tongue, his love for her grew.


Eti took half his length into her mouth easily, savoring the salty taste and feeling the tremors along the shaft.  She allowed herself an inward smile.  It wouldn't take long to get her loving father to fountain his seed.  Eti let her teeth scrape along his quivering tool teasingly and was rewarded with a strained gasp.  Taking a deep breath, she began to work his cock in earnest, increasing her speed and pressure on him.  Eti caught by him surprise, feeling his cock swell suddenly.


Lorne felt the swelling and the gut-wrenching feeling of impending ejaculation simultaneously.  He wanted to explode in Eti's mouth and, while, he didn't, wanting the insane feeling to last forever.  Lorne's breath came in great gulps as he tried to ward off the inevitable - and failed.


Etienne moaned as the first flows of his seed poured into her mouth, warm and musky.  She swallowed quickly to make room for the next spurt, finding herself unable to keep up.  So she allowed her mouth to fill with the slick fluid, consuming it at her leisure as Lorne gave in to his orgasm.


Lorne was barely aware of Eti removing her mouth from him, raising his head enough to see her while mounting his semi-erect tool.  His initial orgasm left him feeling strangely weak and helpless and he could only watch as the knob of his maleness disappeared into the folds of her slit, followed by the full length of his shaft.


"Ahhh," Eti moaned.  Now fully seated on him, she paused for a moment feeling the tingle of excitement flow through her at being filled with him - though he has not as hard as he was a moment ago.  "However," she thought, "that will soon change!"  Bracing herself with her arms against his chest, she settled into a rhythm allowing her to slide along his cock, now slick with her own juices - but not allowing it to fall from the grasping muscles of her vagina.


"Oh, you feel so good inside me," she said, picking up speed.  Infused with passion, Eti felt the heat at her center like a glowing coal.  "Feels...  so...  good," she grunted, punctuating each word with hard, downward thrusts of her pelvis.  Eti could feel him stiffening inside her, spreading her walls with his thickness.  Her hips undulating with snakelike smoothness, she availed herself of his manhood, delighting in the pleasure of pleasing him.  Eti could feel Lorne trying to replace her motion with one of his own and she looked down at him.


"Oh, no, my love!  Just be still and let me love you.  I need this so much!" Her voice trailed off as an orgasm spread through her, leaving a gentle comfort in its wake.  It also left her wanting more of the elusive feeling.  Etienne continued to ride him as tiny ripples of pleasure continued to flow through her, the precursors of an orgasm to end all orgasms.


It hit her like a punch, stopping her dead in her tracks.  Lorne could feel the tremendous ripples that ran along her inner muscles.  Hot liquid splashed at the junction of their bodies as her pussy clamped down on him.  "NO!  I'm not ready!" she screamed, much too late.  It consumed her easily, leaving no nerve untouched until, spent, she collapsed onto him, still trembling in the aftermath.  When she felt Lorne's arms surround her, Eti knew she had taken on too much.


Lorne lifted and turned Eti easily.  With her legs wrapped high around his waist, he began to move inside her.  The incredible slickness of her sheath made his passage into her center easy and effortless.  His cock felt as if it were six inches in diameter and harder than granite as he plunged into her deeply.


"My turn now, darling," he said.  Lorne penetrated her deeply again as the pressure wave built inside him, burning him with its intensity as he spilled his love into her.


"Oh!  Yes!"  Eti cried out as Lorne filled her, Passion's fire searing her nerve endings.  Again pushed over the precipice, her orgasm flowed over her relentlessly, electrifying her very soul.  Locked together, father and daughter moved along the same path, each lost in their separate feelings.  Yet, both knew their joining wasn't limited to just the physical.  Lorne could sense Etienne's joy, sharp and fresh in his mind as if it were his own.  It washed over and soothed him, carrying away any doubts he had about the rightness or wrongness of their love.  Oh, yes, he could love her fully and in every way possible.


Lorne withdrew from her slowly, relishing the feeling.  Etienne reached up and touched his face with a hand which trembled slightly.  "I love you, Dad."


"I love you, too, Peaches," he replied as his daughter snuggled close to him.  Instantly, Etienne was happily asleep - and snoring lightly.  Lorne allowed himself a wry grin while feeling very good about himself and their relationship.



Part II, Chapter Four


Graduation day.  Eti paced the living room nervously while an amused Lorne looked on.  "Will you sit for a moment?  You're starting to make me tired!"


Eti came to a halt and looked at her father.  "I'm sorry, Dad.  I don't know why I'm so edgy.  It's just another day."


"Well, you don't graduate from high school every day, but I know what you mean."  Lorne smiled.  "Hell, I was so nervous the day I graduated I forgot to put a belt on.  Never noticed it until they called my name."


"What happened?"


"I got up and started across the stage, feeling the butterflies in my stomach and knowing your grandparents were out there in the audience watching me.  As the principal handed me my diploma, my pants fell down!"


Eti smothered a laugh.  "You must have been terribly embarrassed."


"Embarrassed?  An understatement, my dear; believe me.  They still talk about it at the class reunions."


Lorne looked at his watch.  "Okay, Peaches - time to go!"


*   *   *


"...really going to miss those guys," Eti was saying as she climbed out of the car.


"Well, you'll see them again at the first class reunion," Lorne replied as he looked up the street.


Etienne noticed it and asked, "What are you looking for?"


"Huh?  Oh, nothing.  Come on, I've got something for you."


"I hope it isn't a party - I thought we agreed not to have one!"


"No, not a party, but it's important.  Come on!"  Lorne opened the door for Eti stopping only to take another look up and down the street before following.


Once inside, he led Eti to the patio and handed her a small package.  "Here you go - the first present."


Etienne felt her eyes fill with tears.  "You didn't have to get me anything!", she said, fumbling at the wrapping paper.  Seeing her difficulty, Lorne took it from her and exposed the long, black velvet case.  Eti opened the lid, revealing a gold tennis bracelet, encrusted with diamonds and emeralds.  Her eyes went wide with surprise.


"It's beautiful!" she exclaimed.  "I've always wanted one!"


"I remembered," Lorne replied, feeling a lump in his throat.  "Here, let me put it on," fastening the bracelet around her wrist.  "Now for gift number two."  Reaching into another pocket, he produced another wrapped box.


"What's this?"


Lorne flashed her a smug look.  "Open it and find out."


Eti was puzzled, wondering what it could be.  She made quick work of the wrapping paper and opened the box.  Her puzzled look deepened.


"A nameplate?  I don't get it."


"Keep looking; there's something else there."


Eti removed the nameplate and found a square of plastic which not only had her name on it,  but also included a picture of her.  "This is an ID card from Carlton... "  Realization dawned on her.  "You got me a job!  But, how..."


"Getting you the job was easy - getting the picture wasn't.  You start in three weeks for the systems administration department.  You'll have to work hard, but I know you can handle it."


Eti hugged her father, the tears freely flowing down her cheeks.  "I don't know how to thank you for all of this."


"Hey, what are fathers for?" Lorne was saying just as the doorbell rang.  "I'll get it."


As Lorne went to answer the door, Eti felt so much love for him as the sun reflected its light off the polished gold bracelet.  Hearing her father's footsteps, she looked up.


"Who was it?" she asked.


"Just a delivery.  You wanna see what came?"


Hand in hand, the two walked around the outside of the house.  As they rounded the last corner, Eti stopped dead in her tracks as she took in the sight of the new car parked in the driveway.


"I figured since you have a new job, you needed a new car to get you there."


*   *   *


Etienne grimaced as Lorne drove into her, the pleasure/pain sweeping through her.  Her hands were claws on his back, raising little welts.  In a distant corner of her mind, she somehow knew no other man could ever make her feel this way.  It felt so right, yet deliciously sinful!  The young woman allowed herself to be turned into yet another position and felt the stabbing pressure of Lorne's entrance.  She sighed as the thick shaft spread her wide, her juices easing its passage into her nether regions.


"You okay, babe?"


"Mm, oh, yes.  Perfect."


Satisfied, Lorne resumed his thrusts inside her.  He loved the way her vagina clung to him, feeling the coarseness of her pubic hairs as they scraped along the exposed portions of his penis.  Lorne lifted her legs higher and plunged deeper into her warmth, feeling a trickle of juice splashing against his sac as she came again.  Lorne could feel the tightness in him and his brow furrowed in concentration as his increased his speed inside her, hammering at her sex.


"Ooh, yes!  You're getting harder inside me.  Fill me, lover!  Give it to me!"


He gave one last, deep thrust into his daughter, crying out as his seed flowed into her.  Smooth strokes became jerky ones as he emptied his love into her in long, hot spurts that sent chills through him that ran from head to toe.


Spent and softening inside her, Lorne arranged their bodies for comfort as Eti showered him with soft kisses, still grinding her sex against him.




"Yes, Eti?"


"I love you.  You make me feel so alive when we make love like this."


Lorne felt a warm glow spread through him at her words.  "I love you too, Peaches," he answered, holding her closer.  "Are you happy?"


"Am I?!  I wish I could tell you how I feel right now.  There aren't any words to describe it."


Lorne tilted his head back and looked into her hazel eyes and saw the truth of her words.  "I know what you mean.  I never thought I'd be happy again.  You've changed all of that."  He laughed.  "You've changed me."


Eti cuddled against him as his now cooling sperm continued to seep from her.  "Changed you?  How?"


Lorne's smile widened.  "If someone had told me six months ago that I'd be lying here feeling wonderful after making love to you, I would have throttled them."  He shrugged.  "Nevertheless, here I am.  I do know one thing, though."


"What's that?"


"If I didn't love you, none of this would have ever happened."


"You have any regrets?"


"Regrets?  Only that I didn't to this before now!  You've made me realize I had been neglecting your needs and my own."


"You just didn't do this for my sake?" she asked.


"Hell, no!  Well, maybe. . .  I guess something inside me knew I'd been without love and happiness for so long.  It wasn't until after the party I had to confess that I missed not having someone to love."  He frowned.  "That didn't come out right, did it?"


Eti laughed softly.  "Don't worry.  I know what you meant.  However, I did notice something."


"What might that be?"


"You were having the time of your life."  Unbidden, a burst of laughter escaped from Etienne.


"What's so funny?"


"You should have seen the look on your face when Geoff..."


Lorne felt the burn of embarrassment flood his face, thankful for his dark coloring and the dim light in the room.  "Oh, that."


"I didn't know you were that kinky."


"I'm not!" he protested.  "I was just as surprised as you were!  Although, I have to admit it felt pretty good."  Lorne sat up.


"Hey!  What about you!  You and Kymber looked pretty cozy when we came in."


It was Eti's turn to be thankful for the low light.  "Ah, well..." she started, realizing she didn't have an answer for him.


"I thought so.  You think I'm kinky. . ."  Lorne feigned being indignant.  "The pot calls the kettle black."


Silence enveloped them as they took stock of the events which had brought them to this point.  Lorne felt better about things now that he'd accepted this new way of life.  His fears of somehow stifling Eti were unfounded, another thing his mind could put to rest.


Etienne knew she had no regrets, echoing her father's sentiment that this should have happened way before it did.  "Still," she thought, "Things happen when they're supposed to."  Through incest, Eti had learned of the strength and depths of her own ability to love and be loved.  Before all of this, the man lying next to her was just her father.  Now, she realized, he was much more than that.  Knowing she was only seeing the tip of the iceberg that was her father, she felt great comfort in knowing there was more to learn.


As sleep claimed her, Eti knew life was good, and getting better.





Part III, Chapter One


Pressure, friction, motion, anxiety, calm.  One moment, fullness, the next, emptiness.  Etienne Williams experienced all these sensations as the hard penis invaded her body again, restoring the feeling of fullness.  She held her breath as her weight nearly doubled, pressed into the firm but yielding mattress as the man above her increased his movement inside her.  Wet, slurping sounds mingled with their breathing adding their special arousal factors to the heavy, heady scents generated during lovemaking.


Eti sighed with contentment as the thick, hard cock filled her completely, feeling the engorged head collide with the entrance of her womb.  The man's mouth captured an erect nipple, sending another pleasurable sensation through her to be added to those already present.  The young woman added her own movements to those of the man, thrusting her hips upward to meet his, causing him to grunt in appreciation.


The man's strokes were getting longer and faster, the force of his body meeting hers caused her full breasts to move in perfect counterpoint to his thrusts.  Eti lifted her shapely legs higher, to give the man greater access to her sweltering sex.  "Soon," she thought.  "It's got to be soon!" as her senses were becoming overloaded, her body literally rebounding from the bedding, only to be met by the man's savage thrusts, their bodies slapping together wetly.


More friction, the woman felt more heat as she felt a very familiar tingling.  A deep thrust by the man, causing the tingling to increase twofold.  Another long, deep, thrust - the feeling quadrupled and her eyes closed tightly in anticipation of what was to happen next.


The man's strokes, once sure and steady, were becoming erratic as his thick tool grew larger inside her.  Her own sex was already contracting sporadically, sending rippling waves of moist flesh against the smooth hardness inside her.  A white hot, intense explosion ripped through her, causing her inner muscles to clamp down tightly on the invading meat.  Darkness also clamped down on her, her breathing barely noticeable.  Then she felt the first spurts of the man's seed, hot and sticky inside her.  Etienne floated on the edge of consciousness as the man hammered his spurting cock into her as if he could get further into her body.  The frantic pounding sensation triggered another release somewhere deep inside her, further pushing down the veil of darkness, causing her to shake as if electrocuted.


Eti could hear low keening - hers? - as she flooded the man's shaft with her own love offering, her overheated sex clamping down on him repeatedly.  Another contraction, another splash of juices to mix with his as, finally, the intensity began to subside, leaving her with a drained, tingly feeling.  The man's last spurts of semen flowed into her as he collapsed against her, breathing heavily.


"You know, " she said, her voice cracking slightly, "You should really think about bottling this.  We would be rich beyond our dreams!"  The man propped himself up on one elbow, looking down at her smiling face.


Laughing, he replied  "There wouldn't be much to sell - you'd buy it all up for yourself."


"That's true," she admitted, settling into the warm, fuzzy feeling, all that remained of her orgasm.  Eti could feel the man's now-soft cock fall out of her, releasing a slow tricking of semen that flowed from her gaping vagina, following the crack of her firm bottom.


With a deft movement, Lorne Williams flipped over onto his back beside his daughter.  "I don't know about you, but I could use something to eat."


Eti slapped her father playfully.  "Like you haven't had enough to eat already!"  She sat up, causing her full breasts to stand out, the nipples still hard.  She turned and looked lovingly at her father as he stretched, his dormant maleness lying across the crease where leg met the abdomen.


"Come on, lazy one," she said with mock sternest.  "We have to get cleaned up.  Kymber's flight will be arriving soon."  Lorne watched appreciatively as Eti went to the bathroom to start the shower.  He delighted in seeing the very shapely curves of her body and wondered, for the millionth time, how he could be so lucky to have a daughter like her.  Hearing the running water, he got up with reluctance, not wanting the moment to end.


Etienne was already in the shower, the hot, soapy water flowing over her medium brown skin.  As he joined her, Lorne again took stock of his Nubian goddess, noting how a trail of bubbles curled under one breast and traveled down her side to the swell of her hips.  Lorne could feel himself becoming aroused again as Etienne turned to soap his chest.


Feeling his returning erection against her tummy, Eti looked down.  "Oh, no!  We don't have time for this, my friend!" she said to his maleness as Lorne grew longer and harder. She looked back at her father, grinning.


"I can't help it if he likes you," Lorne complained half heartedly while reaching for the soap.  The slippery bar to fell from its holder, clunking loudly against the tub before coming to rest behind Eti.


"I got it," she said.  As she turned and bent over to retrieve the errant soap, she realized her mistake.  Before she could stand, she felt the bulbous head of his cock split her still-swollen labia.  A gasp escaped her lips as Lorne plunged half his length into her, spreading her wide again.  Instinct caused her to push back against his advance, again filling her.


"We...  don't...  have...  time..." she said as Lorne worked himself into her, holding her hips steady.  That warm, golden feeling she'd come to love over the last three years replaced any further protests.


The water stung Lorne's chest and splashed onto Eti's upturned bottom, washing away the last of the soap.  He spread her cheeks, allowing him to view his thickness as he plunged into his daughter.  He marveled at the contrast of their skin color, Lorne being darker than his 19-year-old partner.  Lorne was deep into the sensations offered by the young woman's body, thrusting easily into her sex when the water suddenly turned cold, shocking him into ejaculating.  The warmth of Eti's love sheath, and the brisk cold of the water battled for supremacy as he emptied himself into her.


Holding on to the towel bar, Eti could feel her father inside her, giving her the sweetest of feelings, when the water went cold.  The sudden change in temperature caused her slippery nest to contract hard around him, the splashing sounds of her release getting lost in the sounds of running water.  She pushed back hard against him, grinding her hips in time with his thrusts, as he released his seed into her.


As the water grew colder, causing her to shiver, Eti leaned forward and shut off the water, Lorne's half-erect cock slipping out of her, still spasming.  She turned at looked at the handsome, Black scientist.  "You're insatiable and I love you!  I hope we're not late."


Lorne leaned forward and placed his mouth on hers, cutting off any further comments.  Breaking the deep kiss, Lorne said, "Me, too, but it was worth it!"


Lorne and Etienne stepped from the shower into the relative warmth of the bathroom and dried each other off.  Eti's nipples continued to stand out as Lorne dried her breasts and worked his way down.  She stood contentedly, feeling his strong hands against her as he dried her.  One hand spent a little extra time at the triangle of black hair nestled between her legs, while the other probed its way into the crevice of her firm bottom.  She trembled slightly as the towel brushed across her puckered back hole, adding to the delicious feelings already present.


Grabbing her towel, she returned the favor with an appreciative smile on her lovely features.  Her hazel brown eyes, feasted upon her father's muscular chest, idly noting that even at 43, he was in remarkable shape.  She made her way down his flat stomach to his maleness, again dormant and gently dried his testes, feeling their weight in her hands.  Lust tempted Eti to give the large, mushroom-shaped head of his cock a suck but knew she wouldn't stop there - and they had a plane to meet.



Part III, Chapter Two


Sighing, she stood and followed her father out of the bathroom.  "I'll be ready in 15 minutes, Dad," she called to him.  Lorne nodded in reply, searching his closet for something to wear.  As she padded down the hallway to her own room, she remembered the reason which had brought her to his room in the first place.  She had something to tell him, something very important - but Eti had forgotten it in a sweet rush of passion.  Not that it was unwelcome, she thought with a smile - her father was a fantastic lover.  For the last three years, she'd known no one else but him.  She had no regrets at all, only pure love for him.


Standing naked before the full length mirror, she admired her shapely body, noting her large, pendulous breasts and how the dark circles of her areola stood out against the smooth, mocha skin surrounding it.  Slightly erect, her nipples stood out proudly and she ran a finger lightly across one, finding it still very much sensitive.  She continued to examine her body, her eyes coming to rest on her flat tummy.  Eti replaced the smile on her face momentarily with a slight frown, stark reality replacing the cozy, loving feelings.  How was she going to tell her father, her lover, that she was pregnant?


When Eti's period failed to show up as scheduled, she wasn't worried at first; being a day late wasn't unusual for her.  She religiously took her birth control pills and any thoughts of becoming pregnant didn't concern her.  However, after a week had gone by, she began to worry and had stopped at a drug store on the way home from work and picked up a pregnancy test kit.  Etienne had placed the kit on her dressing table, debating whether to use it.


"Maybe I just miscalculated," she thought, glancing up at the calendar adorning one wall.  One date stood out, enclosed in a bold, red circle, an apt reminder of when she was to begin her cycle.  Chasing away her indecisive thoughts, she'd grabbed the kit and headed for the bathroom.  After following the instructions, she waited.


The bright blue indicator that greeted her minutes later sent mixed emotions flowing through her.  "I'm pregnant!" part of her rejoiced.  The more skeptical side of her asked, "How?  We didn't miss a pill!"  The cool, logical side of her provided the obvious answer - her pills failed to do their appointed task.


Eti blinked, bringing her back from her memories.  She sighed, a mixture of happiness and uneasiness coursing along her nervous system.  After coming to terms with her condition, she had gone to tell her father, well, he was going to be a father.  The soon-to-be mother laughed at the silliness that thought invoked, as she remembered going into his room and shaking him awake.  She had been prepared to tell him - but her father had other ideas.  As he pleasured her, all thoughts of talking to him had left, replaced by the delicious feelings he always brought out in her.  Eti smiled again and hurried to get dressed, finally deciding to tell him on the way to the airport.



Part III, Chapter Three


Kymber Levin sat looking out the tiny window of the jet as it prepared to land, thinking of how good it would be to see Lorne and Eti Williams again.  She hadn't seen them since her father's funeral, having left immediately afterwards to live with her aunt in Seattle.  Tears welled up in her eyes as she remembered the horrible nightmare.  The phone call from the police.  A voice informing her of the accident, a head on collision.  Her frantic call to Lorne Williams, the only person she could think of to call and the ride to the hospital.


Then there was the disorienting feeling as the doctor told her the bad news.  She had fainted, barely hearing her words, "I'm so very sorry, Ms. Levin.  We did all we could."


The bump of the giant jetliner landing shook Kymber out of her painful memories as the attendants reminded everyone to stay seated.  Wiping her eyes, she gathered her things and exited the plane into the terminal, searching for a familiar face in the sea of humanity.


*   *   *


Lorne drove to the airport quickly but carefully, chiding himself on making love to Eti again, knowing they'd be late.  If he hadn't learned anything over the last three years, it was resisting her charm was something at which he wasn't very good.  After arriving at the airport and parking the car, Eti and Lorne headed toward the arrival gate as fast as the growing throng would allow.  Etienne spotted Kymber first and called out to her long time friend.  "Kymber!  Over here!" called Eti, waving her hands.


Kymber Levin turned toward the sound of her name.  Upon seeing Eti and Lorne, she waved back and went to meet them.


Etienne greeted her long time friend with a hug pausing only to plant a kiss on her cheek.  "It's good to have you back, " she said while holding the beautiful redhead at arms length.


"It's good to be back," she admitted.  Kymber turned to embrace Lorne.


"It's good to see you, too, Lorne!"


Lorne gave the lithe woman a hug that was more friendly than fatherly.  Although he had worked with her late father, his knowledge of her was more than just a casual one.  As they went to the baggage area, Lorne smiled at his memories of Kymber Levin.  The aftermath of the now-legendary party had changed their lives forever, establishing an intimacy before which he'd never experienced.


Admittedly, he missed his friend and colleague, but the satisfaction of knowing Kymber would be very well taken care of replaced his feelings of loss.  Absently taking the bags off the conveyor, the sound of Eti's melodious voice interrupted Lorne's thoughts.


"We've got the spare room all set up for you," she was saying.  "You won't have to worry about a thing."


Lorne smiled at his daughter's enthusiasm and knew her joy matched his own.  Geoff had left Kymber very well provided for, so money wasn't a problem.  According to the letter he'd received two weeks earlier, Kymber wasn't happy in Seattle and had asked Lorne if she could move in with them.  "You and Eti are the only family I need right now," her words had said.  He replied to her, telling her they would be pleased to have her and, after clearing it with her aunt, they made the move.


They filled the trip home with innocent chatter as the two young women brought each other up to date.  Sparing a glance at Etienne, he thought he noticed something different about her but could not put his finger on it.  Eti, turned almost completely in her seat and facing Kymber, didn't notice his furtive looks.  He dismissed the thought, concentrating on his driving.


Minutes later, he pulled into the driveway.  Eti and Kymber headed toward the house, leaving him to tackle the luggage.  Hands on his hips, he cleared his voice and called out to them.  "Excuse me!  Ladies?"


The two women stopped in mid conversation and looked back at him.  Lorne noticed with some amusement both had identical confused looks on their faces.


"These bags aren't going to move by themselves," he admonished.  Mumbling apologies, they came back to take some smaller bags as Lorne wrestled with the largest ones.  Once inside, he gratefully let the heavy items drop and turned to his charges.


"Eti, show Kymber her room; I'll bring the bags up in a moment," he said while crossing to the answering machine.  After listening to the message, he went to the bottom of the stairs.


"Eti?  Kymber?" he called, opening the door.  "I've got to go to the office for a little while.  Don't wait for me to have dinner."  He barely heard the response as the door closed behind him.


*  *  *


Hearing the car start and drive away, Etienne turned to Kymber, beaming.  "Let's get you settled in first - then we can talk," she said.  Kymber agreed; she had a million questions to ask Eti.  The two women busied themselves with storing Kymber's belongings, limiting their conversation to things like the color of a dress while exchanging opinions on the latest styles.  An hour later, everything was in place and Kymber flopped down across the bed.  Between the long flight and getting the room set up, Kymber was exhausted.  However, it didn't curb her curiosity.


"So, are you and your father still, uh, you know?" she asked.


Etienne looked into Kymber's emerald green eyes as she spoke.  "Yes, we're still lovers.  He's just so good for me that I don't bother with the other men."


"Why not?"


"What could they offer me that he can't?  I mean, look around you.  I have the best of everything!"


Kymber had to agree with this.  This wasn't the same house they had lived in for many years; Lorne, having assumed her father's position, had decided that they needed a home that matched their new status.  If the rest of the house is as beautiful as this room, she thought, it must really be something.  She was drawn back to Eti, who was still talking.


"I have a job and love and happiness in my life.  Daddy is so attentive and not just in bed."  Eti's look of contentment spoke volumes.  "We go places and do things we never had time to do before.  Why waste my time on some inexperienced guy, never knowing if I can love or trust him?  No, all we need is each other."  Eti reached down and touched her friend's hand.


"Oh, and you, if you're willing."


Surprise took Kymber aback momentarily, not completely understanding what Eti was saying.  Eti saw the confusion written across her friend's creamy complexion and offered an explanation.


"Daddy and I talked about this last week.  Let's face it.  You aren't exactly strangers to each other."


Kymber nodded, understanding the reference.


Etienne continued.  "I guess what I'm trying to say is we love you very much and, speaking for both of us, we'd be happy if you'd join our little family."


This was more than the young woman could have ever hoped for!  She could feel the tears beginning to fall down her cheeks.  "I don't know what to say. . .," she stammered.


Eti sat next to Kymber and held her.  "Just say  yes'," she said, lifting Kymber's chin and kissing her gently.


Kymber returned the kiss, her tongue darting into the other woman's inviting mouth.  A new feeling of fresh excitement replaced her fatigue as she allowed herself to be pressed onto the bed.  Their kisses became more intense as their hands started to explore each other's bodies.


"I've missed you," murmured Eti, her hands deftly unbuttoning Kymber's blouse to expose her firm, full breasts.  Kymber could only lay back as Eti undid the lacy material of her bra, freeing the twin globes of flesh, her nipples hardening as the cool air of the room brushed across them - only to be replaced by the warm wetness of Eti's mouth.  Kymber gasped as the other woman's tongue flicked across the turgid button of flesh.


Eti relished the feel of Kymber's nipple between her lips, savoring the salty taste of the other woman's skin, feeling her own passions stirring as she immersed herself in the sweet flesh.


The two women paused just long enough to completely shed their restrictive clothing.  Once naked, Eti gathered Kymber into her arms, nibbling on the hot redhead's delicately shaped earlobe.  As Eti's warm, moist breath sent more chills through her, Kymber busied herself with teasing Eti's large nipples until they were both quite erect and begging for more attention.


The afternoon sunlight bathed the two lovers with its warmth as the room quickly filled with the sounds of their passion.  Kymber positioned her bottom over Etienne's open mouth feeling a sharp thrill coursing through her as she felt the first probing of the other's tongue.  Eti lapped at the swelling pussy lips, her tongue parting the shock of red pubic hair covering Kymber's hidden entrance to flick teasingly across the sensitive clitoral bud, causing Kymber's knees to buckle slightly.  Giving in to the sensations offered by her lifelong friend, Kymber lowered her own mouth to Eti's dark bush to capture the large clitoris protruding prominently from between the shrouded cunt lips, feeling her own excitement increase as she captured it, feeling it grow harder as her tongue flew over the exposed head.


They sucked at each other with urgency as each remembered the little things which  pleased the other.  As Eti buried her tongue deeply into the gyrating flesh above her, she reached around and slowly inserted her slender finger into Kymber's ass while filling her dripping pussy with her thumb, smiling inwardly as she felt her friend's twin orifices spasm at the sudden invasion, causing the lust-filled woman to gasp.


Kymber ground her overheated sex onto Eti face as she went careening into her first orgasm, drenching the other woman's face with hot liquid.  "Oh, yes!  Yes!", she cried out as Eti's busy fingers coaxed another nerve shattering wave of pleasure out of her.  "Oh, take it, take it all!"


Etienne paused for a moment to catch her breath, giving Kymber the opening she was looking for to return the favor as she recaptured Eti's clit, sucking on it hard.  Her head moved furiously as she licked and nibbled at Eti's steaming flesh, causing the darker woman's hips to buck uncontrollably.


"This...  is...  oh, my...  so...  oh, good!" stammered Eti as Kymber brought her to the brink and shoved her over, the intense waves of pleasure crashing over her repeatedly.  As Eti gushed stream after stream of love juice, Kymber quickly inserted two fingers inside the orgasming woman, plunging them in and out of her just as fast as she could.  Etienne rewarded Kymber with another shower of juices, feeling them flow hotly over her hand.


Kymber rolled off an exhausted Eti, who was still trembling slightly in the aftershocks of orgasm and lay next to her, stopping along the way to suck a nipple between her lips and causing another bout of trembling.  Kymber leaned over and kissed Eti deeply.


"You don't know how much I've missed you," she whispered to Eti, who was smiling even as she drifted off to sleep.  Finding herself just as drained, Kymber snuggled up next to Etienne, thinking "It's good to be home. . . "


*   *   *


It was late when Lorne returned home.  Upon entering the house, he immediately noticed how quiet it was.  Concerned, he went looking for his daughter and friend.  After checking the pool and kitchen, he went upstairs to Etienne's room - and found it empty.  The scientist scratched his head, wondering where they could have gone, since Eti's car was still in the garage.  On a hunch, he went to Kymber's room.  Peeking into the open doorway, the sight of the two naked, sleeping women greeted him.


Obviously, they had found something to do while he was gone.  Lorne found it exciting seeing them entwined together, feeling his cock begin to stir.  Sighing, he covered the sleeping beauties and left the room, closing the door gently behind him.



Part III, Chapter Four


Eti woke up finding herself unable to move.  Only partially aware of her surroundings, she tried to move the weight pressing against her, a moment of panic running through her as the weight shifted against her.  Cautiously, she opened her eyes, blinking against the harsh sunlight streaming into the room and her panic deepened.


"Where am I?" she asked herself.  "This isn't my room..."  Realization dawned on her and she looked to her right and saw Kymber dozing peacefully, her arms draped across Eti's mid-section.  The panic subsided as she recalled the events of - last night?  Clearing the last dregs of sleep from her brain, she gingerly moved Kymber's arm, causing her to stir slightly and rose from the bed to look at the clock.


"Ten in the morning," she mumbled to herself as she stretched.  "Good thing today's Saturday."  Now fully awake, Eti went to awaken her friend.  "Hey," she called gently, not wanting to startle her.  "Time to get up, lazy."  No response came from the prone beauty, so she shook her.  "Kymber?"


Kymber greeted her with a muffled grunt, so she shook her harder.  "Kymber!  Wake up!"  This time, she could hear the young woman mutter, "Yeah, yeah.  I'm up."  Satisfied, Eti left her friend's side and looked around the room, spotting the remaining unpacked baggage.  As Eti padded to the bathroom, she could hear Kymber sitting up.


"Ooh, what time is it?" asked the groggy redhead as she stood, her legs not quite ready to hold her.  "Did we sleep all night?"


"Looks like it," Eti called out over the sound of running water.  "Come on, let's get cleaned up and tell Dad the good news!"


Kymber's reflection in the mirror frowned back at her.  "News?  What... oh.  THAT news.  Eti?"


"Huh?" came the reply.


"Thanks for caring."


As Kymber entered the bathroom, Eti playfully threw a towel at her.  "We figured that, well, after all that's happened, you should be happy again."  She looked into Kymber emerald green eyes.  "Besides, we love you, Kymmie.  Now, into the shower with you!  I'll meet you downstairs in twenty minutes."


Watching the lithe Black woman leave the room, she couldn't shake the sudden feeling there was something different about Etienne.  Not being able to put her finger on it, she shrugged and stepped into the shower.



Part III, Chapter Five


Lorne looked up from his newspaper as Kymber and Eti bounded down the stairs.  "Well, it's about time," he said.  "I was beginning to think you two would sleep the day away.  There's coffee in the kitchen if you want it."


"Later, Dad," replied Eti.  "Kymmie said yes!"  Lorne looked from Eti, who was all smile, to Kymber who looked embarrassed but positive.


Putting the paper down, he folded his hands before speaking.  "We thought about this for a long time, Kym.  It was obvious to me just how close the two of you are.  I know how important you are to her."  Clearing his throat nervously, he continued.


"And, uh, there were my own feelings to think of."


Lorne remembered the night of the party and the months which followed, privately relishing the other time he had made love to the redheaded bombshell.


*   *   *


Kymber had come by looking for Etienne one evening, a week following the now-infamous party.  Lorne remembered the mixed feelings of embarrassment and excitement as he told the incredibly beautiful young woman that Eti wasn't home.


"I don't know when she'll be back," he had said.  "Do you want to wait for her?" he added hopefully, remembering his first experience with this lovely creature.


Kymber was nervous.  "I suppose I can wait for a little while," she said, painfully aware of the feelings this man instilled in her.


The two of them sat across from each other, neither wanting to be the first to speak.  Finally, Lorne spoke.


"Well!  I haven't seen you since the party."


This caused the young woman to look up sharply, her embarrassment showing clearly as the blush spread quickly across her face.


"Ah, well, yeah.  Dr. Williams... ," she stuttered.


"Lorne, please."


"Okay, uh, Lorne.  That was really some party huh?"  Kymber was dying to tell him why she was really there.


Clearing his throat and looking around the room, Lorne nervously replied, "Sure was.  How have you been since I last saw you?"  He winced slightly, remembering the last time he saw her, he was fucking her.  Hoping to clean up his gaff, he took a deep breath and said, "Sorry, Kymber."


"That's all right, Doctor - uh, Lorne."  With an easiness she didn't feel, she climbed out on a metaphorical limb.  "You were really something."


Clearly flustered, Lorne said.  "Uh, yeah.  Thanks."


The room grew quiet again - you could feel the tension in the air as they tried to avoid looking at each other.






"I didn't actually come over to see Eti."


"Really?  Why are you here?"


"I, um, came to see you."


Lorne shifted uncomfortably in his chair and tried to hide the erection making a tent in his pants.  The thought of making love to this young beauty again was more than he could have hoped for.  He smiled back at Kymber.


"Do I have to ask why?", he quipped, hoping they were sharing the same thoughts.


Kymber glanced back at him, her embarrassment causing her to turn a deeper shade of red.  Although he had shifted his position in the chair, she could still see the huge bulge of his erection straining against his clothing.  The damp heat between her legs made her squirm uncomfortably.


"This is stupid," Lorne thought and came to a decision.  Standing, he held out his hand to Kymber.  "I don't think we need to say anymore, do we?"


Excited further by the huskiness of his voice, Kymber shook her head and, taking his hand, allowed Lorne to lead her upstairs.  As she entered the bedroom behind him, she thought "I can't believe I'm doing this!"  Lorne interrupted any further thoughts as the handsome Black doctor's lips closed on hers, his tongue probing her mouth gently, but with an urgency which wouldn't be denied.  She inhaled his scent deeply, feeling the heat building inside her, clinging to him tightly as his lips caressed her neck.


Kymber felt herself lifted by strong arms as Lorne carried her to the bed.  He stood over her for a moment, his coffee-black eyes locked onto hers as he began to undress her.  Kymber tingled in anticipation as he removed her blouse and bra, massaging the firm flesh with his hands, before peeling away her skirt.  Clad only in sea-green silk panties, she watched as Lorne removed his shirt, absently licking her lips at the sight of his hairless chest.


Lorne undressed quickly, glad to have his swollen manhood finally free from its cloth prison, eased himself into Kymber's open arms.  Their lips met again, turning up the heat another notch.  Moving down her body, he flicked his tongue across each nipple in turn, causing the fleshy buttons to grow harder, before continuing down across her flat stomach.  Kymber's breathing was becoming faster as she felt his tongue slip under the waistband of her panties.  She reached down to remove them; Lorne stopped her.


"No, don't," he whispered, pressing her back gently.  He could feel the heat of her sex through the flimsy material as he nuzzled her mound, rubbing his face against the spreading patch of wetness there.  Her scent was musky and intoxicating as he exposed the tangle of flaming red hair, snaking his tongue between the puffy lips.  Kymber spread her long legs wider, giving him greater access to her center as he lapped the tangy, salty dewdrops from her, increasing the flames of passion which were threatening to consume her.


With a smooth motion, Lorne turned himself.  Placing one hand under her bottom and lifting her, he removed the thin material surrounding her sex.  He lifted her to his mouth and drank deeply of her essence, his tongue covering every square inch of her overheated flesh.  She began thrusting her hips against his hot mouth as he sucked her enlarged, clitoris, running his tongue in quick circles around the sensitive head.  Kymber was breathing harder and faster as he fucked his tongue inside her, feeling his invading flesh spreading her with its passage before returning to savage her clit.


As Lorne drove a pair of crossed fingers into her steaming cave, Kymber reached up, filling her hand with his throbbing erection.  She pulled the head toward her waiting mouth using her tongue to wipe the large, crystal-clear dewdrop from the slit of his cock before clamping her mouth around the bulbous head.  Lorne gasped at the new sensation and doubled his efforts, feeling the delicious heat and wetness of her mouth.


Kymber sucked on the spongy head of his shaft, enjoying the feel of it.  Working her way down the thick shaft, her tongue traced along the large veins that ran the full length of him, cupping sac feeling the delightful heaviness there.  She could feel his tongue and fingers working in concert to push her over the edge.  As she came, she ground herself against him, riding out the pleasure wave he masterfully created within her.


Lorne was having his own problems.  Between Kymber's twitching spurting love center and the maddening ache in his balls, he was beyond reason.  He slowly wiped the back of his hand across his face, wet with her copious flow and positioned himself at her entrance.


"Yes, yes!" she cried.  "Give it to me!"  She punctuated her demands by jerking her hips upwards to meet his thick shaft, giving a squeal of delight as his cock knob split her sex.  Lorne groaned in ecstasy as he slid deep into her until he felt the entrance to her womb.  Once fully impaled, he stopped, savoring the delicious tightness that surrounded him.  He could feel the tremors that ran through the stretched inner walls against his hot shaft.  Kymber's wide green eyes were wild with lust as she dug her fingers into his back.


"No!  No!  Don't stop now!" she moaned feverishly.  "Finish it...  finish me!"


Lorne withdrew until just the head remained inside her before plunging deep inside her.  Feeling crazed with lust, he filled her tightness repeatedly with long strokes that slurped obscenely with their combined juices.  He could feel Kymber bucking under him wildly as she succumbed to her second orgasm, her eyes screwed tightly shut against the onslaught of pleasure.  Unable to withstand the incredible pressure building inside his seed-filled sac, he rammed into her yielding flesh as his cock swelled inside her.


A brilliant flash of white light flashed behind his eyes as he erupted inside her, spilling his seed into her in great spurts.  Each pulse sent an intense current of pleasure through him, overloading his tortured senses as he emptied his love into Kymber. . .


*   *   *


"...glad that you both feel this way.  I know I'll be very happy here." Kymber's words snapped Lorne out of his daydream.  Etienne was looking at him closely, having noticed the glazed look that fell over him a moment ago.  "What was he thinking about?" she wondered.


"Yes, well, welcome to the family!", he managed to say, his voice a little thick.  "Okay!  If there's nothing else, I've got some work to do.  I'll see you two later."


Lorne Williams left the room - a bit too quick, thought Eti.  Turning to her "sister," she asked.  "What do you want to do after we eat?", watching until she heard the patio door slide closed.  Before Kymber could answer, Eti silenced her with a finger across her lips.


"There's something we have to discuss," she whispered.



Part III, Chapter Six


"You're what!"  Kymber sat in the chair so hard her teeth clicked.  "Pregnant?  How..."  Realizing the silliness of her question, Kymber shook her head.  "Does your father know?"


Etienne had been smiling - right until that question.  Sighing, she sat on the edge of her bed.  "No," she replied.  "I haven't told him yet."  Kymber could see that Eti was having trouble deciding how and when she was going to tell her father that, well, he was going to be a father.


"What are you waiting for?"


"Oh, I don't know!  I don't know how he's going to react and, frankly, I'm afraid."


Kymber moved to sit next to her.  "Listen.  You want me to tell him?", she asked, knowing Eti would prefer to tell him herself - but also letting Eti know she didn't have to face the announcement alone.


Eti smiled.  "No - but thanks anyway.  Hey, I appreciate the offer, though."


"How far along are you?"


"As close as I can figure it, two months.  I've got an appointment to see Dr. Edwards on Tuesday and I suppose she'll tell me all the details then."


"Oh, Eti!  I'm so happy for you!"  Kymber said as she leaned over to hug the new mother-to-be.


Sighing, Etienne said, "Now the only thing I have to do is tell Dad."  Without warning, Eti began to giggle.


"What's so funny?"


"Oh, nothing!"  More giggles.  "I'm having my father's baby.  Does this mean I'm giving birth to my own brother or sister - and is he a father and grandfather, too?"  Peals of laughter erupted from Etienne and, after thinking about it, Kymber joined in the laughter.


"So, - a giggle - are you going to tell him?"


Etienne wiped the tears from her eyes.  "After dinner," she sniffed.  Regaining their composure, the two women looked at each other.  And burst out laughing...



Part III, Chapter Seven


In the yard, Lorne had just finished mowing the lawn when he heard the hysterical laughter flowing from Etienne's room.  Puzzled, he wondered what they'd found so funny - and gave up after a few moments.  He shook his head, thinking no matter how old they got, girls would always be girls.


Putting the mower away, he went to the kitchen and poured himself a glass of lemonade, the tangy sweetness sending a rush of coolness through him as he drained and refilled the glass.  He sat at the table and pondered the situation.


On one side there's Etienne.  Though they'd been lovers for three years, it never failed to amaze him at how natural and right it felt, especially since she resembled her mother in so many ways.  It had taken him a while to get used to their incestuous relationship but he managed, remembering Eti's words to him.


"Dad, I know I could never replace Mom.  I know how much she meant to you.  Nevertheless, we have each other now and, since we have this love, things could never be wrong."


On the other side, there's Kymber.  He knew that she'd need all the love and support she could get now that Geoff was gone.  Lewdly, he thought that having two hot and desirable women around would be fun.  Just the mere thought of doing both of them had his cock stirring.


*   *   *


They filled dinner with the usual small talk found at most tables - except the topics were quite different.  Kymber, having spent the afternoon unpacking and putting away stuff, was regaling Etienne with her version of the second time she and Lorne had made love.  Lorne was doing his best ostrich impression as Eti looked at him with astonishment written on her lovely visage.


"Dad," she said with mock sternness.  "You never told me about you and Kymber.  You dirty old man!"  Eti got up, taking empty plates to the sink.  "Hmpf.  Let you out of my sight for one moment and what happens?"  Kymber was doing her best not to add to Lorne's plight by laughing.


"And you, young lady," Eti said, waggling a finger at her friend.  "Once wasn't enough for you, eh?  I just don't know what to do with you!"


Lorne couldn't resist.  "You didn't say that last night, now did you?"  Kymber blushed - a dark crimson - and Eti was speechless.  "Hm," he chuckled, "Obviously not."  He ducked as a dish towel went sailing over his head and beat a hasty retreat to the living room with Eti and Kymber hot on his heels. Lorne came to an abrupt stop and threw up his hands.  "I surrender!"


Eti and Kymber took seats on the plush sofa while Lorne made himself comfortable in his favorite chair.  "So, ladies!  What's on the agenda for this evening?  Anyone up for a movie?"


The two young women exchanged looks.  "Well?" asked Kymber.  "What are you waiting for?"  Eti remained silent.


Lorne looked from one to the other before asking, "What's going on?"  In the silence which followed, he watched as Kymber was gesturing frantically in Eti's direction while the latter really looked as if she'd rather be somewhere else.


A hint of sternness crept into his voice.  "Okay, out with it.  Is there something I should know?"


"I'll say," Kymber mysteriously replied.


Etienne finally spoke.  "Dad, there's something I have to tell you."  Lorne crossed his arms and waited for her to continue.


"Dad, do you love me?"


"Of course, Peaches.  Why do you ask?"  Lorne was beginning to get the feeling he wasn't going to like the answer.


"I just wanted to know.  That's all."  Kymber rolled her eyes to look at the ceiling.


"Now, why don't I believe you?"


Kymber jumped in.  "You want me to tell him?"  Etienne shook her head vigorously.


"Tell me what?", asked Lorne, his confusion growing.


Etienne looked directly at her father.  "She wants to know if I want her to tell you... that I'm pregnant."


As if he didn't hear her, he said, "You're what?"


"Pregnant."  Eti slid closer to Kymber, who put an arm around her.


Realization hit Lorne like the proverbial ton of bricks.  "Pregnant.  Pregnant!? Oh, Lord..."


Kymber was smiling.  "Isn't it wonderful?"


Clearly rocked by this announcement, Lorne stood and began pacing the spacious room.  His emotions were running wild, sending him careening from one extreme to another at the speed of thought.


"Pregnant," he repeated absently.  He looked up.  "But, how..., I mean, your pills..."


"They didn't work," Eti supplied, her worried expression speaking volumes.


Lorne sat on the arm of the chair, his face reflecting the shock of Eti's announcement.  "I don't know what to say," he said with great uncertainty.  "I'm not sure how I feel right now," he confessed.  "This is a great moment, but..."  He turned to face his daughter.  "Honey, are you sure?"


Eti, regaining her composure, nodded.  "Yes, I'm sure.  I've got an appointment with Dr. Edwards.  I hope you're not angry with me."


"Angry?  No, Peaches!  I'm not angry.  I'm just... surprised!"  Lorne crossed to where Eti and Kymber were sitting.  Kneeling, he held Eti's hands, feeling them tremble.  "However, I can't think about that right now.  There are more important matters to discuss."


"Like how I'm going to explain being pregnant to everyone, right?"  As far as anyone knew, Eti wasn't seeing anyone socially.


"Making sure that we have a healthy baby, too."  Both Kymber and Eti nodded at this.  As a geneticist, Lorne was all too aware of the possibility of genetic defects occurring.  Over the last year, Lorne had done as much research as he could on the subject of incest.  One thing he learned was incestual pregnancies did not always produce genetic monstrosities.  He even found an incest help line on the Internet and finding their advice and support more than helpful, corresponded with them frequently to gain useful information which eventually helped them become the loving family they were now.


Kymber spoke.  "Well!  Now that it's out in the open, what can I do to help?"


Both Lorne and Etienne smiled at Kymber.  "For a start, " Eti began, "You can go with me to the doctor's office - then we can go shopping!"  As the ladies discussed their plans, Lorne stood and looked around the room, thinking of how pleasant having a baby in the house again would be.


"This calls for a celebration," he declared.  "Where should we go and what should we do?"



Part III, Chapter Eight


Etienne felt vulnerable as the speculum invaded her, wincing at the discomfort as it opened her for inspection.


"Okay, that part's done," came Dr. Edwards' voice.  "You can relax for a moment."


"You know, I really hate this," Eti said, her voice tight.  She tried to adjust her position in the stirrups to make herself as comfortable as possible.


"I know you do, dear.  Now be still.  I'll be done in a moment."  Donning a pair of gloves, Dr. Edwards began her internal exam.  After what was an eternity, Eti felt the hand withdraw, followed by the sound of gloves coming off.  She was relieved when Dr. Edwards removed the speculum, leaving her strangely empty and a bit queasy.


"Well, there's no doubt that you're going to have a baby.  Congratulations are in order.  Everything looks and feels fine."


Struggling to sit up, Etienne asked "How far along am I?"


"Oh, I'd say about three months, give or take a day or two.  We'll know more when the rest of the tests come back.  We should schedule you for an ultrasound in another few weeks."


Eti listened to the doctor's voice as she dressed while thinking there was a lot to remember when you're pregnant - appointments, vitamins, diet, exercise, the delivery date, things to do before and after...  The list was growing every day!


The doctor continued.  "You've been pretty lucky not having morning sickness, so I won't have to prescribe anything for nausea.  Are there any other questions?"


"No, I think you've answered most of them.  See you in a couple of weeks!"


After dropping Kymber off at home, Eti drove to the lab.  She couldn't help thinking about how her life was changing.  Already, she could feel the changes her body was undergoing; her breasts were fuller, heavier and much more sensitive than usual.  She thought having her father or Kymber sucking on her nipples would be quite an experience.  Eti absently patted her stomach as if confirming the presence of the bulge growing there.


She remembered the doctor's words about how her moods may rapidly change from one moment to the next because of the hormonal changes taking place inside her.  While sitting at a traffic light, she closed her eyes and could somehow sense the child growing in her womb.


As she pulled into the lab's parking complex, Etienne reminded herself that she'd have to put in for maternity leave and to leave a message with Kathy in human relations.  She allowed herself a wry grin, thinking to have a baby sure meant filing out a lot of forms!  Stepping off the elevator, Kymber and the other women she worked with greeted Eti - and the looks on their faces told her a certain green-eyed redhead had let the cat out of the bag.


As they gathered around Eti to offer their congratulations, she gave Kymber a withering stare.  Kymber smiled and shrugged.  "Sorry, Eti - I just couldn't keep it to myself!"  When everyone returned to their tasks, Eti motioned Kymber into an empty office.


"Kymmie," she began, "I'm not mad - it's just that I don't want to have to answer a lot of questions about, ahem, who the father is, if you know what I mean."  Etienne could tell by Kymber's shocked expression she hadn't thought about that.


"Oh, no!  I just forgot!"


Before the emerald-eyed beauty could start kicking herself, Eti said, "Hey!  Don't do this to yourself - no harm, no foul, okay?"  She gave her friend a quick hug.  "We'll talk about it on the way home."


*   *   *


Eti was relaxing in the passenger seat as Kymber navigated through the rush hour traffic.  The reception at the office and plans for a baby shower had prompted many questions about the father of the baby.  Eti had done her best to deflect most of the questions, telling her coworkers his identity wasn't important.  Eti knew her evasiveness would spark many a rumor and, eventually, her father would hear of them.


Eti sighed, knowing her father would be concerned about these rumors - but she thought it could work to their advantage.  The people at the lab would be so busy trying to identify the mystery father that no one would suspect Lorne.


Kymber broke through her thinking.  "Eti, I'm really sorry about this.  You know I didn't do it on purpose."


"I know, I know.  We have to be careful; if anyone were to find out, my God, there would be more trouble than we could ever deal with."  Kymber nodded somberly, lapsing into silence.


Secretly, she envied Etienne's condition; she had tried getting pregnant by her father - but the accident had made sure it would never happen.  Tears welled in her eyes as she thought about the last time they had made love.  Kymber had recognized how the party had changed her life.  There was the love growing inside her for Lorne Williams; the handsome Black man had awakened something within her.  Thus, Kymber had planned her visit to see him.  She had left Lorne feeling more in love with him, her craving for him momentarily sated.


*   *   *


Alone in her room, she undressed and stretched out across the bed, concentrating on the feeling deep inside her, warm like a banked coal.  Her fingers went to her mound and spread her ample lips there.  A delicious tingle fluttered through her as her fingers touched the still-sensitive bud of her clitoris.  As she was about to explore further, she heard a tap at her door.  "Hi, Dad," she called out.


Geoff Levin stuck his head in.  "Hi, Kymmie - I thought I heard you come in."  Entering the room, noticing her state of undress.  "Am I interrupting something?"  Taking in her firm young body caused a stirring inside him.


"No, Dad," she answered.  "I was just laying here thinking."


"About what, Princess?"


"Lorne Williams.  I just came from his house."


"Really?  How's Eti?"


"I don't know; she wasn't there."


"Then, why..."  Geoff began, feeling a brief pang of jealousy.


"I think you know why," was the shameless reply.


"I see."  Despite his calm statement, a seed of hot passion was growing inside him as he thought about his friend and his daughter.


Kymber propped herself up on her elbows, hearing the tone of his voice.  "Oh, Daddy, please don't be upset."


"I thought that, well, after the party we, um..."


"Daddy, I love you and we've been having some great fun together, but I love him, too."


Geoff sighed as he sat next to his flame-haired daughter.  "I think I understand.  Was it worth it?"


"Daddy, he was magnificent!"  Tactfully, she added.  "He makes me feel the same way you do!"  It hadn't been hard to figure out the older Levin's feelings were stinging.  Her words worked as Geoff relaxed.  "Oh, come here!" she said, opening her arms.


Geoff fell into her warm embrace and they kissed.  He reached between them and began kneading the creamy, fleshy globes of her breasts, running his thumbs across the stiffening buds of her nipples.


"Ooooh that feels good," the younger Levin cooed, feeling the warmth spreading through her.  Her own hand had found the growing bulge in his pants and she gave it a loving squeeze.  Geoff raised himself slightly to help Kymber undo his pants, never taking his mouth from the nipple he was teasing with his teeth.


"Ah, there it is!" she exclaimed as her father's erection popped free, the head red and angry-looking as it continued to fill with his hot blood.  Geoff let out a groan of displeasure as Kymber sat up, her nipple falling from between his lips.  Bending her head to his phallus, Kymber noted while not as thick and long as Lorne's, it was just as beautiful.  She lowered her mouth to him, her tongue flicking around the knob and feeling him throb in her hand.


"Oh, baby," he moaned as she slipped more of his cock into her luscious, wet mouth.  Opening his eyes slightly, he took in the sight of Kymber's head bobbing.  As she sucked him, Kymber's thick red hair moved like flowing lava.  Her lips formed a tight seal which sent wave after wave of pleasure through him.  He reached out and grabbed her leg, signaling to her allow him some fun.


Kymber complied, lowering her now-drenched pussy onto his face.  She was still tender from her session with Lorne and it just added to her excitement.  Even the light touches of his breath were enough to drive her insane.  Geoff nuzzled his face into her hot sex, tasting the juices flowing from her.  He could taste the remnants of Lorne's seed and it excited him further as he drove his tongue into the flesh of his flesh, causing her to grind her bottom against his face.


Father and daughter sucked and licked at each other, both lost in their private pleasure.  Geoff had found Kymber's erect clit, idly thinking how small it was compared to Etienne Williams'.  He could see it protruding from its sheath, pulsing with every beat of her heart and went back to sucking it.  Gently at first, then with great urgency, he tongued her love button.  Kymber gasped at the sudden attack and lifted her mouth from him, rocking her firm ass against him while holding on to his erect member.


"Yes, yes," she hissed.  "Suck me!"  Geoff responded by increasing his speed and inserting a finger into his daughter's pussy.  "Ooh, Daddy, I'm gonna do it!"  Geoff braced himself, feeling her canal contracting against his finger.  "NO!" she screamed as her orgasm claimed her, the juice flowing from her.  She collapsed, feeling the throbbing heat of his cock against her cheek.  "Don't stop, don't stopdon'tstopdon't..." 


She lapsed into silence as the second wave flowed over her.  Geoff face was wet and abraded from the thick growth of auburn as she ground her sex into his face, cutting off his breathing for a moment.  A moment of delicious panic hit him as the young beauty continued to ride his mouth, her words inaudible with his head trapped firmly between her legs.


Realizing his plight, Kymber reluctantly removed her steaming pussy from his face.  "Sorry," she muttered as she positioned herself over his rod.  Geoff was gasping for breath as, in one swift movement, his daughter impaled herself on his maleness.


"Your turn," she said, smiling evilly.  Without giving him a chance to recover, she began riding his stiff pole, slamming down on it until their pubic bones ground together.  "Oh, yeah," she sighed, as she leaned forward to allow her father to fill her hot flesh.  The feeling of being spread open delighted her as she listened to the wet sounds their bodies were making.


"Come on, give it to me," she said.  "Give me your sperm, Daddy."


Geoff was doing his best to hold back, never wanting the moment to end.  However, she was too hot and wet, clenching her vaginal muscles against his thickness and Geoff knew he'd be unable to hold back the tide.


"Fill me with it - come on - cream me!"  Her pleas were becoming more strident as she pounded her bottom against him, her breasts jiggling crazily.


Geoff could feel his sac tighten, an almost painful sensation.  His cock grew thick inside her and the first spurts of his love began to jet from him.  "Yes!" Kymber squealed as she felt the hot sticky fluid coat her insides.  Geoff grimaced as his cock continued to pulse inside her - he had never experienced such an intense orgasm before.


Without warning, Kymber rose from him and plunged her mouth over his still-spasming tool, catching the last few spurts of cream on her tongue.  She savored the saltiness of his essence as she swallowed the pearly fluid.


*   *   *


"You missed the turn."


"Huh?"  Etienne's voice had startled Kymber.  "I did what?"


She turned to find Etienne staring at her, a whimsical look on her face.  "The turn into the development.  You missed it."


"Oh, hell," she said, the embarrassment causing her to blush.  She pulled over, looked around, and made an U-turn.  "I don't know what I was thinking about," she said, more to herself than to her passenger.


Eti was smiling broadly.  "I don't know either, but it had to be something.  Are you okay?"


Her blush deepened.  "Yeah, I'm okay."  Kymber drove up the driveway in silence.  She pulled into the garage and killed the engine.


Lorne entered the garage.  "Is everything okay?" he asked.  "I saw you drive by and wondered if anything was wrong."


Eti was laughing.  "I think somebody was a million miles away, thinking nasty thoughts.  You should have seen her nipples!  They were about to tear a hole in her blouse!"


Kymber flashed Eti a "later for you" look.  "They were not!" she protested.


Lorne looked at both women, scratching his head.  "Come on inside - dinner's ready."  The two lovlies followed him, giggling.


After dinner, Lorne listening patiently as Etienne told him of her visit with Dr. Edwards.  "That's good news," he said.  "Did she ask about whom the father is?"  Concern etched his dark features.


"Not really," Eti answered.  "She was more concerned with making sure everything was fine."


As the two talked and made plans for the new arrival, Kymber was beginning to hatch a plan of her own.



Part III, Chapter Nine


Kymber gasped in delight as the thick, unyielding tool penetrated her deeply.  She looked up into the brown eyes of her lover and smiled appreciatively.  "Oh, this is too much," she said as Lorne slid deeper into her steaming snatch.  Beside her, Etienne watched intently as her father pleasured the sensuous redhead.  She sighed with contentment, feeling her father's seed trickling from her.  He had, moments earlier, taken her from behind, bringing her quickly to orgasm while flooding her with his thick, gooey spunk.  Being seven months pregnant and not wanting to do any damage, Eti found she really enjoyed being loved in this position.


Now sated, she watched as her father's thick cock was pounding Kymber.  Eti leaned over and captured a nipple, causing Kymber to moan loudly and feeling Kymber's body rocked each time Lorne thrust into her.  Kymber was thinking she'd never been loved so much in her life as the grunting, sweating man filled her pussy, spreading her wide.  An orgasm shot through her, taking her completely by surprise.  Her mouth opened, only to be filled with Eti's tongue.


As they kissed, Kymber reached out and touched the swollen curves of Eti's stomach, thinking of how sexy it felt.  Etienne broke the kiss, feeling the warm touch of Kymber's hand.  Rising, she dangled her milk-filled breast before the emerald-eyed beauty, offering her open lips a nipple.  Kymber lifted her head to it and sucked into her mouth - and was rewarded with a splash of milk, which she drank greedily.  Etienne moaned lowly as Kymber suckled her, feeling warm and loved.  She freed her nipple, hearing Kymber's groan of protest and changed her position.


Eti offered Kymber a view of her distended belly as the mother-to-be lowered her freshly fucked pussy onto her mouth.  Kymber lapped at the sperm that was still leaking from the gaping pink slash before sucking that large and lovely clit into her mouth.  Eti cooed with contentment, leaning forward to plant a wet kiss on her father's lips as he worked inside Kymber.


The three lovers moved together, filling the room with the sounds of their passion.  Eti's orgasm crashed into her senses, causing her hot juices to splash against the energetic mouth under her.  Again sated, she rolled carefully off Kymber's juice-drenched face and knelt to kiss the glistening droplets from her flushed cheeks.


Lorne's senses were near an overload at the sight before him.  He continued to plow into Kymber's snatch with stuttering strokes as he approached the climax.  He let out a groan as he felt his cock swell inside the tight, hot woman, his seed spilling into her copiously.


"Ahhhhhhh!" he cried as jet after jet of pearly spunk flowed from him, painting Kymber vaginal walls with love.  Feeling the spasming maleness inside her, Kymber clamped down on his tool with her vaginal muscles - as Eti suggested - wringing another cry of pleasure from Lorne, who was beginning to grow soft inside her.


Drained, Lorne withdrew and flopped down between the two women.  "I am truly blessed," he said as they snuggled next to him.  Exhausted, Lorne and Eti drifted off into a blissful sleep, but Kymber remained awake, nestled in the comforting embrace of Lorne's arm.


"This should do it," she thought, feeling Lorne's seed trickling from her.  For a moment, she felt guilty; she had deliberately stopped taking her birth control pills some time ago, finally succumbing to the twinge of jealousy she experienced whenever she looked at Etienne.  Guilt was joined by its cousin, Selfishness, causing Kymber to shiver slightly.  She wanted to share in the obvious joy Etienne was experiencing in her pregnancy.


Not that Lorne was focusing solely on his pregnant daughter; he would consistently shower both of them with equal attention and love.  Kymber wanted to show her love in another way, however.  So far, Lorne had given her more than she could ever hope for:  love, security, tenderness and, oh, yes, plenty of hot, delicious sex.  Now she wanted to give him something in return.


She looked across the expanse of Lorne's chest to her friend, sister, and lover.  Kymber had at first been reluctant to reveal her plan to Etienne, fearing that the other would react badly.  It surprised Kymber when Eti agreed that it would be the perfect gift for Kymber to give him.


"It would make you happier, wouldn't it?" Eti had asked while secretly wondering what had taken Kymber so long in deciding to have her father's baby.


"I look at you every day, see your happiness, and want it for myself, too."  Kymber looked into her friend's hazel eyes.  "If I'm being selfish, I'm sorry."  She shook her head, causing her thick red mane to cascade across her shoulders.


Eti had reached out and toyed with the flame-red ringlets.  "No, Kymmie, I don't think you're being selfish.  You love him just as much as I do."


Lorne's gentle snoring brought Kymber to the here and now.  Silently, she prayed that after all the times they'd made love, this would be the time which would allow her to present the man she loved with the fruits of her womb.  She remembered her frustration as month after month, her cycle would start, signaling that her efforts had, so far, failed.  Eti and Kymber planned this night of love, both women knowing that Kymber next cycle was due to begin within the next couple of days.  Kymber drifted off to sleep, her last thought being one of hope for the future.



Part III, Chapter Ten


"Hurry up, will you?", said Eti, going into Kymber's bathroom.  Kymber was sitting on the edge of the bathtub, looking sad as she held the tray of the home test.  Immediately, Etienne's heart fell.  They had both been certain Kymber had conceived, especially since Kymber was now a week late.


"Oh, babe," she said as she eased her bulky form next to Kymber.  "I'm sorry.  This is two months in a row!"


Kymber looked up, locking her jade-hewed gaze onto Eti's.  The lovely redhead broke into a wide smile.  "You may be sorry, but I'm not!" she said, triumph clearly in her voice as she held up the results.  Bright blue.  Pregnant.


"You tricked me!", Eti scolded, playfully punching Kymber in the arm.


Kymber stood, placing the test on the sink, turning to help Eti stand.  "Come on, chubby, let's go tell him the good news!"


"Chubby?  Who are you calling chubby?" asked Etienne.  She knew that her time was coming soon as she looked in the mirror as she passed.  Her breasts were so full and heavy, as was her belly.  For months, she'd felt the baby moving around inside her, not knowing if it was a boy or girl.  Dr. Edwards had offered to tell her, of course, but she had declined, not really wanting to know until she delivered.


So far, there were no signs of any abnormalities, something that had concerned all three of them.  During one examination, Eti had aroused Dr. Edwards' suspicions with her nervousness.


"Why are you so concerned?  I've told you that everything is going well," the woman had asked her.  Realizing her mistake, Eti had explained that the baby's father was diabetic and she was naturally concerned if it was causing any problems for the baby.  The doctor looked back at her skeptically but said nothing.


Lorne had just come in.  Wearily, he tossed his jacket on the back of the chair.  "Hi, everyone!" he called out.  Kymber was watching Eti descend the staircase, making sure she didn't fall when she stopped abruptly, a look of utter surprise crossing her features.


"Uh, oh."  Eti's voice was tight with pain.  "Something's happening!"  Kymber and Lorne ran to her as she gingerly sat.  Another contraction hit her, feeling like someone had taken her insides and twisted them.  "It's time."


Kymber and Lorne looked at each other for a long moment, before erupting into a flurry of activity.


"Kymber, go up and grab her bag - then call Dr. Edwards!" Lorne instructed as he ran toward the garage.


"Right!  On my way!", she responded stepping carefully around Eti before bolting up the stairs, returning with the overnight bag.


Eti was trying to stand.  "Oh, no, you don't!", cried Kymber, grabbing her friend's arm and guiding her to the chair.  "Try to relax - and don't forget to breathe!"  She dialed Dr. Edwards' number.  "Hello?  Yes.  Dr. Edwards please; it's an emergency!"  As she waited for the doctor to come on line, Kymber patted her foot impatiently.


"Hello, Dr. Edwards?  This is Kymber Levin, a friend of Etienne Williams.  Huh?  Yes, she's having contractions. . . hold on."  She covered the mouthpiece and asked Eti, "How far apart?"  Pain cut Eti's reply short as another contraction wracked her body.  Gasping for breath, Eti held up five fingers.


"About five minutes apart!" she said.  "Okay..., okay...,  right.  We're on our way!"  Kymber was hanging up the phone as Lorne burst through the front door.


"The car's out front!  What did the doctor say?"  Lorne was excited, breathing hard.


"She'll meet us at the hospital," answered Kymber, all thoughts of telling Lorne her news temporarily forgotten.  After retrieving Etienne's bag from her room, they managed to get Eti into the car, having to stop every couple of steps as another white-hot bolt of pain made its presence felt.  Finally, they got underway for the hospital.  Kymber drove while Lorne tried to comfort Eti.


"Oh, Daddy," she cried.  "It hurts so badly!"  Lorne was helpless, not really knowing what to say.


"Hang in there, Peaches," looking out the windshield.  "Kymber will have us there in a couple of minutes."


Etienne smiled weakly at her father and gave his hand a reassuring squeeze.  Bravely, she said, "Hey, stop worrying.  You'll do just fine!"


That got a wry smile from Lorne.  "I'm proud of you and I love you very much," he said.  He felt the car suddenly decelerate.  Looking up, he saw that they were at the hospital; Kymber had already shut off the engine and was heading for the entrance, waving frantically at someone wearing a white coat.


As Lorne began the arduous task of helping Eti from the car, he could see Kymber pointing in his direction and the white-coat's reaction, grabbing a nearby wheelchair and running toward them.


"Help is on the way, Peaches," he said, stepping aside for the orderly.  A pair of nurses had arrived with Kymber and immediately took charge of the situation.  Placing a groaning Eti into the chair, the orderly and one nurse hustled her off, while the remaining nurse sidled up to him.


"Are you the father?"  Taking him by the arm, the nurse continued.  "We have to get some information while we get things ready."


Lorne nodded numbly, not noticing the warning look Kymber was giving him, as the nurse guided him through the maze of curious onlookers.


Kymber followed, wanting to get to Lorne before he said something that would get him into trouble, catching up with him as he sat at the nurse's station answering questions.  She skidded to a halt just as the nurse was again asking, "You're the father, right?"  Lorne's mouth opened to speak and Kymber jabbed him in the back with a finger, her eyes flashing.  Confused, Lorne looked at Kymber then back at the nurse, realization dawning on him.


"Well, I'm her father," he finally said, stressing the 'her' in his answer.  The nurse, not understanding what was going on, shrugged before returning to filling out the form.


"Okay.  We can get the rest of this later; right now, we need to get you scrubbed and into a gown."  As he was whisked away, Lorne looked back at Kymber helplessly.



Part III, Chapter Eleven


Eti looked around the cold, sterile room, watching the busy, yet controlled activity taking place around her.  She was tired with the effort of breathing and dealing with the pain which stabbed at her with increased frequency.


"Hi, there!  How are we doing?"  Eti turned her head slowly, looking up at the masked face of Dr. Edwards.


"You're just a tad bit early, but that's okay.  Now, I want you to relax as much as you can - we've got some work ahead of us."


Eti closed her eyes, feeling a little more confident knowing that the doctor was there.  She grimaced, feeling unusually full.  Another intense pain ripped through her, causing her breath to catch in her chest.  Simultaneously, she was dimly aware of an incredible wet feeling that suddenly appeared between her legs.


"Water's broken," a disembodied voice was saying.


Etienne was scared, feeling alone and helpless.  She could feel the tears beginning to gather in her eyes when a strong hand took hers.  Blinking away the blinding fluids, she looked up into her father's eyes.  Although the mask hid his lower face, she could tell he was smiling.


"How's it going?" he asked.


"So far, so good."  Eti knew that she could really relax now - the man she loved was with her.  "You look like a doctor."


Lorne laughed softly.  "I am a doctor, remember?"  Eti grinned sheepishly despite the now constant contractions.  "That's okay - you've got enough to worry about.  Just relax."  Lorne said as they motioned him to one side as they continued to get Etienne ready.


"Oh, God!"  Eti screamed, the pain causing her to grip her father's hand with an incredible strength, so tight Lorne winced with his own pain.  Biting his lip to keep from crying out, Lorne heard Dr. Edwards' calm voice announce to the room they were ready to begin.


"Okay, Etienne.  I know you want to push and I know it really hurts.  However, you can't push yet, understand?"


Eti nodded.  A contraction, more intense pain, followed by a split second of labored breathing...


*   *   *


Kymber paced the waiting room for what might be the millionth time.  Glancing at the clock, she realized only twenty minutes had gone by since their arrival.  Many things were running around in her mind, concern for Eti being the foremost.  Then there was a spot reserved for Lorne, who was probably at his wit's end - it had been a very long time since he had attended a delivery.  Finally, she had to think, in a little over eight months from now, she would be in Etienne's place.


A frown crossed her face as she thought for the first time if she could be brave enough to endure the pain; most of all, she had her initial thoughts about whether or not she really had what it took to be a mother.  Taking another glance at the clock, she dismissed the negative thoughts, knowing that Eti would need all the positive support she could get.



Part III, Chapter Twelve


Perspiration ran freely down Etienne's face as she fought against the pain of childbirth.  Through the haze of agony draped over her, she was dimly aware of the voice around her:  Her father offering words of encouragement along with the maddening instructions to breathe - he should try breathing under these conditions!  Also in the background was Dr. Edwards' voice, sounding for all the worlds like a play-by-play announcer as she called out Eti's progress to anyone who cared to listen.


"She's crowning," an unseen voice said as Eti struggled to catch her breath.  She was so tired, so very tired.  For the last hundred years, she'd been pushing and breathing, wishing that whatever was going to happen would hurry up.


"Okay, Eti, Lorne - this is it!", came Dr. Edwards' calm voice.  "Give it all you've got and...  PUSH!"


Taking what felt to be her last deep breath, she pushed, the effort contorting her face.


"OH, DAMN!" she screamed as the baby's passing stretched her beyond anything she'd ever experienced.  The curtain of darkness, once only hovering above her, was beginning to fall upon her.


"Good!  Good!" exclaimed Dr. Edwards.  "The head is clear, here come the shoulders...  That's it!"


Just on the verge of passing out, Eti was aware of a great feeling of emptiness as she heard the first cries of her child - and another sound she couldn't identify.  Opening her eyes, she tried to look around but found she couldn't focus on anything.


"Clamp."  A sound of metal hitting rubber, following by a clicking sound.  "Metzenbaum's."


Tears of exhaustion flowed freely from her as Dr. Edwards came into her view.  "Congratulations, Eti!  It's a girl!", handing the blanket-wrapped newborn into her arms.  Etienne looked into the tiny face as the tears continued to fall.


"Dad, look!", she called.  "She's beautiful!"  Looking up and to her right for her father, she saw that he wasn't there!  She felt a pang of disappointment.  Surely, he couldn't have left!  Her voice was dry and crackling as she asked the room in general, "Where's my father?"


A nurse came and took the baby from her.  "Oh, he'll be okay.  He just fainted.  Men!"


Having removed the afterbirth and cleaned her up, they were rolling Eti to the recovery room.  As the stretcher was passing through the door, Eti caught a glance of her daughter being whisked away in a bassinet - and her father sitting in a chair holding his head, while a green-garbed person waved something under his nose.


*   *   *


Lorne had gotten over his initial worry and nervousness as he coached his laboring daughter through the delivery.  The two of them had gotten into a pattern:  When Eti had to push, Lorne would call out words of encouragement; when she relaxed, he would talk her through her breathing.  Upon hearing the announcement of the head appearing, he looked up at the mirror suspended over the table - just in time to see the baby emerge, all red and covered with goo.  Between the sight of his child being born and Eti's cry of pain, it was too much for him.  The room suddenly tilted 90 degrees and he was having one hell of a time trying to breathe.  Alarmed, he tried to stand...


And found himself looking up at a sea of green-masked faces.  "What happened," he thought?  "Why am I lying on the floor?"  Confused, he allowed himself to be helped off the floor and seated on a stool.  His head hurt and he felt weird.  He was aware of a snapping sound, followed by an eye-watering, breath-stopping smell as someone passed an ammonia capsule under his nose.  Someone grabbed his hands as he tried to ward off the hideous, acrid smell as his mind snapped back into focus.


"Dr. Williams?  How do you feel?"


Blinking back the ammonia-induced tears, he said, "I'm okay, I think."  Experimentally, he took in a deep breath of the chilled air in the room, noting how sweet it tasted.  "Yeah, I'm fine now.  Where's my daughter?"


Since he was okay, the nurse tossed the spent capsule into a trash bin.  "Your daughter and granddaughter are both fine.  They're both in recovery.  You can see them in about 20 minutes." His legs still a little wobbly, Lorne headed into the scrub room, where a nurse helped him out of his sweat stained gown, cap and mask.


*   *   *




At the sound of her name, Kymber looked up and saw Lorne crossing the room toward her.  As he came closer, she could see that his face was ashen and he was walking with a little difficulty.


"Are you all right?", she asked.


"Huh?  Oh, yeah, I'm okay."


Kymber bit back her impatience as Lorne eased himself next to her.  "Well?"


Lorne looked at her, giving her a tired smile.  "It's a girl.  Mother and child are doing quite well.  They tell me we can see them in a little while."


"Oh!  I'm so happy!"  As she reached over to hug Lorne, her nose wrinkled.  "Ugh!  What's that smell?"


Lorne sniffed and replied, "Ammonia.  Seems like I fainted."  Kymber suppressed a giggle.  "Come on, let's go see the new mommy!"



Part III, Chapter Thirteen


Etienne was sleeping when they entered the room.  Not wanting to disturb her, they crossed to the large window that overlooked the nursery adjoining the room.  Wrapped in lightweight - yet warm - pink blankets, the recently born little girl dozed, her face alternating between tiny smiles and frowning.


Lorne took note of the coal-black thatch of hair atop her delicate features, bringing back memories of the first time he'd seen Etienne.  Kymber had been peeking around him to look at her "baby sister," when she tapped Lorne on the arm.


"Look," she said, pointing at a little card taped at the foot of the bassinet.


Lorne blinked back a sudden rush of tears as he read the name scrawled on the card:  'Eleanor Darien Williams'.  Apparently, Etienne had named the baby before falling asleep - and had named her new daughter after her late mother.  He swallowed hard, trying to displace the lump which had appeared there.


Quietly, Kymber asked, "It was your wife's name, wasn't it?"  Lorne could only nod as he wrapped an arm around her.  Lost in their own thoughts, they stood silently.


A rustle caught Lorne's attention and he turned, finding Etienne awake and yawning.  He went to her side, noting that she still looked tired and worn and seeing a peaceful glow in her face.


"You've seen her?", she asked, stifling another yawn.  "I named her after Mom - I hope you don't mind."  Lorne hugged her, feeling a tear trickle down his cheek.


"She's beautiful and, no, I don't mind at all.  You did well and I'm so proud of you."  Kymber joined father and daughter, taking her place in the joyful embrace and planting a loving kiss on Eti's cheek.


"She's going to break some hearts, that's for sure," she said.  A playful glint flashing in her eyes, she said "It's a good thing she doesn't look like her father!", causing Lorne to shoot her a warning glance.


Extricating herself from their embrace, Eti stretched.  Now fully awake, she turned to look at Kymber.  "Did you tell him?"


Kymber sat up, suddenly quiet as she looked at her hands.  "No."


"Why not?"


Avoiding Eti's intense stare, Kymber looked out the window at the lazily floating clouds.  "Well, there were other important things to deal with, you know."


During this exchange, Lorne looked from one woman to the other.  "Tell me what?", he asked.  Exhausted from his ordeal in the delivery room and still weak from having passed out, Lorne really wasn't in the mood for cryptic conversation.


Eti gave Kymber a taste of her own medicine.  "You gonna tell him or should I?", clearly enjoying her friend's discomfort.


Kymber knew when to give up.  She stood and walked around the bed to where Lorne was sitting.  Taking his hand as she sat beside him, she locked her green eyes on his chocolate-brown ones.  "Like Eti says, I have something to tell you."


"What!?", he said, barely able to contain his frustration.


Kymber flinched at the sharp tone, but didn't take her eyes from his.  "Well, it's just, um..." Her hesitancy made Lorne stand.


"Will someone tell me what's going on here," he exclaimed?


Eti was grinning from ear to ear.


"What's so funny?"


Gathering her courage, Kymber finally ended the mystery.  "You're gonna have to go through this again," she blurted.


For a moment which seemed frozen in time, Lorne wore a blank look of not understanding.  Suddenly, his eyes grew wide and his mouth opened slightly.  "Again?  You mean... ," Lorne sat in the chair next to the bed.


"Yep, I'm pregnant."  Kymber waited for something to happen.  She turned to look at Etienne, who was drifting off to sleep again.  "I think he's..." she began, but a loud thump interrupted her before she could finish, startling Eti awake.


"What the hell?" they asked together, looking down at the prone form of Lorne Williams.


"He fainted.  Again."  Etienne reached for the call button and pressed it.  Kymber rolled her eyes.  "I guess he couldn't handle any more good news," she said, smiling.


As the nurse who'd arrived at Eti's summons attended to Lorne, Kymber looked at Eti and said, "Things are going to get interesting around the house now..."



Part III, Chapter Fourteen


Pressure, friction, motion, anxiety, calm.  One moment, fullness, the next, emptiness.  Ellie Williams experienced all these sensations as the hard penis invaded her body again, restoring the feeling of fullness.  She held her breath as her weight nearly doubled, pressed into the firm but yielding mattress as the man above her increased his movement inside her.  Wet, slurping sounds mingled with their breathing, adding their special arousal factors to the heavy, heady scents generated during lovemaking.


Ellie sighed with contentment as the thick, hard cock filled her completely, feeling the engorged head collide with the entrance of her womb.  The man's mouth captured an erect nipple, sending another pleasurable sensation through her to be added to those already present.  The woman added her own movements to those of the man, thrusting her hips upward to meet his, causing him to grunt in appreciation.


She could feel him growing thicker, his strokes coming harder and faster and she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist as her release claimed her, flooding his tool with her sweet juices.  The man's face was drenched with a sweat as his own orgasm caught up with him, growling low in his throat as spurt after spurt of semen flowed into the warm dampness of her body.


Ellie could feel him soften just a bit as he continued to move against her body, his strokes not as urgent now.  Breathing a sigh of contentment, she wrapped her arms around his strong upper body, hugging him close as they basked in the afterglow of sex.


"Ellie?  Devon?  Where are you?"


Another sigh, this one filled with a tinge of frustration.  "I guess we'd better answer her, huh?", she asked her lover as he rolled from her.


"Yeah - you know how your mother gets when she thinks we're ignoring her."  The man rose from the bed, giving Ellie a good look at his body.  She smiled in appreciation at the firm buttocks that flowed into his strong legs.  As he stepped into a pair of cutoff jeans, she got a glimpse of his manhood, still semi-erect and glistening with their combined juices.


"Come on, El!" her half-brother Devon said.  "We'd better not keep her waiting."


"Oh, all right," she said grumpily.  As she was getting dressed, Ellie heard a knock on the door.


"Ellie, are you and Devon in there?"


"Yeah, Mom," she answered, tying the shirttails of her shirt into a loose knot that left her trim stomach exposed.  "Come on in."


Etienne stepped through the doorway and took in the scene before her.  "I hope I didn't interrupt anything," she said while taking note of the rumpled bedding.  Ellie's embarrassed look told her she had.


Devon walked out of the small bathroom that connected his room with Ellie's.  "Hi, Mom," he said.  He walked over to her and wrapped strong arms around her while placing a wet kiss on her mouth.  Eti felt a surge of excitement swiftly arc through her as his tongue flicked quickly into her mouth.


"What's up?"


Shaking off the warm feeling the embrace imparted to her, she straightened her blouse before saying, "Your father and mother," nodding at Devon, "Will be here shortly and I thought you'd like to welcome them home - with your clothes on."


The two teenagers looked back at her with almost identical guilty looks.  Ellie, fair-skinned like Etienne, cast hazel-colored eyes at her mother while Devon, lighter than Ellie but darker than Kymber, looked around the room, the unusual brown/green color of his eyes giving him a haunting look.  Both children bore characteristics from their shared father as suggested by their high cheekbones.


Devon shook his head of reddish-brown hair.  "It's Ellie's fault," he said, brushing a stray lock of hair from his forehead.


"Me?," exclaimed his half-sister, turning her head so fast that her long black hair wrapped itself around her mouth.  Removing the ebony strands from her mouth, she said, "How did it get to be my fault?"


"You looked so good.  I just had to have you!"  Ellie rolled her eyes in exasperation.


"Okay kids, play nice," Etienne said, cutting off any further "protests."  She turned at the sound of the front door opening.  "They're here!  Okay, let's go!"


As the trio descended the stairs, Lorne and Kymber were coming through the door, their hands full of luggage.  Devon skipped around the two women to help his parents.  "Here, let me get that, Dad," taking the larger of the bags.  Once inside, the elder Williams gratefully plopped into his favorite chair.  Kymber joined him, sitting on one arm of the chair while Eti occupied the other.  As he wrapped an arm around each woman, he took stock of his life right now.


At his right sat his daughter and mother of their daughter - Lorne had to smile every time these thoughts entered his mind because you could go crazy trying to keep straight.  At his left sat the mother of his only son and, for the last year, his wife.  Sure, there was a major difference in their ages; he was now 59 and Kymber 35 - but what did it matter when you loved each other?


He had been hesitant about marrying Kymber - after all, they had been in their current relationship for years without being married and it hadn't affected their happiness, so he didn't see any reason to change things.  Kymber had been just as happy.  Etienne, on the other hand, felt it necessary, if for no other reason than to maintain a presence of moral "rightness" to the outside world.


Lorne looked at his two children making themselves comfortable on the sofa.  Since being born, Ellie and Devon had known nothing but love.  Under the careful guidance of the trio of parents, they quickly and easily accepted the incestuous nature of their family life.


"Especially Ellie," Lorne thought to himself as he remembered Ellie's surprising impatience in wanting to get her hands - and mouth - on her brother.  Devon, on the other hand, was like most boys in his early years, having a great disdain for the opposite sex.  As he remembered a particular incident involving the siblings, he laughed out loud, drawing confused looks from his assembled family.


"What's so funny?", asked Ellie, noting that her father happened to be looking at her when he started laughing.


"Oh, nothing," he said.  "I was just thinking about the time you took advantage of Devon."


The object of their discussion blushed as everyone else remembered that historic moment.



Part III, Chapter Fifteen


Ellie had been feeling pretty uncomfortable the last couple of hours.  For reasons she didn't understand, she was having a hard time concentrating on her homework and an even harder time sitting still, both unusual for her.  The answer to the simple math problem continued to evade her, increasing her frustration.  Tossing her pencil aside, she crossed the room to look out of her window.


As she contemplated the clouds in the late Saturday afternoon skies, she heard a noise coming from the bathroom she shared with her brother.  Grateful for the distraction, she went to the bathroom and stuck her head through the door.


Her 13-year-old brother Devon was peeling off his dirt-covered jersey, revealing his slim, muscular body.  Though she was older by nine months, you couldn't tell by looking at him.  His involvement in sports, particularly soccer, was doing a great job of toning and firming his body.


"Hi, Dev," she called out.  "How was the game?"


Devon tossed the jersey into the hamper and answered, "Not bad, El.  We lost three to two, but it was a good game."


He began to pull off the equally dirty shorts and socks, stopping to start the water running in the shower.  He turned and looked at his sister.  "What have you been up to?", not in the least bit self-conscious about standing in front of his sister clad only in an athletic supporter which, Ellie noted, didn't do much to hide the impressive bulge of his still-developing maleness.


"Not much, just trying to get my homework done."


"I know; I've still got mine to do," he said stepping into the shower.  They talked while he showered, stopping only to hand him the shampoo, As she passed the bottle through the slit in the curtain, she got a good look at his body.  The sight of the rivulets of water flowing off his young frame increased her discomfort by a factor of two.  She felt a heat building inside her, accompanied by a spreading dampness between her shapely legs.


"So this is what it feels like to be horny!" she thought, remembering a conversation she had with her mother and aunt.  Ellie was so caught up in this revelation that she never heard the water shut off.




The sound of his voice startled her.  "Huh?"


"I said, hand me a towel, will you?", he repeated, stepping from the shower.


Ellie couldn't take her eyes off his delicious-looking body.  Reaching behind her, she grabbed a blue towel, embroidered with a stylized "W" - and knocked over the container of shampoo, its contents dripping from the dislodged cap.


Slightly annoyed, Devon took the towel from her.  "What's with you?  You're suddenly very clumsy."


Ellie ignored the jibe and tried to focus her attention on cleaning up the spilled liquid.  Her hands trembled slightly as she wiped up the thick, pearly liquid.  Looking up to deposit the tissue in the wastebasket, she noticed the sensual way Devon dried himself...


Ellie blinked.  Sensual?  Where did that come from?  The heat inside her had reached inferno proportions.  She was also aware of her skin tingling and, of course, the ever present wetness between her legs.


Devon finished drying himself and looked toward his sister, wondering if something was wrong.  Normally graceful, she was having a hard time standing up normally graceful, it seemed to him.  Shrugging, he placed the towel around his neck and padded off into his room.  Forgetting his comb, he came to an abrupt halt.


Ellie walked right into him!


"Hey!" he said, spinning around to face his sister.  About to ask what her problem was, he stopped and took a closer look at his sibling.  Ellie was staring at him, her eyes glazed.  To his untrained eyes, she looked feverish - maybe she was sick or something?


"Did you want something, Sis?" he offered helpfully, not even realizing that he'd just opened a door for her.


Ellie was dimly aware of his question, her eyes focused on the fleshy tube of flesh which hung between his legs.  Absently, she licked her lips as the strange new feelings invaded every pore of her being.  Somewhere deep inside, a door opened; visions of untold pleasures tugged at her, their siren song beckoning her to pass through.  Without a moment of hesitation, she entered.


"Sis?"  Devon was really beginning to get worried.  He walked over to her and placed his hands on her shoulders and saw she was shivering.  He gently cupped her face in his hands and looked into her hazel eyes.  Although a light sheen of perspiration covered her skin, she felt cool to his touch.  Confused, he said, "I'd better call Mom - she'll know what to do!"


As he turned to pick up the phone, Ellie stopped him, grabbing his hands with a grip that surprised him.  "Devon, you don't have to call anyone; I think this is something you can take care of."


Startled by the suddenly sultry voice, he took a nervous step backwards as a voice inside him told him that something was about to happen.  As he retreated, he tripped over the cleated shoe he had discarded a few minutes ago.  He fell.  Ellie, still holding his hand, fell with him and brother and sister ended in a heap on the deep pile of the carpet.


Devon hit the floor hard; his sister's weight driving the air out of him as she landed on top of him, the room spinning crazily as he tried to catch his breath.  When opened his eyes, it surprised him to find himself nose-to-nose with his sister, who was examining him closely.


"W-what are you... ?", he stammered as Ellie cut off his sentence, placing her hot mouth on his.  His lips parted in surprise, allowing her tongue to snake between them.  Devon was aware of the sounds of heaving breathing, mixed with a scent he didn't recognize.


Just a little past forever, Ellie broke the kiss, her passion now coursing through her unimpeded.  She sat astride him, grinding her hips against the bulge of manhood to relieve the insistent itch between her legs.  She looked into her brother's eyes and saw the mixed fear and excitement in them as she slid her hands over his smooth chest.


Devon took that moment to collect his thoughts.  His own body tingled in response to Ellie's touch, feeling the hard, hot shaft of flesh rubbing against the rough material of Ellie's shorts.  He tried to sit up, only to have Ellie push him back down.  As Ellie leaned forward, her breasts pressing into him, he could feel the heat of her body.  Devon heard his hot sister moan as she ran her tongue under his jaw line, pausing at the spot just behind his left ear.


Although their father told him this time would come, nothing he had learned prepared him for the intoxicating sensations he was feeling.


Ellie's kisses on his neck and ears were tentative; she knew what to do, having learned from her mother and aunt, but knowing and doing is two different things.  As her passion grew, she found it harder to concentrate on those things the older women had shown, finally letting instinct take over.  Her tongue left a wet trail down the right side of his neck until she reached his nipple, which she teased by flicking her tongue over the sensitive surface.  She felt her young brother shiver and it encouraged her.  Breathing heavily, she kissed her way down his flat tummy until his erection, bobbing wildly with every heartbeat, tapped her gently under her chin.


"Ellie, no..." Devon's protests were weak.


"Shhh," she whispered, taking his cock gently in her hands.  Ellie examined the beautifully shaped knob as it sat atop the moderately-thick shaft, smiling when a large, clear drop of dew appeared at the tiny slit.  Slowly, she extended her tongue and allowed the droplet slide onto it.


Devon felt paralyzed as he watched his sister's tongue disappear into her mouth as she tasted him, her eyes closing.  His once-dormant passion was now alive, growing with each passing second.


"Mmmmm," Ellie moaned before drawing her hand upwards along the silky smooth staff.  Another drop appeared - and quickly disappeared as she lowered her mouth onto him.  Too much too fast, she gagged for a moment and backed off until just the head remained.  Ellie's tongue gained a mind of its own as it swirled around the ridges of the darkening head.


Brightly colored lights exploded in Devon's head as his sister suckled him.  "Ah, ah," he moaned as Ellie's head bobbed over him.  His eyes flew open as he became aware of a powerful sensation that seemed to originate from his toes.  Dimly, he knew it was related to the feeling he'd experience when he masturbated - but this was 100 times stronger.  A heartbeat - and the sun exploded into a nova inside his head.


Ellie was in heaven, gobbling her brother's shaft with increasing confidence, when she felt him stiffen and swell.  His body, which had been thrashing wildly, went completely rigid.  She heard his breath catch sharply - then Devon filled her mouth with a warm, sticky syrup.  Reflex made her jerk her head back as the last spurts of his seed flowed from him, collecting in a creamy pool.


Devon was drowning in an ocean of intense feelings.  He lifted his head in time to see Ellie's tongue licking the last drops of goo from full lips.


"I... don't...  feel so good."  Devon was a jumble of conflicting nerve impulses as he tried to speak.  His throat was horribly dry and there was something wrong with his vision.  As he tried to collect himself, he saw twin sisters removing their last piece of clothing.


As Ellie's bra joined the rest of her clothing, she noted that her baby brother was still quite hard and moved to position her virgin pussy above the instrument of her deflowering.  She shivered in anticipation, remembering the warnings given to her by her mother.  "It will hurt at first," a voice whispered, "but it will pass."  She grabbed the sperm-slick shaft and rubbed it experimentally along her slit.  As the head passed across her clit, a wondrous  sensation flowed through her, making her knees buckle slightly.  Using her free hand to steady herself, Ellie rubbed the knob of his cock over her clit again, relishing the chills the action sent through her.


As his cock-head passed through the soft, dark strands of her pussy, the sensation sent electric shocks through him, causing him to arch his back.  Another pass and his hips left the floor on their own accord...


...and the knob of his sex disappeared inside Ellie, stopping at her maidenhead.  Ellie felt weak at that initial contact.  Gathering her courage, she took a deep breath and sat hard on her brother's cock.  A white-hot bolt of exquisite pain exploded through her as her hymen tore, followed by the soothing warmth as her brother's rod imbedded itself inside her.


"Oh, God!", she cried as the warmth spread throughout her overheated flesh, causing her nipples to get harder.


Devon felt the incredible tightness of his sister's sheath, knowing all the lessons he learned were becoming real.  Between the oral loving and rupturing Ellie's cherry, his cock was very sensitive - a little too sensitive, he learned as the tingling feeling returned.  His sac tightened in preparation to unload its precious cargo.


Ellie could feel his rod growing larger inside her and, rocking her backside slightly, she felt his seed splash inside her, luxuriating in the hot stickiness of it as it coated her.  She sighed in contentment; Ellie knowing she could now recognize being horny and, just as important, what to do about it!  She leaned forward and planted wet, loving kisses on Devon's lips.


"You okay?" she asked, with genuine concern.  Devon nodded, still feeling the mind-numbing after effects of orgasm.


"Well, now!  What do we have here?"


Still joined and leaking steamy juices, brother and sister turned toward the new voice - and found their parents standing just inside the room with looks of amusement and love on their collective faces.


Lorne looked at the two young lovers before turning his attention to Eti and Kymber.  "Looks like someone couldn't wait until we had our little talk this evening, eh?"


Ellie climbed off Devon's prone form, his member exiting her with an obscene sucking sound before coming to rest against his stomach.  Surprisingly, there wasn't a trace of the blood her mother told her might be present.  She reached down, offering Devon her hand and helped him stand before crossing to the still-smiling adults.


"How long were you standing there?", she asked.


Eti looked at her daughter and found it hard to hide the smile threatening to take over her features.  "Long enough," she said.


"We saw everything after he spilled into your mouth," added Kymber. "Impressive."


Devon came out of the bathroom after cleansing himself of the fruits of their love.  "I suppose you were going to tell us not to, ah, explore the possibilities with each other."


"On the contrary, son," responded Lorne.  "We were going to ask why you hadn't and remind you there's no shame in expressing your love for each other in this manner."  He chuckled.  "But it looks like you figured that one out already!"


Ellie returned from cleaning up just in time to hear her father's last words.  "So, it really is okay?", she asked hopefully.


Kymber took up the question.  "Sure it is honey!  In fact, since you've gotten this far, things will be much better!"


Parents and children stood looking at each other before coming together for a big, love-filled hug.



Part III, Chapter Sixteen


Devon stretched out across the bed, lost in thought.  He pondered how his life had changed, especially since coming to terms with the incestuous relationship he shared with the rest of his family.


Not that he thought there was anything wrong with the way they were living, mind you.  Compared to the way some of his friends at school lived, he had it made.  His parents were understanding, supportive and loving.  Sure, they had their moments - what family with teenagers didn't?  However, he had learned the love they shared with each other made those situations far and few between.


Devon thought about his relationship with Ellie, whom he saw as more than just his sister - they'd always been friends and were energetic lovers.  A smile spread across his face as he thought about all the times they had made love.


He more than understood the relationship between Lorne, Kymber and Etienne; again, he saw nothing wrong with the situation, being taught that love is love.  Nodding to himself, he remembered his aunt telling him it made sense:  those people closest to them should love people as completely as possible - and that it shouldn't have limitations placed on it.


There was something on his mind, though.  For the last year or so, he had been dying to put all the theories he'd learned over the years to the test.  Not being as outgoing as his sister, Devon often balked at approaching his mother and/or aunt and asking to make love with them - and it wasn't because they would reject him.


What concerned the young man was his feeling of not being equal to the task when it came down to making love with the older women.  He frowned, knowing that it didn't matter if he were good or not; just being able to show his love for them was proof enough.  "What am I afraid of?" he asked himself.  "Man.  You couldn't have it any better than this!"


Thinking that perhaps he should ask Ellie's advice on this one, he crossed the room to their shared bathroom.  Since he didn't want to be disturbed, the door on his side was closed.  Opening the door, he stepped through the threshold.


Still lost in thought, he entered Ellie's room.  Upon hearing a giggle he looked up, stopping dead in his tracks, discovering Ellie wasn't alone.


"Mmmm," moaned the sexy voice that belonged to Ellie.  "Harder, do it harder!"


Devon's eyes looked toward his sister and saw the dreamy look in her eyes as her tongue moved sensuously across her lips.  One hand was busy kneading a bare breast, while the other was entangled in a thatch of familiar red hair.  He stood transfixed as his mother, positioned between Ellie's upraised legs, slowly lapped at the younger woman's pussy.


Not wanting to intrude, he turned to leave - and stopped.  He returned his gaze to the scene before him, noting how inviting Kymber's upturned bottom looked.  With her legs spread slightly, he could see the folds of her femininity, the flame red hairs obviously damp with moisture.  Devon's cock, which had been stirring since first entering the room, was now at full attention, throbbing against his body.


Devon's heart froze in his chest as Ellie opened one hazel eye and spotted him.  She smiled at him and, upon freeing a hand from her aunt's auburn tresses, pointed at the upturned globes of his mother's ass.  Then she placed a finger against her lips, the sign he should be quiet.


Now completely thawed, Dev's heart began pounding in his chest - talk about getting what you asked for!  He removed his shirt, feeling his nipples harden in the air-conditioned room.  Next, he stepped from the restricting material of his shorts, his manhood springing free.  Ellie moaned at the sight while giving him the 'OK' sign before pointing toward the juicy offering.


Her back turned to the approaching youth, Kymber was unaware of what was about to happen, completely focused on Ellie's clitoris and inner labia, on which she lavished wet kisses.  She loved the musky, salty taste of her young niece as flicked her tongue hard against the sensitive bud of her clit.  The heat of her own sex was intense, needing some attention and she arched her back and spread her legs wider, causing her enticing bottom to raise higher, exposing more of her juicy interior.


Kymber was concentrating hard on keeping up with the youngster's squirming bottom as a spray of love juices splashed onto her tongue, never realizing things were about to get much more interesting!


The redheaded beauty gasped as she felt a moist tongue penetrate her sex, plunging easily into her well-lubricated slit.  Startled, she instinctively tried to rise - only to be held in place by Ellie who had timed Devon's approach - trapping Kymber's head between her silky thighs.


As Devon's tongue explored his mother's pink sheath, he savored the surprisingly sweet taste of her flesh, sucking on the delicate inner lips.  Using his hands to spread Kymber's buttocks, he exposed more of the flame-encased oyster of her pussy, sliding his tongue from the quivering entrance to the tip of her blood-engorged clit and back.  He repeated the stroke and was encouraged to feel his mother wiggle her lovely bottom against his face.


With a lusty moan, he captured her clit and sucked as if his life depended on it.  Kymber thrashed against the onslaught, her face smashing into Ellie's mound - which caused the young woman to fall into another orgasm, coating Kymber's face with woman stuff.


Exhausted, Ellie managed to slide from under the groaning adult.  Kymber tried again to escape, but Ellie grabbed her arms and held them.  Despite this, the feverish redhead managed to twist slightly, making Devon lose his grip on her clit.  With a grunt, he took her legs and crossed them.  With a gentle tug, he caused his mother to turn over onto her back.


Ellie, seeing the maneuver, released Kymber's arms just long enough for the woman to be turned before taking possession of them again.  "Do her," she hissed.  "Love her till she can't stand any more!"  Without releasing her grip, she positioned herself so that she could take advantage of their "prisoner," sucking a hard nipple into her mouth.


The many sensations assaulted Kymber.  While Ellie trapped her hands, Devon held her legs open with his strong hands, and Ellie lay across her sweating body, sucking and licking her breasts and nipples.  She didn't know who was between her legs, destroying her sanity.  An orgasm sneaked up on her, adding its ferocious effects to the others, sending her crashing into the wave.  In rapid succession, she experienced two more orgasms, each stronger that the other.


"Oh, God," she hissed.  "More!  More!"


Devon was beyond hearing, beyond understanding.  His lust was in total control, driving him to eat at her flesh.  His tongue flicked down to the tight buttonhole of her ass.  As he flicked it across the wrinkled surface of her backdoor, he used the tip of his nose to keep her on the edge.  Devon teased his sexy mother for a few moments more, unable to deny his own release any longer.


Kymber was lost in the throes of passion when she felt the tongue withdraw.  The ripping sensation of a hard, thick penis penetrating her dripping folds quickly replaced any disappointment she felt.  As the invading cock embedded itself into her, she immediately knew the identity of her 'assailant'.  Opening her eyes, she looked backwards into Devon's face.  Pleasure filled it with lust and contorted with exertion as he plunged into her with deep, fast strokes.


"Devon, honey," she panted.  "Slowly!"


"Don't listen to her, Dev," laughed Ellie.  "Give it to her good!"


Devon lifted his mother's legs higher, settling into a good rhythm, rocking her body with each savage thrust.


"Yes!  That's it, baby brother!" shouted a gleeful Ellie as she fingered herself.  "Do her!  Do her!"


Kymber shook under the sexual onslaught as her son drove into her.  A part of her mind calmly noticed his cock was just as thick as his father's, if not as long.  However, Devon had the advantage of being years younger.  What he lacked in experience, Devon made up with enthusiasm.  Kymber shoved the moment of introspection into a mental corner, having it replaced with the beginnings of an orgasmic wave front.  The wave crested and slammed into her, coruscating along her nervous system, spreading like a wildfire.


Devon felt his mother's sheath contract around him as she burned in the climatic fires he'd generated in her.  He wallowed in the luxurious feel of her body and knew that his love for her was now complete and fulfilling.  Devon had been doing all he could to hold back his own orgasm, wanting the moment to go on forever.  His relative lack of experience, combine with the almost indescribable feel of being deep inside his own mother, was enough to send him over the edge.  Hot blood filled and stretched his cock, making a snug seal against the velvety walls of Kymber's vagina as he spilled into her.


"Aaaahhh!"  Devon's body shook with the effort of filling his mother with love.


Kymber felt the first spurts splash hot against the entrance of her womb.  "Oh, yes!  YES!  Fill me, Devon!  Fill me with your love, baby!"


Devon collapsed onto the hot softness of his mother's body as the final spurts of semen flowed into her.  Kymber wrapped her arms around her son and kissed him.  Ellie joined the spent lovers.


"Wow, Dev," she said, wiping the sweat from his forehead.  "That was really something!"  Weakly, Devon smiled at Ellie.


"I didn't mean to interrupt," he began.  "But, Mom, when I saw you and El like that, I just had to jump in!"


Running her fingers through his damp hair, Kymber returned his smile.  "That's okay, hon.  It was about time you and I got together!"


Kymber lay between Devon and Ellie, feeling the love flowing between them.  Not only did she feel closer to them physically but, like Devon, she felt complete emotionally.  As she drifted off to sleep, she wondered what would happen if the whole family joined the party...



Part III, Chapter Seventeen


"What are you thinking about, Dad?"


Lorne looked up at Etienne's voice as she curled up next to him on the sofa.  "Oh, hi, Peaches."  He shifted his position, allowing Eti to put her head in his lap.  "I wasn't thinking about anything really important.  I was just wondering where the family is going."


Eti looked up at him.  "Going?  I don't understand."


Lorne ran a finger gently along the ridge of Etienne's nose.  "Our future.  Where do we go from here?"


Eti was thoughtful.  "We've known love and togetherness for years now.  The children couldn't be any more happy.  I'm happy and so are you and Kymber.  What more can there be?"


Lorne nodded in agreement.  "That's just what I was wondering myself."  He looked out the large plate glass window, watching as Ellie and Devon played in the pool.  Glancing a bit to his right, Kymber was sunning herself, her red hair standing out against the deep tan on which she'd been working.  Even from where he sat, Lorne could see the strands of silver which were beginning to appear.


"We've done all right for ourselves, haven't we?"


Eti opened one eye at his question.  "We have, indeed."  Turning to face him, she asked, "Dad, what are you worried about?"


"Devon and Eleanor.  What effect has our lifestyle had on them?"


"I've never seen a brother and sister so close.  They're lovers and, more important, they're great friends."


"This is true," Lorne allowed.


"So, what's the problem?"


"Well, they're growing up.  Soon, they will have to think about finding their own paths."


"Ah, I see.  You're wondering if they'll keep up the family tradition'!"


"Yes!  That's it!"


"Dad, if you know that the children will have to find their own way in life, then you also know it will be their choice."


Of course, Lorne was all too aware of this.  "We've learned if you're going to love one another, there should be no barriers.  We've eliminated guilt from their lives.  No, misconceptions, no lies - just love."


"Don't you think they know that?"  Etienne looked at the scene taking place in the yard.  Stretched out on a chaise, Ellie was applying sun screen to Devon's back as he talked to his mother.  She waved to Devon to get his attention.  When he looked up, she pointed at Kymber.  Devon reached over and tapped his mother on the leg and pointed toward the house.  Kymber followed his finger and Eti waved for her to come in.


"What's up?" she asked as she closed the sliding door.


"Somebody's worried about the kids," Eti replied, jerking a thumb in Lorne's direction.


"Again?  Honey, I though we talked about this last night?"


Etienne looked at her father, surprised.  "You did?"  Lorne's only answer was a shrug.


Eti got up and went to the patio door.  "Dev?  El?  Would you please come in for a moment?"


The two teenagers exchanged glances.  "Sure, Mom," answered Ellie.  Once inside, Eti gestured for them to join the adults in the family room.


"Is there something wrong?" asked Devon.


Without preamble, Eti said "Your father is concerned about your futures."  Ellie and Devon both looked at Lorne, who just threw up his hands.


"This isn't a big deal!" he protested.  "I was just thinking!"


"So, what is he worried about?"


Eti brought the siblings up to speed with Kymber filling in the blanks.  Brother and sister sat thinking for a long moment before speaking.  Devon let Ellie speak first.


"I can understand why you're worried, Dad.  I think I speak for both of us when I say we won't forget the lessons you've taught us."


Devon nodded.  "If all we've ever learned was how important love is in a family, would it be wrong of us not to pass along this knowledge?"


"In order for you to share your knowledge, you have to have someone to share it with!  You two spend more time with each other than you do with anyone else!"  Lorne felt a bit exasperated.  Eti placed a hand on his shoulder tenderly.


"True," answered Devon.  "Ellie and I love each other!  Why does that surprise you?"


Ellie took up the challenge.  "Isn't this what you and Mom and Kymber has been telling us all these years?  For us to love each other?"


Kymber spoke.  "That much is true; I guess your father didn't figure on you two choosing not to have boyfriends and girlfriends."


Devon laughed and reached over to hug his sister.  "Mom, there isn't anyone else I'd rather be with than El.  We understand each other, especially when one of us isn't feeling well."


Ellie returned the hug with equal affection.  "As a lover, no one understands my needs better than Dev.  Oh, and you, Dad."


Lorne waved off the explanation.  "I knew what you meant, dear.  I just wanted to be sure you were still happy with things, that's all."


Kymber stood and stretched.  "Well, we've settled this.  Now, how about we get changed and go out to dinner?  My treat!"


As everyone got up, Devon and Ellie pulled Etienne over to one side.  Lorne noticed they were excited about something, although he couldn't hear the whispered conversation.  As he locked the patio door, he heard Eti say, "Really?  Hey, Kymmie - you gotta hear this!"  Lorne returned to the family room in time to see Ellie hand something to Kymber.  Kymber stared at the object in her hand before looking at Devon and Ellie in turn.


"Come on, break it up!" Lorne said while clapping his hands.  "Go get changed and let's eat - I'm starving!"


"Be ready in a minute, Dad."  Devon turned and ascended the staircase, with Ellie right behind him playfully grabbing at his backside.


Kymber handed him the object and headed for the stairs.  "What's this?" he asked.  Eti made a beeline for the front door.


From the top of the stairs, Kymber said, "Ellie's pregnancy test results."


Lorne felt a peculiar chill flow through him as he turned the bit of plastic over.  Bright blue.


Out of sight in the upper hallway, Ellie looked at Kymber.  "Do you think he looked at it?"  The trio heard a muffled thump.  Kymber peered down the stairs and spotted the prone form of her husband.


"Yeah, he saw it all right!"  She turned to her son.  "Congratulations, Dev."





Part IV, Chapter One


Devon Williams paced the room like a caged animal, deep in thought, waiting for his parents to return from their outing.  He stopped and looked out the window as if searching for the answer to some unknown question before continuing his frenetic motion.


His sister, Ellie, watched from her place on the sofa, her hands absently rubbing the round swelling in her abdomen.  "I don't know what you're worried about," she said.  "Dad is reasonable and he shouldn't find your proposal unusual."


Devon stopped his pacing to look at his pregnant sister, feeling first the love he had for her before experiencing a moment of frustration.  "Yeah, I know.  I'm just trying to figure out how I'm going to approach it with him."


Ellie's eyes rolled heavenward as she shook her head.  "Just tell him what's on your mind, silly!  That's the easiest way to go about it."


"Hah!  Easy for you to say."  The young man continued pacing the room.


Ellie continued to watch her brother and father of her child prowl the room for a few more minutes before getting up to intercept him, grunting with the effort.  At seven months, moving around had taken on a different meaning.  As she stood, the baby shifted position and spent a few queasy moments getting comfortable.  She caught up to him and took his hand.






"I can think of something you can do more productively than walking a hole in the carpet."


Smiling, Devon said, "I'm sure you can!  What's on your horny mind this time?"


Returning his smile with one of her own, Ellie placed his hand on her breast, filled with milk for their unborn child.  "What's on my mind is lust, my dear brother.  I'm not one to complain, but you've been shirking your duties here lately."


Devon looked into Ellie's expectant face then looked down at her stomach.  Ellie followed his glance.


"Oh, don't let that stop you!  I suppose you're thinking loving me will harm the little one?"  Devon nodded.


"Well, don't.  He or she is quite safe, more than I can say for you."  Ellie reached down and grabbed his crotch, feeling his cock stirring.  Before he could utter a word in protest, Ellie covered his mouth with hers, forcing her tongue into his mouth.  Reflex took over as Devon responded to the kiss, returning it with equal passion.


"Wanna go upstairs?" he asked as their lips parted.


"No.  Take me right here, right now!"  Ellie began unfastening his pants as Devon nibbled at her neck and ears.  "Ooh, now you're getting the right idea!"


Devon grunted a reply as he stepped out of his pants, nearly losing his balance as Ellie tugged at his briefs, finally freeing his swelling member.  Ellie stepped back from their embrace and removed her own constricting clothing as Devon removed his T-shirt, adding it to the pile at their feet.


Gingerly, Ellie knelt before Devon and ran her tongue along the underside of his shaft, making her brother sway slightly.  "Mm, tasty," she cooed as she took him into her mouth and sucked gently on the tip.  Filling both hands with his firm buttocks, she tongued the crown with quick, teasing movements, losing herself in the pleasure.


Devon rocked slightly as Ellie filled her mouth with more of his rigid shaft, his knees buckling as the pleasure intensified.  Her mouth as warm and moist against him as she licked his sac, sucking each testicle gently into her mouth and covering them generously with saliva.  "I could just eat you alive," she said, looking up at his ecstasy-filled face while stroking him with her hand.


Devon knelt in front of her and kissed her deeply, relishing his salty taste on her lips before lowering his head to a swollen nipple.  His tongue teased the erect flesh, drawing lazy circles around the darkened areola while his hand cupped the fleshy pendant of breast.  Capturing the nipple, he sucked hard, greedily slurping down his reward of warm milk.


"Ow!  Not so hard!" Ellie protested.  She cradled his head and held him close as he suckled her, feeling strangely content and more excited.


"Sorry," he whispered.  "It just tastes so damn good."  He repeated his attack on her other nipple, lest it started to feel neglected.  The warm milk splashing into his mouth heightened his arousal while reminding him of the time he spent at his mother's breast.  With his thirst slaked, he eased his sister onto her back, now in search of something more potent to partake of.


Ellie spread her legs - not an easy task - to allow her brother access to her damp center, catching the musky, heady scent of her sex.  As Devon mouth met her swollen labia, she couldn't keep from thinking of the thrills he was about to give her.  If Devon had one strong suit, other than his incredible stamina, it was his ability to knock her senseless with his mouth and tongue on her pussy.  He just seemed to know every nook and cranny and every ultra-sensitive spot.  She shuddered, feeling the rasp of his tongue against her inner lips, probing her defenses momentarily before stiffening and plunging into her inner folds.


Devon placed his hands under Ellie, lifting her to his mouth.  As his tongue penetrated her, he could feel the slick juices smearing themselves against his face.  He probed her deeply and slowly, enjoying the sensory show of taste, feel, and smell.  Hot and pungent, he tasted her sex, feeling the tremors which ran against his invading tongue.


Ellie experienced a moment of disappointment as his tongue exited her sheath, but not for long.  She inhaled sharply as he sucked her clitoris into his eager mouth.  "Oh, baby!  Yes!  Ooh, I just love it!"  Ellie moved against him as he lapped her juices, knowing he wouldn't stop until...


The orgasmic tide swept over her without the usual warnings.  One moment she was warm and content, working her heated love furiously to keep up with his blistering pace.  The next moment found her suddenly caught in an explosion of ecstatic bliss.  Ellie squirted jet after jet of tangy fluid into his mouth as she thrust savagely against his face.


Devon bore the orgasmic onslaught as he fought to keep up with the stinging jets of love juices, now spilling from his mouth and flowing down his already slick chin.  Giving his sister a few more licks for good measure, he rose and turned the helpless woman onto her knees.  Before using his own knees as a wedge to spread her, Devon reached over and grabbed a handful of discarded clothing and placed them under her swollen belly.  That done, he impaled her onto his turgid shaft with one long, slow, careful thrust.  Feeling Ellie's puffy inner sheath close around his prick, he sighed.  "Oh, this feels so good."


Ellie could only respond with a moan as her brother penetrated her deeply, adding to the full feeling already present.  With her head propped on her arms, she gave in to his urgent thrusts, each rocking her.  She loved the way he spread her sex wide, loved the feel of the ridges of veins which ran along the moderately thick shaft of his penis.  Ellie felt the knob of his cock bump against her womb carefully.  It wasn't painful - Devon knew better than to allow himself to get carried away.  It only served to remind her that his pleasure was hers - and oh, how he was pleasing her!


Devon could feel his cock growing larger inside Ellie, knowing it wouldn't be long before he released his own love into her.  "Oh, shit," he exclaimed, his eyes growing wide with wonder as he ejaculated, pumping his white stickiness into her steamy center.  The initial shock wave slammed into him as his hips ground into her.


"Umm, that's right my love.  I want it all!"  Ellie felt him flooding her with his love and flexed her inner muscles to milk out every drop.  Exhausted, Devon withdrew from Ellie's fleshy prison, feeling the pain/pleasure as her walls scraped along the now-tender shaft of his maleness.  He helped his sister turn onto her side before sitting next to her.


"You know, Sis, you were right.  That was much more fun than pacing and worrying."


"Worrying about what?" came a new voice.  As Ellie propped herself on one elbow, Devon turned toward the sound.


Seated on the sofa, Lorne looked at his children, barely able to hide his amusement.  Seated at either side of him, Etienne and Kymber had matched looks of happiness.  Devon stood and crossed the short distance between his other family members.


"Dad, Mom.  Aunt Eti.  It's good to have you home."


Bending to kiss his mother and aunt,  both women could savor the taste of lust still on his lips.  He knelt before his father, acknowledging him with a solemn nod of his head.  After a moment, Ellie joined him.


Lorne felt strangely king-like at this display of fealty; his queens' at his side while the prince and princess supplicated themselves before him.  "I trust all is well," he said, shaking off the odd feeling.  "At least, it looked like everything is still working."


Both offspring blushed.  "As usual, it was Ellie's fault," Devon responded.


Ellie took the bait.  "It's always my fault!  I can't help it if he's good at what he does!"


Eti and Kymber looked at each other, their smiles widening.  "They do look quite good together, don't they?" quipped Kymber.


"They do seem to, ah, fit each other perfectly," added Etienne.


Lorne laughed.  "They do at that!"  He playfully tapped Devon on the jaw.  "A chip off the old block, I think."


Both Ellie and Devon basked in the love their parents had for them.  Ellie poked Devon with an elbow.  "Now is a good time."


"It is not!", Devon protested.  "It can wait.  They just got in."


Lorne looked from one to the other.  "What is it a good time for and why can it wait?  You know the rules, kids; if there's something that has to be discussed, there's no time like now to do it."


When Devon hesitated, Ellie poked him harder.  Devon winced.  "Okay, okay!  Stop poking me!"


"Dad, I need to talk to you about something."  Looking at his sister, aunt and mother, he added, "Alone, if possible."


"We've never had any secrets between us, son," Lorne said with a small frown.


"Oh, I don't have anything to hide, but, shit, it's sort of a 'guy' thing."


Kymber and Etienne stood, going over to Ellie to help her stand.  "Okay, guys, we can take a hint.  Come on, El, let's get this mess cleaned up and go do our 'woman' thing and leave the men-folk to their business!"


Both men looked at the departing women, shaking their heads in unison.  "I don't know about them sometime," remarked Devon.


"Me either," added his father.  Looking back at his son, he asked, "Would you like to talk here or somewhere else?"


Devon looked around the room before saying, "Can we talk in your study?"


"Sure.  You wanna put something on?"


"No.  Besides, they took my clothes with them."


Shrugging, Lorne rose and led his son to the study.  As they entered the room, Devon took a moment to examine the added-on room's furnishings, noting how they reflected his father's tastes.  Lorne motioned to the small sofa and they sat.


"So!  What's on your mind, son?"


Devon thought for a moment before answering.  "You know I have nothing but love and respect for you, right?"


Lorne nodded in agreement, but didn't rush the younger man.


"Then you also know I fully support the way we live our lives together."  Another nod.


"In that case, would you mind answering a question for me?"


"Not at all," Lorne answered, wondering where this conversation was headed.


"You've said we should - and could - openly show our love for each other.  There's no bad feeling between us if I'm making love to Mom or Etienne or even El."


"This is true.  What's your question?"


Devon shifted nervously against the leather-covered mini-sofa.  "My question is, well, why haven't you and I done the same for each other?"


Startled, Lorne's mouth opened as if to answer, only to be cut off by Devon's upraised hand.


"I've wanted to make love with you for a very long time and I was wondering if there was some reason we haven't."


Lorne sat in stunned silence, his head swimming.  The question hit him like a ton of bricks, leaving him with a numb feeling.  "I... I never thought. . ."


Devon cast an apologetic look in Lorne's direction.  "Dad, don't let it bother you too much; there was no way for you to know.  I've been debating it for a long time and, finally, I've gotten around to asking."


He swallowed before adding, "I don't expect anything to come of this, but I had to ask."


Finished, Devon sat back and enjoyed the feeling of relief washing over him.  In posing the question to his sire, a great weight had been lifted from him.


Lorne looked at his son, taking note of the calm etched on his face, wishing he felt what Devon was feeling.  Finally, he found his voice.


"Son, I have to be honest with you.  It never crossed my mind.  We've always said things should happen on their own and, damn, up till now, it's never happened."


"Doesn't mean I never wanted it to happen."


"True enough.  Clearly, you have me at a disadvantage."


"I know; I should have made my feelings known before now and I accept responsibility for not doing so."


"Dev, it's not about  accepting responsibility!  It's about being happy with each other!  To tell the truth, I'm flattered to know you have these feelings for me."


Devon visibly relaxed and looked into his father's eyes.  In them, he saw nothing but love and honesty.  "Can I offer more explanation?"


"Please," Lorne urged, now becoming intrigued.


"Remember, oh, a few weeks ago, when you and Mom were in the pool?  Well, I was in my room listening to music when I saw you two going at it."


Lorne felt a flush of excitement as he recalled the day.  He had taken Kymber right there in the pool, the sun-warmed waters adding myriad sensations to a particularly lust-filled moment.


Since he remembered, Devon continued.  "When you climbed out of the pool, I got a good look at you and knew I had to have you."  A small chuckle, followed by, "Seeing you naked and still a little hard got me really excited, so much I had to, ahem, take matters into my own hand."


"When Mom got out and started sucking you, I was wondering what it would feel like to have you in my mouth."  Devon's voice took on a dreamlike quality.  "Years of frustration came to the front as she did you and I watched, doing myself.  I was so hot watching you two together - you guys always did excite me - and I decided to say something about it."


It did not surprise Lorne to know Devon watched them while they made love.  Wasn't the first time nor likely to be the last.  He was surprised, however, to learn he was the object of Devon's love.


"Still, Dad, you gotta know I haven't given up on Mom and the others.  I might be hornier than the average son, but I'm not crazy!"


Lorne felt a strange combination of excitement, pride, and embarrassment.  His mind flashed back to the night of the party and he remembered feeling Geoff's steely member invading his then-virgin backside.  In retrospect, he supposed it wasn't all that bad, but alcohol and lust always produced some interesting results.


Looking back at his naked son, he had to notice the younger man's cock resting in the crease created by the joining of thigh and abdomen, covered by the dried secretions left behind from his romp with Ellie.


"Son, I don't know what to say," he finally said.  "I more than appreciate your interest and I have to admit it could be interesting."


Devon relaxed, his fear of being rejected passing over him.  "I'm glad you understand, Dad.  Like I said, you've taught us to love each other without exception and, well, I feel our time has come."


Lorne took a deep breath and knew the truth of Devon's words.  "Yes, you're quite right.  As a family, we have to experience love totally or not at all."  In his mind, a switch tripped over, completing a connection and he knew what he had to do.  Reaching across the short distance between them, Lorne took Devon's hand.  "Stand up."


Devon rose and Lorne guided him until the younger man faced him.  As Lorne drew his son closer, he felt a tingle of excitement at crossing another checkpoint in his life.  His eyes took in the sight of Devon's maleness, watching it stir as it filled with blood.  Without a second thought, he took the rounded knob of Devon's cock between his lips.


In truth, Lorne had never done this before and the tactile sensations at this first contact assaulted his senses.  Tangy with dried juices and silky smooth despite the rapid hardening taking place, Lorne took more of his son's flesh into his mouth, twirling his tongue along the shaft.


Devon sighed as more of his cock disappeared into his father's mouth.  It felt so right, so complete.  He reached down and gently caressed his father's face, feeling the bulge in his cheeks.


Lorne experienced a moment of panic as the swollen head of Devon's shaft made its way into his throat, causing him to gag.  He backed off and the choking feeling vanished, allowing him to lavish much needed attention to the bulbous head and thick shaft.  He sucked noisily, getting into the passion of the moment.  Withdrawing until only the head remained, Lorne sucked hard on the spongy flesh and ran his tongue along the underside of the crown.


Devon shuddered and his knees buckled slightly.  He felt strong hands on his buttocks supporting him.  His cock was still a bit tender; the pain and pleasure changing places from one moment to the next.  This was everything he had ever hoped for...


Lost in the new sensations, Lorne grew bolder, taking Devon's pulsing member deep into his throat.  He ignored his gag reflex as his nose nestled against the curly pubic hairs of Devon's pelvis.  His hands gently massaged the tight sac of the younger man's testes and he wondered why he'd never done this before!  His own cock strained against his body as he repeated the motion, savoring the delicious feel which pleased something deep inside him.


It wasn't long before Devon's shaft grew thicker, the ripples running along the shaft signaling his impending release of sperm.  "Oh, Dad, yes.  I'm gonna do it!  I'm gonna..."


Lorne wisely withdrew back to the head of Devon's cock as the first spurts of cream flowed into his mouth.  Devon's body convulsed as he pumped love into his mouth, thick and hot.  The salty taste surprised him - but he drank from Devon's fountain just the same until Lorne consumed the last drop.


Lorne sat back, breathing hard, his mind was a swirling mass of emotions.  "Wow," he thought.  "That was really something!"  Devon was down on one knee trying to shake the fuzzy feeling from his head left by his orgasm.  Lorne smiled as the young man's body continued to tremble as the intense feeling ran its course.  The elder Williams felt the soothing peace mixed in with his own need for release.


"Not bad for a rookie, huh?"


Devon raised his head and tried to focus his eyes on the smiling face in front of him.  "I'll say!  That was. . .  wow!"  Devon's words trailed off as a stray convulsion ripped through his body, leaving him feeling lightheaded.  Still feeling a bit dizzy, he knelt before Lorne and released the turgid flesh trapped inside.  Free of the confining material, Lorne's cock sprang forward, a long strand of clear lubricant landing against Devon's cheek.


"Now, it's your turn," he murmured, closing his hand around the hot flesh and pumping it.  "I've been waiting for this moment for a long time..."  Devon flicked out his tongue, letting it wrap around Lorne's cock.  For Devon, this was more than just an opportunity to satisfy his bisexual cravings.  It was a chance for him to give thanks to the man responsible for his existence.  He wanted to taste the seed which gave him life.


Lorne watched in fascination as his son's pink tongue made its way down his engorged shaft, leaving a wet trail of saliva.  He felt a hot, enticing queasiness as Devon lavished attention to his scrotum, sucking each of the large, almond-shaped testicles into his mouth before slowly making his way to the mushroom-shaped crown - which he promptly made disappear between surprisingly sensual lips.


"How much like his mother he looks," Lorne thought idly, watching the thick shaft vanish between pouting lips.  Feeling the full heat of his passion, Lorne thrust gently into his son's mouth, delighting in the feel of Devon's quivering, raspy tongue as it touched him.  Reaching down, Lorne entwined his fingers in Devon's moderately long hair as the young man pleasured him.


Filled with his father's cock, Devon grunted with the effort of keeping a steady rhythm.  "He's so big," he thought, again trying to swallow the older man whole.


"Relax your throat and breathe through your nose," came a soft voice.  "Just let it slide into your mouth, honey - don't fight it."


Lorne opened an eye and found Kymber sitting on the arm of the sofa, an aura of love surrounding her.  She smiled at her husband.  "I was wondering what was taking so long."


Lorne could only mumble a reply as Devon heeded his mother's advice.  In the space of a single breath, he could feel Devon's nose nestled against the base of his cock.


Kymber left her perch on the sofa and knelt beside her son.  "That's it, baby.  Suck him good!  Show him how much you want this, how much you love him."  She ran her hands along his perspiring body, letting her nails trail along the exposed skin of his back.  Devon was awash with passion, all of his senses under assault.  Encouraged by his mother's gentle urging, he increased his sucking motion.


Lorne felt an odd separation; one part of him was close to orgasm, not caring about anything except reaching the summit.  Another part watched impassively as Kymber leaned forward and whispered something into her son's ear.  Lorne saw the boy nod - and his eyes went wide as a stiff finger penetrated his backside.  The sudden invasion caught Lorne completely off guard; the slowly approaching wave suddenly increased speed and crashed into him -- hard.


Devon felt the war of contractions in his father's body.  The tight ring of muscle clamped down on his finger as the first spurts of creamy seed splashed into and filled his hungry mouth.  Devon tried to capture as much of the sweet reward as possible, but found the love too much for him to keep up with as little rivers of love seeped from the tight seal his mouth made on the jerking manhood.


Lorne's hands clutched the cushions as wave after wave of intense pleasure cycled through every pore in his body while Devon's finger, feeling like a hot poker, probed his bottom.  He gasped as his son consumed the final dregs of his ejaculate and his cock, softening, lay throbbing against his belly.  Gingerly, Lorne removed himself from the invading finger, while feeling the blood pounding in every part of his body.


"You've done this before, haven't you?", Lorne asked, his composure finally returning.  Devon looked up at him with... admiration?  Lorne wasn't sure what he saw in that fleeting moment and, frankly, he didn't care right now.


"First time for me, too," came the quiet reply.  "You okay?"


Lorne took in a deep breath.  "I'm fine, son.  Thank you."


"No, my father, thank you!  You've made my life complete and I love you for it."  Devon leaned forward and placed his head in his father's lap, stopping along the way to plant a wet kiss on the now-soft instrument of pleasure.


Kymber knelt between the exhausted men.  "You really look good together.  Lorne?"


"Yes, dear?"


"Do you know how much he loves you?"


"If I didn't know before, I know now."  Lorne sat quietly, his mind taking in the recent events.


"How was it for you?"


"Giving or receiving?"


"Take your pick; I'd like to hear both sides."


As Lorne prepared to share his feelings with Kymber, they were joined by Etienne.


"I feel like I missed something," she said sitting next to Kymber.


"Lorne was about to tell me his feelings about Devon, weren't you honey?"


Nodding, Lorne spoke.  "It was so different!  Before I even realized it, I had him in my mouth."


Eti flashed Kymber a questioning look.  Kymber shook her head and placed a slim finger to her lips.


"I found myself thinking about a couple of things.  One, I couldn't believe I was doing this.  As I sucked more of him, it started to feel. . . good."


Eti looked at her father, with love in her eyes.  "It's hard to describe, isn't it?"


"Yes, it is.  Feeling him in my mouth and hearing his moans of pleasure electrified me, filled me with so much desire to continue."


"Now you know how we feel when we're doing you.  It's so very special."


Lorne nodded before continuing.  "Kym, when he came, I could feel him growing in my mouth right before the first spurt.  For some reason, I felt really proud of myself."


Etienne agreed with her father.  "It's a good feeling when it spills out and, of course, it just taste so yummy!"


Lorne stood and stretched, frowning at the popping sounds his body made.  Going over to the framed photograph of the family, he stared at it for a long minute before turning to wife and daughter.


"You know, when he started on me, I thought it wouldn't be any different than having one of you doing it."


"What did you learn, Dad?"


"I learned it's as different as night and day, with the main difference being attitude."


"Attitude?"  Kymber and Eti exchanged a puzzled look.


"I was thinking that another man was making love to my cock.  At first, I was a little scared, but after a few minutes, my whole outlook on the deal changed.  It stopped being a question of a man-on-man thing, becoming one person loving another."  Lorne shook his head.  "It takes some getting used to, doesn't it?"


Etienne and Kymber joined him, wrapping their arms around him.  "You'll get used to it soon enough," Kymber assured him.



Part IV, Chapter Two


Ellie stood in front of the full length mirror, examining her naked form while gently cupping one milk-filled breast in one hand.  Turning to one side she frowned, noticing her distended abdomen.  Absently, she ran her hands along the curves of her belly, shaking her head.  Although her pregnancy was proceeding well, Ellie still felt awed with the knowledge a child was growing inside her.


The young woman slipped into her nightgown before crossing the room, turning off the light and curling up in her bed.  Outside, the night sky was clear, the quarter moon casting its pale light onto the freshly fallen snow.  Snowflakes carried on the wind glittered past the window as Ellie took stock of her life.


"One more month to go.  God, I'm so tired."


Carefully, she shifted her position, wishing the baby would stop kicking long enough for her to get comfortable.  Patting her tummy, she said, "Oh, be still!"  As if her plea was heard, the baby finally settled in one place - for now.  Ellie breathed a sigh of relief, returning to her thoughts.


Something was missing from her life, she decided.  Trying to identify the missing ingredient was proving to be more difficult than she had expected.  Ellie knew she wasn't suffering from a lack of love; between Devon, Kymber and her parents, there was plenty of love and attention to go around several times.


Ellie felt warm and secure as she thought about each member of the family.  There was Devon; brother, friend, lover and father of her baby.  Probably the most attentive of anyone in the family, he saw to her every need.  Not from a sense of obligation, mind you; Lorne had made it clear that love shouldn't be looked at as an obligation or chore.


Ellie smiled as her brother's strong features faded from her mind, being replaced by the fine, gentle features of her aunt, Kymber, the family's free-spirit who always looked to the bright side of any situation.  Her cool green eyes, however, hid a mischievous, playful nature and a bold, brash sexuality.  The flame-haired vision was replaced by the calm, intelligent face of her mother.  Whenever a situation got out of hand, Mom was always there, able to say just the right thing to set everything right for everyone.  Just a hint of a smile creased Ellie's face as she thought of the sexual hellion hidden beneath the calm exterior.


Last, but certainly not least, there was her father.  Ellie blinked in surprise at the sudden surge of lust she felt, her nipples tingling as they became erect.  Lorne represented all which was right in the world.  Dedicated, unselfish, and, as far as Ellie was concerned, all-knowing in that he would never steer the family in the wrong direction.


As her father's face faded away, Ellie became more aware of the tingling making its way through her body, heightening her senses.  From Devon's room, she could hear love being made.  The slightly muffled grunts and groans increased the feelings inside her, causing her to shift uncomfortably.


"I'm horny," she thought.  Through the closed door, she could hear - her mother? - cry out in delight at whatever Devon was doing to her.


As the sounds of passion increased, so did Ellie's discomfort.  Reaching across the wide expanse of stomach, her fingers sought and found her center, parting the full lips of her vulva to expose her clitoris.  However, before she could begin to ease the itch, Ellie heard a soft tapping on the bedroom door.


Frustrated, she called out, "Come in - it's open!"


The door opened and Lorne poked his head in.  "Hi, baby!  I just stopped by to check on you."


Ellie was pleased - and electrified; her father's appearance would fill the bill just fine!


In a voice husky with mounting lust, she said, "Just the person I was looking for."  Ellie slid over to allow Lorne to sit next to her.


"You were looking for... mmpff!"


Any further words were cut off as Ellie covered her father's mouth with hers, filling the moist cavern with her tongue.  Her hands were busy, literally tearing the shirt from his back before fumbling with his belt buckle.  It took a little doing, but after a few frantic seconds, the belt gave way, allowing Ellie to free Lorne's rapidly swelling manhood.


Taken completely by surprise, all Lorne could do was succumb to the attack and hold on for dear life.  He felt the cool rush of air on his exposed flesh for only a brief moment, before being replaced by the hot wetness of Ellie's mouth.  He groaned as Ellie pushed him back onto the bed.  Lifting her head for only a moment, Ellie's words were almost a growl.  "Oh, yes.  I've been looking for you!  I need you and I will have you!"


With an ease which belied her gravid condition, Ellie rolled onto her father's prone form and continued the assault on his cock, while exposing her musky center to him.  Her hands and mouth worked in concert to send wave after wave of pleasure rippling through her prisoner.


With her lust in full control, Ellie slid Lorne's tool deep into her throat, relishing the feel of its length and thickness which pulsed with each beat of his heart.  Drawing back until only the head remained, Ellie began a vicious attack, allowing her teeth to scrape against the spongy mass while her tongue rasped across the sensitive underside.


Lorne wasn't sure of what the hell was happening.  He did know, however, he needed to do something - and fast.  Reaching up, he filled his hands with her ass cheeks, drawing her luscious dampness to his mouth.  The tip of his nose buried itself within the folds of Ellie's inner labia as he sucked on her clitoris, causing the young woman to squirm against his face.


Ellie held her head still, allowing her tongue to play along the crown and shaft of Lorne's maleness, all the while savoring the dizzying sensations provided by his experienced mouth.  She could feel him quivering in her mouth, signaling his pending release.


"Oh, no you don't.  I gotta have this where it will do the most good."  Ellie disengaged herself from Lorne's mouth, leaving him with a feeling of loss.  Turning, she positioned herself over his erection, feeling an exhilarating rush of pleasure as the spongy head passed through her wet lips.


"Uh, baby," Lorne began.  "I don't think..."


"Shut up.  I know what I'm doing."


Lorne was taken aback at the sharp rebuke, an odd sense of excitement flowing through him at her forcefulness.  Doing as he was ordered, Lorne fell silent as Ellie lowered more of her body onto his shaft.


The feeling was indescribable; with her belly full of child, Ellie was tight, yet her inner sheath had a velvety feel to it, surrounding his cock with such a delicious feeling he almost exploded on the spot.


"Come on!  Give it to me, damn you!  Fill me with your stickiness."  Ellie rode Lorne's stiffness carefully but with purpose, wanting to feel him spurting inside her folds, wanting him to put out the fire inside.


"Stop holding it back, Dad - you know what I need!"  Ellie shuddered as her orgasm slammed into her, the flow of lubricating juices increasing.


"Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!  Give me more!   GIVE ME MORE!!"


Lorne was stunned - where did this wild woman come from?  His eyes widened with increasing wonder as the flow of obscenities continued, adding to his excitement.


"Oh, yeah!  Oh, yeah!  I love you so much!"  Ellie's moans of pleasure were like music to his ears as she rode out yet another orgasmic wave, grinding her soaked sex hard into his pelvic bone.  Lorne could feel Ellie's vaginal muscles gripping him with varying tightness.  He reached up, placing his hands on her swollen belly and began to rub gently.


"Damn it, oh damn it all to hell!," cried Ellie, giving herself to the heat of passion.  "I need you to cream me, my love - I need you to do... it... NOW!"


Spurred on by her impassioned pleas, Lorne relaxed his control and was instantly caught up in the torrent of emotions.  His sac tightened almost painfully, sending the familiar tremors racing up his thickening shaft.


"Here, baby - here it is!" he groaned as his seed spilled into her.


"Ahhh, yes, yes, yes..."  Ellie was just on the other side of heaven as her father continued to fill her with his semen, hot and sticky, feeling the strong pulses inside her while Lorne emptied himself into her flesh, cooling the fires - for now.


Spent and still a bit confused, Lorne helped the exhausted young woman onto her side before withdrawing from her steamy center with a wet, slurping sound.  Looking down at Ellie, he could see the smile on her face as well as the happiness in her eyes.


As the intense fires banked themselves into something a bit more manageable, Ellie looked up at her sire, feeling all the love in the world.


"Umm, I really needed you.  I feel so much better now."


Lorne looked down at his second child for a long moment before asking, "What got into you?"


Ellie laughed softly.  "You did, silly!"


Rolling his eyes heavenward, Lorne said, "You know what I mean."


"Yeah, I know."  Ellie took a moment to get the giddy feelings under control before continuing.  "I had to have you - that's the best way I can explain it.  I was lying here, thinking about you and got this crazy urge to just take advantage of you."


Her look became serious.  "Oh, damn."


"What's wrong?"  Immediate concern creased Lorne's features.


"I said some pretty outrageous things, didn't I?"


Relieved, Lorne allowed himself to smile.  "Yeah, I'll say.  Didn't know you knew words like that!"


"You're not angry are you?"


"Angry?  No, darling.  Actually, it was kind of exciting."  Lorne leaned over and kissed Ellie's brow.  "In fact, it was very exciting - we should do this again some time."  Lorne sat up and stretched.




"Yes, my love?"


"Please stay with me tonight."


"Are you sure you want me to?  I won't be able to guarantee you'll get any sleep."


"Yes, I want you to.  And, I'm counting on not getting much sleep tonight."


Discarding the remnants of his shirt and trousers, Lorne slid into the bed next to Ellie, who settled into his arms.


"Are you okay?"


Ellie's sleepy reply said it all.  "Uh-huh.  I love you so very much..."  Ellie dropped off to sleep immediately.


"And I you," he whispered, stroking her face with his hand.  Settling in, he closed his eyes, feeling the baby moving within her.  Lorne smiled at the sensation as sleep claimed him.



Part IV, Chapter Three


Lorne was having the most delicious dream.  His cock was being licked and sucked by some unknown person who was doing a fantastic job of providing him with so many different sensations.  Warm, soft hands caressed and soothed him as he grew closer to climax.  In his dream, Lorne thrust his hips gently, not wanting to disturb the insistent rhythm of the mouth on his flesh.  It wasn't long before his passion caught up with him as he exploded into the waiting mouth while the unseen hands milked every precious drop from him.


Lorne opened his eyes - and realized he hadn't been dreaming, finding himself surrounded by Devon, Ellie, Kymber and Eti, who were involved in a group kissing session, licking his seed from each other's lips.


"I thought I was dreaming," Lorne said.  The quartet turned and looked at him, smiles spreading across their faces.


"Morning, Dad," beamed Devon.


"Good morning, darling," offered a smiling Kymber.


"Hi, Dad," chorused Eti and Ellie together.


"You folks really know how to wake a person up!  What did I do to deserve such a reception?"


Devon spoke for the group.  "Nothing, Dad.  We did it because we love you.  Do we need a reason other than that?"


"I guess not!  Thank you, one and all."  Sitting up, Lorne stretched and asked, "What's on the agenda for today?"


Lorne made his way to the bathroom as the family discussed what they wanted to do.  As the water for his shower grew warmer, Lorne noticed the silence from the other room.  Turning he headed for the door, only to run into a wild-eyed Devon.


"Dad!  Something's happening to Ellie!"


Ignoring the running water, Lorne dashed from the bathroom to find Ellie holding her stomach - and sitting in a pool of fluid.  He quickly assessed the situation - it was time!


"Go find your mother and Etienne.  Tell them Ellie's water has broken - they'll know what to do."


"Right.  On my way!"  Devon headed for the door.


"And, son?"


"Yeah, Dad?"


"Better get dressed - you're in for a long day!"


Devon looked down at himself as if just realizing his nakedness.  "Oh, yeah.  Clothes would be good, huh?"  Smiling, he rushed down the hallway to dress and join the mother of his child in her efforts.


Hurrying to get dressed, Lorne couldn't keep from feeling like history was repeating itself.


*   *   *


Kendra Etienne Williams came into the world kicking and screaming lustily.  Drenched with the perspiration of her efforts, Ellie watched as nurses tended to the newborn.  The drops of silver nitrate were applied and Kendra was gently washed, dried and wrapped in an insulated blanket before being passed off to Dr. Carl Hendricks.


"Someone wants to say hello," said the smiling doctor.  Dr. Hendricks handed the squirming bundle to Ellie, placing it into her arms.


The bond was established as mother and child looked at each other.  Kendra fell silent at once, somehow knowing she was in good hands.


"She's beautiful."


Ellie looked up at Devon, giving him a tired smile.  Devon was doing some recovering of his own.  The long hours in the labor room had been hard on him, witnessing Ellie's agony and not being able to do anything about it.  He had spent much of the time kicking himself, knowing Ellie wouldn't be in such pain were it not for his involvement.


The nurses came over to take Kendra off to the nursery while others prepared to move Ellie to her room, where the two would be reunited later.  Tossing his soiled gloves into a nearby hamper, Dr. Hendricks crossed the room and stood next to Devon, not wanting to spoil the moment.


"That is one pretty little girl," the doctor commented.  "She's lucky to have parents like you."  Carl looked at Devon, watching for the younger man's reaction.


Devon's heart felt as if it had been encased in ice as he turned to face the older man.


"'Parents', Doctor?  I'm afraid you're mistaken.  I'm Ellie's brother and she asked me to be here with her through this."


"Son, I know you are her brother.  I also know you're Kendra's father."


Panic welled inside of Devon - but he kept his cool.  "Doctor, that's a pretty strong accusation.  One which could, ah, get people in a lot of trouble."


"You're right," Carl conceded.  "It's a strong accusation, but the truth.  I know it and you know it."


As they exited the scrub room into the hallway, Devon cast desperate glances for any signs of his family.  Turning the corner, he saw them walking hurriedly in the direction of the nursery - and knew he was on his own.


Carl Hendricks steered Devon into an empty room and closed the door.  For long minutes, the two men just looked at each other, waiting for the other to break.


Devon tried his very best to remain calm and determined; however, the OB/GYN was used to waiting and his patience seemed limitless.  Devon decided to go on the offensive.


"So you think there's something funny going on, huh?"


"Think?  Son, I know it - and I can prove it."  Carl allowed himself a smile, knowing he had Devon at a disadvantage.


Devon knew it too, but held his ground.  "What is your proof?"


Carl Hendricks' smile grew wider.  "You are, of course, aware of the genetic analyzer your father invented some years ago?"


Devon nodded, not getting the doctor's point.


"It's very useful in our pre- and postnatal testing.  In fact, every child born at this hospital in the last twenty years has been tested using your father's invention.  Quite a piece of machinery."


"What's your point, doctor?"


"My point is this:  We keep all of the test results.  Yours is on file, as is Ellie's.  We tested Kendra before and after being delivered.  In comparing the prenatal results, I found something interesting."  Hendricks paused, adding a bit of drama.


"I found that the three of you share the same genetic codes."


"How do you figure that?"  Devon's anger was mounting.


"Easy, son.  It's a matter of routine for us.  One of the benefits of your father's invention is that we can find genetic errors before they can become a problem.  In this case, I checked Ellie's scan for problems and didn't find any.  As a comparison, I checked yours, since it was available.  Again, no problems."


"Then I checked the prenatal scans we did on Kendra..."


"And you found them similar."  Devon sat heavily on the stool behind him.


"Bingo.  Too similar to be just a coincidence."


"Why are you telling me this and what are you going to do?"  Devon braced himself for the expected threat.


"I'm telling you this to warn you.  What I'm going to do is... nothing."


"Warn me?  I don't get it."


Dr. Hendricks sighed.  "If I found out, others can find out.  And they may not be as understanding as I am."  He turned and opened the door.


"Wait.  What's to say you won't go to the authorities?"


"Son, I understand the situation between you and Ellie - I've been there myself."  He smiled at Devon before disappearing into the hallway.


Devon watched the doctor leave, feeling uncertain and very vulnerable.  He stepped into the hallway and headed towards the nursery to find his family.


*   *   *


Lorne stood at the entrance to Ellie's room, his eyes scanning the corridor for any signs of Devon.  Minutes before, Carl Hendricks came by to check on Ellie and to offer his congratulations.  As they shook hands, Carl winked at him and left him with a cryptic message.


"You've got a great family, Lorne; keep up the good work!"


Lorne was still trying to figure out what he meant when Devon came around the corner, clearly in a hurry.


"Devon, where have you been?  Ellie's been asking about you!"


"I had a talk with Dr. Hendricks a few minutes ago."


"He was just here checking on your sister."  Lorne could tell Devon was upset about something.  "Son, what's bothering you?"


"He knows, Dad.  He told me he knows about me and Ellie being Kendra's parents."


"Wait a minute.  How does he know?"


"He told me your genetic analyzer told him."  Devon gave his father not quite an accusatory look.


"My genetic... oh, shit," Lorne said, the memory returning.


The genetic analyzer was actually part of the splicing unit he'd invented years ago while at Carlton Pharmaceuticals.  Quite by accident, they discovered the analyzer could be used to detect genetic errors in humans.  After some quick trials, the government approved it for obstetrics use first - it had proved more valuable than amniocentesis and other tests of the time.


"Didn't you know they used it here?"


"Devon, I forgot - I simply forgot."


"I don't see how, Dad; your patent and sales of the analyzer has made you rich."  Devon's tone was scathing.


"I didn't remember its use was SOP for maternity cases.  Oh, damn!"  Lorne pounded his fist against the wall, startling a pair of nurses.


Devon went over and placed a hand on his father's shoulder.  "Dad, there's no point in worrying about it now.  Hendricks just warned me to be careful, saying something about his being where I am before."


That explained Hendricks' remark.  Obviously, there was more to the good doctor than met the eye!


"Well, if there's nothing to worry about, let's go see your new daughter."





Part V, Chapter One


Kendra giggled in delight as her father nuzzled his face against her tummy, her little hands trying in vain to ward off the ticklish advance.


"Daddy!  Stop!" she managed between giggles.  "I give up!"  Devon looked at his daughter, his face flushed with the effort of blowing raspberries against her smooth skin.


"You'll think twice about smacking me on the butt, won't you?"


Unable to speak, Kendra could only nod.


"Okay - I'll cut you a break this time.  But if you do it again..."  To reinforce his mock threat, Devon tilted his head towards Kendra's exposed tummy, causing the youngster to start giggling again.


"I won't - I promise!"


Ellie sat in the rocking chair, watching the scene with barely hidden amusement.  Since Kendra's birth, so many things had changed within the family.


Ellie watched as Kendra crept up behind her retreating father, wincing at the sharp sound of her little hand on her father's backside.  More surprised than hurt, Devon's reaction to the unexpected attack was comical.  As he began a mock pursuit of the little troublemaker, Ellie laughed.


"You'll never catch her, Dev."


"Oh, I'll catch her, all right.  And when I do...!"


As the chase intensified, Ellie looked around the house, finding it hard to believe it was really theirs, even after all the time which had passed.


Ellie's happiness was displaced for just a moment by a feeling of loss.  Four years ago, the family had split up by necessity.  Their once spacious home was now a bit crowded with Kendra's arrival.  After talking it over with Devon, they had decided to set up their own home, much to everyone's displeasure.


*   *   *


"You want to do what?"


Lorne looked at his son and daughter, his face registering shock and surprise at the announcement.  Devon swallowed nervously; nonetheless, he held his ground.


"We want to move out on our own.  It's nothing personal, Dad."


"I don't understand why.  Aren't you two happy here?"


"Dad, it's not a question of happiness - it's one of necessity."


Lorne looked toward Etienne and Kymber; both women sat silently, wearing identical calm looks.


"Okay, son.  Explain it to me."


Devon stole a look at Ellie, who gave him a much-needed nod of support.  Taking a deep breath, he launched into his explanation.


"You once voiced a concern about our not getting out into the 'real world' and getting involved with other people.  We told you then the only thing we needed was each other.  Since that time, nothing has changed, except the size of the family."


"Go on," Lorne prompted.


"Since Kendra arrived, Ellie and I have been thinking about getting out on our own - but we want to stay together.  Then we had to think about you and Mom and Aunt Eti, too."


Kymber spoke for the first time.  "How did we get into this decision?"


Ellie took up the lead.  "Well, you guys deserve to be alone.  After all, Dad's retired and you and Mom haven't had to work for years."


"And you're not getting any younger," Devon added.


Etienne calm visage hid just a bit of a smile.  "Devon, darling, you didn't say that last night!"


Chuckles from the assembled family served to lighten what was turning out to be a tense moment as each remember the literal free-for-all which had taken place the night before.


"Ah, yeah, well..." Devon stumbled for a reply and, finding none, fell silent.


Eti raised a hand for silence.  "All of this aside, I think we understand what you're saying."  Nods from Lorne and Kymber confirmed her pronouncement.


"Dad," Devon began, "All we're saying is it's time for us to strike out on our own.  You've provided us with a great deal of love and security and it's time we repaid you by showing we can survive on the outside."


Lorne had to admit Devon had a point.  It was only a few years ago when he had addressed the same concern to Etienne.


After a few seconds of silence, Lorne made a decision.  "Okay.  Here's the deal.  You can either stay here and we'll go up to the cabin, or you can take the cabin."


Devon and Ellie looked at each other.


"That's a rather generous offer Dad," Ellie began.  "But we had something else in mind."


Lorne could barely contain his surprise - but managed.  Etienne and Kymber, however, had surprise written on their lovely features.


"I see.  Just what did you have in mind?"


"We were thinking about a little place we saw just south of where the cabin is.  I made some phone calls about it and it is available."


"I assume you can afford this place?"


"Well, we could use just a little help..."


"How much help are we talking about?"


Devon reached into his back pocket and handed his father a folded piece of paper.  After taking it, Lorne took a long look at the notes Devon had scribbled before passing it to Kymber, who passed it on to Eti.


The elder Williams' sat in complete silence, an action which only served to make the younger generation nervous.  After several minutes, Lorne finally spoke.


"Will you two excuse us for a moment?"


"Sure, Dad.  We have to check on Kendra anyway."  Filled with anticipation, Devon and Ellie left the room.


Making sure they were alone, Kymber broke the silence.


"Now we know what they've been doing with the money we've been giving them."


Lorne was clearly worried as he spoke.  "It isn't really a question of the money; it's more a question of them being together."


Eti and Kymber both realized the implication Lorne was hinting at.  Away from the relative safety of their home, Devon and Ellie ran the risk of being exposed to a world which didn't care very much for their chosen lifestyle.


Kymber finally spoke up.  "Honey, I'm sure the kids have thought this out."


Etienne nodded in agreement, adding, "It's not like they don't understand the risks involved."


As their parents continued to debate the matter, Devon and Ellie listened in on the conversation from the upper hallway.


"I don't think Dad's very happy about any of this," said Ellie.


"How could you tell?"


Before Ellie could respond, Lorne's voice reached out to them.


"You two can come down from the hallway now; we've made our decision."


Brother and sister wore identical embarrassed looks as they took seats on the sofa.  "We didn't really mean to eavesdrop, but..."


Lorne waved Devon's explanation off.  "We've decided to give you our blessing on this.  However, you have to be aware of some cold, hard facts."


"For one," started Kymber, "You will be responsible for the financial aspects of setting up house.  We'll help, naturally, but this isn't a free ride."


Eti added, "Please be careful out there; if the wrong person were to discover your activities, well, your lives will be ruined forever."


Devon nodded somberly.  Looking at his sister he said, "We understand the risks, but it has to be done.  Thank you all for understanding and supporting us in this.  We won't disappoint you."


Lorne stood and stretched.  "Then it's settled.  Let's go see this new home of yours!"



Part V, Chapter Two


Devon breathed a contented sigh as Ellie's mouth covered his erection with the liquid warmth he enjoyed so much.  The heat of her body against him, the firm yet gentle pressure of her tongue on his glans and the musky odor of her femininity combined to complete the euphoric state of mind he'd settled into.


Ellie so enjoyed giving her brother this type of pleasure.  There was something magical and satisfying about the feel of his cock in her throat and hearing his moans of delight as she suckled him.  Holding only the head of his shaft between her lips, Ellie's tongue traced lazy patterns across one particular spot, causing Devon to arch his back in response which, in turn, slid more of him into her hungry mouth.


Taking a deep breath, Ellie took him deep into her throat until the tip of her nose rested on Devon hair-covered pubic bone.  As expected, she could feel the tremors racing along the length of his shaft as it grew slightly thicker.  Ellie backed off just enough to keep Devon buried in her mouth while moving to a kneeling position beside him.


Devon took full advantage of Ellie's change in position, reaching over and grabbing the leg closest to him before she could settle in and continue.  As he guided her leg across his body, the pungent, heady aroma of Ellie's sex flooded Devon's senses as he positioned her over his mouth.  Ellie grunted in protest at this change in plans; however, she didn't offer much resistance.


Which was just fine with Devon.  Parting her moist labia with his lips, he found her clitoris, sucking it into his mouth with a loud slurping sound.  Her mouth filled with his hardness, Ellie moaned at the sensuous contact, giving them both quite a thrill.


Devon ate at her lustily, leaving no part of her tender sex untouched.  Her juices, a bit more tangy than usual, coated his face as Ellie slowly fucked his mouth.  He reached up to spread her firm, smooth bottom to expose the puckered ring of her anus.  Extending his tongue, Devon teased the orifice for only a moment before plunging his tongue into her well-lubricated slit.


*   *   *


Kendra watched the action from her hiding place in her parents' closet, her heart pounding.  It had taken the youngster a while to get up the courage to pull such a stunt; however, her curiosity had finally gotten the best of her.


For as long as she could remember, Kendra had wondered about the many sounds which came from her parents' bedroom.  Once, while playing in her room, she heard the sounds coming from the living room in the middle of the day!  When she went to investigate the moans,  groans, and laughter, she found her parents sitting together smiling at each other.  Even to her young mind, she knew something had taken place before her arrival - she just didn't know what.


So, she came up with a plan to find out.  Announcing she was going to bed early, the intrepid nine-year-old went in the direction of her room.  After making sure no one was following her, she ducked into their bedroom, going straight for the closet.  Once inside and safely concealed in a dark corner, Kendra sat quietly and waited.


She didn't have long to wait.  Kendra heard their footsteps as they entered the room, their voices just low enough for her not to make out what they were saying.  A rustle of clothes being removed told the youngster they were getting ready for bed.


Excitement flowed through Kendra as she heard her mother say something about her father's hands feeling good.  The sound of the bed creaking was followed closely by a lot of smacking and sucking sounds; Kendra could hear her father sighing, as he often did when he was feeling good about something.


As quietly as she could, Kendra made her way to the front of the closet, sliding the door open just enough to allow her an unobstructed view of the bed - and almost gasped aloud at the sight which greeted her.  With her eyes already accustomed to the darkness, Kendra could clearly see her mother putting her mouth on her father's 'thing'!  And, oh, boy, it was really big!  Much bigger than the other times she'd ever seen it!


Kendra felt warm and tingly as she watched her mother sit on her father's face.  From the happy look on her mother's face, Kendra guessed it really felt good, although she couldn't quite figure out why her father wasn't being smothered.


The young spy was having a difficult time sitting still as the scene continued to unfold.  Kendra jumped as her mother let out a loud cry, saying 'yes' to something over and over.  Kendra watched with a mixture of excitement and confusion as her mother rolled off to one side, breathing heavily.  Watching her father get to his knees, Kendra felt suddenly weak as she caught a glimpse of the gigantic 'thing' bobbing between her father's legs, wondering what was going to happen next.


Her confusion deepened as her dad crawled between her mother's open legs, which he held high and wide before laying down on top and moving up and down.  What was happening now?


*   *   *


Devon grunted as he slid into his sister, feeling his swollen member seating itself firmly against her pu